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Christmas Special: MFW guys with their families

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The sleep instantly fled from Saeki’s mind as his daughter landed on him, sitting on his chest and shaking him by the shoulders.
“It’s Christmas! It’s CHRISTMAS!” Ayame giggled in her bright little voice and he smiled fondly.
“Yes it is, sweetie.”
“Come on, come on! Santa left gifts!” She climbed off him and started tugging on his hand. “Mommy, come on!” You mumble and rub your eyes, sitting up with an affectionate sigh at your disrupted sleep. Saeki chuckled to himself and got out of bed, the morning chill setting through his sleepwear. He grabbed the jacket from the back of a chair and followed his daughter to the living room. Ayame pulled away from him and flopped down beside the decorated tree, her glossy black hair still a mess from waking up early.
“So, what did Santa bring you?” Saeki asked with a smile, knowing full well what was contained within the bright wrapping paper.
“Where’s mommy?” She asked as you slowly emerge from the room with a yawn. “Come on, mommy, I don’t want to open them without you!”
You sit down beside Ayame and she snuggles up to you with a grin.
“This one is for you, mommy! I just found it! Santa brought you something too!”
Saeki winked at you and you take the slim box from your daughter’s hands. She plunged back under the tree and dragged out a box.
“Daddy! This is yours!”
Ayame yanked out the final box from under the tree and grinned widely.
“Go on, open it, sweetie.” Saeki smiled and she nodded happily, carefully picking apart the wrapping paper against the tape and taking out a brand new pad of paper, along with a set of watercolours. Attached in a small box was a twinkling pendant with an angel that sparkled with a violet stone.
“It’s so pretty!” Ayame cried out, holding the necklace out to you, her eyes glowing in anticipation as you pull back her hair and attach it around her neck. “Thank you, Santa!”
Saeki smiled and cast you a knowing glance. Your heart warms as you smooth your daughter’s hair back down and watch her try to look down at the pendant around her neck. Ayame looks up again and runs over to her father, leaping into his arms. Saeki kisses the top of her head.
“Does it look nice, daddy?”
“I think it looks beautiful on you. Don’t you agree, mommy?”
You nod with a smile and Ayame laughs cheerily.
“Yay! Ok mommy, now open yours!”

“Santa’s really nice. Say hi to him, Kitty!”
Norio gave his little sister a nudge and she shyly went up the employee in red and a fake beard. She waved.
“Hi, Santa!”
And then she ducked behind her second brother, blushing as ‘Santa’ gave a jolly laugh and reached out for her.
Takao smiled and picked Kiyomi up into his arms, sitting down onto the bench beside Santa Claus for the Christmas family photo. Norio hopped up to the seat with ease, and gave his younger brother a yank to help him up as Masao tried to lift himself. You chuckle at the boys and sit down, your sons leaning against you.
The photographer was busying himself with fixing a printer error of the previous group, and the Santa turned to Takao and Kiyomi.
“Excited for the picture, Kitty?”
She nodded.
“How long is it going to take?”
“Not long, why?“
“There are so many other malls and people.” Her grey eyes widened. “You have to hurry cause they want pictures with you too!”
He laughed his cheerful rumble and patted her head with a black-gloved hand.
“Isn’t she such a thoughtful little one?” He smiled at Takao, who nodded.
“Sometimes a little excessively fretful and pestering. Hope you don’t mind.” Takao replied with almost apologetic words, his voice however, was laced with great pride in his daughter as he tightened his arms around her. She giggled, not quite aware that they were discussing her.
Santa turned back to Kiyomi with a chuckle.
“Oh of course I’ll have time for everyone, Kitty. No worries.”
The photographer turned back to them and gestured that he was ready to begin. Norio slung an arm around his brother, and Masao grinned. He snapped the photo and the kids rushed over to look at the screen.
“I think it looks great!” Masao called out.
Norio heaved up his sister so she should see the screen on the table.
“It looks great!” She squealed. With a grunt, her brother lowered her to the floor.
Takao ruffled Norio’s hair as he came over to pay for the cards, handing the printed stack over to you. It was the family tradition, sending annual Christmas cards back home.
“We’ll address them to your great-grandmothers and grandparents when we get back.” You hold the cards out of Masao’s eager reach. “Yes, you can draw on the one for Uncle Tats.”
He grinned.
“It’s gonna be so much cooler, what I draw this year!”
“You draw the same thing every year!” Norio pointed out, and Masao shoved him hard.

