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Hi guys!!!!!! I recently hit my next thousand, so I thought I would make a list of the blogs that have really made a difference in my tumblr experience these past few years. Whether we are best friends, just mutuals, or you dont follow me, I appreciate all of you so much! These are not just random blogs I pulled from a list, I love all of you individually and each of you have made me so happy!

@silentscreamsswift13 Emma- Emmmmmm, I love you so much. You mean a lot more to me than you think. Every time Taylor noticed me, you were so happy for me and that is so selfless and beautiful because you haven’t been given that opportunity. You have probably been my longest tumblr friend who still uses tumblr. I can’t even form the words to express how much I love you! Thank you for texting me and reminding me of all the happy things that make my life better. But most of all, you make my life better!! So many memories with this girl yall!! 

@throwinbigparties Julia- Where do I even start?? Julia, you have made me feel so happy so many times and you never ever fail to make me laugh. JULIA KNOWS IT!! My favorite thing is reminding you of that time you danced to LWYMMD with taylor in her living room; I enjoy attacking you. Can you believe we only started talking over 3 months ago?? Now we are bffs! You really do deserve all the happiness in the world and you are the greatest person I’ve never met. Love you tons.

@twentytwoswift Katelyn- You are literally my queen, I praise you. We have had so many laughs watching each other’s livestreams lololololol. Remember when we looked at our posts from like 2015 and we were in a squad together but we dont even remember?? Lol katelyn you are the greatest and I love you.

@taylor-ariana Orla- ORLAAAAA!!!!! MY BIRTHDAY TWIN! I really really love you so much girl it aint even funny. Thank you so much for always liking my posts and making me feel less dumb lol. Also thank you for all the kind messages you’ve sent me?? Like who does that?? My lifelong dream is for you to meet Taylor and Ariana. You are perfect and I love you lots!

@poptartswift Marianna- Wowowowow I feel like I could write a whole book on how great you are and how much I love you. I truly feel sorry for the people who don’t know you because that sounds like a depressing life. You deserve all the happiness you have felt. Thank you for sending me messages and always checking in on me. I love you I love you I love you I love you!

I love you all so much (names are in no particular order)-

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Just remember that I will definitely be adding more URLs to this list :)

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All I want is C to be happy. What I saw at the before, during, and after the GG's has me worried that this guy isn't for C. Long before the globes T showed no PDA / hands in pockets and still does. T must be a good man who doesn't like the spotlight, but one needs that PDA in a relationship to survive. I think she wants kids and uncomplicated, but life is not easy. I hope that if T is the one, that the PDA we don't see finally is revealed. C could freeze her eggs.

I must admit, her happiness is so far down on my list of wants…. who am I kidding, it’s not on my personal list of wants. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Why would It be, though? And while we are at it, what the fuck IS happy anyway? A smile? Silence? Boasting? Financial security? 300,000 Twitter followers? 2 million? Drunkenness? Holding hands? A minimum square footage house? Adoration? Anonymity? A legal document declaring two random people be responsible for the care and keeping of one another til death or else be subject to exorbitant fees and penalties and liaisons? Why are we all so damn fixated on this happy platitude? What are we trying to prove and to who? Or whom? Maybe happy is knowing the proper use of who and whom without having to google it every fucking time. Or is it just not giving a fuck about the proper use of those maniacal words the distinction of which is wholly unnecessary to communicate with one another. They seem to exist merely for purposes of pretension. Perhaps happy is nothing more than another label invented by the pretentious to keep the peasants ever at a distance. “I’m very happy” *nose in the air, sashays away*


So, I’m sure everyone is still tired and down about Jonghyun’s death. I’m currently still trying to hold up. But I want to FYI some of you guys about something.

As we go out with the rest of the week, many people will be returning to their regular work/posting/life. And some idols will be going back to work and promoting again. Now, this is what I want to say: Please, with all my heart, do not misunderstand and/or hate those who will be doing this. Everyone and I mean everyone has been very respectful and caring about this situation. However, we all cannot be depressed/down forever. As time goes on, so does life. Idols need to go back to work and people need to move on. I know it’s gonna take a while (maybe even longer) for some of us to move on, but we shouldn’t be nitpicking at those who already are trying to move on.

I already have seen some people getting sensitive about some posts. For example: Monsta X’s upcoming Japanese MV. As a Monbebe I’m happy for the upcoming music, but I am as well apologetic on behalf of Starship and their Japanese record label. Not the boys since they’ve done nothing wrong. As a Shawol however, I understand that the boys and maybe the company cannot control when and how their promotion will be present. We all have to know that they need to work and that life goes on.

Other things will be going on and we cannot help it. Many have notified that a lot of idols will be cancelling schedules and promotions on behalf of Kim Jonghyun. However, they will not be delayed for long. It’s almost impossible for idols to cease so much work all at once. They may be inactive for a few days, but do not expect any longer. Especially since it is with so many idols. Many people are presuming groups and soloists are going to cease schedules for the remaining of the week or for another week, it’s possible but not highly. It’s going to hinder sponser schedules and businesses. Their work is their life-line, so it cannot be stopped for too long. I understand with many of Jonghyun’s close friends and SHINee themselves. But, other idols need to get back to work and continue with what they’ve started. Some may even start tomorrow. Hence, I pray no one tries pointing fingers and calling out idols as “inconsiderate”, “rude”, “horrible”, etc…

Also understand that some of us fans are trying hard to move on, so there are gonna be a few jokes and smiles. This does not mean we are being inconsiderate or rude. We are trying to bring the positivity back and reassure everyone that there will be better days. We are also following what Jonghyun would’ve wanted us to do: be happy and not let our emotions control us. Do not and I mean DO NOT, go calling out people and calling them inconsiderate. They are only trying to continue living and move on.

It’s been very very very tough. Tears have been shedding, hearts breaking, and minds shaking. But we shouldn’t be pitying ourselves, others, and Jonghyun for too long. It’ll only hurt more. In due time, things will be okay, not the same but okay. And maybe with this, I am sad to say, many people will learn a lesson that those with depression/mental illness/suicidal thoughts, are not to be taken lightly. Instead of mourning our hearts out in sadness, let us mourn with strength and newborn mindsets. Jonghyun has done a lot for people. Let’s do the same and bring back positive energy and understand that Jonghyun wanted us to know and believe that he did amazing and we too can do just as much.

For those who are still struggling or feel the need to vent out your sorrows, feel free to talk to me. I’ll listen to you and try my best to comfort you. If you don’t want comfort but just wanna vent, go right on ahead. I’m here to listen. I know depression, I know the feeling of losing someone you love, I know loneliness, I know betrayal, I know sadness. I’m not gonna judge you. Not at all. But understand this:

No one can be happy all the time, however, no one should be sad all the time.

Let us use time to allow us to move on. Others may be faster than others, but it doesn’t mean we don’t still feel the emotional pain of losing Jonghyun. There may be others who weren’t familiar with him but respected the situation and are going back to regular living. Some who were huge fans but are trying to let it go and move on. Whatever the case please don’t blame them and misunderstand. As I said, we all can’t be sad for too long.

This was long but I hope many read this and understand. I’m hurting too. But I won’t let my sadness consume me. Let’s all do the same and allow Jonghyun to move into the Heavens without regret. I’m sure he’d rather see you all smiling than constantly mourning in sadness for him. ^^

Please reblog if you’d like to share and tell anyone who is still mourning that it’s gonna be okay. We lost a shining star physically, but not mentally and emotionally. Jonghyun is forever embedded into our hearts and memories.

Shawol’s Hwaiting! SHINee Hwaiting! Everyone, Hwaiting!


WonderBatFam YouTube Channels
Featuring various members of the fam embarrassing each other via YouTube or just highlighting typical life with the fam.

Wow wow wow! This post is a special dedication to celebrate 500 followers and counting!!! Wow! I cannot even describe how happy I am so many people love my content. I hope I can do right by you guys and as always let me know if there is anything you want to see more. I love you all and thank you so so much for your love.

Also if you have sent me requests I am working on them currently don’t you worry I have not forgotten!


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do you know why lance seems to be the fandom sweetheart for like a majority of people watching voltron? don't get me wrong, he has his great moments, but half of the time he's just plain annoying (so fucking annoying). maybe i'm just too old to like the kind of character lance is.

I’ve thought about this myself, and here’s what I found–relatability. Lance has, by all means, the most “normal” background. He’s intended to be the “everyman,” a character that’s typically easygoing and very much what you’d expect from an ordinary teen. For the pilot episode, our intro, he also feels like the main focus out of the ensemble cast. As such, he ends up being this slate that a lot of fans, teens especially, can project onto. They see themselves in his place. He has typical problems like homesickness, competitiveness, jealousy, inferiority. 

This is also why a lot of fans extrapolate those issues, I think. Particularly that last one. He’s no longer just someone who’s afraid of feeling left out or second-rate, suddenly he has depression or PTSD. Again, I think this is a result of fans seeing a bit of themselves in Lance and so projecting. It’s natural, and oftentimes people can find it sort of therapeutic. But still, there is something that’s always bothered me about fans insisting Lance in particular suffers from mental illness when we have a character in canon who does–and oftentimes, that part of Shiro’s life is pushed to the wayside in favor of adding those traits to Lance. 

Or, even worse, as I’ve said before, I’ve seen Lance focused k/l that covered Keith’s galra reveal. And Shiro was often shown as the most aggressively against Keith, either outright rejecting or even lashing out at him. A character who suddenly turns monstrous from his canon trauma, all so Lance could look better in comparison, and it’s…very upsetting to see. Anyway, I’m glad Shiro was the one in canon who showed Keith that unconditional love and support through his galra reveal, because so many fanworks believed the contrary. And therein lies something to consider–I’ve seen lots of fans either dismiss or demonize Shiro’s very real symptoms of mental illness, while simultaneously claiming Lance was good representation for it, and it was just…strange.

But again, I assume that’s because people are drawn to different characters. And for whatever reason, those few fans who erase Shiro’s mental illness and pass it off to Lance for the sake of “lang/st” find that “representation” from Lance to be more palatable. That is to say, someone without the very real symptoms Shiro shows. Which, you know, upsets me as someone with clinical depression and other mental health issues, but I digress. If that kind of projection helps other fans, then I guess I kind of understand. 

But I just raised a whole other topic there, so let’s talk about that–“lang/st.” Yeah. Putting Lance through lots of pain and suffering is so common, fandom coined a name. See also, the usually accompanying “klang/st.” So, yeah. If fans love Lance so much, why put their golden boy through so much suffering in a whole genre of fics? I think it’s because fans simultaneously love and hate the actual “everyman” aspect. Yes, Lance is like them. But they want him to be so much more!! They want him to have those deep, angsty backstories and heartbreaking character arcs like Shiro and Keith. 

And yet, suffering from trauma or having a bad childhood does not make a character inherently more intriguing or dimensional. It just doesn’t. People heard “he has a big family” and immediately went to middle child, he’s always left out, his family never loved him enough!! And then in canon the show runners told us he was the youngest of his family and spoiled, and fans were surprised. Personally, I think that’s very fitting for someone who behaves like him, but I digress. My point is, lots of fans wanted him to suffer because they either like angst or they assume it somehow builds development of character. 

But of course, the latter isn’t always true. And honestly? I think there are enough tragic origin stories in Voltron already. Like, at least we have this one guy who seems like he came from a loving family and had a relatively good life. Good for him!! I’m happy for him. And there’s nothing wrong with that, you know? Branching off that, I feel like a lot of klang/st is also to make k/l feel like it has more “substance.” Fans gave k/l the self-discovery arc of Keith’s galra reveal, even though sheith had that. They made Lance the loving and supportive one in the face of Keith’s galra blood, but in canon that’s Shiro. 

Similarly, I see prekerberos things where Keith and Lance were always together or pining. You know who were always side by side in prekerberos canon? Who had that kind of dynamic? Sheith. You know who Keith agonized over being separated from for that long year? Shiro, not Lance. He didn’t even remember Lance’s name. Of course, there are the edits where Lance is in Keith’s BOM trial, though those same fans will swear there was nothing romantic about those sheith scenes. 

Voltron’s twitter posts a video of the sheith hug followed by the group one, and fans just complain about the lack of a k/l hug. Altean Lance aus where Lance and Keith have a k/a dynamic is also common. Lance gushes about his love for Allura in his vlog? “Bad character developement”–should have made him talk about Keith instead. It’s like, fans expected certain things from k/l in canon. And when they didn’t get that, they borrowed the dynamic from other ships, while simultaneously hating those same ships. It’s very strange to me. 

I think part of what broke my heart the most though, was fans rejoicing about Shiro going missing because in their minds it meant Lance would “step up” and be that source of love and comfort in Keith’s life. And that just…I felt sick reading things like that. So yeah, Lance is the “everyman,” but a lot of fans want him to be so much more. There’s this oc quality of–give him everything he wants!! Make him an Altean prince! The Black Paladin! Bring in someone who’s going to be the love of his life!! People want Lance to “prove Keith wrong” and “be the best,” even though Black Paladin Lance significantly detracts from his canon character development. 

They pass onto him qualities of other characters because they think he “deserves” it. So, I’m going to say this–it’s probably because I can’t relate to Lance at all. I relate to Keith, with all his canon fear of feelings and abandonment, his deeply rooted attachment to those he loves, his introspective nature and inclination to act on instinct, his volatile intensity of emotion, his unbridled anger at injustice, his difficulty with letting go, his upsetting childhood, his fierce loyalty, his love of quiet but oppressive fear of isolation, his desire for found family, the way he values his beliefs over his life. So yeah, I really identify with Keith. Some of my meta? Probably projecting a little. It happens. So I understand why people do the same with Lance.

