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Here is the best video yet of our 2017 SDCC Masquerade entry. We performed the story of Daenerys Targeryen to the tune of “Alexander Hamilton” from said musical. We one the Sideshow “Wow Factor” award, and had a freakin’ blast doing it. :D

WARNING: If you are not caught up, there are SPOILERS for Game of Thrones through Season 6!

For those who are interested and can’t make out some of the words, the lyrics are posted below (again, SPOILERS).


How does a stormborn, orphan, child of a king and a
Mad man, dropped in the middle of a
Forgotten spot off in the Free Cities by loyalists
Where nothing’s ever easy
Grow up to be a queen and a Khaleesi?

The lost duo, down to zero, Master Illyrio (ill-er-o)
Was the big hero, brokering the bride dealo
Riders with their house logo
Money was a flat no-go
By fourteen, they married her off to a
Khal named Drogo

And every day while slaves were being slaughtered or bartered
away, at Vaes Dothrak, she struggled to eat a horse heart
Inside, she was growing a stallion to mount the world
Her brother was ready to beg, steal, borrow or barter

Where the khalesar came, devastation reigned
A witch cursed her Drogo for vengeance for her pain
Built a pyre for his baby, but walk right out of the blaze
And the burning witch now begs, a sacrifice to her eggs

Then the word got around, they said “this chick is insane, man”
Ride a wooden horse ‘cross poison water to the mainland
Take the Iron Throne and be the winner of the game, and
The world’s gonna know your name. What’s your name, ma’m?

Daenerys Targaryen
My name is Daenerys Targaryen
And I’m the rightful queen of Westeros
So just you wait; just you wait…

She took the khalesar to Qarth, warlocks snatched her dragons


                 and see Pyat and the warlocks burned, blackened
Half-dead, breath is worse than their bite, they spit spite

And Daxos got sealed up in his empty vault, tight

Bartered for Unsullied, Unsullied committed hericide
Rallying all people to her side, let the slaves decide
Her voice saying

“People have every right to be free!”

They flooded avenues for mhysa here from Yunkai to Mereen.

She could’ve set sail for home Unsull-
ied armies at her back.
Instead she went on a full attack
To free more slaves from further action.
Fought insurgents; urgency demands her retreat, she
Flew away her dragon 'til he dropped her in a field of wheat
Captured by khals, took her home as a lost dosh kaleen
Thinking they’re her future, see her now as she stands in
The flames of their shrine; khals dead to the last man
There’s just one gal to lead your whole clan

COMPANY                                       DANY
There’s just one who can
lead our whole clan—                         Just you wait!
There’s just one who can
lead our whole clan—                         Just you wait!

There’s just one who can lead our whole clan

There’s just one—

Just one—

Just you wait!

Daenerys Targaryen
We are conquering our fears for you
You united us all
You never let them take your pride!
Oh Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen
All of Westeros sings for you
They will know you’ve the only claim
They will know you through blood and flame
The world will never be the same, oh

Her ships are in the harbor now
See if you can spot her
Packed up her khalesar
To sail across the water
Baratheons, they hunted her
The Lannisters forgot her

Me, I fought for her

Me? I died for her

We believed in her

Me? I loved her

And me? I drink and I know things.

I’m (She’s) the rightful queen of Westeros
Through blood and flame!

DANY (spoken)
Shall we begin?

Daenerys Targaryen!

Little idea inspired by Brendon’s story about falling off his skateboard. Full credit to whoever this photo was posted by orginally <3 <3 dedicated to the amazing @lacyandbeebourie becayse I love her <3

I’m sorry it’s so long XD

Word count - 5781

A Couple Puffs Then We’re Done

I padded through the college into my lecture, I was about 20 minutes early so I wasn’t expecting anyone to be there yet. I winced at the stinging sensation on my leg under my jeans, why I had thought skinny jeans were a good idea after bailing off my board yesterday was beyond me, but it was me after all. To my surprise the lecture room wasn’t a ghostland and as luck would have it there were even some of my friends, I glanced over at Brendon, Ryan and Spencer sitting a little away from my friends, no doubt Ryan had followed Sophia here. Brendon smiled at me, we didn’t talk huge amounts but we had worked together on projects a few times, nevertheless he was still super hot, tattoos covering his left forearm and always wearing a tshirt with skinny jeans, almost black hair lazily flicked to one side with his hand. He was in a band and played a ton of instruments AND sang which just made him hotter quite honestly. I walked through to my friends and threw myself into a chair, groaning out when I scraped the raw skin on my leg.

“AH fuck!” I yelped slightly, my hands flying to my right thigh.

“Jesus what happened to you?” Sophia asked, turning her head to face me.

“I had a total wipe out on my board yesterday.” I laughed at my own stupidity, it was even doing a trick, literally doing an ollie down a step.

“Isn’t that in the sea?” Lola asked in typical airhead fashion.

“Skateboard Lo.” I sighed, giggling.

“What happened?” Sophia asked, laughing with me.

“I tried to ollie down a step and just failed miserable, I fell straight on my ass and it fucking hurt.” I laughed, never the one to hold back when explaining things.

“You’re an idiot.” She teased, giggling along with me, I heard the boys chatting behind us.

“You know I did pretty much the exact same thing last summer.” Brendon’s smooth voice rang out, I snapped my head around, he was grinning slightly.

“Really? I didn’t even know you board.” I turned to face him, that distinctive half smile, that I wish I didn’t love so much, was plastered all over his face.

“Yeah! I was skating across the road and tried to ollie up the sidewalk and just went flying forward, scraped my whole side up, I think I got a picture somewhere.” He shook his head as he told the story, his smile beaming at me, god he was too hot, one hand slipping up to run through his impossibly dark hair. “What board do you have anyway?”

“I got a Diamond Supply custom.” I grinned, picturing my gorgeous skateboard sitting in my dorm room.

“Nice! Mines an Alien Workshop. It’s beat up as fuck I need a new one. How did you get your hands on a custom aren’t they way expensive?”

“I got it for my 18th from my dad. It’s getting pretty beat up already.”

“I’ve literally never seen a Diamond Supply custom in person.”

“Oh my God, mine is gorgeous! I…” I hesitated for a split second, rethinking my plan to fuck with a guy with so much of a reputation. “I mean, I can show you mine, you can fuck about with it tomorrow or something.”

“Seriously? Awesome, it’s a date!” He chimed, grinning the biggest smile ever at me, the girls giggled a little. “Although… please expect me to be bugging you about this like tomorrow, because I really like those boards.” We sat and nattered a little more about skating and different boards before our professor came in and we had to be quiet. The rest of the class I kept feeling Brendon’s eyes on me, turning occasionally to see his head snap away, turning to face the front again, his focus on his notebook was adorable, lip pulled between his teeth and brows scrunching up occasionally. I wasn’t paying attention much. As we finished I shoved my books back in my bag, standing and trailing after the girls, we were about to head to get some food when a voice disturbed us.

“Hey Y/N!” Brendon yelled, running up to me, the girls were giggling already, I turned to face him, returning the smile he shot at me.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Well… umm seeing as we don’t have many of the same classes and might not see each other til’ next week, I was gonna ask if umm… well… could I have your number?” He stuttered slightly, grinning nonetheless, I heard whispering from behind me but opted to ignore it.

“Yeah sure, pass your phone.” He did so without hesitation, thrusting his phone into my hands. “It's… umm it’s locked.”

“Oh shit yeah…” He leaned in. “8274” He whispered, I raised an eyebrow, tapping in the digits, his phone unlocked.

“You didn’t have to tell me. You literally could have done it yourself.”

“eh… I don’t mind you knowing my password. Don’t tell anyone though. Private stuff.” He said, his tone teasing and did he just wink at me? I tapped my number into his phone and called myself so I knew his too, he took his phone back triumphantly, grinning. “Thanks… I’ll text you later, maybe we can plan something.” He grinned, pulling me into a quick hug before sauntering away.

“Someone’s popular.” Sophia giggled along with Lola, both of them staring.

“Oh shut up.”

It was late afternoon when my phone buzzed for the first time, the name Brendon popping up on screen.

Brendon: Hi…

I smiled at the awkward as hell message, typing one back, hesitating before I pressed send, the following conversation was actually pretty cute… I think.

Me: Hey, couldn’t wait to speak to me again? ;)

It took precisely 30 seconds for it to buzz again.

Brendon: I was actually here to ask for nudes, why else would I want your number? :D

I laughed at his response, typing my own one out.

Me: Creeeeeep. That line work for you before? :P

Brendon: Oh don’t flatter yourself. I meant of your board ;) *nervous laughter*

Me: Suuuuuure.

Brendon: That a no?

Me: Shut up!

Brendon: Gotta run, band practise. Talk later?

Me: I’m free all night :)

Brendon: OK… text you later :*

I looked back to my laptop when the phone buzzed again.

Brendon: By the way, add me on Snapchat :* patdBrendon x

Did he send me a kiss? I added him anyway, he didn’t accept right away but I knew he was with the band so I didn’t sweat it. I kept working on my music theory stuff, a notebook to the side of me as I jotted things down. I spent a good couple of hours working before I was disturbed by the girls coming busting in the room, all dressed up and ready to go out, there was a party but I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to go.

“Hey studious Sally, coming out?” Sophia asked, giggling as she tugged at her dress, she looked pretty but so typically girly.

“I should work really. Plus it’s not really my scene.” I tried to talk her into leaving me alone, but it failed.

“Oh come on, Ryan and Spencer will be there.” Lola squealed, the both had a thing with those two.

“And that benefits me how?” I asked, turning back to my notebook and finishing off my sentence.

“Because Brendon will be with them.” Sophia teased me, I shook my head. “Oh come on! It’s just one night to have some fun!” I knew she would keep going on if I didn’t agree so I gave in.

