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Conditioned (Part 3)

(Tae questions whether his desire for you is futile but continues to let his lust drive all his decisions.)

Warning:  Around 9000 words.  Lots and lots of dirty stuff happens. Female dom, male sub. Oral.  Dry humping.  Non-traditional sense of sexual morality.  

 “I should have known you had an ulterior motive for coming here.  This place was too far away from home to come for lunch.”  Tae eyed Jin from across the table.  Jin had stopped by his apartment earlier, asking Taehyung to go eat at a new restaurant across the street from the mall.  Tae had been reluctant to go, preferring to spend his day off from work at home playing video games and ordering delivery instead of venturing out into the rain to go across town to eat.  However, Jin was insistent, saying he had a coupon that expired today and offered to pay for everything.

Now that their meal was over, the truth was coming out.  Jin had just asked the waiter to bring another order of food, wrapped to go.  “There’s no ulterior motive.  I just thought that since we were eating so close to Youngsook’s store, I’d get her some food too.  It’s one of her favorite places to eat.”

“If you wanted to see your girlfriend, you didn’t need to bring me along.  Why didn’t you just bring her here on her lunch break?” Tae knew there had to be more to this story.

“Saturdays are their busiest day, so she never leaves to get a proper meal.  She usually just gets a coffee and some bread from the bakery next door.  I’ll look like hero coming in with an honest-to-god meal from her favorite restaurant.” Jin fidgeted in his seat while looking at Tae.  “Plus, I need you there with me when I deliver the meal. She won’t throw the food at my head or yell at me if you are there.”

Tae crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair, raising his eyebrows in a silent question towards Jin.

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Know It All

by kikikryslee

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson 

(3.3K words)

“Are you watching Jeopardy?” Niall asked.
“Shhhh!” Louis hissed. “Niall, come on. I just missed the question.”
“Since when do you watch Jeopardy? Is this about the guy from trivia? What do you call him? T-Shirt?”
“V-Neck,” Louis corrected.
“Oh, right. V-Neck. Is this about him?”
“You’re a terrible liar. You know that trivia is supposed to be fun, right?”
“I am having fun! Now leave me alone! I need to learn more about the people who signed the Declaration of Independence.”

Or, the one where Louis just wants to win Trivia Night so he can get some free food, but he can’t because a certain guy with fluffy hair takes home the prize every week - except for one.

Written as part of the 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names challenge!


This is a birthday present for @siriusly-random! I started working on it as soon as I saw it was your birthday! :D Your stories were some of the first ones I read when joining the Fairy Tail fandom, so thank you for that! I hope you enjoy this one-shot!

Summary: Lucy was a good girl, so winding up in detention was a shock she wasn’t prepared for. Thankfully, her fear was lessened by the pink haired boy in detention with her, who wouldn’t rest until he saw her smile. Modern AU.

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Friendship

Word Count: 2.3K

Read on FF.net or AO3.

Lucy clutched her book to her chest, bottom lip quivering as she looked at the sign on the wall.


The single word made her stomach twist and her eyes prick. Never in her twelve years of life had she been in trouble with her school, but today she slipped. She knew she had to face her consequences, but she didn’t expect it to be so daunting.

A few kids passed her on their way into the room, a mixture of smiles and frowns on their faces. Lucy wore a frown, something she tried to avoid while in public. She wanted to appear in control of her emotions, but today wasn’t agreeing with her.

After a few minutes, she stepped forward. It had less to do with her gaining courage and more to do with the ringing bell. She didn’t want to add being tardy on top of her offenses that day.

Feeling terrified, Lucy went to sit in the back of the classroom. Most kids sat on the other side, giving her space to think about her predicament.

‘Father’s going to be mad,’ she reminded herself, shaky hands setting her book on the desk. The last time she got in trouble with him was when she was eight and interrupted him during a conference call in his home office. Since then, she had done everything in her power to avoid trouble, until today.

'Why couldn’t I let it go?’ she wondered, no answer to sooth her besides her stubborn attitude. It wasn’t her fault the science teacher marked her paper wrong, giving her a 'C’ instead of the 'A’ she deserved. Anyone would have stood up for themselves. However, it was her fault when she called her teacher a moron, landing her in after-school detention.

That she couldn’t blame on anyone but herself.

At least the teacher changed her grade… after he assigned her a punishment.

A middle-aged man strolled into the room, making his way to the front. He told the students they had to sit there for an hour before they were allowed to leave. Lucy saw him sit down at his desk, leaning back and closing his eyes as he dozed off.

Lucy wanted to scoff. Here she was freaking out about detention, yet the teacher acted as if this wasn’t a big deal.

'He doesn’t have to face my father when he goes home,’ she told herself, fear striking her when she imagined what he would do.

Grounding her wouldn’t do any good, her lack of a social life gave her father no leverage. Being the new kid at the school didn’t leave her with a lot of opportunities to make friends. She had two friends total, one being the student body president while the other was the only other bookworm in her homeroom.

Deep down she wished she had more friends, but she was thankful for the two she had. At least they seemed to like her company, even if they only talked during lunch.

Dropping her head, Lucy’s eyes landed on the book she brought to read, but she couldn’t calm her mind long enough to open it. She couldn’t stop herself from thinking what her father would do when she got home. She expected yelling, knowing he didn’t tolerate mess ups.

Her shoulders shook as she tried to hold back the tears. Her father would no doubt be angry. He would have to call the maid to rearrange picking her up since she would be an hour later than usual. That alone would aggravate him. She knew her father hated changing plans, especially when it came to her.

'If only mom was still alive… She was nicer.’ Lucy lowered her head, eyes closing to squeeze out a tear. It was only a matter of time before she started crying, but she hoped she would have lasted longer than the first five minutes. 'Why can’t he be-’


Lucy jolted, head snapping up and eyes searching until they landed on a head of pink hair. For a moment she thought it was her father’s maid, Virgo, but once she looked down she noticed the hair belonged to a boy her age.

Instead of greeting him, she stared blankly. The boy stood in front of her for a moment before frowning, shifting to sit backwards in the seat in front of her so he was still facing her. “What’s wrong?”

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Word Count: 1802

Player: Brady Skjei (New York Rangers)

feat. Jimmy Vesey (New York Rangers)

Warning/s: catcall mention

Originally posted by jasonbenn

“Hey babe.”, you greeted quietly. 

It took you your best not to sound as miserable as you felt. You knew, that if Brady got wind of how shitty you were feeling, he would worry. And a worried Brady was something you didn’t want to be the cause of. You hated it when he worried about you too much.

“Hi. Are you getting ready?”, Brady asked, a big smile on his face.

He had just finished practice. Next on his schedule was your regular lunch date, which he had been looking forward to. Brady noticed the glances and shit eating grins of his teammates, but he had become a master at ignoring them.
It had been a lot worse when you first started dating. 

It was literally chirping everywhere you went. After a couple of months it had died down, but the chirping never really disappeared although you had been dating for some time now.

Kreids winked at Brady as he left the locker room, but Brady just shook his head accompanied a roll of his eyes. 

“Actually I’m calling because of that.”, you carefully started.

“What do you mean? Something wrong?”

"I was just… wondering if we could maybe reschedule lunch together?”, you asked.

Brady didn’t reply for a second, making you wonder if your words had sounded different than you wanted them to be perceived. Maybe it all came out wrong.

“I know you have a hectic schedule and that you’ve been looking forward to this. I’m sorry! Just forget it. I’m just- I had a really shitty day. I don’t want to ruin your day with my bad mood.”, you quickly added.

“No, it’s okay. Want to tell me what happened?”

“I don’t really want to talk about it. Thank’s for understanding, though.”

“Of course.”

You let out a breath that you didn’t even know you were holding. Relieved, about the fact that you wouldn’t ruin his night. Maybe he could hang out with Ves or something and you could make it up to him somehow?

“Are you okay though? You don’t sound so good.”, Brady wondered.

“What do you mean?”, you lied. Even you could hear that your voice was quiet and heavy. Brady had to notice!

“You sound a little off.”, he explained.

“It’s just- ugh I’m not really feeling well. Bad day, that happens. It’s nothing really.”, you insisted, trying to shrug it off. Maybe if you could convince Brady that it was nothing, you would actually believe it too.

Brady hummed something that sounded like he understood what you meant and wouldn’t pursue the topic further. Secretly though, he was making a mental note to text Ves that he would go to your place instead of home. You heard the frown out of his words, as Brady got in his car and shut the door.

