i was having feels for the brothers

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How would you feel if Homura fell in love with one of your brothers and not you? What would you do?

So… I’d beat ‘em but for good measure maybe and have a cry but then I’d swallow it and move on? I’d… Try at least… It’d hurt but… I don’t get to decide for her of course.


he could tell you were upset the second you walked in. you collapsed onto the couch next to Jack and he immediately pulled you into his lap, “what happened?”

“dont want to talk about it.” you answered.

he nodded, knowing the feeling, “what can i do to make you feel better baby?”

“sing to me.”

“dont have to ask me twice.”

Casual Mikey things:

  • Some Kraang Tech doesn’t work unless he’s touching it
  • Pulled an electrocution device off of his brother’s head. Just kinda fainted for ten seconds with a big dopey smile on his face when the voltage should have been enough to kill him.

  • Got shot with enough electricity to completely disintegrate him, ended up getting lightning powers instead of dying

  • Has a super sonic scream that in one certain dimension had the ability destroy terrain and throw off the balance of enormous monsters

  • Was also able to find a concealed colony of secret alien rebels in .5 seconds because ????

  • Got giggly and high after being zapped by a torture device that made giant semi-impervious dinosaurs shudder in fear

  • Was able to use a magic seal that the super-powered telekinetic/telepathic wonder redhead couldn’t wield

Pls add if I am missing anything

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Hello! I love your imagines so much!!! Your writing is sooo amazing ! Can I get an imagine with Romano and Prussia ? Like a Snapchat or social media imagine ! With like seeing their s/o on other people's Snapchat or their s/o taking selfies and posting them on Snapchat ?

Lovino (Romano)- Lovi probably wouldn’t even have a Snapchat unless his s/o convinced him to get one, and the only thing he’d do with it is vague post about the other guys (or his brother, but he’ll feel bad literally 2 seconds after posting it and take it down). 

He might get a little jealous if his s/o is hanging out with other people (mainly other guys) and posting a bunch of stuff on Snapchat without him, but he’d never say that outright. He’d also secretly think they take really cute selfies. 

Gilbert (Prussia)- Gilbert uses Snapchat excessively, and he’d always be sending stuff to his s/o because of that. He’d insist on keeping a streak with them and if it’s long enough he’d actually be upset if they lost it. He also tries to catch people off guard and take pictures of them with silly filters (i.e Ludwig and his s/o). 

He wouldn’t really mind seeing his s/o on other people’s stories, because he’s typically on other’s as well. If his s/o took selfies he’d just send some back, but they’re always weird ones where he makes silly or ugly faces on purpose. 

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I totally agree with all of this. I’m still fucking reeling from seeing it last night. My eating disorder definitely developed partly because I was so alone and needed someone to be there for me. The gradual transition of “Matt” becoming more and more evil and less like Olivia’s real brother is so legit in relation to how the ED voice initially is a life raft before it tries to drown you. I just UGH can’t stop thinking about it. It’s so goddamn real.

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defection, Jetfire

How could he DO THAT TO ME??? After Vos? He knew Megatron was coming for more. He - he knew how I was desperate to keep up, and that I had no support left. And he still left! Even more followed him. A second wave of defections.

If he stayed maybe…. maybe we could have held Trypticon. Kept the crew safe, kept Dark Energon out of play. Cybertron wouldn’t have died! And he had the nerve to ask me to give it up, after leaving me alone! What was I supposed to do! I thought we were friends.

Quick Call Out

@2pcanadas-googlehistory is too cute and awesome

  • Gives awesome hugs
  • is an actual teddy bear
  • best big brother figure ever
  • he cares a lot for someone shorter than me .3.
  • man i mean those hugs are like safety and happiness they are the shit
  • Actual sinnamon roll????
  • Like seriously how is someone that kind and supportive
  • one of my first nontoxic friendships
  • cares for us all and would probs stab a bitch for us
  • Probs the least problematic fav on this hellsite
  • That art is fuckin amazing man
  • He’s nice??? To me??? 
  • Awkward cinnamon roll too good too pure

That is all. Feel free to share any reasons you have of why Kegan is too cute and awesome.

