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Dare Me (Woozi/DK Threesome Smut)

Summary: A weekend away from your parents and an innocent sleepover with your two very best friends. The only thing was that they were boys, hormonal boys that you were very attracted to, and they had devilish plans when they showed up on your doorstep that night. A routine game of truth or dare quickly got carried away; and none of you were going to stop it. Smut. 

(AN: yeah so I need jesus. I can literally feel the hot hellfires nipping at my ass as I write this. It’s over 6700 words of sin, so prepare yourselves please. Obvious smut warning. And also you may have noticed all of my smuts start with jokes/antics cause it’s my way of breaking the sexual tension w myself before I write smut. hehe -Tanisha<3)

It was crazy. It was crazy and stupid and it made him wonder exactly when he lost his mind. Well, if losing his mind made him feel as excited as this, then he was prepared to go fully insane.

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Bucky x Reader

Prompt: 48. “I made a mistake.” 50. “I need you to forgive me.” 76. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

Words: 1,084

Warnings: None

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The house was much quieter than it had been. Bucky had been gone for almost two weeks now, and your hopes of him returning grew marginally smaller with each passing day. You didn’t sleep in your bed, because it was too big without him taking up all of the space. You slept on the couch, facing the cushions so you didn’t have to see the empty house swallowing you.

It was unbearable, but you knew it was for the best. You stayed in touch with Steve, who made sure you know Bucky was alright, not injured from his ongoing fights, and tried to convince you that things were going to be alright. As much as you appreciated it, knowing he was with Bucky- who was staying at his place, so that meant they were together as often as you and Bucky used to be- made you a bit jealous.

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mimi-pctter  asked:

Jily au: "i made my special request for the pizza to send their cutest delivery person and you showed up and apologized that you were the only one delivering tonight and i blurted out that they still got my request right" or "My friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex. Quick make out with me, I’ll pay you." Idk, I thought those two were kinda cute haha they sounded a bit better in my head. You choose which one you like more :)

send me prompts!

James has been in a lot of peculiar situations in his life. One time he performed a particularly riveting soliloquy atop an old Formica table in an ice cream parlour about the dangers of E coli. Another time he got shit faced drunk with Sirius and they, only to wake up with roughly seven breathing balls of fur- later to be recognised as cats once he slipped on his glasses- kneading his stomach.

So yeah, he’s done some weird shit.

And technically speaking, making out with a stranger at a party isn’t even that odd. People do it all the time. Of course, it doesn’t usually start off with a business deal, but to each their own.

So when the stunning redhead he’d been eyeing across the room a few hours prior threw herself into his arms with a hissed, “Quick make out me! I’ll pay you!” he was just the right shade of drunk to sloppily seal his mouth over hers without any questions.

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reaganwarren  asked:

In that case, I'd like to request a JimStan for a scenario where Stan meets Jimmy before Stan got kicked out. 'Cause I'm a sucker for Meet the Parents/Family stuff.

Here you go!! :))


Stan swears under his breath, watching as the bus pulls out of the parking lot and gets further and further away from the school. Ford groans, rubbing his temples in exasperation. Well, this is just great. The twins stand in the middle of their high school’s parking lot, the rain getting heavier every second as they wonder how in the heck they’re supposed to get home now.

“Welp. Looks like we’re walking,” Stan huffs, crossing his arms briskly.

“Why didn’t you drive you car to school today?” Ford groans, trying to wipe the water away from his glasses.

“It’s in the shop because you spilled pop all inside the hood!“ Stan snaps, “I—”

“Stanford?” The twins turn to see one of their teachers open up the doors to the school, raising an eyebrow. “Are you coming to chess club today?”

“Oh! We have it today?” Ford asks in surprise. He turns to Stan, looking at him concernedly. “I have to stay after school…maybe you could find someone to get a ride home with, and then come back and pick me up in a couple of hours?”

“Who’s gonna give me a ride home?” Stan grumbles flatly.

“…I could always skip, and we could just walk home—”

“No, no. You go do your nerd thing. I’ll figure something out, and I’ll be back to get ya in a couple hours,” Stan sighs, glancing at the road ahead of him. It would certainly be a long walk home…

“Thanks, Stanley. I’ll see you later,” Ford smiles at him before retreating inside of the school, leaving Stan alone in the rain.

