i was honestly wondering the same thing xd

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I like how you aren't afraid of defending what you love with a constructive argument while being respectful. You don't let the haters get to you. And i really love the way you draw. Honestly you're my most favorite person on this website and I always love seeing you on my dash even if we aren't in the same fandom anymore

Aah thank you <3

I often struggle to defend what I like because I always wonder if the criticisms are right and I’m not in the wrong ? but then I try to look at other arguments and to see things objectively.

But yeah, I dislike letting things go to insults and anyway my mind just go full essay on each argument so I can’t fight it xD As well writing it down. Sometimes it can make the other person reconsider things or at least accept my point of view respectfully.

And thanks for the compliment on my art and everything <3 And thanks for still liking me despite me changing fandoms pretty often lately. It happens with several of my friends and I’m always watching on them from afar 

Spiritshipping Pairing in YGO DM

I really wish Spiritshipping, the YGO DM ship (YugixAnzuxYami) was called something else. Whenever someone asks me my OTP I say Peachshipping…and Revolutionshipping/Vanishshipping. I’m actually kinda a Spiritshipper, but the name is mixed up with the GX ship. I wonder why the two ships were named the same thing.

Sometimes I just want to reply I’m a Spiritshipper. Honestly it’s like the only threesome that I think would be perfect (if you ship it in that sense). Plus, it’s not technically a threesome…if Atem/Yami doesn’t have his own body. I’ve gotten into the ship a lot more lately especially after writing a couple of fics about them. I’m currently in the process of writing a multi-chap fic for the pairing that will probably not be posted anytime soon. XD

And now this became a whole essay…

I just wish they would change the name. Who decides these names anyways and why weren’t they careful about naming two ships the same thing?