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Calling Together the Outsiders Fandom!!

Ok, I know that there are some devoted “Outsiders” fans on Tumblr, especially my fellow Sasil shippers. Well, if you want to help make S3 and more Sasil (sasil baby!!!) a reality, our fellow cousins are working on it. Here’s what you can do (so far):

  First, sign the petition: https://www.change.org/p/zack-van-amburg-outsiders-shay-must-stay?recruiter=9624141&utm_source=share_for_starters&utm_medium=copyLink

 Join Outsiders WGN: Farrell Territory on Facebook and then join the private group. We are 11,000+ strong over there and it’s where we are getting our marching orders on how to unite to help save our beloved show.

 Use the hashtag: #ShayMustStay. Tweet at Sony and Sony TV. Follow the actors on social media. 

 And maybe most importantly, WATCH the last two eps of the season to hopefully show other networks what a devoted fan base there is. If WGN doesn’t want the 2 million viewers, someone else will. We’re not about to let the boneheaded suits at WGN (pour one out for “Salem”) kick us off of this mountain. And I will NOT accept not seeing the Sasil baby.

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Levihan Week 2017 Day One: First

I’m making a short return to Tumblr to participate in the Levihan Week on Tumblr! (I offered help on the prompts, so I thought it only seemed right. I threw this together yesterday in a car with my mother and her cousin frustrated because we kept getting lost XD) Very Levi centered, I always loved this about their relationship and its the only thing I wish they could have put in the anime.

I may be returning again to Tumblr for this BUT only this week. I think I’ll only be on hiatus for five-six more weeks. I’m rambling lmao!


(Title) Kindness

It was unexpected. Kindness was foreign to Levi. The only people that had ever been kind to him were his mother, Farlan and Isabel. So a stranger being kind was naturally unheard of.

In the Underground, everyone looked out for themselves and even if they did have companions, they saw their companions as expendable. Levi thought that was stupid- why bother having friends when you aren’t loyal to them? 
He’d always been loyal to Farlan and Isabel. One could dare say they were like family. The scruffy pair were all he needed. Levi didn’t need anyone else.

Just because this strange woman was being kind to him didn’t mean he needed her. Why would you need a stranger?
But everyone needs kindness, and the snot nosed Scouts he met so far including Erwin Smith had treated him as a weapon.
Levi knew he was fast and very dangerous, and had abilities unique to humans. However, everyone was different. How he saw it was that it didn’t matter that he was faster and more dangerous than anyone. (That definitely helped stealing in the Underground though)
The fuss to Levi was unnecessary.
Or so he thought.

“I saw it you know.” The trio heard a breathy, excited, giggly murmur just loud enough for them to hear. He could tell his two friends blood ran cold like his. Maybe they were too loud? Had they given their plan away? Had one of them said the wrong thing?

Cold metal greeted his warm hand.

Then the intrusive woman spoke again in a much louder voice, more cheerful than secretive. The innocence was evident in her shrill voice.
“The decisive moment of course! That was really amazing!”

The bizarre woman walked away with no trace of defeat, (despite her sparkling chocolate eyes fading a little as her Titan-sized grin slipped) another odd thing was that she was so upbeat, but her words and attitude to him stayed in Levi’s mind. She directly spoke to him, asking him questions similarly to Erwin yet she had a more informal tone. She acted like she was speaking to friends, the way she happily sat down with them and slapped Farlan and Isabel’s backs. The act of kindness was unknown to them too, the two also used to being treated like criminals. She didn’t look down on any of them. Her intentions were clearly to talk to Levi, but she was very happy to talk to them too.

It annoyed Levi and Farlan and Isabel, yet they felt that with someone like her around, the Scouts wouldn’t be so bad. That was why meeting her stayed in their minds.
Levi would never say, but it was nice that she was the first person to be kind to them.

As much as he tried to, he couldn’t forget her name. Her kindness mattered to him, although he knew what a cruel world this was: so he was hoping that was the only thing about her that mattered.

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Hey nice Tumblr person 🌸 I am in need of your help 💔 My cousin just recently lost the contract of ownership to his apartment and he's looking for it and can't find it anywhere.. Where I live this could very possibly mean the loss of his apartment 💔💔 He can't really afford losing it! Could you please pray for him that he finds it?

May Allah help him find it and make it easy for him. Ameen

You know when nothing goes right? My nephew was playing and jumping around my room and he threw up on my bed. (The duvet, you know, the one you cannot wash through the entire winter because there’s only one of it and my mom sews the cover by hand each year and it’s a huge bother.) My mom is outside and my dad is as helpful as a wet newspaper and my cousin helped cleaning up the mess but he had to bring my nephew to his apartment (so I’m making a tumblr post about it, duh)

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For the asks: Maple, cider, amber and maize?