Somehow, everything seems so gray around him, and he sighs, ready to endure the forty-minute walk that it would take to get home. And once he gets there, Ma would probably be a nervous wreck, scared he’d gotten pneumonia on his way home. And Pop would probably deck him for ruining his clothes by getting them soaking wet. Stan sighs, burying his hands in his pocket as he begins walking out of the parking lot. If only he could find a—

“You want a ride, kid?”

Stan’s head snaps up, completely taken aback to be offered a ride. The only thing anyone at this school ever gave him was a black eye or some busted ribs, definitely not anything good. His eyes land on a motorcycle as it’s headlights come to life, and then he sees who it belongs to.
And his heart practically stops in his chest.

It’s a guy maybe a couple grades older than him, smirking at him from where he stands in the rain. He’s wearing a leather jacket, a sharp pair of sunglasses, and a red bandana placed in rain-soaked, messy blonde hair. He flicks his sunglasses up, grinning at Stan in a way that instantly had butterflies exploding throughout his stomach.

“Are ya just gonna stand in the rain all day? Come on,” the blonde smirks, mounting his motorcycle and starting it to life. Even though he’d still be getting soaking wet, at least riding on a motorcycle would save him some time and effort. Plus…it’s not like he’s going to pass up the opportunity to get to ride with whoever this guy was.

“U-uh…yeah. I’m coming,” Stan stammers out, hurriedly making his way over to the motorcycle. The blonde glances back at him, as Stan nervously wonders what to do as his brain stops working.

“Sit on the seat and put your arms around me,” the blonde directs with a smirk.

“O-oh. Okay. Y-yeah,” Stan mentally face-palms himself, nerves absolutely going wild as he sits down and carefully laces his arms around the blonde, and he prays that the guy can’t feel his heart hammering in his chest. Stan’s brain is on over-drive as he wonders who the heck this guy is and how he’s never noticed him before! Why would he offer him a ride? Has he—

“Where’re we going?” The blonde hums, revving the engine and snapping Stan away from his frantic thoughts. Stan forgets his address for a second, panic raking through his body. Where does he live again?

“…Pines Pawns,” he manages, and the blonde flicks his sunglasses down before the motorcycle begins moving. Stan clutches tighter to him - he’s never ridden on a motorcycle before - and he has to stop himself from swearing as he definitely feels the not-so-hidden muscles this guy has.

They’re driving in a content silence, albeit the thousands of questions constantly rushing through Stan’s head. He isn’t sure how long he’s on the motorcycle, but the ride is over all too soon. The blonde pulls up outside where Stan lives, and the rain is only pouring down harder as the motorcycle slows to a stop.

“Heh, t-thanks for giving me a ride, I would’ve gotten decked for coming home in ruined shoes,” Stan says with a shy laugh as he climbs off the bike. The blonde smirks at him, brushing his wet blonde hair out of his eyes.

“My pleasure, doll,” he says coolly, heat creeping to Stan’s cheeks at the nickname.

“I-I’m Stan, by the way,” he says, rubbing the back of his neck as he blushes. The blonde grins at him, the smile lighting up his face and making the gray clouds surrounding them suddenly spring into color.

“Jimmy Snakes,” he winks at him, Stan’s breathing caught in his throat. Jimmy starts his motorcycle up, brushing wet blonde hair out of his eyes again as he revvs the engine.

Stan suddenly begins to panic at the thought of this guy leaving. What if he never saw him again? He hardly even knew who he was! And looking at Jimmy, Stan knew he wanted to get to know him better.

Stan hurriedly glances at his house, noticing all the lights are off - his parents and Shermie must be out. He looks back to Jimmy, unsure of how to go about this without sounding like a complete idiot.

“H-hey,” his voice cracks and he winces. He’s blushing as he clears his throat and tried again. “Hey, uh, my folks aren’t home yet. I’ve gotta pick up my brother in a couple hours…would you m-maybe wanna…come inside and warm up?”

Stan absolutely feels like he wants to crawl under a rock and die when Jimmy flashes him a cheeky smile, raising a mischievous eyebrow.

“I-I mean, y-you don’t have to if you don’t want to, I-I just wanted to–”

“Alright, doll. Lead the way,” Jimmy steps off the motorcycle, grinning at Stan in a way that has his heart hammering against his chest, as the two begin walking out of the rain.

