i was gonna use the hey you teaser for this


❝ Hi, i do not know if you take that kind of request, but what kind of dads will be bts and nct 127? Thank you! ❞

i told yall i would get round to this whos laughing now huh i’m gonna leave out haechan & mark because y’all they aren’t legal adults yet in other news, i’m so excited for the cherry bomb comeback, the teasers released so far have been amazing. my only current issue though is hansol but that’s a WHOLE OTHER post in itself lmao 

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Sorry about us up there……

Caitlin’s state of discombobulation is so endearingly adorable as she approaches him and sees Linda walking away. Just one more day to see how this went down. Gonna temper my expectations cos you know how it is with these teaser trailers…they tease. ;) When Barry said “Sorry about us up there”…i think that’s what made Linda question later whether she was his girlfriend….yeah….overanalysing this chiz cos hey, crackship and all, right? ;) That’s the fun in shipping non-canon cos you don’t know what the writers are planning and it’s just the joy of watching whether the characters develop the way you’re hoping they would. It’s these stages of friendship that’s really awesome to watch! So yeah, bring on drunk Dr Snow and what these two “us” are doing up there! ^_^

Back in the present...

Sorry, but I will NEVER truly stay dead. I am basically undeadable.
After all, I still have a Mission to carry out before my restless soul can finally find peace:

And this mission, for some reason, always comes back to watching small boys scream at huge toilets. Well, who am I to question my calling

Actual Asshole troll vs. Pretend Asshole troll

Round 1…


Aaaaaaaand the Cancerous Cantankerous wastes no time in attempting to catch his enemy off balance with a stream of CASUAL, YET BITING SARCASM
This is a signature move of his, a quick, blunt and unrefined attempt to establish dominance right off the bat, which will likely have LITTLE TO NO EFFECT on someone as vile as his current opponent

…and indeed, the ever-venomous Lady Longlegs deflects the attack with a HINT OF UNSETTLING FLIRTATIOUSNESS and what may very well be a quick jab at his INFATUATION WITH TEREZI 

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