“Thanks for being okay with rescheduling. I’ll call you later?”

“Yeah. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

“Whoever it is, go away!”, you complained. 

The consistent knocking on your door stopped, but only for a moment. Relief got replaced by frustration. Why couldn’t you just be left alone to mope in your room?

“I said go away.”, you added, slightly annoyed. 

You had expected your roommate to check up on you, but instead, Brady peeked into your room. He scanned over you - or rather your curled up body under your blanket - before he closed the door behind him. Slipping out of his shoes, he settled on the bed in front of you. He rested his head on the same pillow as you, quietly observing you before he started to speak.

“Baby?”, he asked.

“What?”, you growled. 

Brady was always making you feel better. You couldn’t be annoyed with him or mad at him, especially not because he was making his puppy dog eyes at you. He knew damn well that you couldn’t resist those.

“Why are you feeling bad?”

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”, you muttered, burying your head in the pillow. 

But instead of leaving it alone, Brady wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him. He started playing with a streak of your hair, planning how to proceed. He knew you too damn well. Sometime’s he had to force your feelings out of you because you would just bottle them up until they became too much. You just refused to talk about it so you wouldn’t have to deal with them.

“Tell me. It will make you feel better. So talk and afterward we stay in and order pizza.”, he insisted.

“And cuddle?”, you asked hopefully.

Brady raised one of his eyebrows at you, rolling his eyes.

“No, of course not. You have to sit at least a feet away from me.”, he joked sarcastically.

“You’re cute when you try to sound sarcastic.”, you grinned.

“Why thank you. You’re pretty cute yourself. Now stop avoiding the topic and tell me so I can help you feel better. You’re just trying to distract me with compliments.”, he smirked.

“It’s nothing really. I just had a stressful day and then something else happened that made me feel really gross and stupid.”

Brady frowned, pushing the strand of hair behind your ear. Instead, he rested his hand on your waist.

“What stupid thing?”

“Do I have to tell you?”

“Yes, you have to. Because it’s making you feel gross aka it’s a problem.”

A deep sigh escaped your lungs, but you gave in to your boyfriend’s request and thought about where to start.

“I told you about the Rangers guy in one of my classes, right?”

“Yeah, some random guy that always wears Ranger’s merch and talks about hockey non-stop. You mentioned that he’s acting like he knows more about hockey than everyone.”

“Yeah, well. He’s a jerk. He saw me wearing your Rangers sweatshirt a couple of weeks ago and ever since then, he’s always hitting on me. Maybe he thinks we’re soulmates because we’re both Rangers fans or something. He’s literally always waiting in the parking lot after class to get me to talk to him. So today my roommate and I parked somewhere else and he waited in the usual spot. And he just… he catcalled me.”, you pressed out your face a grimace. 

Brady furrowed his brows, but he didn’t say anything.

“I know that for some guys that’s nothing big, but it really fucking is. And I just feel gross because of it. It makes me feel so uncomfortable. So I planned on staying in this blanket the whole day until you showed up.”, you quickly explained.

“No, I get it. It’s totally not fine. I really want to kick his ass right now. Sorry, he did that.”

“You’d win. He’s pathetic.”, you muttered.

Brady smiled at you, but you could see that his brain was working on something.

“I don’t like that look on your face. It looks like you are planning something.”, you smiled.

“Don’t worry. Forget about that asshole. Let’s just cuddle.”

“Not so fast, Skjei. You promised me pizza.”

“Are you ready for Rangers Guy?”, your roommate asked when you left the building. 

You had just finished class and stayed back to hand in a paper, but sure enough, the guy was in his usual spot right next to your car. He was waiting for you, as always. Damn, why couldn’t he just leave you alone? A part of you wished he would just accept the fact you had a boyfriend (like you had told him countless of times). The other part just wanted to smack him in the face for making you feel bad.

“As ready as I can be.”, you muttered.

Your roommate was giving you a grimace, her eyes full of pity. She knew what it felt like to be catcalled and that guy was just flat out annoying to every girl in class.

At least you weren’t alone as you made your way to the parking lot. Rangers Guy had his eyes focused on you, trying not to seem obvious while staring at you. You, on the other hand, were looking around, to your car, your roommate, the ground, everything so you wouldn’t have to make eye contact.

“Hey Y/n.”, another voice called out. 

Your eyes snapped up at the familiar sound. They met the ones of Rangers Guy. But when you allowed them to scan over the parking lot, a grin spread on your face.

He didn’t!

Out of the corner of your eyes, you could see Rangers Guy smiling two, only for his smile to fade when you started running and ran right past him.
Brady had a shit eating grin on his face, as he gave you a little wave. He was standing a little behind your car, Ves next to him with an amused look on his face.

“Oh my goodness.”, you grinned, stopping in Brady’s arms that had been eagerly waiting to engulf you in a warm hug. 

He had been waiting for you, and you were very aware that he had been waiting for you in earshot of Rangers Guy.

“Brady! Ves! What are you doing here?”, you asked in surprise. 

You hugged both of them before Brady pulled you into a kiss and wrapped his arms around you. He had his hands placed on your lower back, very close to you butt. 

“What? I can’t pick up my beautiful and super smart girlfriend?”

“We’re here to escort you. We’ve been ordered to lunch and the order included you.”, Ves explained.

“By who?”

“By the Captain. Kaylee and Falan miss you, apparently. So you’re coming with us.”

“Mac ordered you to lunch? What the hell did you guys do?”

“Nothing!”, Brady insisted, causing you to focus your attention back to him. 

He gave you another kiss before he looked over your shoulder, sending Rangers Guy a look that was easily understandable.
Leave her alone.

“Nikky, can you drive my car home?”, you asked your roommate.

“Sure. Have fun with the boys.”, she grinned, catching the keys that you tossed over to her.

“Nice shirt. By the way, what did we say about stealing hoodies?”, Brady commented, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. 

“That I can take them as often as I want because I look good in them and they are comfy?”, you joked, a little bit of guilt in your voice.

“Okay, Imma let that pass. Now let’s go, I’m hungry and Ves has been whining about food nonstop.”

“Fair Play” (M)


Member: Chanyeol from EXO 

Genre: Smut (M)

Request: “ I want to request a Chanyeol smut! 😝 he’s being flirty and dirty mouth, you and him were playing pool, he teased you that he can ‘do’ you as hard and rough as his pool shot and if he wins, he’ll really going to do that. He 'does’ you on the billiard table. Please make it rough (you are good at making smut tho hahaha) thxxx”

A/N: Thank you for requesting and i hope you’ll like it!  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ dammit now i feel like starting a Chanyeol CEO series…….

“Don’t worry, I know what to do Suho.”

“Ok so just remember that I only need to prove to Mr. Meyers that I do indeed have a date and then you’re free to ravish the bar to your full content”

“I SAID I KNOW WHAT TO DO SUHO” you laughed in his face, clearly seeing how nervous he was to make this deal happen.  You have been working for Suho for the past half year and if there was one thing you’ve learnt from working for a big successful CEO was, ‘don’t fuck it up’. Everyone in this world was so serious, that is before they actually reached the bar.

Suho had no time to focus on dating and in this world it was a must to have some nice arm candy by your side. So in those situations, you came into the rescue. You had fun accompanying Suho through these big galas because;

A.      Free drinks

B.      You gained recognition from other big CEOs in case things went downhill with Suho.

C.      Nice dresses weren’t so bad to wear….

D.      And the bartenders were often cute so…..you get the idea.

Tonight was a big night for Suho. He was about to close one of the biggest deals the company had in awhile, one he worked on for months now. And to say the least, he went all out. This morning you woke up with a big white box wrapped in a pretty little red bow, just near your bed. The custom made gown was probably more expensive than your entire apartment together. Needless to say she even looked better once it was on you. The red complemented your eyes and accentuated your curves just the way it needed to.

“Thank you again Y/N. For doing all of this for me” Suho offered you his hand, along with a smile.

”What are you talking about? I’m only here for the bartender” You managed to let out a laugh from Suho, yours coming out with his.

“Sure you are” he gave you a sarcastic look. Helping you out of the limo, only a minute after and you were already at the entrance of the amazing Meyers mansion.

