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Speedy Recovery - Seth Rollins x Reader

Request by @lclb13

Summary - You request time off to help Seth recovery from his injury at home, and the two of you get very close. One thing leads to another, and you end up doing a lot more than helping him recover. (Kevin the doggo also makes a few appearances ;) ) 

Warnings:- Smut, Fluff, Swearing

Word Count- 2,103


Crews to gif owner, my gif maker still wont work :( 

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Can I Cry

I’m a relatively new DM I’ve only run three sessions before this one with a separate group. I ran this group at college so for the summer break I got a new group together with some childhood friends I haven’t seen in a while. I decided to try a weird campaign setting to improve my skills as a DM a bit so I had this campaign take place in the 1980’s and thus I had all of the players create characters centered around it. A lot of them kind of just winged it but my favorite overall was my friend who created Michael Vick. He only wanted three things in his inventory, a football uniform, a football, and a D1 scholarship (since he was a senior in high school)

After some campy 80’s movie type shenanigans I have them facing off in a room with some kobolds. Michael Vick recently lost an art competition that all the players decided to take part in for some reason and was redrawing his failed clown drawing all over the table in front of him. The other players then picked up the table and threw it at some kobolds effectively ruining his work. When we get to Michael’s turn he just looks at me and I’m thinking he’s gonna go into a rage and start attacking everyone he just simply says “Can I cry?”

I reply with a “Sure”

Michael then adds “Ok I do, then I look at my D1 scholarship and wonder if I really deserve it”

The group during finals


- Is a literal walking panic attack

- Constantly two projects away from a mental breakdown

- Lance: *Staring at textbook* Who the fuck needs to know this that’s it I’m dropping out and becoming a stripper wallowing in student debt why fuck do I have to know this what is calm

- His room looks like a tornado ran through it, yet somehow knows where everything is

- Hunk: Have you seen my good highlighter

Lance: Yeah I borrowed it, it’s next to my shark plushie under the pile of graph paper by the knocked over lamp

- Is vibrating from caffeine all day everyday

- Energy drinks are his best friend

- Holds things off to the week before it’s due because of anxiety and immediately regrets it

- But seriously, he will do anything to get out of final projects

- Hunk once came home to the living room covered in tin foil because he had spent that past four hours watching alien documentaries

- Hunk: Lance why did Keith call me saying you asked to borrow his motorcycle so you could drive to Seatle

Lance: You can’t worry about midterms if you launch yourself off the space needle

- But no matter what, he somehow manages to get at least six hours of sleep because he still cares about his skin

- Stress eats whatever Hunk cooks but easily burns off the extra calories with the amount of pacing he does in their apartment


- Distracts himself with cooking, but is too anxious to eat any

- Seriously, their entire apartment smells like a bakery for an entire month

- Since Lance can’t eat everything, Hunk will just hand stuff out around campus, and it’s actually really cool for other people

- Starts out really organized but by the end of the month his room is just as trashed as Lance’s

- Their apartment is a wreck ok

- Doesn’t need caffeine, he has the power of adrenaline and pure anxiety to keep him awake

- Likes to study wrapped in a fluffy hand knit blanket his mom’s sent him

- Finds candles really relaxing when he gets particularly stressed out


- Is eerily calm

- When she isn’t hunched over a computer or textbook, she’s staring into the void

- What is sleep??

- Literally runs on coffee and Ritz crackers

- Looks like she’s about about to kill a man

- or like she already has

- Wears the same green sweatshirt and sweatpants

- Studies in the most obsure places

- Matt has found her with her laptop in insane places, including but not limited to on top of the fridge, under the sink, behind the tv stand, in the bathtub, in the dryer

- As soon as she leaves her last tests, she drops face first onto the nearest piece of furniture and doesn’t move until she’s gotten at least twelve hours of sleep


- This guy literally disappears the entire month

- No one sees him in class, but somehow his assignments get turned in

- Keith will check on him by stopping by his dorm or calling him just make sure he isn’t, you know, dead?

- Keith: working hard bud?

Shiro: I haven’t slept in three days

Keith: …

Shiro: I watched a six hour Compilation of Nyan Cat instead of doing my chemistry essay

Keith: …

Keith: great so I’ll see you at our exam tomorrow?

- When he finally shows up for exams he looks like death

- I’m talking wrinkled clothes, eyebags heavier then his soul, probably hasn’t shaved in a week

- Once he’s showered and gotten something to eat he just sort of… latches onto you like a cat?

- mostly Keith or Matt

- he needs to make up for that human contact ok?


- What is calm?

- Definately more on edge then usual

- Will bite your head off for using his favorite eraser

- Around the middle of the month he’ll sort of just blow up?

- He just starts yelling about how stressed he is and all shit he has left to do and how his goldfish died when he was seven because Shiro’s cat ate it and this boy just needs to rant about everything and nothing

- When he’s finally done he’ll just slump onto the couch and bury his face into your shoulder

- the first time it happened with Lance, Keith fell asleep as soon as he came into contact with him

- Now whenever one of them is stressed out they’ll just snuggle and procrastinate together

Keith, after an outburst: So anyways I have two presentations, six exams, and a fifteen page essay due Friday and haven’t started on any of it

Lance: Aww babe, you wanna go watch the Bee Movie so I don’t have to work on my French paper?

Keith: Yeah :)

- this boi. Stress eats.

- scarfs down whatever is in sight at a pace that makes everyone worried he might choke on the wrapper

- A bag of Cornnuts is almost always within three feet of him


- “Lol what are finals?”

- time management? Don’t know her

- Covers his crippling panic with memes

- Pidge once walked in on him hunched over a textbook crying and laughing at the same time because the parapgrah he was reading talked about the mitochondria being the power house of cell and it was all he could think about

- No can tell if he’s joking or not???