Mr. and Mrs. Dixon

Daryl Dixon Imagine

Based on a request. I hope you’ll like it. :D

You and Daryl are enjoying a nice day in Alexandria when suddenly Daryl asks you to marry him.

word count: 1346

“It’s been so quiet lately.” I was lying in the green grass on a perfect yawn in front of the house I now called my own. Knowing that we were living in a world where corpses came back to live to devour all living creatures this scenario I was living now seemed more than just unreal.
“mmhmm”, Daryl murmured next to me his eyes closed. He had his arms wrapped around me and now as if to make sure I was really there with him he pulled me closer, tightened the grip around my shoulders ever so slightly.
“I mean it. You remember back at the prison? I thought it was quiet there, I mean knowing that we were rather safe and all that helped a lot with ignoring the walkers that were roaming outside the fences, but here…” I listened for a while. “You can only here the birds singing in the trees. It really is as if the outside world doesn’t exist when you’re in here.” I closed my eyes and snuggled up closer to Daryl burying my face against his neck.
“mmhmm”, Daryl mumbled in response sounding like he was about to drift off into a peaceful nap. Something we haven’t been able to do comfortably in a long time.
“We should enjoy it while it lasts”, he added.
“I know. I hope it’ll take some time until this place goes to hell. Maybe it can last even longer than the prison did.”
“You think so?” 

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the origin of the universe

Massive, massive thanks to @kateyes224 for beta-ing multiple drafts and rescuing this story from the abyss.

Set some time after the revival, ignoring 10x06 because obviously. Scully freaks out about mortality & the ultimate fate of the universe in the middle of the night (so say we all). 

“Mulder,” she says, late. “It was all a joke, wasn’t it?”

“What?” His voice is blurry, confused; he has no context for her question. He might’ve even been asleep. She turns in his arms to face him and his eyes are still closed.

It’s the middle of the night and pitch black in their old house. She’s only been back for a week, most of her stuff is still in D.C., but she’s starting to forget that she ever left. After years of trying to fend it off with flashlights, the darkness finally feels like home. This country darkness, this darkness she chose.

Scully licks her lips, suddenly nervous. “I’m going to die one day.” It doesn’t sound like a question.

He holds her tighter, but his voice is still groggy. “Not any time soon, okay?”

“No, I mean.” She wishes she could swallow the words. “Clyde Bruckman. Alfred Fellig. I–”

His eyes lock on hers. “Are you asking me if I think you’re immortal?”

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#345: 'Halcyon Days' (PART 2.5)

How Long Will I Love You: Halcyon Days (PART 2.5)- One Shot #345 

+past one shots

No visuals (songs are linked at the top of each section)

(PART 1)  (PART 2)

little darling: September, 39 weeks 1 day

It started throughout the day. She started complaining of little twinges in her back and hips. Brushing them off, because pregnancy does not come without some aches and pains. She curls up on the sofa and Niall massages his palm to the base of her spine, before rubbing her legs.

“Will you rub some body butter on my belly?” she asks languidly.

He chuckles and kisses her nose. “Sure.” He rises from the sofa, in search of her favorite lotion that he’d religiously slathered her belly with throughout her pregnancy. It was his favorite time. He could get up close with the bump. Kiss it, talk to the baby and sing to the baby, who seemed to love the sound of his voice. Of course, the pregnancy app he’d downloaded and got weekly updates from, had told him as much.

“It’s because my heart starts going fast when I see you.”

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The Boy Next Door | Luke Hemmings Smut

Author’s Note: This is my first 5sos smut so be kind! I’d love to know what you guys think and if you’d be interested in more writing from me. I have a ton of ideas I’d love to share if you’d be willing to read.


It was three in the morning when you decided to leave your friends party. Your buzz was starting to fade and you really didn’t want anything to do with the sloppy drunks hitting on you. She only lived a couple of blocks away so you took advantage of the beautiful weather and walked home. 

When you got home you could hear the faint sound of a guitar.You walked along the side of your house and found your long time neighbor on his deck absentmindedly strumming away. You and Luke used to spend a lot of time together when you were kids but things changed when you grew up. Luke was more timid and a bit dorky but undoubtedly good looking, he grew into lanky limbs and broad shoulders.

“You know some people are trying to sleep Hemmings.” You walked towards him.

“You’re one to talk (Y/L/N), what’s it the third time sneaking in this week?” He doesn’t stop playing the guitar as you climb up the side of the deck and sit on the ledge.