“OK fine! Give me half hour to yet ready.” They giggled excitedly, hopping around like 5 year olds. “And don’t even try to get me to wear a dress.” They left me be finally, leaving to go do whatever other useless pre party rituals they wanted. I stood in front of my mirror, my hair had been plaited all day so I opted for the easy option of taking it out, leaving it wavy around my shoulders, I put some smokey eyeshadow on and mascara and my favourite dark red lipstick, satisfied with my head I decided to go look through my wardrobe. I opted for black, ripped skinny jeans and a cropped tank top, throwing on my beat up old converse and my sweater over the top, it was a nice sweater so I was sure I could get away with it. I actually felt like I looked pretty cute so decided to show off a little, opening Snapchat on my phone, I lifted the phone up a little to show the whole outfit, smiling into the camera, writing “Being forced to go out XD” under it. I posted it on my story and within a few minutes I got a text from Brendon again.

Brendon: What party are you being forced to go to? ;)

Me: I don’t even know who’s party is it… I got nagged into it.

Brendon: Well as luck would have it I’m also being forced to go to a party :P

Me: Might not even be the same one…

Brendon: I hope it is ;)

I decided to leave it at that, I didn’t want to make myself seen desperate or needy, play it cool Y/N, play it cool. Funnily enough I got another message from him, this time on Snapchat, he was wearing a dark shirt and snapback, a smile plastered across his face. “Nice outfit though…” it read. I smirked slightly at the snap, did he just say I looked good? I started to get an all too familiar feeling of anxiety that I was reading this whole situation wrong, I mean he had a reputation as a bit of a womaniser and I was starting to worry I was just his next quest. I tried to swallow down my nervous feelings and finish getting ready, skipping the jacket because I knew how warm it was tonight. The girls came bursting back through the door, both eyeing me.

“Ok not gonna lie, you might not be wearing a dress but you look hot!” Lola giggled, looking me up and down.

“Agreed, and your makeup is smoking.” Sophie added on the end, they both had their purses and were ready to go.

“Jesus do I have girlfriends or pervy guy friends here?!” I grabbed my back, slinging it over my shoulder. “Can we get this damn party over with?” With that I was dragged away, lead to some frat house on campus, jesus this would be annoying.

The party was a typical college party, tonnes of drunk jocks trying to get into the sorority girls pants, it was times like this when I regretted being such a quiet person in college, at least if I spoke to more people I wouldn’t be such a loner at parties. Some drooling jock came stumbling over to me, leaning his arm on the wall above me, he stunk of beer and cologne, not a good combination.

“You’re that skater girl, into all the metal music and weird shit right?” He slurred out, his breath was disgusting and made me feel pretty nauseous actually.

“Umm yeah I guess.” I sighed, taking a sip of my drink, he was wearing the college football team jersey, why you would wear it to a party I don’t know.

“It’s pretty hot, all that emo shit.” He slurred again, wow this was probably the most offensive pick up I’d ever experienced.

“Oh really, well the dumb jock look isn’t, so go find some other girl to hit on.” I snapped slightly, slipping out from under his arm and heading away, to my surprise, Brendon was standing in front of me, head tilted to the side with a broad smile, he looked so good tonight, his jeans fitted him in the best way and his dark tshirt sitting under a black leather jacket, I noticed the absence of the snapback though.

“Lose your hat?” I asked, folding my arms over my chest.

“Eh, it didn’t go with the jacket.” He shrugged, eyes moving to the jock that had been speaking to me 30 seconds ago. “You look about as happy to be here as me.”

“Just got told that ‘all the emo shit’ is pretty hot by some drooling chimp.” I giggled slightly, Brendon gently pulled me to the side to someone could get past me, the small contact felt nice. “So all in all a pretty good night.” He scoffed with laughter.

“Ah damn, I knew jocks were your type.” He leant on a table next to us, flicking his hair from his face effortlessly.

“Oh please, there’s only about 20 brain cells on that whole team and 10 of them are in the captain.” I sassed, putting the empty cup in my hand down.

“Ouch, I felt that burn from here, you want another drink?” He smiled sweetly, his eyes seeming to cost up and down me.

“Nah its cool, I wasn’t planning to stay much longer anyway.” I shook my head, returning the smile he gave me, with that Lola and Sophia come over, hanging off of Spencer and Ryan’s arms respectively. Music began blaring and I couldn’t hear myself think, I heard Lola shouting at Brendon and I to come and dance, as much as I tried to avoid it even Brendon was trying to convince me.

“Ah come on… just a few songs?” He pouted at me, smiling brightly when I relented and allowed myself to be lead onto the dancefloor. We all danced together, singing along to the music, it was fun for about 20 minutes then the novelty of dancing with the guy I liked had worn off. Brendon pulled me close as them music played and I felt my heart beginning to race, pounding in my chest as his lips leant close to my ear.

“Wanna blow this place? I’m bored outta my mind!” He yelled over the music, I nodded, letting him lead me out the party. “Don’t you need to let your friends know where you’re going?”

“Nah, they’re too busy with Spencer and Ryan, I’ll text them.” I shook my head, Brendon and I walked aimlessly for a while before he spoke.

“Wanna go pick up our boards? I got some weed at mine we could have a smoke and skate?” He smiled, I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Smoke weed on campus?” I heard the shock in my own voice, cringing a little.

“Calm down goody two shoes, my place is off campus, we could pick up your board then walk to mine, then maybe we could go for a skate?” He smiled sweetly, the idea sounded amazing, it wasn’t so late and the sun was going to set soon, it was warm and breezy so I wouldn’t get too hot.

“You know… that sounds like an awesome idea.” I smiled, we walked to mine, Brendon spent about ten minutes in my room just gushing over my skateboard before I finally managed to drag him out to go to his place. He walked and I used my board, even though I let him have a few turns on it, we headed over to his place, he let me in and lead me to his bedroom.

“Want me to roll a few blunts before we go? So we don’t have to keep coming back or rolling while we’re out?” He sat down, pulling out a small box with all of his stuff in.

“It’s ok, I’ll only have a little. Don’t wanna steal all your weed.” I tried to argue but he shook his head.

“Don’t be silly, I’ll roll and few and you can smoke as much as you want.” He did as he said, rolling a few blunts and putting them in a small silver tin, throwing that in the pocket of his leather jacket, he lead me outside, grabbing his own board as we left, he grabbed keys and his wallet. “It sucks that that you know how to skate.” He grinned at me, I tilted my head to the side, confused by the comment.

“What… why?” I was totally puzzled by it.

“Because… teaching you how to skate would have been a really good way to get close to you.” He flashed a cheesy grin, both of us cracking up into giggles, after he giggled be pulled his bottom lip in between his teeth, eyes flitting up and down over me again.

“Well looks like you’ll have to be more inventive then.” I challenged, still wasn’t sure about this but I was all up for having fun tonight.

“Well aren’t you lucky I like a challenge.”

As we were skating around near his place we took the odd video of each other, I posted a few of Brendon skating on snapchat as well as a few selfies, he took a few videos of us both smoking and skating, playing some music off of my phone. Time completely flew by, the sun was setting fast and we were both pretty stoned skating around, laughing and joking on his snapchat and my own. I stopped and slid my sweater off, feeling the heat bubbling on my skin from skating, throwing it on the grass I was left in my cropped tank top, strappy and sitting just above my naval. I felt Brendon’s eyes on me, flitting up and down my body slowly, it was actually kind of hot feeling like he might actually be attracted to me. His jacket was already on the ground, he stopped, running a hand casually through his hair, flopping on the ground to light a blunt. I sat next to him, glad to be taking a breather for a minute, flopping back on the grass, smoking a little before he headed up to skate some more, smiling at me as he messed around. While he was skating again I looked at his Snapchat, he had taken several videos and pictures and posted them, one was of us both boarding, one picture of us sitting smoking a joint. I looked at the next video and it was me skating with the words “she’s perfect” and a heart sticker on it, I felt myself blush a little, the next picture was us on the grass with “beats a party anyday” written on it. The last few pictures and videos on his story were what got me. One was a picture of me, sweater off midway through an ollie, it was a pretty good picture actually but it was the caption that got me. “Lucky to be with her tonight” and more hearts followed, the final video was us skating and laughing. “A night well spent.” I was blushing so hard by the end of the story, he came skating over, plopping back down next to me on the grass. I took out my phone, holding it out in front of us and pressing a kiss to his cheek, snapping the picture, captioning it “He’s adorable” I plastered the end of it with hearts.

“So tell me more about yourself Urie.” I teased as we lay in the grass, taking an pull of the blunt he had given me.

“There’s not much to know.” He smiled, looking up at the sky.

“Liar… there’s tonnes to know, you just don’t trust anyone enough to tell them.” I smiled and got one back, his eyebrows arched slightly at me.

“Wow… beautiful and intelligent, have I fallen on my feet here?” He flashed another gorgeous smile and I giggled, feeling myself flushing pink, he took a pull on his own joint.

“Oh stop teasing and open up will ya?” I laughed, even though I actually wanted him to, he knew tonnes about me.

“Well, what do ya want to know?”

“Anything you want to tell me.”

“Well… I’m from Vegas, a small town called Summerville, I used to be Mormon, I’m an Aries, I love music more than anything, I play drums, piano, guitar, bass and I sing and mix music for the band too.” He smiled, touching my cheek, I felt my head lean into his touch. “How’s that?”

“Umm good…” I smiled, trying to think of things to keep the conversation going. “So… how did you find moving to college?”

“You know it was pretty easy, I moved out when I was 17 so it wasn’t really any different for me.” I stared at him in shock, I had no idea about any of this.

“What do you mean you moved out at 17?” I asked, interested but trying not to pry.

“Well, when I told my parents I didn’t believe in god, things got pretty sucky for a while, a lot of arguments, so I moved out.”

“But how did you afford that?”

“I worked in a smoothie shop while I was in high school, I only had like 2 lessons a day and would be out by half 10 so I used to work like 8 hours.”

