i was having such a rotten day today

Dating Tim Drake

Here you go @batman-robin I hope this is to your liking. 

·         Constantly babying him.

·         CONSTANTLY.

·         You have to tell him when to go to bed, feed him, and sometimes when to take a shower.

·         “Tim, baby…when was the last time you took a shower?”

·         “What’s today?”

·         “Go take a shower Tim. You smell like rotten meat.”

·         Sometimes he would listen to you.

·         Most of the time you’re dragging him by his feet away from his computer.

·         There was even a time when you had to call his brothers to help.

·         It was a dark day in that apartment.

·         You end up supporting his caffeine addiction.

·         You know he cannot function properly without at least one cup of coffee.

·         You notice that he needs coffee when he gets up from the bed, goes to the kitchen table, and lays his head on the table with a bang.

·         You hand him his favorite mug filled with his favorite coffee. “Here you go Tim.”

·         He takes it out of your hand and smiles at you. “You’re so good to me Y/N.”

·         “Yea I know.”

·         You stay by his side all the time and never complain.

·         But if he sees your upset over something, he’ll always tries to find a way to make you feel better.

·         If you’re worried about him during a mission he’ll always hold you by the waist and rest his head in between his shoulder blade.

·         “What’s this for Tim?”

·         “I promise I will be careful. I promise I will call you and tell you that I’m fine. When I come back, I promise I will hold you just like I’m doing now. You don’t have to worry.”

·         He kisses you and you smile at him holding him up to that promise.

·         You have a hard time trying to get his attention.

·         If he’s been on his computer for more than six hours, this is where you try to distract him.

·         “Tim do you want to go out to eat?”

·         “Y/N I’m kind of busy right now with this. You can go though.”

·         “So you would let me go alone? By myself? In the streets of Gotham?”

·         He thought about it for a second. “Maybe order a pizza.”

·         You go over to him and wrap your arms around his neck. “How we go out for pizza, come back here and watch a movie, and then go to bed.”

·         “But Y/N I have to get this report done. Bruce will kill me if I don’t have finish this.

·         You start kissing him on the neck and you can feel him squirm.

·         He sighs. “Well…I’m sure that an hour break won’t hurt.”

·         Him being your dorky little hard worker.

·         You being the one person that can keep him together.

Kylo Ren x Reader Imagine

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This is a reqest for @flamewolf100 because it’s her birthday today !!!
Happy Birthday friendo, I hope you’ll have a great day/hope you had a great day. 💕💕💕

“Imagine Kylo avoids you to plan the perfect birthday for you.”
Your co-workers and employees have been really annoying and clingy lately, everyone asked you what your birthday wishes are and if you want to celebrate with them. It was nice of them to ask and you felt valued but you couldn‘t think of anything your co-workers could give you for your birthday since Kylo spoiled you rotten with everything you wished for. This said, you didn‘t want to throw a party, you wanted to celebrate in private with Kylo but you had no chance to talk with him about it yet. You were sure to see him before your birthday since you lived in the same room and he had to show up at some point but the situation looked really bad when you couldn‘t get in contact with him in the night before your birthday.
It bothered you that everyone except for Kylo asked you what you want for your birthday and if you want to celebrate. You knew that he was busy, especially since the Resistance attacked so many Stardestroyers lately but there should be always a minute to send you a message on your holocom.

You sat in your quarters with a glass of wine, hoping that Kylo might show up before midnight so you could celebrate with him when the door behind you opened. You felt excited, not only that you wanted to celebrate with Kylo, you didn‘t see him since a week and you were happy to have him around after all this time but you also wanted to scold him for not contacting you for so long !
You turned around just to face Captain Phasma and your excitement vanished.
„Oh… hello, Cap,“ you greeted her.
Captain Phasma simply nodded at you.
„Miss Y/N, Ren wants to see you at bay two, he‘s waiting with his shuttle for you so hurry up.“
You put your wine glass down.
„Excuse you ? It‘s almost midnight, why does he want to leave Starkiller all of sudden and why can‘t he tell me himself ?“
„You could ask himself if you meet him.“
You sighed annoyed. You knew that Phasma would tell you nothing and to discuss would be a waste of time so you got up and walked over to your wardrobe to grab your coat, then Phasma escorted you to Kylo.