He rolled his eyes at his twins’ bickering.
“You just made the pieces really ugly and I can’t tell!”
“Why don’t you bake them next year then?”
Michiko glared at her brother.
This was the annual Christmas thing; with the resident baking-fanatic Michiko making gingerbread house pieces with you, and everyone in the family gets to make their own little house. Then you would assemble them into a village, and take pictures.
The twins’ arguments were also the annual Christmas specials.
Masaru had a lopsided roof, having used one of the side panels by accident, and he was debating whether or not to rip it out and fix it. Michiko had her house already set up, and was adding swoops of icing on the rooftop.
“Help me out here, Chiko.”
Yamato rolled his eyes and reached over to help his son reassemble the house.
“Will you two stop arguing and just build the house?”
“We’re not arguing!” Both siblings blurt out at once and they glare at each other. “Stop copying me!”
Your husband gave you a helpless look at your children’s bickering. You chuckle and shrug.
“THERE. See? It works now.” Masaru said happily as he shoved his sister to get her attention.
“Only because I told you to fix it.”
“Like you’re so smart.”
“I am.”
Masaru grumbled and leaned over, picking a piece of candy off Michiko’s house and eating it.
“Christmas is about sharing.” He laughed and she pouted, reaching to his house and scraping her finger across the roof, stealing half his icing and sprinkles.
“Christmas is about sharing.” She giggled and Masaru looked at his house.
“Yeah it is!” He leaned in and took a bite out of her roof. Michiko yelped and shoved him away, snatching his doorframe and shoving it into her mouth. The kids swatted at each other, munching away the cookies, laughing.
“Will you two calm down?” Yamato forced his way between the tussling war of crumbs, prying his children apart. He smeared a dollop of icing on each of their noses, and instantly the two fall silent, staring cross-eyed at the white blob on their nose.
“Christmas is about family, not killing your family.” Yamato stifled his laughter.
Michiko giggled.
“Okayyy, I’ll be nice.”
“Fine.” He mumbled, and chuckled. “Chiko, you look funny.”
“I look like you, dummy.” And she laughed.

It was rare that your husband had such days off, but he managed to rearrange his schedule this year, and you revel in the warmth of his hand as your family strolled along the Christmas market.
“Is it true that there’s a lot of these overseas?” Yuki piped up, one hand in yours and the other on her cup of hot chocolate. A little mustache of marshmallows formed over her lip as she drank.
“Yes. Certain countries have these around this time of year.” Your husband smiled fondly at her. “Uncle Ren’s country have lots of them too.”
"I wish we had more of these.” Yuki mumbled and took another drink from her cup.
Kyoichi glanced at his watch.
“The light show is about to start. Do you two want to go watch it?”
Kaito nodded eagerly and pulled on his father’s hand. Kyoichi smiled down at his son. He had always been fascinated with technology and such.
“Come on, Yuki!” Kaito urged, finishing off his hot cocoa in two big gulps and throwing the cup into the nearby trash. “I don’t want to miss it.”
Yuki tried to copy her brother and quickly finished her hot cocoa, handing him the cup which he threw out for her.
“You silly kid.” Kaito laughs and wipes her marshmallow smeared mouth. She giggled and he patted her head. “Let’s go!”
You let your kids drag you over the the lights display, where Christmas decorations adorned the museum doorways at the end of the market street. People around you were counting down. You pick up Yuki so she could see better, and beside you your husband lets Kaito climb into his back. Your son wrapped his arms around his father’s neck and straightened in anticipation.
Christmas themed music started blasting out of speakers positioned at the sides, and the lights strung along the museum started to alternate and flash.
“Mommy, it’s glowing!” Yuki pointed at the ornaments set up on the lawn before the museum. They started to shine different colours in time with the tempo and mood of the song.
Kaito’s head bobbed along with the music happily, hugging his dad’s neck.
“Careful there Kaito, dad can’t breathe.” Kyoichi smiles and tugs on his son’s arm. Your heart warms your body from the inside out as you watch your family, happy faces glowing under the alternating lights. Kyoichi meets your gaze and gives you a tender smile.
Yuki wraps her arms around you.
“Thanks for letting me see, mommy.”
Her brown eyes reflected the brilliant magic of the colours, and you kiss her forehead.
You imagine every Christmas like this, and your heart soars.