  • Maple - Is there a hobby / skill that you’ve always wanted to try but never did?

I’ve always wanted to learn a string instrument but it seems so complicated. Same with a new language, but I just can never make myself sit down and learn.

  • Cider - A food that you disliked as a child but now enjoy?


  • Amber - Share an unpopular opinion that you may have.

Phew this might get me some hate, especially on tumblr, but I think autism is a really horrible, horrible disorder that needs to find a cure. I know there are a lot of really shitty organizations out there, but… tumblr seems to think autism is fine and dandy and doesn’t need medication or help, and I’ve even seen posts that say “there’s no such thing as severe autism.”

Those posts make me incredibly angry, because my cousin suffers from extremely severe autism and is going to be put into a home soon simply because his family can’t care for him anymore.

He’s huge. He’s strong, and he can be incredibly violent. He’s hurt himself and other’s because he can’t cope with even the simplest aspects of life. He can’t speak. He only knows a small amount of sign language. He can’t even see the rest of his family because they throw off his rhythm and he goes into screaming fits and hits people.

He’s 20. I haven’t seen him since he was little. He was diagnosed as an infant. He’s had therapy, medication, everything you could imagine. My family did everything they could to manage his disorder, but there’s only so much you can do.

And no, he doesn’t have other disorders or illnesses that makes him the way he is. This is all autism, and it’s horrible. My cousin is a prisoner in his own head and I can’t believe that other people on the spectrum could look at him and say “autism is okay”.

It isn’t. It isn’t okay.

… I need to stop, I get pretty emotional when I talk about it. It’s one of the reasons I’ve blacklisted everything related to autism on this site, because I just can’t deal with how most view it. I know a lot of them have no idea how bad it can be, but I don’t have it in me to talk to people about it.

  • Maize - Share the weirdest encounter you’ve had with a stranger on the street.


Autumnal Asks!


Okay, so. Awhile back there was this post about a video game concept where the housewives of 1950s America had to save the country from a zombie apocalypse. I ran it by my cousin, and he loves it. So he ran it by some friends he’s starting a game company with. Group of teenage boys, and their collective reaction was “dude. I would so play that. We’ve GOTTA.”

Because my cousin is pretty badass, his next question was: “who started it? We need to contact them.”

So, tumblr: you can make John Green find the thing, I need your help. I NEED TO FIND THE ORIGINAL POST. Not copy-reblogs, the actual post from which I can take an original source. It will include vintage-style housewives holding weapons, the first concept, plus a discussion of using a y-chromosome specific serum to begin the plague while ensuring women are immune.

Please help! I reblogged it MONTHS ago and don’t think I tagged it.

UPDATE: thank you to Tumblr user gootarts, who found it and linked me!
I am so pissed!>___<

Gawd! I just had the worst conversation with my cousin… We were talking about my tumblr-life and my love for Yunjae & dbsk/tvxq/JYJ.

I was showing him some posts, and suddenly he starts saying all this homophobic sh*t about how our boys look like a bunch of fags, wearinng make-up, and if it weren’t for their girly looks, they wouldn’t have a single fan in the world… O___o

I of course diaagreed and told him about the GIANT wonderful family known as CASSIOPIA, but he just wouldn’t let up.

In the end we made a bet: If I can get more then 50 people to reblog or like this and at least 1 new follower before Monday where I’m seeing him again, he will have to sit through all the Couple Talks with me without making a single homophobic comment.^^

But if I loose, I have to stay off tumblr for a week and I’ll have to post some stupid manip pic he makes of Yunjae. ;___;

*sigh* I really feel sorry coming for help like this… this is really not the way I want reblogs or followers… I just really, REALLY do not want my stupid homophobe of a cousin to win!

So my dear tumblr-family, I really need your help, please! ^^

♥ ♥ ♥

psa!! pls read!!!

hey guys so my grandma is very very sick in the hospital right now. she’s been hospitalized in ecuador for months but the hospital says they can’t keep her there any longer without this machine that is vital to her recovery. the machine costs 10k and no one in our family is helping with the money, they’ve just given up on her health. with the exception of my family and some close cousins that are raising money in any way we can (be it selling things we can, i’m selling my guitar & unused items for example) but we can’t make ends meet given we all come from low income homes. im going to start a fundraiser and share it on tumblr. if i could ask you to reblog it for me so more people see it could you please like this post. you don’t have to donate, only if u can, but the more people that see it the more people that can possibly donate. this isn’t the post, i just want to know who can help spread it beforehand. thank you so so much to those who can help in any way.

One day, one rhyme- Day 915

My cousins shouted: “Help, come quick!
There’s a huntsman on the nightstand!”
They both looked like they might be sick.
I took the spider in my hand,
Opened the door and set it free.
Guess that was the wrong move to make
Because now they’re looking at me
Like I just trod on a cupcake.