“What you stalking me now?” You teased. He finally looked up at you with a smile, showing off a new lip ring.

You’ve always had a little crush on Luke and right now it was too hard to ignore, so you decided to do something about it. You jumped off the side of the deck and landed on your feet only slightly stumbling from your lingering buzz.

Luke put the guitar down and was out of his seat looking over the edge, “Are you crazy?” He whispered.

“No just a little tipsy,” you chuckled and kept walking towards your other neighbors backyard, with Luke close behind. He stopped once you hopped the fence and continued towards their pool.

“What are you doing (Y/N)? You’re gonna get caught.” He whispered as he jumped the fence.

Without saying a word you pulled off your tank, shimmied out of your shorts and kicked off your shoes, leaving you in only matching lacey black underwear. You sat down on the edge of the pool and looked over your shoulder, “What are you waiting for?” You sank into the water and started to swim around.

When you looked back at Luke he was ridding himself of his tshirt and athletic shorts. His actions were quick and didn’t leave you much time to admire his toned body before his was in the pool. You swam towards him.

“Not gonna get your hair wet?” He teased splashing you with water.

“No, the waters just cold!” You splashed him back which only made him splash you more, this time soaking your face. You squealed and pounced forward planting your hands on his broad shoulders and dunking him underwater. His hands latched onto your hips and dragged you under with him. You both surfaced laughing and wiping the water from your faces.

As your laughter faded you got closer to him, wrapping your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist. His face got red and his hand hesitantly rested on your hips. You grabbed onto the back of his neck and pulled his face towards yours. Just as his lip ring brushed against your bottom lip, your neighbors outside light switched on.

“Shit!” You and Luke rushed out of the pool, grabbed your clothes and hopped over the fence, you stopped in Luke’s backyard laughing at what just happened.

“I should get inside.” You hesitated. Luke rubbed at the back of neck, “my parents are out.” He said quietly. “You could uh… come in and dry off, if you wanted…”

“Okay sure.” You followed Luke into his house, which was practically the same as you remember it; just a few new knickknacks here and there.  Luke lead you into his room, which has definitely changed. Guitars in the corner, band posters covering a majority of the walls and clothes lying on the floor. You looked around whilst Luke dug in his drawers for a change of clothes for you and him. Eventually he handed you a hoodie and a pair of athletic shorts. You took them from his hands and discarded them to the floor with his other clothes. He looked at you nervously as you got closer to him with each step. 

“Tell me if you want me to stop,” you whispered as you pulled his face down to yours. He shook his head and licked his lips anxiously awaiting for yours. You took control of the kiss, starting slow and soft; taking his bottom lip between yours and gently sucking on it. He slid his hands along the nape of your neck and brushed his thumbs along your cheekbones as he deepened the kiss, hesitantly sneaking his tongue into your mouth.

You dragged the pads of your fingers down his bare chest, gently palming his hardening member. He moaned into your mouth at the friction.

“I want to taste you. Is that okay?” You pulled at the waistband of his boxers.

“Fuck. Yes please.” He breathed. You tugged his boxers down and pushed him onto the bed. He was quite the sight, laying there naked propped up on and elbow, chest heaving as he stroked his cock. You reached around your back and unhooked your bra, letting the straps slowing fall from your shoulders. He gnawed at the inside of his cheek while he watched you.

You crawled onto the bed and rested between his legs. You took him in your hand, pumping him twice before licking a stripe from base to tip then swirling your tongue around the head. Luke gathered your hair into a makeshift ponytail as he watched you take all of him.

“S-shit. So fucking good.” He whimpered when he touched the back of your throat. You hollowed you cheeks as you started working him faster. You bobbed your head at a steady pace and quietly hummed with him in your mouth. He groaned, his legs involuntarily twitching.

He lifted your head as he sat up and kissed you. This time he didn’t hesitate, the kiss was eager and quick.

“You feel so good, but I’m too close a-and I want to take care of you.” He laid you back against the mattress. You were caught off guard by this side of Luke but so incredibly turned on. He hovered over you, “will you let me do that?” He whispered.

“Yes.” You gasped as his lips attached to your neck sucking and licking his way down to your chest. He stopped at your left breast, twirling his tongue around your nipple while he teased the other, rolling the bud between his calloused fingers.