Get to know me | part 5

Gif credit to the owner. 
Synopsis: Frustrated Min Yoongi leaves the house. 
pairing: Min Yoongi X reader
warning: very small amount of smut


Author’s note: This took me forever to write. Please please please send some feedback. Much love to all of you for reading my series. I really want to make it better so you can enjoy it more. <3 <3 <3

When you found Yoongi on top of you, the only thing you could think about is your childhood. You considered him as part of your family.  He protected you like an older brother.  Ever since you have discovered who Min Yoongi is to you, it was hard to think of him as something else. He kissed you, but you feel nothing. He is touching you and yet there is nothing you feel for him. You couldn’t hide it. You can’t think of him as your lover, let alone husband.

Yoongi understood what is going on in your head. He immediately left the room without a word to give you some space. He entered the living room and started to pace back and forth and eventually let out a deep sigh while crashing on the couch. You buttoned up your shirt and slowly opened the door to discover Yoongi lying down on the couch, his eyes are covered with his right arm. All kind of emotions are surrounding you now. You sat next to him. He got up instantly. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done it.” He is feeling guilty. “I’m sorry too.” You said lowly without looking at him. There is just too much awkwardness going on between you two.

Yoongi stood up, grabbed his jacket and beanie. “I need some fresh air,” he said while rushing out of the apartment door. Now you are feeling guilty. You knew this was coming. But you were not mentally prepared to accept it. Yoongi’s words kept echoing in your head, ‘I accept this marriage, if it’s you.’ It struck you that Yoongi saw you as a woman, but you still couldn’t see him as a man. Maybe it would’ve been different if you didn’t know who he was or you two didn’t know each other at all. Min Yoongi was the older brother that you never had.

Your train of thought is disturbed by a phone call. You find Yoongi’s phone on the couch. 'Should I answer? No maybe I shouldn’t because Sejin warned me so much about it.’ The call dropped before you could do anything. Almost immediately the phone rang again. 'What if it’s an emergency?’ You pick up Yoongi’s phone which says 'JK calling.’ “Hello,” you answer the phone. “sorry, wrong number,” the person on the other end hangup. A minute later the phone rang again, it’s the same person calling, named JK. You answered it again.


“I’m sorry but doesn’t this number belong to someone name Min Yoo-”

“He forgot his phone at home, is he alright?” You are worried.

“he is in Daegu……”

“No, in Soul.”

It was suddenly silent on the other end and then you heard JK talking to someone else. “Hyung, this girl is saying Suga-hyung has a home in Soul.” You hear chattering and laughing in the background. And then the JK person hangup.

Yoongi walked out of the apartment complex. He put a mask to cover the lower half of his face and decided to walk all the way to the BigHit building. It was silent than usual. The members are probably back to dorm if not back to their home town, enjoying the week off. Only the building maintenance staffs are in there. He casually walked towards his studio, by the dance practice room when he heard music coming from there. He took a sneak peak inside and saw Hoseok practicing street dance. He walked inside the practice room.

Hoseok noticed Yoongi and screamed, “Hyung, what are you doing here?” while walking towards the sound system to turn off the music. “What are you doing here?” Yoongi threw the question back at him. Hoseok walked towards Yoongi while panting. Sweat dripping down his chin. “I haven’t done street dancing for so long. And I almost never get the practice room by myself,” He said while grabbing a towel to wipe his sweat off. Yoongi sat in a corner of the large white practice room without saying anything.

“What’s going on? Are you ok?” Hoseok sat next to him with an worrying expression. “Nothing important, I’m just feeling lonely,” Yoongi said with a deep exhale. “Woah! never thought I’d be alive to hear this. ” Hoseok laughed out loud, but seeing Yoongi not cheering up diminished that smile off of his face. He is concern about Yoongi now. “Is everything ok? Any problem? You know I’m always here to listen hyung, right?”

All the members are like a family to him. He is usually not the open one but even at this moment he felt like he doesn’t have anyone else to go to talk about the marriage. He stayed quite thinking talking about it would only stir up the messy situation more. “What is it? Do I have to take advice from a dongsaeng now?” He pushes Hoseok playfully. Then gets up to leave the dance practice room, “I’m fine Hobi, I’ll just go to the studio for now.” Yoongi lazily made his way to his studio. It’s a soundproof room. He can only hear his breath. He sank in the couch by the door of his studio as boredom started taking over his mind.


