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Hello! I hope you're doing well! I was wondering if you could tell me the appropriate response to give a friend or family member who tells me that they are a part of the LGBT community?

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I get hyped whenever I learn that someone is part of the community, so I’m not really sure how else to react. I’d just listen to them– react the way you would react if someone told you that they were a realtor. Act like it’s nbd, because it’s not.

Unless coming out to you is a big deal for them, then I’d let them know that it’s okay, and that nothing has changed– they’re still the same great person that they were before they told you.

this might sound really simple but when I was younger, i didn’t understand what it truly meant to apologize until the day someone told me “i forgive you.” Because at the time there was a brief moment where i legitimately was like… offended that they said that. I realized that back then, i apologized hoping people would say “no it was my fault” or “you didn’t do anything wrong,” wanting people to absolve me of any fault. I used to apologize while I was still mad, before I properly reflected on the effects of my actions, when I was still 100% self-justified, and I used to apologize only in hopes they wouldn’t fight with me anymore. Honestly it was manipulative, putting myself in a position where I hoped they’d feel bad for me and ignore the issue that had happened.
That first time someone actively said they FORGAVE me, I realized shit, i gotta own up to what I did wrong, I need to understand what it means to apologize.

Also maybe more importantly, I also understood what it meant to be forgiven. To have someone acknowledge your mistake but still want to be with you, a promise to grow together while simultaneously accepting your flaws. It’s a really vulnerable position, and probably why I was so scared of it, but understanding this has made my relationships so much stronger and healthier

Hello everybody!! :D How are you all? ^^ Hope you are doing well hehe! :) *hugs tight in you all* ♥ So, as my blog is still quite new, so I was not sure if I would do it or not, anyway i’m honored to present you my first follow forever, and motivation to make a this is i reached a new follower goal this week and i want to celebrate with every single one of my followers and mutuals. ♥ Life has been difficult for me cause of university but yeah… its going quite well :D I want to thank ALL OF YOU for staying with me still and for being part of my life ;U; Whithout you I couldn’t get so far in many many things! Not only here but in my life, you always help me to carry on, to stay strong and have loads of fun in the end of a tiring day ;U; Every single you mean a lot to me ok? Even if I dont talk much to some of you, you all are very precious to me and I’m glad we are here and know each other, sharing our stuff and putting a little smile on everyones face :D PLS NEVER CHANGE GUYS!! <33 hehe I wish you all BEST LUCK for everything and may all your days be filled with happiness and love :D You deserve anything good! ♥ sorry for the simple edit lol

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Noctis - got roomier
Final Fantasy XV
Noctis - got roomier

Gladio: Anything happen while I was gone?

Noctis: Yeah. The car got roomier.

Gladio: Smart ass.

EDIT: I hope my audio isn’t broken this time. I’ll try to re-upload if it is.

Ivar Doesn’t Like Him (Part Two)

Originally posted by allthosemuseiisms

Ivar x Reader

Part One

When you woke that morning, Ivar had vanished, he had clearly been careful when he left, not making a sound and pulling the door shut but his leaving you early meant he had something on his mind and he would be in a sour mood until his mind was at ease.

You spent the morning busying yourself with the tasks you would need to do throughout the day, hoping to finish early enough to find Ivar before he did something foolish.

“(Y/N), have you seen my son?” Aslaug asked as she made her way towards you.

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heyyy~ it's georgia (@starryoongs) could you please do a bts reaction to someone hitting on you in front of them ^•^ thanks and love you~

Thank you for your request georgia <3 I hope you’ll like it <3


He would stay really calm. He knew you were a beautiful woman but he trusted you. He knew you would make the right choice.


He would be watching you from afar when the other boy came next to you. He would come close to you and take your hand while glaring at the guy.


He would be the most angry. He would immediatly take you in his arms. He wouldn’t care being rude : << I don’t like you trying to flirt with MY girlfriend. She already has me, so why would she need you ? >>


This little Sunshine would be pissed, he would come by your side and put his arm around your waist. He would give the other boy a big smile : << Do you want something from girlfriend ? >>


He would come next to you and start to flirt with you. Soon after that he would turn to see the guy who had an annoyed expression, Taehyung would smile at him : <<Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you. I was too busy talking to my girlfriend. >>


He would be angry but too shy to go against someone else in public. He would send you a text, so you would come next to him. He would smile warmly at you and give you slight caresses to show that you already had a boyfriend.


He would feel insecure. He wanted to go and say you were his girlfriend but he didn’t want to be rude. He would be so relieved when he saw you rejecting the guy.

