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If you're still doing the drabble thing could you do “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore." for tree bros. If it's not to much to ask, that is.

This is probably ooc, but I hope you enjoy it!

Contrary to popular belief, Connor Murphy is not, in fact, the worst kid in school.

Sure, there was the whole Mrs. G/printer fiasco in second grade, but, aside from that isolated incident, Connor hasn’t done much that would label him as a bad kid. He turns in his homework on time, he does well on tests, and he doesn’t talk to people in class. Well, that last part is less because he’s a good kid and more because he doesn’t have any friends to speak of and so doesn’t have anyone to speak to in class, but still. He doesn’t get into fights. Not really. Connor’s shoved a kid or two in his grade, but that’s always just been in response to someone being an asshole to him, and he shouldn’t get in trouble for standing up for himself. But he does.

Not that he even has to stand up for himself much; there aren’t even that many kids who dare to bother him since he shoved that one kid in the parking lot and the kid ended up with a broken ankle. Which wasn’t Connor’s fault—how was he supposed to know the kid was going to lose his balance and take a dive off the edge of the pavement? And isn’t it the school’s fault that they built the parking lot right beside a ditch so if someone trips or is gently pushed they’ll fall straight into the ditch? But, Connor digresses. The only kids who really bother him are the few brave souls desperate enough to be considered cool that they’re willing to bother the school’s resident psychopath, and even they have started laying off of him recently. Connor guesses everyone’s started in on the kids even lower on the middle school food chain than him.

Which brings us to now, when Connor’s standing outside the boys’ restroom in the science wing, listening to Evan Hansen’s stuttering explanation of why he doesn’t have any lunch money to give whatever dipshit cornered him in the bathroom peppered with an obscene amount of apologies. Seriously, this kid is apologizing a lot for someone who’s being harassed.

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Double Time (10/24)

Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
Language, Canon-typical violence
Tuckington, Chex
Rating: T
[Hero Time Sequel] After the events of Hero Time, the city and Blood Gulch are prepared for the true return of superheroes in a big way. But while Washington is attempting to adjust to a new relationship and a new living arrangement, the call of new heroes and a new mayor mean major changes for his professional life as well as his personal one. How will the balance of values fare when his new partners come to test everything he’s made of.

A/N: Who’s ready for things to get SAPPY in here? I am. I’m totally read for some more sap. Which is why I wrote it. ;P 

Special thanks to @analiarvb, @secretlystephaniebrown, @thepheonixqueen, @ashleystlawrence, @washingtonstub, @imagentmi, @a-taller-tale, @icefrozenover, @matt-you-got-this, @notatroll7, and Yin on AO3 and tumblr for the wonderful feed back! I truly appreciate it more than you know.

All On His Own

When Wash usually opened the door and was met by Church’s unimpressed expression, he was a swath of emotions ranging from mutually annoyed to exhaustedly accepting. 

On that rarest of nights, Wash was relieved and – more than even that – had been the one to call up the annoyed former super villain himself.

“I hate babysitting,” Church reported immediately, shoving past Washington without even bothering to shut the door behind him.

“I know,” Wash replied, taking the time to shut the door. 

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So We Meet Again (Part 5)

AN: I’m back!!! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted anything recently, I was just so busy with finals and then I had this music camp to go to but no one cares about that so let me get to the point. Alright, so this chapter is a little bit longer because I’m trying to compensate for the fact that I’m going to be gone for a few weeks, but after that I’m gonna churn out posts like no tomorrow. For now enjoy :)

Warnings: Swearing, an almost temper tantrum, and a panic attack

Word Count: About 3.4K to make up for both how long this took and how long I’m gonna be gone


When Kylo had woken up that morning, every part of his tall body ached. As he stood, he stretched, trying his tall, muscular body to alleviate some of the stiffness in his back, but to no avail. He could already tell that this was not going to be the best of days, feeling that familiar sense of dread settle in the deep pit of his stomach, but that didn’t prevent him from going about his business with a blank, emotionless face. Walking into the bedroom and sneaking around to the bathroom, he watched as you slept peacefully, a small sigh coming from his barely parted lips. You must have been exhausted because you slept so peacefully, almost as if you had forgotten in your dreams where it was you had been taken. He felt extreme guilt wash over him as he thought about how Hux had treated you, and how he was currently treating you. Kylo wished he could give you something better than being stuck in his quarters for countless hours with nothing to do, but there was no way to do that until you were deemed “trustworthy” by Hux. Shaking his head at the thought of the unbearably annoying ginger, he walked into the bathroom and quickly undressed so he could shower.

He stood there, letting the cold water cascade down his pale body as he was drowning in his thoughts. With his aching muscles and slight feelings of guilt, he couldn’t help but already feel a bit on edge with maybe not anger, but most certainly exasperation. The icing on top of the cake was that stupid ‘Days Gone Without Ren Destroying Something’ chart being placed on a wall in the bridge. According to the chart, they had gone four days. Kylo let out a soft groan as he thought of his annoyance and how sometimes he just didn’t want to do anything, but there were too many things of importance that needed him there, too many orders to give out, which included a meeting with some of the Lieutenants and the General, of which he would rather fight a whole army of Resistance fighters than sit through.