But just like Keith, Lance is still ultimately his own person. And the way he is in canon? He’s a good character all on his own. He’s not Keith or Shiro or Allura, but he’s himself. He’s someone who has a way of instigating important events–bringing all the paladins together for when they find the Blue Lion, following that mermaid and uncovering a whole nefarious plot, helping Allura realize her hidden potential and the very depth of her magic. He goes from a flighty playboy to someone actually shy and sincere, who develops very real feelings for Allura. He realizes being Black Paladin doesn’t make you suddenly better, understands the importance of working as a team and really grows into his role as a Red Paladin. Someone worthy of carrying on Alfor’s legacy, someone Allura can really be proud of. 

So yes, Lance has gotten lots of character development, and I think he’s a really intriguing person all on his own. No other character traits required. 

I Won’t Say it // Finn Wolfhard Imagine

So I was listening to some Disney songs today and one of the songs that played was “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” from the Hercules soundtrack. While listening to the song my mind kind of just clicked like “I should write an imagine for this.” So here I am. Happy 600+ followers to me, here’s a gift from me to you. 

Summary: Y/N refuses to admit that she has feelings for her friend, Finn.

Warnings: Cursing, as usual lmao

Characters: You, Sophia, Jack, Wyatt, and of course Finn.

Jaeden, Finn, Jeremy, and Chosen were sleeping in their rooms while you, Sophia, Jack, and Wyatt sat on the living of the hotel penthouse that the eight of you were currently staying. The seven of you just came back from a two hour press conference and you were all completely exhausted. Thankfully, they gave you all the rest of the day to relax. 

You four were watching Hercules on the T.V. It took all of you almost an hour to pick a movie. You were all arguing which Disney movie watch, the boys wanted to watch Big Hero 6 while you and Sophia wanted to watch Hercules. The boys gave in half way and decided to let you two have your way.

“I’ll be right back, I’m going to get more popcorn.” Wyatt said as he stood up and stretched his legs, “Fill me in afterwards.”

“Mhm, okay go.” You replied without taking your eyes off the screen. 

A few minutes later, Wyatt returns to the living room with a big bowl of popcorn and a bottle of water for himself.

“Okay fill me in, what happened?” Wyatt said as he shoved a handful of popcorn into his mouth.

“Megara’s about to sing I Won’t Say I’m In Love.” Jack replied while also grabbing a handful and shoving it inside his mouth.

“Ah alright thanks.” Wyatt said as he sat beside you. 

“Speaking of saying that they’re not in love, Y/N, have you told him yet?” Sophia looked at you while teasingly wiggling her eyebrows.

“What? Tell who what?” You give Sophia a look of confusion, you had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.

“Yea Sophia, tell who what?” Jack said curiously, now paying attention to Sophia and not the movie on the T.V screen.

Wyatt raises one of his eyebrows and looked at Sophia, “What are we talking about?” 

“Oh you know! Y/N has a little crush on Finn.” Sophia winked teasingly which caused you to roll your eyes.

“I never said that! When did I say that?” You said as you tried to recall the day you mentioned liking Finn. You couldn’t recall anything though because you never in your life said that particular line.

“OH SHIT REALLY? YOU LIKE FI-” You quickly put your hand on Jack’s mouth to cut him off. Jack tried to say something, but his sentences were all muffled and incoherent. Jack didn’t like this one bit so he licked your hand which caused you to quickly take your hand away from his mouth.

“What the hell, Jack! That was gross.” You looked at him in utter disgust as you wiped your hand on his shirt earning a laugh from Wyatt and Sophia.

“That’s what you get.” Jack laughed as you continued to wipe your hand on his shirt. 

“Anyway,” Sophia let out her last giggle before continuing, “You didn’t have to say it, actions speak louder than words you know?” 

“It all makes sense now, you were like staring at Finn the other day. Not in a creepy way though, it was like you admire him or something. You were the living embodiment of the heart eyes emoji.” Jack said with a wink causing Wyatt to laugh a bit. 

“You are so annoying.” You grabbed a pillow and threw it at Jack, hitting him in the face. “Look, I don’t like Finn okay? He’s… He’s annoying like you and… um…”

“You’re struggling.” Wyatt said as he opened his water bottle. He stared at you as you struggled to come up with reasons why you didn’t like Finn. He found it amusing how you tried so hard to hide the fact that you had feelings for his friend. 

“I am not! I don’t work well under pressure okay?” You huffed and crossed your arms, earning yet another laugh from Sophia and Wyatt. “As I was saying, Finn is annoying and… and loud! He is so loud! And he’s playful! And annoying!”

“You already said that though.” Sophia pointed out while chuckling.

“I hate you guys.” 

“You love us.” Jack said earning a nod of agreement from Sophia and Wyatt. 

No chance! No way! I won’t say I’m in love! 

It’s too cliche I won’t say I’m in love.

“Look at you, you’re like Megara.” Sophia joked as she watched Megara sing. 

“You know Y/N, you should just admit it. Why are you hiding it anyway?” Jack said while turning towards you. Whenever Jack does this, he means that he’s being serious. 

You friends have shipped you and Finn ever since you all started filming IT. They all thought you and Finn have some sort of connection, like you two have known each other for a while, like you were meant to be with each other sort of. They think you and Finn really blend well together. You didn’t know this of course and neither did Finn.

“Exactly, I’m pretty sure he likes you too.” Wyatt said matter of factly. As soon as Wyatt said that, you immediately turned red. 

“Aw she’s blushing.” 

“Shut up, Soph.” You say as you threw a piece of popcorn at her, causing her to giggle. 

“You didn’t answer my question. Why are you hiding the fact that you don’t romantically like Finn?” Jack placed his hand on his palm and waited for your answer. 

“The fans are probably going to come after me a-and besides… Finn doesn’t like me like that you know? He probably likes Millie or something, I don’t know.” You replied as you nervously scratched the back of your head.

“Welp thank you for confirming that you like Finn.” Jack said slyly, he just manipulated you to admit that you like Finn. 

“You little shit!” You exclaimed while throwing another pillow at Jack, so maybe you do have feelings for Finn, so what? It wasn’t a big deal. You didn’t know why your three friends are making a big deal out of it.

“Just tell Finn that you like him.” 

“Tell Finn what?” Finn said suddenly as he entered the living room. He stretched his arms and plopped himself between you and Wyatt. Your eyes grew wide as you freaked out on the inside. Your facial expression was priceless, you looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“HOLY SHIT LOOK AT YOUR FACE, THAT’S PRICELESS.” Jack yelled out while laughing his ass off. Wyatt and Sophia were also dying of laughter. 

“What the hell is going on?” Finn said in confusion as he turned to you in hopes of understanding what was currently happening. 

“I’m going to sleep, goodnight.” 

“It’s like four p.m. though?” Finn scrunched up his face in confusion as he watched you stand up from your seat.

“I said goodnight.” 

You then ran to your room, shut the door, and belly flopped onto your bed. ‘That’s it. It’s all going down hill from here. Jack’s most likely blabbering his heart out about how much I like Finn. I’m so done for. I’m never going to hear the end of this.’ You thought you yourself as you buried your face onto your pillow trying to drown out the loud conversation coming from the living room. 

Later that day:

You woke up from your rather long nap. You lazily got out of bed and checked the time in your phone. 11:35 p.m.

“Holy shit I was asleep for that long?” You said with a yawn. You then got out of your room, totally forgetting what happened hours ago.

Your stomach was growling so you decided to go head to the kitchen to grab a snack. You entered the kitchen and see Finn eating cereal. You stood at the entrance of the kitchen, suddenly remembering what happened earlier. You mentally slapped yourself and tried to keep yourself together. 

“How was your sleep?” Finn said while eating a spoonful of cereal. He gives you a small smile as he chewed his food. 

“Um…g-good. Sleep is um… good.” You awkwardly say as you tried to reach for the cereal that was inconveniently placed on the top shelf.

“Let me help you with that.” Finn put his bowl of cereal down on the counter and grabbed the cereal from the top shelf effortlessly.

“I hate that I’m short, It’s so annoying. Who placed the cereal so high up anyway?” You grumbled as you poured yourself a bowl of cereal.

“I did, sorry.” Finn lightly chuckled as he ate another spoonful of cereal.

“I bet you did that to mock me.” You joked as you poured milk in your cereal. 

Finn laughed at your response which causes you to laugh too, “Yea, I totally did that to mock you.”

“You’re such an ass, you know that right?” You giggled as you ate your cereal.

“Yeah I know, whoops.” Finn replied causing you to jokingly roll your eyes. “Hey Y/N, can I ask you a question?” 

“You’re already asking me a question, genius.” 

“Don’t sass me.” Finn says with a chuckle. “Anyway… so I heard from Jack that you… you uh… li-like me? Is that true?” 

Your face turned red as soon as Finn finished his question. You looked down at your bunny slippers to avoid Finn’s eye contact. ‘Jack is so dead.’ You thought to yourself.

“I… I um… have a headache, I should rest. Night, Finn.” You lied as you placed your bowl of unfinished cereal on the kitchen counter. You then speed walked back to your room leaving Finn confused. 

You closed the door of your room, you then leaned on it, and slid down to the floor. ‘What the fuck am I supposed to do now? Do I just hide in my room for the rest of the week? Fuck I hate myself. Finn probably thinks I’m weird. I’m going to strangle Jack.’ You thought to yourself as you ran your hands through your hair. Your face felt hot and you felt your stomach twisting. You’ve never been this nervous since you auditioned for IT. 

A few minutes later, you were still sitting down on the floor. You didn’t feel like moving to your bed. You kept replaying what happened a couple of minutes ago. Your hands were clammy and you felt a bead of cold sweat run down your back. ‘I wonder how Finn thinks of me now… What if he thinks I’m weird? Oh shit what if he hates me… Holy shit…’

You heard soft footsteps outside your door. It paused when it reached your door. ‘Please don’t be Finn.’ You thought to yourself as you crossed your fingers. 

Finn sat outside your door with a sticky note on one hand and a pen on the other. He thought you were fast asleep so he figured it was now or never. He took the pen and quickly wrote a note. He then folded it and slipped it in the crack of your door. 

What he didn’t know was that you were still awake and was sitting by your door. You hear a piece of paper slide inside your room. You stared at it for a few seconds, then picked it up, and unfolded it. 

You couldn’t stop smiling. You read the note one more time and then held it close to your heart. As soon as you hear Finn’s bedroom close, you decided to do the same thing: Leave him a note. 

You quickly scribbled down a reply and tiptoed to Finn’s bedroom door where you cautiously slipped it in the crack of his door. 

“Goodnight Finn.” You whispered softly and you then tiptoed back to your room. You placed Finn’s note on your nightstand and then went off to sleep. Finn’s message replayed in your head endlessly. 

Lmfao I was supposed to post this last night. but I fell asleep. Hope you guys like this one xx

Also, I’ll write and post the requested imagines soon so sit tight! <3

Cállate (NSFW)

Summary: After seeing you dancing with another man, Steve gets jealous and makes a move about it.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Other Characters: Unnamed Male Character, Sam Wilson.
Word Counting: 2.1k
Warnings: Very dirty smut and dirty talk, lots of Spanish. This was vaguely inspired by Despacito. Translation to the words is before the tags.
A/N: A huge thanks to @widowsfics and @som3thingcr3ative for helping me with the Spanish parts.

Originally posted by ifoundkylo

Steve tilted his head to the side while your body moved to the sound of the music. He’d never seen you like this, so free and open. It was as if you felt like home in that crowd.

Sí, sabes que ya llevo un rato mirándote
Tengo que bailar contigo hoy

When that hit – the one he would hear all the time on the radio and Tony played just to bother him – started he braced himself to hear Justin Bieber’s annoying voice in the air, but that wasn’t what heard. A male voice speaking Spanish and completely natural filled his ear and the whole place, and you shoot the man in front of you a smile.

You had taken him to the party Tony was throwing and never left his side. You two were glued to each other, attached by the hip, and when the DJ started throwing dancing songs, you were dancing with him.

When your lips moved, he tried to understand what you said. Steve’s hearing was sensitive, but even he couldn’t hear you talking to the guy with all those the loud sounds.

The first steps you two gave coordinated had everyone moving away to watch, and some agents quickly pulled their phones to film the scene.

Your body moved fluid like water and your toned leg peaked from the slip of the red dress, and it didn’t even look like you were wearing the highest heels he’d ever laid eyes on.

“Damn, dude,” Sam exclaimed. “She’s a pro.”

And you really were.

Vi que tu mirada ya estaba llamándome
Muéstrame el camino que yo voy

Your hips moved as you didn’t even have bones, and he quickly understood how you were so flexible during missions.

Steve’s mouth was hanging open and the crotch of his pants was very uncomfortable.

Damn him if he wasn’t hard for you right now. You were always so sexy – not even trying –, but now… You were driving him insane.

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I just wanted to create a list of all the finnpoe moments I remember from the movie, so we can all relish those moments and keep repeating them in our heads and make our hearts flutter ❤️❤️❤️ I’ll probably miss a bunch because it’s been 24 hours, so after my second viewing I’ll add more. Or if you remember more please comment!!




