i was in a red mood tonight

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Mine - Damon Salvatore x Reader

Title: Mine

Pairing: Damon Salvatore x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Can you do a Damon fic where the reader gets super pissed/jealois of him and makes a show of how he’s here? ((you said Tvd I assumed Vampire Diaries sorry if that’s not what you meant))

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“Make it double please, I like my drinks strong.” Damon flashed the bartender one of his usual smiles but not one that he meant completely you knew it all too well.

“Something tells me it’s not the only thing you go hard on, huh?” the woman’s smirk was impossible to miss just as was the way she was leaning over the bar, giving him a full view of her cleavage instead of preparing what Damon asked from her.

“What can I say, guilty.” he shrugged, giving her a cheeky grin “But I’ve got my girl so, sorry but I’ll take only that drink for now.” he simply turned her down but she wasn’t having any of it. Obviously.

“Aw shame” she pouted her incredibly red lips “Because you know, I really would be in the mood to have it rough tonight.”

By this point Damon himself was starting to lose his patience, and you could clearly tell so even if you were a good few feet away “Look, you maybe be the kind of girl I’d go after but that was before I got my girl, and let me tell you she is a really special one. Now, the drink if you’d have no problem?” he raised an eyebrow but she didn’t move an inch.

“Oh I would have no problem if you’d give me something else too, you know.” she rested her chin on her palm and Damon gave her a strained chuckle.

“I told you. Not available.” he shook his head.

“And I heard that, I just thought that maybe you and me- after I’m done with work- I can get something else done too?” she bit her lips at him suggestively and you had such a hard time keeping a groan in.

“Really?” he asked back “And what could that be?” he was playing too but you had seen this too many times and each and every time it ended with the girl walking away. Alone.

“Oh I could always show you pretty quick.” she grinned, finally feeling successful.

“Hm let me think about it.” he paused for a moment “How about… no.” yes he was getting very annoyed, you knew that look all too well.

“Honestly?” she pouted, obviously not realizing what she could get into if she kept hitting on him “Because- I mean-” she grinned at him “-She doesn’t have to know.” she leaned even closer to him but Damon didn’t bat an eyelash. Maybe the old Damon would have been affected but not this Damon, under all the cockiness and smartass remarks you knew what a real sweetheart he was. Sure he didn’t like you saying it out loud because well he had a reputation but it was the truth. He cared about you and really loved you, there was no way he’d just leave you for another girl. You had been able to crack through that hard facade of his in the first place. You had been able to help him get his humanity back, numerous times at that, so no he wasn’t just going to cheat on you.

But that, despite how deep you knew his feelings to be of you, didn’t stop you from feeling jealous. Maybe you were a little irrational at times but truth was you knew how handsome Damon was and you knew he would draw all the ladies’ attention. Sometimes you really wished they would know what he really was. You would certainly laugh at seeing them run away frightened when you actually would always stick with him.

But once again, nothing stopped you from being jealous.

“Too bad she already knows then huh?” you asked, finally walking towards them and Damon finally noticed you, a smirkforming on his lips instantly.

“Oh you-” she started speaking but you cut her off before she could say more.

“Yeah me.” you grinned cheekily “And sorry to break it to you sweetheart but as you can see-” you gave her an annoyed look “There is no way you’d ever be able to take this hot stuff home when he has someone like me.”

“(Y/n)-” he started speaking but you hushed him by placing a finger over his lips.

“Now why don’t you make yourself useful and go brink that drink oh and your way there find a dictionary to learn the word ‘decency’ because you certainly have no idea what it means, yeah?”

“I- I-” she blinked stuttering.

“Yes, yes you. And bring me the same too, alright? No need to lose your job over a man who’d never come with you even if you were the last woman on Earth ok?” you didn’t leave any room for her to reply and even if she looked angry and was about to snap at you you knew she couldn’t because as of the moment you were the only one right.

And of course you didn’t even wait for a reply from her. Instead you turned to Damon who seemed ready to speak but couldn’t say a word. Of course he didn’t have to apologize to you but at the moment you were slightly angry with him. You swang one leg over his and you sat on his lap, each of your legs on his sides; wrapping around his waist. You grabbed the hem of his jacket and giving him a small smirk you crashed your lips to his. He jumped at first but, as you expected, he didn’t miss a beat to respond to the kiss.

You heard her say something and walk away but you didn’t pay much attention to her. You kissed Damon somewhat sloppily, your tongue tangled with his in a hot mess as his hands found your thighs. He gave them a squeeze and groaned loudly when you pressed yourself harder on him. Your hands rested on his neck and you pressed him to yourself. You breathed heavily as he did, your teeth grazing over his lips every so often and you heard him let out a small growl. His hand moved to your ass where he squeezed but before he could do anything else, and oh boy he did want to, you pressed your hands on his chest and pushed him away.

He let a small wine but you smirked at him, pleased with how red his lips looked from all the rough kissing “That- is for everybody that needs to know who you belong to.”

“Something tells me you’re a little jealous huh?” he grinned, his blue eyes sparkling with mischief.

You scoffed “Like hell Salvatore! I am just marking my territory.” you shrugged and leaned down, burying your face at the crook of his neck where you kissed and licked before you finally sucked at the soft spot. You knew there would be a hickey that would soon would disappear but you were content for it to be there even for a little while.

“Mhm” he groaned “Marking your territory? I like the sound of that.” he ran his hands up your back “Why not mark it a little more, you know just to make sure everybody can see it.” he smirked and you pulled slightly away, narrowing your eyes at him.

“I’m going to get you back for this you know it right.” you let a small growl and he grinned even more.

“Oh I look forward to it.” he breathed out and you rolled your eyes.

You hoped off him and grabbed his hand “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

“Oh I so love you not getting jealous!”

Peter Pan Imagine/Do you love me?

Warnings: Smut, cursing, mentally abusive,cruel Pan, 

You never truly understood him, why he was so mean, so cruel, so heartless, for you only knew that you loved him, and your poor loving self thought you could change that, you were wrong.

From the day you met him, you knew you wanted to be with him, something about his mysterious ways drove you crazy. 

“Who are you?” he asked

“I’m Y/n.” you say with a smile

“Throw her in the lagoon, she’ll die faster!” he yells

“WAIT!” you yell a little alarmed

“Please, let me stay, I want to help.”

“What could you possibly have to offer me?”

You loo at him dead in the eyes,  “Me.”

The next thing you know Peter has you naked in his bedroom

He kisses up and down your neck and you are almost screaming his name,

As he is about to enter you stop him

“This is.. my first time.” you look every other way except in his direction

Peter is automatically irritated, he rolls his eyes, but makes sure you aren’t watching hi, he just wanted to fuck you already. He bends his down in the crook of your neck and starts to whisper “I’ll take go slow okay?”

You think he is the sweetest thing in the world, and of course you didn’t see the eye rolls.

He enters you and you start to feel the pain and start to complain to Peter, at this point he puts his finger in your mouth,

“Bite on this.” he says a little dry , you ignored that.

Next thing you know he starts going in hard and you could barely take it.

“Peter I’m a virgin!” you yell

But he completely ignores that and keeps going

“Peter please go slower”

As if he couldn’t be more of an ass he goes quicker

You’re digging your nails and hiding you face in the pillow you saw next to you begging him to stop, it felt good, but for your first time, it was a bit much.

As he stopped you realized he came and with that you took the pillow from behind your face and blushed as you looked at him.

His hair was a crazy mess, he was sweating, and had a satisfying look on his face, almost a “mission accomplished” look

He then came to your ear and nibbled on it a bit, you giggle as he does so

“You did such a good job baby girl, your king is so proud of you.” as he whispered in your ear, your heart melted, ever since then, this was your nightly routine. You loved making Peter proud of you, he would praise you, he would get you gifts, let you eat the first meal, showering alone, being his lost girl had some perks.

Almost every night Peter would fuck the brains out of you and he would love doing it.

“Do you really like the girl? Or are you just playing with her emotions?” Felix asked Peter

“Honestly, I don’t know.” Peter would say bluntly

“Oh Peter” you would scream his name so loud all of Neverland would hear, and he loved it, you barely could talk the next day because your throat would be red raw from screaming.

One day one of the lost boys got sick and you caught one of the colds they had.

“Not tonight Peter.” you simply say

“Excuse me?” he says

“I got sick and just want to rest.”

“Love please” he would kiss your neck softly, try to get you in the mood.

“Peter, you know I can’t say no to you” you say ans gab his face and kiss his lips.

He quickly takes off his clothes and yours and starts to stroke into you very roughly.

“Oh fuck Peter.”

He grabs the slides of your hips and starts to go very rough, he would always switch positions, doggy stile so that he could pull your hair, he would make you go on top of him, but eventually he would just take over and get on top, he loved being in charge, and if he felt that he wasn’t, he would make it be known by fucking you even harder. 