With a huff, he finished showering and turned off the water, standing still for a few seconds before departing the shower and grabbing a towel from the rack, drying himself off. Today was going to be a treat, he could just feel it. He dressed as quickly as he could, and then headed out of the bathroom, stopping by where you were sleeping to get a glance at your face. Whatever dream you were having was a good one, for a small smile graced your features, ones he’d gone so long without seeing, making a part of his heart tug with guilt. When you woke up, that would be behind you, and it would be his fault. With another soft sigh, he left the room, grabbed his helmet, and walked out of the door as he put it on.

As he had predicted, today was, for lack of a better word, shitty, and it was barely halfway through the day. No, it didn’t particularly surprise him that people were gawking at him, their thoughts so loud it felt as if they were speaking in a megaphone directed towards his every move. In fact, most the time he was able to push everyone’s thoughts into a low buzz that was pushed into the back of his mind, like the bass line of a song he hated but couldn’t get stuck out of his head. However, today was the worst of any day he had ever encountered. Not only had a problem arisen with the final construction stages of the Starkiller Base, but Hux was running rampant looking for Lieutenants to blame, at least until he’d looked upon the mask of his Commander.

You,” He said fiercely, hostility dripping from his tongue like poison. It almost stung. Almost.

“General, I hope you’re not planning to blame your incompetence on me when you know I have very little to do with the actual construction of Starkiller Base. Supreme Leader did say the construction was under your jurisdiction, did he not?” Kylo Ren said before the red-headed General could spew whatever nonsense meant to blame someone else for his own mistake.

Hux stopped in his tracks, pulled himself upright and looked eye-level with Ren. After a few seconds that seemed tortuously long to Ren, the General finally spoke.

“Yes but I don’t give those pledged to our enemies amnesty,” he said in a voice so silent and lethal that had Kylo been a few steps away, he wouldn’t have heard it. Clenching his fists, Kylo fought every urge to send the General flying into the control panels behind him, and instead opted to walking past him. That was when the time bomb started to tick.

“He’s such a child, how does anything get done in this Order?” came a voice in the back of his mind, sensing its presence behind him, so he snapped around to try and find the perpetrator, but to no avail. Choosing to ignore it, he turned back around towards the front control panels on the bridge.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

“Of course those two are at it again, throwing insults at each other until the Commander fucking loses it. Looks like we’re gonna have to start the chart over,” came another voice, but the presence was undistinguishable. Shit. He had let Hux’s anger take away the attention of the barrier he put between everyone else’s thoughts and his own. He needed silence to refocus on that, but he couldn’t abandon his post with so much mayhem, so he allowed the thoughts to flutter into his mind until he could deal with it later.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

And then, without warning, all the thoughts flooded in at once.

Such a childish man.”

“Can’t believe he’s our commander.”

“Showing weakness to that prisoner…what does he even want with her?”

“He thinks that just because he’s a force user he’s all big and bad, doesn’t he?”

“He’s a monster.”

The time bomb went off.

Spinning on his heal and striding off the bridge and away from the command center, every single one of his steps had more force added to them, making it seem like banthas were walking through the ship, his footsteps so loud echoing on the durasteel walls. Everyone he passed had some bad thought about them, but in his rage he could neither hear nor pay enough attention to them. He was determined to go somewhere private, where he could just fucking lose it without any kind of scrutiny. He forgot about everyone, not just Hux or any of the lieutenants on the bridge, but also you, enveloped in his pure rage as he reached his quarters, typing the code into the keypad so roughly he almost broke it. Once in the comfortable privacy of his quarters, he threw the damned mask out and let out an enraged scream.

He heard you open the door ever so slightly, felt your thoughts drifting in and out of his mind, oh how he wanted to ignore them, but that one word plagued him, repeated itself in his head at different dynamics, the one that everyone always used when regarding to him.


“So what, I’m a monster now? Or have I always been? I guess I shouldn’t have expected any better,” he said, slightly shocked by the growl that came out of his lips with such ease, he almost considered himself as such as well. As he stepped closer, he looked into your eyes and was full of regret. He was proving you right in his rage. He was a monster, he could tell by that look of terror in your eyes. He caused that, and oh gods, did he hate it. He wasn’t aware he had spoken as he had did it, feeling a strange need to touch you, almost as if he needed to confirm you were real, but instead opted to running a hand through his hair instead. He could feel your pity even as he walked away from you to sit and gather his thoughts. He focused on turning off the voices, trying to get them to go back to that annoying bass line. That would be enough for him, just to have them as mindless mumbles in the very back of his crowded mind.

When you moved to sit next to him, he made it clear that he was no longer to be trifled with, at least he hoped. He had to return to being the fearsome Commander of the First Order, and so he stood, reached for his helm, and started heading out the door. Gods, he hated the little control he had over his anger, the pure rage that was like a fire that people threw sticks onto in order to kindle and see it grow. However, he was thankful for what those minutes of release had done, and even though he was immensely guilty for causing fear inside of you, he was also glad that the same fear gave him enough of a reality check to gather his thoughts once more. As much as he hated it, as much as he knew he should be glad to instill fear into another sentient being, he liked that your fear caused him to come from the edge of his anger.

After the incident your position had been toggled like a light switch, the stupidest internal battle within you. That stubborn part wanted to hold on to all that hate that you’d worked so hard to gather up over the years, but the softer side of you knew that the only reason you tried to gather all that hate was because you didn’t want to feel what you had always felt anymore. Gods did you hate how you knew it but you certainly didn’t want to admit it. No, you would not admit that you had the slightest feelings for Kylo Ren.

