i was having a rough week and then there's this

Day 364

Tomorrow I turn 1. 

Tomorrow it will be a year since I underwent the biggest surgery of my entire life. Tomorrow also marks a year since the biggest complication of my life–one I thought would make me meet my demise. 

I’ve been having a rough week, so I’m choosing to upload a video as opposed to express myself on here. Its pretty much gonna be like expectations versus realities at a year post op phalloplasty. I hope you guys enjoy it and if theres anything specific you want me to hit, shoot me a message. 

March 30th 2016 {1/100}

Day 1 of my 100 days of productivity!! I’m rewriting my rough notes that I took in Psychology and making some sense out of them. I’m finding it difficult to stay motivated because theres just so much I still have to catch up on, as I have been very lazy over the past few weeks. I have to somehow manage to get these notes done by the end of spring break because IB Psych end of year exams are coming up in a few weeks :/ 

An update:

Sorry if I’m lacking in postings soon, lovelies. I just got a new job to keep money flowing as a dishwasher. It’s not really the most fun honestly but at 10 bucks an hour i’ll shut up. But the hours are 5p-12a for 4dl days a week. So it’s gonna be rough but nothing is going to stop me being an artist. I just.. Really can’t live off what Patreon can give ATM. And rightly so.. So anyway, this is a blog after all, and theres a life update..

Thanks to everyone for the constant love, I honestly couldn’t have gotten this far without all your support… It’s so incredible the effect you guys have had to my work, and my confidence aha..

Anyway, I’m sore, my hands and feet hurt, I’m making Madi dinner ATM, and I’m tired lol.

Goodnight guys.