i was hoping to parallel their first meeting

OP 856: a few thoughts
  • Chopper’s reaction to Sanji and Luffy fighting and Nami’s sad pouty face get to me
  • And we might learn Capone’s plan soon.
  • About Bobbin, I think Capone or his crew shot him. The only option that comes to mind is Pudding, if she is actually acting evil but is helping Sanji… it’s not as likely but still.
  • The Vinsmokes are gross, let’s not redeem them (except for Reiju). At least let Sanji kick Judge’s ass, if anything.
  • I mean, it’s pretty obvious that Oda is making them do and say horrible things, so I hope it’s more of a “Sanji is better than all of them in every way” thing rather than a redemption.
  • I wanted to point this little detail out, I haven’t really seen anyone mention it yet:

What’s with that? Pudding? Or even the homies think Sanji deserved better?

  • I really hope Toei does a good job with the scenes between Luffy and Sanji, the fight and now this meeting. This whole scene was just really good and very emotional.
  • The parallels with Sanji’s mom couldn’t have been more obvious, but it just works so well. 
  • I’m so happy witht their conversation in general. First Sanji starts all rational with his reasons for not leaving but Luffy sees right through him and he finally lets it all out, which he really needed honestly. Also everyone beats Sanji this arc.
  • And finally, I just… love this part so much?

Luffy is like “duh, well of course you want to save everyone. That’s just you, isn’t it?

And Sanji’s face says a lot too, once again he is told that being kind and caring is just who he is. First Reiju, now his captain.

  • One Piece, Wedding Crashers edition!
Out of Sunflowers

Now that the Parallels Fanworks Exchange 2015 has revealed names, I can finally post the fic I wrote for it for the very talented viridianova! Yaay! It’s the first piece in a series of connected one shots revolving around Kacchan and Deku as they grow up. I hope it is enjoyed. :)

Title: Out of Sunflowers
Word Count: 1,684
Rating: G
Summary: Katsuki discovers a shy, green-eyed boy at the park and acts accordingly.

Also on AO3

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May I Have This Dance?

Title: May I Have This Dance?
Pairing: ladynoir/adrinette (with a little djwifi)
Summary: It’s the one-year anniversary of Ladybug and Chat Noir’s arrival to Paris and the town decides to celebrate. Both are to come, of course, but what if Marinette and Adrien are supposed to be there as well? They can’t be there as both their normal and super hero selves-or can they?
About: This is my first time writing a Miraculous Ladybug fic so I’d appreciate some feedback and I hope you enjoy! Also, see if you can spot the parallels (you’ll get what I mean) and I’m sorry that the begging is super long I tried to shorten it but then it didn’t make sense.

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anonymous asked:

top 5 season three moments so far in the walking dead!


1) clem and javi’s first meeting in ep 1! i really liked their relationship right off the bat (haha get it) and i loved the parallels between javi and clem’s meeting and lee and clem’s first meeting in s1e1. Not to mention that this moment is the one that got me yelling when I first played LOL…we all missed Clem

2) Clem telling Javi about her period and Javi helping her out (optionally…though I’m hoping everyone chose to help her like goddamn lol). Just such a sweet moment for both characters!

3) The decision between Ava and Tripp. I thought it was very well-done by Telltale and it was (at least for me) DEFINITELY a “rage-pauser” - I had to pause and take a walk and decide what the fuck to do. In fact, the entire ending of episode 4 was just amazing. Either David fucked up your plan or you could go totally fucking murderous and just shoot Joan right in the eye. And the Kate cliffhanger! Holy shit. 

4) Mariana’s death + Mariana’s funeral (determinant) - Poor Mariana! I really should have seen her death coming but I still rage-paused. And poor Javi having to bury her too young </3 

5) Conrad killing Badger! I love this moment because it’s rare but it shows how it is SO SO SO worth it to keep Conrad alive! I have such a soft spot for Conrad; what a truly nice guy. 

Other moments I can’t leave out and come really close: The Kenny flashback scene in episode 4, Clementine telling the group about AJ and Javi giving her a hug in episode 3, the fight between David and Javi at the beginning of episode 4 if you chose to leave with Kate, Clem accidentally shooting Eli in episode 1 plus the card game between Javi/Conrad/Francine, Clem giving New Frontier the finger in episode 2 if you gave her up, and the card game between Gabe and Clem in episode 4 was actually p cute. 


Rilaya Week 2016 - Day 5: Stop It! or Ring Power!

All due respect to “Stop It!” It’s a cute little handshake, but it’s no Ring Power. Riley and Maya haven’t even done “stop it” together since season 1. (Riley did it with a Gamma Gamma girl in 2x06. Maya did it with her mom in 2x12.)

Ring Power is all about substance though. The rings were a birthday gift for Maya. They have featured in all three seasons. There’s some added significance in the fact that they’re Fenian Claddagh Rings.

“Claddagh rings, with or without the crown, … [continue] to be symbols of love or marriage. Claddagh rings may be used as friendship or relationship rings depending on the intention of wearer and, in the case of a gift, of the giver.”

Maya wears her ring on her right hand with the heart turned inward, which conveys that the wearer is in a relationship or that their heart has been captured.

Riley has worn her ring on both hands, also with the heart turned inward. On the left hand with the heart turned inward, it conveys that the wearer is married.

For Riley and Maya, the rings represent their devotion to each other. The rings affirm that they are each other’s safe place. When they don’t know anything else, they know ring power. When they’re confused or scared, they turn to the rings. They know that their bond is forever and the rings are representative of that. (Rings that represent eternal relationship bonds…where have I heard something like that before?)

I remember when 1x18 Girl Meets Master Plan first aired. I had just recently finished The Legend of Korra and my heart was full to bursting with hope. I had already been quietly wondering if Riley and Maya might get together someday and then 1x17 Girl Meets Game Night came along with its Rilaya/Corpanga parallels. Fresh on the heels of that came Master Plan, where Riley gives Maya a ring for her birthday.

