i was gonna put catwoman but she's not really a villain so

Six months ago, a show came into our lives. A show that shows us the beginning of all the villains and heroes in Gotham City, even when they have no clue who they will become. Not Oswald of course. Cuz seriously, that dude knows what he wants and he knows he ain’t good either. I mean, who kills for a sandwich? A hungry Penguin, that’s who.
Besides Oswald, there’s the love-stricken Nygma who has the best ‘lateral’ jokes and finds disturbing crimes 'fascinating’. But you Still fall in love with him cuz he’s adorable. Even when he’s putting human parts in a locker to get the M.E fired. I have #NygmaFever every time I see him.
Then there’s Gordon and Bullock who I honestly wouldn’t mind being arrested by. They’re both sexy and Bullock’s facial hair deserves an award.
Then there’s Butch, whom I personally love because he’s like the Sam-wise Gamgee to Fish Mooney’s Frodo Baggins.
Let’s talk Fish Mooney. All she needs is one line.
“She took out her own eye with a spoon and squashed it with her foot.” There. Boom. Badass.
I really like Fish because I think for a woman surrounded by all those men, she really holds her own and she’s not afraid of getting what she wants. Besides, I think she woulda been a great Don.
There’s Bruce who melts my heart every time I see him. It makes me feel good just seeing my fave superhero at such a young and delicate age. But I also like seeing some of the little things that are gonna set him apart in the future as Batman.
There’s Alfred, who I think is the best Alfred yet. You see why he is Bruce’s most trusted friend. Also, he is not just a weak and well mannered butler either. He’s badass. The dude got shot and still came out kicking. And that accent…enough said.
Barbara has more hate now than anyone on the show. But I think there’s hope for her yet. After all, she’s Barbara Kean. You know what I mean?
Montoya and Crispus have been a little M.I.A for a while but I like them. Especially Montoya. Not just cuz she’s sexy but because she’s like Gordon. Not afraid to do the right thing. I think we should see more of her.
Let’s not forget Cat. Now Catwoman is my fave indecisive villain/hero. I say that cuz you know she can be bad and selfish like a cat. But also like a cat, she can be adorable and good..when she wants. I actually like seeing her so young and getting to see how she’s becomes so self efficient. I like the fact that she’s definitely not gonna become catwoman by being licked by cats.
Remember the Halle berry thing? Yeah.
Don Maroni and Don Falcone are really bad boys. Fact: Falcone killed a girl who reminded him of his mother with his bare hands. (She lied to him, but still)
Fact: Maroni tried to crush Oswald alive in a car. (He lied to him, but still.)
Don’t mess with the Dons.
Now I saved one of the best for last.
Victor Zsasz! Or as I call him 'Funky Town’.
I just love him. This dude is the epitome of psychotic. You just look at him and realize that if you were at the bus stop late in the night and you saw him walking towards you, you would run like a demon was chasing you. Yep, he’s that scary.

So whether you are a Riddlerette or Penguinette or Moonster or Zsaszette or the usual Gothamite, one of these people ,or like me, maybe all of them are your faves.
Now they have completely wrapped up shooting season 1 of #Gotham and this is just some things I wanted to share with you guys. I LOVE GOTHAM.