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I was the secret santa for @ann13doodles ! I drew your OT3 but in ugly christmas sweaters sorry if you wanted something nice rip

Happy Holidays! 


Like who he tryna kid though?

i hate the fact that i can’t say no.
i hate the fact that i give in so easily to people.

my “best friend” literally went behind my back and basically copied my entire assignment that i spent 4 damn weeks including xmas break working so hard on and was so, so proud of and now she and i have both been caught for plagiarism and that could mean i could get expelled from my course and my uni. i’ve already dropped out of uni and had to take out 18 months of it bc of my mental health. and now i could expelled which means there’s no way i could go uni again bc of “plagiarism”, when it was MY WORK that got plagiarised. it was MY HARD WORK that got credited as hers???

and i just simply. don’t. fucking. BELIEVE. that people like that exist. who would pull a stunt like this??? why would she fuck me over like this?????

WHY can i not say no to people. i’ve never hated myself more than i do now.

Normalcy Pt. I

sasu/saku/naru indecisive madness

In which Sakura decides that dealing with her teammates’ millionth departure gracefully is much more effort than she wants to afford them, and it’s about time the two of them experience the sensation of being left behind anyway. 

or alternatively: Sakura comes back from an unnanounced year long mission as her badass ANBU commander self and the boys just can’t fathom that she would be anything other than ecstatic to see them

Sasuke’s slightly less of a dysfunctional ass, Naruto’s put his big boy pants on, and it’s all downhill from here

i suck at writing serious things tbh

but here’s the beginning of an attempt

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I wish to share something I discovered in 2016, which I find very profound and liberating; It is that God, unlike human beings, will never compare you to anyone else. He’ll only compare you to you. Who you were yesterday, who you are today, and who you will be tomorrow. Your only competition is, well, you.

Allah is not looking for perfection, but simply progress and realistic improvements within ourselves. With this in mind, you don’t have to worry about what people think, how great other people are and instead focus on your own personal (spiritual, physical etc) development, at your own pace. You will learn to accept that Allah has created everyone very differently, and that is okay. I used to have this self-limiting belief in what I can do, especially in UM law school where everyone is just freaking smarrrrt. So instead of ‘I’m gonna try my best’ I say 'there’s no use, there’s always going to be someone better’. I know, dumb and damaging indeed.

But Alhamdulillah towards the end of 2016, thanks to positive and supporting friends, I realized how important it is to have faith, both in God and myself & managed to incorporate a more positive psychological premise. Take it easy, but take charge. Work very hard. And by Allah’s grace and mercy, you will get what you want. He is just waiting to answer your prayers.

2016 was hands down the toughest yet most beautiful year in my life. I had my first ugliest heartbreak, got terribly sick & depressed, restricted to join so many activities & lost the people I love. But I also had my best semester in law school, performed well in class, had the best ramadan in my 22 years, found spectacular friends, bestowed with exciting opportunities and the list goes on. So no regrets. I’ve gotten over grieving on what is not meant to be mine, done crying buckets over things that are not in my control and now just looking forwards to be a better Muslim, and human being as a whole.

Thank you everyone for 2016, I am absolutely blessed beyond measure. Wishing all of you a kick-ass 2017.

With love & admiration,
Aisyah Shakirah Suhaidi

Kelley was never combative, but he seemed drawn to passionate souls…. Something in him liked a fighter, and he enjoyed the role of counselor that gave these heroes strength and rest.
—  1/∞ reasons why DeForest Kelley is actually Leonard McCoy (From Sawdust to Stardust)

Harry Potter vs Ao3 tags  Part 5/??

good things about ep. 5
  • ‘wooow’
  • that shared determined look before yuri first started skating and after when he just said, ‘hai. hai.’ they’ve come to understand each other. they know how they work together now. 
  • the sequins on minami’s jacket A+
  • minami-kun fangirling over yuri as much as we do; how great is it that even his ‘challenge’ was encouraging him to do the best? he wasn’t saying ‘i’m gonna crush you’, he was literally saying, ‘prove me right; do your best; show me you’re the person i inspire to be like’.
  • viktor’s smile-sigh-head tilt
  • seeing yuri improve as a person and at skating, as much because of his own determination as other people, and how often they all make mistakes. they’re not perfect. (and how blown away we’re going to be when yuri pulls off a perfect set)
  • love as something multi-faceted and strong and complex and yuri basically declaring to international television 
  • next episode’s back hug
  • so much development told entirely through commentary and skating just phenomenal
  • when viktor uses makkachin like a toy so he doesn’t have to watch lmao you’re so fucking cute
  • yuri stretching and being weird up against a wall
  • hug. chapped lips. i can’t breathe.
reasons you should watch season one of the shannara chronicles

- literally the first thing that happens is an elf princess says ‘why can’t girls do the thing’ and her bff says 'idk, tradition’ and she says 'well this a crap tradition’ and her bff is all 'i got your tiara, go wreck that tradition’

- her motivation is a magical vision of her magical destiny. the boy’s moivation is that his mom dies and he says 'i’m gonna be the best doctor in the world’. the other main girl is catwoman.

- instead of a wrinkly old man as the quasi-immortal wizard, they got beefy manu bennett from tv’s spartacus and arrow

- instead of a delicately featured scandinavian model as the elven king, they got john rhys davies

- there is a black woman as the captain of the elven royal guard, and the two elven princes are competing for her heart, and she doesn’t die

- said elven princes, when their neice breaks tradition, have an argument where grumpy uncle says 'i thought when our brother died we agreed to crush her dreams to keep her safe’ and cool uncle is all 'she’s too rad, sorry’

- the boy has inherited magic but it is purely defensive, he can’t fight, he is not even in the running for The Baddest Badass and the show says this is just as useful and important

- catwoman roofies him and steals all his shit

- there is sex but, breaking with recent tradition, IT IS ALL CONSENSUAL

- one woman is threatened with rape, but immediately rescued by another woman, and they chain the dude up and take him as their prisoner

- it uses the xena / lotr new zealand production infrastructure, aka it doesn’t look like a tv-budget fellowship of the ring, rather it looks like fellowship, it has 2001 epic fantasy movie visuals, but somehow pulls this off on mtv’s budget, tldr it looks amazing


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K but… imagine antisepticeye as possessed Clarissa