I was raised in a household where we were taught that a ring was a very intimate and important sort of gift, not something you give or receive while dating unless you’re very serious and certainly not something you’d give to a friend. That’s just my repressed childhood of course, but it adds depth to the story of how seeing Riley give Maya a ring, right after the Rilaya/Corpanga parallels, and my heart full-to-bursting with sapphic hope from Korrasami, really added to the idea that maybe Rilaya would be a real thing someday.  And at first I figured the rings would just be a one-off element for that episode, but then they came back in season 2 and have stayed all this time. (And then later I found out they were a variant on Claddagh rings, which I was familiar with because of Buffy and Angel, and that got me excited all over again.)

To me, seeing the rings calls on that hope that filled my heart back then when I sometimes lose sight of it. For Riley and Maya, their rings represent what all Claddagh rings are supposed to represent: love, friendship, and loyalty.

megidola-dancing-deactivated201  asked:

Do you think they made Marie Having a crush on Yu no matter what canon because of how his Persona is Izanagi and she is technically Izanami?

Yeah, that was definitely the intention here.

You see, in the myths, Izanami is technically three things to Izanagi:

His sister, his lover, and his antagonist.

In the original P4, the “Descend to Izanami” part of the myth was actually tackled twice: 

Once by Retrieving Nanako (The “sister”) from Heaven (=The Land of the Dead) That’s the reason why the multiple ends work the way they do; you can fail to save her life if you lose the right path out of your eyes - just like how Izanagi failed to retrieve Izanami because he failed to keep his promise to her).

The second time, this part of the myth is tackled by engaging Izanami-no-Ookami (The “antagonist”) in battle in Yomi (=The Land of the Dead). While with Nanako, it was focused on Izanagi’s mistake, with the battle against Izanami-no-Ookami, there is instead a focus on Izanami’s and Izanagi’s Curse: The cycle of Death/Despair and Rebirth/Hope. 

Now, P4G added a third instance this myth is tackled: With Marie. And as you can guess, the role of Izanami that Marie takes in that this version of the descend is that of the “lover”. In this case, the focus is not on Izanagi’s mistake or on Izanami’s and Izanagi’s curse, but on Izanami’s feelings for Izanagi: Her forgotten “hope”. This is an aspect of their relationship then MegaTen has actually first tackled when the franchise was first created: In the novel “Digital Devil Story”, where the Reincarnations of Izanami and Izanagi meet once more to rebuild their bond that was destroyed by their mistakes and curses (Hence the series’ title: “Megami Tensei” means “Goddess Reincarnation”). 

This aspect of the story is the aspect of “healing” - And one that I am very glad they tackled. Even though the plot of P4 worked perfectly without it, having Izanami’s “Emotions” and “Hope” integrated into the plot in this way really feels like bringing the parallels to the myth to completion. That’s one of the reasons I appreciate Marie’s character so much, even if I don’t necessarily ship her with Yu. 

Rey’s First Meetings with Poe, Finn and Kylo Ren: Why is there hope for DameRey?

Many have posited the question “Is there hope for DameRey?” Aside from the parallels between the characters, complimenting similarities, hints of shipping by the actors, chemistry of the actors and physical attractiveness of how they’d be as a couple what other facts can support the possibility of DameRey happening? A few nights back, @jjfantasy and I were discussing how no metas have been made on Rey’s inner thoughts upon meeting the 3 men she’s being shipped with: Finn, Kylo Ren and Poe. In the novelisation, what did Rey think when she met each of these characters? This is a question worth asking because really before Rey could possibly fall for any of these men she must first be attracted to them in some way. Let’s take a closer look at her first encounters: 

1) Finn: What’s very odd about her first meeting with Finn is that Rey does not have any thoughts about Finn at all. All that is stated in the book is her accusation that he was a “thief” who stole the jacket of BB-8′s Master. It goes on to further describe that “Rey was both unimpressed and unwilling to give the traveler the benefit of the doubt.” Other than that nothing throughout the book gives us an idea of how Rey thinks of Finn, aside of course from her calling him “friend” towards the end of the novel. 

2) Kylo Ren: Now Rey’s perspective of Kylo Ren is actually given a description in the novel. “In itself the narrow face that looked back at her was not remarkable. It was almost sensitive. If not for the intensity of his gaze, Ren could have passed for someone she might have met on the dusty streets of Niima Outpost.” We can’t exactly call this a positive thought on Rey’s part nor can it be identified as the beginning of attraction. 

3) Poe: Simply put really and very direct to the point, we know that Rey’s proper meeting of Poe was after their awkward hug and Poe’s introducing himself to her. “She nodded slowly, searching his face and finding that she liked it.” The very fact that she searched his face and concluded she liked it points to a certain degree of physical attraction. That in itself can serve as a beginning for something more, hinting at something more to come. 

Comparing Rey’s first meetings with these three men, we can see the evolution from indifference, to unimpressed and finally to actual liking. Because attraction is the first step in the journey towards love there is hope for Poe and Rey in the coming movies. As I explained in this post we get a reaction from Poe as well, showing that to some degree these two people are attracted to one another. Thus all hope is not lost for DameRey, in fact this could be the beginning of something GREAT. <3

*NOTE: I’m not saying attraction is THE MAIN REASON Rey will fall for Poe nor is it all about physical looks. Attraction just helps kick start the falling and let’s face the fact that when you say you like someone’s face it’s another way for saying their face is attractive and you’re attracted to them. ;)

The Top 10 Reasons I Ship Rilaya

1. I think that they have demonstrated more chemistry than any other possible pairing on the show.

Even Cory and Topanga have not shown as much chemistry (in this show) as Riley and Maya have. When Riley and Maya are on screen together, they create a natural energy between them and everything flows in a very smooth and believable way.

2. I think they’re well-matched.

They balance each other out in a lot of ways. (Why make a sandwich out of jelly and jelly?) They look out for each other, they trust each other, they understand each other, they support each other, and they enrich each other’s lives.

3. They love each other.

Even if their interactions are only read as platonic, there can be no denying of the fact that they love each other very much. They are affectionate together. They go to great lengths in the name of each other’s happiness. They know each other intimately and accept each other unconditionally.

4. They keep paralleling Cory and Topanga.

I started shipping them together from a pretty early point, but I almost lost my mind during ‘Girl Meets Game Night.’ And again at the end of 'Girl Meets First Date.’ If Rilaya isn’t going to be a thing, then the writers really need to stop doing that and giving me false hope.