Phasma left you as soon as you reached the bay and you could already see Kylo from afar. He waited for you with crossed arms while wearing his helmet and you knew that he planned something special for you today. Disappearing from time to time was normal for him, even without telling you but to order you to his shuttle after not seeing each other for longer than a week ? Not so.
You walked up to him, quiet skeptical, waiting for him to say something but he just pulled you into a hug.
„I‘m sorry Y/N, I was really busy the last week,“ Kylo tried to explain himself.
„Too busy even for a short message ?“
Kylo sighed.
„Don‘t be mad please, I have a surprise for you. I know that it‘s your birthday in a few minutes and you‘ll just love it. But ! I won‘t tell you what it is yet, take place in the shuttle and I‘ll show you.“
You were surprised that Kylo prepared a surprise for you and you were curious what it was. You gave him a smile and then you walked into his shuttle to take place next to the driver‘s seat. Kylo followed you and sat down on the driver‘s seat. You liked it when Kylo flew his shuttle himself, he had some talented pilots in his family and he was just as blessed with this talent than his other family members.

Kylo took off his helmet started the shuttle. He left the protection barrier of Starkiller Base and stopped when Starkiller was still visible for you, but really small. You could see next to Starkiller and the sun multiple planets and you slowly started to grasp what Kylo planned to do.
„Kylo, I-“ you couldn‘t really star your sentence before Kylo interrupted you.
„No need for words my dear, the show will begin soon. We‘re more than punctually and Hux is already informed.“
„It‘s just… you‘re not blowing up a populated planet, do you ?“
Kylo shook his head.
„Of course not, I know your opinion on this. It‘s a gas planet and impossible for any kind of life form to live and grow there but the explosion will be twice as good as with normal planets. Now come here.“
His words soothed you and you could enjoy his surprise now peacefully. You walked over to him to take place in his lap and Kylo put his arms around your waist.

It took a few minutes but then the super weapon charged and fired one big red death ray to the planet.
Kylo didn‘t lie, the explosion looked fantastic and really beautiful. Kylo brushed gently your hair behind your ear as the planet blew up and gave you a kiss on your cheek.
„Happy Birthday my love, may the force be with you for a very, very long time.“ 

So annoyed at USPS right now

     So I bought a pair of red squirrels on Ebay and they finally came in. Shipped one week ago today, whole frozen animals, 2-3 day Priority mail, they get to my local shipping hub (not my post office, but the place that supplies all the local post offices) On time And instead of delivering it to where they should have, they sent it half way up the state and spends the weekend up there. 

     They get here today, you could smell them outside of the box, and not only are they a rotten mess, but, the faces are mummified and not workable so I can’t even make a study cast, one of the skulls is broken (hopefully fixable). So out of this whole situation I have one carcass that I can probably clean and articulate, and another that I can clean and maybe fix the skull on. So at least theres that. But of course I bought them to taxidermy, not to rot down

     I think the worst thing though is theres nothing I can really do about this, its not the sellers fault USPS fucked up, and even though it was insured, the insurance doesn’t cover perishable items so I don’t think they will do anything. So it goes. Im just praying this shit doesn’t happen with the other deads I have coming in this week..


So today’s the day… January 1.
Here’s a little fic I made to commemorate this amazing show. As you may know, I absolutely love the idea of Nick, Nigel and Will’s friendship. It’s just really important to me and personally a reason why I love the show so much. This story can be implied romantically or in any other way anyone feels like, but I just really wanted to focus on their friendship for now :)

It’s set a year after Will leaves the troupe. He is still trying to rise to the top, and he finds inspiration in an event that occurred three years ago. Some parts are based on @christianborle‘s headcanon about iambic pentameter (posted on @stuff-and-shenanigans), and @wehear-tits‘s headcanon on Fair Youth. It’s my first fanfic in this fandom, so sorry if it’s ooc. Please go easy on me hehe… I hope you like it! ❤️🍅

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Last weekend it went down to the single digits and it didn’t get above freezing until Tuesday. Yesterday (Thurday) it was 73F, and it will be about the same again.

What’s odd it it doesn’t bother me so much having to so dramaticly change what I wear from day to day, but having to figure out how many covers at night is a real pain.

I do wonder if my horrible scary breathing problems yesterday were connected not just to that rotten bathroom work, but also the weather shift at the same time. 

Actually, I’ve been putting off going back to work on it today. I sure hope my lungs can take it.


I desperately want to go to the woods instead…..

Nanny life

I had the best day ever with the kiddos today and I totally had a proud parent moment with the oldest. I almost cried because I was so proud of him today!!!! I love my job ❤ and I definitely have a handle on kids. I get overwhelmed at the idea of having my own children at times (mostly I think because though I love the kids I nanny, they’re incredibly spoiled and can be pretty rotten sometimes) but today I was like you know what, I got this parenting thing down! M is finally learning how to control his response to his little brother when he’s upset. He got mad and I could tell he was gonna scream at N like he ALWAYS does, but instead he took a deep breath and looked at me for guidance while he calmly talked to his brother and I gave him cues. (I’ve been trying to teach M for forever that yelling and screaming is not an acceptable way to talk to people even when you’re angry.) It was such a beautiful moment. I’m so happy and excited!