“Who’s lost girl are you ?” he would ask as he was about to cum

“Your’s Peter!” 

“That’s right.”

After he came he would always leave, he always had to do something.

“Baby please stay.” you begged

“Why would I do that?” he almost laughed

“Usually after people have sex they, I don’t know talk, cuddle, sleep.”

“Don’t be silly love, nobody does that.” he says as he walks out of the room.

Leaving you there, twisting your hair and letting tears come down your face.

You were starting to feel incomplete.

3 Weeks after

After an other night of well,, Peter getting what he wanted , you asked him something.

“Peter.” you lay on the bed still naked

“Not now Y/n I’m very busy.” he says as he puts on his pants

“Do you love me?” you ask almost regretting the question as soon as it came out of your mouth.

Peter looked at you almost in a confused way, and walked outside the door.

With that your heart shattered. You decided that enough was enough and ran after him, putting only a night gown on.

“Pan wait!” you say

He turns around, “Pan?” you were only allowed to call him Peter.

“I am sick of this, I just want to know if you love me or not.” 

“Y/n go back to bed.” he says as he began to talk to Felix

You step in the middle of both of them

“The hell are you doing?” he asked

“I will not move until you answer my question.” you say

“Fine, then we’ll move.” he says and him and Felix leave you, you stay there al night trying to prove a point, breakfast time and you have not moved, you were also sick as a dog, for it was cold that night.

“Come to bed.” you hear his voice and you turn around.

“Why?” you say sniffling your nose.

“Just come.” he says, you follow.

You get to his room and the fire is on, a long with a bunch of blankets and pillows.

“Oh Peter it’s Perfect! But it’s already breakfast time”

“We can skip it.” he kisses down your neck 

“But Peter I actually need it, I’m sick I need nutrition in my body.” you seriously.

“What you need, is me, I can make you feel all better.” he says.

“Peter stop.” you push him away 

“I’m sick, I’m going to get breakfast.” you say firmly

“What’s the point of having a lost girl then?” he mumbles under his breath but clearly wanting you to hear it

“Excuse me?” you began to heat up

“If you’re not going to give me what I want you’re better off sleeping in the tents outside with the rest of the lost boys.” he says as he crosses his arms

“So just because I don’t let you get it in I’m just an other lost boy then huh?” you almost scream

“You might as well be. That’s what I wanted you hear for.” he says bluntly

Your eyes began to tear up. “You’re an asshole.” you run outside and that was the last time you saw Peter.

About 3 months later you got settled in a town called StoryBrooke, you loved it, and you loved your brother Henry, he was your best friend, even though he was younger than you, you told each other everything.

Well the peace didn’t last log because Henry was take, and you were devastated.

As you all meet up in Ruby’s diner you all find ways to know where Henry could be you began to eat Henry’s favorite desert, apple pie.

You ate while the grown ups figured out where he was, they usually could figure out was faster before you since they were the ones with the magic powers.

“Bloody hell, I know where this kid is.” Hook said

You popped your head up a little curious and playing with your food just in case you weren’t supposed to be hearing.

“Where?!” Regina and Emma yelled at the same time.

“Neverland.” he says

Your fork dropped on the floor and so did your heart, you haven’t seen Peter since you yelled a him, since he sad all those terrible things.

You were terrified, but you had to get your best friend and brother back, and Peter was not going to stop you.

Part 2?

A love that never dies

Request: Can you do an Elijah Mikaelson imagine? Where the reader and Elijah were together and married before he was turned and when he was turned she was turned too. And when Elijah and the reader go to help Elena with Klaus, Elena walks in on Elijah and the reader having a cute moment and when the reader is leaving she over hears Elena asking Elijah about their love and he gets all glossy eyes and tell her about their story and how their love will never die. Fluff fluff fluff! Please and thank you! 

Disclaimer: There’s is slight mention of rape and also i changed it a little. I switched Elena out with Hope and made Hope around 15-16 years old in this. 


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Going back a thousand and a hundred and something years I didn’t expect my life to turn out like this. Ending up with the best guy. Ending up with the best family. Ending up with the best story.

“Honey, you’re missing a button,” Elijah said referring to the back of my long wine red dress I was wearing for the Mikaelson ball tonight. After having stopped Klaus from trying to kill Elena we, mostly just Elijah and i, decided having a classic Mikaelson ball would lighten up the mood.

“Really. I didn’t notice,” I said trying to bend my arms to button the top. I had one arm reached over my shoulder and the other one was pushing up the back of the dress so that I could reach the low cut back. I let out a huff as I for the third time failed in buttoning the stupid dress.

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The Pledge

Seth was nervous as he approached the frat house, he had heard crazy stories that fueled his deepest fantasies. Often his curiosity got the best of him, he’d walk the long way to class just to stare at the guys hanging outside the frat house and imagine what went on behind those doors. The fraternity was called Delta Phi and there were whispers of how the frat earned the money to throw their huge ragers that seemed to happen every weekend; they were just rumors of course but Seth 

loved to fantasize about what it would be like. The rumors varied from mild to extreme but they all said the same thing; Delta Phi made gay porn and sold it on the internet. He was ecstatic when one of the guys saw him eyeing the place and invited him over for a kick back they were having that night, the guy’s name was Logan he was about 6’4 with jet black hair and a star quarterbacks build with the muscles only a lineman would have. Logan saw the lust in Seth’s eyes when he was passing by,
the poor boy was putty in his hands:

“Hey there, you seem to walk by here a lot. Where you headed?”

“Oh, uh… Yeah I just like to walk this way to class, it’s fun getting to see the damage from your parties on my way to school. There’s been a couple times I’ve seen people passed out on your lawn, kinda lightens my mood for the day.” Seth said with a huge
smile and undoubtedly red cheeks.

Logan smiled, knowing how easy this was going to be, “Oh so you like to party then? You ever been to one of our ragers?”

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Anemia - Jungkook (M)

part 2

Genre: Smut, Horror, Vampire!AU

Word count: 5.2k

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

! TRIGGER WARNINGS ! : Rated M, sexual content, blood play, biting, mentions of death, mentions of blood, oral, overstimulation

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The Real Man of Steel

Pairing: Clark/Superman x Reader

Request:  Hi, Could you write a Superman smut? Like have it really fluffy at the start. Maybe that Clark is really awkward, so is reader. maybe that reader finds out that he is Superman in this? Maybe while they are having sex and his grip is too strong

Smut: Yes

Words: 2673

Requests are open!


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Oso and Kara pulling pranks on their brothers and giggling like children as they run away.

Oso and Kara sneaking food at gatherings and hiding under the table to eat it without getting caught.

Kara failing to hold his breath to stop himself from sniggering at the bad/dirty jokes Oso is muttering to him while Choro’s lecturing everyone.

Oso and Kara play wrestling in the background while everyone else is having a conversation.

Oso walking around in Kara’s short jorts and cowboy boots because “he was curious about what it felt like”.

Oso balancing Kara on his shoulders to reach high up goodies and stashes they share between them.

Oso getting tired of walking and Kara dragging him along by the wrists like a toddler that refuses to stand up.

Oso crawling all over Kara and demanding to be comforted because he lost at Pachinko.

Oso and Kara racing downstairs and fighting each other for their food shares every morning.

Oso and Kara standing out on the balcony at night to smoke and making countless pacts to promise to quit.

Kara borrowing Oso’s hoodie etc. when Ichi/’s cats tear up his clothes.

Oso and Kara always somehow ending up next to each other/lumped together when everyone moves around in their sleep.

Kara making Oso laugh so hard he starts crying.

Oso and Kara getting up to check the room for ghosts and monsters because Totty heard a noise.

Oso and Kara having random conversations at night in the futon to keep themselves awake because Totty got scared and wanted them to keep watch.

Kara showing Oso some clothes from his magazine and Oso giving his honest opinions + “does it come in red?”

Oso purposely trying to ignore Kara but erupting into laughter when he leans over and whispers Oso’s favourite rude joke in his cool guy voice.

Oso catches the big spiders, Kara the little ones.

Oso and Kara taking turns carrying each other home from Chibita’s.

Oso and Kara passionately discussing extremely unrealistic ideas for starting up a family business to earn money.

Oso and Kara always playing the DDR machine whenever they go to arcades.


warnings: cheating, blood, one act of violence, a lot of hurt. non descriptive talk of sex (they are at least 18 in this)

words: 3559

summary: “hey can someone write a halloween fic where reddie is definitely dating and have been for a while but bill dressed up like a cop and eddie can’t resist him, like i want an actual quote to be “bill you know i’m dating richie,” i want a lot of angst and richie needs to cry like twice and punch bill !!!!!”

available on AO3

thanks to @wyattghouleff for not only bringing this prompt to the world but also letting me fill it! i hope you like it <3

Eddie Kaspbrak looked himself over in the mirror, once, twice, before deciding he couldn’t look any more depressing even if he tried. Richie had come up with the idea of a partner costume and Eddie had foolishly agreed. And now, here he stood on Halloween night with no other option than to leave his house in the worst costume ever conceived by mankind, a lock.