5. The body language tho.

I think that Maya, in particular, looks at Riley like she’s in love with her. They hold hands, they rest their heads on each other’s shoulders, they link arms, they make heart-eyes lingering eye-contact, they hug, they walk with their arms around each other, and each of them spends a lot of time staring at the other one. And yeah, sometimes girls are just close, but they make it look pretty convincingly gay more often than not.

6. Rilaya is my favorite part of the show.

With or without romantic subtext, the Riley and Maya relationship is very much at the heart of things. I think that their relationship, even if only viewed as platonic, has a lot of substance to it that is lacking in any other pairing. Riley and Maya are the driving forces of this show. They are the hook that brings me back for more. I see them as having more depth and character development than the rest of the (GMW-exclusive) characters. Even without romance, Riley and Maya are the characters that pique my interest.

That being said, viewing the show through a Rilaya lense really changes the way I see it and heightens my enjoyment. Even though I’ve enjoyed ships over the years, and even though I’ve shipped some ships pretty hard, this is the first instance in my life where a ship has really been so central to how I intereact with the medium. Rilaya is something that could really make this show stand out. If I take that element away, if I let go of the hope for Rilaya, the rest of the show really deflates for me. It’s a good show as it is, but it has not yet achieved greatness. There are many paths that it could take to become great, but Rilaya is the one I would enjoy the most.

7. “Believe me, I know the story.”

And if I want to watch that story, I can. I’ve got all seven seasons on DVD. It’s a nice story, but it’s already been told. GMW really needs to stand on its own two feet. I love Boy Meets World and I love that the universe of it is being expanded, but Girl Meets World needs to grow into its own thing sooner rather than later. Even if Rilaya never happens, I still don’t want this show to be Boy Meets World over again. It needs to establish its own unique identity. It needs its own voice. It needs to dare to be different. Rilaya is not the only daring path they could take, but again, it’s the one I would enjoy the most.

8. I think their brand of love is a good one, a strong foundation for a romantic relationship.

My favorite kind of love is not being too nervous around someone to speak, but being calmed and relaxed by their presence. Love is feeling free to be yourself. Love that grows from mutual trust and existing emotional bonds is beautiful.

It goes back to what I was saying about substance. Cory and Topanga, for all of their destined-to-be-together, first-love-must-be-true-love, retconned-into-married-since-they-were-two-years-old hooplah…when you look past that, they still have substance to them and it’s that part of their relationship that makes me like them together. From where I’m sitting, I just haven’t seen that kind of depth or believability in any of the other pairings.

Meanwhile, the Riley/Maya relationship has it in spades. It’s not just a case of a character becoming infatuated with the first cute person they see. And it’s not a case of a boy and girl pairing off because that’s what’s expected of them or a romance developing for the sake of it. And it’s not just some boy being rewarded with a woman for being a semi-decent human being.

These are two characters who care about each other, who are affectionate, who always have each other’s backs, and who each want the other to be happy. Even if the show pursues only het romances, I’ll still be unsatisfied if these traits are not present in the relationships. Riley and Maya already have those traits and they could be great together.

Rilaya doesn’t have to have happen, but if the writers want me to buy into a romance, it needs to be as good as Rilaya is. And I haven’t seen that yet from anyone else. The Riley and Maya love story (whether platonic or romantic) is a beautiful one. No other match of two characters on this show sells me on their love for each other like these two do. Riley deserves someone who is as good for her as Maya is. Maya deserves someone who is as good for her as Riley is.

9. The happy one and the grumpy one.

I love that they’re different. And even though they’re influenced by each other, they maintain a healthy level of autonomy and individuality. Maya’s personality is tempered by Riley’s, not eradicated by it. Riley’s inhibitions are eased by her friendship with Maya, not abandoned entirely. This dynamic is really highlighted in “Girl Meets Maya’s Mother” and it’s one of the things I really love about them as a duo. Their differences often serve to make them an even better match for each other. “The best thing you can do for her is be you.”

10. Representation matters.

Heteronormativity needs to be challenged. The world needs more same sex love stories. Not just some one-off LGBT+ character. Not even an LGBT+ cast member. This isn’t the 90’s anymore; the world needs LGBT+ protagonists. And not just in niche shows that target LGBT+ audiences, but in mainstream media. Even media targetting older demographics fails to meet this need more often than not.

Frankly, I don’t have enough faith that either Disney or the writers will ever be brave enough to make Rilaya happen. Even though Cartoon Network has Garnet and Nickelodeon has Korrasami, I don’t really expect Disney Channel to even rise to the competition, let alone try to out-gay them. (Prove me wrong, Disney, I dare you!) But Rilaya could be a beautiful story if they did decide they were brave enough to tell it. And the world could really use more beautiful same sex love stories.

Once Upon a Time to delve into Savior mythology


Once Upon a Time
Posted July 29 2016 — 2:10 PM EDT

As revealed at Comic-Con, Emma Swan is not the only Savior on Once Upon a Time. A sneak peek at the opening sequence of season 6 featured Jafar (Oded Fehr) hunting down Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz), whose job as the Savior had clearly taken it toll.

“The very first thing we’re hoping is that people realize Emma wasn’t the first,” executive producer Edward Kitsis says of the Savior reveal. “Once you realize that Emma wasn’t the first, then it makes you wonder, ‘Well, last year we learned about the Dark One mythology. Is this year when we learn about the Savior mythology?’ And the answer would be yes.”

The OUAT bosses say it’s possible we’ll even meet the first Savior, but the story is meant to delve further into the pressures of what it means to be Savior. “Last year we saw Emma to Hook, ‘I love you,’ when there was no problem, when there was no death,” Kitsis says. “She was able to let in those new emotions. One of the things we want to get into this year is Emma Swan’s head. What is it like to finally find your parents? What is it like to have to have the pressure of being the Savior? What is it like to fight all those fights?”

“The Aladdin thing showed you what happens to the Savior,” Kitsis continues. “[Jafar] gave [Aladdin] his Giving Tree speech. We saw Jafar say, ‘All that’s left is a stump.’ For us, we really wanted Emma to look at, ‘Is my job just helping other people? Do I get my own happiness? Has this happened to all Saviors? What do you mean I’m not the first?’”