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6:38 am i initiated a fun game of "what is the meanest thing your older sib has done" and the first response i got was "he tried to kill me when i was a toddler"

The worst thing i ever did was chase my brother around the house when he was like 4 with a butter knife and when he locked himself in my moma bathroom i stuck it thru the holes and listened to him scream n when he told my mom what i did i told her he must have been dreaming n like. Thats the worst thing ive ever fucking done to him i feel so bad its been 6 years and i still jusf kahtkdurnsys km dveunsssbshs


Okay I got asked a few of these so I’m just going to do them all in one post lol.


4. Teeth, sternum, hands, and cheekbones. He’s a snuggler too so expect cuddles

5. Sweet sugary cocktails

7. Underside of his ribs

13. Mm it depends. He likes some submissive behaviors, but if someone’s too submissive he instead shifts from being into that person and just becomes protective. I would say he gets flustered by someone sucking on his fangs honestly. Like he goes crazy for it XD


2. Meh he won’t kill an innocent human, or will feel conflicted if he’s in a situation where he has to. His brother’s safety is a weak spot.

4. He hasn’t really let anyone be close to him after the explosion XD but I suppose his scapulae and temporal bones.

5. He doesn’t really have anything to feel guilty about enjoying. He’ll even take jobs from humans to do other things, like one time he was in a different AU’s cafe and saw a human girl was upset. Asked her about it and found out her exboyfriend was a douche so he offered to rough the guy up a bit in exchange for a free coffee. He went and ripped off the hood after scaring the crap out of him and told her to not worry about it, he had found a snack. So basically helped her out for free (but didn’t admit to it). His big thing is everything comes at a price, but he actually does help others out quite a bit for free. In a way. lol

13. Doesn’t really get flustered


5. He prefers to be dominant but on occasion he’ll play submissive depending on who it is and as long as you never tell anyone he was the sub. He’s also a sadist in bed and loves bondage.

7. tops of his hip bones

11. He acts like he lies a lot or pushes people away, refuses to get attached to anyone or let them get attached to him. He’ll project himself as a bad guy when he isn’t really, just so people won’t get attached.

13. Besides Rai? Dirty talk and teasing XD He likes someone that kinda challenges and matches his sass.


5. I have no idea XD I don’t feel like he’d really feel guilty about much. Although maybe… he reprograms himself a lot. So like, he’ll adapt personalities or reactions based on who he’s talking to. It’s not really a pleasure though, just easier for him.

13. forwardness and praise

I wasn’t sure what you meant by 5 for all, Anon. Like just my boys or all all as in all skeles I RP xD

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I honestly never would have guessed you were autistic, but then again you can't really tell with my little brother either until he tries to talk. Idk I don't wanna come off as rude but you're really cool and I hope anyone who ever made you feel like your autism makes you less of a person gets a good solid kick to the throat. You fucking rock, mah dude.

that’s the thing about autism, it manifests in different ways. but society a very rigid idea of what it is to be autistic, and if you don’t fit that image then you’re just being difficult. plus as a kid i was female presenting, and autism goes severely under diagnosed in girls. end result: i was diagnosed later in life, and missed the hell out on a lot of resources. and because i wasn’t diagnosed until it wasn’t as ‘serious’ (kids generally have more severe symptoms than adults), my family doesn’t really take it seriously, in the sense that they don’t feel the need to change the way they interpret/support me. it has been super hard but living in a world that is hostile/unaccommodating/condemning  towards autistic people has been as much if not more of a problem than the autism sypmtoms themselves. 

i’m not offended, cause you like me and you’re being nice (which thanks btw) but just so you know it’s usually rude to tell someone you ‘wouldn’t have guessed they were autistic’. cause it usually implies negative things about autistic people, and reinforces the whole ‘autism looks specifically like this’. plus autism is a huge part of my ‘quirky’ self-described ‘weirdo’ personality, to the point i would think it was obvious, so when people are surprised it reminds me of how i don’t fit the autism stereotype, and i feel misunderstood. But I know you’re trying to be nice, I just wanted to give you that feedback cause not enough people are taught that.

a lot of people have made me feel like less of a person. my childhood & adolescent years were hardcore dehumanizing. it Sucked Hard. but meeting people online and suddenly having people who righteously object on my behalf really helps. really it’s incredibly validating. so thank you for reaching out.

and yes you are observant, i do indeed fucking rock. thank you for noticing.