- Matt: I haven’t slept in two days lmao

Matt: I have three essays due for separate classes and haven’t started any of them lol

Matt: I’m gonna drop out and make a house out of these textbooks:))))

Pidge: dude are you ok

- Will always start out being really productive, but any study session somehow ends with a two hour vine compilation

- Matt, pouring three Five Hour Energies into his double espresso: ride or die bitches


- Has her shit together

- probably uses dark magic

- seriously, how is she still getting a solid eight hours of sleep???

- Takes everyone under her wing to help them study

- her dorm room basically becomes the study group hub (“Also you have the cool snacks from your uncle!”)

- leaves exams feeling confident

- likes to celebrate the end of exams by going out for lunch when everyone else is half dead in their dorms

//Here to Watch the Game//

Word Count: 1254

Group: NCT U/127

Member: Taeyong

Warnings: SMUT 18+ read at your own risk 

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

“Hurry up Y/N!”
Your best friend, Taeyong yelled as he sat on the couch, soda in hand. You were at his house to watch the latest soccer match. You rolled your eyes as the sound of the microwave beep interrupted your groan.  You grabbed the popcorn and walked over to him, placing it next to his hand as you sat next to it.  

“Do I get a thank you?”
“On what?”
“How good the popcorn is.”

You laughed and playfully hit his shoulder as he threw a popcorn into his mouth, smirking as he caught it.
“He shoots, he scores!”, you yelled as he smirked and chuckled while you clapped.
“You’re adorable.”, he murmured, looking into your eyes as yours met his.  

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Jughead Jones | Right were she belongs.

Count of words: 1686

Warnings: super long, maybe kind of sad, also fluff, may contain spoilers if you haven’t seen till episode 11-12

A/N: Ok this is wayyyyyyyy longer than intended and is defenitely the longest imagine I’ve writen in a long time.. I HAVEN’T HAD THIS KIND OF INSPIRATION TO WRITE SO MUCH IN SO LONG OMG !!! I’M SHOOK!! I swear I feel so proud of myself for this. I hope you like it love ♥ 




@tayrae515​ asked:
Could you do one where your Archie’s year younger sister and you happen to see Jason’s death and the killer is chasing you trying to catch you and somehow you fall into sweet water river and Jughead hears you and helps. Very intense and fluff. All four of them there with Jughead like when they saved Cheryl but Jughead is being very sweet and comforting you. Betty is dating Archie. Kinda detailed, thank you :) p.s. Bughead till the day I die but I thought this would be cool. 💕💕

Even when dark times like this take over a small town like Riverdale, it seems like some lights never stop to shine and show us the way to make these miserable lives of ours better. After the death of Jason Blossom a wave of bad events started happening. The whole town was slowly driven into chaos but no one seemed to acknowledge that. But even in this up coming chaos there was always some hope. For me, it was her.

It is this girl at the back of the classroom, a notebook and pen in hand as well as a passion hidden behind her (eye color) colored orbs. Her beautiful (hair color) hair falling over her face as she was writing/drawing making her look ten times more beautiful. It is something about this girl that appealed to me but I still couldn’t explain it. It was this fire in her eyes, this passion about the things she loved, this obliviosity to all the darkness sourounding her restricted bubble of light. But she was Archie’s sister. 

Specificly after the death of the Blossom’s golden son, she seemed off. She was distant, scared even. She wasn’t drawing like before and she wasn’t doing anything with the same passion as before. On the contrary, she was wary of everyone’s steps and movements. Even the slightest sudden move would make her flinch in fear but no one noticed, no one thought much of the poor scared girl.

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One Last Goodbye (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengera

Warnings: Death, mourning. 

SUPER SAD!!!!!!!

Request: hello! I was wondering if you could write a reader x avengers where the reader died during a mission. Fury give Tony a USB key and told him to watch the video with the rest of the avengers. on the video the reader is talking about how much she loved them and tells each avenger little facts that she loved about them and she thanks them for being her family. I don’t know if that make sense.. sorry I’m french :) thank you if you write my request. bye, I love you xx

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It had been a month.

You had gone on a mission alone. They didn’t have a specific time for you to come back, and you were undercover, so the avengers didn’t bat an eyelid when you didn’t call in and didn’t come back in over a month. But then they heard the news.

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BTS Reaction - you suffering from claustrophobia


You’ve been looking forward to this concert for months, eager as ever to receive Jin’s full attention for a whole night, which is part of the reason you feel so frustrated when your tell-tale signs of anxiety start to emerge, taking their hold.  You’ve never been good in crowds - they’ve always made you feel panicky, claustrophobic - so when more and more people start to pour into the venue, their hot, sticky bodies surrounding you, your heart rate starts to steadily creep up, a cold sweat running down your back as your hands turn clammy too.  

“Jin… can we go to the bar?”  You shout over the chattering around you, trying not to let the panic in your voice show as you look up at him.  He looks around you, noting how tightly packed it is - it’ll be a nightmare to try and push through everyone.

“Can you wait, Jagi?  We’ve got such a good spot!” he calls back, but then he sees the way your expression crumples, your eyes squeezing closed as you bite your lip, and slips his hand into yours.  “Doesn’t matter, c’mon.”  He cuts through the crowd in front of you, parting bodies so you can follow easily behind, keeping your eyes to the ground and trying not to cry.  

When you get to the bar Jin quickly orders you a glass of water and tells you softly to drink, taking your hand again and softly rubbing his thumb across your knuckles, back and forth, back and forth, until your breathing has evened out again.  You glance up at him, embarrassed, only to see him smiling kindly down at you.  

