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“Patriarchy: SMASHED. See you tomorrow night? #hereasweare #nynf#smashthepatriarchy” From NYNF’s Instagram

“The patriarchy got pretty smashed last night just fyi #nyneofuturists#theinfinitewrench #smashthepatriarchy#hereasweare” From Emmastory’s Instagram.

Fate/Grand Order Translation: Asterios Interlude

Since I recently got sucked into playing this game and it seems like there’s not that many translations out there, I thought I would contribute with a few things as I felt the motivation.  Asterios’ Interlude was adorable, so here’s a script for it if you’re interested.  Notes on translation quirks at the bottom.  Thanks, and enjoy.

Asterios Interlude: Sono Te wo, Kimi ni

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The Truth is All There Is [A Miles Edgeworth fanmix]


I Was Never Young by Of Montreal • Suffocation by Crystal Castles • Coal to Diamonds by Gossip • Interlude by London Grammar • Wish I Was Here by Coldplay & Cat Power • Where Did I Leave that Fire by Neko Case • Wasting My Young Years by London Grammar • If I Ever Feel Better by Phoenix • Don’t Wait Up by Robert DeLong • The Truth by Handsome Boy Modeling School • Shape of my Heart by Noah & the Whale • Face to Face on High Places by School of Seven Bells • Hello Hello by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

A Family is Born, a Captain Swan Occasion

A/N: The third and final chapter in an unexpected series.  Read Part I: Over Drinks, a Captain Charming Interlude here and Part II: And Conversation, a Mama Snow Moment here.

Shockingly, this chapter is M rated (cause my muse lives in the gutter, apparently).

 She’s tired, he can tell by the way her eyes glaze over as her mother twitters animatedly beside her.  She’s sagging in her seat, sipping at the fizzy drink he knows settles her stomach when the nausea is at it’s worst.  She’s assured him that will past after what she calls the first trimester.  He hopes that will be the case; he hates to see his Swan uncomfortable, especially when it’s related to something he’s caused.

And he’s certainly caused this, he thinks with a grin, his eyes flicking down to rest on her stomach, marveling that a life he’d helped create is housed within her still small frame.  He’s excited to watch as that changes, to be able to rest his hand over the swell of her belly and feel the life within.

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is simply this: (a) each of God’s beings, from the lowliest on up, is entitled to at least a few moments of genuine privacy. (b) What actually was spoken, while moving enough to those involved at the time, flattens like toothpaste when transferred to a paper for later reading: “my dove,” “my only,” “bliss, bliss” et cetera. ( c ) Nothing of importance in an expository way was related, because every time Buttercup began “Tell me about yourself,” Westley quickly cut her off with “Later, beloved; now is not the time.” However, it should be noted, in fairness to all, that (1) he did weep; (2) her eyes did not remain precisely dry; (3) there was more than one embrace; and (4) both parties admitted that, without qualifications whatsoever, they were more than a little glad to see each other. Besides, (5) within a quarter of an hour, they were arguing.

// The Princess Bride, William Goldman

Maritime Interludes

so here’s my little diddy for the klaine book project’s second and most recent book. 

merman!kurt, human!blaine

rating: g/pg/it’s innocent okay?

“Stop! You’re getting me all wet,” Blaine whines, pushing himself back towards the top of the rock. 

Kurt flips his hair one more time, just to tease, and combs his fingers through his bangs so they’re out of his face. He pouts. 

“Does this mean no cuddle time then?”

“Maybe if the sun is strong enough and you cooperate,” Blaine says, eyebrows scrunching together as he contemplates his boyfriend. “I can’t get my new pants wet. They’re dry-clean only.” 

Kurt smirks and whips his fins against the rock they’re sitting on, just once, so droplets of water spray near Blaine, who shrieks and slides further towards the opposite edge. 


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