Richie was, of course, wearing the other half. The key. He glared at his reflection once again and decided he hated Richie Tozier.

His phone beeped from its spot on his bed. He picked it up, reading Richie’s text which said he was there, and sighed deeply at the mirror one more time before he left.

Eddie was prepared for the snorts and the teasing before he even opened the car door. “Richie, if you say one word you will never have sex again.” Richie merely smirked at him. He had a hard time tearing his eyes off his boyfriend to look at the road though, too caught up in how soft and smooth Eddie’s thighs looked. His soft, pink lips and his big eyes that made him look so innocent yet incredibly sexy at the same time. Hoping Eddie wouldn’t notice his blatant staring, Richie bit the inside of his cheek hard and looked towards the road. Once he was sure Eddie was settled in he pulled back onto the street and took off.

Eddie of course, couldn’t resist talking about how funny Richie looked. “How is anyone supposed to take you serious?” he tried asking in between giggles, the oversized key stitched to the front of Richie’s costume was bent in half so it could fit in the car, and the costume was tight around Richie’s neck, making him look like he was wearing a turtleneck. Richie looked at him with a glare.

“You’re the one wearing the girl part.” he retorted. Eddie merely rolled his eyes and looked ahead, resting the side of his head on the window. Richie couldn’t help but notice the smile on his boyfriend’s face though.

“You’re an idiot.” Eddie said with no heat. Richie was filled with such an overwhelming amount of love for Eddie. On a good day it was hard for him to contain how much he actually adored Eddie, but right now he just wanted to pull over and kiss Eddie breathless.

The speed limit was 25 on the streets they were taking, but Richie was doing almost 40. Eddie kept reminding him to slow down but eventually he gave up, recognizing when a situation was out of his control. They were lucky they weren’t pulled over, he thought. He couldn’t have been more happier to have finally pulled up at Bill’s house. The car was barely stopped and he was opening the door, eager to get out and greet the rest of the Loser’s club. Richie turned the ignition and pulled the key out, chuckling at how eager Eddie looked. “Easy tiger, you that eager for everyone to see our lovely costumes for the evening?”

Eddie was brought back to reality and subsequently his outfit. His mood soured, but quickly bounced back when Richie wrapped a warm arm around his waist and led him along. Moments like that were the rare times he enjoyed being short. When Richie acted all protective and he could just sink into his boyfriend’s side. The costumes made it tough, but they managed.

Beverly snorted beer out of her nose when she seen them, a smile stretching over her entire face. “What the fuck are you guys wearing?” her voice was incredulous as if she couldn’t believe Richie had somehow gotten Eddie to agree to a costume that stupid. Richie looked down at the key jutting out in front of him. It felt like a badly written soap opera. He laughed loudly and nudged her shoulder with his, “yeah, yeah!” he had to shout over the music but it was no problem for him. “Wheres Bill?”

“Ruh-ruh-right here!” a new voice said. Eddie looked and stiffened. There was his childhood best friend, dressing in the tightest police uniform costume he had ever seen in his 18 years of life. As Richie laughed and moved away from him to clap Bill on his back, shouting,

“Nice costume man! Who’re you trying to impress?”

Eddie was having a hard time breathing. He hoped he wasn’t being too obvious, but it didn’t seem like anyone was paying attention to him anyway. Bill was wearing black pants that accentuated just how long his legs actually were, a leather belt keeping them at his waist. Moving up, Eddie noticed that the tight shirt wasn’t a shirt at all but a vest. The sleeves looked like they had been cut off, and Eddie honestly couldn’t tell whether that was on purpose or if it was cut to be that way after Bill had bought it. It looked so good on Bill, tight in all the right places that made him feel hot all over. For the first time he noticed how tan Bill’s arms were and how over the years he had developed somewhat of a muscle on each arm. Handcuffs and badges accented the costume, and Eddie’s mind could conjure up things that could be done with those hand cuffs- he shut the thought down. On Bill’s head was the topper: a police hat that actually looked real compared to the rest of the costume.

Stop this! He shouted at himself. You’re in a relationship with Richie, who is not only right in front of you but also Bill’s friend! Out loud, he teasingly said, “yeah, Bill! Looking for something tonight?” he moved back into Richie’s space to try and get the man to touch him in some way. If Richie would touch him then he wouldn’t think of Bill- and oh, Richie habitually slung his arm loosely around Eddie’s hips, pulling him towards his chest. Eddie noticed Bill watching them, watching Richie’s hand covering his entire hip bone. He shivered and looked away, distracted by his thoughts again. He should not be feeling this way over something so stupid as a costume. It went against every value he carried, not to mention the morally wrongness of it all.

Richie and Bill carried on talking and Eddie barely paid attention. Instead he watched as Beverly and Ben moved to the dance floor. He watched people dancing and singing and drinking, watched as Stan danced with some boy he didn’t recognize, and still he couldn’t get Bill’s dumb outfit out of his head. He distantly heard Bill making fun of their couple costume and Richie trying valiantly to defend the decision. Neither of them noticed that Eddie was there physically but not mentally.

After what felt like a tortuous forever, Bill finally said he’d see them later and disappeared into the crowd. Eddie came back to himself and Richie kissed his forehead softly. Eddie closed his eyes and swallowed the spit building up. He felt terrible, and all he had really done was think about Bill. Richie was good to him, for him even, and yet he was still thinking of another person. Someone who was their friend no less. “Are you okay, Ed’s?” Eddie had given up on trying to get Richie to stop calling him that a while ago.  “You seem a bit distracted is all.”

Eddie tilted his head up and let his gaze slip downward to Richie’s lips. Chapped as always, he noticed, but also red. Richie noticed him looking, he always did, and covered Richie’s mouth with his own in a slow kiss. They pulled apart after a few seconds, but Richie quickly kissed him again, this time more hungrily. Richie had always been a good kisser, definitely better than him. Maybe it was the setting or the mood but Eddie felt that he was even better tonight.

Richie noticed that Eddie’s lips tasted like mint chapstick. Maybe if I kiss him enough, my lips won’t be so chapped anymore, he thought to himself slyly. Eddie trembled with goosebumps when Richie ran his hand down the back of his costume and further south. It was then he realized how uncomfortable it was to be kissing Richie with the key part pressing into him. His face was scarlet when he pulled away, too embarrassed to even speak. “The uh- the key.” was all he could manage before Richie was laughing again.

“Come on, let’s go get drinks.” Richie grabbed his hand and the two of them started towards the kitchen. Yes, drinks, Eddie thought, that should be good.


It was later in the night. Eddie drank a little and was hanging off Richie. Richie hadn’t drank anything at all. He was their ride home after all. He couldn’t help but find Eddie so adorable when he was drunk, or close to it anyway. He also couldn’t deny the unstoppable need to pee. “Eddie, “ he tried getting his boyfriend’s attention, but Eddie was too focused on leaving wet kisses on the part of his neck that was exposed and he didn’t respond. “Eddie!” Richie said a little louder, gently pushing him away by his shoulders. “I’ll be right back. Stay here.” he pressed a quick kiss to Eddie’s lips and then he was gone.

    Eddie looked around for anyone he might know but he couldn’t spot anyone at all. Since when did stuttering Bill know this many people? He didn’t even know this many people and he doubted Richie did either. Besides the overwhelming amount of people filling Bill’s house the party was still a great one. He knew Bill had gone all out planning, making everything as perfect as he could with the short time his parents would be gone.

    Suddenly Bill appeared as if Eddie thinking about him conjured him up. He was close enough that Eddie felt his body heat before he heard him. “Buh-buh-boo!” he shouted, trying to scare Eddie. The music had been turned up by somebody between now and when Richie and him arrived. Now he could barely hear anyone unless they were right next to his ear.

    Eddie laughed boisterously. “Nice try!” he yelled back, realizing how close Bill actually was to him. Eddie leaned in closer and poked Bill in the chest with his pointer finger. “You’re not very good at scaring me, Denbrough.”

    “Yeah?” he was silent for a moment, just looking over Eddie’s flushed face. How he somehow looked both cute and dumb in the costume and delectable at the same time. With his shaved legs that Bill couldn’t help but notice. He thought of Richie and wondered if Eddie was thinking the same. Without thinking of the consequences he leaned down so his mouth was touching Eddie’s ear and said, “can I show you something upstairs?” butterflies erupted in his stomach when after a few tense moments Eddie nodded his head.


