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Unrequited | I.M

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Anonymous said:Hi~ I’m new to your blog :) I love all of your scenarios. Can I request an angst scenario for I.M where you’re his bestfriend and you introduce him to your sister. You liked him for a long time and you gained courage to confess but you saw him and your sister kissing and telling you they hid their relationship to you? Thanks alot!

Y/SN = Your sister’s name

“Come on, Changkyun!” You whined pulling his arm toward your family’s front door.

He laughs at your enthusiasm. As Changkyun is your best friend, he’s been over several times. He’s also no stranger to your family. Over the years he’d gotten quite close to your mother and father. The only person he hadn’t met is your sister. Both of them are quite important to you, so wanting them to meet is only natural. Of course, Changkyun is your best friend, and your relationship with your sister has always been a good one. Although she’s two years older than you, the two of you had always been close growing up. She left the state for college 3 years ago, and only visits periodically now. You’d tried to introduce them during her last visit, but the timing never seemed to be right. Changkyun and your sister canceled more times than you could count, excuses coming from both ends. Eventually, you’d given up, vowing to have them meet the next time she was in town. Which is now! Her plane had landed less than 2 hours ago, while your parents went to pick her up from the airport you worked on talking Changkyun to come over for a visit.

“I actually have plans a little later.” He stated. Oh no. No bailing this time.

“This won’t take long! You can meet her and go if you want!” You’d pleaded.

Not one to withstand your puppy face, Changkyun gave in pretty easily, and that’s how you two ended up here. With you pulling him toward the door so he could meet the only other person beside him you considered to be important in your life,

“Y/SN!” You called in a sing-song tone once you’ve entered. Changkyun laughed from behind you.

“Y/N!” Her voice called before she jumps into sight.

Her eyes widened in shock as she saw Changkyun behind you, but she was quick to fix it, plastering a smile on her face and launching herself toward you. You wrapped your arms around her and returned her embrace. After a few shrieks and squeals, you pulled away and turned to Changkyun.

“This is my sister Y/SN. Y/SN, this is my best friend Changkyun.” You smiled.

They held their hands out to one another and shook, “It’s great to finally meet you, Y/N speaks really highly of you.” Y/SN says.

“Likewise.” Changkyun smiled.

“You two go on the porch, go talk!! I’m gonna grab some snacks.” You beamed and left before either of them could reply.

You quickly grabbed whatever snack within your reach. The dorky smile never left your face as you waddled towards the porch with the snacks and drinks tucked firmly in your arms. You saw Changkyun just casually talking to your sister, looking serious, but you just brushed it off since he always looks so serious. 

“Yeah, but she can-..” You barely heard your sister reply to him as he cut her off. 

“Y/N! You’re gonna drop something!” Changkyun sighed with a quiet whine as he stood up and walked up to you. Taking some stuff out of your arms, you two walked out onto the porch. You sat in the middle, your best friend on your left and your sister on your right. You glanced in between the both of them as the awkward silence grew. 

“So, what were you two talking about?” You asked, trying to start a conversation, but as soon as the question rolled off your tongue, the two began to quickly say different topics. You looked at both of them, the confusion clear on your face. 

“O..kay then?” You squinted and shrugged. Between the three of you, small talk came and went. At one point, you kept trying to find excuses to leave, but before you could say an excuse, Changkyun beat you to the punch. 

“Uh, I gotta go. I have practice.” He quickly mumbled and tried to walk off quickly. 

“Wait!” You exclaimed and stood up. “You’re still sleeping over right?” You saw him visibly tense up. 

“Um, are your parents okay with that?” You heard him sigh softly before turning around to look at you. 

“Yeah, they’re always okay with that. Plus, they have a dinner party to go to so they won’t be home till late.” You explain with a hint of disappointment and confusion in your voice. 

“T-Then yeah. I’ll come.” He gave you a small smile before looking towards your sister and sighing. You and your sister saw him walking away, running his hand through his hair. 

“What was that about?” You ask, turning to look at your older sister. You expected a reply but you only got a shrug. Sighing, you two spent the rest of the afternoon together. 

A knock on the front door made you pause the video game you and your sister were playing. 

“Give me a sec. It might be Changkyun.” You say, not hiding your smile. You went and opened the door only to see him carrying a duffle bag, most likely having pajamas, movies, and different snacks. He greeted you with a small wave and a smile. You returned the greeting with a tight hug. 

“So, what have you done all afternoon?” He asked as he walked into the house with you by his side after closing the door. 

“Nothing much. Just some casual competitions between sisters.” You say, looking towards your sister. She looked up from her phone and looked towards your direction. She and Changyun held eye contact for a split second before he turned to look at you. 

“I’m gonna put my stuff up in your room, okay?” He asked, not really expecting an answer and walked up the stairs. You shrugged and continued your game with your sister. Changkyun came downstairs in the middle of the game, just quietly sitting beside you. You groan at the TV and lean your head back. 

“I win! Again!” Your sister flaunts. Changkyun, on the other hand, looks at how you’re being a sore loser and takes the control away from you while laughing at your pout. 

“My turn.” He smiles and starts playing with your older sister For the rest of the night, the three of you kept playing until your sister yawned and stood up.

 “It’s getting late, we should all go to bed.” She smiled sleepily at you. 

“Awe, one more round?” You asked, with a smile. “Tomorrow, promise. The both of you also should go to bed.” She chuckled started to make her way up the stairs. 

“Okay, mom!” You teased and lowered the volume to the TV. Only to continue playing until both you and Changkyun started to feel sleepy. Yawning, he helped you clean the living room a bit before the both of you walked up the stairs to your room.

“So, it seemed like you got along with Y/SN.” You smiled as you sat down on the edge of your bed, looking at your best friend, who had his back to you as he changed. 

“I guess.” 