And so, for the past week and a half, while you sat prisoner in his living quarters, your mind bounced from wanting to help him to wanting to kill him. You’d also had to get used to closing off your mind again because never had you expected to use that skill again. The invisible walls were placed around your mind, shielding your thoughts from him. However, you couldn’t escape a certain feeling of dread that those barriers did not follow you in your sleep, especially because of the quality of your dreams. They were all memories or flashes, most of which you regretted, but in your dreams, you couldn’t help but love them. You saw Ben, your close friend, laughing, his brown eyes glimmering.

And when you woke up you felt empty, and made sure you were ready to rebuild those walls as soon as Kylo Ren returned.

He hadn’t had an incident like that of a week and a half ago since then, but he did sometimes come into his quarters with a huff. Usually you tried to pretend to be asleep, but apparently on this day, he was sick of the façade.

“I know you’re awake, if you were asleep I would know. Don’t you think I’m smarter than that?” He said through the mask, but there was a distinguishable sneer that you heard as he walked past you lying on the bed to get to the bathroom. Today, the softer part of you was winning. You sat up in the bed, unsure of what you were going to do after he came out. You fiddled with your thumbs as your stomach rumbled. You hadn’t been eating much but protein bars this entire time and that was taking a slight toll on you. Not that it mattered, you endured far worse, but you weren’t ever satisfied by your protein bar rations, and half the time you didn’t want to ask for food.

The door to the bathroom burst open, causing you to jump, eyes widening with shock. When Kylo stepped out, he was in a black, long sleeve shirt that was extraordinarily form fitting to his body, outlining ever harsh muscle on his torso and arms. He was also wearing loose fitting sweatpants, which you assumed he had just changed into because there was no way that was the proper dress code for the Commander of the First Order.

“You haven’t been eating, have you?” He asked, brown irises looking at you up and down, as if searching for something.

“I have,” you assured him, not really sure why you felt the need to. “I’ve been eating those protein bars in the cupboard.” He gave you a kind of ‘are you serious?’ look before letting out a sigh and beckoning for you to follow. Much to the displeasure of that stubborn part of you, you followed him into that micro-kitchen. He made sure you were there when he opened up the fridge, revealing trays of food, probably retrieved straight from the kitchens. You doubted anyone would question their Commander so it made sense. You had just never had the common sense to look there.

“Well…” you said under your breath. And here that stubborn part of you thought that he was planning on letting you starve.

“Eat.” His deep voice distracted you from your well-guarded thoughts, and all you could think to do at the time was give him the blankest of stares. He frowned and pulled out one of the trays, popped it into the microwave, and waited for it to heat up.

“I’m not gonna let you starve yourself, whether it’s deliberate or accidental. I don’t get this food for myself,” he said in a clipped tone, but the soft part of you wanted to believe that he was trying to care for you but he wasn’t entirely sure how. He pulled the tray out of the microwave and handed it to you. You gave him another blank stare, confused about where exactly to eat because of a lack of dining accommodations, and he let out a heavy sigh.

“Look, I don’t care where you eat, that should be the last of your concerns,” he said. “You’ve been eating all protein bars for the past week and a half, and you’re seriously concerned about the dining etiquite?” With a huff, Kylo walked past you and into the bedroom, closing the door behind him, so you opted for the couch. A part of you did feel stupid for your earlier confusion, but maybe it was just your bafflement at his attempt to be nice to you. For a moment you saw Ben, the boy who could predict your thoughts without ever having to pry in your mind, but still that stubborn half raged on, and begged to differ. Never would Ben have been that short with you. But it was an attempt at kindness so it would have to do.

As you ate the less than desirable food, your mind began to wander. After a whole week and a half of nothing but stone cold silence, why did he decide now to force you to eat something? Because he wants you to starve. Well that was ridiculous, why would he be bringing food? To make you think he didn’t want you to starve. Funny how he conveniently forgot to tell you where the food was. To be fair you were never “awake” so to speak when he came back from whatever duties he had. Shaking your head to rid yourself of your constant internal battle, you felt flustered. You just didn’t know how to feel and every second of your life was just wondering after wondering now. There were too many what if’s and why’s you had ignored up until this point and now that they were being brought forth to you in your time being constantly alone, you felt dread settle over your heart.

I don’t think I can take another day of this, you said, putting the food down, suddenly feeling sick. Oh gods, it felt like you were suffocating, just thinking about being alone, left to your own devices as you thought about all the bad in your life, and even potential bad that was likely to never come true. You placed your hand over your chest, feeling your heartbeat increase rapidly. You hadn’t had a panic attack in so long you had almost thought it was over and done with. You slid down to the floor and could hear your hyperventilation even though it felt like you were listening through water, everything sounded so muffled. You barely even noticed the bedroom door open, or Kylo Ren’s tall dark frame running towards you. No, you felt like you were going to pass out from the lack of oxygen, and with each short breath, your vision was blurring. Your mind was racing, replaying every single feeling of abandonment you’d ever felt in your life, and it only made your heart ache more. Not even the muffled calls of your name could stop you from your continued panic, or the hand on your shoulder. Your chest heaved as you tried to grab something, anything, you just wanted to stop the feeling.

“I c-c-c-can’t be al-l-lone,” you heard yourself say as you felt arms pull you into an embrace. “I c-c-c-can’t d-d-do this!” The deep voice was mumbling something to you, Kylo was mumbling in your ear, trying to get you to be calm. You grasped his arms, running your hands all along, feeling the fabric move with the friction you were creating, the warmth of both your moving hands and his own homeostasis helping you to regain your focus. Your breathing was still labored but the settings around you came more into focus, and you felt a part of the world again. You could now almost make out Kylo’s mumblings as he rocked you back and forth, waiting for you to calm. You stopped the friction you were creating on his arms, and now just held on tight, listening to your sight return to normal and your breathing steady. His words were becoming distinct now.