Your hands found their place in his dirty blonde locks. You clamped your thighs together desperate for more but Luke took his time peppering kisses down your abdomen. He hooked his fingers in your lace panties and looked up at you biting on his lip ring, the sight alone was enough to push you over the edge. You let out a tiny whimper as he slowly peeled you panties down your legs and throwing them to the side. He chuckled as his massive hands splayed across your thighs, pushing them open and exposing your dripping core to him.

“Y-you’re so beautiful.” He used two fingers to trace up your slit and circle your clit. Your mouth hung open as you watched him suck your juices off his fingers.

“Shittt Hemmings.” You moaned. He slid two of his fingers into your core pumping them slowly before his mouth attached to your clit; sucking and flicking on the sensitive nub whilst his fingers worked your entrance. There was no way this was Luke’s first time doing this. Despite his innocent exterior he definitely knew what he was doing, it wasn’t long before a knot in your stomach started to form. You couldn’t stop yourself from lacing your fingers in his hair when your toes started to curl and your hips bucked. He kept you pinned down with one hand whilst he continued to work you over the edge with his mouth and fingers. You completely unraveled when he curled his fingers, hitting your sweet spot repeatedly. You lied beneath him, whimpering and jerking but he didn’t let up just yet. He removed his fingers from you and replaced them with his tongue, lapping up every bit of your orgasm. He rolled over and lied next to you while you came down from your high. 

“Not that I’m complaining, but where the hell did that come from?” You panted.

He laughed, “I’m not as innocent as you think." 

You rolled over and straddled his waist, "hmm. I think I still need some convincing.”  


►►Warning: this is the first imagine I’m ever writing so I’m sorry if it’s shit. Oh and I’d reeaalllyyy appreciate it if you guys could give me some feedback and tell me what you think.◄◄

Almost Skinny Dipping with Hachim (Requested)

**okay so I was gonna do a skinny dipping thing but then it starting turning into something else as I wrote it**


“I’ll meet you outside in the pool okay?!” Hachim yelled from down the hall.

“Okay!” I answered. 

Hachim had called me over to his house earlier for a swim. We were both looking forward to today. It’d been awhile since we spent some time together because he’s been so busy with training and what not. I honestly missed him a lot.

I was in the washroom getting my bathing suit on. It was a white bikini with a lace top. I loved it a lot. Me in it tho? Now that’s a different story.
I disliked my body and as soon as I put on the bikini I didn’t wanna leave the washroom. I couldn’t help but stare in the mirror and judge my every curve.

Why is Hachi even with me? I don’t get it. I mean look at me. How can someone like this? 

Negative thoughts kept flooding my mind and I couldn’t help it. I’ve been with Hachim for about 4 months but I’m still not comfortable with my body around him. Not that he makes it hard to be. It’s nothing like that. He treats me like a princess but it’s just that I’ve never really thought I was good enough for him.

I didn’t wanna go outside anymore. But I couldn’t just leave him. I had to go out there. I grabbed my hair brush and began fixing my hair when my phone rang. 

It was Hachi. Great.


“What are you doing? It’s been 20 minutes (Y/N)” HachiM complained.

I took the phone off my ear to look at the time. It really had been 20 minutes.

“Oh shit I’m sorry babe I’ll be out in a sec!” I said hanging up the phone.

I was glad his back was facing me when I got outside. Gosh, the way the pool lights shone on him made his tan, toned back look so sexy I couldn’t help but bite my lip.

I ran to the pool as fast as I could before he could turn around to see me in my bikini. I got into the water and it was super cold. I was close to letting out a shiver but I wanted to scare him so I didn’t dare make a sound. My feet were just barely hitting the pool ground as I tip toed towards him. I got right behind his head and let out a shriek into his right ear.

He flinched at the sound. His face was priceless. I was laughing so hard there were tears in my eyes. He smiled at my laughter. 

“You think you’re funny?” said Hachi smirking

“Maybe” I replied, with a cheeky smile.

He splashed water at my face. I was completely expecting it too but he didn’t know that. I wiped my face with both hands and pretended to be angry while walking away.

“Hey where ya goin I’m sorry (Y/N)” he said putting his hand on my shoulder sounding sorry.

I turned to him with a grin and splashed the water right back at him.
He stood there with his hands on his hips with a smile on his adorable face and I was laughing like an idiot. He started coming closer. 
I felt his hand on the small of my back he pulled me aggressively towards himself till our bodies met in the water.