“You must have been exhausted most of the time.”

“Well yeah, but it was worth it, I got into college AND I the band is doing great.” He smiled sweetly, both of us were probably just high and talking shit but it was nice anyway.


“Yeah, we have a meeting with Pete Wentz next month!” He gushed, turning to face me. We continued to talk, getting to know small things about each other that maybe we wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for tonight, how his favourite colour is red and he loves Frank Sinatra, and his hopes and dreams for the band. It felt surreal, yet it was such an intimate conversation, laying and smoking on the grass, I told him about my family and how I wish they’d support my interests a little more, he asked me endless questions about my interests and told me all about his family and his life. All of a sudden I felt like I could tell him anything, like he was the most trustworthy person in my life. “You… you don’t have to keep telling me stuff just because I asked.” I smiled, I felt his hand touch mine, holding it gently, his smile equally as sweet as he looked at me.

“I’m telling you because I want to. Not because you made me.” He gently stroked my fingers, shifting a little closer to me, he blew the last draw of his blunt out, throwing it away, we went silent, looking at each other, before I could say another word he kissed me, slow and gentle, fingers lacing in with mine, hand pulling me in by the waist. His lips began to move against mine in slow, methodical movements, tongue brushing my lip gently, I eagerly parted my lips allowing his tongue to move against my own. His hand tangled into my hair, pulling my body close, I whimpered against him, he was such a good kisser, it was making my mind turn to mush, I found myself gripping onto his arms and moaning like a 15 having their first kiss. He pulled back, gasping slightly, his eyes fiery and black, breathing heavy as his arms held me clothes.

“My place?” He mumbled, biting his lip as he pressed another kiss to my lips.

“Yes…” I whimpered, feeling him act quickly, he stood and yanked me up, grabbing our stuff before we both skated home, he kept hold of my hand and somehow we managed not to fall off our boards, getting in we both threw them down near the door, he kicked his shoes off and I followed suit, following him up to his room.

Once in his room he moved over to his dresser, taking his shirt off and throwing it on his computer chair, he turned back to me.

“C’mere gorgeous.” He purred, pulling me against him, his lips pressing softly against my own, his hands sliding onto my waist, touching the skin left bare by my cropped top, his fingers curled on the hem pulling it up over my head, throwing it to the ground. “God you’re so sexy.” He practically moaned out, biting his lip at me, handing gliding over my stomach and back, fingertips stroking my skin, I heard myself moan out softly, allowing my own nervous hands to move onto his chest. He closed his eyes as my hands stroked his skin, his lips crashed down on mine, gripping me tightly against his body, the burning skin of his chest pressing against my own flushed pink flesh. He began to guide me over to the bed, working at the button on my jeans.

“They’ll be home soon.” I whispered, Brendon smirked, biting his lip.

“I know… good I got a lock right.” He winked, sauntering over to his bedroom door and pressing the lock in. “Now… lie down.” He teased, his voice low and husky, hands winding around my waist as he lowered me onto his bed, lips moving onto my neck, pressing light kisses all over the sensitive skin, I felt his teeth grazing my flesh, I whimpered as my back arched towards him. He unzipped my jeans, yanking them down my legs and tossing them to the side, unhooking my bra too, his lips moved down to my chest, kissing all over my breasts, tongue swirling against the skin, I whimpered, gripping onto his shoulder blades desperately.

“Brendon…” I gasped, writhing, his hand slid into my panties as his lips worked my flesh, biting down again, his fingers circling on my clit, he groaned as I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans, they were left undone. He withdrew his hand from my panties, much to my annoyance, he kicked his jeans off, leaving him in his boxers on top of me, hand back in my panties, touching my clit again, sending shudders of pleasure through me, I felt him hard against my leg, grinding into me slightly.

“Fuck Y/N…” He growled slightly, his breathing rapid and desperate.

“Come on…” I panted desperately, I needed more and he knew it, he groaned and nodded at me, pulling my panties down tossing them somewhere, he wriggled out of his boxers, I felt his bare skin against me, the heat coming from both of us was unbearable, I pressed my hips up towards him, desperate for more contact.

“Someone’s impatient.” He said biting his lip at me, the way he looked at me was driving me crazy, his lip pulled sexily between his teeth, hips grinding down against me, I whimpered again, his hand slipped in between us, he rubbed his cock against me. “So wet.” He growled out, his hips rocking slowly.

“Please Bren…” I whimpered, gripping onto him, he chuckled low in his throat, my hips rocked against his, he groaned out again. “Come on… I need you.” I whimpered, hearing my own voice breathy and desperate.

“Fuck this.” He growled, his hips snapped sharply against me, pushing into me hard, I gasped out, his hips began to snap against me, jolting me up on the bed, his hand gripping the sheets hard, pulling them next to my head. I heard myself moaning and whimpering on the bed under him as his body moved above me, face screwed up in pleasure, his own panting and moaning turning me on even more, I knew how much he was enjoying this, it made it better for me. He growled slightly, leaning up almost upright as his hips slammed into me, the low rumbling sound coming from in his chest driving me insane, I felt him hitting that perfect spot over and over again. It played in the back of my mind that the reason he was so good at this was because of his reputation and how much he’d done it before, but the though was quickly stamped out by the mind numbing pleasure he was giving me. He just grunted and groaned above me, throwing his head back in pleasure, his sexy, tattooed arm coming up to my neck, hand wrapping gently around my throat, holding it in his fingers, squeezing ever so slightly when I moaned out. He looked at me with a new intensity, his eyes burning, like he couldn’t get enough of me, it made me feel so sexy, like no one had made him feel like this before.

My brain began to fog over as an unfamiliar tightening in my stomach began to build up, I had literally only been able to cum before if it was me doing it, so the fact that Brendon had almost nailed it first time drove me crazy. His hand remained around my throat, the other gripping the sheets next to me, I hadn’t really tried rougher sex but it was so hot I couldn’t care less if it was new to me. He released my throat, instead opting to grip onto my wrists, pinning them up above my head as his mouth moved to my neck, biting down harder than before, I felt the slight suction on the skin, knowing he’d leave a dark red mark there.

“Fuck Brendon.” I gasped out, the pain was amazing, along with the pleasure of his hips slamming into me over and over, his pace was relentless, it was like it didn’t faze him at all. He smirked down, letting out another impossibly sexy moan, using only one hand to pin my wrists, the other now gripping tightly onto my hip.

“Ugh Y/N… you feel so fucking tight.” He growled out, low and husky, the tone sent shivers down my spine, I felt the slight sting of his fingers, gripping my hip possessively, I could already tell he wasn’t the type for sharing, the way his body loomed over mine, hands gripping me. His dark hair began to cling to his sweaty forehead, his head thrown back, mouth falling open as he grunted with each thrust, the bed beginning to slam against the wall loudly.

“I… I’m c-close.” I gasped, feeling the knot in my stomach tightening more, like I was about to snap, my mind growing hazy, all I could think of was his name and his body and the way he made me feel, nothing else mattered at that moment. He seemed to gain a second wind hearing me say that, his hips slamming into me with new found ferocity, growling and groaning over the top of me, released my wrists which instantly flew up to his back, gripping it tightly, I felt my nails raking down his flesh which only seemed to drive him even more crazy. He hooked my leg under his arm, allowing him deeper, his free hand tangled in my air, gripping a fistful and pulling it lightly, forcing my back to arch against him, he used to opportunity to attack my neck again, biting and sucking all over. “B-bren, I… can’t hold on much longer.” I whimpered desperately, the stings and aches of pain he was giving me drove me insane, a perfect contrast to how amazing I felt every else.

“Me too baby… I wanna feel you cum on my cock.” He snarled, pulling my hair again sharply, I felt his thrusts growing sloppier and harder, he leant down close to my ear, biting just underneath it. “Cum for me.” He groaned, I came undone at his words, cumming hard around him, feeling myself tightening around him, gripping his back tight, he kept his tight grip on my body, his head bowed into the crook of my neck.

“Brendon!” I yelled out, loud and desperate, I was so glad they hadn’t come back yet, my body felt like it was fluttering, shaking and weak, suddenly he gave one last burst of hard thrusts before slowing.

“Oh fuck Y/N.” He tensed right up above me, throwing his head back, mouth open as he throbbed, hitting his peak just after me, groaned out, his own breath shaky and staggered in my ear.

He flopped down next to me, breathing heavily, sweat coating his skin as he leant back.

“Wow…” He panted slightly, taking a swig of the drink next to his bed. “That was amazing.”

“I know…” I gasped out, suddenly feeling that anxiety about it coming back. “Just so you know, I’m really not the type to do this.” I mumbled, he laughed in a low breathy tone.

“Stop thinking I’m judging you for any of this.” He smiled, pulling me a little closer to him, his million dollar smile beaming at me.

“I just… I don’t want to give you the wrong idea about me.” I sighed, allowing myself to be pulled closer to the dark haired boy.

“Well you know… I was kinda hoping that this could happen more often?” He smiled, he brushed my hair out of my face, sweat causing it to stick slightly, I raised an eyebrow, panicking that all my worries had just been confirmed. “No! I don’t just mean that, I mean tonight, me and you.”

“Me and you?” I asked, tilting my head to the side as he lay next to me slightly breathless.

“You know, getting stoned and skating just the two of us, having lunch together all the time, holding hands, cuddling and watching movies. You know, all that stuff that makes single people cringe.” He smiled sincerely, cuddling up to me.

“But… why… I’m hardly your usual type.” I tried to hide the concern in my voice, he kissed my forehead gently, pulling me close to him on the bed.

“Listen… if you think you’re not damn perfect then you’re stupid. You skate, you’re beautiful, intelligent, witty, you love music and you smoke, and you’re happy to just chill. I’ve liked you for ages but tonight I finally got the chance to really speak to you and get to know you, and you’re every bit as amazing as I thought, more even.” I blushed bright red, feeling him pull the covers over us, nuzzling his face into my hair.