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I went back and read all of Levitation! again because I had to and I'm just wondering, if the scenario that Troy/Triton said was true, that Levi was just some rando who suddenly got powers, would he just not use them really? Like even as a supervillian, he seems like the type I would be, eh about actual crimes/villainous going-ons and only accompanying his brother in his harebrained schemes. Like Levi genuinely seems very half-hearted about actual evildoing and more into books/sex/sarcasm.

Does Levitation really have any desire to be a supervillain? He seems to find the whole thing really tiresome and dumb, to be honest. I feel so bad for him, that he feels like he needs to live up to someone he’s not but also that he’s stuck doing these stunts he’s really just not a fan of. Also I would want Triton to see that video of young Levitation, it’s incredibly adorable and just the sort of creepy stalker thing he’d do. 

That’s a good question!

The thing is, the previous Leviathan was kinda the brains of the operation and then that all fell apart, so Kraken was left as the older, in-charge brother to a Leviathan he had to raise himself. 

Our Leviathan didn’t grow up with his intended Kraken, so their dynamic never developed into whatever it was going to. So yeah, maybe that threw off the balance and Levi never grew a thirst for villainy. He was too busy sulking over how dumb his brother is. 

Oh and omg books/sex/sarcasm would totally be Levi’s twitter bio. I love it. 

He has something I want (Carl-Shameless)

Request: I wanted to ask if i can have a Carl Gallagher imagine please! Where the reader is a year older than Carl and is best friends with Lip and Carl gets jealous with their close-flirty friendship, so the reader goes to check on him and they admit there feelings to each other? Sorry if it’s long, I love your work!

Oo!! that’s so cute!!!

“Hey little solder.” Y/N smiled at Carl as she made her way down stairs in only her underwear and one of Lip’s t shirts that looked like a dress on her.

“Y/N.. I didn’t know you spent the night.” The year younger boy said sitting up straight.

“Yeah Lip and I went to some club last night and i was apparently to wasted to walk home, so i crashed here.” She explained getting herself a cup of coffee.

“Ah.” Carl couldn’t help but let his eyes land on her bare legs, that damn shirt revealing just a bit of her ass as she reached up to get the mug.

“Thought i felt the bed shift.” Lip said joining the duo downstairs. “I thought you wont be able to walk today.” He laughed  wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

“Dude, i don’t want to hear about your sex life.” Ian groaned walking in to the house, clearly just coming from his run. Carl’s face showed wrinkles of anger and disgust. He has always had a thing for his brothers best friend. He loved it when she used to hang out in their room, even if she was there just for Lip. But ever since Lip got his own room he bearably saw her.

“No!” The girl laughed, shaking her head.

“The club we went to last night, had this-” Lip was cut off with Y/N’s hand over his mouth.

“Nope, they don’t need to know that.”

“Oh but i think we do.” Ian said raising an eyebrow making Carl nod.

“They had this pool there and the drunk girls danced on it-” Lip started again pulling her hand off of his mouth. “One of the girls that tried to dance on it heard this little missy,” He said motioning at his friend, “Making fun of their failure so she dared her to do it better.”

“Did you?” Carl asked without thinking.

“When have I ever turned down a dare?” Y/N laughed leaving Lip and walking over to the table, sitting down besides Carl.

“She did, and she did.. uff.. You should of seen her.” Lip said winking at his friend with a laugh.

“Hey laugh all you want but you did drink for free all night because of me.” She said smirking back at him.

“Why?” Ian asked, clearly impressed.

“The men who watched her all offered to buy her drinks all night.” Lip explained making the girl shake her head.

“Oh it’s always fascinating to me how the male mind works. Hey, i think you’re hot, let me buy you a drink so you’ll suck my dick.” She said the last part in a deep voice making everyone  laugh.

“Well that usually works with me.” Ian said taking a sip of his coffee.