    Richie couldn’t find Eddie anywhere and he was beginning to panic. He even began stopping random people and asking them, “have you seen a boy about, eh maybe this height? He’s wearing the other half of this costume.” and most of the time he either received blank stares or a quick no. Imagining the worst situation possible came easy to Richie, it was his number one talent next to being an asshole who couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Someone trying to abduct Eddie from the house, maybe a band of assholes made him feel shitty for being gay and he was hiding in the bathroom, or worse still: Pennywise. A cold dread filled him but he fought to push it down. Eddie was fine, Pennywise was dead. Richie desperately wanted to find him so they could leave. It was getting late.

    He spotted Stan in the kitchen. “Dude!” he shouted, “have you seen Eddie?” Stan looked like he was making some sort of elaborate drink. Or trying to anyway.

“Eddie? Yeah, he went with Bill earlier.” Richie breathed a sigh of relief. He was with Bill, that was fine. At least he’s safe. Still, a thought lingered. Why was Eddie with Bill? The two of them were great friends, sure, but they were at a halloween party and Eddie had come with him. Jealously curled in his gut and Richie told himself that he was being stupid.

“Thank you.” Richie said, leaning down and looking closer at the drink. “What are you making? This looks like Eddie’s mom’s piss.”


    Turns out what Bill had wanted to show Eddie was a drawing the older boy had made. The drawing depicted all seven of them, arms linked around one another as everyone smiled with glee. It was good, and Eddie told him so. The room was dim so Eddie couldn’t really make out the small details but he could tell that the lines were neat and that the color and shading pulled it all together. The result was a beautifully semi realistic drawing where even in the only light coming from the moon Eddie could tell it was perfect. Or maybe he was just drunk and focusing too much on what it looked like rather than how he was alone with Bill. Eddie distantly reminded himself that he wasn’t drunk, not really. He had two beers and wasn’t even close to being smashed.

    Bill thanked him and he realized how close they were again. Bill and him locked eyes and he suddenly felt self conscious but he couldn’t look away. Bill’s hands came up to rest on Eddie’s hips, pulling him even closer. It was like they were magnets who couldn’t stay away for two long. Eddie could feel the tension in the air, goosebumps rose along his arms. Eddie knew he wasn’t the first to admire Bill’s costume, or his golden tan legs and developing abs from all the working out he’d been doing lately. Eddie knew this and still, he couldn’t help but feel that Bill was looking at him like he was the only person in the world. And maybe he was.

    What was he doing? Richie was probably downstairs waiting for him. Bill was his best friend. No way should this be happening. He tried desperately to convince himself but Bill was still looking at him intensely and he was staring back and suddenly, the world stopped. His heart rate quickened.

    Bill Denbrough was kissing him. On the lips. And he responded immediately, kissing him back with just as much fervor. Bill’s mouth was warm, his lips were soft which was an obvious difference to Richie’s..oh god, Richie. Eddie pulled back just as quick as he came, lips parted and swollen already. Bill’s face had no visible reaction.

    “We can’t do this- we shouldn’t do this. Bill; you know I’m dating Richie.” Eddie said it quietly and in such a way that Bill felt like he was trying to convince himself. Bill wasn’t one to force anything, even if he was disappointed. He loosened his grip on Eddie’s hips but still kept his hands there while Eddie’s gaze flicked up and down his face.

    Eddie’s lips were on his again but this time the kiss wasn’t uncertain, it was hungry. Bill was surprised at the sudden change but he wasn’t complaining either. He felt Eddie’s smaller, softer hands cupping his cheek bones and holding him. He tasted around tentatively with his tongue and Eddie opened his mouth with a low whimper. For a second, Bill believed he was in pain. He realized a moment later that Eddie was enjoying it, quite a lot.

    Bill couldn’t resist this. He couldn’t resist Eddie just as much as he knew Eddie couldn’t resist him. The sounds the shorter boy was making, how flushed his face was and how swollen his lips already were. Richie was his best friend but this felt good.

Eddie was left breathless after Bill pulled away. Eddie couldn’t think, he didn’t want to even think about thinking, so he pulled Bill back to him and shut his mind off.

Bill guided Eddie to his bed, on the way taking his cop hat off and placing it delicately on the boys head. Eddie settled in Bill’s lap, capturing his lips in another heated kiss.  Eddie could feel that Bill was hard. He was too, but Bill seemed big. Hesitantly and shyly Eddie moved his hips back and forth. At Bill’s resounding groan and the way his fingers tightened on Eddie’s hips, he knew they were both enjoying it. They stayed like that for a while.

Richie found them because he heard Eddie. He knew the tone of the boy’s voice, when he was close to coming. The door was cracked. Unadulterated rage filled him and watching Eddie grind down in Bill’s lap broke his heart into millions of tiny pieces. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Richie slammed the door all the way open with his fist, causing Eddie to jump off Bill’s lap like a firecracker. Eddie’s face was filled with evident shock, mouth parted and eyes wide with fear. Richie glanced between Eddie and Bill, mind racing a mile a minute trying to comprehend what he just saw. Sure it hurt, but right now he was angry. Later he could cry.

“What the fuck?” his voice was loud and cutthroat. He ran his sweaty palm through his curly, tangle hair, and tugged on it roughly. Eddie said nothing, which made him even angrier. “I’ve been looking for you, Eddie. For almost an hour now I’ve been looking for you, and all I had to do was follow the sound of- of Bill fucking you!” he yelled, scoffing in disbelief.

Eddie had the audacity to look sheepish. Richie would show him what being sheepish meant, and in his anger he rushed forward to grab him. Bill stood up quickly and stood half way in front of Eddie, blocking Richie’s path. “Ruh-ruh-richie, t-this is mu-mu-”

Richie stopped short. “Yah-yah-your fault?” Richie snapped, cutting off Bill’s stuttering by mocking him. Eddie’s mouth dropped open. “Fuck you, Bill. Move.” Eddie had never seen Richie look so angry before. It scared him, especially because he was the cause. Richie tried to grab Eddie again but Bill blocked him. Richie stopped, feeling like time slowed, and looked between Bill’s hand and his face. He wasn’t thinking when he blindly threw his closed fist out, striking Bill in the face hard. The bigger boy stumbled back but caught himself, holding his now bleeding nose.

“Richie, what the hell!” Eddie shouted, throwing his arms out to block Richie from going after Bill again, who was now behind him. Richie turned his hard gaze on Eddie and pushed his tinier hand away easily. Eddie was sporting hickies on his neck, which did nothing to fan the flame of anger and betrayal in Richie’s heart. His hair was tousled and messed up, and not to mention how fucked he looked. Something broke inside Richie and he began to cry. Ugly crying with snot and all. He screamed and slammed his fists on Bill’s bedside table, cracking the fragile skin on his knuckles.

Eddie looked like he wanted to touch him and simultaneously run away.

“I must be dreaming, right? Eddie Kaspbrak would never do something like this to me. Bill Denbrough would never dream of doing something like this.” his voice cracked, he didn’t mind. He wiped his cheeks and eyes on the back of his hand and smeared the blood that had traveled from his split knuckles. Eddie looked like he was close to tears as well and Bill just looked like he was in pain.

“Richie–” Eddie started, but Richie cut him off before he could finish.

“Don’t talk Eddie! There is nothing you can say to me right now. This is…this is unforgivable.” he wanted to leave and go home so he could cry again but in peace. Bill looked like he wanted to talk again but Richie was done. He turned and walked out. Eddie moved to chase him but Bill held him back.

“Eddie, du-dont! He wuh- wuh-wanted to hurt you!” Eddie didn’t care, he deserved it. Shrugging Bill’s hands off him, he left the room cold. Bill collapsed on the bed and put his head in his hands.

“Richie! Richie please!” Eddie had to scream in order to be heard. He had caught Richie right before he climbed into his beat up car. He was crying now as well and he was sure he looked like an absolute mess if the stares he received had anything to say about it.

Richie stopped but didn’t look at him. His jaw was clenched tightly and it was tense. “I’m so sorry, Richie-” he hiccuped loudly. Eddie dropped the cop hat he had been holding to cover his face with his hands. “Please let me just- just explain or apologize.” Eddie felt lost, unsure of what to say. Everything hurt, he knew that much. And it was all his fault.

Richie glanced at him one more time. Saying nothing, he climbed into the driver’s seat and practically whipped his car out of the driveway.

Eddie watched him drive down the street. Watched the love of his life leave him outside Bill Denbrough’s house in the stupidest costume ever conceived by mankind, except now he was truly alone.

Reign II (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Word Count: 1774

Summary:Royal AU: the reader is a princess next in line to take the throne. Bucky is a knight that has been put in charge of taking care of and protecting the reader.

Warnings: None

A/N: Part two! I hope you all enjoy this. If you missed part one, the masterlist will be linked below. message me or comment if you want to be added to the tag list!


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Ch.1 Mystic Messenger Mafia AU


Word Count: 1,609


      It was what you had come to know as a typical night. The city was wet from the earlier rains, causing a moonlit highlight on the bricks and asphalt. It also kicked up an unpleasant stench, but one you had grown familiar with in all of your years of living here.