“I really like you Bren… I’m just scared.” I mumbled into his chest, us snuggling up together in bed felt great.

“I know… but I swear, I won’t hurt you, I’m not an idiot. I wouldn’t fuck up something so amazing. I really like you too.” He smiled, we heard Ryan and Sophia giggling downstairs, they’d just come in, Brendon chuckled. “We should probably try to get to sleep before they start making noise.”

“Ok…” I mumbled again, nuzzling into his chest. “Night Brendon.”

“Night babe.”

I really hope you like it guys <3

The Easter holiday had been nice. After a big Weasley family dinner, and an accompanying Quidditch match that had left Fleur too angry to speak to anyone for a solid hour, Hermione and Ginny had accompanied Harry and Ron back to the flat to stay for the four day weekend. They, Hermione and Ginny, were leaving for Hogwarts in the morning, but for now, the four of them sat in the living room together, Harry and Ginny curled up in the armchair, Ron on the floor in front of the couch leaning on Hermione’s legs and playing with her hand.

“This is how it could be, you know,” Ron says with a small smile. “After you two graduate in a couple months.”

“I’ve actually been waiting for a chance to tell you lot,” Ginny says with a small smile of her own. It tugs at Harry’s heart somehow that two of the people Harry loves the absolutely most in the world are capable of identical smiles of contentment. Ginny takes a deep breath, and announces, “I’ve been offered a spot with the Hollyhead Harpies.”

Every mouth in the room drops open, and Ron lets out a cheer. "Really?!“ Hermione says, "how long have you known?”

“Since my last game against Slytherin.”

Harry hugs her closer, and says, “Congratulations! That’s fantastic! You’re fantastic,” He hugs her as hard as he can considering their already squished posture. “They asked you after that?”

“Yeah. I haven’t given them an answer yet.” 

"You have to do it!” Ron exclaims. “A professional Quidditch team!”

“Yeah. I don’t know, though. It’s a lot of time away.” Ginny curls a lock of hair around her finger, and they can see the effects of the war in her. Before losing some of the people she held the most dear, Ginny would have jumped at the chance to chase her dreams…and Hollyhead Quaffles. 

Harry kisses her behind her ear. “You have to do it, Gin. We’ll come to every game and write every day if you want, but you can’t let us hold you back.”

Hermione nods. “It’s a wonderful oppurtinty. Especially since you don’t know what you want to do after school, this is a perfect way to transition.”

“As opposed to Miss Plan Out Every Moment Til You Die?” Ginny says cheekily. There’s affection in her tone, though. 

“Just because I have a post-secondary plan doesn’t mean I plan out everything!”

“A bloody insane plan,” Ron interjects. “Wizard AND muggle school? Did you learn nothing third year?”

“I just want to be prepared for a spot in the Ministry, Ron, that’s all.”

“By taking Muggle, what are they called? Polly-sigh?”

Hermione grins, and rubs her shin against Ron’s back as he turns around in front of her. “It’s short for Political Science. Learning how the government works.”

Ron harrumphs, and turns back to his sister. “You’re gonna accept, Gin, right?” 

Ginny nods. “Well, yeah, I think so. I’m glad you lot are happy about it, I wasn’t sure…” 

Hermione’s emphatic nod seems to seal the deal. “I’ll go with you to tell McGonagall when we go back this week, so she can get your records sent and all that.” 

It calms Harry, slightly, to know that Ginny’s got a plan for the future - it’s a luxury war doesn’t afford, and it still seems indulgent nearly a year later to say “next year.” He loves it nearly as much as he loves the girl in his arms. 

We Intertwined: Ch. 1

An Ignis Scientia Story

AO3 | Chapter 2
Word Count: 1,600

@ladyscientia @chocobro-daydreams @chocobrodreamteam @iinkpools @mistressoli @cupnoodle-queen @itshaejinju  

Ever since he was a child, Ignis had a curious mind. He was always seeking knowledge, always curious to know minute facts about seemingly insignificant things. He wanted to know about the geography of Eos, the traditions of the Lucian royal line, the tales of Ramuh and Shiva. He loved hearing those stories, loved falling asleep to his mother’s voice, telling him about the might of the Archaean.

But Ignis’ favourite bedtime story by far was the one about soulmates.

“It’s said that everyone has a soulmate,” she’d told him one night, running her slim fingers through his tawny hair. “The Astrals created life on Eos. Creatures that walked on four legs with four arms and two heads. They had two hearts, two brains, and two souls. The gods were so afraid of their power that they split them in two, and humans have been wandering Eos in search of their missing halves ever since.”

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Characters: AJ Styles (With special appearance by OFC)

Summary: He finally understands the need to make noise.

Warnings: Dirty talk. Masturbation. Mentions of sexual acts. Daddy kink.

Angst/Fluff/Smut: Smut

Note: This is totally @llowkeys fault. 

Tagging: @llowkeys @the-geekgoddes @blondekel77 @horcruxhunter5972 @zombiexbody @vebner37 @nickysmum1909 @imtoldimbabe @taryndibiase @justtrey19 @starstar2012 @alexahood21 @lunaticqueen7 @florenceivy ( I think I got everyone - if I neglected you omg so sorry, please let me know! Also, be sure and drop me a message/ask if you want to be added to my tag list.)

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The Lazy Bastard’s Guide to Beating Rune Prana.

So this post is basically a somewhat short guide for those out there who, like me, did not have their shit together in this game but still want to get the best ending without having to kill themselves.

Hello there,… you! Tell me, would you like to beat the third arc of Rune Factory 4? You would? Well, let me ask you a few questions: Are your crafting and forging levels at at least 80? If not, did you know you can use the Heart Pendant to make yourself gain skill exp just a liiiiiittle faster? Is Frey/Lest at least level 130? Do you have equips that boost your stats into the thousands? Specifically, do you have equips such as Diamond Brooch, Wet Boots, and Rosary? Do you have the most holy and almighty and revered crafting items, the Racoon Leaves and Glitta Augite? Did you go to Sharance Maze and run around endlessly until you picked up high level weapons?

…No? Well… you are aware that this is the advice everyone will give you, correct? You must be frustrated. Everywhere you go, these are the only things anyone will tell you. And none of it’s working, and you know why. Because you don’t have the time or patience to get your crafting skills that high, even with the Heart Pendant. Because you’re at a low level because you keep dying in dungeons and potions are too expensive and you’re trying to save food items for the really hard parts of the game. You’re too poor to afford good equips, and not motivated enough to make them. Racoon Leaves and Glitta Augites are a mystery; even if you know where to get them, you can’t use them because once again, your crafting levels suck. You may or may not have Sharance Maze, but it’s a confusing place for you.


I’M SERIOUS. Here’s how it works: 

  • You’re going to use those 3000 Prince(ss) points to open up Sharance Maze, and guess what? You’re going to run around a bunch! Yes, this will be slightly annoying, but if you’re worried about dying you can take some party members with you. I hope you at least have a fairy rescued from a previous dungeon and the wolf from Sechs Territory to distract enemies. Now I’ll admit, this is basically the hardest part. Since you know you will die easily even with party members, you’re going to be warping out and then running right back in a lot. 
  • But the point of that is this: not to find good weapons, but first and foremost items. And not food either. The Love Potion and Object X you need can be found when you run around Sharance Maze, and they show up fairly often. I came across like 4 of each fairly easily, but you’ll only need one Love Potion and maybe 2 or 3 Object Xs.
  • First thing first: once you’ve got that Love Potion, WARP HOME AND SAVE ASAP. Next, find yourself a Dark Fairy. They’re large and purple. Now, you can also use Princess points to display enemy HP and Level, so I suggest you do that so that you know you’re nabbing a high-leveled one. This little trick worked on the first try for me. All you gotta do is find a Dark Fairy (in Sharance Maze of course, shoot for one that’s near level 300) and just chuck that potion at her! She (no pun intended) loves it to bits, and will gladly join you. Her stats? Through the fuckin roof. She’s twice as powerful as Venti. Yeah that’s right.
  • Next: do you have a dish called Grilled Snapper? Check your fridge: if you don’t have one there, don’t panic. They aren’t that hard to get, because if you’re pals with Porcoline, he gives you one on your birthday! There’s also a chance Porcoline may sell this dish at his restaurant, but I think to cook it you need to be level 51 on cooking, which you probably aren’t. No biggie. At the most, you just have to wait till your next birthday. ONCE YOU GET THE FISH DISH, SAAAAAAVE. Now this part oughta look familiar; guess where you’re going? That’s right, Sharance Maze again! Wheeeee! This time, your mission is to find a Minotaur King; (preferably near level 300) they’re super huge blue monster dudes that wear loincloths and carry frikkin huge axes. Scary. Go ahead and bring your Dark Fairy on this mission so she can help you fight/stay alive til ya find the big guy. Once you’ve found him, toss him the Grilled Snapper. Worked on the first try for me! This guy is just as suped-up as the Dark Fairy, but his physical attack is about 2k higher.

Wow, isn’t that amazing?! Now you’ve two extremely high-leveled party members! And guess what? That means pretty much everything from here is gonna be a cakewalk! …Well, except for a few more things, mostly regarding your equips. Don’t worry, it’s simple stuff.