“Hey I’ll run to the store, need anything?” Lip asked making his way to the door after Ian walked upstairs to shower.

“Nah, I’m good. I’ll just hang with Carl till you get back.” Y/N waved her friend goodbye.

“So what does have a guy to do to impress you?” Carl said making the girl giggle at his attempt at flirting. He was so much like his brothers.

“Well He has to know the full 50 shades of grey trilogy by heart.” She said with a serious  voice.

“Wha- Really?” He raised his eyebrow.

“No silly.” She laughed, playfully bumping her shoulder in to his. “He just has to be kind. If he gets me roses, that’s always a bonus.” She winked at him.

“Hey, i wanted to ask you. What’s up with you and Lip, i saw how you look at him. Did you two have a fight or something.” The girl asked. She has caught Carl giving Lip dirty looks pretty often lately.

“Nah.” Carl said, not daring to tell her the truth. She was a year older than him, and she was probably fucking his brother.

“C'mon Carl. I can see that something is wrong.” She said gently taking his hand in hers.

“He… He just has something i want.” The boy said, his heart starting to beat faster.

“Did you ask him for it?”


“What is it?” The girl asked, confused at what could possibly mean that much to the boy in front of her. She knew him pretty well. She watched him going from a little sociopath who liked to blow up stuff to a wanna be black guy and now, he became a real man, going to army school. He really cleaned up his act. And  yes, He has became more attractive in the last year or so.

“It’s -” The younger Gallenger was cut off by his brother bursting trough the door.

“I came bearing gifts.” Lip said throwing a pack of Marlboros at Y/N who let go of Carl’s hand and caught it.

“See that’s why I love you.” She laughed opening the little box and taking out a cigarette and putting it in between her red lips just as lip walked over to her, lighting it. She could almost feel Carl get angrier and angrier with every second. “I should get dressed.” She said standing up before looking back at Carl “We’ll talk later, okay?”

“Sure.” He nodded before Lip lifted the girl over his shoulder and  carrying her upstairs. Carl could feel himself growing more and more jealous by every second.

A couple of hours later Lip and Y/N were sitting on his porch, smoking and talking when Carl walked pass them without saying a world before slamming the door.

“What’s up his ass?” Lip said blowing out a cloud of smoke.

“I don’t know. I’ll go and see.” The girl said before putting out her cigarette and kissing his cheek.   She walked upstairs and knocked on Carl’s door.

“What?” The boy snapped trough the door.

“It’s me. Can I come in?” She said in a soft voice.


She slowly opened the door only to find the boy sitting on his bed. “You okay?” She asked sitting down next to him.

“Sure.” He said shortly.

“What is that thing you want that Lip has?” She asked giving him all of her attention.

“You.” He finally looked up at her.

“What?” Confusion visible in her face.

“I want you.” He repeated. “I’ve always liked you. But you .. you only see my brother.”

“Lip? No. He's  just a  friend.” She told him, making his face light up.

“Really? But you, you and him are always together. You two flirt and, he calls you babe and-” Carl was cut off by a pair of soft lips pressed against his, mid sentence. The boy was in absolute shock not kissing back for a second. Finally he closed his eyes and let his hands find their way to her thighs, puling her closer.

“You just don’t know when to shut up, do you?’‘  She laughed finally pulling back, pressing her forehead to his. 

’'You.. like me?” He asked still not believing what has just happened.

“Yes, Carl?” She smiled. “Do i need to spell it out for you?”

“No need.” He smiled leaning in and kissing her again, taking control this time. He pushed her back, making her fall back on his bed, quickly getting on top of her, his hands running over her thighs and ass.

“Finally you’re getting it.” She smiled before kissing him again.


Request here!

Masterlist here!


AN: okay this is my first Carl imagine, hope you like it :)

Apparently Tumblr is in the process of rolling out a feature that allows users to see when the people they have been messaging were last online.

Please know that I will never expect you to drop everything to answer my messages.

Please know that I understand you might only have come to Tumblr to decompress, not to talk.

Please know that I understand you have a RL that is stressful and you don’t always have the energy to respond.

Please never feel pressured into answering me just because you were “online”.

And @staff , please provide us with an opt-out solution for this.


high school !!!!!