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By popular vote, Meiko Defense Week will be held on the second week of August! 

For anyone unaware, Meiko Defense Week will be a week dedicated to generating and cultivating positive content for Meiko Mochizuki from Digimon Adventure Tri, who is hated by too many people for too few reasons. Ideally, Symbiosis will be close to releasing, if not already released, by the time the week occurs. The prompts for the week will be focused on Meiko’s character and appreciating the different facets of it. As such, the prompts will be as follows:

  • Day 1: Favorite Trait
  • Day 2: Favorite Relationship
  • Day 3: Favorite Scene
  • Day 4: Favorite Episode
  • Day 5: Favorite Appearance/Outfit
  • Day 6: Hopes for the Future
  • Day 7: Free Day/Anything Meiko

You will be able to fill these prompts however you like! They are built so that edits, fanfiction, and other art can be generated around them, but they are also built so that if you do not have the time or energy to do that, you are free to just answer the daily prompt and move on with your time. This is an event for positivity and inclusion!

On a similar note, since of course not everyone will be able to participate the week of, submissions will be accepted both before and after the actual event! If you would like to submit, please tag your posts as #Meiko Defense Week, #Meikodefenseweek, and/or submit or message them to this blog!

This post will be reblogged once a month leading up to the week as a reminder, and a separate reminder post will be made a few weeks beforehand. If you have any questions or concerns about the event, please feel free to come to me about them! I hope everyone is as excited as I am!!

* I apologize for the delay in this announcement - finals week is coming up for me, so I have been very busy. Luckily, there will still be plenty of time to prepare!

I just want to step out from my mini hiatus to say how proud I am of BTS. They are such incredible artists and more than that, such humble and amazing people. They deserved that win. So proud and happy for them and I hope they spend the rest of night enjoying themselves. They deserve it.

I just don't know (queued)

20 years-
My kids were both ecstatic that he and I were in the same house all day. They both have their anger at him and at me for this mess. They are more open with their feelings with me. As girls tend to be with their moms. They kept expressing their happiness and refueled hope. My youngest is the ballsy one. She sent a text after he left- saying it was nice being a family. We talked about it. She said I should have talked to him more. I said I didn’t want to piss him off. He’s said that he didn’t want to live miserable. The depression made me very hard to live with. I know that and I own it. He doesn’t want to walk on eggshells. He’s known me at my best and has seen me at my worst. I’m back to being fantastic and I’m too scared to interact.
20 years of knowing & loving STBX in all varying degrees. Friendship to Love.
I know him best. I know he is angry. I see it in his eyes. He softens after a little while of being in proximity of me. We still think the same way. We quote the same things at the same time. There is still a big connection. He should see the difference, but again, the untreated depression he is dealing with is clouding his judgment just like it did mine.
He doesn’t see that. Stubborn Capricorn that he is. “I’m not depressed, I’m just miserable around you”
Well, just like everyone who knows him says- he’s different. He’s not making sense. If I’m being kind and gentle to him there is no reason to be miserable around me unless he has issues that he needs to deal with. I know that if his mind clears and he works through the anger and gives this a shot, that we can actually have a strong, healthy and happy relationship.
But… will he?
Will he leave again?
Will he give acknowledging his depression and treating it a chance?
I see it because I lived it. He’s too proud and stubborn to even consider it. I see it. His family sees it. No one feels appropriate saying anything about it. Someone should have with me. I tried with him. It just made him vicious. But I know what I see. He’s angry with me. He’s sad, angry and guilty. A little help for a little while will show him that. Just to clear the fog.
20 years and the life and family we built should be worth every effort.
I “knew” it was him making me feel that way. I said vicious and ugly things. I acted poorly and my emotions were out of control.
Until I owned it.
The light came back and I saw my shit did what it was.
He’s still in the dark.

About the roses, here is the story. English is not my first language. So there could be lots of grammar mistakes.

In the Saturday afternoon, when I brought roses for Misha to the autograph place, a staff told me that Misha auto in the afternoon is canceled. I asked several times but he is quite sure it is canceled and do not allow me to enter. Because the flowers were bought in Friday and they are fully blooming at that time, if I can’t give them to Misha today, they might become ugly. I didn’t know the schedule had been changed a lot at that moment. Then I saw the infomation that Misha’s panel would start in a few minutes. So I decided to give the bouquet to someone in the question queue and hope he or she can help me to present it. However, when I asked them, they said not every queuing person is about to ask Misha. I then noticed that the staff was recording who they would like to ask and the questions. I have no idea but queue myself. After a short while, a staff came and ask me who I would like to ask questions and what is the question. I said I don’t want to ask any question. I just want to give Misha the bouquet. Then They told me it’s not allowed. I said I know I should give the gifts during autographing but the staff there said Misha’s autograph section is cancelled and the flowers cannot wait. A staff then said she can help me to give the bouquet to Misha. I was really grateful and requested her to help me. The only thing I want to see is Misha receive the flowers and being happy. The staff agreed and asked me to write my name and pass number on a paper. I did that and they took the bouquet. After a short while, she came back and told me the autograph section is postproned, not cancelled. She asked whether I would like to give Misha the bouquet by myself. But at that moment, I hope the bouquet can be handled to Misha ASAP, so I insist to let her give the flowers. But I never expect Misha would bring the roses to the panel and look for me.
Actually, I was scared.
But I’m really thankful that I can have the chance to say “I love you” to Misha in front of hundreds of people.
He is so nice looking, prettier than the roses.

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Happy birthday Zen!
Here’s my April Fools’ prank. I promised something spicy but you get fluff instead. I hope you’re not making a sad face. I’m smiling (: 


12x15 “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”
Silent Storytelling Galore: When Expressions Say Much More Than Words

This is a face of utter defeat. A face of complete disillusion and seeing things exactly for what they are: freaking sad. Dean has been shown done with lieing a multitude of times this season, but this moment like no others before drive home, just how done Dean is with them. I don’t think he was truly surprised when Sam told him where he got the phone calls and jobs from at the end of the episode. It was more like a sad: “I thought so.” Dean isn’t on board. He’ll never be on board. His entire body language screams that. And that’ll pose issues further down the line. Will Dean become the next “rogue hunter” the BritMoL may think they need to deal with? I personally hope that come whatever the narrative will focus on how Dean cannot “be tamed” or “controlled” - because that’s in the end what the BritMoL want, utter and complete control over them - he is the ultimate symbol for free will after all.

Best Friends (Part 2)

Summary: Meeting in college, you and Bucky strike up a friendship. And that is all there is, until Bucky realizes he’s in love with you. But it might just be a little too late for that.

Word Count: 890

Part 1

A/N: If you aren’t in the tags yet, and you told me you wanted to be in the tags, I apologize. This part was queued up minutes after I made part 1 and I’m at work ahhh. You’ll be included in part 3 for sure. Hope you enjoy!

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Two weeks later, you ran into him again. This time, you were sitting down for your political science final exam and he had taken the seat right next to you. He recognized you first.

“Hey!” he greeted, wide smile on his face as you turned to look at him, perplexed. “Girl that I thought was Dot and snuck into her bed! How are you?”

You tilted your head, your brain still going over political theory and not processing what he had just said.

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