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So I can see many people are interested in my analysis of Jikook relationship. Since I have been fan from 2014 and also have been shipping Jikook from that time I will focus it mainly on my opinion about their relantionship from that year. I am also gonna put here my theory about their relationship from the time before I became a fan but it is not going to be as detailed. I think this is going to be really tiring post to read so I decided to split it into several parts because I have a lot to say. ( I might make this as series and talk about all the moments and future moments in the future)

DISCLAIMER: This post is supposed to be just for fun and shipping of Jikook. I am not claiming this is truth and I am not forcing anyone to believe this. These are just my observations throughout the years I have been into BTS and the time I have been into shipping jikook. I don’t want to cause any types of fanwars or stupid “shipwars” by this post and I don’t want other people to use this content for these kind of purposes. Also I am opened to hear about your other opinions. Just if you don’t like my opinion don’t be later on rude in my asks or something. As I said I am opened to listen but I AM NOT GONNA TOLERATE HATE OR PEOPLE BEING RUDE TO ME JUST BECAUSE I HAD FUN WITH THIS.

SO when everything is clear now let’s begin.

Pre-debut years + 2013

I have not much to say to this period of time. But from my observations I got Jikook was totally hyung/dongsaeng relationship. In my opinion Jungkook might have feel something more than just appreciation towards his hyung. You know when you are at that age and you have not much idea what is just adoring someone friendly and what are actually real feelings toward someone. I think Jungkook was really confused at that time because he was realizing that something might be going on but also the social stigma and sudden exposition to cameras and publicity were holding him back to sit down and think about it. From Jimin’s point of view Jungkook was his cute dongsaeng that reminded him of his younger brother. I think him missing his home and sudden change of environment resulted in Jimin really caring for Jungkookie naturally thanks to his personality and attitude towards Bangtan.

Late 2013+early 2014

In my opinion this was the period when Jungkook started to get really confused. He knew he cares for his hyung and he knew he likes him a lot. But I think that he had to feel something more from the beginning and that’s what was confusing him. Even though I think he was confused I still think he wasn’t putting too much mind into it. I think Jimin was just his favourite hyung at that time. This was also the period of so called “clingy Jimin” and “refusing maknae”. In my opinion Jungkook have never despised or hated Jimin. There is just no way of that happening in Bangtan and I think it is really stupid to even joke about it or bringing it up. Jungkook was just simple pubescent boy. The person he liked he teased.He knew how Jimin gets annoyed when people ignore him or how self-conscious he was about his height.

 Also a huge aspect in this played that Jungkook maybe showed his affection towards Jimin behind cameras but it was really hard for him to express himself in front of them. I think the whole jikook bickering might have started by one moment where Jungkook felt uncomfortable to express himself and showing skinship. But maknae acting that way towards his hyung was really hilarious and that’s why it continued. We also know that Jungkook always looks up to his hyungs and when they were teasing Jimin he probably thought it was also OK for him to tease Jimin. From Jimin’s point of view I think it was still the same as before. I don’t think feelings played role in his relationship with Jungkook from the beginning and I would dare to even say he was being kinda obvious to Jungkook for a really long time. To be honest I still like this period of their relationship even though many jikook shippers are trying to forget about it.  You ask me why? The reason is that I found really entertaining to watch fetus Jungkook trying to get attention of his hyung but also trying to act like he is his own boss and that he doesn’t need his hyung at all.  I also could kinda see his inner struggle most of the time. Or on the other hand when he was doing a lot of skinship unconsciously. 

What I also really like about this period was that Jungkook even though he acted like he didn’t care he still found a moments how to show he his appreciation for his hyung. Do you remember the moment during AHL when  Jimin was really pissed at that kid and Jungkook showed total concern with his hyung. That he understands how things like THESE piss Jimin off. This shows how close Jikook have been even though they used to play that “cat and mouse game”.(also shows that Jungkook wasn’t being disrespectful towards Jimin at all) Jungkook joking towards Jimin was ok even though he is younger but some young-blooded kid scolding Jimin was no way go. 



When it Rains || Chapter One

Genre: Angst, Fluff, (eventual) smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin x Reader

Word count: 1479 words

A/N: This is my actual first fanfic I am posting on tumblr! Please enjoy it and message me your thoughts! There’s more parts in the works! Thank you for reading!

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The sound of your alarm clock fills your ears as you pull the blanket over your face and keep your eyes tightly shut.

“Babe turn that shit off.” Jungkook loudly groans from beside you as he turns away from you and tries to go back to sleep. Sighing heavily, you rip the blanket away from your body and slam your hand down onto your phone, turning off the sound.

It was 6:00 AM. You had thirty minutes to get ready and get to work. “Dammit!” You harshly whisper to yourself and quickly pad to the bathroom. Flicking on the light, you frown, noticing the dark circles under your eyes.

You were up all night helping Jungkook with his homework. Well you were trying to at least since you didn’t really remember anything you learned from your junior year in college. Lucky for him, he didn’t have to be at school till nine. He didn’t have a job, says he only wants to focus on school for now. You had already graduated the previous year so you were currently the only one making income to pay for all the bills.

The two of you had met your senior year of college at a party actually. He was only a sophomore at the time. You had gotten drunk and slept with Jungkook, the biggest fuck boy on campus. You thought it would have ended there but you ended up falling in love with him. Sometimes you think he only stays with you for the place to live… And the sex. But sometimes you actually think he loves you too.

“Bye Jungkookie! I’ll see you this afternoon.” You say with a warm smile, putting your hand on the doorknob. That smile quickly fades when you don’t hear a reply back from him. It hurt you a bit every morning when he didn’t say bye. But you knew he was tired too. Opening the door, you exit the apartment and quietly close the door, careful not to wake him up.

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Reid x Reader

“Shoes… Oh my god! I love them, I need them!”

Penelope Garcia was squealing at you.


The team had just broken up from the morning meeting to discuss the agenda for the next few days. For once, there was no case so the team would mainly be on admin duties.

Your office buddy Penelope had caught sight of the new heels you were sporting and had fallen quite literally, head over heels in love with them.

“They are pretty nice, Y/N,” JJ eyed them appreciatively.

They were, and they’d cost you enough. You’d been admiring them in the store window for a few weeks now and had decided to treat yourself with your second pay check. You’d joined the team eights weeks ago as the secondary technical analyst, being made to feel perfectly at home in the already close knit team within a matter of hours.

“I wanna try them on… Pretty please! I know you’re the same size as me,” Penelope begged you.

“How the hell do you know that?” you asked her, watching her slip her own kitten heels off, wriggling her pink painted toes on the ground.

“It’s in your file.”

“My shoe size is in my file? Christ, is my bra size there too?”

“Actually it will be,” Dr Reid glanced up at you from his seat. “The bureau has all of our measurements on file for if we need to be kitted out in specialist clothing.”

“But I’m a technical analyst?” you perched on the table next to where he was sat.

“You might still need to be kitted out in Kevla. Garcia has had to join us in the field a few times,” he told you.

“Yes and each time was a horrific experience that I’d choose never to repeat if I had the choice. Enough talking….. Can I please try them on? I want your shoes but I don’t wanna buy them if I can’t walk in them,“ Penelope interrupted you both and you laughed, inching back on the table so you were actually sitting on it and removing your shoes one by one, holding them out so Penny could come and get them.

She slipped her feet into them, holding onto Derek and wobbling as she tried to stand.

“Oh my…. Oh my…. How on earth do you walk in these things. What are they, four…. five inch heels?” she grimaced, her feet obviously protesting to the angle they were forced into.

“Six actually,” you told her.

“Six inch heels…..How…. Why…. Six inches…. Oh god.” Penelope tried to walk, her ankles bending awkwardly as she grasped Derek.

“Nope. No matter how adorable they are, I can’t force myself to endure that amount of pain. Why do you do it? You wear these sorts of shoes everyday, Y/N.”

Garcia stepped out of them, a relieved look on her face as she sank back down to her normal height.

“Because I like them… They make me feel tall,” you told her. “No doubt my actual height is in my file too.”

“It is… But I can’t recall it, I don’t have the eidetic memory of Spencer, here. So stand up,” she demanded.

You went to slip the heels back on but she touched your arm.

“Without the heels, silly!”

You looked around at your colleagues, them eyeing you expectantly and slid off the table, preparing yourself for their comments.

They started to chuckle immediately.

“Oh baby girl, you really are a baby girl. You’re tiny.” Derek looked you up and down, taking in your tiny stature.

“Oh that’s adorable. You’re so cute and tiny!! I’m just wanna pick you up and put you in my pocket!” Penny gushed.

“I’m gonna start calling you Ma Petite….. I didn’t think the bureau employed any dwarves… ” Derek joked.

“Hey. Technically I’m not classed as a little person. I’m five foot.” Barely, and you had to make sure you stood very, very straight. But still.

“Five foot! Reid… Stand up next to her.” Penny clapped her hands.

“Yeah kid, you’re the tallest here, stand up next to her. This’ll be a laugh.”

Both Spencer and you rolled your eyes, but he obliged none the less. Unfolding his long body from his chair, he stood next you, Penny and Derek laughing hysterically at the height difference between you two.

“Oh that’s funny. Can you imagine if those two were together…. The neck ache they’d get from trying to kiss each other,” Penny commented and you glanced at Spencer, seeing his cheeks redden.

Yours did too, only slightly. The thought of kissing your handsome colleague making you feel warm and tingly.

“Little and large,” Derek guffawed.

“Lanky pants and short stack,” Penny joined in.

“Guys stop… Please. I hate comments about my height. That’s why I wear the heels,” you begged them to shut up, there wasn’t a name they could come up with that you hadn’t heard before.

“We’re sorry, Munchkin. We’re just teasing ya. You two look hella cute next to each other though,” Penelope gestured between you and Reid, and you felt your cheeks burning.

“Alright team, enough. Let’s get to work please,“ Hotch decided to break up the gathering, looking up from his seat.

