i was having colouring problems ugh


Mr. O’Hara, erm it’s not my place to say, but you may have a problem.


there are days I wonder how it is I managed to keep you

do you ever have days you wanna write but you end up drawing instead


Still going by Devereaux?

Look at this. Look at this shit. When people say sexism isn’t a problem anymore I want to angrily direct them at supermarkets, advertising, products etc. These two are the exact fffucking same deodorant and the one that’s directed at men has to be straight, black/red and have MEN branded nice and clear at the front. The one for women is actually implying what shape a woman’s body should be. This aerosol can needs an hourglass figure. Lights colours, delicate, smooth shapes. This is just messed up.


transphobia is stupid

homophobia is stupid

racism is stupid

sexism is stupid

cisphobia is stupid

heterophobia is stupid

all types of prejudice and discrimination is stupid

people are stupid

i swear to god why does everybody have a problem with people not being the same as them, like why? just why? i could go into some long ass rant about how everybody in the world whether you’re gay, straight, cis, trans, black, white, asian or a fucking asexual, non-gender specific fucking undiscovered coloured alien from another fucking planet is a two faced hypocrite that at least has one type of prejudice that they strongly enforce but can’t take that that specific type of person may actually be completely tolerent to you.

ugh, fucking people.