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Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been around much. This past week has been crazy, between school amping up for finals, trying to get ready for CTN next week, and a lot of family stuff that’s been happening, I’ve kinda been feeling overwhelmed >__< I haven’t really had much energy to draw, so here’s some older things?

A 114 test from the beginning of the semester, this dude has just been having a lousy day. The prompt was a guy trying to march forward but ending up tripping himself in the process~

There's so much more to Overwatch

Look, I appreciate shipping as much as the next guy. I adore Pharmercy and Mchanzo. However I’m getting sick of seeing almost exclusively shipping and shitposts(which I admit I also love and have even contributed to). A lot of the fandom are oversimplifying the characters and use them mostly for fluff, smut and shippy angst. That’s not a bad thing in and of itself but there’s so much more to Overwatch and it’s characters.

Angela has turned Genji into a cyborg and it is possible that she revived Gabriel as well. She did it without their permission and while Genji is finally accepting it, Reaper is clearly suffering with his new body. What drove Angela to do this? How long has she researched methods to defy death? What other plans do she have with those skills?

Farreha grew up with heroes as her family until one day it all fell apart. She went against her mother wishes and dedicates her life as a warrior. How much does she care for her own safety?

Ana abandoned her friends and daughter because she couldn’t stomach it anymore. Finally after years she comes back. It can’t be easy to see that Farreha became a soldier and the chaos that is ongoing.

Gabriel was treated poorly by Overwatch and the UN. It is heavily hinted that he was betrayed. Now he’s stuck in a body he can’t love and is full of hatred towards Overwatch and Jack especially. Now I want to emphasize that he hasn’t killed anyone besides Overwatch agents, so he’s far from chaotic evil.

Jack is struggling to still be a hero and to still be good. To not let guilt consume him.

Reinhardt buried his friends (and guess what? they weren’t even dead) and even though his armor is falling apart and the UN forbids him, he stills tries to do good.

Genji is learning spirituality and how to live with a vastly different body than his biological one. His process of forgiving Hanzo must’ve taken years.

Hanzo has no idea who he is anymore, only that he’s on the run. Suddenly the brother he killed is alive again, but as a robot. He wonders everyday if killing his brother was the right thing and that running from his clan was an act of cowardice and shame. Or was killing his brother the real sin and is his heritage dangerous?

Also consider the Shimada brothers over several years unlearning the culture and values of the Yakuza.

Satya has passionately believed she is doing good but now she realizes she might’ve just helped people getting killed. Plus please consider acknowledging her autism more.

Hana is basically a baby but she is still thrown into war. Just that notion alone should be enough to implicate that she’s having a real rough time.

And these are only what I myself have looked into and gotten, and I’ve barely been in the fandom for two weeks!

Feel free to still ship and do shitposts, I love that. But please also give the more serious plot and character development side attention too. And remember there is also comedy and joy to be found in that as well.

EDIT: And BROTPS! Give brotps more attention as well!

penandinkprincess  asked:

Someone pointed out that Killian is going to be SO not pleased to see a bruise on Emma's cheek and I'm so delighted. Furious Killian ready to destroy and Emma calming him down while he's still upset. 'Cause this was probably the first time they'd been apart down under (that sounds like they went on vacay to Australia, ha) and she ends up getting hurt. No wonder there's gonna be a CS adventure next week. He's never letting her out of his sight again.

(Okay, I couldn’t help myself. <3)

“Killian, this is nothing.” Emma flinched as he gently touched a cool cloth to her cheek.

“That’s not nothing, love.” His voice was rough and trembling with anger. Just who in the bloody hell did that … woman think she was, laying her hands on Emma Swan? He should have knocked her out with the butt of her own pistol when he took it from her.

“Okay, well, maybe it’s not nothing but it’s not that bad.”

Not that bad? The angry red mark on her cheek was already beginning to turn purple. Killian would have bet a couple of his doubloons that his lovely Swan’s cheek would be a black and blue mess by morning.

“Does it hurt?” he asked, his voice still rough.

“A little,” she admitted. Which meant, to borrow a phrase from her vernacular, that it hurt like a bitch.

“If only I’d been there–”

“Hey,” she said gently, then waited for his eyes to meet hers. “It’s all right. This is not your fault and you don’t need to fight my battles for me.”

He sighed. She was being her typical stubborn and independent self. Still, this was the first time they’d separated since she found him down here and she’d almost gotten killed – or worse. And she’d definitely ended up with what was going to be quite the shiner for her troubles.

She smiled gently at him, wincing slightly from the pain in her cheek. Then she waved her hand over her face. In an instant, the blossoming shiner was gone, whisked away in a flash of white light. “See? No harm, no foul.”

Killian tenderly dropped a kiss where her bruise used to be. “You’re bloody brilliant, Emma Swan.”

Emma grinned at him. “And don’t you forget it.”

March 30th 2016 {1/100}

Day 1 of my 100 days of productivity!! I’m rewriting my rough notes that I took in Psychology and making some sense out of them. I’m finding it difficult to stay motivated because theres just so much I still have to catch up on, as I have been very lazy over the past few weeks. I have to somehow manage to get these notes done by the end of spring break because IB Psych end of year exams are coming up in a few weeks :/ 

Day 364

Tomorrow I turn 1. 

Tomorrow it will be a year since I underwent the biggest surgery of my entire life. Tomorrow also marks a year since the biggest complication of my life–one I thought would make me meet my demise. 

I’ve been having a rough week, so I’m choosing to upload a video as opposed to express myself on here. Its pretty much gonna be like expectations versus realities at a year post op phalloplasty. I hope you guys enjoy it and if theres anything specific you want me to hit, shoot me a message. 

An update:

Sorry if I’m lacking in postings soon, lovelies. I just got a new job to keep money flowing as a dishwasher. It’s not really the most fun honestly but at 10 bucks an hour i’ll shut up. But the hours are 5p-12a for 4dl days a week. So it’s gonna be rough but nothing is going to stop me being an artist. I just.. Really can’t live off what Patreon can give ATM. And rightly so.. So anyway, this is a blog after all, and theres a life update..

Thanks to everyone for the constant love, I honestly couldn’t have gotten this far without all your support… It’s so incredible the effect you guys have had to my work, and my confidence aha..

Anyway, I’m sore, my hands and feet hurt, I’m making Madi dinner ATM, and I’m tired lol.

Goodnight guys.