1) Finn woke up and BB-8 told Poe that he’s awake and naked (like BB-8 good job cuz it was very significant to mention that to your papa) and Poe RAN to him with all the care in his eyes omg I literally died cuz that was the first scene of them together

2) Finn just genuinely looked lost with his sad puppy eyes and Poe just holding onto his arms, grounding him and making sure that he’s okay even though he’s literally squirting

3) maybe it was me imagining it but like Poe totally SCANNED his naked boyfriend in his white briefs (thirsty Poe yas)

4) Poe offering Finn his clothes

5) the hanger exploded and Poe flew backwards, Finn immediately ran to his side to check that he’s okay, because clearly he was already following Poe when he ran off cuz he’s so worried about his boyfriend going to blow something up

6) Finn going to Poe first thing when he has a plan

7) Poe getting SO JEALOUS, LIKE VISIBLY ANNOYED when he asked how Finn and Rose met (because how did Finn already make new friends and HOW DID HE NOT KNOW ABOUT IT)

8) Finn passing the beacon to Poe, and their hands lingered onto each other long enough to cross from the bro zone into the flirt zone (thanks @solisev for this!)

9) Poe looking out the window and whispering “…Finn.” like he’s so worried about his lover it’s gut-wrenching (guys I can’t remember where this was from in the movie but I saw multiple people mentioning it so I will update when I rewatch)

9) Finn and Rose were on their mission, and Finn contacted Poe to update him, and there wasn’t much fuel left, Poe ended the conversation with the softest, worrying “…hurry.” My heart literally fluttered so hard because he’s so worried about Finn

10) Poe heard Finn and Rose got captured and his life literally got drained out of his eyes for a second (okay maybe he just lost hope because the plan failed, but let a girl imagine k thanks)

11) Finn and Rose made it back, and Poe literally went “FINN!!!!! … And Rose…!” (dude had to act equally happy to see Rose like good save bro, good save 😂)

12) Finn gave his powerful, inspirational speech, and Poe looked at him with so much admiration and love and he will ask Finn to marry him after they escape for sure (thanks @unlikely-alliance for this!)

13) Poe screamed for Finn to pull back because he cannot lose Finn, they can fight the first order another time but Finn cannot die

14) Finn tried to go outside to help Luke, and Poe put one hand in front of Finn’s chest to stop him because he has to shield his boy from all harm

15) Finn looking at Poe with all the love in the world because his boyfriend is becoming a great leader and he cannot be happier

16) Rey came to rescue what’s left of the resistance crew from the cave, and Finn held onto Poe’s arm then sliding it down and could they be holding hands? THEY TOTALLY COULD BE AND IN MY HEART THEY ARE (the screen cuts it off but from arm angles and how Poe’s arm moves backwards to meet Finn’s hand I think they are) like there’s no valid reason for them to be touching arms in that scene other than gay so, if that’s not love I don’t know what is (thanks @beerevenge for this!)

17) any time the two of them stood next to each other BECAUSE THEY CAN

Let me know what I missed!!! I’ll keep adding it to the list, will try my best to keep it in chronological order :)

pairing— kim seokjin x reader x park jimin 
genre/warnings— devil! Seokjin, devil! Jimin, smut, threesome, dirty talk, dom themes
words— 8,275

An unorthodox end to the office’s Christmas party…

the devil’s dickthe devil’s return

author’s note: Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! This is my last fic of the year…a little bit of festive cheer, followed by some devil induced sin, amirite?? I’m now on a much-needed break for the holidays, where I hope to eat my body weight in stuffing and read every fic under the sun! Thank you everyone for a great year!! I’m forever grateful. Here’s to hoping 2018 will be just as good! Love you!!

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some reddie headcannons no one asked for

so sara and i were talking aaaaaannnddd… these happened. we apologize for nothing.

co-written with the lovely @turtleneckrichie !!!! go follow her right now you fools

hcs about Eddie’s journey with last names <3

  • Okay but hear me out
  • Richie and Eddie end up accidentally moving in together
  • Like Richie gets his own place ASAP bc this boy loves to be independent.
  • He’s so excited to have his own house but tbh he’s a slob!!!!
  • Eddie is always over bc “RICHIE U HAVENT DONE DISHES IN A MONTH”
  • “Eds it’s only been four days”
  • Eventually Eddie just ends up sleeping over? all the time? cause Richie is so bad at adulting?
  • Eds has a permanent parking spot in the driveway
  • Yeah Richie isn’t complaining bc that’s his boy
  • At first they aren’t together
  • But u can’t just… be pals when ur constantly cleanin house together
  • Trust me it takes a special kind of love to scrub toilets as a team
  • Yeah so all the losers kinda just accept that they’re together bc… they’re meant to be
  • K so like they go on dates but they don’t call them dates per say
  • “Just 2 bros hangin out at a fancy restaurant (three tables apart cause they’re NOT GAY)”
  • “Rich stop”
  • Eventually they accept it and Eds asks Richie out officially
  • Cause Richie is still in denial like he loves this boy? How did he not know? WOW HIS EYES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL okay seriously how did he not realize
  • Eddie is beyond happy bc like they have their own place? And they’re boyfriends?
  • Bc as soon as they start datin Eddie is like boy BYE and ditches his mom’s place!!!
  • (Richie is hella thankful for him getting away from his mom)
  • (And Eddie’s general attitude/vibes perk up so much bc he’s not!!! In a toxic environment anymore!!!)
  • Like, they make plans based on each other’s schedules bc they wanna hang out all! the! time!
  • “Sorry Stanley I’m hanging out with Eds on that day”
  • “Richie that day is THREE WEEKS AWAY”
  • Eddie high key always makes arrangements for things for the two of them
  • Like this boy is 100% the guy who uses “we” when answering questions
  • “Eddie, you wanna go to the movies with us?”
  • “We’d love to Mike!!!”
  • “I- okay. Yeah. Shoulda known.”
  • So it’s super late n they’re snuggling in bed, bein all lovey and stuff
  • And Eddie decides that he’s gonna stop using his last name
  • “Rich, I think I wanna change my last name.”
  • “To Tozier, I hope?”
  • “Why are you like this”
  • “Yeah but seriously if you wanna do that then go for it babe!!”
  • (Eddie lowkey already made an email account w/ Tozier as his last name just to try it. He liked it a lot indeed)
  • Richie is so supportive like Eds is pretty much completely in love w him at this point
  • Even when Eddie tried to take up scrapbooking.
  • “Literally no one likes scrapbooking why are you even doing this”
  • “Richie stop it, let me focus”
  • “Can I put glitter glue all over your face?”
  • “Richie no you’re an adult”
  • He most certainly signs his book (with glitter glue, at Richie’s request) as E.T. bc those are his initials now
  • And YES Richie makes so many jokes about it
  • “You know babe, your initials are E.T. now”
  • “Richie it’s three in the morning go to bed”
  • “RICHARD go to SLEEP”
  • Eventually Eddie’s driver’s license expires and it’s time for him to visit the DMV
  • Yes, he definitely signs his renewed license as Eddie Tozier
  • “Wait, Eds, have you had your name legally changed yet??”
  • “No?????”
  • “Then… isn’t that identity fraud??”
  • “Hey Tozier, why don’t you shut up and don’t get me arrested. Just say we’re married”
  • “Okay… Tozier (:< ” *HEART EYES INTENSIFY*
  • Eddie doesn’t mention it but suddenly everything in his life is Tozier Tozier Tozier!!!
  • He even orders his magazine subscriptions w/ Richie’s last name
  • “Babe did you subscribe to… Ryan Gosling Source Weekly??”
  • “You… used my name to get magazines of ur celeb crush…”
  • “Ya and I used ur credit card so watch out for that on the bill”
  • Richie is still whipped™
  • So he’s like “well what would Eds want for our one year anniversary?”
  • And he gets AN IDEA
  • He’s like “ok let’s change Eddie Spaghetti’s last name legally” bc he actually wants him to be a Tozier!!
  • So Rich does all that legal stuff just for his Eds to have his last name be Tozier!
  • And when their one year is comin up Richie just puts the certificate in a lil box w some cute blue wrapping paper and has Eddie open it
  • Eds is like on the brink of tears he loves his boy? So much?
  • Yeah and later on they go on a nice dinner date and surprise surprise!
  • Richie gets down on one knee and Eds immediately is shook
  • Cue confused and a lil bit sad Richie
  • “BAbe i’m literally proposing what ru doin”
  • Eds WHIPS a little box out of his pocket and shoves it in his face
  • Everyone in the restaurant is laughing. So. Hard.
  • Like the whole freaking wait staff is just like “christ these two, whatta mess”
  • So they’re a mess and Richie puts the ring away so Eds can propose bc HE WANTS TO SO BAD
  • “Richie Tozier, we may already have the same last name but like, I can’t get enough of you so please marry me.”
  • “Yes of course I’m gonna marry you, Eds! I won’t let a bod like yours get away so easily”
  • “Richie literally I just proposed can you just,, not for like,, one moment please and put on the ring”
  • Richie demands his Own Proposal bc he wants to say he was the one that proposed
  • “Just think of it Eds… when my aunt asks us who popped the question we can both say “i did” and not be lying! It’ll be the perfect way to confuse my family!”
  • “Richie we just.. Got engaged u don’t have to do it a second time”
  • Richie 100% does the whole friken… stands on a chair clinkin a glass
  • “We all just saw you guys get engaged….”
  • Eddie has never rolled his eyes harder
  • “Eddie Tozier… will u be my Eddie Tozier…. But like for reals now??”
  • Eddie is just that “I GUESS” meme
  • Yeah the whole restaurant claps, again
  • (Cause Richie demanded that they all clap for them again)
  • Eddie is blushin hardcore bc his boy is so extra?? How is he so lucky???
  • Richie makes a Big Show of putting the ring on him
  • He just somehow… does… like no one understands how bc it’s just a ring??
  • But like… he is so graceful abt it and its such a Soft gesture
  • Eddie feels like a fool bc he’s fumblin so much n almost drops his??
  • But Richie just smiles n says “You got this Tozier” <3

Request: Can I request one where Tony Starks little sister is in a failing relationship? They were at the tower arguing and Tony came in the room just as the guy was hitting her? But before Tony could do anything Bucky storms over and knocks the guy through the wall. She tells him it’s been going on for a while and she was scared to say anything about it.

Note: for anyone in an abusive relationship or family, I hope you know you’re strong enough to get out. reach out to someone that can help. without further ado, thanks for the request, darlin! I hope it doesn’t suck, omg. leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! .c

You weren’t sure how it happened; what changed. Everything was going smoothly, you were happy. Your world felt perfect. The honeymoon phase had gone and passed, and it still felt like a fairy-tale relationship. He was a gentleman - the type that opened your car door for you and made sure your seat-belt was tight enough before he drove off. The type that held open doors and pulled your chair out, took care of you when you were sick and rubbed your feet after working all day. Your relationship was one of which little girls dream to have when they get older - full of love, loyalty, and everlasting happiness.

Sadly, not everything is as it seems. Behind closed doors, that gentleman you fell in love with, along with those eyes and that shining smile that made you feel fireworks in your belly, turned cold and everything went wrong. Three words kept your feet planted. 

Your feet always did become tired after being on them for too long.

The team had left for a mission, one you were able to get out of so you could spend your three year anniversary with your boyfriend while they were gone. It felt normal again, like the worst was over with and you could let go of what has happened. You made dinner for the both of you; his favorite dish. You wanted to stay in and have a more intimate evening than be in the eye of a crowd on such a special occasion.

Everything was perfect for a few hours. And then it wasn’t. He complained about his job while eating, which you listened to because you care, then he started talking about moving away, getting out of this place. You noticed the way his eyes darted around the large kitchen in the Avengers Tower. You had a gut feeling he meant this place in particular.

Your life was here. A well paying job, saving people alongside your friends, your brother was here, your friends, and New York City was your home. There’s no way you were going to give this up. 

The loud clank of a fork dropping against the ceramic plate caused you to flinch in your seat after you spoke your mind. His hard stare bore into your eyelids as you stared down at your dinner with a fast beating heart. Your palms grew damp as his breathing became erratic. 

“Excuse me?” His voice was rough and low. You looked up and his fists were clenched, the skin pulled tight against his knuckles. Those of which you’ve had contact with more times than you could count. Sighing softly, you kept your cool. 

You avoided his eyes as you chose your words carefully. “My life is here.” Your voice didn’t come out as you had hoped, you sounded small. His nostrils flared and he jolted from the table, his thighs knocking against the edge, causing his glass to fall over and his drink to spill. Your body jerked at the action and you hoped he wouldn’t do anything. 

Even hope fails sometimes.

He stormed out of the room and your eyes followed his tensed body. You sighed and rest your elbows on the table, rubbing your temples for a few moments. It’s the night of your anniversary and spending it arguing was not in your plans, so you wanted to fix this now. Scooting your chair back, you left the mess as is and went to find him. 

You stepped into your bedroom and watched him pace back and forth, pulling at his hair. “Baby, can we just ta-” His head shot towards you and his eyebrows were creased together. “I don’t want you here anymore!” He yelled, the vein in his neck protruding. You stepped towards him and scoffed. “This-this is my life! I’m not throwing it away!” Your voice was louder and it surprised him. 

Anger started to overtake every emotion you had. “I’m sorry but if you don’t like it, then I don’t know what to tell you.” You shrugged and he laughed, deep and menacing. “What I say goes, sweetheart. You’re mine!” He said it as if you were his property and you stood silent. 

“You’re a fucking bitch, you know that!?” Your mouth fell open as he continued to yell at you. All of what he said was a lie, you do everything for him. For years you’ve been nothing but good to him.