  • Next is the Talisman. Now normally, this takes a crafting level of about 70 to make. And I have some good news and bad news. The good news is, you can get this item for free! …The bad news is, I’m not exactly sure if I remember where exactly I got it. But I’m pretty sure– like 90% sure– it comes from Margaret’s Event: A Performance Without an Audience. You can unlock this even if you play as a girl, so don’t worry. Anyways, complete that little event, and grab the Talisman. It will be a lifesaver when you get to places where you get poisoned. Since the Talisman reverses status effects, the icon above your head will say you’re poisoned, but it’ll actually be healing you. So once you get this thing, be sure to always have it in your inventory, especially for the Beach Area of Rune Prana and the Cave Area.
  • Now, for the strangest item on this list; that’s right, the bottle(s) of oil. You’ve got the Object X, right? Maybe even more than one? Good, because here we go. See, in various parts of Rune Prana, especially early on, there are some: enemies that throw powerful fireballs, a volcano area where some maps deal constant fire damage, and even some flame-shooting pillars and, at one point, a literal ring of fire that can and probably will instant death you. That’s where object X and Oil come in. Here’s how it works: If you look at the description of Oil, you’ll see it says “-31 resistance to fire”. Meaning, your fire resistance goes down about 30 percent if you use this in item upgrading. HOWEVER, Object X makes this a good thing! Why? Because, when used as an upgrading tool, Object X will REVERSE the effects of EVERY SUBSEQUENT ITEM USED TO UPGRADE AN EQUIP.  Meaning, you can take an equip of your choice, and where you would usually upgrade it with an item like a gem or root or whatever, put Object X instead! Then, you can upgrade the equip yet again with the Oil, thereby RAISING your fire resistance!  BEWARE, THIS IS IRREVERSIBLE. THE EFFECT OF OBJECT X AS A REVERSER WILL PERMANENTLY PERSIST ON ALL FUTURE UPGRADES OF THIS ITEM.  Anyways, I went ahead and applied this to my Platinum Mail and my hat, bringing my fire resistance up to over 60. It has literally saved my life.

Once that is done, you’re ready for Rune Prana! You’ll be impervious to poison, damn near impervious to fire, and you have two powerhouses who will quite literally be fighting all your battles for you. (Heads up, you can ride the Minotaur if you want to control him, and he’ll take all the damage so you don’t die super fast).

As far as actually getting through the floors/puzzles and such, there are other guides for that. Bring plenty of food/potions, and remember to save often. Hope you like being the healer, ‘cause that’s pretty much your job now!

Behind The Story S2 | Pt. 4

Summary: They say things never go as planned and oh were they right. When you are giving a second chance in life, you’re only just begun to live. A baby girl came to the world but it doesn’t mean their road is over yet. The story about their relationship and family while shooting Supernatural and attending Conventions continues…

Author: sleepywinchester [prev. deanwinchester-af]

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 4.1k+

Warnings: Fluff.

Beta: @doro7winchester (Thank you, love! <3)


Title: Happy Birthday, Handsome. 

A/N: Is been a long while, I know but I finally got to write another chapter for this series!!! Really hope you guys like. If so, please leave some feedback? xx



x x x x

Instant joy blossomed inside you once strolling into the green room. Fellow cast members who are here for tonight’s little concert in Nashville greeted you. While Jensen sang a couple of songs with his buddies, you took a moment to catch up with everyone. Instead of being here having a beer with Brianna and Kim, you were supposed to be back home in Vancouver with JJ. Having to say goodbye to your daughter was harder than speculated. This being the first time you were apart from her since she was born. But It was something you needed to get used to sooner or later.

Your maternity days were soon going to be over and you were really excited to start shooting again. You weren’t scheduled for this convention, it was a surprise you wanted to give the fans. You couldn’t wait to see their reactions once they saw you. Salute to Supernatural was something you’ve always loved. Singing along with the cast and fans, feeling like a big family and having a great time. Tonight, you felt like performing and what better way than being with two amazing singers, Brianna and Kim.

“Are you nervous?” Kim asked you, noticing the constant shake of your legs.

You shrugged giving her a nervous smile.

“It’s just… been a while, y’know?” you sighed. “I don’t want to fuck it up.”

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Saphael Fanfic Rec 2.0

A Saphael Fest.

More writing goodies from amazing writers.

As always, if you know any of the authors and tag them, that would be very much appreciated

A Daisy instead of a glass shoe by @soft-saphael

Tumblr prompt: runaway prince!simon and commoner!rapahel

Two weeks from his coronation and three from his wedding to Princess Isabelle of Idris, the Prince of New York found himself on a park bench in Brooklyn. His face buried in the palms of his hand as his phone continued to ring.
Deep breaths. Deep breathes. Deep- the phone is laying in pieces on the concrete walkway in shattered fragments.

“You’re a little far from the palace” A slightly accented voice said, from out of the corner of his eyes Simon saw black leather.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh I’m sorry your highness, I apologize for not bowing” The boy snorted.

“Please, just leave me alone” Simon huffed tiredly.

A First Date (Kind of. Almost.) by SnogboxesAndChips

Simon is always looking for excuses to be near Raphael. When he finally finds a suitable excuse, he walks in on Raphael doing something that Simon would have never thought Raphael would do. He was cooking.

And every road you take (will always lead you home) by @woodenhallslikecaskets

For Raphael’s 55th birthday Magnus gifts him a portal that leads to 1956.

Brooklyn, NY 1956: he meets a beautiful boy by the name of Simon Lewis. They’ve never met before but Raphael feels like he could love him. They could fall in love.

Break of the light by @makehomesofhumans

Simon’s eyes sparked to life as he was being dangled over the edge of a building. He sighed, because that was just his luck.

But who would love a monster, anyway? By @spendeonswithyou

As he learns later, loving Simon hurts. It’s making his dead heart want to beat again, destroying the remaining bits and pieces of his soul.

Or the Soulmate AU in which you can feel your soulmate’s pain.

Customer Satisfaction by kuro1neko2kun

‘You’re the customer and you get back at me for all the times I’ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible ways’ AU

Darling, you’re all I need by @anjawritingsx

Simon and Raphael are happy together, that is until Simon forgets their 8th year anniversary.
Raphael is left heartbroken and Magnus and Alec try to pick up the pieces.

Does that mean you’ve a really bad crush on me too? By milleniumlint

Simon wants Raphael to understand he has feelings for him but he’s not so obvious like he thinks he is.

Dreaming of You (endlessly) by Nubian_Reese

Corazón—His heart. He loves Simon so much it hurts. His beauty, his optimism, it’s a sea of good and Raphael does nothing but dive right in. And he is not ashamed, because Simon is a gift. God’s gift, and sometimes Raphael can’t believe what they have together is real, but when Simon leans down and kisses him, hands running through each other’s hair skimming down backs, and gripping hips, Raphael lives in every sense and knows that this is real.

Flirting 101 by TrickyVicky3

Raphael sighs, shaking his head more to himself than anything else as he reaches down for Simon and pulls the other boy up again. “That will be all for today” he pulls the bottom of his tank top up, using the material to wipe away sweat, unaware of Simon’s gaze tracking over his abdomen. “You did good but not good enough, even if you pinning me down was kind of hot”

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Word Count: 1081

Player: Tyler Seguin (Dallas Stars)

Warning/s: fighting, mild swearing, gif by @brosillustratedPart  2, Part 3

This is a re-post of my own work!

“What do you want from me, Y/n? You’re not making any sense!”, Tyler shouted across the room, his face scrunched up in anger, his strong arms raised.

“I’m the one who’s not making sense? Your the one that keeps promising stuff and then breaking his promises! You skipped out on me. Again!”, you yelled back.

“I already told you. I was out with Sharpy and I didn’t have time to call you!”, he groaned in annoyance.

“And I already told you: That’s not an excuse! Patrick had time to call his wife but you chose not to call me! Because that would be too much of an effort to put into this relationship, right?”

“That’s not the same thing! They’re married.”

“So I’m not important enough because I am not wearing a ring on my finger? This isn’t about relationship status, Ty. This is about respect.“

“You are important but I don’t have to tell you everything I do!”

“No, you don’t! But that’s what you do when you choose not to go to a dinner with your girlfriend. I waited for you for an hour before I knew you weren’t gonna come!”

“That’s not my problem!”

Tyler just didn’t see it. Time and time again he was disappearing without a trace and without telling you. He made plans with you, then he changed them. Again and again. You were tired of the same old shit. That was definitely not how a relationship was supposed to be. And it wasn’t working either.

“But it’s your fault!”, you snapped.

“I don’t care! I spent an evening with a friend. What’s the deal?”

“The deal is that you don’t care about our relationship! What the hell is your problem? Why can’t you just attend a date like it was planned? Why can’t you just grab your phone that you’re using all of the time, call me and say: Sorry, something got in the way of our plans? Why can’t you act like a grown-up for once?”

“Excuse you? Please tell me that you’re kidding me right now. You’re accusing me of acting like a child, while you’re here whining and bitching because I didn’t have dinner with you. You’re the one that’s immature.”

“Who are you kidding, Tyler? Who.are.you.kidding?”, you spat, emphasizing every word. 

You were tired of all of this. Tired of the yelling, tired of the fighting. Something had to change.

Silence washed over the two of you as Tyler just stared at you, opening his mouth and closing it again. You tried to calm yourself down, trying not to cry. Screaming and yelling wouldn’t get you far in a discussion with Tyler. You had to try to be reasonable, even if he was frustrating you more with every sentence he said.

“Listen”, you started quieter, “I don’t want you to stop going out with your friends. All I want is that you call me or send me a message if you don’t want to go out anymore. Just this little thing. This little sign of respect to show that you even care about our relationship.”

Tyler glared at you. He was so angry, he didn’t want to calm down. He didn’t want to talk to you anymore. He needed space.

“I should go. The plane is waiting.”, Tyler said, grabbing his duffle bag from the stairs.

“Tyler the plane is leaving in six hours.”, you stated, but he ignored you and started walking towards the door like you didn’t say anything.

“Tyler!”, you said louder. But he kept ignoring you until he was directly in front of the door.

“This is what I am talking about. You don’t even respect me enough to listen!”, you snapped at him, crossing your arms. Tyler opened the door and was on his way out when you sighed.

“If you leave right now, then I swear, I won’t be here anymore when you come back. Then it’s over.”, you pressed out, dangerously quiet. 