I put my arms around his neck and couldn’t help but stare into his beautiful brown eyes. He brushed his nose against mine as he tucked some loose hair behind my ear. I leaned into him and our lips met. God how I missed his lips against mine, our breaths in unison, and our bodies embracing one another. 

As the kissing got rough I felt his hand go to the knot of my bikini top. I gasped and pulled away.

“Hachim I..” I stuttered not knowing what to say

“Hey, hey what’s the matter babe?” he said lifting my chin so our eyes met.

“It’s just I-”

“(Y/N) if you’re not ready for anything like this I want you to know I’m completely o-”

“No Hachi it’s not that” I replied feeling like a complete idiot

“Oh? What is it?”

“It’s just I don’t I’m not- I don’t like m.. I don’t feel com-” I rubbed my arm while trying to figure out what to say without sounding like a dumb ass. 

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” he said cutting me off with the most disappointed look on his face

Tears started filling my eyes. I didn’t know what to do or say. I felt so fucking stupid.

“(Y/N) babe.” he put his hands on my arms and looked me in the eyes

“Do you even realize how fucking beautiful you are? Well of course you don’t” he scoffed

I lifted my head up and looked at the night sky as I felt the warmth of the tears streaming down my face. Gosh I’m such a loser. 

Hachim came closer and shifted his hands gently onto my cheeks. I’ve been with him for awhile yet his touch still never fails to give me goosebumps.

“Listen to me (Y/N) everything about you is everything I could ever ask for and more. Every single inch of your body is what I crave. The way your eyes squint when you smile, the way you yawn when you’re sleepy, the way you speak my name it’s all so… it’s all- I don’t even know how to explain this to you because the way I feel about you can’t be put into words. People say nobody’s perfect but the day I met you I looked at those people and laughed. Every moment I’m with you I wish, I wish it could last forever. I know. I’m crazy. But I’m a crazy boy who is in love with a beautiful girl that is you and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

I was full on crying now.

“What did I ever do to deserve someone like you Hachim?” I finally said

Hachim smiled and wiped the tears off my now red cheeks. I felt his hands pulling me into him by my waist.

He leaned down close to my ear;

“I think we both know I’m the lucky one here” he whispered ever so softly giving me goosebumps yet again.

“Oh shut up you shit” I said lifting my heels up to give him a kiss

I rested my head on his chest and we stood in each others arms for what seemed like hours.

And after that night. I knew. I knew that he was the one.

Preference: (Part 4 Final) AU, Student (5SOS) #3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 

Michael: “Here” he whispered causing you to sigh “Finally, now take these blinds off it’s itchy” you groaned hearing him chuckle, “Right right” he took away the blindfold as you blinked few times admiring the place you were at “Wow” you breathed, your eyes linking at the instruments which were displayed around the room “Are these all yours?” you questioned walking over at the piano “Yeah, I bought it with my own money since I love playing instruments and writing songs” he smiled sitting on the chair and grabbing the guitar placing it on his lap “I never brought anyone here except you” you glanced over at him with a slight pink colored cheek “Is that true? Aren’t you just bringing all the girls telling the exact same line?” you asked not wanting to believe that easily “I never bring sluts to the important place, I’m afraid they’ll just do something with the instruments and bring people here or something like that. This is my secret place” he explained as you nodded your head in response “I feel special then” you mumbled looking down tracing your fingertips to the keyboard of the piano lightly pushing one key, the area filling with a smooth tune “You are special” he whispered but you heard it, you glanced at him again, he had a warm smile plastered on his face “Let me sing for you babe” he started playing the guitar without letting you respond as he started to sing. His smooth angelic voice echoed through the area, his arms and fingers instantly moving to work the guitar, he stared at you deep in the eye dedicating this song to you. Once he stopped he took a breath then looked over at you with a smile “That was lovely” you complimented clapping your hands, he chuckled softly, running his hand through his messy hair “Well…all I could think about this song is you” he mumbled placing the guitar on its place and stood up from his seat walking towards you, cupping your right cheek “You’re beautiful you know that?” he whispered kissing your forehead, his eyes flickered to your lips biting on his own but soon pulled away “Guess you’re not the type to kiss on the first date and I don’t want you to think that you’re the same as the other girls I’ve been with for only one night. You’re special Y/N, and I’m serious right now….I want a proper relationship between us and I’m not gonna say right now but in the future, we’ll have some more dates, we’ll talk about ourselves and get to know each other, we’ll just do whatever we want to do and yeah like…I wanna get to know you even more and I wish this would lead us to a relationship, I’m not sure if it will though I wish it will. If you’re okay with this will you give me a chance? Will you give me a chance to make you fall in love with me by being who I am?” he spoke biting his lip but his eyes glued on you nervously waiting for your answer. You smiled warmly nodding your head “Yes…of course" 

