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You’re not friends. You’ll never be friends. You’ll be in love till it kills you both. You’ll fight and you’ll shag and you’ll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you’ll never be friends. Love isn’t brains, children, it’s blood. Blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love’s bitch, but at least I’m man enough to admit it. — Spike. Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. (S03E08)

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Johnny Depp and his daughter Lily-Rose Depp in Yoga Hosers (2016) (x)

So I was watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them again and i paused because i wanted to go get something to eat but i noticed something…

For those of you that might have trouble reading this it says:


Prosecuted for wig theft

So i googled bronx ginger hair…

Does anyone remember that one scene in The Danish Girl where Einer (Eddie Redmayne) and Gerda (Alicia Vikander) sneak into the ballet dressing rooms and steal a bunch of wigs for the art party that Einer was going to go to dressed up as a girl? 

Because i do… and guess what color wig he took…

Bronx ginger… He took a BRONX GINGER wig.



guys i know how i get when i am about to join a fandom and let me just say that i have now read basically all the eyewitness fics on AO3 and there are some good ones but there is just not quite what i want which means im going to obsess over this for a while and then if it doesnt pop up soon enough im going to end up writing it myself and this is a disaster cause i am supposed to be writing nano and im already so behind and i just dont have time to sit and think about phillip shea and his mother and lukas for hours and hours and–

look, what im trying to say is if everyone could please watch eyewitness and then write fic for it,  i would be grateful. i know myself. things are gonna go south here real fast otherwise.

(guys, i tried to search ff.net. FANFICTION.NET. thats the level of thirst over here.) 


I love Demon Queen Natalie by @hippywhippy so - damn - much. If I could spend the whole day just drawing the whole fic I would.

The way Han’s gaze drops onto Luke’s lips when Luke says that Han’ll get his reward ♡^▽^♡

The death of Ophelia and the true death of Ophelia

A little while ago I was thinking about an idea for a painting where Sherlock falls on his back after getting shot and he looks like Ophelia in the water, surrounded by flowers.  It’s always stood out to me how many shots of a very beautiful fallen Sherlock there are in the shooting/mind palace scene,

I was then googling Ophelia and reading stuff, my understanding of her being pretty basic, then I found this tv trope: Unrequited Tragic Maiden.    She is the Anna Stern to your Seth Cohen, she’s wise, she’s generous, she’s perfect for the lead guy and yet, he chooses another. 

This is how Sherlock feels as he dies.  This is how he sees himself, 

He is the tragic romantic false lead in his own mind.  He tried to be supportive, he stepped aside for his beloved’s happiness and now he’s doing the final noble thing to do: literally getting out of the way.  And he is so tragically beautiful as he does so.

This could be why there are flower-like patterns on the wallpaper as he falls: the mirrors could be seen as the water, the wallpaper as Ophelia’s flowers.  This could be why Molly, someone we could see as Sherlock’s own Ophelia, is wearing a shirt with little flowers on it (pansies: for thoughts?).  We see Molly toughen up and stop being Ophelia, too, when she slaps him earlier in HLV.  We see her in the mind palace start out speaking very sweetly and meekly and then she turns very assertive and stern.  Molly is done being his Ophelia and this will inspire him in being done being John’s.  This could also be another reason why, as Sherlock falls, flowers seem to get closer to Mary.  Ophelia gives a series of meaningfully chosen flowers to various characters before her death, after her apparent descent into madness,

Here, Sherlock reaches the climax of his own narrative as Ophelia.  He allows himself to die as not-the-one.  The man he loves got married, he died inside and now he’s dying on the outside, too.  This part of him is perfectly ready to die.  As Sholto said, ‘there’s a proper time to die’, and the Unrequited Tragic Maiden is wise and fair, she knows exactly when to get out of the way.  (See Anna Stern at the airport, leaving for Pittsburg).  

Except that John is in danger from his chosen love interest.  She is the romantic false lead not Sherlock.  It is this realisation that brings Sherlock back.  He’s not the tragic, rejected love interest, he’s the true love interest: he’s the one.  When Sherlock comes back from the dead, he kills Ophelia: his tragic sense of himself as not-the-person-that-John-wants.  The part of him that gave up dies.  He is in the game, now, he’s no longer on the sidelines.  He is in love with John and he is the right person for him; he’s going to fight for him, now.

This is how Sherlock’s idea of himself as Ophelia dies.  First by enacting Ophellia’s fate of dying/stepping aside and second by not dying she stops existing: he stops existing as her.  His idea of himself as the tragic false romantic lead dies.  Basically, he dies as her and then he kills the idea of her.  It won’t be this way, he’s not bowing out, he’s not leaving John to whatever fate awaits him with Mary: he is the knight in shining armour and he will not be muscled out.  All that matters is Mary, now, she’s the dragon and his damsel in distress must be protected.

Goodbye, Ophelia.  Hello, Knight in Shining Armour.

When did you first notice Tom Hardy? Was it a movie, TV Show, Picture?

 For me it was watching him as Bane. I was staring at the screen wondering who the hell was that under that mask with all that damn swag for days. I googled the cast of the movie before the prison scene when they revealed that handsome face. I was trash that instant!

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Alternative Titles For Carl Barat Solo Songs 

The Magus - Peter Stole Grimaldi
Je Regrette, Je Regrette - Soft Bro Fun
So Long My Lover - I Added A Line About Annalisa So No One Will Suspect A Thing
The Fall - This One Actually Is About Annalisa
Carve My Name - There’s Nothing Phallic About Wanting To Plunge Knives Into The Soft Internal Organs Of My Dude Bros So They Never Forget Me Ever
What Have I Done - Sometimes I Call Peter Just To Breathe Heavily While He Says Hello? Hello? And Then I Cry A Bit 
Irony Of Love - There’s A Lyric About Marriage So This Song Is Only Gay in 21 Countries
Run With The Boys - I Just Prefer The Company Of Men and Cocaine…Wait
Ode To A Girl - And She’s Pregnant So There
Death Fires Burn At Night - Google Search: Am I Too Old For A Scene Haircut

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Just wondering, do you know any Japanese or Russian yourself? Asking in reference to the language kink that you've mentioned you might explore :p

I know exactly 3 words in Russian and 1 in Japanese so if I get that far into the extra scenes fic my google search history might turn very very questionable for *ahem* research purposes 


Due to NAVER catching everyone on Dailymotion uploading CH+ content, I posted the behind the scenes through my google drive:

- RUN BTS! [x]

It just finished uploading, so give it time to process HD.
I apologize if the audio is a little off. My computer was running slow with bandicam, so I used a screen recorder app on my phone.

Gif making allowed, but must give credit by living a link to this post.