Showcasing Aladdin’s story will also provide parallels between the two Saviors at the top of the season. “What we’re going to do for Aladdin we’ll slowly reveal, but from the get-go we’re going to see that there might be some hints from that scene in the beginning to what Emma will be facing in the present,” executive producer Adam Horowitz says.

When asked whether Emma and Aladdin will meet in season 6, Kitsis replies, “I hope so,” which certainly raises questions as to how similar the Dark One mythology is to that of the Savior. Can there be more than one Savior? Are there Saviors in every land? Or does the job get passed down in death?

One possibility: Aladdin’s story may have been put on pause in the Land of Untold Stories on purpose. “The characters from the Land of Untold Stories have run away because they don’t want their stories to play out,” Kitsis says. “Now that they’re back in Storybrooke, they’re going to play out. Once again, you have Emma in the position of Savior trying to help these people find their happiness.”

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday, Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

I’m NOT celebrating Robin’s death.

Yes he’s one of the characters I dislike the most– that’s no secret, but I didn’t want the writers to write him out like this. It is an insult to the iconic character and yet another injustice to Regina’s development. It’s gross that they would kill him, because- you know who did deserve to be put out of the picture PERMANENTLY, since, like, three fucking seasons ago? Hook! He has died like, what, three times? And I’m tired of them breaking their own “rules of magic” (::snorts:: what are rules even for them? Oh, right, they only can’t break the rules when it comes to Regina or Rumple). Anyway. Dead is dead!

But more importantly, this is a big injustice to Robin Hood because:

  • He was father to two children; one of which had already lost his mother, and now he’s lost his father too. Why? This is so unfair.
  • He was a “good” guy. I don’t remember him wearing trophies from his murders, unlike SOMEONE who even used one as a romantic present.
  • He showed Regina she could be loved (romantically) again.
  • He was a victim of rape! What in the actual hell?!

And even though I like Zelena (because I mostly fan over female characters) it is outrageous that SHE - his rapist - would be given a True Love story, and without any redemption other than giving birth and wanting their child. I was rooting for her to actually do some sacrifices to deserve her second chance, but what they gave us was half-assed and plain ridiculous.

But Robin gets killed off? 

Instead, we’ve seen Hook be brought back over and over, and now CS is even making out in the graveyard, having their little reunion (according to the picture spoilers). You’re out of your mind? What is wrong with the writers?! I get it, CS is their little high school fantasy, but this is utter bullshit. I do hope he’s no more than a ghost, because that’s offensive.

Why couldn’t they have Robin meet Marian in the UW and bring her back instead, since there are actually no rules? They had True Love in the fairytale book, they could’ve let them pass any silly “tests.” They could have Zelena protect him from Hades because her sister’s happiness is more important than her own now, and to atone for what she did to him - have her be selfless for the first time (give them an Elsa/Anna parallel) - so we could see actual redemption from her part. And if Hades is such True Love of hers, he could give up his God status on exchange of a second chance for Zelena (revive her)? This way everyone gets something, not just fuckery. 

My point is: there are better ways of writing a character out!

My main reason for disliking the OUAT version of Robin Hood (and OQ) was because they cheapened his True Love story with Lady Marion to make way for Regina, but they did it in such a vile way (heartbreak, deceit and rape), I wish they had not given her a love interest at all. Not only did they make Regina suffer, they also made Marian, Roland, and Robin pay for it. If it was to teach Regina she could be loved again, I think they could have made it differently and still have her learn this.  ::drops mic::

This is criticism to the writing, please don’t hijack my venting post (like the other) to stan for Hook. His “redemption” story to me is just as lengthy and profound as Zelena’s is: shallow, immature, and around a love interest - void.

The Mayfly Man, Act II: In Which Johnlock Becomes Canon

The following is a theory from my most Johnlocked of friends, who also happens to be brilliant, but alas, is not on Tumblr. (I’m trying to bring her over to the dark side.)

Enjoy! <3 DBS


A thought: What if the structure of the Mayfly Man mystery is FORESHADOWING of the structure of, well, Johnlock becoming canon?

I mean, okay. We’re accepting the theory that the Mayfly Man case is a metaphor for John getting into the locked room that is Sherlock’s heart (and I use the word “theory” here like we say “theory of gravity,” which is to say, IT ARE FACT). In which case we’re accepting that the Mayfly Man is a stand-in for John. But here’s the thing. The Mayfly Man case is a two-parter:

Part 1

One-night stands that didn’t involve sex and resulted in a shitload of confusion. The question: Who is he, and why does he do this? The answer is that he’s doing it because he’s married (ultimately incorrect*), and that’s where the “solution” stops. Sherlock never finds out the identity of this guy, but he seemed to consider the case solved. Even though everyone, even Sherlock himself, knew that it wasn’t, not completely – because he still had no idea who the guy was. Why did he let it go at that? Why did he let it go at “because he’s married”? Motive alone has never been enough for Sherlock before. 

* Not necessarily incorrect in that Jonathan Small (the literal Mayfly Man) isn’t married. He may very well be, for all we know. But it’s incorrect in that Sherlock believes the MM’s motive is to get away from this marriage.

Part 2

The case is accidentally reopened in the context of another, more pressing case: the Sholto case. It’s more pressing because it has a deadline this time. Unlike with the Mayfly Man case, this time someone is going to die. Suddenly forced to confront his erroneous “solution” to the previous case, Sherlock must tie them together, to see the two cases within the context of one another, and find the real solution.

But if we’re applying the metaphor of John-as-Mayfly-Man here, then we’ve only see Part 1 of the metaphor. Why? Because, while Sherlock is now aware of the real locked-room case (his heart), and he knows who got inside (the version of John Watson that was playing someone else; NotGayNotGayNotGay!John as opposed to his real self), once again he has let the case go too early. Why?

Maybe he’s married.”

So what might we deduce about Part 2?

Well, what happened in Part 2 of the Mayfly Man case?

1. The assumption about the MM being married proved erroneous – or at least irrelevant.

2. The case, considered by Sherlock to be over, was reopened again. 

3. It was reopened because of something apparently unrelated, but very related indeed if you scratch the surface and see the connection.