“Why do you say that? You two acted like you guys known each other for a while now.” 

“I just acted like that so I won’t make you upset.“He said, raising his voice. 

"Make me upset? You’re the one that sounds upset.” 

“I’m just tired, okay?” He said, trying hard to raise his voice again. 

“Fine.” You sighed and grabbed your pajamas then went to go get changed in the bathroom. It wasn’t unusual that you and Changkyun had an argument. You two have multiple arguments because you both have strong personalities. But it did surprise you that he suddenly got so defense over the simple subject. Sighing, you got changed then walked back to your room. You saw Changkyun sitting against the foot of your bed, texting on his phone. 

“Who are you texting?” You ask softly, Changkyun barely even heard you. 

“Um, Hoseok.” He hesitated before mumbling and putting down his phone. “Hey, I’m sorry for acting like a dick, kind of. Before you left.” He stood up, leaning against your bed as he apologized. 

“Forget about it. Let’s just go to sleep, yeah?” You turned around and gave him a small smile so he doesn’t continue to think that you’re mad at him. 

“Okay.” He sighed and went to go lay down as you turned off your light. Then you got to think about the argument again. Yeah, the fight was stupid. If you could even call it a fight. You turned your light on, making Changkyun groan because he was about to fall asleep. 

“What?” He whined. 

“Why did you tense up when I asked to make sure that you were staying the night? And why did you and my sister always make awkward eye contact?” 

“Because I just met her.” He mumbled and turned away from you, hoping you would just leave it there. 

“I know Y/SN was dating someone but she hasn’t told me how it is.” You point out. 

“Are you saying that I’m the one dating her? I just met her!” He sat up on your bed. 

“I was-…” He cut you off before you could finish. 

“I don’t know why we’re even having this conversation.” Changkyun stood up and shook his head. 

“Where are you going?” You asked as he made his way out your bedroom door. 

“I’m going to sleep downstairs. Goodnight.” He said kinda angrily and shut your door, harder than he should’ve. 

You sighed, knowing that you most likely should’ve been smarter about everything. You were tempted to go downstairs and apologized, but it would’ve made things worse since he was still angry. You shook your head at yourself and turned off the lights. You didn’t fall asleep right away but soon enough. 

The next morning, you woke up a little on the later side, but you knew you still needed to apologize. You basically sprung out of bed, as you got dressed, you started to think: “I should tell him how I feel. But it could make things worse. The chances anytime would 50/50. Might as well just do it, huh?” You fixed your hair quickly as you made up your mind.

You’d had a crush on your best friend for quite some time. It started off completely platonic. In fact, in the beginning, you’d found him undatable. He was mostly quiet and extremely awkward, which you found off-putting. It almost seemed as though he didn’t want to be your friend. After taking the time to get to know him you couldn’t help but be attracted to him. He was kind and childlike. He made you smile with lame jokes.Your heart skipped a beat with every encouraging word that left his lips. He was everything a good boyfriend should be, but he wasn’t your boyfriend. Yet… With any luck, your confession would go over smoothly and it’d be a happy ending for the two of you. The prospect of finally dating Changkyun made you giddy with glee. You’d rationalized why the confession needed to happen now, over and over in your head, before yanking your bedroom door open and stepping out into the barren hallway.

Walking out of your room, you took so many deep breaths, that you couldn’t even tell if it was helping to slow down your rapid beating heart. You heard some quiet talking, but since you were standing in front of your sister room, you assumed that she was just on the phone with a friend. You walked downstairs, slowly trying to think of a simple way to explain everything to your best friend. Midway on the stairs, you were about to call out to Changkyun, but what you saw in the living room made you want to run out of your house instead. 

“So I was right.” You said loud enough for the couple to hear and not your sleeping parents. Changkyun, who was basically making out with, the only other person you trusted, your sister, pulled away quickly as soon as he heard your voice. 

“I can explain!” He exclaimed quickly as he saw the tears in your eyes. 

“Don’t. I get it.” You sighed shakily, and rushed out of the house, slamming the door behind you. You weren’t really at them, more at yourself. You felt so stupid that you couldn’t see their relationship. You had the signs, so why couldn’t you see it? At this point, tears were streaming down your cheeks, your mind was running with all of these hints that were making their relationship obvious. You heard Changkyun yelling your name behind you. Not wanting to see the only person that broke your heart, you ran faster than turning around the corner, losing him behind you.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Love Triumphs Chapter 6: Weekend Fun

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

You hadn’t planned on spending your entire weekend with Jared and his boys. Truthfully, you had planned on spending it in your small apartment, eating takeout food and catching up on the shows you had missed while filming. You hadn’t expected to be having a great time, spending it at the aquarium, or the huge play park where you currently found yourself.

It was Sunday, and you were currently sitting on a park bench, sipping on a cold latte as you watched Jared’s boys playing on the toys. Jared was off to the side, near a tree, talking on the phone. Yawning, you realized that this weekend had worn you out. It had been nonstop going since that morning they had been dropped off, on top of last week being a busy filming week. You truly couldn’t wait until you could relax tonight in a bath before going to bed early.

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So my boyfriend finally had a day off work and said days earlier we’d go out for the day. I was so excited to finally spend time with him and baby outside the house! Then this morning he turns to me and says he’s going out all day on his motorbike with a friend. Obviously emotions flying I was angry then sad and stupidly ended up begging. 🙄
I ignored him for the time he was getting ready, I showered and dressed pretty hoping he would change his mind..
Then I was checking on baby sleeping and I hear from downstairs, ‘I’m going.’
I say bye, angrily, he doesn’t hear and says he’s leaving, getting angry too.
I start going downstairs to talk to him, 'But you said..you promised..’ I think I started, before he said, 'Fuck off then.’ And slammed the door.
Off he goes to his bike, I run up to bedroom window to get a view of him and to tell him to be careful at least (I always do, I worry as he’s on bike 😞)
But he starts up and ignores me, to which I burst out in tears as I watch him zoom off out of sight.
It’s only then I go downstairs and my neighbors are looking funny at me…
I realised the window was still open upstairs when I was balling my eyes out. 😣 They heard everything…..