“We can stay here, if you want.  If you sit on my shoulders you’ll still have a perfect view.”  

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Movie nights with Yoongi are a pretty regular thing, these days.  Although he might not like to admit it you know he likes cuddling up in bed to watch them just as much as you do, and watching them together late at night gives him the perfect excuse to fall asleep as the little spoon without ever having confess that that’s exactly what he wants after a long day of practice.  Horror movies are your favourite, but you never would have picked tonight’s feature.  It all takes place underground - a group of teens stalked by a monster lurking in the dark - and as you watch them squeeze through tight spaces and wade through waist deep water, you can feel yourself start to panic almost as much the actors you’re on the screen.  

You thought you’d be ok, told yourself you’d be an idiot for letting your claustrophobia get to you from just a movie, but clearly you were wrong.  Only half an hour in Yoongi notices the way you’re gripping onto the front of his shirt, knuckles going white, your pretty lips parted as you take short, panicky breaths, eyes wide and fixed on the TV.  

“Babe, I’m getting kind of tired,” he murmurs in those growling, dulcet tones of his, and the sound of his voice has the effect he was hoping for; you look away from the screen, blinking rapidly, your grip relaxing slightly.  He doesn’t want to call you out for being afraid - though he figures it’s the movie itself that’s the problem, you never having told him about your phobia before - and he knows you’d just deny there was an issue and torture yourself through it all if he brought it up, proud as you are.  “Let’s just put on some music - it’s shit anyway.”  

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Today’s been a blast.  From the moment you woke up Hobi was full of energy, dragging you out of bed early to surprise you with an impromptu date at your local theme park.  You’ve been on so many rides that you’ve lost count; passing time together in the queues with jokes and laughter, screaming your heads off on the roller coasters and log flumes, kissing sweetly to celebrate that you made it out alive after each one is over.  You save the biggest and best ride for last and it doesn’t disappoint - it’s the scariest, most thrilling of them all.  There corkscrew turns, death defying drops, and you’re both laughing, joyful, adrenaline fuelled tears streaming from the corner of your eyes as the carriage pulls into the dark underground station, almost back to the start but just not quite.  

Suddenly, everything grinds to a complete halt.  The carriage no longer seems to be moving and you’re left hanging there, feet dangling in down into the dark as people start to murmur discontentedly around you, wondering what’s going on.  An announcement comes over the tannoy; the ride has encountered a temporary malfunction, there’s an engineer on the way to rectify the situation as soon as possible - please remain calm and do not attempt to leave the carriage.  Only, you can’t remain calm.  This is your worst nightmare, and you instantly start to panic, pulling at the straps that suddenly feel far too tight.  

“Hobi, Hoseok, I need to get out.  Please, now, I need to get out now,” you cry, verging on hysteria, and though you can’t see it in the dark Hobi’s face is panicked too - he’s never seen you like this before.  

“Baby?  Baby, it’s alright.”  He reaches out and grasps your hands in his own, holding them tight as he calms himself for the sake of keeping you calm too.  “Just focus on me, ok?  I’m gonna buy you the biggest ice cream after this baby, win you the biggest teddy here, just you wait and see.”

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You should’ve never taken the lift.   There’s a reason you always avoid them - there’s a fear that would always overcomes you whenever you enclosed in such small, confined spaces, even for the shortest of times.  But Namjoon hadn’t wanted to walk twelve flights of stairs, and you hadn’t been able to find a legitimate excuse fast enough before the sliding doors to your own private hell had opened up and beckoned you inside.  You should’ve just told him how much they scared you, maybe not been so worried about him thinking you were silly or irrational, because now look what a mess you’ve found yourself in - all because you were too proud.

You’re stuck, caught between two floors in an unmoving metal box suspended high above the ground, and you’re absolutely convinced that this is how you’re going to die.  Before Namjoon can even press the emergency call button you’ve already crumpled to the ground, clutching your chest like there’s a ten tonne weight on top of it, gasping for breath with wide, frightened eyes.  

“Joonie,” you gasp, tears sliding down your cheeks as he instantly kneels in front of you, taking your face in both his hands.  “Joonie, I can’t breathe!”  

“Yes you can,” he tells you calmly, wiping away each drop that falls from your eyes with his gentle touch.  How is he always so calm, so centered, even when it seems like your world is ending?  “Look at me, nothing else.  We’re gonna do this together, ok?  In through your nose, out through your mouth, nice deep breaths.”  You do your best to copy him, staring back into the dark, unblinking eyes that you love so much, trying to absorb that steadfast aura he exudes so naturally.  “That’s my girl.  Again with me, that’s it.”

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Park Jimin is going to be responsible for the death of you, of that you’re fairly certain.  Well, either that or your warrant of arrest for public indecency, either one of the two.  The boy can’t ever seem to keep his hands of you, no matter where you are or what time of days it is, and you’ve lost count of the amount of times he’s dragged you off somewhere for a quick fumble - behind a hedge, in the back of a car, you name it.  He’s insatiable, and honestly?  You’re easily led.  Who wouldn’t be, faced with the angelic eyes and sinful smirk your boyfriend is blessed with?  

Today is no exception to the usual rule.  You’ve been watching him during dance practice, and apparently you’ve been making too much eye contact during his body rolls, or licking your lips too much when he thrusts his hips or something, because by the time it’s all over and done with Jimin’s practically dragging you out into the hall.  Even though his lips are on your neck and his hands are in your hair, you know he’s on the lookout for some dark, secret corner to better have his fill of you, and within minutes he thinks he’s found the ideal place.  

And the janitor’s closet probably would be just that, if it weren’t for your crippling claustrophobia.  You know you’ll start to freak out the second you go in there and that door closes, so when Jimin tries to tug you inside with a devilish grin you resist, pulling back.  

