i was having a little too much fun with the gold gel pen i bought

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Hi!! I'm on a journey to be a more organized person, and your blog totally fascinates me! You seem like you really have your act together :p I was wondering if you could give me some advice as to how to start a bullet journal and enlighten me about some supplies like pens, markers, etc. that would be useful to start off? Thank you so much and happy holidays🎄✨

Aww thanks! Hope you had a happy holiday too ⛄
Okay straight to the point.

-How to start a bullet journal:

Pick a notebook that you want to use as your bullet journal. I’m using leuchtturm 1917 medium squared. I know it’s not the cheapest option, but I bought it anyway cause I was sure I’ll be sticking with this organising system.
Then you follow the basic steps like setting keys or writing down your goals etc.
I have my keys, bucket list, goals, savings tracker, travel planning, yearly overview, books and book quotes, movies, art section on my first few pages.

Here’s where it gets fun XD : the actual journaling
I personally love the look of weekly spreads so that’s what I’m sticking with. And I think it’s the most convenient! Before starting, I wrote down what I needed to track and what I wanted to put in (events, fitness, hydration, to dos, goals, spending log, time tracker, next week’s to dos, quotes, musics I’m listening etc.) and started to experiment where to put them in for aesthetic reasons haha
Tumblr is such an inspiration for this job b
Following what others did and giving a little touch of your own is great if you have no idea how to make it all cute :) (I personally don’t mind following mine 😍)

If you want to look back on your bullet journal and would like to know what happened in your life like me (lol), adding a page for journaling only is a great idea!
That’s actually what I mainly post about so be sure to check them out :)

-Bujo supplies :

Start with what you have but experimenting with different supplies is fun!!
I use muji gel pen 0.38 cause it writes real smooth and super pigmented ♡ I wish if they had 0.28 too tho
Uni ball signo pens are awesome too!
I also use like a bunch of mildliners lol I love how soft the colors are. Fine tips are really useful when you’re doing calligraphy :) some of my favorite colors are red, all the blue ones, gold, and brown ♡♡♡
And Staedtler triplus fineliners! The color range is so broad & I cry every time I see a pretty color at stationary stores 😭

I use washi tapes too. You can choose whatever design you want. The best part is mixing and matching different washi tapes to make your spread look good ;)

I don’t put printed images mainly because my printer doesn’t work lol but I really love watercolor painting and I paint whenever I get the chance. You can make your journal a gallery book if you are like me

Okay I shall stop now haha
Probably a lot more than you needed to know
Hope this was helpful!