You meant business. If you couldn’t talk like adults, you couldn’t have a relationship with that guy. It was making you sick.

Tyler stopped dead in his tracks and turned his head halfway to you as he was trying to figure out if you were saying this for real. His mind was torn. He didn’t want to change the way he was, but he loved you. He was pretty sure you’d stay since you had been angry like that before, but you had never actually talked about leaving him. 

You watched him shake his head a little before he went out the door and slammed it shut behind him.

The road trip had been hard. The Stars had won three out of four games but Tyler thought that they could’ve been better. He got his bag from the plane and made his way home, figuring you’d be eating lunch around the time he arrived. 

Maybe you could take Marshall and Cash for a walk.

But when Tyler drove up his driveway, he noticed Katie’s car and Katie, who was just leaving his house with a key that Tyler didn’t remember giving her. 

“Katie? What are you doing here? Not waiting for Jamie?”, he smiled as he had reached her. 

But something was off. Katie was glaring at him as if she was mad at him.

“I fed the dogs. The sitter is sick and I figured you wouldn’t be home ‘til noon.”, she replied.

“Sitter? Why isn’t Y/N feeding them?”, he asked just weirded out by the thought of some random dog sitter sitting in his garden, playing with his dogs.

“Like she told you. She left.”

“What?”, Tyler asked.

“She’s gone. You’re officially single, Idiot. I shouldn’t have listened to Jamie when he told me to introduce the two of you!”, Katie said, staring at him, eyes narrowed in disappointment. 

You were her best friend and she felt really sorry for you since she knew how much you loved Tyler.

“But why would she leave?”, he asked, not being able to get the fact you had practically broken up with him.

“That’s what you do when relationships don’t work out.”

anonymous asked:


So, the anon is referring to this ficlet, which, presumably, was inspired by this video. I feel like I wrote another ficlet in another fandom based on this video back when it was first making the rounds? I can’t entirely remember. Anyway, I did this on the plane, enjoy.

(Also, reminder, anything in the ghosthunters verse that takes place past the stories that have already been posted on AO3 is apocrypha until otherwise noted.)


When the doctor says that Alex can go in, he moves so quickly that he almost knocks her over.

“Mr. Hamilton!” she calls, and it takes everything in him to stop and turn back.

“Dr. Hamilton,” he says automatically.

“Dr. Hamilton. Before you go in, you should be aware–”

“Is he okay?” Alex says. “You said he was okay!”

“He’s fine, Dr. Hamilton,” she says. “It’s just–your husband has had something of a reaction to the anesthesia. It’s not uncommon, but his reaction is on the more acute end of the spectrum, we’ll say.”

“But he’s okay?” Alex repeats. His heart rate is beginning to climb again, his palms sweating, despite all the work Eliza’s been doing to calm him down from the near hysteria he was in when he called her from the ambulance. He wants to be in John’s room, holding his hand, seeing with his own eyes that he’s okay.

“He’s perfectly fine,” she says. “But his memory is a little spotty. It will come back over the next half hour or so, but if he doesn’t recognize you or he’s not sure where he is, don’t be concerned.”

“Fine,” Alex says. He’s known John for a million years, they work together, they live together, they’re married, of course John is going to fucking recognize him “Can I–”

“Go,” she says, waving him towards the room, and Alex almost trips over his own feet in his haste.

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Summary: After a very near-death experience, you go to Sam and ask him to help you gain a different kind of experience (Based on this post by @hiddenwritingsintheworld)

Words: 2,355

Sam x Reader

Warnings: injury, sex (not smutty but pretty detailed, avoidable by X either side)

A/N: This took me a really long time and I’m super proud of it. I hope y’all like it too

Your name: submit What is this?

“Welcome back, Y/N,” your doctor said as your eyes fluttered open.

You went to respond, but she held her hand up.

“Don’t try to talk,” she told you, “We nearly lost you, you were pretty beaten up, so your voice will be scratchy and painful. For now, we can communicate in blinks. One for yes, two for no, do you understand?”

You blinked once, slowly.

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anonymous asked:

Black hat x reader where the reader is dating a hero, but Black Hat is Pissed™ because he liked them. So he decides to kill two birds with one stone, and kidnap the reader for himself, and leave the hero with a threatening note and a picture of reader unconscious in his arms. Reader wakes up later and is angry and scared. Cue sassy banter. You decide the rest. Thank you!

OhhHoh YES! I just love this idea! I can’t get over it! 

Jealously, Ignorance | Black Hat x Taken! Reader

{ I made this fic with a fem! reader, i hope that wasn’t a mistake! :( Normally i would make my fics with gender-neutral terms, but the flow of the story seemed to fit so well with a her. }

A/N: I just woke up at 12pm (yes. noon. sometimes i’ll sleep til like 3 pm if nobody bothers me. I’M A LAZY BUM) to a phone call from the manager of the business that i applied for a job at!! AHH! I scheduled an interview for July 6th. This means i’m gonna need to be busting my tooshie and cranking out fics for you all! If i get this job, i’m gonna have about 50-75% of the time on my hands taken from me! :( (but also yay because that means i can buy sick stuff and get that DRAWING TABLET so i can create art for you guys too!!) 

Anyway, my inbox is blown up right now! I’m loving the feedback and support from you all. If you don’t see your fic posted soon, i promise i’ll get to it! I’ll never delete my asks from my lovely supporters!! <3 Okay, enough boohoo time and ON WITH THE FIC! Adios!

“I must go save them. I promise i’ll be back soon, okay?” Jonathan cooed, well .. otherwise known as “Hyper Hex”, a hero to this city. Also Y/N’s boyfriend. Y/N sighed, sitting patiently at the table in Jonathan’s apartment, a lovely at-home dinner date in front of her. Disappointment dripped from her voice. Jonathan gave Y/N a kiss on the forehead, then opened the window and zipped out. 

Two hours had passed, the city was still “in trouble” apparently, and Jonathan- no, Hyper Hex wasn’t anywhere to be seen. At least in the apartment that was. Y/N sat on the couch, a bottle of wine in her hands, a sleepy look in her eyes. She stared dimly at the TV screen. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was on, the episodes seeming to never stop. Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s a marathon. Y/N slowly turned her head, glancing at the clock. 10pm. She sighed, standing up from the couch, slamming the bottle of wine on the coffee table, and stumbling straight to her room. Without even changing from her nice black dress she had put on for the date, she flopped on the bed, hugging the pillow angrily until she fell asleep. 

Black Hat sat on his throne with the the angriest face he’s ever had. “A boyfriend..” He growled. “A HERO BOYFRIEND!!” He boomed. The walls shook, Dr. Flug shivered from his lab. Oh no, Boss was angry, more than usual. Black Hat’s hands turned to claws as they gripped the throne, tearing holes in the red velvet. “She’s MINE!” He shouted, swiping one of the stone busts of himself off it’s pedestal. It flew to the floor, shattering. He oozed with rage, breathing heavily, unpredictably. He marched to the lab, his black coat fanning behind him from the speed he was going. He slammed the door against the wall as he opened it, Dr. Flug shuddering. “Y’Yes sir- Lord Black Hat Sir?” He said, terrified. “Give me the chloroform.” He insisted. “Y-Yes s-” “NOW!” He shouted. Dr. Flug trembled like a coward, running immediately to his chemical cabinet, searching through the bottled for chloroform. He wasn’t gonna bother asking what it was for. He ran back to his boss, handing it to him gently. Without another word, Black Hat spun around, marching out of the lab, his coattails floating behind him accordingly. 

From stalking Y/N for however long he’s had eyes for them, he knew exactly where they lived, from memory. He made his way inside without any mistake. The lights were off, and on the TV was Hyper Hex himself. Hmm. Saving the city. What a good, good boy. Black Hat’s hand clenched furiously, nearly breaking the TV screen. He held himself back.. he wouldn’t want to wake up his girl, would he..?” He crept to the bedroom, the door was open, there was a figure on the bed. Oh how lovely she looked in that black dress. He got closer. How lovely she looked sleeping.. but she wasn’t sleeping in his bed. He barred his shark-like teeth, pulling the cork off the bottle of chloroform, soaking the rag. “Honey, tell me.. does this rag smell like chloroform?” He said, then placed the rag across Y/N’s face. Gently. Her body jolted from shock, but she was only awake for a few more seconds, unable to see through the rag. With one deep breath, she was out again. Black Hat grinned, his glowing eyes flaring up. He laughed evilly, scooping her off the bed and into his arms. “He wasn’t here to save you tonight, Princess.” He said, brushing back her hair. He pulled out a Polaroid, flashing a quick picture of her. Oh she was gorgeous. There on the bed he left the note, and the photo. “The hero wasn’t there to save the innocent girl.The knight put his guard down that night, and the dragon stole the princess away. I promised i’d always protect her. If you truly want her, come get her. OH but do come prepared, the dragon has much waiting for you.” 