“How am I a bitch? Because I don’t want to do what you want to do for once? I could be out with my team right now saving people but I chose to spend tonight with you!”

Your voice was just as loud as his but you didn’t care. You both knew you weren’t giving up your life here. What you didn’t know, was that the whole team was listening since they had all just arrived and heard you two in the quiet tower, and two men were making their way up to you.

He took a step towards you and gripped your arm, jerking you in place, his face mere inches from yours. You struggled in his grip and tried to pull it away but his grip was too tight. “You’re hurting me, stop it!” Your eyes filled with tears and your lip trembled. 

His jaw clenched as his grip got even tighter, causing you to yelp. Your fingers dug into his hand but it wouldn’t budge. “I don’t fucking care! You’re mine and we’re leaving! What I say goes!” You ignored the pain in your arm and shoved his chest with your other hand this time. He stumbled a tad then he gripped both of your arms so you couldn’t fight back.

“I grew up here, I’m not leaving just because you want me to!” Your words only angered him more. You were denying him what he wanted and he hated it. His face came even closer to yours and you cowered away as best you could. 

He let you go with a growl and you hissed at the pain, the throbbing in your arms was excruciating. He started pacing again, his fists clenched. You couldn’t take this anymore. The only thing you were leaving is him and this is the moment you’ve been waiting for deep down. Your eyes spilled tears as you gathered the courage to speak.

“We’re done.” Your voice shook and you wiped at your cheeks. 

Suddenly, he turned around and lifted his hand in the air, but before he could strike, a large body ran into him, both of them going straight through the wall and into the room beside yours. You screamed and jerked away as you felt a hand rest on your shoulder. Your brother was standing there, his eyes wide with shock and anger.

He pulled you into his chest and the reality of what could’ve happened, yet again, settled in. You sobbed into his chest and he pulled you out of the room. Before you were out all the way, you looked inside and saw Bucky punch your boyfriend - ex boyfriend - in the face, yelling something you couldn’t make out. 

Steve met you and Tony in the hallway, his eyes falling on Tony’s for a split second. Steve clenched his jaw as his eyes landed on your sobbing figure. “What happened? Are you okay?” He made to reach out to touch you but Tony wouldn’t let him. “Get Barnes.” Your brother rasped and Steve gave him a curt nod. Bucky’s yells were still coming from your room, seemingly getting louder as the seconds passed.

Tony took you into the common room and sat you down on the couch. You were shaking and crying as he held you in his arms. The tower was so silent, you could hear Steve yelling below at Bucky. 

“You’re going to kill him!” 

“He deserves it!”

“Buck, STOP!”

“You fucking piece of shit! How dare you!”

“Bucky, he’s out cold!” 

“I don’t fucking care! He hurt her!”

Tony reached for a remote on the coffee table and turned on his stereo, keeping it loud enough to drown out their yells. You always loved classical music and you felt yourself starting to calm down as the minutes passed. Your breathing slowed but you were still shaken up. 

Tony turned to you and you avoided his eyes. “Y/N…” He gulped, trying to figure out how to ask this. You wiped your nose and sighed. “I didn’t know what to do, Tony.” Your voice cracked and Tony pulled you back into his arms, rubbing your back. He lightly shushed you as you sobbed loudly. 

“Never again. Never. Again.” He repeated his words as a promise to you. He wanted to go down to your room and take care of your ex but he knew Bucky had done enough damage already. You needed him more anyways. 

You pulled away from Tony and was about to say something until Bruce came in. He had a few cuts on his face and you knew the mission must’ve been tough since he was fighting along with them. Guilt surfaced.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but do you need… Did he.. Are you-” It was hard for him to ask if you were hurt or needed help, so you just nodded. Tony and Bruce then escorted you to the medical room. You remained quiet and so did they. The atmosphere was too fragile for speaking. But you knew you’d have to sooner or later.

Bruce checked out your arms, applying gentle pressure until you winced at the pain. He told you there was bruising but thankfully nothing was broken from what he felt. After that, he set you up to take some x-rays. He jotted everything down on your clipboard. He has one for everybody; saving the world and its people comes with broken bones and wounds. 

You could detect a change in Bruce as you walked out from behind the machine. “You have a broken rib on your left side.” He walked you over to the photos of your x-rays. He pointed it out and your stomach sank as you bowed your head and bit the inside of your lips. 

He looked at you, sighing. “So, two weeks ago, on the mission when you-” You nodded your head. You were arguing with your boyfriend about some guy hitting on you at a bar that night. It wasn’t your fault yet you suffered the consequences by being slammed into your dresser. Your excuse was a guard kicking you during a mission the next day.

“It was him.” He breathed out, looking back at your x-rays. The sound of the door slamming shut made you flinch - though nearly everything did. You thought it was him coming after you, but you saw Tony marching away through the glass doors. He was still angry, probably blaming himself for not noticing this before.

“I’m gonna go talk to him.” You quietly excused yourself and Bruce nodded, giving you a tight lipped smile. Your mind was racing with thoughts as you followed after your brother. Where would your ex go? Is Bucky okay? Did Steve get him away before he killed your ex? Will everyone judge you for staying when they find out?

Your thoughts were silenced when you arrived at the common room. Tony and Bucky were talking and you stood in your spot, eavesdropping. “He’s definitely getting locked up. I don’t want him anywhere near her ever again.” Bucky was breathing heavily and Tony hummed in agreement. 

“I wish she would’ve come to me. I could’ve stopped this.” Tony sounded sad now, his anger leaving his body as he thought about it. Bucky sighed and you peeked around, seeing him lay his hand on Tony’s shoulder. “Look, none of us would’ve known. It’s not your fault or hers.”

Your eyes burned with tears and you left before you were seen. You didn’t feel guilty for not telling them, they knew you couldn’t. In a situation like that, nobody could really know what would happen if you tried to leave. The first time you did, you had to pack on make-up to hide a black eye. You thought staying was the safest option - you were wrong. But leaving wasn’t so easily done.

You asked Friday to let everyone know you needed to be alone for a few hours to clear your mind. As you entered your room, your eyes went straight to the huge hole in the wall. It would need to be replaced but that was the least of your worries right now.

Taking a deep breath, you walked out onto your balcony. It was slightly windy and you looked out across the area, the sound of the city below calmed your nerves only slightly. The sun was setting and you felt a small wave of peace. You were finally free from him and the torment. But not entirely. 

The door opened suddenly and you were immediately alert, the hair on your arms standing up straight. “It’s me.” Bucky could see your tensed muscles and he kicked himself for it. Had your ex not done those things to you, you wouldn’t be so scared with someone enters a room, or when you hear someone yelling or slamming something. Noises like that terrified you.

Bucky walked up beside you, watching the city bustle with cars and people. He looked down at his hands, all clean from the blood from earlier, some from the mission and some from your ex. You could hear his breathing, it was ragged and shallow. He looked back out towards the city and everything was blurry now from his tears.

“How long?” His whisper mixed with the wind but you caught it. You swallowed thickly. “Two years.” Your voice was barely over a whisper and you could see Bucky slump his shoulders from your peripheral. “Why?” His voice shook and your eyes filled with tears yet again. 

“He said he loved me.” Your lip trembled and you shook your head, not seeing how untrue those words were until now. Bucky clenched his jaw, glancing at your face. Oh how he wished he hadn’t because it made him want to have his hands around your ex’s neck again. It took everything in him not to leave and go finish it.

“I was so scared to say anything. I thought that…that maybe the first time was just an accident.” Your voice cracked and Bucky pulled you into his body and held you close. He was shaking with anger, his eyes shut tightly as he imagined the things your ex did to you. Holding you was his anchor right now.

Bucky pressed his lips to your head and you leaned further into him. “Y/N, you’ll never have to see him again. That was not love. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.” He whispered in your ear, his voice full of certainty and sadness.

You nodded against his chest and sighed. “I feel so stupid, Bucky. He-he wanted me to leave and I didn’t want to, I couldn’t. Then like every time we argue, he just lost it. I feel so weak.” You sniffled and gripped Bucky’s shirt tightly, as if he’d disappear and you were just dreaming and you’d wake up next to your ex, trapped in fear.

Bucky pulled away and let his flesh hand hold your cheek as softly as he could. “God, Y/N, no. No, you are not weak. Don’t say that, not around me, not ever. H-he could’ve killed you.” His voice cracked this time, his blue eyes pooling with tears. The longer Bucky stared into your eyes, he realized just how much he wanted to show you what love really is. But not yet. He could only protect you for now. 

“Dammit, I could kill him. You deserve so much more, Y/N. If you’ll let me, I’ll protect you with my life. I won’t let anyone hurt you ever again.” Bucky’s thumb caressed your skin and a tear fell down his cheek. You nodded, letting out a sob as you pulled Bucky in for a hug. His arms held you close and tight, blocking you from everything.

 For once in your life, you actually felt safe. 

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anonymous asked:

I really liked how you wrote the a/b/o dynamic in your last fic. It wasn't some thing that overruled and defined everything about the characters, which is so awesome because I doubt many people - Stiles especially - would deal well with that. Anyway, i thought I'd washed my hands with a/b/o fics but it's sucked me back down again. Do you have any fic recs?

thank you so much! that fic was super fun to write, and I loved cramming in all my favorite tropes :)  I’m a big fan of a/b/o, idek why, but I love it. I’m sure all the ones I’d rec are well known, but here’s a list of some of my favs in no particular order.

we can take our time by KouriArashi

Tact and social mores are completely relegated to the back of Derek’s brain, and without thinking, he blurts out, “Did you spend your heat alone?”

Stiles’ head jerks around in surprise, and then he flushes pink and looks away. His voice comes out brusque and unfriendly. “Not that it’s any of your business, but I spend every heat alone.”

Knot if You Don’t Knock by jsea, marguerite_26

Stiles never expects to present as an omega – that’s something that happens to people like Greenberg, not him. He is so wrong.

His life only gets stranger when Derek Hale mistakenly bursts through the door of his exam room during a doctor’s appointment. What happens next is a complicated series of events, including freshly baked cookies, book-carrying and surprise heats.

Build an Ivory Tower by teot 

Stiles didn’t know how Derek sleeping on his floor developed into sleeping in his bed, or how cuddling ended up turning into Derek humping his ass. He didn’t agree to being knotted in the school locker room, either. But what can you do when Derek Hale wants something? He’s the Alpha, after all.

You Smell Like Mine by bleep0bleep, marguerite_26 

People talk about the alpha instinct, an alpha’s head being swayed by a nice-smelling omega, or the desire to drop everything and show off. Derek’s never felt any of that. He’s just not that kind of alpha.

Then he meets Stiles.

Say It With Me (Don’t Assume) by orphan_account (I’m pretty sure this is by KuriKuri, does anyone know if this was abandoned on purpose or not, since they’re’ still on AO3 with other fic?)

Derek knows way too much about how omega heat suppressants work now, after having been partnered with Stiles for as long as he has. They’re probably his favorite thing to bitch about whenever they’re stuck on a stakeout. Of course, omegas on the force aren’t required to take them. Derek’s never really understood why Stiles does, if he hates them so much, especially –

– especially because he’s bonded.

#omegaproblems by subnivean 

Stiles didn’t need an alpha. He might want one, though.

The Sanctuary by chase_acow

Stiles runs away during his first heat, right into the waiting and ambiguously scary arms of the Alpha’s nephew, Derek Hale. He doesn’t have any choice except to submit, but along the way, he digs up a mystery that threatens his family and even the town’s safety.

Old Traditions, Werewolf Edition by Footloose 

Stiles does not work his Omega ass off to attract frat boy Alphas. Absolutely not. He’s at college to get his degree. If he’s crushing on an Alpha who never crosses the lines of propriety, well, no one needs to know, right?

Mix and Match by Jerakeen 

Stiles walks into the Beacon Hills alpha-omega mixer with a smile on his face and three condoms in his wallet.

monday i can fall apart but by friday i’m in love by tryslora

It’s just past five in the morning and Stiles is barely awake, wearing only sleep pants that hang low below his pregnant belly, and he can’t get the damned brand new jar of decaf coffee open. But he has a neighbor, and he’s too tired to think that waking someone else up at this hour might not be the best (or politest) of ideas.

Someday Came Today by Fatebegins

“March 2, 1810…
Today, I met the man I’m going to marry.”

At the age of eight, Genim “Stiles” Stilinski showed no signs of Great Beauty. And even at eight, Stiles learned to accept the expectations society held for him–until the evening when Derek Hale, the handsome and dashing Alpha of the Hale pack, solemnly kissed his hand and promised him that one day he would grow into himself, that one day he would be as beautiful as he already was smart. And even at eight, Stiles knew he would love him forever.

But the years that followed were as cruel to Derek as they were kind to Stiles. Stiles is as intriguing as the Duke boldly predicted on that memorable day–while Derek is a lonely, bitter man, crushed by a devastating loss. But Stiles has never forgotten the truth he set down on paper all those years earlier–and he will not allow the love that is his destiny to slip through his fingers . .

Rare Books and Special Collections by KuriKuri

Derek Hale hates libraries.

Unfortunately, not all books can be ordered on Amazon.

(Or: in which Derek is a grumpy omega writer, and Stiles is an annoyingly attractive alpha special collections librarian.)

The One With The Mail-Order Brides and A/B/O Dynamics by Stoney

Wolves aren’t meant to be alone. Laura tells Derek this repeatedly. Which… is why Derek knows he’s losing his mind, as Laura has been dead for more than six years. Wolves aren’t meant to be alone.