Ah sorry,. Had to get it off my chest..seen as I’m stuck in the house again and everyone else is out having fun.

How BTS would react to seeing bruises/marks on their girlfriend from sex the night before

Jin: “Oh my god baby did I do that?” he would ask in shock staring at the marks on your hips.

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Suga: You would walk in the room complaining about the bruises on your hips. He would just shrug and say “That just means I did a good job last night, I mean from the way you were screaming I think you know that already.”

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Rap Monster: “Look at this!” you would shout angrily showing him the hand print on your bum from the night before. He would arch his brow at you and say, “Do you need me to make it darker?” making you bite your lip because secretly you would love that.

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J Hope: You would show him all the hickeys he left on your inner thighs and he would say suggestively “Let me kiss it better.” 

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Jimin: “What? No! I didn’t do that!” he would say laughing, feeling flustered. 

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V: He would walk in the room and see you getting ready for work trying to cover the large amount of very dark hickeys on your neck. He would start to laugh like crazy “Good luck trying to cover that but I don’t think make up would work.” making you pout.

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Jungkook: He’d put his hands on your hips and whisper sexily in your ear “Let me give you some more in places no one can see.” as his hands ran up  your thighs under your skirt.

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Partner (p. 7)

parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | end

extras: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

genre: Angst

wordcount: 2633

synopsis: You’ve been helping BTS co-produce music for as long as you can remember. Because of that, you’ve spent most of your career working alongside Min Yoongi. On the cusp of achieving a dream you’ve all worked so hard for, another wish is realized along the way.

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What happens now? || Final part

Note: please go read part one and part two first!


You were shocked as well you couldn’t find the right words to say. You clear your throat before quickly grabbing Elijah, “uh I got to go” you say before turning around to walk away.

Shit this can’t be happening, you thought to yourself.

Suddenly Justin runs infront of you, “Y/N…since when did you have kids? With who?” He asks confused. You simply ignored his remark as you continue to walk. Justin doesn’t quit as he was persistent to follow you.

A few seconds later Karlie, a friend of you and Justin stands infront of the both of you. You try your best to be polite and smile back, but your frustration was taking over. “Omg I had a feeling he was the father!” She says smiling. Justin looks at you confused. “Uh Karlie it’s not what you think…” you say nervously, as you try your best to sound convincing. Karlie’s smile turns into a frown as she looks at you confused. “Woah…. are you sure? Because from what I’ve noticed Elijah is an exact duplicate of Justin, and Victoria she has a few similari-”

Unexpectedly out of nowhere Kylie shows up with Kendall.

What a miracle you thought to yourself.

“Hey karlie why don’t we go grab a few more drinks?” Kendall says before pulling Karlie away from the both of you. You look back at Justin to see that he was already observing the kids. Before he could notice anything you quickly hand your kids to Kylie.
Once Kylie left, you decided to leave aswell just so you can avoid the awkward conversation that was about to happen.
Just as you were about to leave Justin blurts out, “Those are my kids aren’t they?” You step dead in your tracks, your heart starts beating faster but you remain silent. “They look exactly like me….this is all making sense now. You were gone for 9 months, no news from you at all…those are my kids aren’t they?!” He says a little louder causing everyone’s attention to turn towards the both of you.

You turn red from embarrassment as you quickly walk towards the balcony.

“Y/N!” Justin yells, your hear his footsteps behind you. You tried your best to walk faster but Justin grabs your arm, causing you to face him. “Tell me the tr-”

“Yes!” You yell frustrated. You pull back your arm. Justin looks at you shocked. “Fine they’re your kids! There! I said it! Are you happy?!” You say, this wasn’t how you expected the conversation to turn out but he was making you angry.

“W-what?” He says still shocked. You looked down at your feet, trying your best to avoid eye contact with him. Justin let’s out a frustrated sigh before running his fingers through his hair.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” He says angrily. You quickly look up. “Why didn’t you fucking tell me that I was a father?!” He yells, you took a step back. You really hoped no one could hear this conversation from the other side.

“Would it matter if I told you?!” You say, Justin looks at you confused.
“You’re the one who left!” You say, and you felt your eyes begin to water. “You’re the one who left me without any explanation whatsoever. You ignored my calls and texts, you pushed me away when I needed you the most!” You yell, as tears began to rush down your face. All the bitterness and hurt from that day all came rushing back. You watched as Justin’s expression turns to guilt.

Justin takes a step closer. “Y/N I needed time-”

“Time? Not even two weeks and you already had a girlfriend? Justin that’s such a pathetic excuse…you don’t even know how hurt I was, yet you acted like nothing happened?” You say harshly, you didn’t care how pathetic you looked, you were hurt and you wanted him to feel what you’ve been through.
“Now tell me, why the hell would I tell you?” You say quietly, looking directly into his eyes.

Justin looks back at you. “Because I have the right, I am still their father Y/N.”

You shake your head slowly. “You lost that privilege once you left…” you say. Justin’s face fell as he absorbed the words that came out of your mouth. At the moment you felt a bit guilty for what you said but it was too late to take it back.

“You didn’t tell me?!” He yells frustrated. “If you told me once you knew I would have came back.” He says causing you to chuckle.
“Are you serious right now?” You ask and he just looks at you confused. “So you would come back in an instant if we were possibly having a child but when I asked you to stay…that was suddenly too difficult ?” You say looking at him hurt. “Funny how that goes…”

“Y/N I’m not the bad guy here, yes I admit what I did to you was wrong but I was scared.” He says defensively, you hated the fact he was trying his best to defend himself.