     “Alright, kiddies. Time to work,” a burly man clapped his gloved hands together before throwing open the back door of the truck.

     Barrels and barrels full of bootleg lined the inside. Thousands of dollars of product for the family to profit from, brought over on a meat truck they used frequently to disguise their hauls. But from where? The shipping yard, you guessed. Now if you could just figure out when it docked…

     “What are you thinking about?” the boy next to you asked.

     You hadn’t realized he’d been watching you. He scratched his hair underneath his cap before straightening it with a smile. Yoosung, or ‘Lucky’ as he was known, was always smiling. He seemed to practically skip instead of walk. Not the typical mafioso wannabe. But neither were you. In any case, he’s the closest thing you had to a friend right now. And you needed that.

     “That it’s cold as shit and I wanna get this over with,” you huffed.

     Lucky and some of the other boys popped up into the truck. They all shifted the barrels in their spots as if to weigh the contents before proceeding to move them. They had to roll a few of them down before you could start to dolly the liquor inside the small storage warehouse.

     “Attaboy,” the driver said gruffly and condescendingly. His wide hand pat one of them on the back as they wheeled a barrel away.

     “Turn the lights off, you nitwit,” the beautiful brunette, your capo-Jaehee, seethed as her heels clicked around the side of the truck and stopped in front of the driver.

     “S-Sorry, right,” he nodded before scrambling to the front to turn the headlights dim.

     “This is the last job for tonight, so make it snappy,” she played with her gloved hands, seemingly annoyed, “well go on!” she urged you.

     You picked up the pace and wheeled the barrel Yoosung placed on the dolly for you. A single one wasn’t too heavy, but do 5 or 6 in a row and boy were you feeling it. Towards the end of the truck you felt beads of sweat on the back of your neck.

     “What’s her deal tonight?” one of the boys whispered as you all worked to shift the hooch inside the storage room.

     You glanced back to see Jaehee and the driver. It looked like she was scolding him, all while gesturing to the truck.

     “Probably in a rush to get to the club to see ‘Pretty Boy’ sing his little heart out so she can drop her panties,” one of the guys joked and pretended to sing into a mic dramatically.

     “Shut the fuck up, idiot,” another one smacked him in the back of the head, “if I have to listen to any more of your stupid jokes tonight I’m gunna stuff ya in one of these damn barrels.”

     “Alright, alright, lay off,” he rubbed his head with a sour face, “I was only tryin'a lighten the mood.”

     A flash of headlights washed over you before being turned off. You all stopped to watch a black car pull up by the truck. You and Yoosung both paused, gripping your dollies and watching as a man in a brown trench coat stepped out and straightened his collar. Bits of red hair peeked from his hat and a serious expression plagued his face.

     “Shit, what’s he doing here?” one of the guys whistled menacingly.

     Though you had only seen him a handful of times, you knew who it was. Saeyoung, the Underboss. Or as people liked to call him-‘The Mad Hatter.’ You believed him responsible for countless hits over the years. And now you all stood to watch, though some of the outfit stayed back in the warehouse, exchanging quiet glances and pretending to work.

     “It’s a wonderful night, isn’t it?” Saeyoung and his two body guards met Jaehee and the driver.

     “It’s a bit too cold if you ask me,” Jaehee replied.

     “Ah, but it’s a clear night,” he looked up to the sky, “star, after star, after star. An endless void. If you look long and hard enough you can get lost in it. How many do you think there are?”

     He returned his gaze to the two of them, his solemn face unchanging. Neither of them spoke.

     “I asked you a question,” he turned to the large man, “how many do you think there are?”

     “Stars? I-uh…” you could almost see the man begin to sweat.

     “You can count, can’t you?”

     “Well ya, but I-I don’t know-“

     “Of course you don’t. There are too many up there. Maybe a simpler question, then? Since you can count and all..how many barrels am I missing from this truck?” he gestured to the meat truck.

     “Missing?” his big belly heaved with his now labored breathing.

      Saeyoung’s fist swung into the mans gut and sent him coughing to his knees.

     “Now, now. You’re good with numbers, remember? I’ll give you a second to count them in your head before telling me. And you’d better tell me. Or things are only going to get worse for you.”

     The man started to sob at Saeyoung’s feet, “I don’t know nothin’ about missing barrels I swear on my kids life,” he pleaded.

     “I don’t like liars,” Saeyoung grabbed the mans hand and pulled the glove off, “shall we count together? Maybe that will help.”

     He singled out the mans pointer finger, while the driver looked up to Saeyoung’s face in terror. His wet eyes were pleading.

     “One…” Saeyoung bent the finger back in a swift motion. The snap of bone was like a dry twig breaking under your boot.

     The cry in pain filled the empty street and the body guards stuffed the man’s mouth with a cloth before holding him in place on his knees. He struggled for a moment but quickly admitted defeat.

     “Two,” another snap of his middle finger, “three…”

     Even with the cloth to muffle, you could hear the pain bellowing from his chest. Tears streamed down his stubble-heavy face and his brow pinched together in agony. It took everything in you not to stop him. The cold metal of the gun on your thigh had never been more apparent.

     “Four,” the pinky was the last one and it broke easily, “four barrels. Now do you remember?”

     He let the mans hand fall before stepping back. The cloth was pulled from his mouth before shoving him forward into the damp asphalt. Shaking and nodding at Saeyoung’s feet, his right hand was a mangled mess now.

     “Good, I thought so. Now you won’t forget that number,” he tossed the glove at the mans face, “get out of my sight.”

     With his good hand he palmed the glove and clambered to his feet all while stifling sobs. Wobbling slightly and almost running into Jaehee in the process he started to walk fast in the opposite direction down the silent street.

     “Hm…I changed my mind,” Saeyoung reached into his coat and pulled a pistol to aim at the man.

     The truck blocked your view but the sound of the shot and the thud that followed were telling enough. Your legs were suddenly jello and a pair of hands held you up.

     “Keep it together,” Yoosung whispered as he grabbed you. You were just noticing his eyes had glassed over slightly and there was an indent where he must have bitten his lip.

     All you could think about were flashes of Saeyoung’s face as he held a gun to your head. ‘Lemme show you what we do to rats and pigs,’ he’d say, his sadistic grin being the last thing you see before he squeezed on it.

     “Someone clean that up,” Saeyoung gestured to the body before turning to one of the men, “you, get this truck out of here.”

     He handed a wad of cash to Jaehee, explaining that she was to deliver it to the man’s wife. It was to help her get by, at least for a little while, without a husband.

     He took long striding steps back to the car. His gloved hand opened the door and he turned to you with a smile before getting in.

     “Hey, Lucky! Both’a you, be in the wind before the bull arrives, huh?” he waved and got into the back seat.

     The bit of food in your stomach was trying to make it’s way up but you took some sharp breaths to calm your nerves as the car drove away. No wonder there wasn’t a soul at the station willing to try and infiltrate this syndicate. They all either laughed at you or turned a cold shoulder when you brought it up. Not even the feds were willing to acknowledge this level of organized crime was going on. Businesses and citizens alike accepted that this was just the way things were. And here you were, a cop gone under cover. A rat. A bull. The regret was like a thick syrup that clung to you. This was the first time you realized you were probably going to die. But there was no turning back now.

     “Come on, there’s still a bit of work to do…” Yoosung pat you on the back with a solemn face. It was the first time you’d seen him not smiling.

A lesson in frustration Pt 1

A/N after being encouraged by the wonderful  @ladymatt to write another follow up and then giving me a great prompt as well i came up with this. Please feel free to let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy it definately 18 plus on this one.people.

Magnus stirred, stretching his arms above his head, eyes still closed. He smiled when he felt a familiar touch on his chest. Then before he can get his eyes open, warm lips join his own.

A few perfect minutes later, he slowly raises his eyelids, looking directly into the big hazel eyes of Alec.

“That has to be the best way ever to wake up. Good morning, beautiful boy.” He purred. His hand going to cup Alec’ cheek.

“I know a better way still” Alec whispered, and moved his body to rest directly on Magnus.

He attacked his mouth once more, the kiss leaving no doubt as to his intentions. Magnus wrapped his arms around his back, slowly moving them up and down the soft skin, feeling the strong muscle beneath.

“alexander, have you forgotten something?” he asked him, between kisses.

“nope, nothing” He’d worked his way down Magnus’ jaw to the spot below his ear he knew drove him crazy. When he reached it Magnus took in a sharp breath.

“So no memory of last night or yesterday?” Alec stilled where he was nuzzling his neck and with a groan, rolled off him, an arm covering his face.

“Boy, you sure know how to kill the mood” he said.

“I actually think your mother has that market covered. We should keep our hands to ourselves, it’s just for one more day, she’ll be going tonight.”