“Are you playing hard to get, kitten?”  he growls, taking hold of your belt loops and once again tugging on you, bringing your hips into sharp contact with his.  Oh, how you wish that closet was just that little bit bigger… that little bit brighter.  You’re going to pay for this act of rebellion, you can tell by the dark look that settles over his features when you coyly bite your lip, stepping back once more.  “Oh, you just wait ‘til I get you home.”  

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You splutter, on the receiving end of a face full of water that Taehyung just splashed your way, your eyes narrowing in a glare as soon as you’ve wiped the chlorine out of them.  Tae thinks it’s hilarious, the way your hair is now plastered to your face, but soon learns his lesson when you launch yourself on him, dragging him down into the water with all your weight and ducking his head under, now shrieking with laughter yourself.  

The water park was a brilliant idea.   You’ve loved swimming since you were a child, and frankly, any opportunity that gives you the chance to see Taehyung in his shorts and nothing else is always a welcome one.   It’s kept the two of your entertained for hours; splashing each, riding the wave machine, tossing a blow up ball back and forth, slipping down water slides on large inflatable rubber rings.  

“Ah, Jagi, I haven’t shown you the best one yet!”  Taehyung tells you enthusiastically, grabbing your hand to hoist you out of the water onto the side, smiling that boxy grin of his.  You follow after him eagerly, climbing a staircase that seems like it never ends and enjoying the view of his wet shorts clinging to pert little bottom as he goes on ahead.  When you reach the top, Taehyung holds out his arms as if to show off the tiny little opening in the wall that you’re met with - a small circular hole that leads down in a dark, fully enclosed water slide.  “Ta-da!”  

You can hear the water rushing on the inside, echoing off the plastic walls, and just the thought of even sitting at the opening has your pulse starting to flutter with anxiety.  On seeing your expression his smile falters, his arms dropping back down to his sides.  

“We don’t have to do this one if you don’t want, Jagi,” he reassures you, taking your hand and pulling you into a loose cuddle, your soggy bodies sticking to one another.  “Really, it kind of scares me too.”  

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You can’t wait to see him.  It’s only been a month but it feels like so much longer, and you’ve gone to so much effort to get the apartment looking nice for the moment Jungkook arrives.  You’ve made his favourite meal, rented his favourite movie, put on his favourite lingerie under his favourite of your outfits, and you’re just putting the finishing touches to everything when suddenly two hands settle over your eyes, pressing down tightly over them.  

“Guess who?” comes a gentle, teasing voice. You know exactly who it is, and you know that your stomach should be doing rolls of joy now that he’s finally, rather than swerving with rolls of nausea.   It’s stupid, but having your vision restricted has always made you feel claustrophobic, and you can feel that panic coming on now, threatening to ruin the evening you’ve so carefully prepared.  You try to pull Jungkook’s hands away, laughing nervously, but he just holds them on tighter, laughing too, oblivious to your discomfort.  “Nuh-uh, you have to guess!”  

Whimpering, you tug on those usually sweet, gentle hands once more, but Jungkook is far too strong.  It’s only when you start to feel like you can’t breathe that you finally give in and beg him to let you go in a loud, panicky voice, making him drop his hands immediately.  You spin on the spot, the guilt you feel on seeing his crestfallen face making you feel ten times worse.  

“Sorry Kookie, I’m sorry,” you gush, rushing into his arms and letting him hold you tight as you start to cry.  He’s confused by your reaction but strokes your hair anyway, pressing kisses to your temples as he frowns with concern.  

“Did I scare you, Noona?  I didn’t mean to - I just wanted to surprise you, that’s all.”

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How I would like ATLA Ending to go
  • Zuko: There's something I absolutely must tell you after we face Azula.
  • Katara: Ok Zuko...
  • *Zuko goes and faces the already screw up Azula blah blah comes back*
  • Katara: Wasn't there something you needed to tell me?
  • Zuko: Huh?
  • Zuko: OH!
  • Zuko: Yeeeah, I almost forgot. I was gonna tell you...
  • Katara: ....
  • Zuko: ...that I am HELLA gay.
  • Zuko: for Aang.
  • Zuko: We fall in love.
  • Aang: Sorry we probably should have said something earlier before you get the wrong idea.
  • Katara: *starts crying*
  • Toph: *starts crying*
  • Sokka: *mouth open*
  • Mai: *kill mod*
  • Uncle Iroh: *starts crying but from happiness*
  • Ozai: *doesn't give a fuck and also in prison*.
  • Zuko & Aang: *preparing for marriage*

anonymous asked:

maybe some more trans peter headcanons if you're up to it?

ayy i’m always up to it !

  • ok so i have a lot of thoughts about different ways that tony probably told peter about paying for his things BUT what if it was in the car when he also told him he could keep the suit so he’s like “i can keep the suit?” and tony’s like “yeah and i also talked to your aunt and i’m gonna pay for your top surgery and hormones anyway have a good day” and peter’s like WHAT and a tad overwhelmed by all that so he probably just deadass starts crying a bit and Tony’s like what. waht have i done wha have i done 
  • peter goes to the hospital as spider-man sometimes to say hi to kids and stuff and so one time he goes and there’s a trans kid and he’s like “you’re my favorite superhero” and he says he drew the spidey symbol in trans colors and peter’s like “ayyyyyyyy i’m trans all trans guys are superheroes bc i’m spider-man and i say so”
With All My Heart - Part 7

Word Count: 2913

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Medical situations, some self loathing/self esteem issues

A/N: Tags for this series are closed. Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. 