“Scared? Justin tell me what were you possibly scared of?” You scoff before crossing your arms.
“Scared to tell me the truth? That you didn’t love me and that you just used me for pleasure? Is that what you’re scared of?” You yell and you knew you were pushing his buttons but you didn’t care.

“I was scared of falling for you!” Justin blurts out, you look at him shocked.
“What?” You choke out, still not comprehending what he was saying.

“Y/N I’ve loved you since the day we met. Never once did I ever lay eyes on anyone else. You’re the one I wanted to be with but I was scared.” He says softly looking you in the eyes.

You turn away, “Justin you’re not making any sense right now.” You say softly.

“That night was one of the most special days of my life. I was so lost I didn’t know what I was feeling but at that moment I knew that I don’t deserve you.” He says, you remain silent waiting for him to continue.
“One day we might argue and I don’t want things to end on a rough note. In fact I’m going to dread the day if I ever lose you. Y/N were best friends i just wasn’t 100% ready for the next stage.” He says, causing you to shake your head slowly.

“Justin that was such a coward move.” You say harshly, before facing towards him. “It didn’t mean you had to leave. You didn’t have to lead me on, Justin for crying out loud you knew how I felt about you I know you did…you think just because you weren’t ready that’s suppose to make me feel better?” You watch as he looks down, you heard him sniffle and you could tell he was crying…but you decided to continue. “Justin, we could have talked it out, we could have compromised…if you truly lov-”

“I do love you!” He yells, before grabbing one of your hands gently. “I loved you so much that I was afraid I wasn’t good enough for you. Yes I’m a fucking coward but I didn’t want to take the risk of losing you. I wasn’t thinking that day I left, I needed to clear my head, I tried my best to replace you with someone else but no matter how much I tried, it’s you I’m always thinking about. Every day I’m guilty for what I did and I’m sorry for hurting you. Please give me a second chance. Y/N I’m in love with you. I want to be with you, I want to be with my kids, I want to get married, buy a house, I’m ready…I promise I’m not leaving. I pr-” you gently place your lips onto his. You both pull away, Justin slightly smiles as he looks at you confused.

“You talk way too much.” You say slightly smiling. “If I give you a second chance, you better keep those promises…” you say as Justin nods his head rapidly causing you to giggle.

“No Justin I’m serious, I want this to work, I want my childr- our children to grow up with a complete family and we can’t have that unless we talk..” you say looking at him, he looks at you as he places his hands on your waist, “do you really forgive me?”

You nod your head slowly, “because I love you”. He looks at you and smiles before pulling you in for a hug.


As you and Justin return to the party, everything was still the way it was. Kylie walks over to the both of you holding Elijah’s hand and carrying Victoria with her other arm. “I see you two made up” she says smiling before handing you Victoria and Elijah.

Justin looks at the three of you and smiles. “Justin, id like you to meet Elijah and Victoria…” you say before handing Victoria and Elijah to him. “Hey…” He says as he places a kiss on both of their foreheads. “Dada-” Elijah says as he points towards Justin.

Justin looks at you shocked “they know who I am?” You walk towards him as you grab Victoria out of his hands, as he holds Elijah. “I may have mentioned you a couple times.” You say smiling, causing Justin to chuckle.

“Second chances are not given to make things right, but to prove that we could be better even after we fall”. (Not my quote)

Enjoy! I hope you liked all three parts! :)

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Part I: reason | Part II: alone | Part III: happy misfortune | Part IV: dreamy | Part V: possibilities

December 28th

The pub was crowded and warm inside, they had been walking around the past hour just so Remus can show Sirius around a little but the night time was extremely cold and it was about time they went in. As they settled on a table for two they found in the far end of the pub, Remus called a waitress to order their first round. When the girl looked up at the both of them, she lost her words for a moment, Sirius Black had that effect on people.

“Uh, what can I get you?” said the girl almost as if she was choking. She was as pretty as they come but Sirius was just something else. 

“We’ll have two pints of Fosters please,” replied Remus causing the girl to finally look away from Sirius who was busy checking his phone. He put his phone on the table as he smiled to Remus.

“I was just talking to Reggie, sorry,” he apologised as he took off his black coat that looked like it cost more than Remus’ whole wardrobe. “Tonight, we get to know each other if you are going to force your friendship on me as you promised.”

“Exactly what I had in mind,” confirmed Remus. “So why is your brother in Italy during holidays, I’m sure they have holidays, too.”

“You can see the appeal of entering the New Year in Milan,” smiled Sirius but his smile didn’t reach his grey eyes. “After last year, he distance himself from our family, too. They had problems with Reggie studying art, he saw the opportunity and got away as fast as he could.”

“Well, good for him,” he said just when the enamored waitress dropped their beers. “I told you yesterday, too, but I really do hope we aren’t boring you.”

“Remus, your family is the loveliest people I have had the fortune to meet,” he began as he ran his hand through his damp hair. “Please stop pestering yourself, I am an adult and I can leave when I want to but I don’t want to.”

“I’m glad you think like that,” confessed Remus. “I don’t what I was thinking when I literally forced you to come with me.”

“Living in the moment?” laughed Sirius, his laughter filled the emptiness in Remus’ lungs and he felt like he needed it to survive. “Well, this is way better than sitting at home drinking by yourself, I’ll give you that.”

“So I have a question but–”

“Ask it. Come on Remus. All cards on the table tonight.”

“Oh, okay,” mumbled Remus and he took a deep breath. “How do you afford the house you are living in? I can’t afford a 1+1 in London without selling my soul.”

“Actually I make decent money at where I work,” began Sirius. “But my uncle passed away a few months ago and he left me a considerable amount in his will. I remember the look on my father’s face, it was a sight to see.” 