The team split going their separate ways and you bent down to slip your shoes on, feeling relieved when you were back to the height you’d become accustomed to over the years. When you straightened up, you could see that Spencer had remained behind.

“I’m sorry about their teasing.”

You grinned at him, “Nah, it’s fine. I’m used to it. I just hate how sometime, people treat me like a little kid cos I’m so tiny.”

“I promise never to do that, Y/N. It is…. Erm… It is kinda cute though.”

“Oh….?” you raised an eyebrow at him, seeing him fidget awkwardly.

“Well… I mean…. Erm… I think you’re actually kinda cute….Actually no….not cute…. Erm…Ithinkyou'rebeautifulactually.”

The last part came out in a rush, all one word and you blushed deeper when you realised what he’d said.

“You do?”

Oh god…

“Erm…. Yeah….” he stood, shuffling his feet, his hands twitching slightly.

“I think you’re kinda beautiful too, Dr Reid.”

His eyes shot to yours and you smiled at him, a slow grin forming on his lips.

“Do you…. Would you…. Could we maybe go for coffee one night after work?” he asked quietly, fully aware that Agent Hotchner was still within ear shot.

“That would be great. And And don’t worry….I live in heels so you won’t have to worry about getting neck ache!”

His grin grew wider and you matched his facial expressions.

“I’d live with neck ache if it meant I got to kiss you,” he whispered softly.

“Same Spencer, same.”


Long post ahead y’all but this was a lot of fun to go back and reminiscence about markson and their antics together. I hope all of y’all enjoy! 

Also, please remember that these are my own personal opinions and that they shouldn’t be taken literally or seriously. But if you ever wanna come talk markson with me, I’m always ready :) ((Note: All gifs should be linked directly but videos and pictures with have physical links above them because I’m not sure how to link those to their respective tumblrs– if your post is here and you want your content removed bc you don’t like the linking, msg me and I’ll take it down.)) I’m a litlle late but here we go!!

1. This was one of the ones I already had in mind ;) I just love it bc it’s such a weird situation to be in but Mark, ever the gentleman, just takes it in stride and keeps his hands to himself. I love how near Jackson gets to Mark and if that isn’t the simplest testament of how (pun coming) close they are, I don’t know what is. In all honesty, if Mark really wanted out, a simple hand on the back or a squeeze on the shoulder or even just shifting out of the way would have sufficed but he stays and although his face is stoic, his eyes are constantly on Jackson. LOVE IT!

(Make sure to click the gif to see the whole gif post!)

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2. SOFT!! My heart always swells a bit when I see this picture!! It’s natural and pure and they’re both enjoying this moment and it’s evident on their faces. I personally think jumping around puts a smile on most peoples faces and if other people, friends, are doing it with you, then there’s no way that isn’t going to make you shine. SO, jumping+BFF+concert adrenaline+love= BIG A__ SMILES !! Oh they’re also cuties so there’s that factor too.

LINK: http://fyeahmarkson.tumblr.com/post/136342100342

3. TBH I GOT DISTRACTED WITH THIS ONE AND REWATCHED THIS SECTION OF THE REAL GOT7– anyways…THIS IS PROBS MY ALL-TIME FAVE, THAT I FORGOT ABOUT. So the whole episode itself was hilarious with got7 and we got some markson moments sprinkled in but THIS, THIS takes the cake. I mean who doesn’t want to see their otp get this close to kissing? I love Mark’s hands cradling the back of Jackson’s head. I’d like to believe that Jackson stretched his neck up a bit more when Mark touched the other side of the paper but I’m not sure in this gif bc its quick (maybe I’ll add another one after I publish this). Like omg still can’t believe this happened though :D

Originally posted by ziallhihihi

4.  Ok all the Got2Day Vapp stuff was gold and I loved the fact that we got to see everyone but of course my faves Mark and Jackson had the best one ;) It was cute and relaxed and I just love them in light/soft colors. Also #no#personal#space !! The video is just a short moment but it is super cute and I love them smiling at eachother bc heart palpitations~ OH but the second gif is MY FAVORITE bc it’s Mark just watching Jackson talk and he just looks so content and caring and its just one of those moments ok

(Make sure to click the gif to see the whole gif post!)

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LINK: http://marksonforlife.tumblr.com/post/152683520387/jackson-lays-on-the-table-and-mark-laughs 

5. I could rant FOR YEARS about this but idk if tumblr has a character limit or no.. BUT SERIOUSLY THIS IS JUST ICONIC!! It was actually the 1st to pop into my mind bc it was my icon (no joke for that one sorry) for a month I think? ANYWHO, I just straight up love this. They’re close. Jackson’s shirtless. Said Jackson is pressed along Mark’s backside. Said Mark is very very very smiley. Like Jackson could’ve chosen someone else- JB was kinda close I think- but he chose bae and got all up in bae’s business. And the fact that he’s partially restraining Mark? Keeping him flush with his body and leaning in to talk to him? My heart cannot keep up, this some tachycardia **** right here omg seriously!! Is it hot for anyone else in here or is it just them? *wink* 

PICTURE LINK: http://bangtancity.tumblr.com/post/149470443176/fyeah-markson-please-tell-me-again-that-markson

VIDEO LINK 1: http://marksonforlife.tumblr.com/post/149317913961/shirtless-jackson-hugging-mark-from-behind

VIDEO LINK 2: http://marksonforlife.tumblr.com/post/149277241258/two-angles

6. GO WATCH THE VIDEO PLEASE. Like the caption is spot on in my mind and I couldn’t agree more on the fact that it looked like Jackson was going to do something intimate and then he hesitated and looked at the camera!! UGH. seriously a fave moment bc its like what were you gonna do? huh?! You can’t not agree with the fact that that boy was playing around behind Mark. And then there’s Mark’s small smile and that little thing he does with his mouth, which reminded me of someone keeping a smirk in check. Oooooh there’s def something going on there and I wish I knew what it was!!

LINK: http://marksonforlife.tumblr.com/post/151033384652/i-already-posted-this-but-ill-post-it-again

I couldn’t find a gif of this video D: but I found some others from the same video (they’re faves but this ^^^ moment is the one I really cared for)

Originally posted by markticseas

7. ANOTHER VIDEO!! 9/10 markson shippers should remember this badboy right here. I don’t even remember what video this moment came from but even if I see a still I freak out bc this is literal gold. One of the best shows of touchy!Mark and cuddly!Jackson ever. Seriously, Mark kept putting his hands on Jackson and moving subtly, and then he even has the nerve to lean into Jackson further to whisper something-BOY!! And then there’s Jackson who decides it’s perfectly ok to rest his head on Mark’s chest all casual like he’s done it a thousand times before. And one moment I really love to see is Jackson noticing Mark plating with J’s bracelet, looking at him, and then Mark moves his hand away so quickly like he’s been caught. its cute. don’t fight me on this. Also I got newly-dating vibes from this: not sure how much actual touching is safe, leaning into one another, glued at the hip, private jokes. Markson or never ;) I’ll add a gif when I find one!

(Make sure to click the gif to see the whole gif post!)

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LINK: http://awesomemeowww.tumblr.com/post/128284251380/markson-httpifttt1hebms6

8. This picture satisfies like 3 things from my otp goggles-on checklist: smiling towards the other, touching, and suggestive posturing. Don’t tell me that this doesn’t look like Jackson’s about to pull Mark in and plant one on him! The positioning of Jackson’s hands make me wanna punch something bc who puts their hands there unless its for a headbutt or a kiss?? And lemme tell you that I’m 99% sure that he’s not about to headbutt Mark. (ALSO ARMS 4 DAYS JACKSON OVER HERE #hot hot hot) Back to the smiling and touching and pose- they’re close for one thing, and then Mark’s about to go into hug mode, there’s full eye contact going on, and what a beautiful smile!! It seems so loving and happy that I just can’t deal with them rn. I have a link to a gif, Jackson jumping into Mark’s arms :) , so I’ll add that in later!

PHOTO LINK: https://dani-okem.tumblr.com/post/160701529358

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9. Ok but I really think they fit together so well sometimes~ Like their heights aren’t monumentally different but it’s enough that they look good together. SO there’s that sly BUTT tap and then the blessed hand moves up to the lower back (i like ur style boy) and eventually falls off the waist when they stop in front of the fans. Mark is totally guiding Jackson here and it seems like he’s 100% a-ok with it. Oh and there’s definitely some smiles going on here! I wish we had more concerts but the fanmeets are still great but there’s something about concerts that really let otps shine.

(Make sure to click the gif to see the whole gif post!)

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10. VIDEO— ITS THE FINAL ONE Y’ALL AND ITS A FAVE BC I’VE BROUGHT IT UP A FEW TIMES. (lol I still get pissed every time I remember that I posted the screenshots on my old baeksoo account instead of this one but oh whale:) ) anyways I just love love love this bc it was so fleeting but so memorable. I know Mark was running around messing with everyone during this time (and that he did something similar to JB) but this was something special for Jackson. There was NO SPACE between them and their heads were so so so close. And then there were lots of giggles and smiling and DID YOU NOTICE THAT JACKSON HITCHED HIS LEG UP WHICH IN TURN BROUGHT MARK’S LEG HIGHER AND BY DEDUCTION, THEIR HIPS CLOSER?? bc I did. bc I know that. and it’s true. AND THEN AS MARK (the little tease) LEFT, JACKSON TRIED TO KEEP HIM THERE!! GRABBED AT HIS WAIST!!  I just want to know what on earth was going through Mark’s head when he decided to go and lay flush against his group member. seriously tho. but 11/10 would recommend them recreating this, in the presence of a solid 1080p filming camera preferably. 

PIC LINK: http://bangtancity.tumblr.com/post/144433607756/ss-baeksoo-you-can-see-that-jackson-brought-up

VIDEO LINK: http://awesomemeowww.tumblr.com/post/127118208761/jackson-doesn-t-want-mark-to-leave-so-he-was-about

Over and Over Again

Anonymous Requested: We broke up but no one makes coffee the way you do and I really need a cup so can I come over? 
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff 
Word Count: 3,520


It starts with one hazy winter morning and a single phone call.

