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Lower Fi/Fe Clash

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Sometimes I find it difficult whenever my INTP friend and I (an ISTJ) clash when it comes to our beliefs about dealing with the world. Due to his inferior Fe, he has a hard time distinguishing which emotions are his and which are obtained from other people. So whenever I rant to him, he feels burdened and drained, enough for him to attempt to tell me to stop it. I, being another low Fi user, saw that as an insult because I interpreted that as him wanting to erase a part of me. I had this belief that when I complain to someone, it would mean I trust that person to listen to what made a big impact on my day and sometimes, to be able to comfort me and provide a solution for it. 

The other side of this conflict is that it bothers me more than it bothers him. Being an Fi user, I tend to mull over personal things much longer to the point that I couldn’t sleep properly when it matters too much to me, especially that it’s his birthday today. I hated having to have a disagreement before such a day which should have been happy. But for him, he didn’t really mind. He just said it in the heat of the moment because he felt very drained and he didn’t like any more “bad vibes”, as he described it. 

I find it confusing sometimes when he hides his true emotions and pretends to be someone else instead of presenting his true self even to his close friends. He told me he has this belief that no one would accept his true self at all, because it’s not something pretty to look at. But I always think to myself, “How would you know if you didn’t even try? Why hide yourself instead of being proud of it?” It’s as if he doesn’t have enough trust in his friends and in himself that yes, there would be acceptance that would come, only if you find the right people. I don’t know how else to convince him of realizing that, because from what I learned from dealing with him, he has to realize it himself. It’s quite interesting that we both have our time when it comes to processing emotions. The only difference is I need alone time to process it for myself, but for him, another experience must prove the assumptions true before he’d believe in it. 

Note: We had much more conflicts over the Fi/Fe views (pretty much all of our disagreements and misunderstandings are centered on that, honestly) but I just wanted to share an example and I’m wondering if other people experience the same thing. XD

Hitorijime My Hero 1x04 | Jesy's ramblings
  • Kousuke and Asaya’s sister (already forgot her name) just go and talk about the relationship of their little brothers. Why the fuck not, right? XD
  • “Oh! Got a special someone waiting for you at home with dinner, huh?” I bet that’s Settie
  • And it really is Settie ;)
  • “Don’t you get bored just lounging around with me on your lap all day?” And suddenly, Kensuke was more of a pet than a lover ;)
  • “Not Setagawa again…He’s all you ever talk about.” Jealous Boyfriend alert!
  • “Then will you let me do whatever I want ‘til I feel better?” Freakin’ devil!
  • “Now get undressed.” *dirty thoughts*
  • “Come with me to the bathroom.” WOW ASAYA!
  • Wtf Asaya…
  • “Shh! It’s the demonic love birds.”
  • Master Chef Settie
  • “Did he just “tsk” me?“ Yes. Yes, he did.
  • "What’s the guy we rescued doing here?” Flashback? Where?
  • “I kept seeing him follow you around so I invited him over!” STALKER!
  • “Have you picked up another stray, Ken? First Sasa, then Masahiro…” Kensuke really has a knack for this kind of thing, huh
  • Asaya is making The Yandere Face™ again D;
  • Asaya. Please stop intimidating Settie!
  • “C'mon, Hasekura, don’t bully him.” LOOK! Even your boyfriend agrees!
  • “Watch your butt.” That’s the best line I’ve ever heard in an shounen ai/yaoi anime!
  • “What am I gonna do with these guys…” I’m pretty sure everyone who watches this anime wonders the same thing, Kousuke
  • "You make an exellent papa for Ken-tan and a highly efficient house wife.”
  • “Are you sure you should be letting a student pick your test questions?”
  • That look Asaya was making tho. He probably knows something’s up. 
  • Kousuke calling Asaya “pretty boy” seems just sooo wrong XD
  • “Hasekura might be a little crazy, but if he can make Ooshiba laugh like that, I guess he’s alright.” Settie is honestly best bud!
  • “Ooshiba’s kinda special to me, I guess.” BROMANCE
  • “And you too, Kousuke.” Awww
  • He loves petting his head, doesn’t he?
  • “Then I started to feel like all my fears would disappear. As long as I had you around, Kousuke. That’s why…” IS THAT A CONFESSION I SMELL?
  • Aaaaand Hasekura’s still a dick…