“It’s okay, I’m not gonna leave you alone. I’ll stay here all day tomorrow, I promise,” he said softly, his whispers helping to ease the shaking your body still felt. He brought a hand up to wipe tears that you weren’t cognizant they were there. Still shaking, he lifted you up and carried you to the bedroom. Gently lying you on the plush bed, Kylo moved everything around to make you feel comfortable, and covered you with the heavy duvet.

“I’m staying in here tonight, I’m sorry (Y/N),” he said, pulling one of the pillows off of the bed.

“That’s not necess-s-s-sary, I’m f-f-fine now,” you tried to reassure him, but you immediately knew you failed at doing so.

“Your breathing wouldn’t still be so jagged if you were. I’m just gonna be on the floor, okay? Don’t be afraid to wake me if you need me,” Kylo’s deep voice said with a hint of worry as he pulled a blanket from underneath the king-sized bed. He walked over to turn the lights off and close the door, then he quietly laid himself on the ground, even though you could hear him fidgeting, trying to find a comfortable spot.

“You kn-n-now I can sleep on the floor instead,” you said softly, which was followed by a small sigh from Kylo.

“Not after a panic attack you’re not. Besides, it beats the couch any day,” he said, the slight joke to his tone causing you to let out a shaky chuckle. You decided he wasn’t going to let up on his resolve, and so you adjusted to where you’d be comfortable. Just as you were about to fall asleep, you heard Kylo’s voice ever so slightly cut through the silence like a blade.

“We’re a fucked up pair, huh?” He said so softly you were afraid you had just imagined it. You smiled a small, resentful smile at his words.

“That we are,” you replied in the same dynamic, curling up into a ball and making sure every part of you was covered by the duvet.

“Goodnight, (Y/N),” he said before you heard him fidget once more.

“Goodnight Kylo.”

too much time [johanbeck]

Fandom: The Martian

Pairing: Beth Johanssen/Chris Beck 

Summary: Beth Johanssen tries not to be too honest during her post-isolation interview. 

Posted to AO3

She’d thought that ten days of isolation would be fine. She wasn’t extroverted like Watney or Martinez. (She was sure they’d probably gone crazy during isolation. Well, Watney was pretty much already crazy.) Having spent so much of her life in front of a computer screen or with a textbook she felt like she knew herself and her brain well enough to maintain her composure for ten days. She’d once spent 48 straight hours in the library awake on a toxic (read: life-giving) cocktail of coffee and adderall. That had been fine. Surely this would be as well.

It’s not that she didn’t like human interaction or even that it necessarily made her anxious. She just liked being by herself. She felt a sense of stimulation, focus, and purpose when she was coding that she didn’t find in other way. She’d never questioned it.

The desire to become an astronaut, however, had gotten in the way of her psuedo isolation. They were constantly together, the six members of the Ares III crew. It was part of the team building that was required to get six strangers to trust each other implicitly. They’d be responsible for each others lives for more than a year.

But by the fifth day of isolation, she was ready for it to be over. Known introvert Beth Johanssen missed people. 

(Or was it person.)

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Could you please write more Oumami, with a depressed Ouma ? (like that self harm fic maybe ? I love how you portrayed Ouma there)

MAN WRITERS BLOCK SUCKS  =3=;; Was kinda stuck on this one for a while, so I went around and just Youtube’d and doodled until BAM! Back in my groove… maybe 030 We’ll see how it goes. Anyways, here you are anon!

Warning: Well, just mention of self-harm, but that’s it :0

First Part here!

And the Second Part!

Anything For You

Amami knocked on the door to Ouma’s room, rubbing his eyes and smacking his lips together, shifting from one foot to the next as he tried to wake himself up. He knew Ouma had probably slept in and was going to take at least another five minutes before he’s actually open the door. Not that Amami minded though, he’d let the boy take all the time he needed.

“Oi! Amami!” A deep voice called out, and it took Amami a second before he looked down and spotted Hoshi running over to him, huffing, as though he were in a hurry.

“Hmm? You alright? You seem out of breath.” Amami remarked, receiving an annoyed grunt from the breathless Hoshi.

“Ah, shaddup you… Ha… ah… Anyways, Kiibo and Kaito challenged me to a two on one tennis match, and I was wondering if you wanted to act as referee? I mean, not that we need one.” Hoshi smirked, swinging the racquet n his hands a few times. “Beating Kaito, ha! No problem! But I wonder how much of a challenge Kiibo will be…”

“Sounds fun, but I’m spending the day with Ouma today.” Amami shrugged, “Sorry. Maybe you can ask Tojou or Gonta, saw them eating breakfast still.”

Hoshi scoffed, crossing his arms, “It’s always Ouma, Ouma Ouma Ouma with you!” Hoshi clapped his hands together, childishly making kissy noises while asking, “What are ya, lovers now? Since when did you two get so attached to the hip?”

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K Project drama translation: The crow’s repay


Translation of Drama CD: Crow’s repay (On sale on 28/01/2016 by Animate). Quite a funny drama CD to listen to. Parody plot of the swain’s repay (Old Japanese tale). 