You’ve always been a relatively light sleeper, a trait of your life you’ve always secretly hated because it’s always stopped you from getting through the night peacefully, but this time it’s a part of yourself you just want to fling off a cliff and curse to the heavens and back. Who on earth would even bother trying to call you at a time like—!

“What the fuck?” You let out in a groan, voice husky from sleep as your hand blindly reaches across to the nightstand, fingers dragging along the surface to try and feel for your phone. Your head is swimming with the abruptness of early morning, the neurons in your brain going at a rapid pace in hasty attempts to right yourself up for the new day. “What time is it…?”

Somehow, your fingers manage to clasp around the rectangular object that is your phone, and you peel an eye open long enough to catch the bright green numbers on your digital clock. The fact that the sun hasn’t even risen over the horizon should be warning bell number 1 that whoever is calling you definitely doesn’t deserve a reply if they’re going to interrupt what little sleep you already get, but you think you would much rather give this person a piece of your mind as—!

You don’t even bother trying to read the fine print of the caller ID before you tug the phone from the charging unit, rolling onto your stomach and—“What?”

“Oh, sorry, is this a bad time?”

The arm that isn’t propped up to keep the phone to your ear straightens like a board, driving you off the bed, the warmth of the covers long forgotten as your heart immediately sets on going into overdrive as it courses through your body. The feelings are almost vague, foreign, nearly forgotten, yet something so nostalgic that your heart already knows the answer before your mind could conjure up a question.


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All Of Me Part 1

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Taeyang x reader

Genre: Angst, romance

Au: High school!au

Words: 2906

Chapter: 1 / 5

Author/admin: Zoie

Beta: HO

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fatimaloveskpop said to kpop-reads: Heyyyyy! Can you write an SF9 Taeyang fic based on the song All of Me by John Legend? I’m so sorry my request is pretty lame​ but you’re one of my favorite writers on tumblr so it’d be great if you could write this.❤❤❤❤❤

Author’s note: I’m a mess for taeyang and All of me by john legend. It puts me in my feels so hard and i cant help but write angsty shit in my feels so SORRY IF YOU DIDN’T WANT ANGST BUT IT GONNA HAPPEN.

“I hate you, but fucking love you at the same damn time. You’re making me go insane.”

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I Want To Write You A Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 18)

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Part 17

“Hold on to hope if you got it. Don’t let it go for nobody-” you sang softly as you picked your guitar in the backyard. 

You had woken up before Harry that day and you didn’t want to wake him up, so you went outside to get some writing done. 

“And they say that dreaming is free, but I wouldn’t care what it cost me,” you sang. 

You were writing down in your journal when you saw someone coming out and sitting some tea on the table. You looked up and saw that it was Gemma. 

“Good morning,” she smiled. 

“Morning,” you smiled putting your guitar on the ground. 

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. I just thought you might want something warm to drink,” she said. 

“Oh, no you’re fine. I was just messing around,” you said. 

“Harry had mentioned that you’re looking into recording your own album,” she said. 

“Uh, yeah, I guess,” you said. “I said that I was a few weeks ago, but I hadn’t really done it and quite frankly, I don’t know if I even want to.” 

“Why? I mean why have you changed your mind?” She asked. 

“I don’t know. I’m a songwriter, that’s what I do best. I’m not a performer,” you sighed. “When Harry gets on stage, his face lights up and it’s obvious that he loves it. I don’t think I could ever do that.” 

“My brother is interesting on stage,” she laughed. “But that’s just who he is, it’s his personality. You don’t have to be like him or anyone else at there. I mean look at Adele, she doesn’t dance around or jump up and down because that’s not her, but she’s still an amazing performer and producer of music. You can make your music however you want it to be. And you don’t necessarily have to perform if you don’t want to, right?”

“No, I wouldn’t have to, no,” you said. 

“Then just make your music and record your album and get it out there. Don’t worry about anything after that,” she said. 

“There’s something else,” you whispered. 

“What’s that?” She asked. “Your parents?” 

“Yes, and no,” you said. “I mean yes, they’re sort of an issue, but I’m not worried about them.” 

“Then what are you worried about?” She asked. 

“About becoming too… famous I guess,” you sighed. “Once I make my own music, people are going to find out that I’m the songwriter for all those songs and that I’m Harry’s girlfriend. I don’t want to lose my privacy and I don’t want people to think I’m just with Harry for his name or something.” 

“I get that,” she nodded. “But babe, just by being Harry’s girlfriend, it’s already going to throw you into the spotlight and everyone is going to try and find everything they can about you, it just comes with the territory. And as for the privacy thing, Harry’s been in this business for years and while it may seem like he has no privacy, he has more than you think. He’s actually a quite private person and when it comes to you, he’ll make sure that it stays that way. He’s quite protective over you,” she smiled. 

You laughed with a nod. 

“And people are going to say and think what they want to think regardless if it’s true or not,” she said. “Harry knows that you love him and we know that you love him and he loves you and that’s all you should care about.” 

“Thank you,” you smiled. “Talking to you as really helped.” 

“I’m glad and I just want you to know that our relationship isn’t just because  you’re with my brother. I consider you a great friend, so anytime that you need to talk or just need to get away from my annoying little shit of a brother, I’m available,” she smiled. 


Harry had woken up to you, not in the room for the second morning in the row. He groaned as he got up from the bed and stretched before running his hands through his hair. He left the room in search of you. 

When he arrived in the kitchen, his mom was cooking breakfast. He grabbed some coffee and hugged her. 

“Morning Mum,” he smiled. 

“Morning, sweetheart,” she smiled. 

“Have you seen my girlfriend?” He laughed. “She disappeared on me again.” 

“Oh, she and Gemma are outside having a chat,” she said. 

Harry grabbed his mug of coffee and went over to the window. It looked like that you and Gemma were getting along and he was really happy about that, but he would admit that he was beginning to be a little jealous that you were spending a lot of your time with his sister. 

You and Gemma walked back inside and Harry stood there with a pout on his face. 

You put your guitar down and walked over to him. “Hey, what’s up with you?” You asked. 

“Nothing,” he mumbled. 

“Yes, there is,” you said. “What’s wrong with you?” You laughed forcing his pout into a smile. 

“Stop it,” he sighed moving his face away. “I’m gonna shower, I’ll be back down for breakfast,” he mumbled to his Mom before going back up to the room. 

You sighed. “I’ll be back,” you said following behind him. 

Harry grabbed clothes from his suitcase when you walked in. 

“Okay, what is really wrong with you?” You asked. 

“Nothing,” he said. 

“Damn it, Harry. I know you’re lying, so just spit it out already,” you said. 

“Fine, you want to know?” He asked. 

“Obviously because I’ve been asking you for the last ten minutes,” you said. 

“Maybe I’m just annoyed because I’ve been wanting to spend time with my girlfriend and you’re always hanging with my sister,” he mumbled. 

You giggled as you watched him throw his clothes down on the bed. 

“it’s not fucking funny!” He whined. 

“Yeah, it is. You’re jealous of your sister,” you laughed. 

“No, I’m not,” he said. “I just want to spend time with my girlfriend and you’re always gone.” 

“I’m not gone, I was just outside,” you said. “And I was out there before Gemma. I was getting some writing done and she came out there. I didn’t purposely get up before you to have a chat with Gemma.” 

“You didn’t?” He asked. 

“No,” you laughed. “I woke up before you and I felt like writing, so I went outside in the freezing cold so I wouldn’t wake anyone up. And then Gemma came out there and we just started talking about things.” 

“Oh,” he said sitting down on the bed. 

“Yeah, oh,” you laughed walking over and sitting on his lap. “But you know it’s kinda cute that you’re jealous.” 

“I’m not jealous,” he mumbled wrapping his arms around you. 

“Fine you’re not jealous, but your behavior is still cute,” you smirked. 

He rolled his eyes. “I’m not cute, I’m hot,” he said. 

“Oh right, yeah, definitely,” you said nodding. 

“It’s true! Don’t act like it’s not,” he smirked. 

You rolled your eyes. “I thought you were going to shower?” 

“Oh, I am, but now you’re joining me,” he smirked. 

“Am I now?” You asked. 

“Yep,” he smirked throwing you over his shoulder and carrying you into the bathroom. 


After breakfast, you decided to dedicate the entire day to Harry. You bundled up and he was taking you on a tour of his hometown, showing you all the places that were special to him. 

“You know you’re different here,” you smiled. “Not like bad different or like you’re a different person, I just mean you seem relaxed here.” 

“I do,” he nodded. “Because when I come back here, it’s home, you know. My family’s here. Friends I’ve known for years are here. Whenever I come back, they don’t treat me or look at me as Harry Styles. I’m just Harry to them.” 

You smiled wrapping your arms around his. “I know I didn’t know you before you were this huge pop star,” you laughed. “But you’re just Harry to me too, you know. I mean you’re my boyfriend Harry, who happens to be an amazing artist.” 

He smiled looking down at you. “And you’re my girlfriend, Y/N, who happens to be the best damn singer-songwriter out there.” 

“And I love you so much,” he added. 

“I love you too,” you smiled. 

“You know, I can’t help but wonder that you seem to be getting used to the cold weather,” he smirked. 

“No, I think it’s because I have a few warm clothes now,” you laughed. 

He laughed. “Maybe,” he said wrapping his arms around you. “Can I ask you something?” 

“Of course,” you nodded. 

“Could you ever…would you ever live here?” He asked. “In the UK, I mean. Like London or something?” 

“I don’t know, I’ve never really thought about it before,” you said. “Why?” 

“Well, now that the album is finished, I sort of just want to get out of the LA scene for a bit, so I’ve been thinking about coming back to London and staying for a while after the promo with the album is finished,” he said. 

“Oh,” you said. “And you just thought about this right now?” 