Alec cringed inwardly just thinking about his mother catching them red handed and red faced yesterday. What was worse was thinking about last night and the show Maryse had put on after having one too many of Magnus’ cocktails. Wait till he told Izzy about that.

He needed a distraction from his thoughts and there was only one thing he knew that would do it. He rolled back over towards Magnus, holding his face in one hand, kissing him once more. Magnus could feel himself drifting off with his own desires but the thought of Maryse Lightwood walking in on them again was too hard to ignore. He put a hand on Alec’ chest and pulled away, Alec’ mouth chasing his. But he laid  finger softly over his lips full and pink from their kisses.

“No, my darling, you have to wait till tonight. Your mother has already seen way too much of me as it is. I’m not risking a repeat performance” Magnus rolled to the side of the bed, swung his legs out and stood up. He heard Alec making disappointed noises behind him.

“she’s right about one thing. You do have a nice  butt” He said, leaning on his elbow smiling back at him.

Magnus felt his lips curve but he wasn’t giving him the satisfaction in knowing it. Instead, he turned to give him a frown.

“Behave yourself, Alexander. Surely you can manage that for one day?”

Alec growled and turned his face into the pillow, biting it. Magnus grabbed various items of clothing from his massive walk in robe and headed for the bathroom. He had just entered the doorway when he turned back to see Alec starting to follow him in.

“No, Alec, not going to happen. Behave yourself and get dressed” and he shut the door, the last thing he saw was his boyfriend making sad puppy dog eyes at him.

By the time Magnus had made it out to the kitchen, Alec had made the coffee and was toasting bagels. Maryse wasn’t there yet but he could hear her in the main bathroom.

Alec handed him a cup as he stood at the counter, buttering his breakfast. Alec took a furtive glance out into the living room to see if his mother was coming and seeing the room was empty, he put down his own cup and walked up behind Magnus, wrapping his arms around to circle his waist and nuzzling his neck. He took in deep lung fulls of the warlock’s exotic scent and pulled him back against his body. Magnus close his eyes, leaning his head back against his chest, a soft hum escaping him. He reached up behind him, finding Alec’ soft dark hair and tangled his finger in it, lost for the moment in the feeling of Alec’ touch. A door closing, however, brought him back to his senses with a start.

“Alexander, no” he said softly, trying to release himself from his arms. Alec had other ideas however. Magnus had just picked up his coffee mug when he felt a hand cupping the front of his trousers, squeezing gently.

“ You smell so good, I want to lick every inch of you” a breathy whisper filled his ear. Magnus gave a gasp and then a moan, feeling the crotch of his trousers getting tighter by the minute and from the firm bulge nudging him from behind Alec was similarly effected. All of a sudden, the sound of high heels on floorboards signalled Maryse’s arrival. He startled, the coffee mug and its contents falling to the floor with a loud crash. Maryse came to the door way.

“Oh, is everything alright? Here, I’ll help you clean that up” she said and went to bend over to start picking up the shattered remains of the cup but she only got half way before she winced, her fingers going to her temples. Someone had a hangover this morning.

“It‘s fine, Maryse. I can have it done in a second, are you feeling alright?” Magnus asked her, knowing full well she wasn’t.

“I seem to have a bit of a headache, this morning. I think those cocktails of yours might have been a bit strong.” Magnus had the terrible feeling that he was going to laugh but managed to keep it to himself. He clicked his fingers, bringing up the blue flame and after waving it over the mess on the floor, he send drifts of magic in Maryse’s direction. He saw her face brighten as the headache disappeared.

“thank you Magnus, that’s much better. Now, Alec, can you get me a coffee please?” Alec had been standing behind Magnus, trying to hide his tented jeans. He was just wondering how he was going to give his mother the coffee without embarrassing himself when he heard Magnus click his fingers once more, producing a fresh cup of hot coffee. Maryse stepped forward, taking it from him with a smile. She walked out of the kitchen towards the living room.

Magnus felt Alec’ body relax behind him and he turned to face him.

“Now do you see why I said you had to behave?” he said softly, so they wouldn’t be overheard. He looked down to the front of Alec’ jeans and smiled.

“try thinking about something else, or you’re never going to get out of here” He smirked up at him.

“Like what?”

“how about Penelope?” Magnus said, cheekily.

“ ha ha very funny. Why aren’t you the same?” Alec asked.

“who says I’m not Alexander” and he adjusted the front of his trousers.” but I was smart enough to wear a loose shirt” He gave a playful slap on his chest, and walked off.

Date preparation

Okay, so I mentioned that I have a date tomorrow, and I thought it would be a good time to talk through how I prepare.

Night before:

1. I bought new underwear to feel sexy af, black and red like all good sexy underwear is in my opinion. Push up, light, because nobody wants to find out tits are non existent.

2. Shower. I shaved everywhere tonight, to allow myself to have a quicker shave in the morning.

3. Exfoliated. Don’t forget to exfoliate where he might go. Tits. Ass. Don’t forget anything.

4. Face mask. I’ve got an anti blackhead one right now, but I’ve also put excess on my tits, I don’t have any; but if any blackheads are starting on tits (people with boob spots get me), to stop the chance of a mood going bc ew.

5. Moisturise. Everywhere. Feel like a baby’s bottom. Moisturise day of, and night before if possible, and maybe even keep a little bit in your purse to remove dry bits on the go.

6. Feet. So the guy I’m dating HATES feet. So I’ve spent extra time on mine, and will sleep in socks and heavy duty moisturiser in order to have them soft and as nice as possible, toe nails clipped and painted of course.

7. Nails painted, filed and extended if you have acrylics and want any redoing. I’ve matched mine to my toes, I feel put together that way.

8. Teeth whitening strips. Who wants someone with yellow teeth? Ew.

9. Underwear, clothes and makeup planned and practiced. This will make your life easier. Tip: have a backup outfit, so if you ruin your first outfit the second one is always available.

10. Sleeping loooadddssss. Sleep is very important to stop puffy eyes in the morning.


“Well, there you have it,“ Magnus sighed dramatically, "the things I would do for you, Alexander Lightwood.”

or: when magnus proposes to alec, it doesn’t go as well as he had planned.

Mundane traditions were never Alec’s go-to’s but Magnus always entertained them because he found them endearing. The thing about mundanes was that they were so ignorant of the world that was devouring theirs completely, of demons and monsters, that they lived and loved carelessly and to the fullest and if anything, Magnus found that horribly wonderful.

So when it came to the stage in their lives where Magnus and Alec had come to terms with the unshakable fact that there would be no one in their lives but each other, Magnus looked for ways that were perfect enough in both their intention and presentation to ask Alec Lightwood to marry him. Magnus had watched innumerable episodes of reality tv shows and angsty movies alike to know by now at least seven different ways of proposing. There was the ‘propose at the top of a roller coaster’ option, but Alec was terrified of roller coasters though he’d never admit it, and the 'gather the whole family on a national holiday and set up a public spectacle’ option but for one, he’d seen that one go downhill and end up in public embarrassment too many times when the significant other said 'no’ and second, Alec wasn’t fond of public declarations of undying love. At the end, what was utterly them, and said 'stay-home date, good food and a private evening to themselves’ was the notorious hide-the-ring-in-dessert tradition. Alec loved it when Magnus cooked instead of magically conjured food and everything else was too uncharacteristic of them anyway, so Magnus planned the night of his life.

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“I thought you agreed I should wear this costume to the party tonight?”

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 416

Warnings: Making out. Implied smut?

Summary: “I thought you agreed I should wear this costume to the party tonight?” “Oh I agreed to you wearing it tonight, but I had no party in mind”

A/N: A series of halloween drabbles because I’m in the mood…

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After All Things (Part VI)

Or: ‘Today, We Are.’

Peter Parker x Reader

This is Part VI of my series that chronicles Peter and a new reader as they deal with the fallout of the events in ‘It’s A Lot Like Falling.‘

Summary: He was here: Peter Benjamin Parker, the man who was made of light. Peter is 25. Words: 1.8k.

This is the end of all things. Thank you for reading.

After All Things: Part I  Part II Part III  Part IV  Part V  Part VI

Mood board and After All Things: A Playlist by @jedistardust

“Marry me,” and it wasn’t really a question, “tonight, let’s get married.” He was still on his knees, red and blue of his suit glowing against the pale color of your sweater, strong arms clinging to you, fingers tight and scrunching at the knitted fabric where he held onto everything. You pulled away from him, chestnut colored curls spilling all over the place as you ran fingers through sweaty, rain soaked locks; glossy brown of his eyes like kindling for the fire in them as he looked up at you.

The bird that was your heart rattled in the cage of your chest, his words terrifying and exciting and enough to cause that little thing nestled safely below it and the strength of his arms to shift and kick at your insides; precious, fluttery warmth asking you, asking him, the only way that it yet knew how.

The feeling of his words was crushing, but in that way that made you jittery and consumed with good.

