i was hoping for sasha pieterse


Do you have anything in common with Ali?
I would hope not. I get asked that question so many times and it’s a very valid question too. I have a really happy, healthy family relationship. So, I definitely don’t have the twisted one that she does and I would hope I’m not going to. But, there’s parts about her that sure are enjoyable. You’re kind of seeing that as well. I feel like I’m totally opposite and I kind of hope that I’m totally opposite, I’m told that I’m totally opposite. So, I’ll stick with that.

My take on these very clear parallels:

Who was the one to cause Aria to react the way that she did in her father’s office?–ALISON DILAURENTIS

Who was the one that caused Aria to ruin the nursery? –A.D. (aka: ALISON DILAURENTIS)

I truly believe that this is a clue that Alison was always manipulating from the start, and that she is still the mastermind behind everything. The writers must have included this scene to point out the apparent parallel to the viewers in hopes that they will not only see the similarities in the situations, but the similarities in WHO is involved.

The girls are deffo in 2 different outfits. Shay has red on in 7x18 promo clips although a black jacket in the outside scenes with aria and black low cut top in the KR scenes.

Also sasha is in a brown jacket and you can see that in the right hand corner of KR scene and in the background of the scene of then lying down. Sasha also in the Snapchat vid stands back and she’s in a black but floral print top. Hers in the aria scene is plain black.

I don’t know if this means it’s next week or not they could easily have 3 costume changes but I’m not holding out hope. I think it’ll be 7x19.

Sashay on Emison’s baby daddy:

Shay: “The girls have been through so much with each other, and separately, that I don’t really think anything can take them down. So, whatever the result is, whoever the dad is.. I mean, I hope they’re gonna figure it out.”

Sasha: “It didn’t hurt them, I think we can say that.”

Sasha on Emison baby names:

Sasha: “I remember one, and that is it. We need to look back… Of course, I’m not going to say it, are you kidding, it’s a good secret.”

I can't handle

… I can’t watch anymore shows produced by Marlene King. I started this show late and I feel so sorry(but simultaneously I congratulate you all for sticking by it for so long) for the people who have been here for the whole series because you guys have been waiting and I hope all of you are satisfied by the ending of the series because damn I’m hurt and I came late to the Rosewood party. You’ve all endured so much and I just want to hug you all. Also Mona Vanderwaal deserves better!!! Janel is amazing! And so is Vanessa Ray… all of the cast is great and you guys the viewers deserve a reward

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would you share your old psd?

             A   IS   FOR   ALIVE.            sure   thing   !   i   would   like   to   say   one   thing   though.   adjustment   #2   down   to   adjustment   #3   is   completely   mine.   they’re   my   psd’s   i   made   myself,   i just   added   the   rest   to   make   it   pop.   the   rest   of   the   psd’s   aren’t   mine.   i’m   not   sure  if   it’s   well   suited   for   poc   as   i’ve   only   been   working   with   it   for   sasha   pieterse   and   carlson   young.   HERE   YOU   GO   and   good   luck.   hope   it   helps   !