“I’m sorry for your loss,” said Remus as he drank the rest of his beer. “You know what this calls for? Shots.”

“Are you trying to get me drunk Remus?” he flirted with a smile and Remus felt the air leave his body for good.

This should be illegal.

“Maybe,” shot back Remus bravely and saw the infamous brow of his shot up. 

“Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens,” he whispered to himself as Remus ordered a few shots of vodka, just to have back ups. 

When they downed the first one, Remus remembered how long it had been since he had gotten properly drunk. The vodka left a trail of fire in his throat and he tried to shake it off coolly as he could but when he stared at Sirius’ shrivelled face he lost every ounce of self composure he had and started laughing uncontrollably.

“I don’t do vodka,” laughed Sirius as he tried to look normal again. “No, correction: I don’t do shots.

“But you were… so… cute,” said Remus as he tried to catch his breath. “I’m sorry but that was the most helpless face I have ever seen.”

“Are you enjoying my misery?” he teased as he licked his lips for the remainder of vodka. “Now my turn, why university and teaching?”

“Because I’m a learner and I’m really good at teaching actually,” he explained. “Also I want to get a doctorate degree. I like to think that the researches I’m a part of will help people with diseases eventually.”

“What is your area?”

“Genetics,” he replied, his head held high. Remus always had enjoyed delving into the depths of life. “It’s where our future lies actually but I’m going to bore you with why genetics is important for our survival some other day.”

“I love how passionate you are about this,” said Sirius with a smile as he pulled the second shot in front of him. “I wasn’t very passionate about being an attorney until recently.”

“Why not?”

“Because it was what my family wanted for me,” he admitted as he raised his glass. “If it was up to me, I would have strayed as far away from law as I can. At least Reggie got away.”

The familiar burn made itself less recognisable this time and Sirius’ face was a little better, there were still two more shots on the table.

“What do you say we pick up the pace a little?” added Sirius as he pushed the shot glass towards Remus with such charisma that Remus forgot how to speak so he just smiled and nodded.

Another down and it felt good, Remus felt a bit more relaxed as he called the sweet waitress girl for four more shots, if they were going down, they were going down properly. When the girl came back, she had six shots on her tray.

“One from me and one from our bartender,” she said as she put the shots down. They both looked at the bar and saw an tattoed goddess waving their way, what was it with this pub and all the pretty girls that worked there?

“Thank you,” said Sirius with a grin as she helped the girl unload the glasses.

“Okay now that we are both a little bit tipsy,” began Sirius, his eyes locked on Remus’. “How’s love treating you Remus?” 

Er, well, not good I guess,” he babbled. “It’s hard to focus on dating when I have so much work to do.”

“Love does not require effort,” countered Sirius as he once again pushed a shot glass in front of Remus.

“It looks like you are trying to get me drunk,” complained Remus as he tipped the glass and swallowed the vodka for the fourth time. Sirius put his glass down and looked at him mischievously. 

“You’ll never know, Lupin.”

“So what’s your family like?” asked Remus, it was a very intrusive question but he started not to care anymore.

“Annoying as fuck,” stated Sirius. 

Yes please, more cursing.

“Loads of annoying traditions, stupid rules to follow and not being anything you want to be. If you don’t fit in their description of what’s right, you are absolutely wrong.”

“Family dinners must be peachy,” joked Remus to lift his spirits, no one should live in a house like that. “Another?”

“Sure, why the hell not.”

Fifth one was down and now Sirius shined a bit too bright, but it was a wonderful sight to witness.

“Is it just me or is this place getting hotter by the minute?” he asked and put his hair in a bun in matter of seconds, exposing his cheekbones to stand out with all their magnificence. The way his face was built could be studied as art and no one would object it.

Dear Black Family, I don’t like you but I like your genes. Thank you.

“So, what about your love life Sirius?” asked Remus. 

Vodka should be called liquid courage.

“I haven’t found anyone to get hang up on,” replied Sirius nonchalantly. “I mean, I have dated a few people the last year but none of them affected me the way I wanted them too and you can deal with casual sex for so long.”

Remus almost choked on his own spit, he tried to brush it off with a small cough but it wasn’t working.

“Oh, sorry. I’m a bit too comfortable with those subjects,” apologised Sirius as he laughed. 

“Are you one of those people who believe in soulmates?”

“No, not necessarily,” he said with a soft smile and spark to his eyes, he was kind of slurring his words but it was very lovely. “I just believe that someday someone will come into my life and it will be so easy and natural, that I won’t even notice.”

“That sounds–” began Remus but a small hiccup interrupted him. “That sounds beautiful.”

“The last shot?”

“Yes, please,” answered Remus and he raised his glass one more time. “Here’s to us finding what we are looking for in the New Year.”

“I’ll drink to that.”

“You know it’s so funny,” he began. “I never thought I would spend my Christmas with a total stranger let alone bring him home and then go to a bar and get drunk with him.”

“I told you before there was a reason we met,” said Sirius, now he was slurring his words for sure. “A reason with million possibilities.” 

Maybe they hadn’t drink too much but they had drunk too fast and somehow it felt right. The small head spin and the halo around Sirius was all worth spending a night with him, alone. The way he talked about love, like he was a hopeless romantic which he wasn’t, the way his eyes shined from the alcohol in his blood and the way he smiled at him right this second. Remus wished his dream was reality so much but that, that was also a possibility that came with the reason.

“Yeah, possibilities,” said Remus absent-mindedly. “Should we ask for the check and walk home?”

Sirius nodded and Remus raised his hand to get the attention of the waitress. When the check came both of them reached for their wallets but Sirius was convinced he wasn’t going to let Remus pay.