And so he sends away for a companion. JUST for a companion, not for a mate. The universe, however, has a different plan in store for him.

here comes trouble by grimm 

All Derek wants is one day where he can sleep without worry of being woken by gunfire, without the threat of death hanging over his head. He wants a full stomach and no pain clinging to his bones, no ache in his feet from months of running. He wants a shower, a safe place to put his head. He wants his family, the healing comfort of pack. He’ll never have any of that again.

You’re a Mess, But You’re a Catch to Me by jsea

The laws are clear: omegas are required to have an alpha guardian. So when the sheriff gets shot, Derek is roped in to stepping up as Stiles’ temporary alpha while he recovers.

Derek knew it was going to be a bad idea, but he never could have predicted all of the ways that Stiles would end up turning his life upside down.

Worth the Wait by Dexterous_Sinistrous

Stiles always had a thing for Derek, but then again, so did everyone else. Stiles just wanted to be seen as different, which was why he waited.

But maybe he waited a little too long.

Can’t Be Saved (Not So Frail) by weathervaanes

“Kira doesn’t care a wick if you can afford her dresses and bonnets, I’m well aware. It doesn’t change the fact that I have to look after her best interests. I’d like her to be with an Alpha that puts her above all else even if he cannot afford her every luxury.”

Scott looks surprised. “I know you do not know me, sir, but I can promise you that that is my only wish. I—I love Kira quite dearly, and all I want is to provide for her, make her happy.”

“So you will marry off your brother,” Derek says, taking a sip from his drink.


In which Kira is Derek’s ward, Stiles is Scott’s brother, and omega heat cycles are good for everyone.

Fight Fires In Your Best Clothes by standinginanicedress

The key isn’t actually being confident, he repeats in his head in Lydia’s breathy voice. It’s faking the hell out of it and looking as sexy as possible while you do it. For omegas, it’s easy. There’s a natural charm to all of us that only takes seconds to engage, and barely takes practice.

Walk into the room, he chants in his head. Own it, and look people in the eyes. Find the best looking alpha, have them buy you a drink, and the rest is easy.

Fallen for You by Mynuet

Stiles is not swooning when his hot next door neighbor comes to his rescue. He’s not! Maybe a little.

Survival of the Species by Lissadiane 

“I think I’m dying.” Nothing makes sense – and now Derek has left him.

“No, Mr. Stilinski,” Deaton says grimly, rooting around in his special cupboard of herbs and remedies. “I’m afraid not. You’re merely suffering from a biological imperative to bear your alpha’s children and strengthen the pack.”

Stiles considers that for a moment, as best he can with his mind a hazy mess, and then he says quietly, “I think that might be worse.”

“So, so much worse,” Scott agrees.

In which Derek’s pack is apparently stable enough to begin planning for the future, and somehow, the universe has decided Stiles is the perfect candidate to bear his alpha’s children.

i need your sway by thatworldinverted

Stiles always figured it would be Scott who saw him through his first heat. They pinky-swore on it, in fact, when they were eleven and newly-presented. There haven’t exactly been an abundance of offers between then and now.

What there is now, though, is the pack, and pack takes care of each other.

How to Woo Your Local Omega by alocalband

Stiles knows a pity gift when he sees one. Mostly because that’s all he’s ever gotten from anyone since the moment he hit puberty.

I don’t know why, but I guess it has something to do with you by LunaCanisLupus_22

“You smell like me,” the guy says, scowling as he crowds in and Stiles staggers back between the coats and finally hits the wall. “Why do you smell like me?”

He barely lets out a garbled sound as the blood rushes to his cheeks. “No reason,” Stiles yelps, struggling to get his footing and grasping at a whirlwind of puffy fur.

Or the one where Stiles goes thrift shopping and steals an alpha’s shirt. And gets a lot more than he bargains for.

BTS / Another member doesn’t like their S/O

Request: anyway i would like to request bts/exo/got7 (whoever you want really; i love them all) reacting to another member not liking, not getting along m, or hating their s/o.            

thank you for requesting this, i did this reaction with BTS but if you want me to do it with a different group, let me know! 💕

warning: some strong language


Originally posted by samwol

The two of you thought you were alone in the dorm, which was why you had turned the TV on at full volume, and laughed loudly at every single funny thing that happened in the comedic movie that you guys were watching.

Suddenly, the fun was interrupted when the door of Jin’s bedroom was thrown open. Both of you turned to look at Namjoon – who had just burst into the room – with startled expressions.

“Namjoon, what—”

“It’s loud,” Namjoon cut Jin off, a frustrated expression on his face. “You’re loud. Some people are trying to work here.”

“Sorry, we didn’t realize anyone else was here,” you added awkwardly.

Namjoon glared at you. “How would you? You don’t even live here.”

He only told the truth, you tried to tell yourself to avoid feeling hurt by these words. It wasn’t as important what he said, but the way he said it. He looked really annoyed with you and his eyes told you that he’d rather you weren’t here.

“Namjoon,” Jin said, suddenly getting up from the bed. “Can I talk to you outside for a moment?”

“I have to get back to work,” Namjoon turned him down and began to close the door.

“It will only take a moment,” Jin repeated in a stern voice and Namjoon sighed deeply before walking into the hallway to wait for Jin.

“What’s the matter with you?” Jin accused Namjoon, once he closed the door. “Why do you always turn into such a dick whenever Y/n’s over?”

Namjoon debated what to say for a moment and then sighed. “I don’t like her, man.”

Jin hadn’t expected him to say that which is why it took him a moment to regain his balance.

“W-why?” Jin asked.

“I don’t know,” Namjoon shrugged his shoulders, looking down. “Maybe it makes no sense, but she’s just… I don’t know. You’re always with her. Literally, always. You’re late to rehearsals and you’re constantly stuck in your dream world. It’s like… It’s like we lost you.”

“I’m in love, Joon,” Jin said, sighing sadly. “I’m sorry for being late, but I’m not sorry for anything else.”

Namjoon just nodded and swallowed, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable.

“You haven’t lost me,” Jin continued then. “Maybe I’ve just been a little preoccupied with my relationship but I’m still here. I’m still the same person. And, honestly, it hurts me to see you dislike the girl that I’m in love with. Give her a chance, Joon. Please.”

“I’ll try,” Namjoon said. “I’m happy for you, Jin. I am, even if it doesn’t seem that way. Just… try to find a way to make your relationship and job work, okay? And apologize to Y/n for me.”

Jin nodded his head and the two boys watched each other for a moment before laughing uncomfortably and sharing a quick hug to let each other know that there were no hard feelings between them.


Originally posted by randomgirlwitharobe

Yoongi was exiting his studio, on his way to his bedroom to prepare for your date, when he heard a voice outside of Jin’s room and stopped short.

“He’s not coming,” Jin was talking to someone on the phone. “Ever since he met Y/n, he hasn’t bothered to hang out with us. I’m not going to even ask him.”

Yoongi’s heart started to race when he heard your name slip from Jin’s lips. He listened more intently but he couldn’t hear what the other person on the phone was saying.

“No, I’m pretty sure she tells him not to go,” Jin said, then. “I mean, Yoongi was never a big fan of parties but if we asked him nicely, he would go. But then he started dating—”

Not wanting to hear him say your name again, Yoongi stepped into the room, surprising Jin and forcing him to drop his phone in panic.

“Knocking seems to be a thing that exists!” Jin exclaimed, clutching his chest and breathing deeply. “You scared the hell out of me.”

“What the fuck were you talking about?” Yoongi asked.

“W-what do you mean?” Yoongi saw Jin hang up the phone and put the phone in his back pocket without getting up from the bed.

“I heard you talk about Y/n, hyung,” Yoongi said. “It’s not cool.”

“Oh,” Jin said and then stayed quiet for a moment, trying to choose his next words. “I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just that she’s sort of stealing you away from the rest of us, isn’t she?”

“She’s not stealing me away from anyone,” Yoongi replied angrily. “I’m the one who makes the choice to spend as much time with her as I can because, believe it or not, I love her. And I’ve never had anything like that before.”

“Look, I understand but—”

“No, Jin,” Yoongi stopped him, shaking his head. “If there’s a ‘but,’ then you don’t understand. And honestly, I can’t believe you would voluntarily talk shit about someone that means so much to me.”

“I’m not talking shit,” Jin defended himself. “And for the record, you haven’t even introduced her to us.”

“Well, maybe the reason why I haven’t introduced her to you is because you’re already behaving like a dick,” Yoongi said. “It’s already hard for her to be with me, she doesn’t need my friends hating her, too.”

Jin sighed, finally understanding that fighting with Yoongi about this was pointless. He was never going to win.

“I’m sorry,” Jin said, finally. “I’ll be nice. All of us will be. Bring her around sometime.”

Fighting the urge to yell a little more, Yoongi swallowed. “I’ll think about it.”


Originally posted by sosjimin

Hoseok was really excited when he told the rest of the members that you were coming to visit him since he was on tour and hasn’t seen you in a month now. All the other members cheered and congratulated him. All, except for Taehyung, who continued to sit on the couch at the other end of the room.

“Taehyung,” Hoseok called out. “Is something wrong?”

Taehyung raised his head from the phone in his hands and shrugged his shoulders.

“Okay, hold on,” Hoseok told the five guys around him and headed towards Taehyung, sitting down next to him once he reached him. “Seriously, what’s the matter?”

Taehyung took a deep breath and locked his phone before turning to look at Hoseok.

“Don’t take this the wrong way,” Taehyung started. “But I don’t think Y/n is the girl for you.”

Hoseok’s mouth had suddenly gone dry. “Sorry, what?”

“I know you like her and that’s great, hyung,” Taehyung said. “But, really, there’s so many fish in the sea. I could introduce you to—”

“Wait, Taehyung,” Hoseok placed a hand on Taehyung’s face, covering his mouth to prevent him from saying anything else. “What are you trying to tell me? That I shouldn’t be with Y/n?”

“Well…” Taehyung shrugged his shoulders. “She’s just so… weird. And she’s not your type at all.”

“I don’t have a type,” Hoseok said. “And if I did, I’m sure I’d just describe Y/n.”

“You say that now, but, seriously, hyung, she’s just a girl—”

“She’s not just a girl!” Hoseok jumped up from the couch, suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. “She’s the love of my life.”

Taehyung wasn’t expecting this. Not even Hoseok himself expected to say that.

Intense silence was the only thing left in the room as Hoseok tried to get himself together. Once he felt like he did, he turned to look at Taehyung with a soft expression.

“I love her,” he told him. “And I’m sorry if you can’t accept that. But I would love it if you at least tried. I’m really not looking for anyone else, Taehyung. I’m happy with her.”

Taehyung swallowed slowly, understanding. “Okay. I’m sorry.”

Hoseok nodded, standing up again.

“Maybe try to get to know Y/n better,” he addressed Taehyung one more time. “I’m sure you’d really like her if you tried.”


Originally posted by rapnamu

Namjoon always claimed that you brought out the best in him and all of the guys seemed to love you for it. They immediately accepted you as one of their own, and whenever the seven of them hung out together, they would invite you, too.

You were more than happy to hang out with them, of course. The only downside was Yoongi.

At first, you thought he looked annoyed all of the time, but then you found out that this was not the case. He was actually a really fun guy. And yet, whenever you were over at the dorm, Yoongi was always looking frustrated. You tried to start up a conversation with him, but he just cut you off shortly, basically letting you know that you shouldn’t even try.

You hated that. You saw how happy it made Namjoon to know that you got along with his friends and you didn’t want him to suddenly be upset because Yoongi seemed to have a problem with you. Which is why you decided to take matters into your own hands.

“Can I talk to you, Yoongi?” you asked him one night, when the eight of you were hanging out in the dorm.

“We’re talking,” Yoongi replied subtly enough, so no one else would notice his immediate change in demeanor.

“No, I mean, alone,” you said. “I just have something I want to tell you.”

Namjoon perked up at this. “Keeping secrets from me, baby?”

You saw Yoongi roll his eyes at the nickname and you frowned for a moment, but then turned to face your boyfriend with a soft smile.

“Of course not,” you told him, quickly kissing him on the cheek. “Actually, this is about you. But I’ll tell you later.”

You stood up from the couch, giving Yoongi an expecting look. He finally realized that he had no choice but to follow you or he’d end up causing a scene in front of the others and that was clearly not what he wanted. So, groaning loudly, he got up from the couch and followed you out of the room.

“Why do you hate me so much?” you asked Yoongi right away, as soon as he closed the door, separating you from the rest of the guys.

“What?” Yoongi blinked. “Where did you get that from?”

“Come on, it’s obvious. You always turn into a huge mess of anger and frustration around me,” you said. “And we’ve barely had any conversations. So, what is it? What have I done wrong?”

Yoongi sighed and looked back to make sure the door was still closed.

“It’s not you, Y/n,” Yoongi said. “It’s just… don’t get me wrong, but you’re always here.”

Now that was a punch in your face you weren’t expecting. “I’m not sure how I could get you wrong.”

“No, it’s not what I—” Yoongi shook his head, sighing again. “Okay, thing is, before you come over, Namjoon always gives us a long lecture – emphasis on long – about how we need to be on our best behavior once you’re around. And you’re always around! And all of a sudden, the rest of the guys just got used to you, and they can fool around and avoid Joon’s dirty looks but I can’t.”

You listened patiently, not daring to interrupt him.

“So, it’s not you that I hate,” Yoongi said. “I hate the fact that for some reason, I can’t be myself around you because Namjoon seems to think that you’ll leave him if you don’t like us.”