But then your brain reined you in, clipping at the feathers of those wings a little to prevent your heart from flying away too soon. To prevent you from falling too hard when the reality of his words sunk in and he realized this was probably just a reaction to what had almost happened again.

When he started thinking too hard and too fast.

Your whole body shivered from the rain, the cold air, his words, and the remaining adrenaline pumping through narrowing veins; excess nerves your body was still trying to figure out what to do with.

His arms squeezed a little tighter, pulled you back into him.

“Peter, sweetheart, you need a minute to calm down,” delicate fingers smoothed over messy brows, working to put them back into place; disturbed from the violent way he’d ripped his mask off to get at you, to bring his skin to yours in the desperate way he’d needed to, the same way yours had called to him in that moment, “I’m not going anywhere, you don’t nee - ” Your lips halted as you took in the dejected expression on his face.

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Hey! Could you write a Daryl x reader where Daryl is in love with her, but she doesn't know and everything is so awkward at the beginning, and he is afraid she doesn't love him because the reader is sweet and nice with everybody 😊

A/N: Okay! So something a little bit different to what I usually do but I’ve been wanting to give this a go for a while now. Behold…my first Daryl x Reader prompt. Not everyone’s cup of tea I know but I had a lot of fun writing this so I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Fluff and stuff.

“D’ya think he’s ever going to tell her?” Tara asked watching the exchange between the close pair.

Denise shrugged her shoulders, tilting her head as they watched Daryl and Y/N share what looked like to be a joke. Daryl ducking his head in that shy way he does around her, Y/N’s hand coming out to squeeze his arm lightly before walking away, flashing a bright grin to Spencer as she walks past him.

Daryl didn’t miss the smile Spencer threw back, wanting to kick the ground in frustration at the thought of even having a chance with someone like her.

She was nice to everyone, like a ray of sunshine and this shit hole they called a world, far too good for the likes of him. 

And yet, every single time he drew a smile out of Y/N, he felt like maybe, just maybe, she might feel something similar as he did for her. 

But who was he kidding himself? She was just being friendly, that’s all there was to it.


“Hey Daryl!” Y/N called out, jogging lightly towards him across the street.

“Y/N,” Daryl greeted, “what’s up?”

“Do you wanna come around for dinner tonight?”

Daryl shrugged his shoulders and nodded, they often had dinner together with the others.

“Denise and Tara comin’?” he asked casually.

“Well, no. They said they were busy, although they wouldn’t tell me doing what. They said we could still have a meal together though? If you’re up for it of course.” 

Daryl almost tripped over his words, “yeah, sure, course, sounds good, I’ll, um, I’ll be there.”

Y/N smiled, her eyes crinkling at the edges, oblivious to the stuttering mess he’d just turned into. 

“Okay, I’ll see you at seven,” she said, backing away slowly towards her house.

“Seven,” Daryl confirmed, his mouth sticking when he tried to produce any more words.


Tara’s head whipped up from the gun she was cleaning, a shit eating grin spread across her face.

“Daryl,” she greeted smugly, “I wondered how long it’d take you to come after me.”

“Ya planned it this way didn’t ya?” he almost growled, pacing back and forth across her porch restlessly.

Tara acted dumb, her eyes widening dramatically, “I don’t know what you’re talking about Dixon.”

“Don’t play coy with me,” he grunted, swivelling on his heel to face her, “ya know exactly what y’all were doin’.”

Tara stood up, patting him lightly on the chest before looking him straight in the eye. “And you can thank me later.”

“Ain’t gon’ thank ya for nothin’ cause ain’t nothin’ gon’ happen.” His accent was thick, getting thicker with each passing second of frustration that came off him in waves.

“You need to tell her how you feel, me and Denise have given you said opportunity to do so. Don’t mess it up either, Y/N is a mean cook and we’re totally bowing out just so you can get some tonight.”

Daryl was in full force now, face growing red at Tara’s words. “She ain’t never gon’ feel the same! And even if she did I ain’t gonna be gettin’ none of nothin’, got respect for her don’t I?!”

“Easy redneck,” Tara teased, hands coming up passively. “Just…see what happens, you’re just having dinner…with a friend, see how the mood strikes you both. Ya never know, may just surprise yourselves.”


“You like it?” 

Y/N eyes were lit up, waiting for Daryl’s approval as he tried to gracefully sip the steaming soup off his spoon.

He smacked his lips together, taunting her as he swallowed, rolling his tongue around his mouth a little bit longer as if to taste more of the flavour whilst Y/N sat staring at him like a present on Christmas day.

“Well?” she prompted when he took a moment too long.

Daryl caved then, smirking as he scooped another spoonful, nodding in appreciation. “It’s good,” he felt a warmth flow through him as Y/N grinned, “it’s real damn good.”

They ate from then on in relative silence, Daryl drinking down his glass of wine as if it was juice, trying to calm his nerves at the intimate situation they found themselves in.

Y/N had tried to make the evening nice, lighting a few candles, opening a stashed away bottle of red wine, seating them across from one another at her small round kitchen table.

As she began to clear their empty bowls away Y/N got an idea, one she doubted he would go for but something she wanted to find out for herself.

“You feel like staying a while?” she asked coyly as she leaned back against the kitchen counter. “Help me finish off that bottle of wine?”

Daryl was repeating in his head like a mantra that it didn’t mean anything, she was just trying to be friendly goddammit. But that part of him, that subconscious part that was screaming in his head that she meant more than just wine wouldn’t be silenced.

“S’pose it wouldn’t hurt.” The words were out of his mouth before the rational part of his brain could protest otherwise.

“Great,” Y/N beamed, taking their glasses through to the living room, setting them on the coffee table in between the couch and the roaring fire, filling them both up a hefty glass.

“Ya tryna get me drunk?” Daryl teased as he slouched back on the couch, keeping a small gap between them.

“You complaining?” Y/N quipped back with a dangerous look in her eye, taking a long sip of her drink before bubbling into laughter.

Daryl snorted, almost downing his own drink in the hope the alcohol would provide him with some liquid courage. Tara was right, he could go on like this forever, who knew how long either of them had, it would be his biggest regret.

The bottle of wine was empty far too quick, Y/N’s eyes hooded, her body relaxed and flaccid, her hand resting comfortably on his thigh as they spoke. 

Daryl felt like he was on a sensory overload, his ears trying intently to listen to what Y/N was saying but his mind was stuck on the way her fingers were playing with the hole in his jeans, his eyes drawn to her wine stained lips, wondering if they tasted as good as they looked.


The soft sound of his name from her beautiful lips caught his attention, his eyes snapping back up to hers. 

It’s like she could read his mind, her lips parting, eyes widening ever so slightly in what looked to be realisation. 

Fuck it. It was now or never.

“Wanna try somethin’.” His voice was so hoarse he wasn’t even sure it was him speaking. “Ya want me ta stop all ya gotta do is say, alright?”

Y/N gave a small nod, heart fluttering as Daryl breached the small gap between them, his hot breath fanning across her lips.

Nerves caused her to close her eyes, heart soaring as his warm mouth finally covered her own. 

Daryl was waiting for her draw back, her moment of realisation that this is really not what she wants. But that moment never came.

Instead her head tilted, keeping their mouths locked together as she opened up to him, kissing him deep and slow.

His hands struggled to find somewhere to rest, skimming up and down her sides, not sure what was deemed appropriate. Daryl was relieved when Y/N grasped his hands in her own, clasping them securely around her hips.

Her own hands found purchase at his neck holding him close to her as his tongue dared out to swipe across her lower lip. 

Daryl was right, she did taste as good as she looked, groaning in satisfaction before the reality of the situation came crashing down around him and he abruptly pulled away.

“Daryl-” Y/N protested.

“m’sorry,” he apologised immediately, “didn’t mean ta jump ya that way.”

“Didn’t think you ever would,” Y/N said shyly, biting at her lower lip and looking down.

Daryl processed her words, trying to decipher them before responding. “Ya sayin’ ya wanted me ta?”

“I mean,” Y/N started, pushing her hair back off her face, a visible flush going from her cheeks right down to her chest, “I hoped you would, but I never thought…”

“Yer kiddin’ me right?” Daryl deadpanned. “Ya have no idea…shit, no goddamn idea how long I’ve wanted ta do that.”

Y/N tilted her head at him, a soft smile playing on her lips. “And this isn’t just the wine talking?” 

“Nah,” he said determinedly, “fuck, Y/N, I ain’t never felt like this for no one before.”

Y/N grinned then, arms wrapping slowly around his neck so he couldn’t escape. “Are you saying you love me Daryl Dixon?”

He rolled his eyes at her teasing but shit if he was going to deny it any more.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m sayin’.”

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Prompt 7 - Touch

Something that the lovely @somethins-gotta-give and I came up with last night!