“ABOUT TIME” Chanyeol and Kyungsoo ran at the sight of you. Both worked with Suho on this deal, both were also dateless. You’ve seen Chanyeol around the office many times but never actually had much contact with him other than ‘would you like some coffee?’. You had to admit both of the boys looked extremely polished tonight. Chanyeol recently dyed his hair a bright red, God knows why…but it did look better than you’ve ever imagined it could.  Kyungsoo had a slick black suit on, just right for his broad shoulders and built figure. Chanyeol had on what you could have sworn was the same exact suit, because when do men suits actually look different.

“You look rather ok cleaned up” Chanyeol made his remark for the night as you hit him across the shoulder, earning an obnoxious laugh from his devious smile.

All eyes were on you and Suho now. Almost instantly, you spotted Mr. Meyers and dragged Suho along with you so you could indeed confirm Suho wasn’t a lone wolf tonight and possibly free yourself from his grasp for the night.

“Suho, I see you’ve brought quite a beautiful young lady here tonight.” Mr. Meyers had his famous 3rd glass of champagne in his left hand while he greeted you two and shook Suho’s hand.

“This is Y/N. She works for me. We’re quite the team indeed” Suho smiled brightly at Mr. Meyers and tightened his grip on your hand.

“Well as much as I’d like to stay and chat with your beautiful assistant-“

“Date” Suho interrupted Mr. Meyers before he could make a rude remark.

“Date. I do believe we have some things to discuss.” Mr. Meyers offered to lead Suho into his office, Suho gladly taking the offer and mouthing a thank you at your direction.

Ok, Suho got his wish which now means you are free to do just as you wish-

“Would you like to dance Y/N?” A tower long Chanyeol stood behind you, taking you by surprise. He was all smiles and hope that you’d say yes.

“How convenient of you to ask just when the song has changed to a slow one.” You shook your head at his display of pearly teeth.

“I do have my ways” He playfully winked, offering you his hand which led to you taking it because why not dance with a tomato looking CEO.

The song that had suddenly switched was, Slow, soulful and really beautiful to listen to. Obviously Chanyeol thought the same because the smile on his face never disappeared. Your arms naturally wrapped themselves around his neck, pulling him closer as his own hands made their way to your hips, slowly swaying to the rhythm of the beautiful piece.

“You look beautiful tonight.” He whispered into your ear, his lips caressing your ear.

“Thanks tomato man.”

“You don’t like it?” He let out a laugh, facing your face that was fighting a giggle too.

“No…It looks good but somehow teasing you sounds better than complimenting you.”

“Ahhh you’re a rough kind of girl aren’t you?” Chanyeol scoffed.

“Don’t even start.” You shot him a death glare.

“WHAT?” He burst out in laughter.

“One more sexual reference and I’m out” your fingers pointed at the exit.

“Fine, fine no sexual references…for now” He laughed again, earning a head shake and a scoff from you.

Another song came on, this time slower and more romantic, building an atmosphere along with it. You quickly glanced over to see Kyungsoo dancing with what seemed to be the assistant from the 3rd floor. ‘Damn, well done Kyungsoo’  you thought to yourself.

“Hey I have a suggestion.” Chanyeol suddenly interrupted your thought process.

“Go on” your eyes met again, faces inches away from each other.

“How about next event you come with….wait for it….ME!” He smirked at you.

“And why would I do that?” you scoffed.

“Because-“ his face suddenly was closer to yours, lips almost touching yours as he moved slowly closer and closer. Before you could realize what was happening, your eyes closed themselves as his flattered close along with.

“And to hype up the party a little, how about this next track!” The DJ yelled, changing the song selection to a more upbeat one. With cue, Chanyeol pulled away instantly, his gaze set on anything but your eyes. Nothing was left between the two of you aside from the awkward silence.

“Hey Y/N come on I have to tell you something amazing!” your co worker pulled you away from Chanyeol, leaving his gaze on the floor, smiling bitterly.

You could have sworn she wouldn’t shut up any time soon. Her story about the girl working on the 4th floor that just got engaged and how she met her fiancé was about the least interesting thing that has happened tonight. Your mind wasn’t even with her. Strangely it was thinking of Chanyeol.

‘He looks really cute in that suit and that smile shouldn’t make me feel things but it does. His hair looks really cute and for some reason I really wanna run my fingers through it but WHY AM I THINKING ABOUT YOU CHANYEOL GET OUT OF MY HEAD’. Your thoughts took over, leaving the woman’s story faded in the background.

“Oh I’m so sorry Y/N but I have to leave you alone for awhile. I heard that there was a cute bartender and I’m sure you’re curious too but- actually on another thought, you coming?” she winked at you.

“Ah no thank you, I’ll pass for tonight” you refused her offer, only wishing she would leave you alone. And she did, finally. And you were left alone. Suddenly you remembered that this mansion had a very big famous billiard room that you have yet to see. Making your way there, the door was already slightly open and the sound of pool balls being kicked around echoed through the room.

“Ah I thought I’d find you here” you leaned against the open door, smiling wickedly. Chanyeol turned around with a surprised expression right before it turned into that familiar smile. You made your way to the table and grabbed a cane.

“You play?” Chanyeol raised his eyebrow at you.

“Billiard isn’t the only thing I play” you smirked and sent him a sarcastic wink.

“Well would you look who’s making sexual references now” he chuckled.

“Thought I’d let you have a taste of your own medicine” you positioned your cane right in front of the perfectly triangle stacked pool balls on the table.

“You see…the thing is….it doesn’t bother me” a small smirk snuck on his face. “Tell you what. We play a match, if I win I get to go with you as my side kick at the next event. If you win, you get to do anything you want with me” he smiled.

“What’s….anything?” your eyebrow rose.

“A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G” he mouthed slowly.

“Great so making you go in the office one day dressed as a girl it is!”

“I did say anything….” He burst into laughter.

Without wasting any more time, Chanyeol made his first shot and from there on he was on a solid lead. Every shot you made, he beat. Suddenly you realized that you might not win that easily. Making another shot, you were now on the lead. Chanyeol looking bitter scrunched his nose and concentrated his mind back on the game.  His cane was positioned at the last 3 balls that were left on the table. One shot and he wins, two shots and you win. He shot you a quick smirk before hitting 2 of the balls at the same time, leading them to hit the 1 remaining ball.

Chuckling, Chanyeol threw his hands in the air, a smug smile written all over his face.

“I win” He made his way to your side.

“Hey there tomato man, don’t let this get into your head.” You shot him with a cute devious smile.  

“Oh come on you love my red hair” he smirked again, this time taking another step closer to you.

“Please…” you chuckled. “I love nothing about you. You’re obnoxious, filthy rich, childish and-“You were interrupted with the sudden touch of his lips on yours.

“Keep going” he hummed into the kiss. His lips caressed yours, slowly excitement took over Chanyeol and he deepened the kiss, pulling you closer by your waist. His tongue was asking for entrance against your now wet lips. Your lips took hold of his, letting him in and before you knew it he lifted you up on the pool table and his hand made its way to your thigh.

“Wait-“ you managed to get out as you pulled away, breathless.

“Is there a problem?” his breath was on your swollen lips.

“Do you really think that I’m gonna let you fuck me on a pool table?” you let out a little chuckle.

“Look, drop the act. We both wanna fuck each other and if I’m gonna have to stand here and stare at you for one more second in that dress then I’d probably explode.” His hand reached your cheek, his rough thumb caressing it.

You immediately attached your lips on his, falling into his rough approach. Your hands made their way to his chest, dropping his jacket on the floor and loosening his tie. He let go of your body for a minute and helped you strip himself. Undoing each button slowly to tease you, slowly he reveled his toned body and you could have sworn that his biceps were gonna tear that shirt apart. Where did he hide those?

He noticed you peeking a look at his body which made him smirk against the kiss. “Like what you see?” he asked. Instead of answering, you attached your wet lips onto his exposed neck, dropping his shirt completely while you worked on the hicky you had in mind. He moaned against your ear, dropping his head back. His deep voice gave you chills with every whimper he made. All the while his hands worked on getting your dress off, making stops along the way to feel your curves and chest under the red fabric.

Your hands grabbed his belt, quickly undoing it as his lips made contact with your chest, peeling the dress off of your body with every peck he left on your skin. He lifted you up with a quick movement to let your dress slip on the floor. Revealing your figure that was only wearing black lace panties, your breasts now exposed too.

Without hesitating, his hands pulled you closer to his body, leaving no space in between. He brought your lips into another heated kiss as your hands caressed his apparent bulge inside his black boxers.  You felt the cold metal of his expensive watch make contact with your thigh, his hands making their way to your wet spot. Moving the panties aside, his fingers ran through your folds, feeling how wet you were for him.  He couldn’t wait much longer with this game so his hands took action and ripped your panties in half. Immediately attaching his thumb on your clit, massaging it with pressure earned him a few more moans.