Characters: Fushimi Saruhiko/Yata Misaki/Munakata Reishi/Mishakuji Yukari

** Again I’m too lazy to post the audio up so if anyone wants it … Hopefully someone will post it up shortly if not then I will do it (cbf compressing and uploading stuff etc …) **

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I hope you aren't done with SpiderBitty and are willing to tell me more on how he handled Civil War!!! -on my knees begging- pleaseeee, I just saw the movie and must know

Bitty: “Alright, I’ve gathered all of you here today so that we can peacefully settle our differences like the grown adults we all are supposed to be.”

All avengers are tied to their chairs from ankle to shoulder with loads of rounds of spider web. Several loud voices protest this treatment.

Bucky manages to get his arm free and tries to punch Spiderman, who is drinking coffee with his right hand and casually catches the metal arm with his left.

Bucky is now covered in twice as much spider web and hanging from the ceiling.

Bitty: “If you are gonna be childish about it, you don’t get to sit at the table! And I will hang the next person who interrupts me upside down outside the building. Maybe if I encourage the blood flow to your brains we will get some progress.”

Tony: “Is this a hostile take over? This feels like a hostile take over.”

Bitty: “I was around before you were Iron Man, and most of you lot only deal in covert operations, military or big world ending events, I’ve been doing the vigilante superhero thing for years now which gives me seniority and makes me qualified enough to act as a neutral party, but just in case I already asked somebody else to drop by to precede the negotiations. Also I brought mini pies.”

Clint staring at the mini pie in front of him with deep longing. “You realise we can’t eat the pies tied up right?”

“Think of it as extra incentive to finish quick. I have tickets for the Stanley Cup finals in a few days and a lot riding on The Falconers but I’m here dealing with you!”

“You know that’s a long shot right? The odds of The Falconers winning…” Was as far as Scott got before he was webbed in the mouth.

Bitty: “So how about Steve starts us off…”

Tony: “I object!”

Bitty: “With an apology for Tony.”

Tony: “Withdrawn!”

Steve: “I am not gonna apologise…”

Bitty: “Yes you are, because you gave a very nice lecture about hiding secrets to Tony a while back and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. So either you are a big hypocrite Steve, which goodness me, I do not believe you are, or you believe yourself morally irreproachable and above this team.”

*supremely awkward silence*

Bitty: “And Tony stop looking so damn smug, put yourself in Steve’s place and Rodney in Bucky and tell me you wouldn’t have done the same!”

*even more awkward silence*

Steve mumbles, Bitty glares, he mumbles an apology slightly louder and Tony shrugs and avoid eye contact and mumbles something back.

Bitty sighs. “This is gonna take forever, thankfully the lawyers finally are here. Jennifer Walters* will be representing Tony’s side and Matt Murdock* will advocate for Steve, and Mr. Knight will serve as a neutral party on my behalf.”

“Lawyers?” asked Natasha with a skeptical eyebrow lift and already free of spider web and eating her pie, but totally being cool with where this was going.

“Yes, because even preschoolers learn that you don’t solve conflict by using your fists and since nobody here seems able to talk to each other, I hired you people that are both passionate about the side they are arguing and able to relate due to their own unique circumstances, to talk for you while you brood behind them and make faces at each other, and then because I know better than to assume that’s enough to ensure smooth proceedings I found somebody who will keep things amicable between them as well.”

*Bitty glares at all of them from behind his mask with the full power only a disapproving parent can gather*

“Y'all get to strategise for the rest of today and put your arguments together with your legal council, and come back here to sort things out first thing tomorrow and we will continue to meet until we reach a compromise, and if you can’t be civil at the grown up table, you are out of the discussions altogether and if you and your team walk away, I will personally give a press conference where I explain the reason we couldn’t come up with a solution is on your head. So, are we all in agreement with this wonderfully reasonable plan I laid out for you?”

*dead silence and suspicious looks are exchanged*

Spiderman claps his hands once happy to assume silence as an agreement.

“Excellent! I’ll bring the lawyers in.”

And that’s how SpidermanBitty solved Civil War and the Avengers learned to fear him. Also, how Shitty ends up meeting and later on working with She-Hulk.

Shitty was great as the neutral party and you know he has strong opinions about the whole affair, and accepts no bullshit from either side. And also he has tickets for the game as well so a deep interest in moving things along. They all manage to reach a compromise in 5 non stop days of discussions.

Bitty looms over all of them from the corner of the ceiling, passive aggressively bringing better smelling goods every new meeting and refusing to give a single one out till progress is made. It’s possible he Pavlov trained the Avengers.


Jennifer Walker: Bruce Banner’s cousin and She-Hulk, canonically a lawyer and on Iron Man’s side during the civil war comic book story line.

Matt Murdock: Daredevil, also a lawyer and also canonically on Captain America’s side during civil war comic book.

Oh, but it’s been a little while since I needed to vent my spleen about certain things, but since people are gonna act the way they are, I decided that now was a good time.

I don’t know why anyone in the Pearl/Dewey tags keeps fussing about the tiny circlejerk of trolls there. Seriously, folks. I can’t see their posts anymore, but all the posts I see now are people TALKING about how bad they are.Their badness goes without saying, honest. Forget ‘em. Put 'em on ignore, it’s just a click away. Hell, try reporting 'em to staff if you want, these troll blogs only exist to bully, after all. Write stories, do art, share headcanons, fill up the tag that way, do anything but give this tiny, sad circlejerk the attention they clearly so desperately crave. Let 'em find it elsewhere, someplace that’s actually healthy for them, they need that. But not here. It’ll benefit them too, because if they have this much trouble sharing the toys the Crewniverse have given us, they won’t be able to see all the sweet, sweet Pewey love that upsets them so very deeply. Think of the children.