Ashton: You both were seated on your bed as he brushed few of your hair away from your face to take a good look on you. "So beautiful” he breathed placing his hand on yours stroking it gently “You honestly think that?” you questioned, you’ve been asking this question for about like thousand times now “Yes” he responded “So fucking beautiful, I can’t explain enough” he spoke kissing your nose “Thank you” you sighed glancing down at your hand which was under his. “Your hand is so warm…” you mumbled intertwining your fingers with his “I somehow feel safe” you added still glancing down at the hands “You’re safe with me baby, I’ll protect you from everything, I’ll always be here” he spoke as you lifted your head up, your gaze meeting his. You didn’t notice a tear escaping from your eyes while he wiped it away gently with his thumb “I can’t thank enough Ashton..” you spoke biting on your bottom lip softly “No need to thank me babe, this is my own decision” he responded with another smile which always made you relax, “Can I kiss you?” he asked a slight nervousness on his tone, things were rushing through his mind about you denying it “Of course” you responded, his eyes softened a smile never leaving his face as he leaned in, you felt his hot breath getting near and near in each second, you felt him brush his lips against yours causing you to close your eyes waiting for him to continue. He finally pressed his lips gently against yours, his hands snaking to your waist wrapping his arms around it pulling you closer while you wrapped your arms around his neck immediately kissing back. The kiss was very slow, passionate and with full of love, neither of you wanted to pull away from this amazing moment you both shared but within few minutes you both slowly pulled away looking at each other deeply in their eye “Y/N…will you be my girlfriend?” he finally asked this question, the question you’ve been waiting for so long “Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend Ashton" 

Calum: Ever since the date you went with Calum, you invited him to the group of your friends as they gladly greeted him and they admitted Calum was a very sweet, loving, kind and an adorable guy while they all thought he was very nerdy and the kind of a person who avoided people. You all got along really well especially between you and Calum since you both went to few more dates and the teacher paired you both in to another pair project since the teacher were impressed with the last project you worked together. He was currently in your house working on the project together as you both decided to take a rest "Want some drink?” you asked getting up from your seat “Um yeah water please” he replied glancing down at the project writing another line for it, you nodded although he couldn’t see you went to the kitchen to get the drinks and some junk foods then walked back to the room. “Thanks” he thanked taking the glass of water from your hand taking a sip “Um Y/N?” he called “Yeah?” you responded looking over at him but soon felt a soft lips touch on yours. You widened your eyes at the sight of realizing Calum was kissing you but soon closed your eyes kissing back, he was quiet surprise about the fact that you were kissing back but concentrated on the kiss at the moment. You pulled away from him and glanced at his eyes blushing furiously, you realized he was blushing like mad as well “U-Um…guess we should continue with the project?”

Luke: His eyes flickered down to your lips as he bit on the lip ring he had on his kissable lips, his eyes gazed back to you but soon pulled away from the action making you slightly upset but noticed there were lots of people around in the cafe. “Let’s get out of here now shall we?” he asked finishing his drink as he took your hand and opened the door while you followed him. Once you both walked still hand in hand he stopped at the empty basketball court pulling his hand away from yours and took the basketball which was landed on the floor “Let’s play a little game” he suggested “Each time I get to shoot, I get to kiss you, deal?” he questioned looking at you, you blushed slightly but nodded with a smile on your face “Deal” you spoke causing him to start throwing the ball up high which eventually went in the goal “1..” he mumbled throwing the ball again “2…” he continued this over and over again until it reached to 10 “Right, I get to kiss you 10 times, I want more though I can’t keep shooting without getting any kiss from you” he winked walking towards you as he pulled you by your waist crashing his lips against yours with no hesitation, you kissed back smiling in the kiss giggling slightly causing him to chuckle while the kiss “Your lips taste good babe” he mumbled pressing his lips against yours again. 

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