“Fuck me…..CEO Park” you whispered against his lips as his one hand squeezed your thigh in desperate. You had him wrapped around your finger, he wanted you more than anything right now.

A couple more circles around your bud and your arm pulled him onto your lips once again, begging him for more. His hands grabbed the band of his boxers, pulling them down to reveal his long hungry erection. He pulled you closer to his hard on, caressing your heat. A deep breathless voice left moans at the length of your neck. Spreading your legs wider, Chanyeol grabbed your hips, guiding them as he slowly entered you. Moans made their way to his ears, leaving a hungry look in his eyes as he adjusted himself inside of you. Once he was deep in he began to thrust, first as slow as his hips could tease but increasing his rhythm once you started rocking your hips back and forth against his.  

His length ripped through you, leaving you breathless and your body on fire. His hands were all over your body along with his lips. Every thrust fed your need for him. His thrusts began to speed up as he felt your walls clench around him. Once he hit another one, stronger than all of the others, the ball of fire at the pit of your stomach came crushing down. A little after and Chanyeol came too with your name on his lips.

“I have to tell you something” he whispered with his head resting at the crook of your neck.

“Yes?” you brought his lips up to yours.

“I don’t play fair.” He pulled you into another kiss.

Leap Of Faith - Two

Spencer Reid

“I don’t want to startle you but……..”

Shit. The woman gripped the railings tighter, the voice cutting through the breeze and making her jump slightly. She regained her balance quickly, the cold metal feeling like it was burning her hands, she was gripping it so tightly.


She was no longer alone. That was definitely going to make this harder than it already was.

Maybe if she ignored him, he’d just get bored and go away? Or maybe if she asked him politely he’d leave? People didn’t want to involve themselves with this right? Like, who really wanted to watch a 29 year old girl plunge to their death?

Although given what she’d read on the Internet, there were a fair few sickos out there who would have.


She knew she should have gone for the pills instead. Or the razor. But that would have meant checking back into a hotel room and she’d be discovered pretty quickly. That was something she didn’t want. The river below looked fairly fast moving, and her hope was that she’d be swept away and that it would take a few days for her body to be recovered and matched up with the suitcase she was leaving behind.

She should have waited until later in the evening. It had seemed quiet, and she’d been stood here for the last two hours and he was only the second person that had come this way. The first had barely given her a glance, despite the crying. But then again, she had been on the other side of the railings at that point.

Oh why was this so hard?

“Um….. My name’s Spencer Reid. Listen…. Is there someone I can call? Someone who you need to talk to? You don’t have to do this.”

She glanced over to where the voice was coming from, seeing a tall gangly man with messy hair, a dirty brown colour. He was wrapped in a dark coat, an aubergine coloured scarf around his neck, the ends blowing in the wind. Looking back to the water and she closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. She started to lean forward again slightly, the way she had been for the last twenty minutes. Hearing a rush, she looked back up. The man had suddenly bolted towards her and was now only a few feet away.

“Don’t come any closer. Please,” she managed to choke out, sure that the wind would swallow her words whole.

“I won’t…. I promise. Just… Let’s talk okay. What’s your name? I’m Spencer,” he held his hands up in a gesture of surrender, as if to prove that he wasn’t going to move. His hair was longer than the average males and she could see him fighting to keep it out of his face, the same way she was.

“I don’t want to talk. Just…. Leave me alone. Please!”

“I can’t do that now…. I’m sorry but I’m here now. I can’t walk away. I’m involved.”

“You’re not involved at all. Just leave. Please. Pretend you were never here.”

Spencer rubbed his hands together, blowing on them to keep them warm. It was freezing out tonight. She could barely feel her fingers now, and her legs and feet were starting to feel numb too, the wind whipping through the thin material of her tights.

“I can’t pretend. I am here. And I’m not going to leave. Please just come over the railing. We can talk. We don’t have to go anywhere away from here. We don’t have to even talk about what ever it is that’s made you feel that jumping is the only way out….. We can talk about…. books or films, or colours. Or where you’re from. You’re British right?”

No shit…. She shook her head trying to shake the hair out of her eyes again.

“What good will talking about any of that do? Please just piss off and leave me alone.”

“You’re wearing a lot of purple and lilac, so I bet that’s your favourite colour right? Mine too. See…,” he tugged on the ends of his scarf. “Purple…. And the bag down there. Is that a Cheshire cat keyring attached to it? I’m guessing you’re an Alice fan?”

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’
‘That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cat.
‘I don’t much care where -’ said Alice.
‘Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’ said the Cat.
’- so long as I get SOMEWHERE,’ Alice added as an explanation.
‘Oh, you’re sure to do that,’ said the Cat, ‘if you only walk long enough.”

The man read the quote verbatim without even seeming to need to think about it.


But she could quote that book too, and one line in particular seemed very fitting right now.

“If everybody minded their own business, the world would go around a great deal faster than it does.” She raised an eyebrows at him hoping he’d get the hint.

“So you are a fan then? You know the Dodo in the book is actually based on Lewis Carroll himself… Due to his stammer he used to introduce himself as 'Do-do-Dodgson….His stutter actually prevented him from his original career choice which was to become a priest, so he ended up becoming a mathematician and author instead.”

“I’m guessing you didn’t get the hint then?“ she stared at the man in wonderment.

“Oh I got your hint. But I’m not leaving….And I’m really hoping you’re not still planning on jumping because that water looks cold and I really wasn’t planning on getting wet tonight… Well, aside from a nice hot bath which I could really do with now. I’m freezing. And your lips are starting to turn blue,” he talked fast, his sentences streaming into each other.

“Why on earth would you have to get wet?” she was become frustrated now.

“Well if you jump, I kinda have to jump in afterwards and save you.”

“But I don’t want saving, that’s the point” she spoke through gritted teeth.

“And I don’t really want to plunge into a freezing cold river either, but it looks like neither of us will get the ending we wanted. You jump, I jump.” He inched closer and she looked at him sharply. He stopped, if he reached out now, he could touch her.

“Are we in a James Cameron movie or something? Look I really don’t need a Jack Dawson coming to save me. I’m not some poor little rich girl being forced into a marriage of convenience and last I checked, we weren’t aboard a doomed ship.” This was starting to get ridiculous now.

“Titanic right? I can quote that too.”

For some reason, that didn’t surprise her. He moved forward again, oh so slightly.

“Just stay back okay. I’ll let go, I swear it.”

“No you won’t. You would have done it by now.” He grinned, “Told you I could quote it.”

What….. Just what? Why was this happening to her

The grin faded as quickly as it had appeared as he tried again. “Please…. Just, come back over the railing. We could do this all night. I’m not going anywhere and I’m fairly certain you won’t jump with me here, because you’re not the sort of person who would jeopardise someone else’s safety for her own wants.”

“How do you even know what type of person I am? You don’t know me!” she scowled at him.

“You’re right. I don’t know you as a person, I don’t know exactly what is going through your mind right now. I wish I did. I wish I could tell you that everything is going to be okay and I wish I could take away whatever pain you’re experiencing that has made you think that you have no other way out. Can we please stop pretending that you’re actually going to go through with this though. We both know you won’t, not with me here. Come back over, let’s go and get a coffee and talk. It might help. At the end of it, we’ll go our separate ways again and you’ll be free to come back here if that’s what you still want to do.” He seemed to be getting desperate and she realised that he had a point. She wasn’t going to jump with him here. She wanted to do this alone and she would do this alone. And he didn’t seem willing to go anywhere. She could have a coffee with him, and then come back later. Yes, that’s what she’d do.

“Okay. Fine. Have it your way. But I’m coming back later. And you better not follow me.” She turned around carefully, struggling to hold on with now numb fingers.

Spencer moved closer ready to offer assistance, his hand reaching out and gripping the top of her shoulder as she carefully swung her leg back over.
Safely on the other side, she stood, smoothing down her dress and rubbing her hands together trying to get some feeling back into them, before bending and pulling her heels back on.

The man suddenly lunged forward, wrapping his arms around her in a hug ignoring the startled look on her face. She patted his back awkwardly, thinking how quickly the night gone off track.

Pulling away he had a sheepish expression on his face. “Sorry,” he apologised. “I just had a really awful day at work yesterday and if you’d have jumped, you’d have pretty much killed my year. I’m Spencer. Spencer Reid.”