Feedback and constructive criticism always appreciated

With All My Heart Masterlist

Jensen sat at your bedside long after all the tests had been done, running his thumb over your knuckles. He’d sent Jared home after a lengthy argument that he’d be fine to wait alone, that he should go get some rest and be with Gen and the kids. They’d loaded you up with so much medication there was really no way to tell when you’d fully wake up anyway. He promised to call if anything changed.

He was half asleep when your free hand shot up to your face, clawing at the oxygen mask to try and get it off. “Shh, Y/N, stop.” Jensen grabbed your hand and lowered it back down, waiting for your eyes to stop wildly searching the room and focus on him. “It’s ok, you’re alright. You gotta keep that on, though. At least for now.” You fought against him, determined to get the mask off your face. It felt oppressive and claustrophobic and you had no idea you were even in a hospital or why he was forcing you to wear it but you wanted it off and you wanted it off now. “Sweetheart, calm down. I need you to calm down. Stop fighting and I’ll explain everything and then I’ll get a nurse and see if we can get the mask off, ok?”

You finally stopped struggling, relaxing against the bed and taking in your surroundings. “Why am I in a hospital?” You finally asked and Jensen smiled at the sound of your voice. He was starting to think you weren’t able to speak.

“They said you probably had a mini stroke.” Jensen answered. “They ran a bunch of tests and I told ‘em about how sick you were when we met. There’s no really easy way to tell you this…”

“So tell me.”

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My wingman

summary: Single dad au;where peter ends up losing his son at the park.

pairing: Peter parker x reader

warning: fluff. Swearing(a tiny bit)

a/n: so I am alive.. and I’m a sucker for single dad au’s, either ways feedback appreciated.  

“James are you done??” peter paced around his apartment in search of this tie.

 “James, buddy you have to hurry up if you want to go the park. You know daddy has a really important meeting today with the mean lady at daddy’s office and we really want her to like daddy right? so we can’t be late”.

Peter was about to nock once again, but James beat him to it and finally got out of the bathroom. James looked at Peter and gave a big gummy smile showing him his pearly white teeth.

 “All clean, daddy. See! I even have my new star wars shirt which Grandma May got me.” James pointed at his shirt, “yes I do see my little Luke Skywalker. Peter picked up James and gave him a kiss on the cheek.


“ok James I am gonna need to behave ok? I am going to go talk to the lady, so I am gonna need you to stay put. Okay? Promise me to stay here and not move?” Peter held out his picky in the air. James held out his pinky and intertwined  it with his dads “Promise”.

Peter left James on a bench near by, he didn’t want to bring his son to the meeting. His old babysitter had abandoned  him last minute, so he had no other choice but to bring James with him. 

Peter walked to the small café where his meeting was held, but ever 5 seconds he keep turning to see if James was alright. 

James sat on the bench calmly just like Peter has asked him. That was until he heard  the jingle of the ice-cream cart and ran towards it. 

James was eyeing the ice-cream like it was some type of treasure that he needed to have, but sadly he didn’t have any money. 

“SIRIUS! SLOWDOWN!” Y/n screamed her lungs out as she tried to catch up with her pup. 

James turned his head to the direction  of the voice and saw a black blur. He squinted his eyes see what was coming towards him.

Sirius ran towards little James and jumped on him, attacking him with kisses.

“PUPPY!” James shrieked.

Y/n ran towards the both of them panting, finding a giggling child and her black Labrador playing in the grass. “ hey there kiddo, you alright? I hope my Sirius here didn’t scare you?” Y/n asked concerned, she didn’t want the poor kid to get hurt. 

“I am okay, your puppy is cute” James gave Y/n one of his cute gummy smiles and that melted her heart. 

“Would you like to play with him?” Y/n kneeled down to the child height.

James frowned and said “ Daddy says I am not supposed to talk to strangers”. 

Y/n smiled at his cuteness, “well in that case” she held her hand out for him to shake “I am Y/n, and this is Sirius. What’s your name?” 

“my name is James” he shook her hand. “ well now James we are all friends, but I am gonna need you to ask your daddy if its ok for you to play with Sirius, we don’t want your daddy to be mad now don’t we?”. 

James nodded and started to walk to where his dad might be, but the truth was he didn’t know where his dad was. 

“I-I don’t know where my daddy is… I think I am lost” James started to sob. 

“awe don’t cry, James. We will find your dad okay?” Y/n whipped his tears away and started to look for James dad. 

“DADDY! WHERE ARE YOU!” James shouted as he walked beside Y/n. “DADDY! WHE-” Y/n soon realised that maybe her shouting daddy wasn’t the best thing to do in public or when searching for kids missing dad. 

“uh James what’s your dad’s name?” 

“His name is DADDY!” Y/n looked at James confused and turned to the direction he was looking at. There was man that looked around her age, his hair was messy and sticking out all over place, the tie he had on was now lose from him pulling on it, and his eyes were blood shot red due to the crying. 

He ran up to James and held him tight and started to cry even more.” Buddy, where did you go? Didn’t I tell you to stay on the bench?” Peter said as he peppered kisses on his son’s face.

“ I am so sorry daddy, I promise I wont leave you ever again” James hugged his dad.

Y/n realised that the man in front of her was James’s dad, not because he just called him daddy, but because of how similar both father and son were. The hair, the eyes, the smile, everything. The looked like twins. 

Y/n awkwardly stood there looking down at Sirius who looked just as clueless.

Peter finally  noticed Y/n’s presence and let go of his son. “Thank you, thank you thank you so much, for finding my son” Peter said to Y/n. 

‘wow he’s cute

“oh no worries, and you shouldn’t be thanking me you should thank Sirius over here he was the one who jumped your kid, that’s how I found him” Y/n rambled. 

“wait what?” Peter asked truly confused over the cute girl in front of him. 

“nothing, I am happy that you found James. He’s a great kid” Y/n ruffled James hair. 