So for Christmas my parents got me what they are calling me an “apartment starter” kitchen table, because apparently they are offended I have been using a card table as my kitchen table/desk for six months (my parents are huge fans of the “let us buy you something you can have/use for decades” argument).

It was delivered an hour ago. It looks nice, even if it currently seems huge in the space. It’s supposed to have four chairs but one came broken, so the drivers called the company to schedule a replacement and today I learned I am never going to be home again.

The woman wanted to deliver it this week. I am at school every day. So she says Saturday. I’m taking my MTELs. We schedule for the week after and I tell my mom and she reminds me that would be the day my sister and I are going to go see Something Rotten here in Boston.

Hahahahaha now I have to reschedule again. But I think three weeks should work. I only have to keep/hide this broken chair in my tiny tiny apartment for twenty-one days.

…the table is nice though. Although if my parents try to replace/add any more stuff to this apartment I might kill them at this point. Even if I appreciate it.


Today, I hope despite the weather (its supposedly very cold above the panhandle) that you are able to prance about as you please and receive thousands of phone calls offering you either well wishes or invites to party.

I know the year is almost coming to an end but that doesn’t mean your special day should be ignored!
Live it up and have that party before the New Yeat


.:Imagine have a day off with Han:.

Request for anon:

“Reader and Han having a day off and it’s cute and cuddly and fun and all the fluff”

GIFs aren’t mine

Weeeee two fics in one day. I’m spoiling you noodles rotten. No not really. I’m just trying to write a lot em so you guys can start requesting again!! :)

You felt Han stir by your side, signaling him waking up. You haven’t been up long, but long enough. You feel Han bury himself into your shoulder.

You tap his shoulder. “Good morning, beautiful.” You say with a sarcastic tone.

“Shut up,” he mumbled back.

“Nope! So what are your plans today?” You ask.

Han sits up on his side and looks at you. “I was thinking we could just stay in bed today. Just do nothing, if ya want.” He interlaces his fingers with yours.

“Sounds good to me!” You say cheerfully. “Can I make some breakfast first? I’m starving.”

Han pulls you in by your waist. “No! Don’t leave me! You’re warm.”

You pinch his sides in attempt to loosen his grip. “Y/N. Don’t. We both now how that ends when you do that.”

“Wha, when I do this?” You pinch him again. And you were in for it.

A tickle fight.

Han starts and doesn’t let up. Tickling you everywhere he could reach. You roll around, laughing so hard, trying to block his assault but having no victory.

“Han… S-stop… I’m sorry!” You say laughing. “You win! You win!”

He looks up at you with a smile and kisses you. “I always win, darling.”
He lays against you, placing his face into again. You smiling, hold him close.
It was gonna be a long day.

Today I am sad

I’m sad today. Today I am very sad. It’s one of those days where the weight of your emotions is overwhelming and you can’t shake it and you know it’s irrational to feel this way and you beat yourself up for feeling so rotten but that just makes you feel worse and you end up putting all your energy into not crying because you have work to do and you can’t do your damn job if you’re a sobbing mess.

It would be nice to be normal.

02/01 - 04/01/2017

The past few days have been uneventful.

I got the pets Christmas stuff in the mail and they’re having a blast with it. I got the rats a timothy tunnel, it’s a bit smaller than expected but they like it, they also got some apple wood chews which they are sharing with Sterling.

Sterling got one of those bendy lounging logs and he loves it, he likes to chew it and sleep on it. He’s still cuddling my stuffed rabbit plushie.

I have to clean cages soon but I have no motivation. I’ll hopefully do Sterling’s tonight, since it’s easier, and then do the rats tomorrow. I didn’t want to clean Sterling’s cage yesterday because I had clipped his nails, so he was in a rotten mood.

Snowbell has not been doing well, I’ve found her puffy 2 days in a row, she’s okay today but still not great. I probably should have put her to sleep on Monday like originally planned. I’ll have to keep her comfortable until next week. I’m going to give her metacam to relieve any pain she may be feeling and put on the humidifier to help her breathing. She hates getting taken out of the cage now, so I’ll just let her rest and give her lots of treats.