Look at the note count on their abusive crap. It’s always the same people and the same small amount of people, usually including reblogs off their main blogs. They rarely break two digits. The best I saw from them broke a whole hundred, and that was largely due to a lot of people who disagreed with them. Now look at the note count on a piece of Mayor/Pearl shippy stuff, like, oh, I dunno. This here thing that Ben Levin made.

Not only made by staff, but favorited by Rebecca Sugar and Joe Johnston to boot. 2,243 at the time of writing this.

Then you got IanJQ, who flat-out called these ridiculous folks “haters”.

Or Rebecca Sugar, who told us to ship all the things because she loves it.

Look at fanart, you’ll get similar results. 20k. It’s like most folks get how shipping works, except these tots.

There seems to be a pattern here.

Tara’s Pewey stuff always does well, and she has like 10,000 followers. They all may not like her shipping it, but a lot of them do, and those who don’t have the simple common courtesy to respect different strokes for different folks. Really puts this mess in perspective, in my humble opinion. These little gatekeepers are the very definition of “tempest in a teapot”.

And unless these supremely bored and boring tots want to go crucify the staff as being “homophobes” and boycott the show for not living up to their kinda spotty standards of decency, their grand crusade rings especially hollow. Not that they are actually doing jack shit to further the LGBT+ community as it is. Spamming minions and memes on Tumblr all day and all night is truly the backbone of our community, right, this is what got us marriage equality! Haha, no. Christ, all day and all night. That is too sad to laugh at, really, and here I thought that joker who was tagging their badly written hatefics was as low as it could go.

“What did you do for progress today?”

“I spammed a Tumblr tag lol so random!!11 XDDDDD”

The only things these tots really care about are their personal headcanons and trying to control whoever thinks differently from them. Even when the actual “word of God”, the Crewniverse, presented the fandom with this ship idea in the first place and continues to encourage it, these tots claim to know better than the creators, because reasons. For the ones in the circlejerk who are fictionkin, and quite a few of them are, they seem to be disregarding how much that community frowns on this kind of harassment too.

Don’t ship Pearl and the Mayor, they never really spoke much! But oh gosh isn’t Lapis and Peridot so kyoot together?

Pearl is coded as a lesbian! Bisexuality doesn’t exist! –unless we wanna get our sweaty yaoi fangirl hands all over Jamie and Kevin together!

Body positivity is important! Unless it’s characters we don’t like! Rose Quartz is big and beautiful! But ew, why can’t Greg still be young? lol Mayor Dewey is old and gross! lmao neckbeard Ronaldo!

“Homophobia!”, they cried, to–y'know what, every Pewey shipper I know and I’ve seen in this tag is part of the LGBT+ community.

I wonder how they’d react if they saw Rebecca has drawn Greg and Opal making out?

Explode, maybe? Or just claim the person who created the series doesn’t know what she’s doing either? Accusations of homophobia? Hell, Rebecca’s dad described Pearl as “unhinged” when posting an official release of the Do It For Her demo, where was the outrage at “ableism”? These tots are terrible at logic, but they are pretty astounding at denial. They already tried to dismiss IanJQ’s observations on haters because he’s moved on to another project, as though that somehow robs him of his ability to call bullshit when he smells it.

Yep. These tots, so gravely devoted to spamming a shipping tag on a blogging website, tried to dismiss a person who actually creates and makes a positive change in the world, a person who doesn’t sit and spam memes 24/7 like it was meaningful employment. Are you laughing at the hypocrisy yet, or at least shaking your head at the sheer. stunning obtuseness of it all? I am. There’s no point in trying to explain things to them, because every damn time, when convenient, it boils down to them stamping their feet and declaring “I said so!”. Like Veruca Salt throwing a tantrum when she didn’t get an Oompa Loompa.

C'mon, folks. Let them go down the garbage chute here too. Trolls and/or tots who can’t behave on the playground don’t matter in the slightest to what we do here. Not a whit. Not a sausage. Hell, if this is all they have to contribute, they don’t matter to the fandom at large, either, except the fact their disturbingly persistent abuse of others is giving it the shitty reputation it’s garnering.

They aren’t worth it. Not your time, not your tears. They’re a handful of school bullies. They’ve been great for drumming up new shippers of Pearl/Dewey, but give them the fuckoff they deserve by ignoring them and keep doing you. They don’t matter. We get the messages the Crewniverse promotes. They don’t. That’s all that matters.

If any of 'em really WERE so connected to the ~*~only true Pearl~*~, you’d think they’d do something far less counterproductive, not find such a fascinating way to waste their time as trawling a ship tag day in, day out, as though it’s all they can think about. Pretty out of character for supposedly knowing a character so well! It’s almost like they just like being dicks and have way too much time on their hands.


In closing,

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Could you write Ouma and Amami going on a double date with any other couple/ship for DRV3? c:

I have to say, that writing Kiibo and anything involving Kiibo is very very veeeeery funs ^u^ 

(PS, to the one who meowed, yer’s is next ;33)

Don’t Show Kiibo the Panta

Doing anything with both Ouma and Kiibo was like courting disaster.