“Yeah you said. Three times now.”

He looked at her expectantly.

Fine. “I’m Seph.”

“Steph?” she’d expected that. It always happened.

“Seph. Persephone.”

“Oh! As in Queen of the Underworld right. Daughter of Zeus and Demeter.” Not a question, but stated as a fact.

She nodded.

“Okay… So…. Erm, well….”

“You mentioned coffee?” Seph wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible so she could get back to her plan.

“Yes! Coffee! Okay. Let’s go get some coffee then,” he reached down for her suitcase and Seph picked her handbag up.

“Which way then, Spencer Reid?”

“Erm…. Well. I only live like two blocks from here? Would it be weird for you if we went there…. There’s not that many coffee shops open right now. I swear I’m not a serial killer.”

Persephone laughed at the last part. “Considering the aim of this evening was for me to wind up dead, I really wouldn’t care if you were. Lead the way.”

A peculiar look crossed his face as he processed her words and he rolled his bottom lip between his teeth before turning and dragging the suitcase away.

“It’s this way Persephone.”

“Seph,” she corrected him, seeing him walking away.

“I like Persephone.”

Seph hurried after him, “Well it’s not your name.”

“You realise you had the perfect opportunity then, to turn around and jump.”

He was right, she did.

So why had she run after him instead?

wild child ( a cs au )

Plot: Killian is a volunteer at a hospital to help him with coping after the death of his brother, Liam; Emma is the daughter of famously, wealthy parents who donate to the hospital to keep up their appearance, yet she has a habit of consistently making the local tabloids for some drunk and disorderly situation or other.

Summary: Emma is basically a trainwreck waiting to happen, and Killian is there to steamroll in and save the damn day!

Captain Swan AU, M+ Rating, 2,045

read it on a03

After casually making rounds in the E.R, tending to the minor injuries by way of locating water for easing pills, or assisting nurses in performing routine checks, Killian was confronted with a raucous in the form of a blonde tornado, limbs flailing akimbo along the corridor as she was maneuvered through the E.R. Whilst with a patient, helping them with their yogurt lid, he couldn’t help but stare at the blonde as she passed by the window of the room he occupied, causing the yogurt to splatter all over his dark wash slim-fit jeans. The curious, golden-haired trouble-maker had originally made to sneer at him for staring at her, but once she saw the yogurt erupt into his lap, she smirked and quirked a brow under the ratty mess of hair across half of her face, before completely passing by the patient’s room. Killian was left slack-jawed, with a strawberry scented mess in his lap.

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anonymous asked:

no. how dare you punch me in the feels. how dare. on the plus side, kolivan used to have great hair

I HURT myself just thinking about it. 

And yes Kolivan has aged his hair has aged leave him aloNE. This is why he made it a rule that everyone in BOM has to wear hoods at all times

I am a freshmen in high school, and in the beginning of the year I had bright blue hair and was generally a happier camper. That is until one day after practice this kid called out my name, he’s three years above me and I had never spoken to him before. When I ignored him the conversation went something like this:
Him: “Aw come on, don’t be a bitch”
Me: “Who the fuck even are you”
Him: “You can call me daddy.”
Me: “Suck my dick, asshole”
Ever since that day he won’t leave me alone, I’ve asked him politely to leave me alone, and I’ve asked him not so politely. It got to the point where I spoke to my advisor about it but he basically just told me that I stood out and “boys will be boys”.
Five months later from the original incident and I dyed my hair back to brown and every time I see him I have to go the opposite way. I love my school but he makes it impossible to walk in the hallways without feeling uncomfortable.

Teasing - Kili

Requested by anonymous (This is my first one for LOTR!)

You threw down the bundle of wood you had just collected near the fire that Gloin was working on. You sat down next to Fili, and looked at the fire. 

“Find everything you were looking for?” Fili asked, nodding towards the trees where Kili was brushing off one of the horses. 

“Funny,” you said, elbowing him in the arm. “But yes, I found all of the wood I was looking for,” you said, looking back down at the ground. You had fallen in love with Kili almost immediately after meeting him. How could you not? Kili was incredibly handsome, and kind, and brave. His smile could bring you out of any darkness you found yourself in, and being on this journey, there was a lot.

“In all seriousness, though. Have you told him how you feel yet?” Fili asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you said, concentrating on your feet, hoping to keep your blush hidden. 

“Y/N, I’m not blind and neither is he.”

“Fili-” you began before he cut you off.

“Tell him. Before it’s too late.” You sighed, knowing he was right.

“Don’t be so morbid, Fili,” you said, standing up and walking towards Kili. You stood in front of the horse and rubbed its nose. Kili looked up at you and smiled. He stood up and walked a little it closer to you. 

“Hello,” he said, the cheeky grin still on his face.

“Hello,” you said, smiling bashfully, looking back at the pony. 

“What can I do for you?”

“Nothing, really. Can’t a friend come over to talk?” 

“A friend, of course. But for some reason I never really thought of you as a friend, Y/N.”

“Oh,” you said awkwardly. You tried to think of ways to escape or at least lighten the tension when Kili spoke again. 

“Oh come on, I was just teasing, Y/N,” Kili said, touching your arm and smiling.

“Nice,” you laughed. 

“So is there something you came over to tell me?” Kili asked, doing a little jump when he said “something”.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Of course you don’t,” Kili said, still smiling.

“Do you constantly have to smile?” you asked.

“Don’t act like you don’t love it,” Kili said, climbing on the horse.

“I never said I didn’t.” Kili held out his  hand, and you took it, climbing on behind him. 

“Are you ready?”

“For what?”

“Have a little trust in me. Besides, you’ll get to put your arms around me, so there’s an upside.”

“I hate you,” you said as Kili began to take off.

“No you don’t,” he said, touching your hand that was around his waist. 

“Yes, I do.”

“Oh hush, look at the view,” he said, never letting go of your hand. You trotted along in silence for a little while until Kili stopped in the middle of the path. 

“What?” you asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Where are we going?”

“I don’t know. I just thought you’d tell me… never mind.”


“Nothing, let’s just head back.”

“Kili what are you talking about?”

“Nothing. I’m not talking about anything,” Kili said with a slight smirk on his face.


“It’s just, I know you have a crush.”

“You what?” you asked, your hand dropping from his chest and your face beginning to pale.

“Yes and I think it’s time you told Bombur how you feel.” You laughed and pushed Kili a little bit. He grinned and looked back at you. You rolled your eyes and Kili smiled even bigger.

“Watch where you’re going,” you said, nodding your head to the front. Kili turned around and you continued your journey back in silence. When you arrived back at camp, Kili jumped down first and then helped you off. Fili stood up and walked towards the two of you with a grin on his face.

“Hello, brother.”

“Hello, Fili,” Kili said with a suspicious smile on his face. You nervously gulped and looked at the two of them. They were always joking and teasing, and you were never an exception to their pranking.


“Fili?” you asked with as much confidence as you could fake. 

“It seems my brother’s braids have fallen out. Would you mind helping him?”

“I believe he is perfectly capable,” you replied, knowing what Fili was doing.

“Yeah, come on, Y/N,” Kili whined. “You have very skilled hands, and you know you’ve always wanted to run your hands through my hair.”

“Skilled hands, that’s very good, Kili,” Fili laughed.

“You both are repulsive,” you said, turning away and rushing away from the pair. You kept walking even though they both shouted for you to stop. 

“Y/N, please stop,” Kili called, close to you. 

“Leave me alone, Kili.”

“Y/N, please!” Kili pleaded a little more seriously. 

“Why?” you asked, finally turning around. “So you can tease me some more? It’s obvious you know how I feel about you Kili, and I’m not going to embarrass myself anymore. So goodbye,” you said, turning around and almost falling.

Kili grabbed your hand and pulled you close to him, placing his hand over your mouth. You looked at him angrily and tried to get out of his grip until he nodded towards the group of giants passing feet from you. You gasped as best you could with Kili’s hand over your mouth and shrunk down to the ground with him. He removed his hand from your mouth and looked at you with concern and fear in his eyes.

“What do we do now?” you whispered.

“I love you,” he said, looking even more fearful than before.

“What?” you asked, your heart beating impossibly fast.

“I love you, Y/N,” he said, this time with much more confidence, as if he was reassuring himself of his feelings.

“Kili we could die!” you angrily whispered.