(I do not own any of the gifs I used)

🛣️ jarchie road trip: requested by anon 🛣️

“this summer, we were supposed to go on a road trip. over july 4th weekend…”

i hope you like this, anon! its a little different from what i normally do, so i thought it would be a fun change. it’s also really convenient that kj and cole went on an actual road trip, which made picture sourcing relatively easy.

send me your aesthetic requests and theories!

xoxo, v

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Happy birthday, blind!!! Thank you so much for bringing to us your amazing art and amazing existence! Thank you for your streams, chats and for pushing through all the troubles and the hardships in the last year. I hope that this year would be easier on you, that everything you'll strive to do will succeed and that you'll stay the amazing person that you are and that you'll enjoy your year and life overall ^^ so happy birthday, blind and see you on around *waves and disappears*

(* Thank you so much!!)

(*and thank you to everyone else who sent me well wishes and kind words!! ;w; (someone even sent me a coffee aaaa))

(* You are all super amazing!)

Hello everyone! As promised, I am here with a new 30-day challenge. It’s focused on introspection and geared towards self-exploration. But wait, there’s more! It’s designed for witches who are just starting out in their exploration of witchcraft. 

You can do this challenge regardless of your length of time practicing, but it’s likely to be most useful for people who still feel that they’re just getting started. I wanted to create this so that witches could answer it as they begin their Craft, then (hopefully) look back on it later and see how (and if) things have changed because of their magical work! 

it would be really great if those of you doing this would tag the posts with #rootsofcraft so I and other witches can read the responses easily, compare, and learn more about how diverse our community can be. As noted, I designed this to be highly introspective, and I do hope the questions inspire a lot of thought!

In a few days, once I’ve typed it up, I’ll be posting a second challenge, called Fruits of Your Craft, designed for those who consider themselves more experienced witches. 

Neither of these are really confined to any skill level or number of years/months spent practicing; it’s just a matter of how you, personally, feel about yourself. Do you feel that you’re beginning, or more experienced? So, feel free to do this, or the next one, based on that rather than the amount of time spent. 

Enjoy, and I look forward to reading responses to the questions!

Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge

  1. Divination. Does it work? Would you use it? What do you think of those who do? Why?
  2. What do you think Magick actually is? What is the power or force behind witchcraft?
  3. How powerful do you believe Magick to be, and why?  
  4. What are your beliefs about ethics and morality? Do you think practicing witchcraft will change your views? If so, how?
  5. Do you plan to be open about witchcraft to people you know? Why or why not?  
  6. What kind of belief system were you raised with? Do you feel it suits you, or are you making a change?
  7. What was your earliest memorable exposure to the concept of witchcraft? How did it influence your interest in it?  
  8. Do you think you will work with or worship deities as part of your Craft? Why or why not?  
  9. Was there a tipping point that convinced you witchcraft was worth practicing? What influenced your desire to learn more and why are you learning about it?
  10. What kind of witch do you want to become?  
  11. What kind of witch do you believe you will become?
  12. What do you think your life will be like in five years, magically speaking?
  13. What worries you most about learning witchcraft? What might be a risk?
  14. What excites you most about learning witchcraft? What might be a reward?
  15. If you could list one thing that you hope to gain from practicing witchcraft, what would it be?
  16. Which of the four classical elements best describes you at the beginning of your journey? (Earth, Wind, Air, or Fire)
  17. If you’ve practiced spellcraft, what was the experience of casting your first spell like? If you’ve not yet cast one, what do you think your first spell will be and why?
  18. Are there any witches or magicians in fiction or history that you particularly admire? Why or why not?
  19. If you were to think of your beginnings in witchcraft as a certain color, what color would it be and why?  
  20. What are your general thoughts about newer magical traditions such as pop culture spells, and technowitchery?
  21. What are your general thoughts about older magical traditions such as rune Magick, kabbalah and esoteric eastern traditions?
  22. Do you think that tradition is important in witchcraft? Why or why not?
  23. What role do you think dreams play in magical life, if any? Why or why not?
  24. Are you more aligned with chaos or order in terms of the Magick you have or will practice? What do you think Magick itself is more aligned with?
  25. Curses. Do they work? Would you use them? What do you think of those who do? Why?
  26. Blessings and protective Magick. Do they work? Would you use them? What do you think of those who do? Why?
  27. Do you have an affinity with an animal or type of animal? What does it mean to you? If you don’t, but had to have one, what do you think it would be?
  28. Do you think that there is any potential in utilizing certain ritual places or “ley-lines” between ritual places? Why or why not?
  29. What role does the archetype of death play in magic to you, if any? Why or why not?
  30. What do you think of practicing magic in a group setting? What about practicing alone? Why?

anonymous asked:

Do you have any recommendations for fics where the relationship starts online/via text. I just read Hey Lover and I loved it so, so much and am craving more similar fics. Multi-chaptered fics would be preferred, I don't mind if they're completed or WIPs.