I’ve been considering buying an urn from a 3rd party retailer because the company who does my cremations only has very expensive urns. I’m worried that the quality may not be very good from other sources though. I’ll have to look into it more.

I hope you guys are having a good day ❤️

Thoughts about DreamWorks’ Home and movie-going/watching in general

So, as alot of people know on my tumblr, I am a big Dreamworks fan, and lately I have been gearing myself up to watch it after discovering that the main character is going to be the first Dreamworks black female protagonist! That and it’s based off a really good book as well!

I was really excited… until I heard rumors and reviews, and saw the Rotten Tomatoes rating for it being 37%. I was upset, and become less than excited to see it.

But today I decided to go see it with my sister, fearing the worst from all the bad reviews about the movie, and then something hit me….

What happened to the good old days when we were kids and we watched movies that were obviously bad, but still enjoyed them?

Or when we could care less about what the critics said and looked at movies from our own perspective and experiences?

Or when we could find just one little element from a movie that made the whole thing worth seeing?

Right before the movie started, I decided to let go of any expectations, and any other pre-judgements that I had gathered over the last couple of weeks, and decided to see it from a child’s perspective… For the pure glorious experience of fun! Not for criticism.

I watched Home. and curiously enough I found that I really LIKED the movie! 

Like, it had flaws, BIG FLAWS

1) It was really weird in pacing.

2) It’s humor was very quick

3) And it was very silly. VERY SILLY. AND FAST. AND JUMPY.

Normally, those things would drive me OVER THE EDGE and I would leave wanting my money back.

But after the movie, I found that there were a lot more GOOD things about the movie as well!

I won’t spoil for the life of me, but the messages in the movie were very uniquely handled, the characters had great moments, THE MUSIC WAS GREAT and the art direction was spectacular. Like the ideas of the Boov technology were AMAZING! And I enjoyed every minute of it!

There were a few moments where my heartstrings were tugged at, and even some parts where I couldn’t help but cry, and I found that those scenes MADE the entire movie worthwhile. 

It made me learn something.

If you think you can find one thing to enjoy in a movie, be it mediocre or grand, then focus on that thing and the rest will seem miniscule in having a fun experience.

AKA in the midst of the bad, trying finding a speck of good, and hold on to it.

Which is ironic because the movie had one message very similar to this! XD


Go watch HOME if love animation, great characters, or if you like interesting sci-fi situations.

I can’t promise that you will love it, but I think you can definitely find something to like from it. What is will be? Only you will know. :)

I’m sorry for being a butt and finishing this late but I hope you still like it doe ;~;



You got now idea how happy I am that you did this for me. I love you, dude. So much, mang. kjshgfksdhg

I can’t with the words right nowsdfkjhdghkldfhlh


~ guess who’s nineteen today! (spoiler alert: it’s me 💃🏼) oh my god I feel so old! Anyway, here’s a quick snap of @thestudyjunky and I hustling in our fave study spot earlier today - yes, the student life can’t stop for long! 😂📚 

 I hope you all have fantastic days / nights wherever you are, I’m off to get spoilt rotten by some of my favourite people on earth hehe ☺️🎉🙌🏻

 Much love, Mon xxx

Blog Roll for AAW!!

So, unlike the last 2 days, I’m a bit light on posting material for today. In light of that, have a blog roll of awesome ace bloggers whom I think you should follow!



































@jesymix14: Well well well @leigh_love_life ur twenty bloody FOUR today!!!!! Finally I’m not on my own😉 the most beautiful little human being I’ve ever met u make me so so happy and I feel so lucky to have u in my life! U get more and more beautiful everytime I see you and it’s starting to really piss me off now! My sassy little diva I hope you have the most amazing day and get spoilt rotten I love you very much happy birthday 👭💅💁❤️🎉🎊🎈🎁

A very sad day for my family. Today, my childhood pony Marcus, at the ripe old age of 28 was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer which has spread to his heart. Despite the thousands and thousands of dollars I have spent to fix it, there is nothing more we can do. we are keeping him comfortable enough to live out his days as a happy old man being spoilt rotten by his family until it’s time for him to cross the rainbow bridge. As you can imagine, I am so heartbroken and absolutely distraught. I love you Marcus. You have taught so many and have achieved so much, you have touched the lives of everyone who has ever had the pleasure of knowing you. you are so, so loved by us all.

I sweat my lady balls off today lol. Thankfully baby slept for the first 5 pails of picking. We were definitely a week late. Lots of rotten ones so picking was slow. We all have pink fingers now and baby is covered in strawberry juice lol. Now I get to spend the rest of my day washing, topping, freezing and bagging them.