“That is bullshit,” you spoke finally. “First of all, I’d never leave Namjoon, I love him with all of my heart. Second of all, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Please don’t feel obligated to hold yourself back from whatever you want to do when I’m around. You can be yourself around me.”

“So Namjoon can lock me out of the dorm later? No thanks.”

“He wouldn’t do that,” you said with some hesitation. “I’ll talk to him about this, okay? I really don’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me.”

Slowly, Yoongi nodded.

You nodded back. “I’m glad we talked about this.”

“Me too,” Yoongi agreed. “And I’m sorry I gave you the impression that I hated you.”


Originally posted by jikookdetails

Jimin jumped around the back of the stage, telling everyone who listened that his girlfriend was in the audience tonight and he was ecstatic. This wasn’t the first time you would see him perform, but this was the first time you came to their actual concert.

However, thirty minutes until showtime, Jimin’s excitement died down.

“Oh God,” he said loudly. “What if I forget my moves? What if I get so distracted that I forget I’m even on stage? Or worse! What if I forget the lyrics?”

“Whoa,” Hoseok interrupted his self-doubt. “Where did that come from?”

“I don’t know,” Jimin admitted. “I just know that Y/n’s here and I want to perform really well, so she would be impressed. But I’m so nervous that I feel like I’ll screw up.”

“Come on, Jimin, you’re always nervous,” Hoseok said with an encouraging smile. “You’ll be great!”

“No, but I’m freaking out,” Jimin continued. “Seriously, what if—”

“Jimin, is this because Y/n’s here?” Hoseok said, suddenly serious. “Because you tend to lose the grip on yourself whenever she’s in the audience. So, maybe – and this is just a suggestion – you shouldn’t bring her to your shows.”

“Shouldn’t bring her to my—what?” Jimin stopped fidgeting and looked at Hoseok with confusion. “But I want her to see me perform.”

“Do you, really?” Hoseok asked. “Because it sounds to me like you just need validation. And you’re making it seem that if you screw up on stage, she’ll dump you. So, I’m just saying that maybe, if you feel this terrified of her seeing you do something wrong, she’s not the one for you.”

Jimin was completely taken aback by his words. “Are you serious, hyung? I just needed you to tell me that everything would be okay, not give me relationship advice.”

“How many times have I told you that everything was going to be okay?” Hoseok countered. “I’m losing patience here. So, I’m sorry, but I’m just telling the truth.”

Hoseok had turned around to walk away, but Jimin grabbed his arm, stopping him.

“Do you… not like Y/n, or something?” he asked carefully.

Hoseok bit his lip, looking for the right way to say this. “When she makes you this nervous – no. Not particularly.”

“But it’s not her that’s making me nervous,” Jimin said. “It’s me.”

“Yeah. And you’re nervous because of her. So, technically…”

Jimin just watched Hoseok for a minute.

“I don’t like this conversation,” Jimin said finally. “I don’t like hearing you say that you don’t like my girlfriend.”

“Okay,” Hoseok shrugged. “I’m going to go find the—”

“No, wait,” Jimin stopped him again. “If I promise to get a grip on myself whenever Y/n’s in the audience, do you promise to never ever use the words ‘hate’ and ‘Y/n’ in the same sentence again?”

“I don’t hate her, Jimin,” Hoseok said with a sigh. “I just don’t like that she turns you into a nervous wreck before every show.”

“It’s not her fault!” Jimin said a little louder than he intended to and a few make-up artists turned their heads to look at them. “It’s my fault I’m nervous. She’s not doing anything wrong. So, dislike me, if you have to. Not her.”


“No, hyung,” Jimin cut him off. “Y/n’s incredible. I love her. There’s no reason for anyone to hate her and I won’t accept it if people do that.”

Hoseok, understanding that this was a lost cause, and Jimin wasn’t even hearing him, just nodded. “Okay.”

“Okay,” Jimin repeated. “I’m going to go to freak out to Jungkook now.”


Originally posted by saintminyoongi

You always found Jungkook intimidating and you’ve told this to Taehyung multiple times. And every time, Taehyung would say that it’s nonsense and that it’s just your imagination because maybe Jungkook just wasn’t used to you yet.

But it’s been a year and Jungkook still left the room when you entered it. Every time he did that, you shot Taehyung a helpless look but he would just shrug his shoulders and smile, making you forget your worries momentarily.

Taehyung always did everything he could to make you feel welcome around the dorm, and the other guys seemed to like you, too. And yet Jungkook’s indifference still made the atmosphere glum for you.

“If this upsets you so much, I’ll talk to him,” Taehyung said one day after he noticed your face fall once Jungkook left the room again. “But really, you have no reason to feel uncomfortable here.”

You nodded but didn’t say anything. Taehyung placed a quick kiss on your temple and got up to find where Jungkook had gone to.

“Jungkook!” he called out in the hallway.

“Yeah?” a voice replied somewhere at the end of the hall and Taehyung headed over there to find Jungkook sitting on the counter in the kitchen.

“What are you doing here?” Taehyung asked him.

A little confused, Jungkook shrugged his shoulders. “Sitting.”

“Why’d you leave the living room?” Taehyung said. “We were about to watch a movie. Y/n said—”

An involuntary groan slipped past Jungkook’s lips and Taehyung stopped talking instantly.

“What… the hell was that?” Taehyung asked. “Do you not like Y/n?”

Jungkook stayed quiet but Taehyung wasn’t going to leave him alone.

“Do you seriously not like her?” he asked again. “Why? What’s wrong?”

“You never shut up about her,” Jungkook said so quietly that Taehyung almost didn’t hear him. “Whenever we do something, it’s always like Y/n this, Y/n that.”

Taehyung hadn’t realized that he talked about you that much. “Okay. So, tell me to stop talking about her.”

“I did,” Jungkook said, finally raising his eyes to meet Taehyung’s. “You stopped for, like, five minutes and started again. Do you realize that our team lost nearly every match on Overwatch because you—”

“Please don’t make this about Overwatch,” Taehyung stopped him. “I’m sorry if I annoyed you by talking about her all of the time. But you’re seriously upsetting her by leaving the room every time she comes over.”

“Am I not allowed to hang out elsewhere?” Jungkook said nonchalantly. “She’s not my girlfriend, she’s yours. I’m under no obligation to always be around whenever she is.”

This hurt Taehyung for some reason and he needed a moment to recover.

“You’re my best friend,” he told him, then. “And she’s my girlfriend. She gets along with the rest of the guys perfectly but you’re being difficult.”

“I’m not being anything,” Jungkook countered. “And I don’t remember there being a rule that best friends had to get along really well with the other girlfriends.”

“There’s no rule but it would make me happy.”

Jungkook groaned again, forcing Taehyung to sigh.

“Okay. Don’t be friends with Y/n,” he told Jungkook then. “But, please, at least don’t dramatically refuse to be in the same room with her. It’s not cool.”


“And… you would definitely like her if you got to know her,” Taehyung added with a playful smirk. “She’s really good at Overwatch.”

Jungkook squinted at Taehyung. “You’re just saying that to make me like her.”

“No,” Taehyung shook his head. “I’m saying that as a warning.”

“How is that a warning?”

“When you find out how good she is, you’ll want to date her, too,” Taehyung said. “But back off. She’s mine.”


Originally posted by jengkook

The boys had a thirty-minute break before their next interview and they were planning to explore Tokyo for a little while before coming back. Jungkook, however, was holed up in his hotel room.

“I’m good,” Jungkook told Jimin who came to ask him to come with the rest of them. “I’m going to skype-chat with Y/n.”

“You skype-chatted her this morning,” Jimin said matter-of-factly. “Does she not have anything better to do but talk to you?”

“She’s free from school today,” Jungkook answered, not raising his head from his phone. “It happens rarely and I’m using this as an opportunity to talk to her.”

“Jungkook, you’re already texting her,” Jimin said, pointing at his phone. “And you can text her while you’re outside, too.”

“Yeah, but I want to see her. And it’s only possible on Skype.”

“But we want to see you, too!” Jimin said, raising his voice and making Jungkook finally look up at him. “Seriously, ever since you started dating her, we haven’t even heard anything from you. The only time we see you is during rehearsals and on stage when we’re performing.”

“And that proves that you see me for the majority of time every day,” Jungkook replied. “So, I don’t get the problem.”

“The problem is that she has you wrapped around her finger and you don’t even see it,” Jimin snapped. “You’re adjusting your schedule to fit hers. You’re taking extra flights to see her and then show up to rehearsals jetlagged and exhausted. It’s not good for your health. Does she care about that? No, it doesn’t look like she does, she just—”

“Stop right there, Jimin,” Jungkook said, locking his phone and putting it away to concentrate on this conversation. “I don’t remember you being part of my relationship. And I sure as hell don’t remember you talking to Y/n and asking her what she cared about.”

“Okay, no need to get all pissed off,” Jimin said, suddenly a little intimidated by Jungkook’s angry and protective tone. “I’m just stating the obvious. You’re obviously sacrificing a lot to be with her and she’s not doing much—”

“Have you thought that maybe the reason why she’s not doing much is because she can’t?” Jungkook was shouting now. “She can’t fly out to see me, because, unlike me, she doesn’t have enough money to fly around the world whenever she wants to. And she can’t hang out with me as often as she wants because she has exams almost every day. On top of that, she gets hate for simply being my girlfriend. So, I’m sorry if you don’t like the fact that I’m trying to make this relationship easier for her.”

Jimin stayed quiet for a moment. “I didn’t think about that.”

“Of course not,” Jungkook huffed, taking a deep breath to calm himself down. “I’m sorry for losing my temper. I just wish you understood how scared I am to lose her. This relationship is hard work, for Y/n especially, and it’s even harder when I’m away. But I would never even think about ending it. I love her too much.”

Jimin nodded, no longer having any other comments to add.

“Okay,” he said. “I see. I’m sorry I said those things. Tell Y/n I said hi.”


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(steve harrington x reader)

summary: it’s like groundhog’s day. but december 23. and with steve. who’s like, super close to panicking and crying but honestly, things could be worse.

request: Steve Harrington x Reader where you’re Dustin’s older sister and Dustin has Steve over to babysit him bc Reader is supposed to be out on a date but she comes home like halfway through with like super ready eyes and tells them she found out he’s cheating on her because he stood her up to go with the other girl or something

word count: 4, 487

a/n: okay, so i know that this was requested, but i wanted to combine this with an idea i had earlier bc i was watching 12 dates of christmas and i’m a sucker okay enjoy this thing pls. i wrote this late and i’m running late i’m not checking this for errors ALSO HAPPY 2,000 FOLLOWERS TO ME WHAT 

“Okay, so I already told her that we’re doing movie night just the three of us, which means that the hard part is done. You know what to do, right?”

“You leave early because you forgot about some homework, and that’s when I make my move.”

“Exactly, Da- Steve. You’ve got this. You’re gonna slay her dead.”

Steve bit back the grin that was just dying to make itself known. It had been happening a lot recently, Dustin almost calling him dad. Sure, he teased the kid about it, but deep down, it made his heart warm. The kid needed someone in his life like that. Steve might have not been the best choice for that role, but he’d do his damndest to fill it.

“Just like you at the dance, son.” Steve’s smile couldn’t be held back at that point, and the corners of his mouth stretched wide as he started to laugh.

“Don’t make fun of me. My hair was killing it that night.”

Thinking about Dustin and his little adventure into using Farah Fawcett spray was entertaining. And it was definitely a hell of a lot easier to think about than the fact that he was going to make a move on the little shit’s sister that night.

It was kind of sad, really. Steve might have been off of his game a little after the whole Nancy fiasco, but when it came to you, it was like his game had decided to just fuck off entirely. He’d been getting better, but in tiny little increments. At least now he could hold a decent conversation with you. Before, he’d just stare at you and stutter. But he was over that, thank God.

“Whoa, Y/N. You’re looking nice for movie night,” Dustin said, not so subtly nudging Steve’s arm. Steve turned towards the doorway, eyes widening when he saw you. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever seen you look so pretty, a thought that he would’ve scoffed at a year ago. Your hair was falling in just the right way, your makeup simple but perfect. And the dress you were wearing… All he could do was stare.

“You - uh - you look - good. Nice. Yeah, good,” Steve stuttered out, ignoring the way the little dick sitting beside him snorted. Even that didn’t diminish the hope that was rising in his chest, though. Because you’d dressed up for him - or Dustin, but odds were looking into the older boy’s favor.

“Oh, thanks guys. But what do you mean movie night?” It was written across your face, confusion in its purest form. For a second, Steve’s heart dropped.

“Movie night, Y/N. You, me, and Steve? I told you about it a week ago,” he pushed, giving you a frown. You shook your head, staring at him blankly. Steve looked from you to Dustin, trying his hardest to not glare at the younger Henderson. But the longer he watched, the more Dustin’s face fell into a sheepish grin. “Or I might’ve told Mom that a week ago, and forgot to tell you.”

“Yeah, that’s probably it,” Steve muttered, rolling his eyes. He glanced over to you, a new train of thought running through his mind. “So, uh, you got a date or something tonight, Henderson?”

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7 Engagements

day 7, featuring a fake engagement and real drarry feelings

The last person Harry expected to find outside his door two days before Christmas was Draco Malfoy. But there Malfoy was on his doorstep, looking effortlessly gorgeous despite the blizzarding winds.

“Come in,” Harry said, not quite sure what else to say. He and Malfoy were now friendly, but they were barely friends. Harry couldn’t come up with an explanation as to why Malfoy would be at his house.