Do you know how many fics I found titled ‘Wrong Number’? About 7. Anyway! There are only a few here, but they are all ones I particularly like so I figured I’d recommend them. I hope you enjoy them too! P.S. I’m gonna link Hey Lover for others to read.

Hey Lover
Summary: Fed up with being teased for not having a girlfriend, Eren joins a site that gives the perception of being taken. Little does he know that the sassy and crass girlfriend he asked for isn’t exactly what he had in mind.

Wrong Number
Summary: Eren gets a wrong number, but ends up with something more than he anticipated.

Wrong Number
Summary: Levi scowled down at his phone, rereading the message from an unknown sender. The area code was the same as his, so it was safe to assume this was just a wrong number situation. That wasn’t going to stop him from fucking with a stranger, though. It was a passion of his.

A Tenuous Third Space
Summary: In which Attack on Titan is the MMORPG they all play, and Eren meets Levi online.

Odd Affections Framework
Summary: Eren is a 22 years old recent college graduate who is driven by passions about social justice and making his favourite social network more accessible to its millions of users. He might be a crypto genius on the side and sought after by many companies, but reality is harsh when his idealism is relentless and he wants to make a change in the world, not just succumb to its shitty rules.
     Enter Levi, 35 years old newly promoted front-end software architect at the said social network, with a history of hacktivism and a current hobby of making encrypted chatting tools for journalists and activists. Also a long-time fan of Eren’s very own ‘extension framework’. He might also be a casual stalker of Eren’s personal blog. And perhaps has a wee bit of a (healthy) crush on the young man.
     But there is no way that they can actually meet and connect… Or is there?


I planted some Henbane and Datura seeds for Haides today. I felt like dedicating my care of my poisonous plants to Him. Let’s hope I don’t kill them :)  I also ordered Asphodel seeds to grow for Him, which I’m super excited about.

I want to set up a shrine, but I’m not sure where to put it in my house… or what to put on it. I have some ideas of things I would like to get but do not have, and I found lovely statues waaay out of my price range, hah.

I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) saying, “Allah, the Exalted, has said:

‘O son of Adam! I shall go on forgiving you so long as you pray to Me and aspire for My forgiveness whatever may be your sins. O son of Adam! I do not care even if your sins should pile up to the sky and should you beg pardon of Me, I would forgive you. O son of Adam! If you come to Me with an earthful of sins and meet Me, not associating anything with Me in worship, I will certainly grant you as much pardon as will fill the earth.”’

At-Tirmidhi Book 20, Hadith 1878

Connor Brown #1

arizonacoyotesgirl16 said: If your request are open can u do a Connor Brown one where he’s dating JVR little sister it would be great thanks !!!

A/N: Hope you liked it!! Feel free to leave requests whenever, sorry I kinda got to this a little late though 

Word Count: 1,204

The Air Canada Centre was still buzzing from the win, in overtime, Game 3 of the playoff series against none other than the Washington Capitals. It was all a little hard to believe. With this being the teams second win in the series too. The past week, in Washington and now back home, has been the craziest week of your life. You couldn’t imagine how the team was feeling. 

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Hmm, that reminds me, I’d better make sure I get back to trying to make Murderdoll run. I don’t want to get to the day of the livestream and have to



I had faith in life when things were tough to strive.
You shattered my hopes and dreams of love.
Left me all weeping and in shove. 
Will not be able to love again.
Will not be able to do.
Without any reason or clue. 
Why this happened to me.
As I still wanted to see was you…

The one behind the mask.

The one behind the lies.

Wanna know why?

Because then I knew that it would be YOU.

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tea time for anon. prompt: would you kindly

people describe levi as a loose cannon. it’s not that his intentions are foul–no, they haven’t been since that day in the rain and mud. he has a clear path; a goal he can help to achieve. he knows what needs to be done, but he’ll do it on his own terms.

shadis tries to reprimand him, but nothings works. cleaning duties, physical exhaustion, cooking duty. the only thing that effects him is being told not to go on expeditions.

“that’s fucking bullshit.” levi spits at him.

“you watch your tongue, levi, or you’re shipping to the garrison.”

“fuck you! they’ll die out there with such few soldiers.” he looks at erwin, heated and protective all at once. “we’re still working out erwin’s long distance formation plans. we need more bodies for protection.”

erwin watches levi carefully, his hands folded behind his back. his jaw sets and his lips push together.

