i was gonna use zooey deschanel

i was tagged by @herecomesreckoning, thanks :) i’m tagging @i-paperslut, @bi-gobbluth, @spine-song, @esmeraldasdream and @mediocre-trashcan. do it if you feel up to it, no pressure :)

countries i have lived in: Finland

languages i speak: Finnish and English, bits and pieces of a few other languages

fave film of 2015: gotta be Force Awakens, for 2016 it’s either Deadpool or the Warcraft movie

last article i read: i can’t remember, probably something trade related

shuffle your music library and put the first three songs here:
oh, i’m gonna have to use Spotify, i don’t have any music saved anywhere
1. Merry Happy - Kate Nash
2. So Long - Zooey Deschanel (i’d forgotten about this song, omg i love it!!)
3. The Fear - Lily Allen

last thing you bought online: i ordered a new laptop earlier today, i’m excited but poor

any phobias or fears: yeah, i’m an anxious little shit that’s afraid of pretty much everything, i barely leave the house

how would your friends describe you? (edit: oops i forgot answer this :’DD) idk tbh, i’m gonna ask Zé…  so much enthusiasm in one answer: “smart, cool, nerd, funny, meme king, idk” @i-paperslut 2016

how would your enemies describe you? lmao well i’m sure they’ve thought up some lovely words but i can’t remember any right now

who would you take a bullet for? myself, i’d just like to get shot tbh

if you had money to spare, what would you buy first? hahahahah who knows, i’m a compulsive spender… probably something i don’t really need

well this was hard but fun, thanks :P