Luckily he didn’t have to, for Malfoy stated frankly as he settled on Harry’s loveseat, “Potter, I need you to pretend to be my fiancé.”

“I’m sorry, what?” Harry said.

“I need you to pretend to be my fiancé. Would you? Please?” Malfoy folded his hands on his lap politely and looked patiently at Harry as he awaited a response.

“I’m gonna need some background information, Malfoy.”

Malfoy sighed. “My fiancé, Gunnar, broke off our engagement this morning. Which would be all fine and dandy had I not told my parents that I would be bringing my betrothed to Christmas Eve lunch tomorrow.”

“Oh, Malfoy, I’m sorry, I didn’t even know you were engaged.” If Harry had known Malfoy was engaged, maybe he wouldn’t have gazed longingly at him so much when he saw him at the Ministry.
“Were being the key word. Anyways, will you do it? Pretend to be my fiancé? My parents never met Gunnar, and I never even told them his name, so they’ll buy it if you pretend to be him.”

“Are you sure you’re okay, Malfoy? I mean, you two just broke up today. Maybe you should go home and get some rest. And I’m sure that if you tell your parents the truth, they’ll understand.” Harry joined Malfoy on the seat, trying to be a comforting presence.

Apparently Harry wasn’t doing too good of a job of that, because then Malfoy snapped, “Do you even know how many times I’ve been engaged?”

“Er, I think I saw something in the Daily Proph-”

“Seven! Seven times! And just guess how many engagements of mine have been broken!”

“Exactly, seven! So I will not, under any circumstances, let down my parents yet again on Christmas Eve!” Malfoy had abandoned his polite way of sitting on the loveseat, and by the end of his rant he was standing, looking down his imperious nose at Harry.

“Why do you want me to do it? What about, I don’t know, Blaise?”

Malfoy rolled his eyes and turned away from Harry. “Blaise lives in France.”

“With his husband.”


“Don’t you have any other friends who could do it?”

“No,” Malfoy said, and when he turned back to Harry, his eyes were glistening. Harry felt a pang of guilt. He wasn’t turning Malfoy away because he didn’t want to help him, he did want to help him, but it would just be too hard to pretend when Harry thought he was starting to have real feelings for Malfoy.

“Look,” Malfoy said. “I thought you’d want to help, you’re always saving people and all that, but if I’m too much of a bother-”

“Wait, Malfoy, wait. You’re not a bother, I just…” Harry trailed off. Malfoy was looking at him with those shiny grey eyes, his despair written all over his face, and Harry couldn’t stand to let him down. “I’ll do it.”

Malfoy looked so relieved and grateful Harry almost thought Malfoy would hug him, but after a moment Malfoy’s face returned to its usual emotionless expression. “Thank you, Potter,” Malfoy said.

Harry sighed. “You should go home and get some rest. Just tell me what time lunch is tomorrow.”

Malfoy raised his eyebrows. “You really thought it would be that easy?” Malfoy shook his head. “We’re going to have to stay up all night learning everything an engaged couple would know about each other. Also, we should start calling each other by our first names.” Malfoy paused a second then said, “Harry.” His lips quirked up in an almost smile.

“Draco,” Harry said, and Draco’s smile grew to full size.

They spent hours taking, covering everything from each other’s  favorite Quidditch moves to their least favorite fruit. Harry and Draco found themselves laughing near constantly, and whenever Draco laughed, Harry’s heart felt like a weight had been lifted off of it.

Around midnight, Draco decided it was time for a hot cocoa break and took the time to teach Harry the ‘proper’ way to fix hot cocoa. They were settling back on Harry’s couch when Draco asked Harry about his childhood. Harry could’ve lied, but he didn’t want to lie, not to Draco.

After confessing the horrors of his childhood, Harry was surprised to find Draco’s arms around him, as Draco was hugging him tightly and saying, “You deserve so much better, Harry.”

“Well, what about your childhood?” Harry asked. Harry was once again surprised, this time by Draco’s openness and honesty. He discovered that Draco’s childhood wasn’t all fairytales and rainbows either.

If what Harry was feeling for Draco the night before could be called a crush, then by morning that crush had blossomed into full-blown romantic passion.

Draco had fallen asleep next to Harry on the couch around four in the morning and now, four hours later, Harry shook him awake. When Draco first awoke he seemed confused and frazzled, but when he saw Harry he smiled a sleepy smile. “Hi. Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

“It’s okay. I fell asleep for awhile too.”

“What time is it?”


Draco nodded in understanding. “Are there any more questions we have to do?”

“Just one, I think. What happened with your fiancés? I mean, you’re pretty much amazing, so it’s hard for me to believe they’d just walk off without any reason.”

Draco grimaced. “I don’t know. I’m the perfect guy: wealthy, attractive, intelligent, witty, attractive.”

Harry chuckled at Draco’s repetition of ‘attractive’. “Well, were you in love with them?”

Draco shook his head vehemently, as if that was the most outrageous thing he’d ever heard. “My parents always told me that love was something that would develop after marriage.”

Harry frowned. “That’s not true. Love doesn’t have any rules. You can fall in love before getting married or after getting married, though most people prefer to be in love before marriage.”


“I guess so that you know you won’t be spending the rest of your life with someone who doesn’t, uh, complete you or whatever.”


“You’re strange,” Harry said defensively.

Draco laughed and hit Harry with a decorative pillow, kickstarting a pillow fight full of giggles and smiles and lifted spirits.

Another thing that was strange was that Draco’s parents didn’t even seem surprised when they found out that Draco’s new ‘fiancé’ was Harry Potter. So unsurprised, in fact, that they hardly interrogated the couple at all.

Halfway through the soup course, Harry leaned toward Draco and said to him, “This is going well.”

“Yes,” Draco agreed. A little too well, in Draco’s opinion.

So when Narcissa left the table to reset the fireplace’s fire charms, Draco joined her. Draco stoked the fire as his mother cast the charms.

“You’re acting different,” Draco said in a hushed tone to his mother. “You and Father. You’re usually much more… intense when meeting someone I bring home.”

Narcissa simply smiled at her son. “That’s because you’re acting different too. You and Harry seem so happy together. I know I used to tell you love would develop after marriage, but I’m glad that you and Harry have found love already. That doesn’t happen often. Hold on to him, Draco.”

Narcissa walked back to the table and Draco’s eyes followed her before focusing on Harry, who was slurping his soup in a most undignified manner. Draco smiled at the sight, and in a rare vulnerable moment, thought to himself that if he and Harry were truly engaged, maybe that would be the engagement that stuck.

Hold on to the memories

OMG HI HELLO wonderful person, who sent me one of my first prompts ever!!! :D 💖💖💖 Man, I feel like that was aaaages ago :D Thank you so much for this ask! I would NEVER ignore this!! :D Although, I have to admit I rarely write sequels, well in this case prequel, to any of my ficlets. BUT a few other people have messaged me about a sequel, too. And you guys were all so sweet about it! So, @potterlocked16, once again, thank you so much! 💖 :)

This time, it’s from Draco’s pov.

It’s on AO3 as well, if you prefer to read it there :)

And you can find part 1 here or also here on AO3 :)

“What are you smiling about?”

Making sure he wouldn’t spill his coffee, Draco slowly leaned back in his chair. Without breaking eye contact with his boyfriend, he placed his feet on the table and crossed them at the ankles.

“Nothing,” he said, his smile widening.

“You’re wearing the socks,” Harry remarked.

“I know.” It didn’t even occur to Draco to give Harry some snarky or witty retort. His mind was preoccupied with other things. Happiness, for the most part.

They had come a long way since they had first moved in together over two years ago. What a roller coaster ride it had been! For almost a year, they had just been flatmates. Sure, they had spent a lot of time together, but it had taken quite some time before things had changed. It had all started with their mutual desire to spend their evenings at home, rather than going out. They’d just eat dinner and sometimes watch television together. Draco had become quite fond of spending their evenings like this.

At first, he had been wary of this weird Muggle device that had suddenly replaced one of their shelves in the living room. Harry had assured him, he’d like it. And he did. This television thing was quite entertaining. But that wasn’t the part Draco liked most.

At that point, there wasn’t much they didn’t share. Except for Draco’s shampoo. But Harry knew not to touch it. Just like Harry knew Draco would be cold on the sofa. He distinctly remembered that one night, when Harry had gotten the ball rolling…

Draco felt his lips stretch into a smile as he watched his flatmate approach, a bowl of popcorn in one hand and a blanket in the other. They were so in sync by now, they barely needed any words to know what the other needed. Draco took the bowl from Harry while he draped the blanket over the both of them.

“What are we watching tonight?” Draco asked. Not that he really cared. Rather than watching the movie, he usually watched Harry. His face and his reactions to the plot twists were so captivating. Tonight was no exception. Harry’s eyes were wide and he absentmindedly shoved popcorn into his mouth every now and then, while the bloke in the weird black suit with pointy ears (apparently he had a thing for bats or something?) speeded into the night on his motorcycle.

As much fun as it was to watch Harry like this, Draco realised he had been sitting in the same position far too long. His left leg felt numb and his neck was beginning to hurt. He started shifting, causing the blanket to fall on the floor.

“Sorry,” Draco mumbled. “My leg has gone dead.”

“Hold on,” Harry said, changing his position and putting the popcorn aside. “Here, give me your feet.”

Draco frowned.


“Give me your feet,” Harry repeated. He patted his lap and gave Draco an expectant look. Slowly, Draco stretched out his feet. He wasn’t sure how he felt about this. He didn’t like people touching his feet. Not many had done so, but he just knew he didn’t like it. As soon as his heels touched Harry’s thighs, Harry put the blanket over them again, slipping his hands underneath. He started rubbing Draco’s ankles, much to Draco’s surprise. Huh. That didn’t feel so bad. Actually…

Draco let out a contented sigh. Who would have thought having Harry Potter as a flatmate would have such benefits?

Out of the corner of his eyes, he glanced at said flatmate. It had been a long time since he had thought of him as ‘Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived’. To him, he was just Harry now. No more ‘Golden Boy’ or ‘The Chosen One’. Just Harry. The potential love of your life. Oh, Merlin! Not that again! Draco inwardly groaned. His mind was such a traitor sometimes. Actually, lately, it was all the time.

It didn’t matter if Harry was cooking dinner, coming out of the shower, or reading in one of the armchairs, Draco always stopped in his tracks and just watched him. He couldn’t not do it. It was like a reflex. Speaking of reflexes… Draco’s right knee suddenly jerked when he felt Harry’s fingers on his bare skin.

What was he doing? Harry’s fingers were brushing his shin. Draco had been so preoccupied in thought, he hadn’t realised how Harry’s hand had slowly found its way up his trousers leg. Was Harry even aware of what he was doing? He seemed to be completely absorbed in the movie.

“I need something to drink. You want something?” Harry asked, not taking his eyes off the television.

Draco just shook his head and watched Harry as he went into the kitchen. He could still feel Harry’s touch on his skin and it utterly confused him. He desperately wanted him to touch him again, but would that even happen? Had that just been an accident?

When Harry returned with a glass of water, Draco tried to act as normal as possible. Which wasn’t that easy to do, because holy shit, what was Harry doing? He hadn’t been sitting this close to Draco before! Now, Draco’s thighs were on Harry’s lap and Harry was almost touching his bum. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!!!

The following twenty minutes were the most uncomfortable in Draco’s life. Okay, maybe not the most uncomfortable, but uncomfortable enough. Because he didn’t dare move a muscle in his body. He stayed completely rigid, afraid of making Harry realise Draco was basically sitting in his lap. But he had to move sometime.

Not wanting to end this but feeling curious at the same time, Draco slowly leaned forward. He acted as if he was just stretching a little bit, but instead of leaning back to his original position, he rested his head on the back of the sofa, right next to Harry’s shoulder. Now, he’d just have to move his head down a few inches and he’d basically be snuggling with Harry. Sweet Merlin! Okay, stay calm. Act natural. Do it gradually.

When his cheek made the first contact with Harry’s jumper, Draco almost made a strangled sound. Almost there! It seemed almost too good to be true when he was finally nestled on Harry’s shoulder. Draco couldn’t resist reclining his head. As a result, his nose was pressing against Harry’s throat. Oh dear God! He smelled so, so good!

When Harry suddenly started moving, Draco thought he was about to be pushed away. Instead, Harry draped one arm around Draco, pulling him even closer to him. He placed his free hand on Draco’s forearm and then Draco felt Harry’s cheek on top of his head. Merlin’s pants! Now he was really sitting in Harry’s lap and there was no denying that this was full-on snuggling!

It wasn’t like they hadn’t had physical contact before, but not like this. Draco had often imagined what it would be like, having Harry’s arms around him, but he had never dared to hope it would actually come true. It was a curious feeling. He felt warm, giddy and secure.

Being held like this was a completely new experience for Draco. Sometimes, especially as a child, his mother had hugged him or patted his back… But it had always been because Draco had been crying, because he had a nightmare or had scraped his knee while playing in the garden. There had always been a reason. She had comforted him because he had been upset.

For the longest time, Draco hadn’t thought he needed anything more than that. From anyone. Being hugged for no reason at all seemed like such a strange concept. Until Draco discovered there was always a reason, wasn’t there?

He desperately wished he could look into Harry’s head right now. What was his reason for doing this? Did he feel the same things Draco felt right now? It wasn’t likely. Then again…

Draco peeked at Harry from under his lashes. How many times had he been hugged as a child? As an adult? Draco still didn’t know everything about Harry’s past, but the things he had told him, still appalled him. Looking back, Draco hadn’t had the best childhood either, but, at least, he had been happy then.