“levi. you are dismissed. if i find you sniffing around the stables in the morning, you’re gone. i’m serious.”

levi looks wild eyed at erwin, back at shadis, then at erwin again. “fucking suicidal morons. all of you.” he stomps off out of the office, erwin’s footsteps following close behind.

“levi.” erwin says firmly.

“shut up, idiot.” levi fumes.

“levi, would you kindly stop.”

levi halts in his spot, and erwin nearly rushes into his backside. he turns heel and glares up at the squad leader that only six months ago had saved his life. “i won’t be there with you.” levi hisses through his teeth.

“i’ve been on over a dozen expeditions at this point, levi. i can handle my own out there.”

“under this oaf, though?” levi points an open palm at the closed door, his face painted in wild disbelief.

“you need to know when to fight and when to roll over.”

“i guess you’re an oaf too.”


levi turns and continues down the hall, makes his way toward the armory. he needs to let off some steam before he unleashes it across erwin’s face. “no. i have to be there.”

“why?” erwin follows him.

“it’s a… it’s a feeling.” levi says quietly as he rushes down a hallway. it’s empty and lit with touches. the stale air makes him draw in a breath so large it makes him want to slump against the cold stone walls. erwin grabs his arm, drags him back to spin and look at him.

“feelings don’t win anything.”

“do they not?”

“no.” erwin’s eyes look beautiful when mixed with the orange of the torchlight–like a setting sun over a fields of wheat. the tendons in levi’s neck tighten.

“you aren’t fit to be a squad leader.”

“excuse me?”

“you need to be in the center. you need to be commanding us.” levi looks away.

erwin’s back straightens, his face set and lips tight. the shadows casting across his face make him look more imposing than he is to levi. he never commands levi. he asks, and levi reciprocates. “would you kindly not bring that up again.”

“quit it. you know it’s true.”

“it is treacherous talk, and you are too valuable.”

“hah. sure.”

“please listen to him this time. you will be alongside me again soon.”

levi’s eyes glide up to erwin’s. he sucks in a soft breath and lets out slowly. fighting alongside erwin is all he wants anymore, and to protect him is what the blood in his body demands him to do. it’s hard for him to stand here and bow to his request when it could mean his death. “grow some balls and make sure he doesn’t fuck you and everybody else.”

“we’ll come back alive.”


“i can’t promise.”

“would you kindly?”

erwin smiles a sad, defeated smile, but says nothing.

the next day, shadis refuses the formation. they return with 50% less soldiers than what they left with, and levi tends to fresh wounds across erwin’s chest in silent discontent. erwin holds his hand, looks him in the eyes, and speaks without words. they’re saying that he wouldn’t let it happen again.

never again.

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Would it be possible for you to like make a list of what happened in April? I keep hearing the phandom talk about April 2017 being the greatest thing to happen ever but I just hear snippets of stuff and I gotta admit I'm confused. 😅

yes ofc ! i hope this helps a bit (i’m pretty confused myself too tbh so i’ll just list som things i consider relevant and sorry these aren’t in any chronological order)

- dan fully embracing the curly hair (x)

- phil and his adorable butterfly shirt (x, x, & x)

- dan wearing ripped jeans (x, x, & x)

- other v cute outfits (x, x, & x)

- The Selfie aka the one where dan had glitter nails (x)

- just all the selfies in general (f.e. x, x, x, x, & x)

- phil pranking unsuspecting dan with the chili gummy bears (x)

- phil showing more of his “true self” (humor, innuendos etc.)

- pastel easter baking (x)

- phil lending his coat to dan (x) and other ‘fanservice’

- aesthetic boomerangs and photos (x & x)

- “give the people what they want”

- the heart eyes and other v good moments (x, xx, X, x, X, x, x, & x)

- Daniel Lester G00d suGgESTION (x)

and last but definitely not least


so yeah I mean,, it truly was quite a good month

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What do you think Donald Trump's classpect would be? A Prince of Progress or a Prince of Foreign Relations?


The problem comes in that a Prince destroys with their aspect, and this would imply that Fuckface von Clownstick actually has the capacity to effectively utilize Progress or Foreign Relations. In reality, I feel like Donald Dump doesn’t effectively fit any canon classpect (none of them are complete dipshits, after all), and he would more likely be a Waste of Hope, one who does nothing with or to their plentiful stores of Hope. Thousands of people (wrongly) put their faith into him, and he’s done nothing to warrant it at all. He’s simply a Waste. 

Hope this helps!