“well I have to get going now, nice to meet you guys. Bye” Y/n waved goodbye to the father and son. 

“I like her” said James, Peter gave his son a questioning look and smirked at him “you find her cute?”.

James made a disgusted face “no girls are ew”. 

*a months later* 

“ahh Y/n thank you so much for coming over in such a short notice” Peter said as he placed his bag on the table. 

“don’t worry, I love hanging out with the squirt, and he love’s Sirius so that’s a plus. Sometimes I feel like he only hangout with me because of Sirius? Oh shit sorry I’m rambling aren’t I?” 

Peter smiled at her cuteness” it’s fine, and don’t worry about him not liking you he really does love you. Love with a capital L”  

Y/n smiled at Peter ,and headed towards the door when she remembered something very interesting that James had told her today about his dad. 

“Before I forget James said something really funny today, he said something about you liking me and finding me cute?” Y/n looked at Peter with a smug grin. 

Peter looked at the floor embarrassed that his son would tell her about the conversation from the other day. 

“w-well I’ve been meaning to ask you out for a while. I didn’t know when to do with or how to ask you out. I never expected that my own son would end up being my wingman” both you laughed. 

DerpCraft: How Many Dates Does It Take?
  • Galm: You know one of the things I really love about Smarty? It's that you can completely shut him down by talking to him about sex.
  • Chilled: *calls Smarty while he's not streaming, but everyone else is*
  • Tom: Oh my <i>god</i>, Chilled
  • Smarty: *answering the phone* Oh hey, I was just about to call you. I'm escaping work.
  • Chilled: Oh, awesome, cool, I just had a quick question. Uh, we haven't started yet, we're just getting things together. This is more I guess for my own personal thing, so don't talk to the other guys about this, uh-
  • Smarty: I can <i>not</i> hear you, hold on one sec
  • Aphex: *cry-laughing*
  • Chilled: Ok, how was work bro?
  • Galm: He's gonna reveal a bunch of private details
  • Chilled: You there though?
  • Smarty: Yeah, what's up?
  • Chilled: So, serious question, and I need to kinda know- after how many dates you have sex with a woman? Like, is it two? Three?
  • Smarty: ... What?
  • Chilled: Like, I'm just- I'm in three years of dates, like, is it three dates? Did I get the numbers confused? How many-
  • Smarty: Can I just ask you a question? Are you currently on the livestream?
  • Chilled: NO! We haven't started yet- Aphex, being typical Aphex, didn't show up yet. I think we said 5pm-
  • Smarty: Hold on, wait, what?
  • Chilled: So, three dates? Alright, we'll talk about it more afterwards, get back safe buddy.
  • Smarty: ... I can tell you're on the livestream right now
  • Aphex: <i>*wheezing*</i>
  • Chilled: I'm not livestreaming, cross my heart. I am not live streaming.
  • Smarty: ... I just checked <i>Twitter</i>?
  • Chilled: ... Well, maybe <i>they're</i> livestreaming. Smarty, I gotta go something's going on, there's a creeper in my house, bye Smarty-

chameleon-tea-deactivated201712  asked:

prompt 7 (please... just leave me alone) with boyf riends?

Sorry it took me so long! Exams have been a bitch :/
Any who, thank you for the prompt!

7 - “Please… just leave me alone”


The walls were closing in, everything was going dark and all Michael could do was sit there helplessly in the bathroom tub. Knees huddled up to his chest, he closed his eyes and tried to let his mind wonder out of this hellish hole he had been trapped in for the past few hours.

He saw the people outside the door that were still parting till dawn, without a care in the world. Most of them didn’t even know that Michael existed. He saw Rich, frantically dancing through the hallways of Jake’s house, yelling something about Mountain Dew Red. Michael thought back for a moment to the days where he could sit in the peaceful room of his basement, chugging the fruity flavoured drink. Those were his favourite times - a time before everything went to shit and he lost his best friend over a super computer.

He saw Jake, who was currently making out with Chloe in one of the many bedrooms of the household. Yet another feature of the house Michael detested. It was big - way too big and whenever Michael tired to escape the hell that was the bathroom the giant would suck him back in.

He saw Christine and Brooke dancing the night away in their Halloween costumes, laughing and smiling without a care in the world. At least they were allowed to smile. ‘It isn’t fair,’ Michael thought when he saw them - saw how happy they both were. He tried to copy them, tried to share in their joy but he just couldn’t. His brain was torturing him, teasing him with the prospect of being happy but dangling it just out of reach.

Finally, he saw Jeremy. His best friend. He was also smiling, watching the girls with his iconic dimples and his calming radiance. He was perfect. And completely different to Michael.

He didn’t deserve him. Jeremy could have done so much better the last twelve years, it was surprising it had taken him this long to realise that. Michael replayed the scene again and again in his head - “Get out of my way, loser”.

Jeremy was right. He was a loser. Here he was, at the biggest party of the fall, cramped and locked inside a small bathroom with nothing but his hoodie to keep him warm. His tears had begun to dry on his cheeks as there were no more tears to shed. Michael was wrong to think he was ever deserving of Jeremy. He was… nothing compared to him.

Michael closed his eyes and imagined what it would be like if he could just disappear, right here right now, leaving no trace of his existence behind to burden anyone. Everyone at the party wouldn’t know otherwise of the boy in the bathroom who disappeared during a party, never to be seen again.

Everything was red now, a burning brick red. The walls of the bathroom were lit up by the flames engulfing the room and from the bath Michael watched the hypnotic fire. Maybe it would take him away. Maybe this was his escape.