It was very very rare that your quiet, gentle daughter would throw such a fit. But whenever she did, you and Ren would know she was terribly, absolutely upset.
“I don’t want to go to the Christmas dinner!” She muffled her face into her pillow. Ren sat on the edge of her bed, while you were squatting beside her, stroking her head.
“Aina, don’t be like this. You know how important your presence is.”
“I’m just a kid! I want to go out to the markets with you and daddy!”
She whined.
“Aina.” Ren sounded stern. “Stop it.”
Your daughter raised her blond head and blinked teary green eyes at her father. She sniffed hard and Ren signed at her sad, pleading face.
“We can go after the dinner.”
“Dinners take too long!” She said softly. “They’ll be all closed.” She looked up at her father. “You said you’d take me to the markets, daddy.”
Ren said nothing, and let her complain against him.
“We could maybe arrange something.” You suggest. “We don’t have to be there for the whole duration.”
“It’s an important Christmas dinner. We can’t just go missing.”
Aina whimpered. Ren sighed and pulled her against his chest in an embrace.
“It’s okay, Aina. We can go next year.”
She shoved at him.
“You said that last year! There’s ALWAYS a Christmas dinner.”
“Well… We could probably just ask.” Your heart softens at your daughter’s sad look. Ren shrugged.
“We could try, but I highly doubt it will work.”
Aina sat in her dress, perfectly poised as always. She smiled politely and addressed her seniors as she had been taught.
After dessert, she gave your sleeve a tiny tug. You nudge Ren lightly with your foot, the gesture well concealed under your long dress and the tablecloth.
Your husband cleared his throat and turned to his father, sitting centre.
“Sir, is it possible that I take leave with my wife and daughter right now?”
The king looked over at him.
“Why may that be, Leonard?”
“I promised Ayna that I would take her to see the markets before they closed.” Ren kept his green eyes steady and firm. “I felt like as a prince and a father, I need keep my promises.”
The king paused before replying.
“You are excused. But I hope, Leonard, that we don’t make this a habit, leaving early at dinners.”
“Most certainly not.” He dipped his head and quickly took you and Aina back to your rooms to change.
Your daughter danced around her father happily, and clung to his hand. Her blond hair hung in one pretty braid rather than it’s formal half up do, and you smile as she tugs on your hand, dragging you and your husband out to spend a Christmas with just your small, cozy family.