“No, I’ve been thinking about it for awhile,” he said. “LA is great, you know. I’ve great friends there and I love the weather, but it’s not home. I miss being near my family and friends here.” 

“Are you thinking about it or have you already made your decision?” You asked. 

“A little bit of both,” he shrugged. “I haven’t officially decided to do it, but the odds of me not moving back, are slim.” 

“So, you’re just going to move thousands of miles away without even talking to me about it?” You asked. 

“I’m talking with you about it now,” he said. 

“Yeah, when you’ve practically already made your decision,” you said. “What about me huh? I’m in LA, and you’re just going to leave me there?” 

“What? No,” he said. “Baby, I’m asking you to come with me. To live me. To move in with me.” 

“What about my album?” You said. “How would I work on that if I’m in London?” 

“There are recording studios in London, Y/N,” he sighed. 

“But not my studio. The one where I’ve recorded all of my stuff,” you said. “Nathan’s not in London, other producers and writers I’ve worked with aren’t in London.”  

“Why do you keep making this about you?” He sighed. “I’m not just up and leaving because I fucking want too, I’m leaving because I want to be near my family and friends, where I’m used to.” 

“Just because I don’t have a family that cares and supports me, doesn’t mean I don’t have anything worth staying in LA,” you said before walking off. 

“Fucking… Y/N where are you going!” He shouted. 

“I don’t know, just somewhere away from you!” You shouted. 

“Y/N, you’re going to get lost!” He sighed. 

“I don’t care, just leave me alone,” you said as you kept on walking. 

Harry signed running his hands over his face as he watched you walk off. He wanted to go after you, but he knew if he did it would only make you angrier with him. 


“Where’s Y/N?” Anne said when Hary got back to the house. 

“We had another fight and she walked off,” he sighed. 

“Another fight? What happened?” She asked. 

“I told her I planned on moving back to London for a bit and she upset with me,” he sighed. 

“Did you ask her to come with you?” She asked. 

He nodded. “Of course I did. I don’t want to be without her for a second, much less going  months without her being thousands of miles away.”

“Have you ever talked about it before?” She asked. 

“No, this was actually the first time I brought it up,” he sighed. 

“Well, then you two need to talk about it. Once she’s cooled off, talk to her about, really talk to her about it. Maybe try to understand why she was so upset and if you think about it, asking her to pick up her life and move to another country is asking a lot,” she stated. 

He nodded. “I’m gonna go drive around and see if I can find her.”

“Yes, go get her and bring her back. It’ll be dark soon,” she whispered. 


You weren’t exactly lost, but you didn’t exactly know where you were either. Places looked familiar, but you weren’t sure which way to go back to Anne’s house. The boots you were wearing weren’t great for walking, so your feet were killing you. 

You saw a bench nearby and decided to take a break. You were starting to get cold and felt extremely childish for running off like you did. But you couldn’t help it, you just needed to get your thoughts together and you need to be alone for that. 

You thought about calling Harry to come pick you up, but you didn’t have to because Harry’s car pulled up right next to you. He parked the car and got out walking over to you. 

“Are you alright?” He asked. 

“I’m fine,” you whispered. 

“Come on, let’s get you warm,” he said. 

He took your hand and helped you to the car and turned the heat full blast before driving off. 

“I know that you were upset, but please don’t do that again,” he said. 

“I’m sorry,” you whispered. “I just wanted to be alone.” 

“I understand that and I’ll give you all the space you need, but don’t feel like you have to physically leave,” he said taking your hand. 

“I won’t,” you said. “I promise.” 

“Can we talk about it though?” He asked. “About why you got so upset?” 

You sighed looking out the window. “You wouldn’t understand.” 

“How can I try to understand if I don’t know what it is,” he whispered. 

You sighed. “In LA, we’re equals for lack of a better word. We both have our own group of friends, things that we like to do, people we work with, etc. But in London, that’s your territory. Your family, your friends, your house. The people that you work with, things that you like to do. If I come with you, all I’m gonna have is you. And what if your friends don’t like me or we find out that I’m too different from you and your life in London…” 

Harry had pulled the car into the driveway now and you both were sitting in the car. 

“I guess I didn’t think of it like that,” he whispered. “I don’t want you to feel like you have to leave everything behind for me.” 

“But I feel like that is what I’d have to do,” you sighed. 

“Are you afraid that if you come with me to live in London, we’ll break up or something?” He asked. 

You nodded. 

“Baby, that could never happen,” he said. 

“You say that now, but what if it does,” you sniffled. “What if everything changes for the worse?” 

“It won’t,” he said. “We love each other and we’re not going to let that happen. I’m not saying that we permanently relocate to London, I just want to be back home for a while before I go on tour. Plus, my band lives here and we’ll have rehearsals and such.” 

“And no decisions have to be made right now. We’ll be going to London in a few days and you can get a feel for it and then we can talk about it some more,” he said. “Because I’m not just going to leave you, okay.” 

“But what if I decide not to go?” You whispered. 

“Then we’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” he said. 

You nodded and the two of you got out of the car. Even though the two of you talked it out, you could feel there was a shift in the air between you. That was the first major obstacle that came up in your relationship. It wouldn’t be the last, but you just hoped that it wouldn’t be the one that drove you apart either. 

the secret santa au

suggested by @iggydabirdkid! at literally 11:59 PM but it’s still december 1st nonetheless. will you ever know what sombra’s gift is? probably not.

  • one of the truly beautiful traditions (started by tracer) of overwatch is the yearly secret santa
  • everyone from overwatch’s invited, and their significant others, which means that talon’s invited too.
  • it’s easier to get gifts for some than it is for others.
  • take winston
  • last year, lena bought him a monthly delivery of a ten-kg jar of peanut butter (lasting for a year) and no one had ever seen him look so happy
  • and then you have sombra and no one knows anything about her so congrats to that lovely person who has to get her a gift
  • they all sit around in a circle on december 1st and lena claps her hands like a little kid and widow pretends not to be endeared
  • s76 holds a santa hat in his lap, filled with slips of paper
  • one by one, each person (or robot) comes up and takes a paper
  • (and because i’m symbra TRASH this is mostly gonna follow their quest for gifts)
  • symmetra opens her slip and sees, in neatly printed, bright purple words, ‘SOMBRA’.
  • she kinda freaks out a little bc she expected to get bastion or something but then she just sits and thinks.
  • while satya’s thinking, sombra retrieves her slip, and sees symmetra’s name written on it in pastel blue
  • internally she’s like ‘YASSSSS BISHHH’ because she has a massive crush on satya but she keeps a poker face
  • she looks up to see satya studying her intently, and blinks.
  • ‘hey, princesita!’ she calls, and satya looks up, flushing, and she’s really cute and- wait. up. her eyes went up.
  • up. which means they were down before. which means they were looking at sombra’s lips. sombra files that away and makes a mental note to obsess over it later.
  • ‘what ya lookin’ at?’
  • satya blinks at her, then turns and walks away. sombra looks after her, confused.
  • ‘don’t mind her!’ lena calls, and then abruptly there is an orange mass flying at her. tracer comes to a stop just in front of her, but her momentum sends them both tumbling.
  • lena leans in close. ‘she’s a bit shy around people she likes.’
  • and then she blinks away, and sombra’s eyes go wide.
  • likes. satya likes her.
  • oh.
  • she spends the next twenty-four days at literally every store in the world (courtesy of hacking)
  • jewelry? would satya like jewelry? no. she can make her own out of hard light. sombra blows out a sigh and speeds past to the next store.
  • ‘sombra,’ gabe says over the com. ‘we’re on a mission.’
  • ‘and tokyo has some of the best gift stores in the world.’ sombra snaps. she got two hours of sleep last night and she’s really stressed. ‘your point?’
  • ‘that we’re still part of a team dedicated to killing people and you can’t just leave. sombra, just get her something and come back.’
  • sombra yanks her fingers through her hair frustratedly. ‘i can’t just get her something, gabriel, amélie, you don’t understand! i have to make a good impression and she’s beautiful and kind and i want her to trust me because when she smiles i feel like my insides have reoriented themselves and i just want her to like me, and so many people don’t that it’s not hard to think she won’t either, but i just really want her to smile at me and think i’m a good person and i need- joder, i just need a gift!’
  • ‘well, here we are,’ gabe says, and sombra turns to see amélie and gabriel, dressed in street clothes, widow with aviators perched stylishly atop her nose.
  • ‘first,’ widow says, rubbing her hands together, ‘you need an element.’
  • ‘a.. wha?’
  • ‘element. let’s see. what does satya like?’
  • ‘i don’t know- wait, actually, i do. neat things. pretty things. useful things?’
  • ‘so aesthetic, maybe a bit of practicality. let me guess. blue. good. gabriel?’
  • ‘you’ll need some sort of blue cloth, perhaps. and something to counter it- perhaps purple would work, considering your colour scheme. it has to be something from the heart.’
  • ‘why- i thought the mission-’
  • ‘the mission can fuck itself. we’re here for my little sister.’ 
  • ‘and my daughter,’ gabe adds, and sombra’s legitimately tearing up a little.
  • widow whips a cell phone out of her leather trench coat and dials a number, speaking in rapid-fire french. she looks up after a moment.
  • ‘paris fashion boutique. they can have premium blue silk in ten minutes.’
  • ‘make it two,’ gabe says grimly, and moves through the rack of japanese silk, picking out a light purple number and reaching for one of the daggers in widow’s boot. he slices through the cloth, cuts it into the shape of symmetra’s design spray.
  • widow hangs up. ‘got it.’ she tosses a really expensive package of blue silk at him, and he takes it, cutting it into a cool design and gluing the two together. a clerk runs toward them, staring at the scraps of cloth that are probably worth more than a few million dollars, and amélie tosses a cheque down before they disappear.
  • ‘think about it,’ gabe says as they hold onto the grappling hook (which is attached to a nearby plane). ‘what do you think symmetra would appreciate?’
  • ‘i don’t know.’
  • ‘well, what do you like?’
  • ‘hacking. and horchata caliente. and girls.’
  • ‘hey, amélie!’ gabe shouts. ‘is symmetra into girls?’
  • amélie blinks, shrugs. gabe sighs.
  • ‘we’ll think of something.’
  • they do.
  • the day rolls around, and sombra approaches symmetra nervously.
  • ‘hi,’ she says, hands behind her back, and satya looks at her and grins. sombra tingles.
  • ‘hello,’ she says. ‘did we get each other?’
  • ‘it seems so.’
  • ‘excellent! i’ll go first.’
  • symmetra reaches out, and sombra blanks, because satya’s touching her hand oh my god she may not live to see tomorrow oh my god oh my god fuCK HOLY FRICK WHAT DOES SHE DO DOES SHE- ARE HER HANDS SWEATY THIS IS BAD OH HECK HECKITY HECK
  • symmetra smiles. ‘and… done!’
  • sombra blinks, looks down, and flexes her fingers to see if they’re still in shock. to her surprise, her nails do something weird and suddenly she has fuckin claws like wolverine what the hell
  • they’re purple. sombra appreciates that.
  • ‘there.’ satya smiles adorably.
  • silence.
  • ‘um. i didn’t mean to-’
  • satya kisses her breathless.
  • she pulls back after a moment, fingers skating over sombra’s jaw, and for the first time in her full however many years of life, sombra’s rendered speechless.
  • ‘the gift-’ sombra stutters, and satya smiles at her, and her heart melts.
  • ‘we have time for the gift, later.’
  • she pulls her close.
  • ‘right now, i have you. and you’re the best present i could wish for.’
Teacher, Teacher (Biadore) - Ch. 1