Prompt Request - When soulmates touch they can see each other’s past. Like maybe he finds her and refuses to touch her cause he doesn’t wanna scare her or doesn’t think he deserves her. 


The first thing that you notice about Jason Todd is that he is always wearing gloves. Whether they are thick motorcycle gloves or thin flesh colored ones, he always has something covering his hands. Most people never cover their hands. Most of the time people go out of their way to touch hands with everyone that they meet because the only way to find our soulmate is to touch their hands. So when you shook Jason’s hand and you felt the glove you were taken aback.

“Hello, I’m Y/N” you hold your hand out to shake, and when you make contact the only thing you can think to say is, “You’re wearing gloves”

Jason chuckled “Very observant of you. I’m Jason”

“Do you ever take your gloves off?”

“Only when I shower, sweetheart” he winked and pulled his hand away, “It was really nice to meet you but I have to go”

You jutted your bottom lip out in a pout, “Do you really? Or are you just uncomfortable with my questions?”

“I really do have to go, I have to talk to Bruce before he goes out to lunch, but here …” Jason quickly scribbles down his number and hands it to you, “Give me a call sometime, you seem like a really interesting person”

You smile and nod, quickly buzzing Mr. Wayne so he knows that Jason is on his way and not to leave yet. When you get off the phone you look down at the number Jason had given you. You felt strangely drawn to a man who was practically a stranger, one who wouldn’t let anyone touch his hands. You decided right then that it would become your mission to touch Jason’s hand. You had a slight feeling that if you did you would find out that he was your soulmate. You smile and begin figuring out a plan of action. Operation Touch was ready to commence.


It had taken several months of friendship for you to even get an invitation to hang out at Jason’s apartment. In that time you had limited any form of contact with him to a minimum, and whenever you did touch him it would be on his hand.

“Y/N do you want pizza of Chinese?”

“Pizza” you yell back. Hopefully he will take off his gloves to eat the pizza, giving you an opportunity to touch one of his hands.

Jason walked back into the room, “Alright, it should be here in about 30 minutes”

“Will you ever let me touch your hand?” you ask

“No” that one word was sharp, it brokered no argument, but of course you didn’t listen.

“Why not?” you demanded. You stood up, standing toe to toe with Jason, refusing to back down.

“No one deserves to live through my past” His answer was vague, and unsatisfying.

“How do you know? How do you know that my past isn’t worse than yours?!”

Jason’s laugh was loud and mocking, “What did daddy hit you? Did you not have very many friends in middle school? Did someone mess up your Starbucks order?” he sneered

You jolted backwards in shock, his words like a slap to the face. “You don’t know anything about my past!” you screech. “If that’s how you feel then I should just leave!”

You storm out of his apartment and trudge home in the rain. Jason doesn’t know anything about your past, he thinks is life was the worst thing ever, he thinks he knows everything, but he doesn’t. You fling open your closet and grab the box from the bottom. You didn’t think that you would ever put the suit on again, but you needed to hurt someone, you needed to be who you were trained to be.


Once all of your gear was on you look in the full length mirror. Y/N was completely gone and in her place was The Shadow. That was what the League of Assassins called you. You were never seen, you were never heard, and your targets would never even know you were there. You had been Talia’s right hand, you had helped train Damian when he was younger. You had talked to the child many times since you were banished from the League and he knew not to reveal your identity.

“He thinks dying was bad” You chuckle, “He has no idea”

You glanced over at the cloths that you wear when you are the adorable secretary for Mr. Wayne, someone had once referred to you as a ‘cute little kitten’. Those cloths were so much different than the all black you were wearing now, a scarf covering your entire face, the only thing that was visible was your eyes. You were quick to exit through your window and leap from rooftop to rooftop heading towards Crime Alley.

“Fucking vigilantes, popping up left and right!”

Jason. You hadn’t really expected to run into him tonight, you had actually gone out to get away from any thoughts about the Red Hood. You turn around and face him, “I don’t want any trouble, I just need to let off some steam”

“See the problem with that is that you could get hurt, and if I let a civilian get hurt the Bat will be on my ass.”

You sigh, “Just leave me alone Hood, I am in no mood for your nonsense”

Jason opened his mouth to retort, but suddenly a scream echoed up from the alley. You wave and flip backwards off the side of the building, catching the fire escape ladder and using it to slide down. In the alley are four muggers and a young girl backed into a corner.

“Boys, I suggest you leave now while your balls are still attached to your body.”

The four men snarled and turned on you. You jerk your head slightly, telling the girl without words to run. Then the first man lunged. The fight was short and sweet, painful for the muggers but not one of them managed to even land a blow on you.

“I suppose you aren’t an amateur” Jason admitted, landing on the ground beside you

“What tipped you off? The fact that I am wearing League cloths or that none of them touched me?” You put your hands on your hips and gave Jason an incredulous look.

Suddenly you hear a crackle in your ears, “Shadow, nice to see you out on the street again”

You grin, “Hello, Robin, Batman”

“Wait you two know her …”

“Of course I know her, Todd” Damian snapped

“No names in the field, Robin” Batman reprimanded

“I already know who everyone is … Mr. Wayne”

Bruce sighed, and Jason looked at you with wide eyes.

“Take off the scarf” he demanded.

You only raised one eyebrow at him, “Take off your gloves”

His eyes widened, “Y/N? Are you fucking kidding me?!”

You quietly unwind the scarf an let it hang around your neck, “Surprise. I told you that you weren’t the only ones with secrets Jay, but you didn’t even want to try. Am I that repulsive where you weren’t willing to risk the chance of me being your soulmate?”

Jason’s shoulders slumped and he pulled off his helmet, “Its not that, not that at all! I was scared” he admitted, “I was scared that you wouldn’t be able to accept me! I mean I’m the fucking Red Hood! I have dies and come back! I have had the Pit Madness! Why would I ever want someone to see that!!” Jason was shouting by the end of his rant.

You sigh quietly, “I was raised by the League, I had to murder my mother and father just to keep my little sister alive, I have been beaten, stabbed, shot, and almost killed. You think you are the only one who was brought back by the Pit? I was too, several times. I have killed hundreds, possibly a thousand people on Talia’s orders. I have done countless horrible things, but I was willing to risk everything for you!”

You quickly wrap your face back up in your mask and turn to leave, right as you get to the mouth of the alley you turn back, looking Jason right in the eye, “Who do you think took care of you before Talia put you in the pit, when you were nothing but a shell! I was the one who brought Damian to you when you couldn’t even say your own name, Jason! I loved you when were a husk, and when you were whole again I realized that I had the chance to fall in love with you again”

Jason looks taken aback, “Why didn’t you touch me then!?!” he shouted

“It was against Talia’s orders then, by the time I was banished you had already left and started wearing the gloves”

You stormed away, deciding that you would rather go home than stay out patrolling the city. But by the time you get home you already know that someone else is in your apartment. You unsheathe your knife and get ready for an attack. The light flicks on after a second and Jason is revealed standing in the middle of the room.

“Give me another chance” he demands, slipping off his gloves and reaching for your hand. When he comes in contact with it he looks surprised to find that you are now the one who has gloves on, blocking any contact.

“Why should I Jason? If you hadn’t found out the things I told you tonight, would you let me touch you? Would you accept me as your soulmate if I was just the cute little secretary who worked for Bruce?”

“Of course I wouldn’t! I would never have hurt you like that! If you were normal my memories would have scared you for life! But you aren’t normal! You understand my life, you understand my memories, what I have been through because you have been through that too!”

Hesitantly you bring your hands together and start to pull off the gloves, “You really want to see if we are soulmates? What if we aren’t?”

“If we aren’t then we remain friends, we continue as we were”

You nod quietly and reach out a tentative hand toward Jason. Your fingers make contact and it feels like everything is imploding. Both of your knees buckling but your hands remain clasped. Memories poured into you, Jason’s mind giving you everything, and yours doing the same. You feel his anger, his betrayal, and eventually the forgiveness of his family. You see yourself through his eyes, and he sees himself through yours. By the time everything has faded into the background and you are once again in your own mind you understand how everything that Jason went through would have probably hurt a normal person.

“Are you alright?” he whispered

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine”

Suddenly you are yanked forward and your lips crashed into Jason’s. His hands running over your neck, desperate to get in contact with more skin. You pull away and both of you change, him into pajama pants and you into nothing but one of his t-shirts. Jason can’t keep his hands off of you. It isn’t sexual, not yet, just the need to feel someone else, to feel their skin under yours. You understood his need, you could see from his memories that he had rarely been touched since his death.

“You know something?” you whisper

“What, sweetheart?”

“You looked really hot in those short pants”

Jason groaned and covered his face with his hands. “I knew I didn’t want you to see my memories for a reason”

You laugh when he pulls you up onto his chest, so you are pressed together from head to foot. Jason was touch-starved, and you were fully prepared to give him all of the touch that he needed, not that he had allowed you in.