Your boys sat on the floor beside the tree, and you chuckle, watching all three of the excited faces glow in the early morning lamp-light. You bring out some warm milk in glasses and pass it around. Kunihiko smiles up at you as he takes the drink from your hands and you sit down next to him. Toshio takes a long drink, downing half his glass, and sets it aside.
“Kiddo, you first.” He gestures to his younger brother, who quivered with anticipation and plucked open the wrapping of his present ever so carefully. He gently eased off the colourful papers, folded them, and set them aside.
Tsutomu grinned as he held up a new math workbook (that was two grades higher than his current one), piano scorebooks, and a set of novels.
“He reads enough already, I think next Christmas you’d want to get him glasses.” Toshio laughed and ruffled his brother’s purple hair. Kunihiko chuckled.
“Oh, Tomu knows how to be careful, right?”
“Yeah duh.” The boy smoothed down his hair and shot his brother a half amused glance. “Come on, Toshio, your turn.”
Your older son drags his box over to him, and rips open the wrapping paper with a huge, satisfying sound. He balls up the wrapping paper with the small scraps inside, and rolls it aside. Inside his box was a new basketball, and two model airplane assembly sets. He raised his head with the widest grin.
“Thanks, SANTA.”
He winked at you and Kunihiko, knowing full well to preserve his younger brother’s faith in the jolly old northerner.
“Wow, all games.” Tsutomu commented. “You don’t want to study?”
“You study enough for both of us.” His brother laughed.
“Does it work that way?”
The younger boy scratched his head in confusion and his brother roars with laughter.
“Yes yes, of course!” Toshio put back a straight face. “Building plane models is hard, okay?”
He rambled on, enjoying his brother’s wondrous and admiring look as he spoke.
Kunihiko listened to his sons chatter on with an affectionate smile across his face.
“Don’t you love how they’re so different?” He chuckles at you, and you giggle.
“Yeah, it’s not hard to see that Toshio inherited all of your lazy, laid-back personality, and Tsutomu turned out super studious and hardworking.”
“Are you calling me lazy?”
“HALF lazy.”
He wraps an arm around you and calls out to the children.
“Hey boys, am I lazy?”
Both sons look over at him.
“Of course!” Toshio laughs. “Always so lazy at home.”
Tsutomu nodded at his older brother’s words.
“Maybe you’re a bit better at work, daddy.”
“You hear Tomu, I’m not lazy.” He nuzzles you lovingly and you push his head away with an amused huff.
“I said HALF lazy.” You get up. “Come on now, Christmas present opening is over. Time for Christmas breakfast!”
And then, all cheering, your three boys run for the dining room.

“Mommy, daddy!”
Your son came racing into the bedroom at top speed, his little feet pounding across the floor.
“What is it, Yoichi?” Yuta yawned and mumbled, releasing his grip on your waist to lie on his back.
“Santa left us presents!”
Yoichi climbed into the bed and sat down on his father’s stomach, bobbing with excitement.
“Really?” Your eyes adjust to the brightness of the morning and see your husband grinning widely back at your son. “Wow we really have to go see that! Come on!”
He picked up Yoichi and started for the living room.
“Mommy, you coming?”
“Let’s give mommy a few more minutes.” Yuta chuckles. “Okay?”
Yoichi nodded.
“Don’t worry mommy, we won’t start without you!”
When you got into the living room, Yuta was sitting on the ground beside the tree, Yoichi eagerly squirming in his lap. Presents have been dragged out and set in front of them. Yuta gestured to the cushion.
“Sit down and join us, _______!”
He flashed you a brilliant grin that made your heart leap in adoration as you sat down.
“Yoichi, why don’t you open yours first?”
The boy nodded and started to tear into the wrapping paper.
“Oh my gosh! Daddy look!”
Yoichi pulled out a top hat and wand from the box, along with a magic kit. “Santa knew exactly what to get me!”
“Cause you’ve been a good boy.” Yuta laughed and hugged his son. He planted a kiss on the boy’s sandy curls and let him spring up and run over to you.
“Mommy, look! I’m a magician!”
The top hat sat a little low over his eyes, and he brandished the wand happily as he danced around.
“Isn’t he adorable?” Yuta gave another affectionate, lopsided smile. “He’s so cute.”
“Of course you should find your own son adorable.” Your eyes follow your son as he ran around the Christmas tree in obvious excitement.
“I’m going to learn all these tricks and show you!” He declared cheerfully and ran to his father again.
“You’ll teach me how to perform, like you promised?”
Yuta chuckled.
“Of course.” He put a hand in his son’s hair and fussed it up into a tangle of ringlets. “I’ll teach you everything.”
“Hey!” Yoichi reached out for his father’s hair too, and you watch both of them tussle and laugh, trying to mess each other up.
“_________! Help!” Yuta calls out with a laugh as he allows his son to pin him down.
You giggle and shake your head.
“You’re alone in this one, Yuta!”

Hope you liked the read!!
Merry Christmas to those that celebrate!
Happy holidays everyone!

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Emma said she loved Hook! True she did sacrifice herself to save Regina and that's wonderfull, this is not an indication that SQ is gonna happen. CS is still Canon and OQ is still Canon, I met Sean at RegalCon an he is just as cute in person as he is on screen and anyone who calls him ugly is surely an idiot for saying so, he was nice and sweet and kind and asked me for a hug nad I gave him a hug and got a picture

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