A/N- Hey guys, Red again, just a quick note, PLEASE send prompts of Drag queens you would like an appearance. ANY feedback is good! I would appreciate feedback! Thank you so much again

T/W- Swearing

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entredormidaydespierta  asked:

Soooo I was wondering, maybe you could write a kinda story about Sonic and Amy being a lil bit older (so amy is not 12 lol, maybe shes 16?) and being secret lovers? I dont mind if they're actually dating or not, but it would be so cool if they had these "make up sessions" in secret or something. If you can set it up in Modern, please? Thanks!

Make… up?

As in, they fight? xD I always make them a little older in all my sonamy stuff, I don’t quite believe a 15 year old Sonic would be in the proper ‘mindset’ for any of my stories without being a bit older. (Unless I was completely true to canon, which no one seems to ask for, so I write those on my own.) but that’s because Canon’s sonamy is very light and people want it more upfront, so to speak, not hidden away because of all the connotations that there’s nothing there or something. Sad how that works out :(

So, secret lovers? I can do that. To keep it canon though, do you mind if they’ve just recently become a couple..? That way, I can keep Sonic a little skittish like canon so it’s not so AU XD

Thanks for the ask! I hope this works for you, here I go!

(I’m gonna assume you mean some kissing… I’ll… *ehem* do what I can ;) )


Amy was thrilled that Sonic was spending more time with her, sitting under a tree as they ‘hung out’ together.

He seemed half asleep though, and she looked up, wanting a bit more attention or for this day to go a little more how she would like it.

However… she had to be cautious!

She looked down, saddened by that fact but also determined to succeed, her little mouth forming a pout as her fists came up close together by her face.

She had a plan!

She didn’t want to scare off Sonic from this recent decision to spend more time with her, but she also wanted to make sure he knew what he was getting into…

She took a deep breath, and slowly tried to reach for his hand.

His eyes blinked open, and he gave her a funny look, raising his eyebrow.

She flinched back and hid her face down by his chest, not sure what to do…

She had to try something!

“S…Sonic?” she got up slightly, blinking worriedly to him as she tried to think of how to word this right… “W..want to play a game?”

He tilted his head, “A game?”

At least she got him talking a bit…

“Emhm.” she nodded, “If you want the date to end, you have to play this game first, and then- I’ll let you go!” Amy held a finger up, stating the new rule, before happily lowering her hands to her lap and smiling brightly, eyes closed at her brilliant scheming.

Suspicion spread across Sonic’s face, and she sweat dropped at it.

“What kind of game..?” he seemed to mumble out, yawning before getting up.

“It’s just like your Acts! with each Stage containing another level!” she explained, and put her hands together. “First Act!”

She took his hand, and swung it around, “Stage 1!”

His eyes looked a little concerned,… thinking this weird, he looked back up at her.

“…Eh-heh… heh…” she let go of the hand. “Stage 2!” she leaned close and stared into his eyes.

When he looked away, nervous, she pouted and made a new rule up on the spot.

Who was she kidding, this was all made up on the spot!

“5 seconds for each!”

“5 seconds?!” Sonic turned back to her, blinking in surprise and pulling his frown back, clearly not happy about that as his hand moved over himself, as if in defense.

“Ohhh, quit complaining or I won’t let you leave!” she puffed a side of her cheek up, making him innerwardly smile at the cute drama she usually had whenever he was around her.

He sighed and sat, holding his legs as they stared at one another for a moment…

“Good!” Amy clapped, then winked to hold up two fingers, “Act 2!”

He rolled his eyes.

Cautiously, she moved herself closer to him, and leaned her head against his shoulder.

He leaned back, “Uhh…” feeling uncomfortable, even if they were just like this a few seconds ago…

“…3…4….5! Good job! Stage cleared!” Amy praised, making him feel even more out of place.

“Amy…” he thought that was a bit much, but she continued, putting his hands around her waist. “Okay! Stage 2!”

“H-hang on a second!” Sonic squirmed, but she gave him a fierce look of disapproval, and he stopped struggling, sweat dropping.

She smiled, “3…4….5! Okay! Act 3!”

“Amy, isn’t this a little mu-”

He paused.

His eyes widened.

Her forehead touched his.

This was probably the closest he had ever been to her… or even another girl for that matter.

Suddenly his mouth opened as his brain started connecting the dots of what was happening…

And what the next Stage may be…

“4…5! Okay! Last Stage!” Amy suddenly lost her smile.

Her eyes fluttered a moment before she looked away.

“…S-so… Act 3′s stage 2 is um… you have to um…” she closed her eyes, thinking it unfair to have their first… well, kiss like this, so she switched directions.

She leaned her cheek up to him, and closed her eyes, blushing.

“You have to kiss my cheek and hold it for 5 seconds.”

Now Sonic was mute.

His body bristled up with his quills as he shook, his hands moving off of her and his face looking horrified.

This was her big plan!?

They had been hanging out more lately, that’s true, but just because he was starting to date her doesn’t mean…

He looked away, his mind working through what was happening before she blinked one eye open.

She looked away, as if disappointed, before up with a slight sweat mark to the side of her face, as if nervous that if she let him off the hook now, she may never ‘condition’ him into being more intimate with her…

“Y-..You j-j-just have to do it for 5 seconds. Tops.” she closed her eyes again. “It… it’s not bad! Honest! You’ll see…” she waited, as he looked back at her.

the wind was suddenly chilly, and she didn’t like this feeling…

This was wrong,… she shouldn’t do this.

“On second thought…” she was about to give in, before shaking her head and forcing herself to show no mercy!

“Emm-emm! I’m not giving up! I’ll go first!” she put her hands up by her face, being strong, kissed him with a bit of force by his cheek.

His mouth suddenly swished to the middle of his face, as a heat rose up to his face but no color showed this sensation.

He suddenly was about to speed off, but his legs were trapped under where she was leaning over him to perform this ‘stage’ as she called it.

She leaned away, smiling then.

“Okay, now you’re turn.”

There was a second of silence, before he slowly moved a leg up.

“Ah..” she saw what he was attempting to do.

“NOOO!!!” she leaped before he could fully race away, and grabbed his leg, as he struggled to crawl away.

“You have to complete the stages!!! Sonic!!!” she wasn’t going to let him out of this one!

He looked back, still squeamish before his eyes lightened to a softer look, seeing her eyes slowly fill with tears.

“Just… 5 seconds… it isn’t a lot… is there something wrong with that..?” she bent her head down, gripping the leg she had even tighter under her.

He suddenly felt a longing then, something more than to appease her….

He scooted back, and helped her up.

She wiped her tears away, sniffing.

“Am I not pretty enough or-”

He cut her off with a sweet, gentle press upon the side of her cheek. Not really much of a kiss, but his lips were on her cheek, and he held it with a trembling and shaking body.

She blinked her eyes open a few times, before he sped off.

She was thrilled! She couldn’t wait to try it again but he had left for a long time after that… even to the point she was terrified he wouldn’t come back for good now…

Bu then…

He did come back, with chilidogs for them.

They spent every date doing different things but the routine carried.

At the beach, before telling her goodbye, he would awkwardly prepare himself and go through each stage, almost hastily, against Amy’s liking…

At the park, he freely held her hand and Amy stated it could count for the first stage, but he held it much longer than 5 seconds…

Another day, they went to twinkle park, and he felt too embarrassed to go through the last few acts with people all around them… so they went behind a booth, the lights of the ferriswheel beside them, and for the first time, he kissed her cheek without delay.

A few adventures meant they couldn’t spend time together for a while… but then…

“Okay! Last stage and I’ll see you again!” Amy, happily already in his arms from the last few acts, leaned up and kissed his cheek.

One eye squinted down, but his smile didn’t fade…

That was different.

“Good night~” she chimed, before leaning her head up and closing her eyes, waiting for the usual soft, and sweet peck on the cheek before they parted…

Suddenly, she felt a hand on the side of her face.


She opened her eyes just enough to see him staring at her, a look that she had never seen before.

“..E…Eh?” she was a little takenback, before he pulled her closer to him, her body against his as suddenly the night air wasn’t so chilly anymore.


He leaned into her unexpecting expression… and their first kiss lasted innocently, about.. from what Amy remembers when she started counting, at least 6 seconds or more…

He pulled away, “Night, Amy.” he didn’t look phased… or uncomfortable… or even skittish.