Y/N woke up with a gasp. “A nightmare?” Black hat asked from his throne, grinning. He sat relaxed, His chin resting in the palm of one hand, a glass of wine in the other. Wait.. was that wine.. or blood? Y/N yanked at the ropes that bound them. “I must say, you have an incredible taste for wine. Y/N. Too bad Hyper Hex wasn’t there to share it with you on your date night.” He frowned. “What do you want from me? Who are you, why am i here?” Y/N asked, terrified, yet keeping their attitude bold. Black Hat chuckled. “The better boyfriend, that’s who i am. If you were with me, you’d always be safe.” He said, swirling the wine in his glass, glancing down at her. “By the looks of this place, i couldn’t be safe if you surrounded me in pillows and tied me up in a straitjacket.” She remarked. Black Hat chuckled, “Your sass is cute. That’s why i love you.” His gruff voice cooed. Y/N swallowed. “Why me? I don’t even know you!” Y/N said desperately. “But you do.” Black Hat said, standing up. He placed his glass of wine on the side table, slowly approaching her. Y/N got more terrified each step closer he took. “Just think, love. It’s been a few years.. but i’m there.” He grinned, placing his fingers under her chin, slowly sliding them away. Y/N put her head down, then looked back up at his face, squinting, trying so hard. Who was he? What relation did he have with her? She gave up. “Look, you can let me go! I can-” You can what?” Black Hat interrupted, “You can run off, back to your normal life, with your hero boyfriend? I’ll never see you again, i’ll never get the chance to be with you?” His voice got louder, and more aggressive as he went on. He stopped, staring at Y/N’s horrified, yet sad face. She stopped, feeling.. remorse? He loved her, and she’d never seen him a day in her life. “Stay, with me.” He paused, “You can learn to love me, (and trust me, it won’t take that long)” He flicked his collar, smirking. Y/N stared up at him, shaking her head and looking back down. A furious look washed over Black Hat’s face, “Fine.” He said, turning around, and walking out of the room without another word. “W-Wait-!” Y/N shouted. He slammed the door.

Alright alright! Kind of a cliffhanger, but I’ve been writing this for about 2 hours now and i’m thinkin’ about replying to another ask. Did you guys like it? Would you want a more smutty side? Where Black Hat kidnaps her, ties her up.. you get the drift ;). Would you like a part two? Would you like an ending where possibly reader is brainwashed into staying by something BH insists Dr. Flug creates? Would you like an ending where BH is heartbroken and lets his love go? An ending where Hyper Hex comes to save his girlfriend? Would you rather have BH be more aggressive towards reader? LET ME KNOW!! 

JJCC in Houston

First let me start off by saying that I flew to Houston from LA and I HATE FLYING. But I needed to see JJCC because they are literally the loves of my life and I was salty af about them cancelling back in 2015. 


I met some hella cool people ( @kattheskat @eberry 😗) They made the entire experience so much better! And they’re definitely helping me through the post concert depression. I’m the blonde lmao.

The whole concert was more than i could’ve ever hoped for. All the members are the nicest, sweetest, kindest people I’ve ever met. And they all spoke in English!! Now I’ve been to a lot of kpop concerts and usually they’ll try and speak some and I really appreciate it, but most fall back on a translator. Everyone, besides Eddy lmao, tried their best with English and I just wanted to tell them to speak Korean like boi! it’s okay. You don’t need to struggle so much for me! BUT THEY DID! When it got too hard for them they would ask Eddy to translate and it was honestly the cutest thing. 

What I really want to mention tho is after the concert. When it was my group’s turn for a picture I was first and I literally went up to them screaming. Im not kidding. I hate myself but I had to. Im p sure I scared Yul poor thing. Like I was walking up the step and I was saying/yelling “HELLO!!! HI!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!” Everyone said hi back and I think someone said “I love you too” but im not sure. So i get to Eddy, my main man, my bias, my love, I and i say hi, i love you, what not. I grabbed his hands, looked into those beautiful dark eyes and i told him “You’re my bias” And he said, “Yeah! I’m your bias!” and Simba turned and was like “Bias?! Hes your bias?!” all shocked and it was so cute cuz Eddy just rubbed it in his face and I was in heaven. I have no idea how those pics came out yet. But after, I hugged Eddy and told him thank you for coming. I hugged Simba and I shook Yul’s hand. 

Then it was time for the polaroids!!!!

I shuffled my way to Simba and he he shuffled with me for a second and it was so cute! I hugged him again lol. The staff was like “its pose number 1″ in korean and i repeated it in korean and Simba said “You speak korean?” in korean. And i replied, “lol just a little” he was shooketh lmao. I hugged him again after the pic, just i need to.

Sancheong was next and he was so much calmer than Simba. BUT STILL CUTE AS HECK! I hugged him too lol. He and Simba (Yul and Zica too) were so tall, like taller than i thought. All of them had to bend down for me. He was so nice and just ASLDKFdksjsa i miss him.

ZICA!!! The tru bae cuz he took my phone during the concert! He was like “why did you pick the weird pose” and then taught me how to do it lmao. But i kept losing my balance so it took us a while to get lol. He was really sweet and he kept saying be careful and i was like boi im trying. I hugged him before and after the pic too.

Yul was an actual angel???? He kept his hand on the small of my back the entire time I was with him??? He was so soft! like his voice was soft, his hair looked so soft, his smile was so soft??? I cried. I hugged him before and after the pic too lololol.

EDDDDYYYYYYYY MY LOVE! He’s obviously the shortest but still a taller than me. I just cant speak at a normal volume okay. I literally got to him yelling again like “HELLO AGAIN!!” someone needs to stop me. I hugged him before the actual pic, and then the two pics (cuz i bought two for him cuz im trash.) I didn’t speak much and I forgot all the cute and witty things I was gonna say in the moment. 

Hugg Count: Eddy -> 5, Simba -> 3, Sancheong -> 2, Zica -> 2, Yul ->2

AND THE TRU MVP IS SIMBA THO. It was my sister’s 16th the same day birthday and I ditched her for JJCC. But her bias is Simba. And she told me, 100% kidding to get a birthday shout out. And i knew she was kidding but i was there like…..i could ask. like what are they gonna say? So i wait til Simba’s line is done and i go up to him and say “can i ask you a question?” and hes like yeah so i explain the best i can in korean that its my sisters birthday if he could say happy birthday? And i think because i was practically begging he said yes. I told him her name is Mckayla and he practiced saying like four times before he was like “okay.” AND I GOT IT ! And everyone else was awe-ing and I will love him forever. 


JJCC ARE SOME OF THE MOST HUMBLE AND KIND PEOPLE IVE EVER MET. They really do care about their fans and try so hard. Im still crying over this. I dont think I’ll ever recover. Thank you JJCC for loving me as much as I love you! I hope to see them again soon!!

A Guide To Find Your Soulmate (pt.2)

Member: Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: fluff, angst(ish)

Word Count: 1,112

Synopsis:  To find your soulmate—at least my way—is very simple. To start, you need a Sharpie and any part of your body you can write on. Great! Now, that you have that, we may begin with the first step. Step One: write something random on your arm. Step Two: fall asleep on your desk surrounded by all the schoolwork you didn’t finish. Step Three: wake up still exhausted but then freak out over the response to what you’ve written on your arm.

(inspired by: this :))

A/N: my ass is stupid

Originally posted by kawaiimoonlight

Are you ready for the next step? Good. Now, you need someone who is an expert in love. Or at least in soulmates. They must be someone whom you can trust as they must know exactly what is going on to aid you in your adventure of love. They must be able to understand fully how you feel—emotionally and physically (as having a soulmate may be draining for both the mind and body)—and not judge you for it. They must be someone you trust and know fully that they will not discriminate against you. That does not mean they cannot give you their opinion or advice; you actually want their input as it could be crucial as to what you will do next to further explore and expand to your soulmate.

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Exo- Meeting For The First Time (Suho, Tao, and Sehun)

A/n: You’re a really popular Western Singer

A/n:  I’m doing this on my phone so I’ll post them ( ot12) 3 at a timee

Originally posted by 89ner

Suho: You had been invited to Korea for some type of award show and you gladly accepted. You didn’t know what you were going to be doing there just that you were supposed to be there. You had been in hair and makeup for so long and were just dying to stretch out your legs. After requesting a break you headed out of your dressing room and wondered the halls of the venue. You were looking for a vending machine when you accidentally stumbled into an interview.

“What do you think of Y/n?” The interviewer asked. 

“She’s really pretty and very talented. I hope to meet her tonight!” The man said as you peeked around the corner, realizing that it was EXO’s Leader, Suho. Your eyes grow wide as you stupidly trip and hit your foot into one of the camera boxes making all of the people in the area look at you. 

“ Ahh, looks like you don’t have to wait til tonight.” The interviewer laughed as the camera panned to you. 

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Tao: You were attending an award show here in Korea but the category was for “ Best Film.” You were nominated due to your appearance in a hit Korean action film were you played the only girl who could “ hang with the big boys” in martial arts. While announcing the names in the category they showed a little snippet of your fight scene. You could hear gasps behind you and looking back a little you noticed you were sat right in front of EXO. Clapping after each name you got butterflies when they were gonna call the winner.

“ And the winner of the Best Film category is…Y/N!!” 

The camera panned at you and followed you as you bowed to everyone and made your way up to the stage, your fight scene playing on the huge screen. 

After accepting the award you came back to your seat, bowing in thanks to many people. You turned to make sure nothing was on your seat and looked up to meet eyes with Tao. Your breath hitched in your throat for a second but you recovered with a slight smile and a bow before seating down in your seat, blushing.

Originally posted by sehunijjang

Sehun: You were asked to appear on a variety show and of course you agreed, it had been one of you dreams to appear on one. They show’s director had a specific time for you to go out, something about a “ Nice Transition.” 

You were in the green room, watching the show on the tv in the room. A couple of members from the boy band EXO were also guest stars. They were making jokes and having a good time when the MC asked them a series of questions.

“Do any of you listen to western music?” The MC asked and they all nodded their heads.

“Do you guys know the singer by the name of Y/N?” They all laughed and looked over at Sehun.

“Why are you all looking at him?” The MC asked while laughing.

“Y/n is his ideal type!” Suho laughed while your eyes went wide  looking at the tv screen and you started blushing. 

“Really?! Wow! Tell us why!”

 Sehun cleared his throat and sat up straight, “ Well uh.. she’s really pretty and her voice is amazing!” 

“Is that it?” 

“Uh … no, she’s very talented and really smart. She is everything I want in a girlfriend.” In shock you look at the lady in the room with you and she started laughing at your facial expression. Your cheeks were hot and your jaw hurt from blushing so hard.

“Send a message to Y/N, anything you want.” Sehun covered his cheeks with his hands and blushed.