“I know that’s why I need to tell you. See it’s not that hard to share your feelings with someone,” he said, a gleam in his eyes and tat same intoxicating smile on his face.

“Shh!” you said, pulling Kili close to you as one of the giants stood up and looked around.. “We need to get out of here,” you said, looking around for an exit.

”Not until you tell me you love me too.”


“Y/N, tell me,” he pleaded, looking at you with his big brown eyes. “Before it’s too late.”

“I love you, too” you whispered. Kili smiled bigger than he had ever done before and place his hand on the back of your head.

“Took you long enough,” he said happily before kissing you passionately. You could of melted into Kili’s strong arms, and the taste of him was enough to  make you lightheaded, but you needed to get away from the giants before you could enjoy his sweet intoxication.

“We have to get out of here,” you said, finally breaking away before taking his hand. You lead the two of you out of there in silence. When you were finally out of earshot of the giants Kili spoke again.

“Just remind me that we have unfinished business when we get back to camp, my love,” Kili said, causing you to break out into a huge smile. 

anonymous asked:

Could you possibly do a quick blurb about sleeping over at your boyfriend Dylan's house and what you guys would do while hanging out?

-watching the stars out the window

-little kisses all over the place, like, just leaning up and kissing him on his cheek or he kisses your forehead and its really chaste and pure

-watching movies and snacking together 

-you guys would totally get slushies at the nearest gas station and go to the park YES IVE WRITTEN THIS IN LIKE HALF MY STORIES OKAY I HAVE A KINK FOR GETTING SLUSHIES AND GOING TO THE PARK LEAVE ME ALONE

-he likes to try and learn how to braid your hair but he always fails and you look really silly

-when you guys cuddle together he would keep your head tucked into his chest so that you feel safe

-if you guys watch horror movies he would make sure that you’re not scared

-he’ll show you his new CD’s 

-talking about what you guys are going to do after you guys graduate from high school

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Taehyung Scenario: My Girl.

Request: Can I request a Tae scenario where him and OC are dating and they’re out in public and some over boys start either messing with or flirting with OC and Tae starts being overprotective of her?

Genre: Fluff / Romance

It’s been a while since your relationship with Taehyung went out in the public. You two had been caught on a date in Gangnam and then another time leaving a restaurant together in a less populated area, so Big Hit decided it was best to let it out on the public and be done with it; Taehyung and you agreed. Surprisingly the excitement of the fans and the media over you quiet down in just a couple of weeks, of course, there were still some annoying sasaeng and other people who kept following you around but you wouldn’t let that bother you. You could finally enjoy your relationship freely and that was a thing that made the both of you immensely happy.

Other thing that came with the news of your relationship was a sudden popularity in college. You tried not to pay attention to it, knowing that most of the people that now wanted to befriend you were just there because they thought they could get near BTS trough you, and that was a thing you wouldn’t allow. Those people just wanted attention to themselves; the boys didn’t need any of that.

With that “popularity” came other things, one of them being that you suddenly were one of the most “desirable” girl of campus. It wasn’t like before all the relationship thing you were unnoticeable, it was that know you got al least one confession or invitation to go somewhere every two or three days, it was always the same group of guys and it was seriously starting to get annoying. You knew all those confessions weren’t sincere and of course you had a boyfriend already, like nobody knew that.

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Bumblebee: I'm Back [Part 1]

It had felt like years since she had seen Blake, since Yang had gotten to see her partner. She was still angry, and didn’t understand, and didn’t know why Blake would have left at such a crucial part of life. But she’d had a solid amount of time to think about it, and Yang decided that letting go would be the best route. The burning rays of sunlight bashed against her skin and warmed her metal arm. She punched and punched and punched, until there was no tree left to punch. Anger, sadness, sorrow, despair…loneliness. All the feelings and emotions were killing her from the inside out.

Yangs father was out on a job, his first job since he started taking care of her. She convinced him to go, to take the weight of all his problems with him too. Yang grabbed a icy cold bottle of water and pretty much chugged the entire thing. The sweat on her forehead dripped down her cheeks. Working out and getting back into shape was hard…maybe Nora was right about the love handles… Yang laughed to herself and pulled her hair up into a pony tail using an old almost shot scrunchy.

“Pst.” She heard a ruffle over by the nearest window. Was she going insane or did leaves just talk to her. “Pst.” There it was again! She poked her head out of the window seeing only bright afternoon skies. Then her eyes landed on something…rather someone whom she didn’t want to see but did. Blake stood at the entrance to her house, pacing vigorously. Yang sighed and ran downstairs, just the average jog, and opened the door.

Her hair was just as she’d remembered it, that coal black silk of hair and her beautiful skin. There was bow, which wouldn’t be too hard to get used to. The second those eyes landed on her thigh, Yang felt her knees go weak. The amber yellow soft eyes that she’d noticed only showed themselves around her.

“H-Hey Yang,” Blake said looking down at her feet in shame. Yang didn’t care if she was still so dang angry at her for leaving, she just needed a hug. Yang pulled Blake into a big hug, Blake’s face just happening to land in the right spot on her chest. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” She burst into tears before Yang had the chance to say anything.

“Why are you crying?” She didn’t understand, someone like Blake crying was astounding.

“B-Because I h-hurt you. And wh-when I do that, I can never forgive myself. Y-you are so important to me Yang. I’m sorry for running, I’m sorry for leaving, I’m sorry for making you feel like you have no one.” Gosh dang Yang felt the tears well up in her own eyes as Blake went on and on about how much she was sorry. And whenever she tried to speak Blake would just interrupt her again. “I just…I know you will never forgive me…but I’m sorry.”

“Never say never right kitty,” Yang winked and started petting Blake’s ears. The black haired kitty purred intensely as she stroked Blake’s ears. If she was here…where was everyone else? “Are you alone? Do you have a place to stay?”

“I’m alone, Sun went back to Neptune and the gang.” Ugh Sun, always in the way. Wait what? What was I just thinking?? Yang thought. “And no on the other one.”

“You can stay here if you want.” Blake looked up from her chest and nodded softly. Yang smiled and pet her more. No father and Blake back, best day ever. Hopefully.


I Thought You Were Different (Part 15/?)  (Avengers/Carter x reader)

Part 14

“Okay, Nat, let’s go over this one more time,” you paused, “what do you say if Steve asks why I’m not here?”

“You were asked to consult on a security…something… panel in…Washington?”

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Just; C.H. 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“What the fuck is wrong with my head?” I groan loudly, slapping one of the fluffy sofa pillows over my head to evade the incoming sunlight. I hear a dry groan to my right and I know Sarah is experiencing the same difficulties as I am, probably hangover and regretting earlier life choices. 

“Come on it can’t be that bad.” Sherilyn chirps happily and I want to throw my phone at her face, hopefully breaking her nose. 

“You puked your guts out last night, of course you feel fine.” Sarah barks back and immediately after groans loudly. After I had tumbled asleep last night, Sarah and I had been alternating about getting up to hold Sherilyn’s hair while she puked her guts out. The first time I joined in, not standing the sound she made as she tried to get the gin tonic out of her system, desperately.

“I’m going to die, I’m sure of it.” I laugh dryly, turning onto my back and throwing my arm over my closed eyes. “Water and aspirin.” Sherilyn nudges me and I slide the pill past my lips and sit up long enough to swallow a bit of water to get it down smoothly before dropping back onto the sofa softly, eyes squeezed closed tiredly as I listen to my shallow breathing.

“Could you give me a ride home? I really want a shower.” Sherilyn wearily asks as I feel the sofa dent near my head, her small hand landing on my hair to tangle the knots out. “Shower here and leave me the fuck alone.” I groan loudly, slapping her leg with my right hand and trying to push her away without moving another inch. Of course she’d want a ride home. Of course she had to pester me about it, even though Sarah was perfectly capable of getting Sherilyn home, seeing as how she’d have to leave eventually.

“I want my strawberry shampoo. Come on, I’ll buy you breakfast.” I know for a fact that bacon and eggs will cure this amazing hangover. I contemplate it for just a few seconds, groaning loudly as I turn on my side, slowly opening my eyes again.

“You won me over. Let’s go. I’m going to change.” I push myself up with my hands, crawling out of the sofa and waddling upstairs for a change of shirt. My hair is up into a messy bun on top of my head and a pair of sunglasses is in my back pocket to shield my sore eyes from the sunlight. 