It was as if…

Her little game worked.

“Sonic…” her eyes sparkled with the stars, amazed by him actually initiating the next step without her encouragement.


She pouted.

She couldn’t get him to kiss her on the lips after that, he would surprise her at the end of some ‘get togethers’ by doing so, but it was always when she was caught off-guard or didn’t think he would it.

One of these days,.. she wanted to catch it and make it last a little longer, letting a little more passion be put into it, but she figured he would take that step too… when he was ready.

Still~ The feelings and butterflies never left! And she never got tried of seeing flowers at her door, or being whisked away while she was out and about, being taken on adventure after adventure.

Then… at last… when the last stage came again, she took courage and kissed him first, not on the cheek this time, and attempted to hold it longer and explore more.

She suddenly felt him tense and move away, and was worried her actions may have been to much then…

But to her surprise, he grinned.

“Well.. You’ve moved on to a completely different zone.” he smirked, and suddenly she realized something.

She hadn’t told him the next zone!

“Alright, Amy. I’ll play.” he stepped up, not shying away as he had once in the past done so many times.

“But… these are my rules now.” he gave her a little look in his eye before pulling her into ‘his turn’.

She didn’t know what was really happening besides the fact that they were going to find a whole new world…


152: ‘Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night.’ - Strifentine


So I already answered your Terqua prompt, and I know your ask was meant to request either one or the other… but consider this a payment against my great Strifentine debt to you.  

For your information, this was GONNA BE a 500 word drabblefic about Vincent discovering memes, and then it became an 8k+ monster of pining, angst, and pointless drama that has no real conclusion.  HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!!

For anyone else waiting on fic prompts… NOW YOU KNOW WHY THEY ARE TAKING SO LONG.  They are coming, and this time I won’t give any timeframe estimation because that only ever makes me into a huge liar.

If anyone wants to add to my burdens, here is the list: just fuck me up

And finally, thousand billion thankyous to @erikathestranger my first ever beta reader and all-around awesome person.

Cloud would be the first to admit that he was a poor communicator…  The fact that he’d managed to usher his thoughts into words coherent enough to keep him in a leadership position in Avalanche throughout their journey together was a miracle in and of itself.  Since then he’d relaxed into a comfortable isolation - it was what he was used to.

He’d be lying if he didn’t acknowledge the stigma’s part in his retreat from the world… but he’d be lying also if he didn’t acknowledge the part which technology played in making it possible.  As awkward as he often felt in social situations, Cloud had always longed for contact, closeness with other people.  Friendship.  Having a phone just made that easier.  It meant he could ignore the ringing as long as it lasted, but still get the voicemail the caller left after.  It let him feel missed and cared for and spared him the awkward interactions that exhausted him so much - especially during his months of sickness. 

It drove Tifa absolutely nuts.  

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you do Karasuno, Kuroo and Kenma reactions when their s/o falls asleep on them?

hello anon, yes I can!!

Daichi: His s/o would fall asleep against his shoulder while they’re talking on the couch, and Daichi is such a cutie he doesn’t even realize it. He’d still be talking and wouldn’t figure out they’re asleep until they don’t answer his question. Like his body just emanates heat, they probably fall asleep clinging to his arm or side or something. Daichi just smiles fondly at his s/o’s sleeping form and puts his arm around them and snuggles down into the couch, leaning his head onto theirs before falling asleep too.

Sugawara: He would practically be making heart eyes at his s/o when they fall asleep in his lap/arms!! He’d wanna wrap his arms around their shoulders then their waist all tight and snuggle his face against their stomach but! That would wake them up so he settles on gently nuzzling his cheek against their hair. He likes the idea of waking them up with a kiss like in a fairytale. When his s/o wakes up, they’d see him asleep with his arms loosely curled around them and he’d have such a serene smile on his face that they’d end up being the one who woke him up with a cute little kiss.

Asahi: His s/o would be sitting on his lap curled against his chest while they play on their phone or something. Asahi would be so fine with that, content to just have his arms curled around them, occasionally peeking at their phone when they offer the screen to him. When he finds out his s/o has fallen asleep, he kind of panics first like “what do I do what do I do ah yes blanket wait how do I get blanket omg what if I move and they wake up….!” His s/o ends up waking up anyway because they have sixth sense for his anxiety lmao and they’d wrap their arms around him and just tell him to join them. He’d relax and hug them tighter and settle in for a nap together.

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AU Mini-Fic challenge

7: Fake relationship AU

Summary: Dan has to go to his school reunion, and when he realises everyone but him seem to be settled down and married, he convinces Phil to pretend that he’s Dan’s husband for the night.

Words: 3,294 (not so ‘mini’ then, oops)

Sorry this took so long, I hope you like it! <3

* * *

“Listen, Phil. I need your help,” Dan said as he walked into the room. He switched off the TV and turned to face Phil, ignoring his noises of protest.

“I was watching that!” Phil whined with a scowl, but Dan just crossed his arms and sighed. He looked serious about whatever he was about to talk about, so Phil shut up and waited.

“My friend is having a big reunion party next week, where everyone I knew from school is going. It’s going to be hell, just full of people I hate having competitions over who’s the most successful now and who’s the most important.”

“So don’t go,” Phil said, frowning. He was still mad at Dan for interrupting his TV show, just so he could whinge about his old friends.

“I have to, I promised,” Dan said sullenly.

“So…how does this effect me?” Phil asked, raising an eyebrow. Dan began to blush as he fixed his eyes on the floor, shuffling uncomfortably. 

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Where Are We Even Going?

“How do people do that?”

“Hm?” Benny looks up from his glass and tries to follow Usnavi’s gaze, but it’s difficult in the crowded and sporadically lit space. “Do what?”

That,” Usnavi says impatiently, raising his voice above the music and gesturing emphatically down the bar towards – oh. A couple. This is gonna be one of those conversations. “She just walked right up to that guy and bought him a drink! Look – look, now they’re gonna dance! How do people do that!?”

Benny sighs. Truthfully, he and Usnavi shouldn’t even be here – they’re both a little too tired, and have a little too much work to do tomorrow. They’re not dancing and they’re not drinking – not really drinking – and he wonders how much longer they’re both going to pretend this is a good way to spend their evening. “You go up to someone,” he explains, leaning closer so he doesn’t have to shout, “and you say ‘hey, you’re cute, wanna dance?’”

Usnavi actually flinches. “And after the drink gets thrown in your face?”

“What about what I just said gets a drink thrown in my face?”

“Not your face, maybe,” Usnavi says, still too loud, and, okay, maybe he’s been drinking slightly more than Benny has. “But that’d never work for me! I mean, I mean it’d probably work on me, but not – I could never pull that off, y'know? One does not simply walk up to strangers in bars.”

Benny grins. “One does if one wants to dance. It’s not that hard, seriously.”

“Oh, sure, it’s easy for you.” Usnavi waves a hand dismissively. “You’re hot.”

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And last but certainly not least is our maknae, the half cheetah half bunny, Jeon Jungkook aka Kookie aka can I just take a moment to talk about his eyes bc oh my god I love eyes, eyes are probably my favorite facial feature on people bc they can tell so much about the person and I once wrote like an entire series based off of Jungkook’s eyes tbh like they’re just so !! one of my favorite things about the way he dances is the look he gets in his eyes bc it just pierces your soul and it’s so intense but not intimidating like its a perfect balance and I just I love his eyes

  • While Tae and Hobi are pretty similar, Kookie and Yoongi are also similar  
  • Jungkook can be a shy lil bun
  • While he’s definitely broken out of his shell a lot since No More Dream, he can still have his moments of shyness
  • Like anything that involves girls is just nope no n o
  • It’s actually really cute though??
  • Bc he literally goes from :) to o.o within 0.1 seconds whenever he sees someone of the other gender
  • Like in that idols athletic thing that I can never remember the full name of, he was just walking minding his own business
  • Then he sees some girls and just swerves out of the way like nope not today
  • Like I’m sure one day he’ll be more comfortable around them but he's been in bts for quite some time now
  • And he had to train as well so it’s probably been a few years since he’s had a lot of interaction with them  
  • So it’s understandable that he’s still a bit whoa around girls  
  • But he’s a bit more versatile
  • He doesn’t really mind having company but he also doesn’t mind being alone
  • He’s a bit more open to the others coming along with him
  • But the chances of him offering are most often pretty rare
  • Every now and then he’ll invite Jin or Jimin along with him
  • The other boys tend to just help themselves and join him like hey btw I’m gonna crash on your couch for like a couple months, maybe a decade or so idk yet
  • He does however love the night
  • I just see kook as such a night person he just seems like one I sense a night owl
  • He is a born vampire
  • He wasn’t born too long ago, in the early 1900s
  • Fun fact Taehyung is the youngest vampire wise
  • His parents were very open and honest about being a vampire like hey kid it can suck (haha) sometimes but we’ll help you through it
  • Okay but can we talk about kook could totally pull off a vampire look
  • Like Danger is literally just vampire!kook
  • But also lowkey WOH is too
  • Basically black hair kookie is just vampire!kookie
  • The Halloween video
  • Ik he wasn’t really a vampire in it but the whole makeup look was close enough
  • It was just so amazing and it fit him like he looks s o good in black I need it
  • Why does no one talk about how he had a fucking whip in that is that just something we’re gonna brush under the rug
  • You two meet in modern day
  • You first meet Tae and you two are quick to become friends bc its tae he moves quickly
  • It takes him like a year to introduce you to kook though
  • He wants to make sure you’re as compatible with kookie as he think you’d be
  • Like he puts you through these lowkey tests
  • Like how do you handle being around someone who’s a bit shier
  • Do you guys meet each other’s required qualities in a partner??
  • One of the other things he does is play you the music kookie recommends to him
  • Like just hey I found this new song what do you think of it
  • You tend to like them a lot and he’s just so happy
  • He’s got this huge plan of how he wants you to meet
  • He wants kookie to “accidentally” bump into you right and then kookie would hear the song he recommended to tae playing through your earphones and it’s just an instant connection and Tae would be able to brag about how he got you two together
  • The first meeting doesn’t really go according to plan though
  • He does get kookie to bump into you by lowkey pushing him but all you two do is apologize to each other and keep on walking after you say hello to tae
  • He takes a minute to realize his plan didn’t work
  • He’s just standing there like wait what just happened and kooks like a few steps ahead before he sees tae’s still frozen and everyone’s just confused
  • Plan B comes into play next
  • Plan B is for tae to tell both of you to check out the same book for him when he’s “not feeling well enough to get it myself but I really need it for an upcoming essay”
  • He sends you in there before he sends kook but neither of you have any idea about the other
  • Once again his plan fails though bc someone else had already checked the book
  • He finally goes to his final plan which is just the good old-fashioned introducing you to each other
  • “So I actually have a story to tell you guys about this whole thing but that’s for later, for now, this is Jungkook, the guy I was telling you about”
  • That plan actually does work though
  • You two just instantly click and he’s so so sweet and charming
  • He gets a bit shy around you for the first few months bc shy lil maknae but you actually find it endearing??
  • Like he spends most of your second date staring at your hands and wondering if you’d mind if he held yours?? like is that too far is it too soon do you wanna hold his hand??
  • He ends up grabbing your hand when you get up and you just smile at him and squeeze his fingers and he melts right then and there he’s gone
  • He takes the longest to tell you he’s a vampire
  • Here’s the thing I think kook would take a minute to fall in love
  • He would wait a bit longer bc he just ends up worrying that you’ll leave him if you find out and it’s his first love so it’s really !!!
  • He eventually gets brave enough after getting several pep talks from the boys
  • He tells you the night of your second anniversary and he’s holding his breath the entire time and he’s v v carefully watching your face to see your reaction
  • You’re honestly just intrigued by it
  • “What’s it like? Do you need to drink blood like it says in the books? Does sunlight burn you”
  • He’s s o relieved and he answers all of your questions honestly like he doesn’t shy away from any of the answers bc he wants you to know everything and it just feels really great to have that weight off of his shoulders
  • Okay but I have a head canon here
  • Jungkook and you get married right
  • It doesn’t happen for a few decades after he turns you but it does happen
  • During his speech, Tae finally tells you guys about Plan A and B 
  • Everyone just starts laughing and the boys are all tearing up bc they remember hearing the stories of when you two first started dating
  • Even though he tries to hide it, kook’s lowkey crying (out of happiness of course) and you just kiss his lil cheek and hold his hand all tight
  • And you can feel his ring against your finger and you know he can feel yours and it’s just all beautiful

