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Congratulations on 600+ followers !! It's nice to see people appreciating the hard work that goes into making art <3 I was wondering if it would be possible for you to draw Kokichi Ouma from NDRV3 ?

Aaah thank you very much anon <3

yay Ouma this little mischevious guy! (I still have a drawing of him somewhere in my folders I hope I’ll find the motivation to finish it one day hahah) gosh I want to play NDRV3 so much– I only watched some videos of the Prologue but I want to know what happens next T T too bad I don’t know enough japanese to understand it

Anyways, here you go! hope you like it ;3

Surprise (Part 2/ Epilogue)

Prompt: Part 2 of Surprise where you find out you’re pregnant with Washington’s kid. This is set a few months later and super fluffy :)               *Part 1 not needed to understand content*

Pairing: George Washington x Reader

A/N: An anon asked for a part 2 of Surprise. I usually post every weekend so I’m glad I caught this request before my 4 day weekend ended. Remember my requests are always open! I hope you guys enjoy this! I love to hear feedback. This one is super fluffy and adorable so I hope you guys enjoy it! :)

Surprise - Part 1

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You let out a loud relieved sigh and sag back onto the bed. Sweat matted on your skin and your head was throbbing. “You did amazing, sweetheart. Absolutely amazing.” Your husband hushed in your ear. A loud piercing cry filled the room making you wince. “Congratulations Mr. And Mrs. Washington. You have one healthy baby boy.”

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Happy 1st Birthday Saint. I can’t believe I’ve been a big sister for a whole year! Where does the time go? When mommy told me you were coming I didn’t think I would be able cope with not being an only child. However, through therapy, the undying love of my fans and mommy keeping you out of the spotlight, I got through it. So while I say happy birthday to you, I also congratulate myself for overcoming the anger and insecurities that come with having a sibling. Happy birthday Saint… I hope you get to go outside today.

honestly my favorite reaction to phichit announcing yuuri’s and viktor’s ‘marriage’ is otabek’s. he just looks so serious and genuine?? the others (excluding chris ofc) just have these faces of disbelief, but not otabek. no, his face looks like he’s so focused on celebrating them like “must congratulate them on the marriage”, “can’t believe i missed the wedding”, “hope they use protection on the honeymoon” and frankly i love that. i love otabek.



This is a video I made to congratulate the mods and all our followers for a great year. GET READY TO GET FUCKED

Í͇̣͈̰̮̮̓̔̈̊ Ǎ̴̡̯̦͇̄̄̅̏͗͋̎̊͜͝Ṁ̸̧̯̲͖̹̪̰̰́̑̆͊̑͊̉̆͗͜͢ S̤͕̠̪͇̩̀̐̋̊̅̉͒̑̓͘T̝̬͍̯̮̅̏͛͋͆́͒͡Ȉ̵͉͎̘̩̮̙̹̠̱͗̈́͐͘L̸̬̙͚̯͔̓͒̊͗͑̊̒Ľ̛̛̛͉̣͚͕̟̋̐̈́̇͘͜͟ H̙̱̠̣̗̣̽̾̆̔́͊͛̋́͌E̢͇̫͕̦̰̗̿͌͑̈͐͜R̶̛̻̫͉͔̮̱̙̝̻̺̀̎͒͛͌͝E͈̤͍̗͐̔̊͗̅̈̕̚͟

Congratulations @therealjacksepticeye​ for reaching 13 million subscribers! Thank you so much for bringing happiness into the world every day <3 The Antisepticeye month was simply awesome, so here’s what Anti could look like in his demonic form. He might be gone for now, but we shouldn’t forget about him…. Probably the best artwork I’ve ever done. I hope you like it!


Clinton publicly concedes, says she hopes Trump will be ‘successful president’

Hillary Clinton, hopeful Tuesday that she was poised to shatter the nation’s “highest and hardest glass ceiling,” instead Wednesday publicly conceded the presidential race to Donald Trump, saying the nation owed “him an open mind and the chance to lead.”

“I hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans,“ Clinton told supporters, including her staff, as she tried to strike a hopeful note despite what she described as a "painful” loss.

“I still believe in American, and I always will,“ Clinton said, surrounded by her family, including former president Bill Clinton.

In introducing his running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine said Clinton “has been and is a great history maker.”

Several hours earlier, Clinton called Trump, to congratulate him on becoming the nation’s president-elect. However, she did not make an appearance before backers gathered at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center for what was expected to be a victory party.

Just imagine. It’s finally the day Dino has waited for… graduation. He finally feels like he’s growing up, like he’s not just the youngest of the group. The moment has come. They call his name. He gets up, standing tall and proud. Suddenly in the distance, a familiar voice sounds. “DINO! WHO’S BABY ARE YOU!?” It’s Jeonghan. Dino sighs. He can’t overcome it. It’s primal instinct now. Quietly, he accepts his fate, and replies, “Jeonghan’s baby.”

an unsent letter to my past self: i look forward to the day when you realize for the first time that you will be alright. it took you years to build yourself up again, but trust me, the reconstruction was worth it.

an unsent letter to myself: your pain is not insignificant. the way you hurt is fine. find a home in any place you can, because you’ve known your whole life that home is never permanent.

an unsent letter to my future self: congratulations. you made it. i hope i love you.

—  unsent letters to myself
If I meet God, I hope she’s female. I’m touched by the power of women. I’m married to a feminist. And I’m troubled by the fact that women in our culture are congratulated most for losing weight.
—  Leonard Nimoy, The Full Body Project