“You look like shit.” Sarah laughs. “Oh looks who decided to show the living all of a sudden.” I smirk and am quick to dodge the pillow that is swung my way. “You coming?” I question as I grab my car keys from the bowl, Sherilyn already by the door, looking like she’s about to perform the walk of shame in her dress and her hair unruly sticking in every possible direction.
“Nah, heading home for a nap.”

I follow Sherilyn out of the door and stop in my tracks to hiss once from the harsh sunlight. “Don’t act like you’re a vampire. You’ll live.” Sherilyn chuckles and I groan loudly, shuffling tiredly towards my battered car. I miss the times when I was younger when I would never get a headache after a night of heavy drinking, or where my stomach wouldn’t be upset at all. But those are bygone era.

“Oh stop here. They have great pancakes.” Sher points to a little diner on our left, seeming almost deserted. My kind of place. Especially now that I feel like a sumo wrestler has been dancing the Macarena on my back all night.
I make a sharp turn and roughly step on the breaks, Sherilyn groaning as she roughly is spiralled forwards but gets pulled back by the seat belt.
“That’s for waking me at shit dawn.” I laugh and kill the engine, already getting out of the car before she replies. “It’s almost eleven!”

“We’re in college, that is fucking early.” I laugh as I push the glass door open, the little bell above me chiming its shrill noise making me wince. “That’s for being mean to me.” She points her finger accusingly in my face, evil grin masking her normal cute features before skipping over to one of the booths near the window. It’s eerily quiet and then my gaze meets his. Calum and his posse of three are on the other side, eyeing us while they pick at their meals.

I take my sunglasses off, wandering after Sher after awkward eye contact with Calum. I was still rather disappointed by his actions from yesterday. I somewhat was into a one night stand to celebrate ending another year of college. I would never think it would be with someone like Calum, but it seemed as if I had a chance last night. I slide into the booth, resting my head on the plush red cushioning while letting out a tiny grunt. “Not a great start of the summer.” I breathe out, crossing my arms over my chest as I listen to Sherilyn scoff.

“I thought that party was rather dashing.” I shriek and immediately my hands fly to my temples to rub them, glaring at Ashton who was now leaning beside my head. “Hi to you too Ashton. So great to see you again this fine morning.” I huff out, I know deep down I should grant him a smile but his unexpected voice in my ear, followed by my shriek, gave me a new sense of headache all together. I glare at him as I turn my body to his lounging frame.
“Auwtch, Y/n. That hurt my tiny feelings.” Ashton smirks as he lays his hand over his heart, winking before turning to my friend in front of me.

“Sherilyn, lovely to see you again. How are you?” I think he swoons her off of her feet when I hear the tiny giggle and see the blush creeps onto her cheeks. “Yo Y/n, see you found your friend.” Michael appears besides me, beaming brightly at the both of us.
“Yeah, thanks for that.”
“I wondered what happened after.” I sit up more straight and turn to Michael for an easier conversation.

“Oh we went home. Hangover is being a bitch.” I laugh, both boys laughing alone as well before we’re interrupted. “You done? We have shit to do.” Calum appears now, sunglasses resting on his nose and a scowl on his lips.
I raise my eyebrows, my lips set into a thin line as I see Ash and Michael raise to their feet warily. “I’ll see you around, Y/n.” Ashton squeezes my shoulder and heads off, Luke and Michael following closely behind but Calum seems to linger for a tad longer.

I can’t see his eyes due to the sunglasses but I see the smile he grants my way and his teeth sinking into his plump bottom lips before he turns, his fingers threading through his unruly locks. He disappears through the door and my eyes follow him for as long as possible before I turn to a wide eyed Sherilyn. Why is he such an attractive human specimen whom I have had the pleasure to meet? Why do I want him this bad? If I had never spoken a word to him, it would’ve just been one of those silent crushes where you swoon from a decent distance.
“What was that about?”

“That was nothing. I don’t even know what’s wrong with me. I understand my brain shutting off during an exam but this is shit to a whole new level.” I groan loudly, smiling at the waitress who places a cup of coffee in front of me, both Sher and I ordering bacon and eggs to cure our hangover.

“You’re crushing on Calum, aren’t you?” I roll my eyes as I bring the hot cup to my lips, blowing steadily to get the surface to cool. “I thought you knew that, with all the teasing lately.” Sherilyn’s eyes widen before she shakes her head rapidly, her fingers clutching the side of the table. “We were only joking, because, well yeah. I didn’t know you actually liked him!” I shush her almost immediately, my hands waving in front of her face to shut her up.

“Nobody has to know Sher, please keep it down. It doesn’t matter, Calum isn’t the dating type, I am not the dating type, he has enough busty blondes for his one nighters.” Now it’s time for Sherilyn to roll her eyes at my words, her own hands curling around her blood hot cup. “You dated, remember Sam?”
“Well, do you think Calum would be the right guy for me to date?” I raise an eyebrow and I can’t contain my smirk when I see Sherilyn’s smug grin disappear into a frown where her lips are in a thin line as she tries to form a decent response in her head.

“Uh – I don’t know. Probably not. Doesn’t mean you can’t try and find out. Who knows.” I smile and grin even brighter when I see the waitress approach with my food, immediately taking a bite off of a strip of bacon as soon as it’s placed in front of me.
“I really love your naivety Sher. But please, keep this between us for now?”

Part 5

Study, destress and leisure

A/N: So this isn’t an imagine or one shot that kinda thing, but I’ve literally received sooo many asks on how I deal with stressed and how I balance school and leisure and stuff and how I study an stuff. (idk why y’all ask me though, I’m not that organised or have my life together lulz I’m always so freaking busy and messy) So I thought, why not make a post on how I deal with my stuff? Please tell me how you deal with stress and school and stuff, cuz I would absolutely love to know and maybe learn a thing or two!

idk how to start this but here it goes! Here’s some study tips:

  1. First thing is I always try to keep myself hydrated. Idk is it just me, but whenever I’m thirsty, or I don’t drink enough water, for some reasons I can’t concentrate or get anything in my brain. So, get the biggest water bottle you’ve got, fill it with room temperature water, and keep hydrated!
  2. I like colours and drawings, so whenever I study, I used at least 7 pens with different colours and 7 highlighters with different colours. Sometimes I google or pinterest search studyblr and get some inspirations cuz I’m always a slut for pretty notes.
  3. I copy down everything and write down my every thought in class and organise my notes at home, so I can think it through and maybe memorise them as I organise my notes. 
  4. DON’T EVER CRAM OMG DON’T DO THAT. I’ve made this mistake, thinking I can study two wars the day before finals, but no. I end up being so frustrated and impatient that I can’t get anything in my brain. So, now I try to organise my notes everyday and revise what I’ve learn that day. This helps so much
  5. EAT BREAKFAST. just trust me. eat breakfast. eat a good, fresh, filling, relaxing breakfast that slowly wakes you up and set you in a better mood for the day. and breakfasts are delicious. 
  6. Listen to music. Not like screamo or anything like that, just listen to calming, soothing musics like stuff in the ‘chill’ category on Spotify. cuz for me, whenever I study, my thoughts are everywhere and my mind would be a fucking rude person and be so fucking loud and focus on every single sound around me, so the music kinda mutes my brain and calm it enough to let me think slowly and follow what I’m studying. (if that makes any sense)
  7. Get a white board or black board or somewhere you can easily rub off stuff you write. Write down what’s important or maybe stuff that you can think of about the topic immediately without worrying if it’s correct or not. Think them through one by one after you’ve them written down and you won’t forget them. Mind maps really help me think and study, and usually my annotations are messy af and they’re everywhere
  8. COMFY ENVIRONMENT. I can’t stress this enough omg it’s so important. Natural lights, clean and tidy room, a nice scent, a comfy chair, anything!!!!!
  9. Set breaks. I like to browse the internet for 15 minutes after I’ve study for 2 hours, or make myself a snack, or go outside and get some fresh air. Not too long breaks, though.
  10. A nice drink????? I have a thing for studying with a cozy cup of hot chocolate in winter, or studying with a nice cup of tea in autumn, or a café au lait in spring, or a refreshing cold beverage in summer while I study. It puts me in the mood?? idk 

Let’s talk about stress!! (I’m the worst person to teach you how to destress)

  1. Get sunshine. I live by the sea my whole life, so my way of getting sunshine involves hanging out or jogging at the beach, or going for a surf, or swim my ass off, or jump off a cliff (no pun intended) into the sea. Just go outside and refresh yourself with fresh air and sunshine.
  2. Break a sweat! There’s so many fun ways to sweat that doesn’t involve going to the gym! Go to a trampoline park and jump! Have your friends over and go to a park! Beach volleyball! Bubble soccer! Lots of fun stuff involve sweating
  3. Bake! It’s fun and you get food. why not. 
  4. Read! Read some cozy books! a cheesy romance, or a self help book, or your favourite childhood novel, and read smutty smut smut, fanfics that gets you bawling, a fantasy a sci-fi, anything.
  5. Have a super super fun day! Have a day that has a shit ton of fun, so much fun that you feel like you’ve hit the maximum level of fun, and have even more fun than that. Then get a good sleep after that and wave goodbye to stress.
  6. Spend time with yourself. I like to take a walk in the woods alone and listen to leaves rustling and birds and stuff, and I also like to run a bath and throw in a lush bath bomb and deep condition my hair and put on a moisturising face mask JUST THINKING ABOUT IT MAKES ME SO COMFY
  7. Sleep! My fav! Normally I like to sleep at 11:00 and wake up at 7:30 if I don’t have school, but if I have school I sleep at 2 a.m and get up at 6:30. But sleeping early and waking up early feels so much better and makes me feel so energised. And days I sleep at 2 and wake up at 6 I feel like a zombie and dead inside and out. 