“Stop it,” he half shouted as he stretched his hand to hold Remus’ from reaching into his pocket and Remus felt his skin burn, it was the best feeling ever, even better than being drunk. “You are letting me stay at your place at least let Uncle Alphard buy us our drinks.”

“I can’t believe you used dead relative card,” said Remus angrily, he didn’t like when people bought him things.

“Stop being a killjoy and say thank you, I thought Hope raised you better.”

“Thank you,” snickered Remus, not being able to continue being angry. As they went into the winter air he felt happy that there was alcohol in his blood, because it wasn’t as cold as he thought it would be.

“Excuse me while I hold onto you like a lost puppy because I will most definitely fall on ice,” said Sirius just before he put his arm in Remus’.

“And you think drunk me is a good place to hold on?” he teased. “I’m very much suspicious of your decision making.”

“Shut up and walk,” ordered Sirius. Remus abruptly stopped and turned his gaze around to give him a look that probably was very effective that Sirius almost instantly shrunk in size. “Sorry, but you should do that look more often.”


“It’s hot as fuck. Excuse my language.”

Did he just?

“Are you serious?” asked Remus, just to be sure. Sirius raised his eyebrow as he does and smiled like a child and then it dawned on Remus.

“Why yes, I am Sirius.” he laughed.

“I just realised I won’t ever be able to use that word ever again.”

They walked silently as snow fell like cotton, it was peaceful and they were drunk. They entered the house as silently as they can and made their way to Remus’ room.

“Do you feel like sleeping at all?” demanded Sirius as he took his shirt off to reveal what dreams are made of.

Not anymore.

“Dunno,” replied Remus, he had taken his sweater off, too, he couldn’t be bothered with being embarrassed at the moment and he turned around to face Sirius, he was looking at him like he just saw a ghost.

“What’s– what’s that?”

Remus always forgot his scar, he had gotten so used to it that it didn’t even occur to him he would never want Sirius to see it.

“Oh, I had a massive heart surgery when I was younger,” he revealed as he stared at his own chest, Sirius had gotten closer to get a closer look. The more he got closer, the harder it was to breathe. Sirius raised his hand as if he wanted to touch it, Remus understood his curiosity since Sirius didn’t seem to have even a scratch on his skin.

“Can I?”

“Yeah sure, go ahead.”

Remus closed his eyes at the touch without intending to, his hands were cold but very careful as if he was afraid he would open the wound again. He didn’t know what made him trust Sirius enough to let his hands roam on his scar but it was a different feeling and he was praying that Sirius wasn’t feeling his heartbeats through his skin, each beat was another possibility.

“I’m glad you are alright now,” he whispered as he pulled his hand away. “We should probably sleep.”

“Yeah, we shouid,” repeated Remus as he went to turn the light off, it was going to take days for Remus to live that down.

“Night, Remus,” mumbled Sirius sleepily.

“Night, Sirius.”

As soon as Remus closed his eyes, all the possibilities flooded his mind like a tsunami and he just focused on one.

Sehun - How?

#14 : “how can i hate someone that i’m in love with?”

masterlist // get to know me

“Jagiya, no!” Sehun shouts as you pour a glass of ice cold water on his back. The lazy boy has been doing nothing, but stare and use his phone for the past few hours he was here.

     It’s rare for Sehun to have time off these days because of the hectic preparations EXO has to do for their upcoming concerts in North America, so when Sehun ever gets the chance to spend time with you, you indulge yourself in every second you had with Oh Sehun. Sadly, that’s not what he did. He was constantly tapping away on his phone, updating his social media, talking to friends, or watching videos online.

     After first, you thought it was a bad idea. You knew how angry Sehun would be if you did so, but you wanted to take off his mind from his phone. Without thinking twice, you immediately ran to the kitchen and crept behind Sehun, pouring the ice water into his back.

“Jagiya, what’d you do that?!” Sehun angrily asks as he takes off his soaking wet shirt.

“I wanted you to put down your phone and it worked.” You smile as you answer him, hoping he would laugh it off. Instead, you were greeted with an angry look on his face and rage in his eyes.

“I fucking hate you.” He says, clutching his phone and rushing off to the bathroom.

      The words Sehun said didn’t really affect you, but you were saddened by his reaction. How could he want to just use his phone during the few precious moments he had left with you before he left for the tour?

     A heavy weight laid on your heart as you took in the thought that Sehun didn’t want to spend time with you. You walk towards your bedroom and locked the door, giving exactly what Sehun wanted: to be alone.

“Jagiya? Are you awake?” Sehun asks, wrapping his arms around you.

“How did you get in? I locked the door.” You stir away from him, not wanting his touch.

“I had a spare key for all the rooms in your apartment.” Sehun reminds you, making you smile as you remember Sehun worrying about you being alone.

“I wanted to say sorry for what happened early. I should have been spending more time with you, especially since the tour is coming.” Sehun says, bringing you closer to him.

“It’s okay, you can spend time with your phone. You hate me anyways. Right, Sehun?”

     Sehun’s face drops at your words, but he doesn’t quit on getting you to accept his apology. Tucking away a stray strand of hair, he kisses you softly. You struggle in not responding, but the way he held your cheek in his hand and his lips moving on yours made you weak. Soon enough, you give up and kiss him back, slowly and sweetly.

“How can I hate someone that I’m in love with?” Sehun says as he kisses you. He caresses your cheek as he pulls away.

“I love you, jagiya.” Sehun tells you, waiting for your response.

     Sehun’s eyes start to dull as you keep him waiting. His hand pulls away from your cheek as he looks back on the mattress, regret filled his eyes. You place back your lips on Sehun’s as his answer.

The wooing of Arthur and his cat

Summary: England is a simple cat with a simple owner who is about to watch the interesting courtship of his owner Arthur Kirkland, without realizing that he himself is being courted as well.  