Kiibo was a robot who takes everything too seriously and Ouma was a child who took nothing seriously. While Kiibo took everything literally and gave everything his best effort, Ouma was a slacker who’d push his work on other people. If you were to put Kiibo and Ouma alone in a room together, that room would be covered in Panta and Kiibo would be glitching out due to Panta-overload, something that has actually happened. It was safe to say then, that no one in their right mind would ever let Ouma anywhere near Kiibo again.

Unless… Ouma was dating Amami, who just so happened to be best friends with Kaede… who just so happens to be dating Kiibo… and who just so happened, to ask for a double date.

Amami couldn’t tell Kaede ‘no’ to her request, he just couldn’t! How could he pass up the most perfect opportunity to watch shit hit the fan? Kaede had no idea of the past Kiibo and Ouma shared, no one ever wanted to bring that up again! It was the perfect opportunity to watch his boyfriend wreak havoc and to watch Kaede shit her pants in shock.

Today’s going to be a fun day.

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SA. Dukkha is about suffering in all its forms. It is about the mental AND physical suffering. Buddhism is about teaching compassion. I think bryke could have taken a more eloquent stance (made her statement clearer) but Korra learns about compassion through her suffering. Yes she was compassionate before. But it is through suffering that she understands Kuvira. Korra whole spirit s4 journey was about this. She faced her inner suffering to find answers & be stronger. Bryke just kiddified it all.

SA I just wanted to say don’t mean any disrespect from what I’m saying. I just feel the message is being lost and that the overall message of Korra’s s4 journey is being muddled in one line (that bryke should have made clearer, but still stand beside the fact that fandom is taking it way too literally).

Well, first, I’m not sure we have the same working definition of dukkha and Buddhism. I don’t know if you’re a Buddhist or not. I, for transparency’s sake, was raised a Hindu but both my dad and I have very Buddhist leanings without actually calling ourselves Buddhists. If/When I turn to religion for comfort again, it will probably be to the teachings of the Buddha.

That being said, I don’t agree that dukkha is suffering in general; dukkha is a specific kind of suffering arising from the realization of impermanence. I have my old copy of Hamilton’s Buddhism I’m looking at right now, and in it, Buddhism is defined as “the new insight and conviction that the root of suffering is craving, craving for sense gratifications, for existence, or for what is non-existent [what is known as dukkha]…If suffering is to truly cease it must be by doing away with this craving and attachment to things and conditions. The way to do that is follow and eightfold path of right ethical conduct and mental culture through meditation” (xiv). Which is the Middle Path. “Finding a way to the experience of inner liberation [for the Buddha] led to his unselfish life spent in compassionate ministry to that need” (xvii).

Compassion—especially the Buddha’s compassion—doesn’t refer necessarily to living empathy and being kind to others in general either, but rather how the Buddha “didn’t keep his supreme wisdom to himself but poured it forth like the life-giving rain from heaven on the just and unjust alike. Before he was enlightened he was a bodhisattva, i.e. one striving earnestly for enlightenment to fit himself to aid his fellow men” (xviii). That is, the Buddha is considered compassionate because he, for lack of better phrasing, forwent “heaven” and stayed behind in this world after enlightenment to share the path to liberation with the world. That compassion includes empathy of kindness, of course, and anyone striving towards buddha-hood must be a compassionate person. 

(I call Korra a canon bodhisattva because she has strived to better understand herself and her identity separate from her ego, and has earnestly, deeply tried to share her kindness and love with a world and a duty she had no choice in receiving.)

I honestly, honestly believe that Korra was capable of understanding Kuvira even before she was torn body and mind by Zaheer’s poison. Like, Korra sat down and emphasized with Tarrlok, her cousins, even Zaheer himself. She’s repeatedly shown that she understands those she’s up against. She’s repeatedly also suffered, body and mind, very deeply and in many different ways before Zaheer. There didn’t have to be an arc that literally amounted to “rebuilding” Korra into a “more compassionate” person because I 100% believe that Korra, especially by the end of book 2, and especially after meeting Iroh in the Spirit World, was that person who could sit down with her enemy and understand them. I also believe that of course, Korra had her rough edges, but maybe they didn’t necessarily need “smoothing out” either; they sure as hell didn’t need to completely destroy her to be able to understand her more negative qualities. As a brown woman, seeing that, seeing that coming from the mouth of another brown woman written by two white men, that suffering teaches you compassion, suffering will soften you and make you better—god, that’s such utter bullshit

Is it “kiddified,” like you said? Yeah, definitely. Are we taking that line too literally? Yeah, but how else are we supposed to take it? ikkinthekitsune pointed out that it’s Korra harking back to Katara’s words about Aang finding meaning in his suffering and it’s her rationalization to keep her sane, but eugh. It feels gross. Because Korra’s not a person saying these things. She’s a character saying something she is written to say. If Korra is the ultimate authority on her own journey and this is what we’re supposed to take away from it—something that literally ignores her actual journey and growth—I cannot deal with that.

Why couldn’t have her statement have been about finding who she was without being the Avatar? Why didn’t Bryke write something like, “I went through all of this and I know now who I am. I am Korra. And I have so much more to do, to give to the world, not as the Avatar, but as Korra”? If we can see people being crushed to death and combusted to death, kiddies can understand a Korra-fied version of the above.

