i was high on sun salt and sand

The Secret Stairs

What if I could find the stairs
Made of sponge and oily moss
What if you could swim that low
And see springy, jelly kings
Crowns of light ringing their heads

What if our gear is all wrong
The oxygen tanks and wetsuits
Flippers that make us stronger
What if we don’t blink, jump in
And let ourselves sink to dark

What if it’s only the fear
That keeps us from going in
If I let go of your hand
And plunged in trusting in you
Let the seaweed slip around

What if frigidness is strength
What if salt water is life
It shuts down our flimsy lungs
Sprouts out gills and robust wings

Would you then let go
Would you then jump in
Would you breathe deeply
Trust a crown of light

Aren’t we drawn to the ocean
Lapping water, flecking sun
The birds up high circling
And the in and out of tides

Don’t we relax; don’t we grin
We feel ourselves slipping in
Doesn’t the sand fall away
Beckoning us to that end

So why do I stand here still
On the edge of it with you
Why do I concoct a grin
Next to the secret stairs in
Pretend I don’t hear the call
Telling us to come closer
Divulging the doorway in

By @katrinnac

Artwork by @wordrummager