“Michael…” he faintly heard a voice but chose to ignore it and continued to stare at the bright yellow flame in front of him. He wondered what his parents would say, to find their son had died a miserable death in a house fire at a party. Not that they would care, Michael barely knew them they were so distant. Maybe they wouldn’t even notice.

“Michael!” The voice was a louder now and Michael could recognise it. He wish he hadn’t.

“Please… just leave me alone.” He pleaded helplessly, knowing all too well who that voice belonged to. No, this was for the best. If he disappeared, Jeremy wouldn’t have to worry about him being around anymore. He could get even more popular, make even more friends and have a better life without Michael. With that thought in mind, he slowly began to reach towards the flames.

No one needed Michael. No one even knew his name. He was nothing, nothing to Jeremy. Just a boy in a bathroom-


Michael’s eyes snapped open and immediately his brain processed what had happened. It was a dream - a nightmare. Michael wasn’t back at last year’s Halloween party, he wasn’t left alone in the bathroom or surrounded by the burning building. Michael was in bed with his boyfriend Jeremy, clinging tightly to his t-shirt and he slowly came back to reality. He noticed his cheeks were moist, he was crying in his sleep. Jeremy must have noticed and woken him up.

Slowly, he looked up to meet his boyfriend’s bright blue eyes, his iconic dimples, his calming radiance. It was all there, and it was all his.

“Michael are you… are you ok? You started shifting in your sleep and then I noticed you were crying so I tried to wake you up and-”

Michael cut him off with a quick peck in the lips and pulled away to lock eyes with Jeremy. He smiled, curling himself tightly around him. Everything was perfect.

“I love you Jeremy.”

He felt his boyfriend’s breath hitch for a second before returning the cuddle and closing his eyes, slowly drifting back to sleep.

“Love you too Mike.”

Who would be an angry crier in check please??? My first thought was Nursey bc he’s emotional ™, I think he’s more of a happy crier (Ex: Sees a small animal- tears up). My next thought was Dex. Dex is stubborn and gets irritated/ annoyed by little things which can be overwhelming at times and he has the potential to get so angry he bursts into tears. Ok now this is gonna get a little crazy…. But what if….. Nursey and Dex are fighting again and Dex gets so frustrated he starts crying. And the argument stops and Nursey is in shock for a second but then starts consoling Dex. And Nursey tucks Dex in his bed and then slides in next to him before Dex can even protest. Nursey starts rubbing circles on Dex’s back in silence. It only takes a few minutes before Dex is asleep and just before Nursey drifts off he wraps his arm around Dex’s waist and pulls him closer.

College AU's

Prompts inspired by actual college experiences I’ve had.

-were roommates and i saw you shaving your legs on top of my desk and ‘NO I’m nOT staring’ but holy hell your legs are fine

-We share a major and a few classes so we started talking and I accidentally spilled the beans about my horrible love life so now you’ve made it your mission to get me a date but you got so angry that no one was interested in me so you stepped in as my date yourself

-the classic ‘reach for the last piece of pizza in the lunch line at the same time and our eyes meet’ except I’m a glutton and ready to fite you for that pizza

-I’m walking home from a late night class when I eat shit on the ice and shout 'fUCK mE’ but your dorm window is open so you shout back 'when and where?’ And what why thE HELL DID YOU HANG OUT YOUR WINDOW TO SHOUT THAT?!

-we met at a college party blackout drunk but hey we hold each other’s hair back during the hangover so maybe we’ll work out

-'how you doin’ said lazily across the lounge during a movie night

-you’re the hot kid in the dorm across the hall from me and I’m super fricken shy but you always give me a smile when we pass each other and 'omG YOUre standing at my door asking for my number WhAT?!

-were both teachers of the same major but have very different opinions on how it should be taught and who the most important authors/researchers/artists in that field are. And now our students have gathered in the common green to watch us debate the fuck outta this once and for all (bonus points if one of them ends the debate by asking the other out) (double bonus points if they only say yes AFTER the students/other teacher dares them and bet money that they wouldn’t)

-we live on the same floor and I always seem to run into you when you’re in a towel coming out of the shower. We’ve never said anything about it until I come by with a tour I’m leading and when you see me you just shout 'SERIOUSLY?! Now you’re just doing this on purpose!’

-so you’re a senior in the dorm next to mine and I always here you screaming about some assignment that will be the end of your career as you know it. When your roommate started leaving the room during these episodes I knocked on the door with a mug of coffee/hot cocoa and I’ve never see someone cry so much over a hot beverage are you ok??

-I swear I’m not high I just like staring at the sky and speaking philosophy leave me alone.” “Bummer now who’s gonna smoke this pot with me?” “I never said I didnt smoke. Gimme the joint”


“yes y/n, i really love you.”

2% fluff surri


“y/n!” you jumped as you heard jackson’s loud high pitched scream from your bathroom.

“i’m back here!” you shouted back at him.

in less than a minute, jackson was standing in your doorway with the cheesiest grin on his face which made you smile. your smile grew even wider once you saw yugyeom.

it was something about his presence that made you feel like a kid in a candy store. you couldn’t deny it, you wanted him. the only problem was that he wasn’t good at english and your korean wasn’t that good. the most that you could say to eachother was ; “hey’s” “byes” “what are you doing’s” “i love you’s” “what do you want’s” etc. the simple list could go on but it still wasn’t enough. 

he thought that it was embarrassing that he couldn’t speak english as good as jackson and mark but you thought that it was adorable.

yugyeom wasn’t always adorable to you though. whenever you were feeling lustful, his room would be where you’d be…

“are you smiling all big because of me?” jackson sarcastically asked you as he walked over to you and hugged you.