I need seventy million fics about Philip and Lukas going to college together! And they’ve both come out and they’re happy together. and maybe they decide not to be roommates the first year because they want the “college experience” so they meet new people. But of course they’ll spend a ton of time together and be the cutest, most affectionate boyfriends, like we already know they are. And they’ll walk to their classes together and Lukas will pick Philip up afterwards on his bike.

And they’ll go to the dining hall together most nights. But occasionally the weather will be really bad, and they’ll decide to just eat in their dorms. So Philip’s getting ready to have some ramen or something, but then Lukas shows up from his dorm across campus. And Philip can’t believe that he trudged through the snow to come snuggle with him, but of course Lukas did. And he brought pizza!

And Philip’s roommate is interested when he finds out Lukas rides motocross, so they talk about that sometimes, but Philip is like “you’re not gonna teach him to ride your bike, are you?” And Lukas balks. “Of course not! You know I’d only ever do that for you, babe.” And Philip smiles and snuggles back against Lukas’s chest.

And they probably fall asleep like that a lot. So Lukas spends a lot of time at Philip’s dorm, so he’s not that close with his own roommate. But they do get along fine. So one day Lukas’s roommate asks Lukas what he’s thinking about doing for housing next year, and if he still wants to be roommates.

And Lukas says he’s been thinking about asking Philip to get an apartment with him next year, but he’s a little nervous that he might spook Philip. He doesn’t want the other boy to think he’s moving too fast.

Lukas’s roommate just laughs. “You guys are already like a married couple. I’ve never seen two people more perfect for each other. He’ll definitely want to move in with you.” And Lukas beams.

Philip Skypes with Gabe once in a while, and every time Gabe is so cute asking about Lukas. He adores the boy, because he sees how happy Lukas makes Philip. And when Gabe and Helen come to visit (along with Anne) for Parents’ Weekend, they all go out to dinner with the boys, and they even manage to convince Bo to tag along.

Bo is definitely warming up to the idea of Lukas being in a relationship with Philip, because the boys really are best friends, and how can he fault anyone that makes Lukas smile like that?

He’s not gonna lie, it’s still kind of weird for him. And he doesn’t want to hear about Lukas sleeping over in Philip’s dorm almost every night, because aren’t they a little young for that? To be practically living together?

But Lukas talks to Bo. He actually talks to him now. That’s so nice. And if they can have this kind of relationship, then Bo is going to be okay. No matter who Lukas is with. No matter who Lukas (gulp) is in love with.

And he is. Bo has to admit it. He knows what love looks like, and he knows that’s what’s happening between his son and the Shea boy. And maybe they’ve been in love for a long time, and he’s only recently started being okay with it. But better late than never, right?

So when it’s time to put a down payment for their apartment next year, Bo hands Lukas a check. Lukas thinks maybe it’s a joke. His dad is going to help him afford to live with his boyfriend? This can’t be real.

But it is. And he tells Philip. “Babe, are you ready to live together next year? Because it’s happening!”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna talk to Gabe and see if he can lend us the rest-”

“No, Philip, look! My dad just gave me the money!”

“What? Are you serious?” Philip breaks out into a huge grin. “He’s cool with us living together?”

Lukas shrugs, still beaming. “He’s getting used to it, I guess. He… He knows how much I love you, and that you love me, and… I don’t know, I guess he sees that this is real. That you and me are in this for the long haul.”

And maybe Philip’s eyes are filling just a little bit with tears, because he never really let himself believe that this could happen for him. That he could have a boyfriend who treated him well and loved him and wanted to be with him forever.

But it’s all really happening now. Philip throws himself into Lukas’s arms and kisses him sloppily, too happy to be neat.

“Let’s go pick out our apartment,” Lukas says in between kisses. He grabs Philip’s hand and swings their arms as they walk together.

“Okay, let me see if we have any two bedrooms available,” the guy behind the desk at the leading center says when they get there.

“We’re looking for a one bedroom,” Philip says helpfully.

“Ah, okay.” And the guy just types that into the computer, and nothing is weird about it at all. And Lukas would be lying if he said he didn’t get a little shock to his stomach every time someone finds out that he and Philip are together, like real boyfriends. It feels good, though.

And when Lukas has classmates over to do work, they usually ask if he has roommates. Maybe they should go to the library instead?

But no way. Lukas is not going to pass up a chance to introduce everyone he knows to his beautiful boyfriend.

“Nah, I just live with my boyfriend. He’ll be fine to have some people over,” Lukas assures them, and he still can’t stop smiling every time he says “my boyfriend.” It’s been almost two years, when is this exciting feeling going to wear off? He hopes never.

Philip laughs when he sees more people coming over. “Babe, I love meeting your friends, but I feel like they’re probably not as impressed with me as you are,” he says as they’re making dinner later that night.

“Sorry, I know I show you off too much,” Lukas says sheepishly, draining the pasta.

“Nah, it’s flattering,” Philip replies. “But I do like having our alone time. You know? No one else in our apartment. Just us?” And he punctuates this thought with a sweet kiss.

Lukas flushes. “okay, yeah. I like that too.” He pulls Philip closer to him and deepens the kiss.

“I love you,” Lukas says softly, caressing Philip’s cheek. “I’m so glad we have a home together.”

“You’re so cheesy,” but Philip has so much love in his eyes Lukas actually feels embarrassed. “It’s just a college apartment,” he reminds his boyfriend. “Wait until we graduate and get a real house. You’re gonna lose your mind,” he teases.

“Mmm,” Lukas sighs contentedly. “I’d live anywhere with you.”


“Yeah.” And Lukas kisses him one more time.

red cup

because i am here to admit that i don’t think i ever truly got over nerd!harry (aka my main man marcel) this happened. plz don’t come @ me bc BSE is lowkey a good song ok thanks. like listen to it without the video…. it’s pretty above average huh? also, 2013 punk harry killed me in general. but this has nothing to do with the best song ever music video so let’s just get onto it, shall we? 

WARNINGS: extreme fluff and one scene of smut (wet dream, handjob followed with a blowjob wowza) but yeah it’s not based around sex if ya feel me?? bad bitch y/n meets nerd harry in a college environment and you can kinda guess the rest ;) [and by college i am implying free thought on whatever school of your choice but stanford seemed to fit the best for me]

hope you enjoy my work. all the fucking love!

xoxo   - AMANDA



But he’s faced with one of those red solo cups and poor Harry has no idea of what concoction is in the red plastic but he likes Y/N a lot and all he knows is that she’s waiting for him to drink out of the damn red cup.


Harry is a dork and Y/N takes an odd liking towards him.


Y/N would like to think of herself as a nice person.

She was nice to those who were nice to her, but, at the same time, she was also a bitch to people who were a bitch to her.

And it seems that the latter has gotten her a certain reputation. The reputation of - what the hell do they call it nowadays - a bad bitch?

Yeah, she hears that quite frequently. And on occasion, there are the people who would skip saying the first word and simply call her a bitch but Y/N pays no mind to these kind of people.

Most usually they were just petty girlfriends of the boys that ended up unloyally flirting with Y/N. It wasn’t Y/N’s fault per say, but - hey - she reckons she can’t really blame them. She would probably be a bit upset if her boyfriend commented heart eyes on another girl’s Instagram picture too.

But as it goes, Y/N has never had a boyfriend. Like, ever.

Of course, many many boys were more than willing to fill the position.