The urge to take Harry’s pain away often clouded his judgement, resulting in soppy little presents or biting his tongue when they were about to fight. It was so unlike him and he wasn’t even sure if Harry had noticed any of it. It wasn’t like Draco was trying to woo him or anything. He just… couldn’t help it. But maybe, judging from their current snuggling situation, Harry wanted to be wooed? Maybe he even wanted to woo Draco?

Well, there was only one way to find out…

Heart beating wildly, Draco decided to push his luck. He started drawing circles with his thumb on Harry’s hand. His mind was so firmly programmed on being rejected, he couldn’t believe it when Harry started to do the same.

Sitting so close to him, suddenly made Draco extremely nervous. And because of his traitorous body, Harry would know exactly how nervous he was. Draco’s whole body shook with every violent heartbeat. There was no way this was going unnoticed. And surely, Harry had noticed Draco was breathing heavily, too.

But as embarrassing as this was, Harry hadn’t pulled away. That was a good sign, right? Well, he was still watching the movie intently. But he couldn’t be so distracted, he didn’t realise what was going on, right? Right? Well, Draco would have to get his attention to find out…

Slowly, he leaned his head back further and started caressing Harry’s jaw with the tip of his nose. If Harry just turned his head a little bit… Come on, look at me! It would probably knock all the breath out of Draco’s lung, but he already felt breathless. All he could think about was the fact that he might be kissing Harry Potter in the next few seconds. If he would just turn his head and look at me!

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a soft reddie playlist + headcanons

back at it with my own playlist. @bcckybeaver and i are killing ourselves with soft reddie.

i. kiss me - ed sheeran // ii. moonlight - ariana grande // iii. until the end of time - justin timberlake // iv. crush - yuna // v. fantasy - alina baraz // vi. at your best (you are love) - aaliyah // vii. always and forever - heatwave // viii. you’re all i need to get by - marvin gaye & tammi terrell // ix. waiting for a girl like you - foreigner // x. i would do anything for you - foster the people // xi. somebody loves you - betty who // xii. beautiful soul - jesse mccartney // xiii. a thousand years - christina perri // xiv. tee shirt - birdy // xv. perfect - ed sheeran // xvi. fallingforyou - the 1975

here’s some rad heacanons to go along with our playlists. MAJOR CREDIT goes to lauren, who i tagged above, bc we kinda came up with the prompt/hcs together but she did most of the thinking tbh. if you’re not following my best friend… wyd? go follow her! also, check out her playlist here.

  • picture this - senior richie is on the football team and senior eddie is on the chess team. the best part? THEY SUPPORT TF OUT OF EACH OTHER
  • eddie and the losers are at every football game, and vice versa. like they’re so mismatched but
  • also imagine reddie sososo in love with each other yet not dating yet
  • buuuut these two cute idiots hold each other’s hands, hug on each other, and even kiss. if you ask the other losers, they make out all the time, but reddie insists they don’t (yes they do)
  • according to richie and eddie they’re just friends
  • “but you guys hug and make-out…”
  • “so what? stan and bill do that all of the time. that’s what best friends do”
  • “they’re literally dating”
  • but it’s not weird to them bc in their minds they’re just friends but not in a sad way. they just like to be as close to each other as possible and they just rlly think it’s normal for besties to do that stuff
  • lbr tho they lowkey wanna be boyfriends but they don’t know?? how to get? to that level?? like what’s functioning what’s asking out your best friend??
  • haaaaa whatever you do don’t imagine richie throwing a party and anxiously waiting for eddie to show up bc eddie’s all he cares about, ignoring ppl who asks if he wants to go hotbox
  • he wants to be sober for eddie because he knows eddie doesn’t really like intoxication
  • also don’t imagine eddie sitting in richie’s lap and them cuddling and kissing bc they’re in luv
  • eddie being mischievous and putting his cold hands under richie’s shirt to make him shriek, but richie lets him keep his hands there bc he loves eddie and eddie can do whatever he wants.
  • eddie is going up against his arch nemesis kevin, someone he lost to last time, and he’s determined to win
  • RICHIE LITERALLY CHEERING FOR EDDIE LIKE HE’S AT A FOOTBALL GAME (”KICK HIS ASS, EDDIE!!!”) and knowing exactly what’s going on (if he had room in his schedule, he would have totally joined the chess club too)
  • when eddie wins (bc he’s a badass bitch) richie running up and KISSING THE LIFE OUT OF HIM. and it’s different this time and eddie lowkey dIES
  • them going out to celebrate and the waiter flirting with eddie and richie and pissing them bOTH OFF
  • “this guy is shit” “yeah, he’s unprofessional” “jARED IF YOU FLIRT WITH ONE OF US ONE MORE TIME” “YEAH JARED FUCK OFF”’
  • okay but the losers going to a carnival together and richie playing all the games to try and win eddie prizes
  • (he wins a huge stuffed bear for eddie that eddie names junior after richie)
  • eddie sneaking off to an arcade bc he saw a record player that he knew richie would love, and surprising richie?? with this gift?? (richie cried)
  • them getting on the ferris wheel and being soft and cute by holding hands and giving each other kisses
  • ok but picture these two dumdums being like “i like this whole thing, and we should keep doing it but never do it with anyone else. just each other. but we’re still best friends”
  • wow this is getting long but i have a few more hcs - imagine richie having the worst day ever and avoiding everyone and eddie just can feel that something’s wrong so he shows up to richie’s
  • richie just so ~~shook that eddie knew smth was off and crying bc eddie just gets him and he’s so in love with him - they cuddled and fell asleep together that night
  • how about the losers chilling out in a field one day and richie bringing his guitar and he sings??? to eddie??? confessing his love (he sung kiss me by ed sheeran - first song on my playlist)
  • eddie ofc cries… AND SAYS HE LOVES RICHIE BACK. and they’re so cute and in love and kissing each other and saying ‘i love you’ a million times
  • but when the losers ask if they’re together yet they.. don’t give a straight answer bc they’re IDIOTS
  • whatever you do… DON’T imagine richie scoring the winning touchdown and everyone being so happy, and eddie running up and saying “that’s my boyfriend!”
  • eddie and richie just looking at each other like “AHHH WHAT”
  • richie kissing the life out of eddie AGAIN and… they’re officially boyfriends…. in love…..

lauren my love…. feel free to add on ily.

anonymous asked:

im very excited for what you have to say about the bloopers later i.. wow that was a lot and i loved every second of it?

are you guys ready for the most extra thing i’ve ever put out into the world? well here it is, my thoughts on the absolute masterpiece of gay fondness that was some bloopers from phil is not on fire 9:

“pen is under my butt” “don’t waggle that thing around without a license” … ok, cool. creating a dick joke where there REALLY didn’t need to be one is just a normal thing now for these dudes. alright.

do i even need to say anything about this?

“whisk me daddy” like i know we’re all laughing and saying haha oh dan why are you like this, but like.. he’s literally just calling phil daddy as a term of endearment. that’s some MAJOR progression and it makes me feel warm

“this isn’t the sistine chapel, we’ve got a limited time dan” followed by a ridiculously fond and giggly “stop..” *dan snorts* “do it normally”… i feel like this moment harkens back to last year when phil utilized the ‘annoying prick technique’ :) i love parallels

just this.. their hands touching and looking at each other with happy smiling faces… i am not hard to please

“yes phil… you SPORK” the fondness is enough to murder me tbh

intense… eye contact… is my kink

absolutely HORRENDOUS ‘puns’ about ties… followed by whipping each other with said ties.. honestly they need to learn how to flirt like the adults they are (not really i love my still-smitten-like-teenagers bbys)


honestly just who gave them permission to be this cute??

“hi my name’s dan you can see mah thigh, why? i don’t know but he’s the guy with his flesh on show, what a ho, that’s. our. dan.” as weird and silly as this was it’s actually kind of impressive how well it rhymes and flows? maybe that’s just me but it’s actually v pleasing to listen to

“why did you never post it phil… smouldering” STOP. why is dan always so embarrassed by pictures of phil looking hot?

phil being instantly repelled by the sincerity of dan’s answer about the longer twitter character limit allowing people to be more articulate on topics about social issues and politics and yelling “boring question! no!”… interesting.

“reveal yourself dan” …k

this whole ridiculously fond and candid display of affection.. why is dan so endlessly endeared by phil messing with him? also phil’s natural voice makes me quake. i love any and every little moment of phil dropping the persona

“watch out popeye… some new guy’s in town” … 100% phil finds dan hot as shit and enjoys the results of dan’s self care exercise. i don’t make the news i just report it.

“better not be a penis”… because phil just knows that would be dan’s go to image to draw on his body? cool.

“idiot sandwich” *insanely cute weird laugh snorting* “what is our life?” OUR LIFE… never over it. and look at their goddamn faces

dan being surprised that phil’s bedroom isn’t dusty… suspitches.

“hold a pen each and perfectly connect their  *unnecessarily sexual crotch thrust* POINTY TIPS together” “are you ready for a TIP duel?” … PHIL! why tf are you so horny lately!! you don’t need to sexualize pen tips to the point that i’m physically unable to think about anything other than dicks! stop!

ridiculously cute celebration at connecting said tips

dan acting like he doesn’t already know his fursona and then instantly displaying above average knowledge of furries… fur affinity?? ok, janice. i’ve said this before but methinks this little snek doth protest wayyyy too much.

this whole cup flip thing… it just gives me hives honestly.. phil sticking his ass up in the air.. like THAT… dan just staring at it and laughing “you have no idea how horrendous this looks” aka dan can’t process phil assuming his fave sex position on camera for their most watched video of the year.. “give me more of a table”… let’s keep in mind that dan picked this fucking question, ok? he didn’t have to, he really didn’t. he chose this. he wanted it. “that laddy p is one thick bih. show me that phat philussy”… i can’t. i’m done. (just kidding i’m not that’s just so fucking GAY i’m sorry but it is. dan wyd. dan loves phil’s monster coke and his phat philussy and his table ass up in the air. what even is 2017 ???)

Booom! Got dumped again today 😊

So I already told you about this guy I was dating for a few weeks now…he never said or asked anything regarding trans stuff. As things started to get more serious and we wanted to get naked around each other it was time to have the talk :-P
We had some mulled wine at the christmas market and on our way back to my place I told him what’s going on. He was very surprised as he would have never guessed that I could be trans (at least this is something positive… Im looking hot af ;-D) but his fingers went very very fast from my butt down into his pockets :-P
He was like “um okay… Have to think.. Let’s go back to your place and continue talking there” and so we walked in dead silence back to my flat.. We talked and he said he couldn’t be with me because he wants children so bad (some that are genetically ours). He is not against trans but cannot imagine being with some trans gal because children and blah…
Honestly?! My whole life I’ve only met guys who don’t wanna have children.. I know so many girls that are somehow frustrated because their bfs don’t want to get them pregnant and when it comes to dating a trans woman everybody wants to be the parent of the year with twentyfive children…really?! 😤

Following our talk there was still a bit of cuddling and he took every chance possible to touch me somewhere :-o it’s interesting to see how guys brains are running crazy because they don’t know what to do around a trans girl 😝

So now he wants to stay friends as he is on the opinion that he never met someone as amazing as me and to whom he could talk so great..Hmm okay..Let’s see -.-

Well…I am a bit pissed how all this turned out but I guess it wouldn’t have worked out with us anyway…before our talk I was constantly thinking if I could be happy with him at my side in the long term and i guess no - I couldn’t. What is frustrating however is how fast he lost interest in me…two hours earlier he was talking about going on vacation together and meeting his parents and then from one second to the other it’s over..interest completely gone :-(

Oh and i didn’t even knew that he is so into kids…he said he was hoping for us having children within the next year…honestly if this got to my knowledge earlier I would’ve instantly stopped dating him. I don’t want to have children and apparently not within the next year 😨

Allright to close this long post something nice…he commented on my teeth and how feminine they would look 😀 never thought about teeth in terms of transitioning… But hey - Thank you 😘

indifference, part one

happy candlenights everyone. i’m your secret santa and your present is pain

A straight matchup, they’d laughed. A bard and a wizard against a bard and a wizard. “Except I’m the most powerful transmutation wizard in multiple realities,” Taako had said, hooking his elbows with Kravitz as they whisked away to the plains north of the Evermoors, “and you’re decked out with, like, deathly powers and shit. So it’ll be the farthest fuckin’ thing from a fair fight.”

“That hardly makes me invulnerable,” Kravitz had said, and Taako had shaken his head.

“Near enough.” A step through the portal, and they’re greeted with brisk northern winds slapping along their faces. “You’re, what, a thousand-or-something years old? It’d be pretty fuckin’ hard to take you down, Krav.”

The wizard aiding the cult of Cyric specializes in Conjuration, which is inconvenient at best. Taako takes care of batting away the little Elementals that keep popping up and prancing around the fields while Kravitz reads their fantasy Miranda rights in the bored tone of voice that always makes Taako hide a laugh behind his hand. Kravitz can deal with bureaucracy - Taako’s more concerned with sending these two fools to meet their Maker. Or, this case, their un-Maker.

The fight’s easy. Almost too easy. The scorch trails behind the fire elementals never burn away too much of the snow covering the ground, and the chill in the air makes shattering the water elementals child’s play. 

It bothers Taako a bit, seeing the red-haired bard cowering behind the wizard. Bards are powerful - Taako knew Johann personally, after all - but this one either has no self-preservation, or they’ve got something up his sleeve. 

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