A/N: Before you begin please be advised that this story is told from England(the cat’s POV) although it does feature Arthur and Alfred as well as America(the cat).  Sorry for the confusion this is sure to bring I just couldn’t help thinking they would be named that if Arthur and Alfred were human.

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anonymous asked:

What if the Karasuno boys + Oikawa got into an argument with their crush and s/he yelled "I hate you!" But then immediately after saying that they started crying hard and added "But the truth is...I love you so much!"

I put these two together. I hope the two of you like it!

Daichi and Tanaka would be really upset, the two of you had been yelling at each other for several minutes now. But it hadn’t prepared them for the next thing. “I hate you!” Whatever they had meant to say would never come out. They would stare at you shocked. Seeing their expression you started to cry, “But the truth is… I love you so much.” For then the reason of their argument was forgotten and they would try to calm you down.

Suga, Oikawa and Kuroo stared at you wide eyed. The words you just said echoed through their head ‘I hate you’. “You really mean that?” they would whisper. Tears rolled over your cheeks, “No, the truth is… I love you so much.” After your confession you started to cry harder. They would pull you close and whisper soothing words in your ear.

Asahi’s, Yamaguchi’s and Iwaizumi’s expression would drop. They looked at you like they was ready to cry. You immediately felt sorry for your words and wanted to fix it. “The truth is… I love you so much,” you whispered. They would look relieved, those words would mean more to them than the words you had said before.

Noya and Hinata wouldn’t say anything and just stare at you. They wouldn’t be able to do anything but hear those words in their heads. I hate you.  You would start to cry and whisper, “The truth is… I love you so much.” It would take some time before they realized what you just said. Then they would pull you close and wouldn’t let you go for a while.

Kageyama wouldn’t know what to say. He had always been a bit awkward but no one would know the correct response to your partner telling you they hated you, right? He would open his mouth but wouldn’t know what to say so he closed it again. You finally broke the silence and said, “the truth is… I love you so much.” He would hug you but wouldn’t say anything, words weren’t necessary right now.

Tsukishima and you would have a lot of arguments. However, this one was the worst one. It went so far as you telling him you hated him. Tsukishima would look angrily at you and turn around to walk away. However, you had saw a flash of hurt in his eyes and you wanted to fix things before everything was ruined. “The truth is… I love you so much.” He would stop and just stand there for a while. When he finally turned around there was hope in his eyes. You ran towards him and hugged him, not intending to let him go.

Fear of losing >> Chanyeol, You

This was requested by our-happyendings by admin umma-nana

I hope you will like it  <3 

People can’t control who they fall in love with. Simply because love comes out unconditionally. Without warning and with no limits.

But you never expected to fall in love to the closest person to you. A day you saw him as a big brother and the other you saw him as a man. Someone that your heart fluttered for, cheeks heated and mind dizzied by only seeing him.

As the idea crept into you, you tried your best pushing it away. There was no way you could have any feeling for him. When people told you before that the two of you would end up together, you would roll your eyes and sneer.

You knew his worst side ever. You knew him perfectly for you to find someone better than him. You never thought of him, more than an older brother who would mess up every single time you spent alone by yourself, to stay and play around with you. More likely making fun of you.

You would get annoyed with him as he would use you to order you around. Using that he was older than you as an excuse. Just like a real older brother.

He would ask you, continuously, to introduce him to one of your pretty friends and you would refuse. Saying that you hoped for your friends someone better than him, that no girl would like him when in fact, you had this strange feeling in your chest that one of your friends would get the attention he was giving you.

Alone! You didn’t want him to leave your side. You thought it was normal, because you were his best friend. The one you relied on a lot, right?

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Amen |Pt.4

Characters - Castiel x Demon!Reader (+Sam and Dean)

Words - 2175 (I get carried away with angst ig.. im super sorry guys)

Warnings - Language, Fluff, Angst

A/N - To be honest i’m still not sure how many parts this is going to have, but i’m kinda okay with that. At the moment i’m sort of not okay or whatever but writing this is helping i think, and this is really enjoyable to write honestly. I do hope you guys are enjoying the ride as well.

Amen Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.5


Your name: submit What is this?

After Castiel had placed his hand on your shoulder a deafening silence fell over the four of you and a feeling of comfort filled your heart when Cas stared at you, his words were hesitant but sweet once he got them out.

“You can… come with us.” Yet the warm cozy feeling he gave you was fleeting, promptly replaced with a burst of anguish, panic, and nausea. What knocked you back to reality was Dean’s loud furious tone. 

“Cas, you serious? You’re just not gonna gank her cuz she looked at you right and made up some bullshit? And then you wanna invite her to tea? Well i don’t buy it.” Your mouth twisted as you stood there fuming, your nails digging into the palms of your hands so hard they broke skin and though you understood the man’s position it still filled you up with so much rage. He didn’t even know you. Sam spoke up and sprung his arm up in front of his brother, who had started towards you with a scowl, to stop him in his tracks. The younger Winchester seemed to be the more understanding one of the two, his words coming out firm yet sympathetic. 

“Dean calm down, maybe he’s got a reason we can’t see.” His hazel eyes met yours and he furrowed his brow. “That doesn’t mean I trust you.” He stared at you and then looked to the angel who was still holding onto your shoulder and staring at Dean. 

“That’s what I’m going to ask of you both. To trust me. I believe if she meant any harm she would have tried by now… Dean?” Dean swallowed hard and lowered his weapon, that would only slow you down if he used it, glaring daggers at you.

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house of balloons | yoongi

a/n: i’m hoping to make this a series, but only if you guys like it and want it to be one!

genre: angst, fluff, smut (later on)

word count: 654 (short but it’s just an intro)

The sound of my phone ringing caused a loud growl to emit my lips as I turned to shout out the person down the phone for calling far too early.

“What!” I shout angrily.