4. The Mayfly Man’s true self – everything from motive to appearance to background – is revealed.

Which tells me that something in the future, something apparently-unrelated on the surface, will force Sherlock to revisit the case of his own locked-room heart, and specifically the man who got inside. Because “he’s married” will be proven irrelevant once again, and John Watson’s true self will be revealed. 

In the MM case, Jonathan Small’s plan was to kill Major Sholto via delayed-action stabbing because he considered Sholto responsible for the death of his brother. A sibling’s life on the line. Interesting. Might this mean we’ll get to meet Harry at long last? Not necessarily; John does have other family now: a wife and (possible) baby on the way. Any one of them would provide a good parallel.

As for Jonathan Small blaming Sholto, which translates to John Watson blaming Sherlock – the first was an erroneous assumption, which might mean we’ll get John assuming something nasty – but wrong! – about Sherlock in the future. Nasty enough that he’ll think Sherlock is somehow endangering his family 

And with Jim Moriarty back in the game (I hope!), what might that nasty-but-wrong thing be?

This is the fun part.

Perhaps Jim threatens not just John himself this time, but John’s family as well. Easy to do, considering what a fragile state they’re in (and that’s not even taking into account all the theories about Mary having a possible professional relationship with Jim).

And perhaps, this time, Jim plants seeds of doubt about Sherlock in John’s mind. Not an easy thing to do, considering John is basically the most loyal person in the entire world.

But let’s just say that my ultimate Johnlock fantasy is this: John walks in on Sherlock and Jim in a very compromising position (maybe a split second before Sherlock’s like “Holy fuck, dude, get off me!”), and is forced to examine exactly why he’s not just angry, but jealous. He’d have to, wouldn’t he? I think he would.

Cue John coming at Sherlock, all like “I HAVE THIS MEAT DAGGER AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO USE IT.” At which point Sherlock will be all like “PLEASE OH PLEASE CAPTAIN JOHN WATSON RIP OFF ALL MY DAPPER DAPPER CLOTHING AND TAKE ME I’M YOOOOOURS” be forced to confront the truth about who John Watson actually is, the fact that he had already been stabbed a long time ago, and allow his clean-shaven doctor to heal him.

Once Upon a Time to delve into Savior mythology

As revealed at Comic-Con, Emma Swan is not the only Savior on Once Upon a Time. A sneak peek at the opening sequence of season 6 featured Jafar (Oded Fehr) hunting down Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz), whose job as the Savior had clearly taken it toll.

“The very first thing we’re hoping is that people realize Emma wasn’t the first,” executive producer Edward Kitsis says of the Savior reveal. “Once you realize that Emma wasn’t the first, then it makes you wonder, ‘Well, last year we learned about the Dark One mythology. Is this year when we learn about the Savior mythology?’ And the answer would be yes.”

The OUAT bosses say it’s possible we’ll even meet the first Savior, but the story is meant to delve further into the pressures of what it means to be Savior. “Last year we saw Emma to Hook, ‘I love you,’ when there was no problem, when there was no death,” Kitsis says. “She was able to let in those new emotions. One of the things we want to get into this year is Emma Swan’s head. What is it like to finally find your parents? What is it like to have to have the pressure of being the Savior? What is it like to fight all those fights?”

“The Aladdin thing showed you what happens to the Savior,” Kitsis continues. “[Jafar] gave [Aladdin] his Giving Tree speech. We saw Jafar say, ‘All that’s left is a stump.’ For us, we really wanted Emma to look at, ‘Is my job just helping other people? Do I get my own happiness? Has this happened to all Saviors? What do you mean I’m not the first?’”

Showcasing Aladdin’s story will also provide parallels between the two Saviors at the top of the season. “What we’re going to do for Aladdin we’ll slowly reveal, but from the get-go we’re going to see that there might be some hints from that scene in the beginning to what Emma will be facing in the present,” executive producer Adam Horowitz says.

When asked whether Emma and Aladdin will meet in season 6, Kitsis replies, “I hope so,” which certainly raises questions as to how similar the Dark One mythology is to that of the Savior. Can there be more than one Savior? Are there Saviors in every land? Or does the job get passed down in death?

One possibility: Aladdin’s story may have been put on pause in the Land of Untold Stories on purpose. “The characters from the Land of Untold Stories have run away because they don’t want their stories to play out,” Kitsis says. “Now that they’re back in Storybrooke, they’re going to play out. Once again, you have Emma in the position of Savior trying to help these people find their happiness.”

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday, Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

The Sensible Fan’s Guide to OUAT 4x19

So I think this is gonna become a habit. It’s easier and more comprehensive than trying to address a thousand different things at once, and more enjoyable for me than sifting through negativity and knee-jerk reactions immediately post-episode. I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit, silliness notwithstanding, and there is lots to discuss. With no further ado, let’s get to it.

1) Emma. This was honestly a great episode for her. What strikes me the most is that even as she is acting at her “darkest,” it is still out of a complete and total instinct to be a good person – she’s mad at her parents but flips out when Lily threatens them, gets angry at the local apartment schmo for badmouthing her friend, refuses to let Lily destroy her second chance with her family, thinks she’s a murderer because she killed Cruella, etc. (Can we talk about her Fast and Furious stunt driving? I want more.) And that is NOT because of Snowing’s shady spell, but because that is who Emma is. There are a lot of Anakin Skywalker parallels happening here, which is not a coincidence because of what well-known Star Wars fanboys A&E are, but it’s the same basic principle: the darkness getting a foothold in the hero/Chosen One out of anger, pain, feeling betrayed by mentors/trusted parental figures, and fear of losing loved ones. Where it will be different is that Anakin ultimately chose the darkness with eyes wide open, whereas it will be forced on Emma via the dark magic of the dagger after she’s made a heroic sacrifice. Visually, she even looks/acts right now like Anakin did when he was going dark (reddened eyes, pale face, off the handle behaviors, etc). I love Dark Emma because she’s still so Emma, because she is so deeply motivated by love and protection and care and goodness; it’s just that she no longer knows who and where and how to deal with it, and is evaluating everything about her tragic past in a new light. Emma’s line about there being no heroes and villains, this is the real world and people have to make choices, was another highlight of the episode, and perfectly demonstrates the way it has tried to complicate its morality and twist its characters and push them out of comfort zones and small narrative boxes. OUAT needs to do this more often, imho: pit its characters and their fairytale lives against the real world and get them out of the protective bubble of Storybrooke. Which brings me to:

2) Emma and Regina. Their relationship and dynamic was at the center of this episode, and it was wonderful. It was an obvious parallel to 4x05, when we first met Lily and Emma and Regina went on an adventure together to find the Snow Queen. But while Regina spent all that episode lashing out at Emma and tearing her down, she spent this entire episode supporting Emma, trying to build her up, positively reinforce her, and prevent her from giving in to her underlying darkness. It was lovely to show her character growth and their increasing trust in each other. Regina had to be the one to do this aside from plot reasons (she also needed to leave Storybrooke and find someone, so she had to be the one to go with Emma) and because as has been pointed out many times, she is the one who knows exactly what it’s like to have Rumple manipulating that rage and darkness out of you so you make bad choices and then get even worse. Regina is not coming at this from a place of “holier than thou”; far from it. It’s because she recognizes exactly what’s happening, has enough self-awareness to see that it’s exactly what she did, and doesn’t want Emma to make her same mistakes. This is HUGE for someone who has had trouble taking accountability for her actions in the way Regina has. Now at last, not only does she have that awareness, she’s fighting tooth and nail to stop Emma from making HER own mistakes, because she knows just how bad they are. But it wasn’t only one way. When Regina found Robin and Zelena!Marian, the Evil Queen in her was definitely coming out as she tried to protect someone she loved, and how she reacted to losing her leverage over Gold. The parallels between Emma and Regina were obvious and compelling, and showed how these two women have been drawn as foils evolving ever more into allies since season 1. Speaking of parallels/foils:

3) Emma and Lily. Emma realizing in the sheriff’s station that the one friend she had in childhood wasn’t her friend by choice was heartbreaking. And her guilt at realizing that she (or rather, her parents/the Author/the Apprentice) were responsible for Lily’s misery growing up is what will drive her to give Lily a second chance, bring her back to Storybrooke and reunite her with Mal, and then ultimately catalyze the plot of the finale. As far as I understand it, when Lily was around Emma, her life became normal because Emma was literally the other half of what she was supposed to be – hence, she had equal probability of making good or bad choices, just like the rest of us. When Emma wasn’t around, however, she lacked that balancing force, and things just backfired left and right. Emma doesn’t need Lily in the same way because as Lily noted, what’s the point of a savior without an anti-savior? Emma still has control of her actions in a way that Lily doesn’t, as Lily is quite literally a character foil and shadow half of her because she has been bound to/cursed by Emma by the Charmings’ choice, whereas Emma hasn’t been. (The appearance of the Apprentice aka Creepy Old Guy on the Greyhound to explain everything was convenient as hell, but whatever.) The name “Lilith” was definitely no accident either, recalling Lilith the demon, who in some noncanon biblical apocrypha is Adam’s first wife before Eve (familiar if you’ve read the Narnia series, for example). And as seen in the preview for next week, Emma’s decision to let Lily in again is going to be very costly, and one of the main reasons, likely, that she ends up making the choices that she does and becoming Darth Emma. But before that happens, there is still:

4) Captain Swan. It was brief but it was oh so sweet, and one of their best moments yet. It’s not a coincidence that they had Emma’s focused-on conversation with the members of her family before she left be with Killian, and that he still won’t name himself as part of said family (her telling him that he is something she lives for was absolutely squee-worthy). Captain Swan remains the most stable couple on the show; Snowing is dealing with the fallout from their lie, Rumbelle is… well, we’ll get there in a minute, and Outlaw Queen has a serious green problem. I think this is a big part of the reason they wanted a villain/ex-villain as Emma’s true love, because they were always planning to go down this road with Emma and explore her as the ultimate good (the savior) the ultimate bad (the Dark One, not by her choice) and the power of the ultimate love to help her redeem herself. As I’ve said before, I appreciate that Emma isn’t just the savior because she needed to be, but because there is eventually a terrible price to pay for it. So you need to have Killian for her because as I also noted earlier, his character arc before meeting Emma was trying to kill the Dark One because he murdered his love. Now he will have to save the Dark One because she is his love. That, my friends, is one poetic parallel. As for the current Dark One:

5) Rumple/Rumple and Belle/Scarlet Beauty. Oh, Rumple. Even when you do something non-dickish to Belle for the first time in 84 years, you’re still a dick. He literally and openly stated that the reason he stopped hurting/deceiving her is because if he does, there will be no hope for him and his almost fatally blackened heart. It wasn’t because he changed his mind and turned away from his path; he is ultimately committed to destroying Emma for his own selfish ends. He just stopped hurting Belle to buy himself a little time, and at this point is fully aware that it’s over and he’s destroyed it. Giving Belle her heart back was nice of him, sure, but it served the dual purpose of a) depriving Regina of her security against him killing Robin, and b) saving his own skin so he can live long enough to pull off this business with darkening Emma and rewriting his own ending. He is utterly, irredeemably, black-hole selfish until the end, and he actually admitted that out loud and explicitly, so I’m not sure how it can possibly be argued otherwise at this point. This looked an awful lot like closure for Rumbelle before Rumple’s death/vanishment/etc, and Rumple admitting that Will is the one that Belle has a future with. As for Belle turning after him briefly – remember, this is the first time she actually learned that he’s going to die, because Regina told her to forget last time. She didn’t go after him, though. As of now, Rumbelle is still set up to be a tragedy, as I have said it should be all along, and Rumple doing one good thing for Belle (again, out of totally selfish reasons) and admitting he was/is the worst does not entitle him to forgiveness or the restart of their relationship. As I said, there are an awful lot of this-is-the-end vibes happening here. Belle’s first instinct on seeing Rumple was to hide behind Will. Rumple knows Will is a better choice for her and said so. Q.E.fucking.D. But as for “love triangles” that aren’t going as well:

6) Outlaw Queen/Green Green/That Ending. Okay, let me state the obvious: Zelena isn’t actually pregnant. She had advance warning that Regina knew about her and she could guess that Regina was coming. So what can she do that will bind Robin to her/make him not want to leave/even if he does find out her identity, still want to protect her? Easy, she tells him she’s pregnant. Robin is never going to hurt the mother of his child, and even if he knew it was actually her, he still wouldn’t do it, because he’s honorable. Yes, this ranked right up there with the end of 2x18 and “zomgs Tamara is cheating on Neal with Greg” as far as soapy-cliché, eye-roll-worthy, trying-too-hard-to-shock endings, but it is entirely in character with Zelena (who probably would knock herself up if necessary to deny Regina her happy ending). But no, there will not be a Wicked Hood baby, and remember that Emma is along and has that lie detector thing. Plus, she is not any happier to see Zelena than Regina is, since Zelena has now hurt/nearly killed/tricked/taken away Killian and Robin, their respective hubbies. Either the baby will get written out of existence in the finale (though as I said, I really don’t think Zelena is preggers) or as I said, lie lie lie. Oh Robin. You got 99 problems, and a (w)itch is pretty much all of them.

7) Next Week – “Mother.” It’s going to focus on three mother/daughter relationships: Mal/Lily, Cora/Regina, and Snow/Emma. We can see that Lily and Mal are reunited, that Lily has not at all given up on the idea of (rather justified) revenge on Snowing, that Snow is in danger as a result, and Cora will be around doing something terrible in flashback. Maleficent has been revealed, like Ursula, to be a villain whose anger stemmed more from heartbreak and being wronged, and as soon as Regina and Emma go off to find Lily, is willing to work with Regina and guard Belle’s heart and totally abandon Rumple and his dumbass plan of darkening Emma. I think that’s why they set up their friendship in the otherwise unremarkable/boring 4x14, and why Mal still has some affection for Regina buried quite deep down. She doesn’t even seem to blame Emma much, as she knows it wasn’t Emma’s choice either. But she is genuinely and justifiably angry at the Charmings, and next week is when we’ll see everything hit the fan in preparation for the finale.



So we have Cecil and his painting that I and most others want to focus on.Cecil says when he first mentions his painting of Carlos that it really helps him get through the day. THAT IS IMPORTANT. STEVE MENTIONED IN THE SEPTEMBER MONOLOGUES THAT CECIL USED TO BE QUITE DISTANT AND LONELY. We have never seen pre-Carlos Cecil. The show starts the day Cecil meets Carlos. This is Cecil, holding onto the last strings of hope. This is the real Cecil we’re uncovering. This is Cecil.

At the very end when we’re all sobbing, Cecil begins to murmur in a way that sounds like he’s comforting himself. He says that it was something to get him up in the mornings. It was almost like one of those “something to live for ” speeches he was trying to form.
Cecil is all alone and trying not to break face while attempting to comfort himself . He is failing miserably.

Cecil says he’s fine.
Parallels come in like a wrecking ball (as they always do) and suddenly we’re thrown back to Carlos saying the famous words “a scientist is always fine”.

Cecil is using Carlos’ words that were spoken originally with confidence, but now are uttered by our fave radio host with such defeat and heart break.


My obsessions about Jon and Dany(Spoilers from the books)

Seriously guys i don’t mind whether they will love eachother or fight but they have to meet when the day comes (i hope it’ll). When will these two characters meet? There are too much parallels between these two and omg where do i start??

In first season jon finds direwolves and dany gets her dragon eggs. They get their magical creatures. Catelyn behaves jon very badly and viserys to dany too

They are very far away from westeros politics (nights watch/essos)

Their lovers died between their hands.(ygritte/khal drogo)

In second season when dany was in the house of the undying she first saw the iron throne with snows and she was about to touch but she couldn’t because she heared her drogons voices, she left and she came to the wall. Then she found khal drogo which means love and death for her. [That scene means too much things. We know that david benioff and d.b. weiss know how this saga end. So why did they film this scene like this (it was different in the books.)? This scene means dany will eventually go to the wall. But also does it mean she will find love and death in there?? Remember the three’s prophecies three lights which she light, three mounts which she ride and three betrayal she’ll see and all of them end with LOVE.]

When jon was discovering white walkers, dany was discovering her dragons’ power (remember second season)

They got their power: jon fought against wildlings and then he was elected as a lord commander and dany got her army and slaver’s bay then started to rule.

They faced some problems while they were trying to rule because of changing traditions (saving wildlings/ destroying slavery system)

They showed no mercy while making a hard decision (beheading janos slynt/ ordering to behead a dany’s supporter)

and i’m afraid they will be betrayed..(for the watch/she opened the fighting pits but she will be betrayed by the harpy anyway.)

and maybe i’m overrating but showrunners usually show jon’s scene after dany’s or show dany’s and then jon’s.



when bran was in coma because of falling he had seen jon and all the north and then he turned his head and saw dothraki sea (hello dany!! :D)

if the r+l=j is true (i believe it is) she also saw a blue flower growing from a chink in a wall of ice -blue flower=lyanna stark- and feeled air with sweetness.. in the house of the undying.

Also jon wished not just one, THREE DRAGONS in a storm of swords. He also said ‘’ a dragon could warm up here.’’ in a dance with dragons.(i’m not sure if the sentence was completely like this. but yeah he means that.)

PS: Before dany was surrendered by dothraki army in the books she heared a wolf’s howling and it made her feel sad and lonely. I feel that it’s related to jon because before dany’s this last pov for the watch happened in jon’s last pov.


Maybe they’ll become just enemies ice vs. fire version i don’t know but

I’m sure there are more examples in the show and in the saga about them but i can’t remember now. But come on!!! All parallels between these two oh my god i can’t describe it!!! It can’t be just for nothing, right? My friend had just started to read the first book and then she just asked when dany and jon will meet!!! 

Let’s we hope soon my friend, let’s we hope soon.


PS: Sorry for my english. It’s not my mother tongue. 

The Life & Death of SAMCRO

Sons of Anarchy is so freaking rich with symbolism: doves/ravens (which is a whole other blog post); Jax’s father’s manuscript/his father’s bike; Jax’s clothing echoing road to redemption/path of destruction; his frakking sneakers! (I mean seriously, it’s like they’re screaming: YES! If you dig down to the very bottom of Jax’s soul, he is at the core, a good person.)