“never.” you laughed and turned to yugyeom who was staring at you like it was all that he could do. “hey yugs.”

he dramatically shook his head and came back down to earth. “oh hey y/n!” he pulled you into his arms and attempted to squeeze the life out of you.

you took that time to inhale the smell of his clothes like you always did. something seemed a little different though, he smelled more seductive and sexy than sweet.

“you got some new colo-”

“yes, for you.” yugyeom accidentally spat out. you could hear jackson face palming himself in the background.

“he wanted to see if it smelled good to you. he didn’t actually buy it for you.” jackson attempted to clear up the awkward situation but you weren’t falling for it.

“what’s up? what’s going on?” you crossed your arms and walked out of the bathroom to the living area to sit down.

as expected, they followed behind you and down on each side of you, leaving you in the middle. “first off, i don’t wanna be in the middle.”

“yeah well you’re just gonna have to deal with it today. anyways yugyeom has something to tell you.” jackson said as he turned to yugyeom.

yugyeom’s eyes shot open wide. he’d be sweating bullets any moment now. “uhhh…i…uhhh.. jackson. translate.” he couldn’t get out what he wanted to say so he spoke in korean, but he still looked you in your eyes. all that you could understand was saranghaseyo [사랑하세요] (i love you) and jinjja [진짜] (really).

after yugyeom talked for a whole two minutes, jackson dramatically put his hand over his heart and shouted. “oh yugs yes, i love you too.” you guessed that he was pretending to be you since he called him ‘yugs’ which made you eager to know what was said.

“are you gonna tell me what he said?” you rushed jackson.

he sighed and clapped his hands together like he was about to start a meeting or something. “alright but promise me you won’t cry.”

“i don’t know why would i, thugs don’t cry.” you laid back in the chair and paid attention to jackson.

“look at yugyeom. look at yugyeom when i tell you what he said. look at yugyeom!” he literally got up and turned your head and body to face yugyeom. extra af.

“this is wei-”

“shit up i mean shut up y/n!” jackson cut you off. “ok so yugyeom said that he really really really really really loves you. he said that you’ve known each other for a long time and that he now he realizes that he likes you, that he’s in love with you. like he wants to date you, he wants to move on to the next step because it’s obvious that you two have chemistry. he said that he will learn english for you. then he said i love you in one of the highest form of respect that’s my boy!”

your eyes started to water as you unexpectedly threw yourself onto yugyeom and kissed him. “i love you too yugyeom, i love you so much..”

“we are… dating?” yugyeom stuttered as he spoke in english.

“yes! yes! yes!” you kissed him again.

“what the actual fuck are y'all kissing for?! and why are you on top of him?! you’re supposed to wait to have sex damn you just started dating!” jackson screamed.

you bursted out into lauhghter and yugyeom did the same although he didn’t understand but it was funny to see hyung act this way.

“we we’re friends with benefits, i’m sorry that we kept it secret.” you managed to get out. you sat up and wrapped your arm around yugyeom’s neck since you were basically sitting in his lap. he wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his head on your chest.

“tell me you’re lying..” jackson’s eyes got wide.

“i’m lying.” you laughed at his reaction. he placed his hand over his heart and let out the biggest and most dramatic sigh.

“but we’ve kissed a lot of times so you shouldn’t worry. ” you shrugged and exposed yourself like it was nothing.

“so y'all were…friends who kiss? when the hell did ya’ll have time to sneak away and kiss? is that what you were doing? i thought you were helping him with english when you two went to his room!”

“i guess so.” you replied with a sarcastic smile and turned your attention back onto yugyeom.

you ran your fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead which made him smile wide, from ear to ear.

“i love you y/n.” his english accent was adorable. cuteness overload.

“i love you too. and i’ll study korean harder okay?” you responded in korean which shook yugyeom.

“this is so cute i did good..” you heard jackson mumbling to himself. “but damn after all this time they were kissing buddies..”

you didn’t notice but yugyeom gave a thumbs up to jackson. he was excited for the future that he had with you and he was even more excited to brag about how he was the one to get you.

mark? hurt. jaebum? hurt. jinyoung? hurt. youngjae? extremely hurt. bams? hurt. jackson? lowkey hurt but happy that he could help.


so yeah, you and yugyeom were official. you studied korean with mark while yugyeom studied english with jackson. sometimes you guys switched. it felt good to be able to communicate with each other better. showing affection to each other in front of others was weird at first but you two quickly got used to the salty stares. qts.

It burns, doesn’t it? [Prologue]

Genre: Mafia!au I Mature I Fluff? Angst…so much angst I Violence and all that good mafia stuff.

Members: Jungkook x Yoongi x Namjoon x Jin  x Hoseok x Jimin x Taehyung  Feat. Got7 

SummaryWhy am I hurting alone? Why am I in love alone?

Originally posted by berry852

| Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4  | Part 5 Part 6 |  Part 7  | Part 8  | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 |

You heard police and paramedics say it was a hit and run. There were others who were injured in the accident but your father was in the worse condition. 

“Dad…please, you can’t-’

‘I love you, ok? Take care of your aunt for me…tell your brother I’m-’ 

 You sobbed vigorously as police had forcefully pried you away from your father’s now lifeless form.

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I’m just so like frustrated because comic Gert was so confident and literally didn’t give a fuck about what Chase thought and HE was the one that developed the feelings first and HE was the one that was always worried he didn’t deserve her and yeah he had a crush on Karolina and flirted with her but it was only a couple times and he was never serious and he started dating Gert before he even found out Karolina was gay and just…

Ugh if anyone was gonna be pining it should be love sick puppy Chase, not my amazing wonderful girl Gert, crying over him kissing another girl (who’s so gay but that’s for another post).

I’m just an annoyed fan girl that’s waited like 10 years to see these idiots on TV and I don’t like this whole sad Gert plot line. She’s a queen.