“Please tell me she’s with you,” the voice says.

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where stiles and derek get their freak on after a life threatening situation (as YOU DO), and they’re are all urgent and quick and snarky, and derek just wants to fuck but stiles is being too gentle or something, which leads them to pause and stiles is like “wow i’m gonna have sex with derek hale what the fuck” which means he won’t be able to ignore that fact later on and claim it was a sudden impulse and unpredictable URGE. he thinks “fuck it” and dives back it, even slower and sweeter, and derek closes his eyes and enjoys it for a while like yeaaaaah, but then!!! he flips a kiss-drunk stiles on his back, to speed up the proceedings, and stiles is all like “wowowowow i was trying to romance you fuck u” and derek is all “i don’t need romance i need your dick” which makes stiles smirk and ramble on like a true bro about his dick (“well…… i mean it’s a pretty nice dick i have to admit, no need to get all NEEDY derek god, you’re embarrassing yourself dude hahaHAHA–ha–omg”), and derek jerks him off to make him falter and stammer (it works), it works so much in fact that stiles starts cursing and breathing heavily and calling god or whatever. derek is all “would you calm down? we haven’t even started yet” and the only thing keeping stiles from coming is the fear of actually coming too soon and embarrassing himself. it’s the sheer will of not giving derek the satisfaction that makes him hold off.  he bemoans the fact that the snarkier and meaner derek gets, the more turned on he is. like a fucked up pavlov response.

also maybe!!!! one of them calls the other baby or honey and they’re thoroughly weirded out like wtf was that? they’re just fucking NOTHING MORE NUH UH. and it keeps happening and whoever does it curses themselves like “whyyyyy why is this happening ew ew ewwwww” while the other is like “ummmm O_O” because they don’t really own up to the relationship, keep having quick fucks here and there but refuse to see the obviouuuuuuuuuus, which is that they’re in love and should be together 6ever. so it’s supremely awkward to hang out with someone you’re supposed to barely tolerate when the words “don’t worry baby, i’ll make you feel good” have left your mouth. it’s like going to a party all fancy and classy and pretend you’re casually dressed like, come on bro. NO. it’s weird, it’s awkward why would you do this. BUT THE NEXT STEP would be the “oops fuck i fucked up i’m actually super into you hahahaha please let’s date but don’t think i’m HAPPY about it” step.

and like, i imagine they’d CONFESS to each other dramatically and angrily (because it’s my favorite way of seeing it happen). stiles would spit something like, “i hate your sorry ass and i hope you stumble in front of a car and they actually run you over!” and derek would fake outrage, his voice dripping with sarcasm, “damn, i would hurt for a whole two minutes before healing, it’d be so awful. you always know just what to say to hurt my feelings.” and stiles would like, mentally roll up his sleeves like “oh BOY I’M GONNA WRECK U you asked for it” except he suddenly doesn’t remember what they’re arguing about and he deflates like a sad and confused balloon, and he just gives up, because it dawns on him that he’s FEELING things of THE IMPORTANT KIND. derek is kind of unsettled by the lack of response and they just stare at each other and he snaps, “WHAT” a little warily, like he’s expecting retribution at some point, but stiles just shrugs, like “i hate you so much i went way too far with it and fell in love?” and derek takes a step back like, hoooooooooooooooly shit what do you do in the face of absolute earnestness??? it just takes the wind right out of his sails and he furiously defends himself with the only thing he’s got left which is not much, lemme tell you, so he’s forced to tell THE TRUTH: “well me fucking too, you happy now???? now what.”

WELL I’LL TELL YOU WHAT, when they do acknowledge their feelings, the pet names naturally, but abruptly stop, like their brain is over trying to embarrass them. cause instead of muttering an awkward “sweetheart” in stiles’s ear, derek will just nuzzle up under his chin and settle down to sleep, instead of a whispered “baby” in a dirty voice, stiles will just press both hands on derek’s ass to urge him to go faster, instead of the bizarre “honey” that they sometimes used to tack on the end of a sentence, they just angle their face just so and the other will drop a small, sweet kiss on their lips automatically. sometimes derek is like “let’s fuck” and some other time stiles is like “let’s make love!!!” and sometimes they just fool around and stiles makes derek laugh so hard when he bumps his head on the headboard that they forget about having sex??? 

i honestly don’t remember where i was going with this????   tl;dr: STEREK

A Tad More Heroic

Originally posted by redheadspark

Fandom: Star Wars
Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader
Request: “I would wish for a story about Poe ;) The reader is part of some medical unit. Maybe working for the New Republik but somehow she ends up with the Resistance and meets him. And she’s like tough and really good at doing her job but has a boss who doesn’t aknowledges her or smth like that. And they bond during a mission and become friends? Please?” - anonymous
Words: 1.680

Author’s Note: Well, I wouldn’t even say that there’s a pairing, but if you really want to you can see something growing between them, I guess. I hope you’ll like it, dear anon. If you want me to, if anyone wants me to, I think I would write a sequel. This relationship has sequel-potential :D
The one-shot is set some time before TFA.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

A Tad More Heroic

“Oh, yeah”, you mutter angrily as you rip open another backpack. “Let her check the equipement ‘cause that’s obviously the only damn thing she’s good at.” You snort and stuff a few more bandages in a side pocket. There can never be enough bandages.

You’ve been serving the New Republic Starfleet as a combat medic for almost two years now. Not much, sure, but not that little either. There are others who didn’t last that long. Many others. Whereas you’ve already had your first experiences in battle and treated soldiers under fire. Heck, you’ve saved lifes, for goodness’ sake. You were, without exaggeration, great at doing your job, a job you loved wholeheartedly, but since you’ve joined the Resistance your commanding officer apparently only deemed you fit for duties even a simple droid could fulfill.

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me: i’m an autistic person-


me: please stop