(I can only think about 6)

Ok so now balancing school and leisure time. I’m even worse at this than distressing so here it goes:

  1. I try to leave my sundays school-work free and do whatever I want (unless it’s exam season. then I study from 8 am to 11pm)
  2. This is probably a bad advice but if it’s a project or homework I know I can finish really quick, or it’s really easy, then I’ll not do them at home and do them at school. then I can have more time to myself 
  3. I take subjects that I like. So for my school, we get to choose what subjects we’ll be taking (except for the core subjects like math or english. but others, like biology, chemistry, physics, history, literature, geography, we get to choose which we’ll be studying, which we won’t be studying as long as you’re taking 12 subjects) So like me, I take art and design, P.E. and cooking, which are stuff I like to do. Therefore, even if they have homework, or assignments, or projects, I won’t feel like they are school work and it’ll be something I enjoy doing
  4. here’s a funny story. I live in a small city, and my school is right in the middle of it. We don’t have a cafeteria, but we get to go to restaurants outside or bring lunch to school. (Our lunch time is 1 hour) So in grade 8, my friends and I would make it like a thing to go as far as possible for lunch without getting back to school late. The nearest subway station is like 7 minutes from my school if we run and there’s no traffic light stopping us. We would take the subway to another part of the city, wearing full school uniform, and eat 8 dollars all you can eat korean barbecue for lunch, and run back to school. Then one day, we discovered that there is a Jump & Gym (in case you don’t know, it’s an arcade game place where you’ll get tickets every time you play and you can redeem a prize when you have enough tickets) 5 minutes subway from my school, so my friends and I went there every wednesday during lunchtime. We had enough tickets to get 4 unicycles after going there every wednesday for 5 months. After that, we unicycle everywhere at school. See? I blend my school and leisure time together perfectly. But my point is, have fun at school? idk what am I trying to say here but you get my point
  5. I’m actually taking 14 subjects, so I get quite a lot of extra lessons. Meaning that when everyone is having their Christmas holiday, or Spring break, I’ll be going back to school for four hours everyday to get extra lessons. What I do is don’t care about them extra lessons, and go on whatever trips my family or friends had planned. But I’ll get a friend who also has the same extra lessons as me to record it and send it to me, so I’ll be able to learn as well. (This is a bad advice. Don’t do this)

That’s basically everything I know? So I hope it helps everyone who had asked me these questions  and please send me how you study or destress or balance school and leisure time.

Halsey Lyric Starters;
  • “Who is in control?“ 
  • “You’ve got a way to keep me on your side.”
  • “Oh, you make me feel so weak.”
  • “I’m meaner than my demons.”
  • “I think there’s a flaw in my code.”
  • “You were a vision in the morning when the light came through.”
  • “Do you remember the taste of my lips, that night I stole a bit of my mother’s perfume?”
  • “I’m begging you to keep on haunting.”
  • “I swear I hate you when you leave.”
  • “I’m such a fool for sacrifice.”
  • “Would you lie for me?”
  • “That’s the beauty of a secret.”
  • “But do you feel like a young god?”
  • “I don’t think he remembers.”
  • “All we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign.”
  • “Are you insane like me? Been in pain like me?“
  • “You’re part of a machine, you are not a human being.”
  • “Please stop, you’re scaring me!”
  • “Who is in control?”
  • “I’m searching for something that I can’t reach.“
  • “What happened to the soul you used to be?”
  • “These days I can’t seem to get along with anyone.”  
  • “I don’t like them innocent.“
  • “I don’t have to fucking tell you anything.”
  • “Yes, I’ll admit that I’m a fool for you.”
  • “These voices won’t leave me alone.“
  • “We know very well who we are.”
  • “We’re the underdogs in this world alone.”
  • “Now I wonder what it’s like to run my fingers through your hair.”
  • “I bet you kiss your knuckles, right before they touch my cheek.”
  • “I’m the violence in the pouring rain.”
  • “Would it really kill you if we kissed?”
  • “You’ve got a fire inside, but your heart’s so cold.”
  • “All we do is think about the feelings that we hide.”
  • “Feel like we’ve been falling down.”
  • “They can break our hearts, they won’t take our souls.”
  • “Because you’re mine.”
  • “God damn right, you should be scared of me.”
Taehyung Scenario: Lightning Rod.

Request:  I want to request a Taehyung scenario where there’s thunder storms and thunder and lighting and the power goes out or something and the oc freaks out because she doesn’t like thunder and lighting and Taehyung is just there to comfort her and make her feel better and just super cute.

Genre: Fluff

You were sure it was going to rain. The sky was dark and cloudy since early in the morning, giving the day a lousy feel. You hurried home as soon as you got out of classes, you certainly didn’t want to get caught up in the rain, after all you didn’t even had an umbrella with you.

You got home just in time, as soon as you were inside the firsts drops started to fall from the sky, you made yourself confortable putting on some shorts and an oversized t-shirt. The next step to relaxation was a cup of some hot beverage, and since the weather was so grey you decided to go for a hot chocolate mug to lighten up the mood.
When that was ready you settled in on the couch, you had some homework and reading to catch on for tomorrow’s class. From that spot you could see the rain falling, there was a huge window and that let you appreciate every single change in the weather. For example, you begun to notice how the light drops became stronger with each second and suddenly it looked more like a rainstorm than a temporary cloud.

The blue sky that had become grey lighted up and you knew what that meant. You froze and waited for it, closing you eyes tightly when the first thunder fell.
Trying to calm your nerves you stared at the paper in your hands, maybe if you got distracted with the reading you wouldn’t get so alarmed by the raging storm. But it was of no use, your gaze flickered from the notes to the window every three seconds, it was like you were there waiting for the next thunder to fall.
It didn’t last long for the next one to fall, your body doing a little jump from the shock like you didn’t saw it coming.  
You stood up and started to walk around the house to see if you could calm down with a little bit of movement, but that wasn’t working either. The rain blasted against the window with so much force it shuck the windowpane violently, seeing the scene outside it didn’t look pretty at all. The wind was strongly rocking the trees, the water accumulating on some parts of the streets in big wells and the alarms of the cars going off for all the noise. 

Another thunder, this time stronger than the others. For a moment all your body was paralyzed and you thought it had actually struck you, soon you realized you hadn’t been combusted and went to sit down. The sky roared once more and just as you thought this couldn’t get any worse everything went black.
Of course, with this storm the only thing that was missing for you to have a massive nerve breakdown was the light to be out.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm a closeted nonbinary person, and my mom is always trying to get my to shave my legs and armpits more often. Problem is, doing so makes me dysphoric, but I can't tell her that. I have ADHD so I usually just say I don't do it because I forget(I forget a LOT of things, so it's believable) but I think she's starting to not believe that excuse anymore. Any suggestions for other ways I can get her to leave me alone about it?

Hi there! Tell her that you don’t feel comfortable shaving your body like that and that it doesn’t hurt her if you do or not, explain that you’re comfortable with yourself and with your body hair. Then if she is super upset about it, open up the conversation with a question yourself. Like, “why does it make you upset when i don’t shave?” Or “Why does it matter if I do shave or not?” Not aggressively or anything but just so she sees that its a matter of its your body not hers.

- Ashton