“ Uh.. Hello Y/n ! Im Sehun from EXO and I’m a really big fan of yours and I’d like to take you out one day!” He bowed and everyone started laughing.

“Everyone welcome our second guest of the hour, Y/N!!”

It’s been a while, again. For now, here is a series of the things I did from April to May!


Just changed my color scheme, a new banner and a new cool feature! Check it out if you wanna!


I’ve placed marks on the map on places I’ve been to. I am person who just likes keeping track and making list. It’s not much… right now. Soon I’ll be filling this up! If you want to add this on your blog - just click zeemaps and you can make one for yourself. It’s easy and so addicting!


For holy week, we opted to stay in the city - since (a) we knew a lot of people are going to travel - that means a lot of traffic & (b) we have a newborn with us so travelling far isn’t really suitable for his situation. We stayed at Acacia Suites in Taguig via AIRBNB. What I love about this is that they incorporated a lot of nature elements to sort of balance the city + country life.


We had another staycation at SHELL Residence in Pasay which was favorable to me because it was just a few walks from the office. Mom also chose this because it was near the airport and she was goin to head back to Japan again. 


I knew a long weekend was coming up (Labor Day) and I took it as an opportunity to sneak in a quick getaway. Luckily Just was up for it and this time, we decided it was a 3D2N trip! Last one we went to was at the south and now we chose to go to North and visit Zambales!


One saturday, I was at the dentist with a small bag with just one bathing suit and just one extra clothes because we planned on going night swimming at Antipolo with Just and his officemates. After our swimming, they - on a whim - decided we go to Tagaytay, just for the heck of it. And we did. We went from one high place in the North to go to another in the South.


My very very cute nephew!! He is so little!! I have fears holding him since he’st still fragile so I’ll wait a few more months til I can fully play with him. For now, I’ll just continue admiring him haha!


This might come as a shock but now I am! My job was just project based for 3 months and my contract ended just today. I had a little get together in SNR (again haha!) as my birthday treat and also as despedida. I am so happy these are the people I get to work with - not because of what they are professionally, but what they are personally.

I TURN 22 TODAY!!!!!

Yes, today!!! As I’m typing this, it is my birthday. I have nothing to do much today really - which is what I wanted tbh. I used to dread growing old but I’m just so blessed to be alive for 22 years and to be filled with so much love. 


This is what I spent my last income for! I am really obsessed with instant/film photos that I got myself 70 films. 10 was from Just (the black ones) and the rest I bought. It’s funny because one of it has a design of happy wedding (which I used with my officemates) haha! This is to document future adventures.

And since I am unemployed, I have a lot of time in my hands. I am gonna be posting a lot again. And when I say a lot - I MEAN A LOT. Thank you for still being here. Thank you for reading! I hope you had a nice day. 

Full song ahead:
  • Gumball: They’ve been laughin’ since I can’t remember,
  • But they’re not gonna laugh anymore.
  • No more “Gummy the Geek”,
  • No more “Goof of the Week”,
  • Like before…!
  • Tina: No more algebra tests ‘til September!
  • Jamie: No more lookin’ at losers like him!
  • Ocho: No more havin’ to cheat!
  • Clayton: No more mystery meat!
  • Idaho: No more gym!
  • Leslie: No more gym!
  • Anton: No more gym!
  • Joe: NO MORE GYM!
  • Masami: Gonna move to the mall!
  • Tobias: Gonna live in the pool!
  • Gumball: Gonna talk to Penny
  • And not feel like a fool!
  • Chorus: ’ Cause…
  • After today, I’m gonna be cruisin’!
  • Gumball: After today, she’ll be mine!
  • Chorus: After today, my brains’ll be snoozing!
  • Gumball: If I don’t faint, I’ll be fine!
  • Carmen and Teri: I’ve got forty more minutes,
  • Of Home Economics…
  • Alan and Bobert: Then down with the textbooks…
  • Sarah: And up with the comics!
  • Gumball: Just think of all the time I’ve been losin’,
  • Finding the right thing to say!
  • Gumball/Chorus: But things’ll be goin’ my way,
  • Chorus: After today!
  • Gumball: She looked right through me,
  • And who could blame her?
  • I need a new me,
  • Plus some positive proof
  • That I’m not just a goof!
  • And…
  • Gumball/Chorus: After today, I’m gonna be cruisin’
  • Carrie: No more pep rallies to cut, blech!
  • Gumball/Chorus: After today, my brains’ll be snoozin’!
  • Rocky: I’m gonna sit on my butt.
  • Gumball: I’ve got less than an hour,
  • And when this is ended,
  • I’ll either be famous…
  • Principal Brown: Or you’ll be suspended!
  • Gumball/Chorus: Just think of all the time I’ve been losin’
  • Waiting until I could could say…
  • Gonna be on my own,
  • Kiss the parents good-bye!
  • Gonna party from now
  • 'til the end of July!
  • Things’ll be goin’ my way,
  • After today!!!
  • Gumball: I wish that this was the day,
  • After today.

hello and welcome back to foreteller headcanons with Lali: this time, she uses even MORE incorrect quotes because she’s uninspired

  • you know what would be cool?  scars.
    • i bet, i bet, Aced’s hands are super scarred, his knuckles esp, calloused palms from wielding the keyblade so much, his nose is crooked ‘cuz he got in a fistfight once and it was broken
    • and okay so i know this might not be possible with the mask but i’m gonna say Gula needs glasses, and there’s this indent in his nose because he always wore them.  plus he once pissed off a really big guy and he’s still missing a tooth
    • other than her vitiligo, i bet invi has small scars on her palms from when she was a kid and used to clench her hands really hard til her fingernails sliced her palms as a coping mechanism
    • and Ira has definitely gotten in more than one scrape and probably his elbows are scarred from waay too many falls and i say his mask is secured around his chin because he’s got a scar on his jawline that he doesn’t like
    • ava, pretty child, she’s avoided hurts because she’s such a sweetheart, but she definitely got in a fight or two protecting people who needed it and lemme tell you when she comes back to the castle hurt, literally every single one of the others appears with fury in their eyes to fight that bully (no one touches ava)
    • Luxu tho, he’s been with Master the longest, been in the most fights, he’s got a bunch of scars (Aced’s probably jealous) but Luxu is just like oh yeah that one is from the time Master disappeared on me in the middle of a bar after he angered the barkeep.  and this one is from when he stole a pirate’s treasure and made me hold it.  and this one was from that other time he stole a pirate’s treasure.  and from when we broke into that secret vault.  oh and when he angered this tiger.  and when he created these little monsters called unversed.  and when he
  • Gula: “Tell him where he can put his grapes, Ava.” Ava: “In the fridge!” Gula: “No, Ava.”
  • Master: “Hey Luxu, what are you doing?” Luxu: “Having my day ruined by whatever you’re about to ask me to do.”
  • So both Ira and Invi are well-known to ALWAYS have snacks on them sometime.  Ira is a bit of a mom-friend in that he overanalyzes what you eat and makes sure you’re healthy–Gula you haven’t had a vegetable in a week, here-Aced I know you skipped breakfast have a protein bar before morning practice–but Invi is the one who always has, like, chocolate, or other sweets.  Always.  Ava is guaranteed a piece anytime she asks.  The boys have to earn it before she’ll give them one
  • Master: “Stick to the Book and your jobs and you’ll do great.  I have total faith in you.” Master, later: “There’s like a 30% chance they’ll all die”
  • Gula: “Am I in trouble?” Ira: “Take a guess.” Gula: “No?” Invi: “Take another guess.”
  • So Master made Chirithy, right? And ava immediately guessed 'did you make this?’  So I bet he’s a mad scientist.  Probably drives them all nuts with his experiments.  It’s not uncommon to hear someone scream cuz Master tried a new potion on them and it went wrong somehow (what was this even supposed to do?? Gula asks, his hand now a Heartless claw)(Master there’s a new Heartless in the castle!! 'No, Aced, wait, that’s actually Ira, I accidentally turned him into a wildebeast’)(Master what is this even for, Ira asks, gesturing at a crazy assemblage of tubes and beakers and colorful liquids ‘Aesthetic.  …..Also that stuff explodes don’t touch it.’)(You sent Ava WHERE ‘It’s an experimental portal to the Dark Realm, even I don’t know where it goes.’ You sent her there ALONE. ‘relax gula’s with her’ thaT’S EVEN WORSE MASTER)
  • Okay so you think there’s curfew in the castle when they were apprentices? Because I do
  • Imagine with me:
    • Invi sneaking out to go read more books in the library by candlelight
    • Gula climbing out the window just because he can only to find Master waiting at the bottom of the castle, tapping his foot
    • Aced sleepwalks and whenever he passes Gula’s door Gula wakes up and will follow him to trip him or something
    • If he passes Ira’s room, Ira will go out to do the opposite
    • Invi and Ava probably have late-night girl chats and paint their toenails and Gula has tried more than once to listen in and see if they say anything important but Invi always finds him
    • and Luxu knows the castle inside and out so he doesn’t ever get caught, but he certainly sneaks out more than once and probably goes out on his Glider or something
    • Gula’s broken into Master’s study to try to open the box more than once
    • Master will literally attack any of them from the shadows if he finds them out past curfew but he’s known to “miss” if it’s Ava so Ira will send her out to get popcorn in the middle of the night knowing she’s the only one who’ll make it back
  • Ira: /lost in a crowd and can’t find Ava/ “FRIENDS AREN’T THAT IMPORTANT” Ava: “excUSE ME WITHOUT FRIENDS WE WOULD HAVE NOTHING” Ira: “there she is”
  • Alternatively:
  • Invi: /lost in a crowd and can’t find Aced/ “I THINK THERE’S SOME DARKNESS OVER HERE” Aced: “WHERE?! SHOW ME AND I WILL STRIKE IT DOWN” Invi: “there he is”
  • Master: “My job here is done.” Ava: “You didn’t do anything”