While watching the stellar episode of Sons of Anarchy, Suits of Woe, it occurred to me that the title of John Teller’s book foreshadowed the story we’ve been following for seven seasons: The Life and Death of Sam Crow: How the Sons of Anarchy Lost Their Way.

John Teller and the original nine members were the “Life” of SAMCRO and we have been watching the death. I think that in reading the manuscript we’re hearing John Teller describe the future he fears, while we watch it unfold before us episode by episode.

The manuscript hadn’t been heard from in a while, until last night’s episode Red Rose, but it played a major part in the beginning when Jax was just starting to consider redemption. It is Gemma who has the burned copy of the manuscript, the one they mentioned in Red Rose. And she did tell Jax where to find it. What if Gemma left the most condemning of his father’s letters that she held back originally?

After Jax burns the first copy he had of the manuscript in S1.09, Hell Followed, Piney finds his copy and gives it to Jax in the season one finale. Attached to it is a note to Piney from Jax’s father.

To my oldest, dearest, and wisest friend,

What we started, you and I, was a good
thing, for a good reason. What we’ve
become is a different thing, for reasons
I no longer understand. I feel angry
winds at my back and I’m not sure how
much time I have left in this cut I love so
much. This book is for all the things we
wanted. And for all the things we still
can be. I love you, brother. – The Revelator

There is so much of where Jax has ended up. If he read those lines now, I wonder if he would see the foreshadowing of his death written in his father’s past? The manuscript is what propelled Jax throughout much of the story. He saw the path his father wanted for the club and he tried to steer the MC in that direction; a direction that was most times against what the members of the MC wanted. John Teller died because his original vision for the club didn’t mesh with the future the members of the club wanted.

And now? There is so much blood surrounding the club. So much death that overwhelms everything else.

When we take action to avenge the ones we love, personal justice collides with social and divine justice. We become judge, jury and god.
With that choice comes daunting responsibility. Some men cave under that weight, others abuse the momentum.
John Teller–Fun Town

Blood that his father feared.

Most of us were not violent by nature. We all had our problems with authority, but none of us were sociopaths. We came to realize that when you move your life off the social grid, you give up the safety that society provides. On the fringe…blood and bullets are the rule of law and if you’re a man with convictions, violence is inevitable.
John Teller–Seeds

Those words were written by his father when Jax was just a child. The manuscript always seemed like such a guiding light when it came to Jax, but looking back at it now you can see the promise of future destruction.

Each savage event was a catalyst for the next and by the time the violence reached epic proportion, I couldn’t see it.

Blood was every color. 
John Teller–Hell Followed

Jax is caving under the weight. In Red Rose he’s simply done. The blood and the bullets and the murder and the mayhem. It’s too much and Jax is ready and willing to sacrifice himself for the club, you can see it in his every action.

There’s always been a question of what truly happened with John Teller’s death. We know that he died on his bike, but there’s always been a question of the real truth behind the wreck that took JT’s life. I have a theory that we will find out the truth of JT’s death while we are watching Jax’s death.

I think Jax will die on his father’s bike. He can’t just have finished fixing it in time for the finale. It’s too coincidental. Not to mention they’ve been advertising this season as the #Final Ride.

Sidenote: I think we’ll also finally find out who the Homeless Woman is. At least I really hope so. I need to know. And I mean besides the mother of the girl Rat is dating. Didn’t her dad die in the same wreck as JT?

Jax has been seeking redemption since day one. For the club, for himself, for his boys. I’ve always thought that Jax’s white t-shirt and sneakers parallel his search for that redemption. For most of the first season we see him in that white t-shirt.

The very first time he meets Homeless Lady is in the cemetery where he wakes the morning of Donna’s funeral.

This is the first major death we’ve seen Jax deal with. He washes the blood off his face, the water pouring from a spicket in the cemetery, and heads to the funeral where he is greeted by Tara holding his Cut.

She slides it over his shoulders. Over the white shirt. It has always seemed to me to be a outward symbol of her inner acceptance of his darkness. But more than his darkness, his light. She’s saying she knows that he’s on that path of redemption, even if the journey is dark, and that she will be standing by his side. Which leads directly to the scene after the funeral where Jax stands in front of his father’s grave.

The white t-shirt got covered up more and more throughout the seasons, with dark hoodies and plaid shirts, until this last one where the white shirt has made a prominent return. In the episode Suits of Woe.

The first shot of Jax is sitting on the floor in front of Abel’s bed. His oldest son who just told him that his grandmother killed his “first mommy.” He is in his dark hoodie. Everything all season long has been nothing but darkness.

He leaves his son’s room and head downstairs, removes the hoodie, and changes into a fresh white shirt. The first time we’ve seen him in just a white t-shirt in a good long while. And it happens in the episode where he gets confirmation from Juice of Gemma’s involvement in Tara’s death.

He realizes that all the revenge that comprised this season was dispensed because of a lie. He and the club are covered in the blood of how many bodies? And it all comes down to Gemma lying to him.

His sneakers have always been the same way. They’ve never changed in the seven years the show has been on. They’ve also never gotten dirty. Until the most recent episode Red Rose. There was plenty of white imagery in this episode. The white roses, Wendy’s white nightgown, Jax’s white shirt. But the most interesting symbol of Red Rose was his shoes.

I’ve always thought that his shoes symbolized the fact that at his core Jax is a good guy. Most of his time in the MC, at least in the seven years that we’ve seen him, he’s been trying to do the right thing. Get his club out of guns, keep the bloodshed to a minimum, get his sons out of Charming.

Sidenote: It looks like he might have succeeded in at least one of those goals. I’m Team Nero & Wendy take the boys and get the hell outta Charming.

But it wasn’t until tonight that we saw him do something truly irredeemable. The killing of his own mother. Did she deserve to be punished for killing Tara? Aw hells ya. But it was a stain on Jax’s soul, one that he can never wash off in the spicket of a cemetery. One that was symbolized in those squeaky clean white sneakers.

It’s like Nero’s been trying to tell him: This is something he can’t come back from. Next week is going to be an intense ride.