Ultimately, my point is, that narratively, it was a shitty decision to frame Korra’s suffering as a lesson for something she already knew. Korra was already compassionate. She was already walking a path that aimed to ease suffering and pain in the world. Korra’s suffering from the poison literally was the result of her compassion for the new Air Nomads. She suffered because she was almost too compassionate. And I’m supposed to discount all of that for some half-assed parallel with Kuvira? Because her b4 journey was turned into something gross (for lack of a better word) that directly evokes the feel of anti-lok wankers’ “taming”/”humbling”  ”“”“critiques”“”” from ages ago? I’m really sorry, but I just I can’t do that.

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I don't know if you're taking prompts or anything, but I am having a terrible terrible day. My company started layoffs today, and I'm truly heartsick. Anything fluffy would be appreciated.

I’m so sorry you had a shitty day.  Sorry this took a little to fill, but I hope it helps.

Set at some vague point in a canonish future.

Clarke stood at the edge of the lake and watched tiny waves ripple out from where a fish had surfaced.  On the Ark, she hadn’t considered just how many different types of water there would be on the Ground.  On the Ark, water was something that came in a thin stream from a faucet, endlessly recycled.  But here water was so much more.  Oceans were enormous, making her feel small and insignificant, the crash of waves soothing in their constant roar.  Rivers took her breath away with their swiftness, the rapids dangerous but alluring.  Streams were softer, an offer of fresh water and a chance to wash the grime from your skin.  She’d seen a few ponds since they landed too, stagnant pools of green algae and deformed fish.

But this— this was different somehow.  It was bigger than the one behind Arkadia but smaller than the one she’d spent four days skirting during her travels, and this one didn’t have a shore rimmed in swamps.  It had rocky cliffs to the north with a small waterfall gurgling down the boulders and a small sandy beach to the south, sloping gradually out into the water.

She stood on the beach and dug her toes into the sun baked sand.  This lake made her feel safe.  At peace.  They were lucky that the valley Raven had found had everything they needed— water, good land, and towering mountains that sheltered them from the worst of the fallout.  It was a good place to start over, a good place to build a new world without the mistakes of the old one.

“Thinking about going for a swim?”  Bellamy asked, emerging from the tall grass to her right.  A bead of sweat worked it’s way from his temple down to his jaw, glistening in the hot sun.

Clarke smiled faintly.  “Just taking a break.”

The sand shifted under his weight.  “Well, I’m going to swim,” he said and dropped the cloth he was carrying as a towel.  Clarke recognized Luna’s handiwork, the blues and greens she favored standing out in bright relief against the pale sand.  “Want to join me?”

Clarke raised an eyebrow. “You know how to swim?”  They’d all gotten a basic lesson from Pike in fifth year Earth Skills, but all that had done was make them feel supremely stupid attempting to dog paddle in thin air.  The few times she’d gone into the water on the Ground she’d been mostly terrified, slamming into the water from the Mount Weather Dam or paddling frantically for her life after failing to take down a boar.

“Miller had a thing for rewatching Olympic swimming races up on the Ark. He gave us lessons when—” Bellamy broke off, and Clarke wondered if those three months would ever not hang between them.

“When I was gone,” she finished.  “I’ll let you get to it.”  She turned to go, but his hand on her arm stopped her.

“Hey, fresh start, remember?” he said with a crooked smile that hid so much pain.  But he was trying, so she would too.  “Let me teach you.”

“Okay,” she relented, and averted her eyes when he took off his shirt.  She’d been noticing him more lately, taking in the breadth of his shoulders from across the village or the way he rumpled his hair when Council meetings ran long and he got fidgety.  This was even harder, with his bare chest just inches away from her eyes, but she shrugged out of her shirt too and then stepped out of her pants.  Bellamy’s eyes might have darted to her legs, but he looked out at the lake so quickly she wasn’t sure.

“Come on, the water’s warm,” he said and took her hand.  The water splashed up his bare legs and darkened the tight charcoal boxer briefs he was wearing as he towed her into the lake.

Clarke followed a little more hesitantly, fighting memories of fear that surfaced when the water hit her chest.  Bellamy stopped where the water was just up to her shoulders and ducked his head back to wet it.  Droplets dripped from the ends, already springing back into those haphazard curls she knew so well.  

“Okay, we’ll start with floating,” Bellamy said.  “Lean back.  I’ll support you at first, and then—”

“–then my body’s natural buoyancy will take over.  I took Earth Skills too, you know,” she said with a smile.

“All right then, smartass.  You ready?”

Clarke grinned and leaned back, Bellamy’s hand warm against her back, and started to lift her feet up from the soft, muddy bottom.  Almost immediately panic surged through her veins.  She remembered being torn through the water after running from Mount Weather, fighting the current and then slamming her head into some rocks.  The last thing she remembered was water filling her lungs and then an awful blackness, sure she was about to die.  Clarke scrambled back to her feet and shook her head.  “I’m sorry, I can’t— I— I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” he said soothingly.  He touched her cheek, just briefly.  “But I’ve got you, okay?  I won’t let you go under.”  Clarke nodded, and this time she managed to bring her legs up, her back supported by his hand.  “Now start moving your hands in figure eights,” he instructed.  “No, not like you’re waving— cup them.  There you go.  I’m going to let go now, okay?”

“Okay,” she agreed, and then the soft pressure of his hand was gone and she was weightless.  

Bellamy smiled down at her.  Above him was sky, clear and blue and endless.  The water caressed her skin, cool and gentle, and she smiled back.

Things weren’t perfect and maybe they never would be, but they had a chance to try and make a better world.  

And together, they could.