Asaya: I’ll stop.
Kensuke: Stop what?
Asaya: Being mad at Setagawa.
Kensuke: Wh-what? Do you mean that, Hasekura?!
Asaya: Mhm.
Kensuke: Really? Smart decision!
Asaya: I mean, even if I leave him alone, he’ll still be…
Asaya: …still be miserable.

  • “You envied them, didn’t you?” Who wouldn’t?
  • “I thought it was cute how attached you got and I kept you too close, I’m sorry.” HOE! NO! DON’T DO THIS! PLEASE! DON’T DO THIS!
  • “I’m saying…that even if you feel that way, I can’t return those feelings.” Do you hear that? That’s the sound of my heart breaking!
  • “See, that look on your face…It’s screaming out: "I want you to break me, to screw me.”.“ LIKE YOU’RE ONE TO TALK ASSHOLE!
  • "If anybody knows the answer, I’d love to know…why it is that humans get so hung up that they want to run away and forget about everything?”
  • “Just because Ooshiba and Hasekura are like that doesn’t mean I am too!” But you are like that, my dear child.
  • “You damn old man!” LOL
  • And there is his mum with some guy, AGAIN
  • “Am I gonna lose it again? My place to belong…” Another heartbreak!
  • Purple panties?!
  • Settie is so innocent
  • Tackle out of nowhere…
  • Settie the panties stealer
  • “What’ll it be? Go home? Come to my place?” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Aaaaand you fucked up Kousuke
  • “He’s crazy strong in a fight, he’s smart, people are drawn to him, he can pull through any situation with a smile…I just wanted to be like him.“
  • “He gave someone like me a place to belong.“ It always breaks my heart when people or characters think they aren’t worth anything ._. Every life has a purpose.
  • Asaya? I know you’re a sadist but please leave Settie alone…
  • And now Settie is a god damn Shōjo protagonist
  • Shiiiit. Aren’t these the fangirls?
  • Well, Satou (the blue haired girl) either has a crush on Settie or is just super nice in general. Either way, I think she’s kinda cute :3
  • Do you feel that Kousuke? The jealousy? You do? Good! You deserve it!
  • “I just need to move on.” Like that’s really gonna work…
  • Kousuke. You’re a fuckin’ prick
  • “If you can’t return the feelings then just leave me alone!” Ohh? I thought you said you were actually “normal“, Setagawa 
  • “See you later. Hurry up and find a girlfriend.” OH NO YOU DIDNT!
  • Seems like we’re getting a lot of backstory next week!
  • And is it just me or are my posts getting longer each episode? :O


I’m gonna change the title from “My Highlights” to “Jesy’s ramblings” and continue to watch and ramble ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Spiritshipping Pairing in YGO DM

I really wish Spiritshipping, the YGO DM ship (YugixAnzuxYami) was called something else. Whenever someone asks me my OTP I say Peachshipping…and Revolutionshipping/Vanishshipping. I’m actually kinda a Spiritshipper, but the name is mixed up with the GX ship. I wonder why the two ships were named the same thing.

Sometimes I just want to reply I’m a Spiritshipper. Honestly it’s like the only threesome that I think would be perfect (if you ship it in that sense). Plus, it’s not technically a threesome…if Atem/Yami doesn’t have his own body. I’ve gotten into the ship a lot more lately especially after writing a couple of fics about them. I’m currently in the process of writing a multi-chap fic for the pairing that will probably not be posted anytime soon. XD

And now this became a whole essay…

I just wish they would change the name. Who decides these names anyways and why weren’t they careful about naming two ships the same thing?