But Y/N was not one to fall in love. Rather to her liking, be a tease, a flirt, a sure unreachable goal for any man.

And maybe that’s her very problem.

She is as independent as it gets. But when she did take a liking to a certain man, they were always very handsome and well off (basically, she didn’t hook up with losers). She would always go for a man, never a boy who didn’t know how to handle a girl like herself.

A man may not be the correct partner she needs. And as her ‘type’ may be a bit older, tall and muscular with (most usually) loads of money, but maybe she needed someone below her.

She had never payed mind to younger boys and - well, for lack of a better word - nerds. But maybe a nerdy boy was what she wanted after all.

Maybe that boy could fill the position of her love.

She swears love is fake, a myth, something that’s only true in the fairytales.

And, that may be true.

But she might just be proven wrong when her nerdy soulmate in glasses and suspenders walks through the door of her economics class one winter morning on the first day of second semester.

And that nerdy soulmate’s name might just be Harry Styles.

“Mr Styles, it seems as though you are five minutes late.” Professor Hemmen’s voice booms through the lecture hall and all eyes land on Harry.

Harry looks up, fiddling with the straps of his backpack filled with countless amounts of notes, pushing up his glasses before directing his attention back to his professor.

“Sorry, sir. Seems as though I got a bit lost, never been in building C before.”

Professor Hemmen seems annoyed as he rolls his eyes and puts his hands up as to dismiss him. “Never mind that, I don’t tolerate excuses. Take a seat.”

And so Harry does, eyes lingering on the dark wood (lament) floor as he takes the middle stairs up a couple of steps so he wasn’t in the front. He hated attention.

Harry also hates eye contact, seeing as he doesn’t look up not even once on his journey to an empty seat.

Up until his eyes meet with Y/N’s and he nearly trips over a stair because, God she’s so pretty, and he’s about to look away because he never stares at girls that pretty until she smirks back and throws him a wink that may make his heart rate pick up increasingly.

He decides to sit about two levels up from Y/N because he doesn’t know how she would react to him sitting right next to her; there was an empty seat next to her in his defense, but she didn’t look like the kind of girl that usually welcomes kids like Harry to sit next to her.

He sighs a longing sigh for the girl two rows down as he takes his seat, fumbling around in his backpack for the notes he prepared during winter break. He was the biggest over achiever ever. Who studies for a class that hasn’t even started yet? Harry.

“You’re Harry Styles, right?” A boy with black hair and God-like facial structure taps the back of Harry’s shoulder blade, startling him in the process.

Harry turns around hesitantly, never too good with socializing - especially when he’s supposed to be taking notes.

“Uh, yeah.” And the boy smiles a coy smile as he looks Harry up and down, intimidatingly.

“The 18 year old college junior, huh? Graduated high school at 16 as class valedictorian. You got a full ride on scholarship to an American college. Lucky you.”

Harry furrows his eyebrows, because really, why did this boy know so much about him anyway? “I don’t believe in luck actually. Gotta do things for yourself if ya wanna get anywhere in life.”

And with that, Harry turns around and focuses back on the pissy professor that his roommate Niall said is ‘the biggest asshole in the whole world but his class is as interesting as ever’.

Well, up until he comes in contact with the presence of Y/N and she’s peering up at him with a coy look that dares him to lick his lips.

And just like that, Harry realizes he has a crush on Y/N.

Because she’s super pretty and well, hot, and he doesn’t know why her presence is distracting him from taking notes like the thriving student he is but for some reason, he loves it.

And Y/N can admit she likes him too. Maybe a bit too much. Because girls like Y/N aren’t supposed to like boys like Harry but in some instance of the saying, she likes breaking rules anyway so why not break one with Harry?


It’s about three days later when Harry finds himself in the library, scrolling through books S-T when he spots Y/N.

She has earbuds in her ears and her head is bopping to the music which Harry soon realizes is The Rolling Stones from it being so loud and he never would’ve thought someone like Y/N would be studying with countless of books around her only four days after the semester started.

But there’s a lot to Y/N that Harry didn’t know about.

And he would never usually have the guts to approach someone like herself, because fuck is he awkward especially around pretty girls, but he can’t find the damn book he needs and he finally sees it sitting on the table Y/N is studying at.

He groans and mentally curses the higher powers (which would be God, for Harry) for putting him in this situation. What an ass.

So, he hesitantly makes his way over to the now ACDC music booming from her earbuds and taps her shoulder lightly in order to get her attention.

She turns around in confusion because who the hell talks to people with earbuds in? Annoying ass people.

But then she realizes it’s Harry and she doesn’t understand why all her attention goes to his jade eyes under his glasses because this never happened - no boy ever got her attention like this and definitely not someone like Harry - and she takes her earbuds out.

“Uh, hi,” Harry scratches the back of his scalp and he could slap himself for letting his words come out so high pitched. “S’jus looking for The Study of Saturn and it’s not on the bookshelf but I saw it was on your table and, well, it didn’t look like you were currently using it, so like, uh, would you mind if I borrowed it from yeh?”

She smiles and Harry notices she doesn’t have any makeup on today. Now, Harry thought every girl was beautiful in their own way. His mum raised him to think that way. And a girl could be pretty with or without makeup; it was whatever they felt most confident in that made them the prettiest.

But she’s fresh faced and there’s no jet black eyeliner surrounding her big bright eyes and he has to admit he likes this look a lot more. She’s also wearing the school’s sweatshirt with shorts that have little dolphins on them with some fuzzy socks that look so comfy and all he can think about is how damn cute she looks. Much different than what she was wearing last economics class, which consisted of black skinny jeans and a form fitting shirt with a leather jacket.

From badass to a little puppy or something and Harry never thought a girl could be so mesmerizing.

And on the other hand Y/N is a bit embarrassed (which she never was). It’s Saturday night and no one comes to the library on a Saturday night this early into the semester unless they are in serious need of some friends and she’s sitting here in her (basically) pajamas and she doesn’t think anyone has ever really seen her like this.

“You take Astronomy?”

Harry is thrown off with the question because most usually would the person just hand it over without a word but this is the first time he’s heard her say anything and he decided that if he’s not already in love with Y/N he is most definitely in love with her voice.

“Yeah, I do. But it’s just an elective. The study of stars unfortunately cannot get you much in life, to my dismay.”

Y/N smiles at him and he’s surprised by how much he says because he was kind of shy in some instances but he reckons it’s just because he’s nervous and he does ramble when he’s nervous. Y/N makes him nervous. But Harry decides it’s a good nervous.

“Well, I was just about to use it. There’s an essay due on Saturn and I was gonna get that outa the way but if you wanted to join me we could share the book.” Harry loves the idea but he never would’ve guessed she would offer such a thing, “If that’s okay with you, of course.”

And Harry finds himself nodding as he sits down at the chair across from Y/N and he’s smiling (and he wants to giggle but that would probably confuse and disturb Y/N, right?) at what she just said because that Saturn essay is what he’s working on too but that’s not due for 3 months and he really doesn’t know anything about her because he would’ve never pegged Y/N to be one to get things done much ahead of time and be so diligent in her studies.

She sets a stack of blue sticky flags in front of him and he’s confused till she starts explaining, “These things save my life so just tab the pages you need with blue and I’ll do mine in purple, okay? It’ll be more organized that way.”

Harry nods at that because even though he hates sticky tabs, thinks they get in the way and tear away much too easily, he can’t bring himself to comment on his dislike because she loves them and Harry doesn’t think he could ever hate anything Y/N loves.

So the two sit there in silence, writing essays on the stars surrounding Saturn and Harry thinks Y/N is prettier than all the stars in the galaxy.


It’s a Tuesday morning the next week when Harry gets woken up to the sound of someone knocking on his dorm door. He checks the time and grumbles at the display of 6:24 am on the digital clock.

He gets up and rubs his eyes before putting his glasses on so he’s not blind as his feet hit the outdated carpet covered floor of his dorm and he’s just wondering who in the hell would be at his door this early.

He would’ve thought it would be one of his roommate’s friends on a usual day. But Niall was at his girlfriend’s (not that Niall would full on call him and Celine dating but Harry knows better and Niall just hates labels) apartment and Harry doesn’t have too many friends.

He opens up the door to find an overly exuberant Y/N on the other side, dressed in her ‘badass’ attire that Harry previously explained. She’s holding a cup of coffee and a book in her hands and he really wishes he could’ve prepared for her company because his hair is a mess and he’s got some sweats with a coffee stain on and his whole dorm is filled with books and notes and if he didn’t know Y/N was invested in school like he does know he probably would’ve been slightly embarrassed.

“Morning, Harry! Hey did you see the donuts in the PAC? Because I had one and they’re super yummy and I think they were for the choir or something but I stole one anyway-”

“Y/N, Y/N… what’s up? What’re doing here so early?” Harry has to cut her off because it was too early and even though he did enjoy (adore was a better word but Harry wouldn’t admit that) her voice she was talking much too fast, probably from the 3 shots of espresso in her iced coffee, but he needs to process everything through his brain and he just woke up.

“Oh, sorry! S'like really early isn’t it? I have a 7 am today and I totally didn’t even think about the time but I know you need this book and I finished my essay so, here ya go.” She peers at The Study of Saturn and Harry smiles lazily at the memory of the library occurrence.

“How’d you know where my dorm was, petal?” He doesn’t mean for the pet name to come out but it falls from his lips before he can catch it and by the way Y/N shyly smiles he figured it wasn’t a bad slip. But Y/N, shy? On what world… (But also, on what world did Harry call pretty girls by pet names? Not one Harry’s familiar with.)

“Uhm, remember Zayn? The one who asked you all those snooty questions in economics on the first day? Well he told me that Niall was your roommate and, like, Niall told him your guys’ dorm number and so Zayn told me and yeah - just wanted to drop it off with you so you wouldn’t have to check it out yourself.”

Harry really can’t believe she’s standing right outside his dorm. Y/N can’t really either, because she wasn’t usually this nice to a proper stranger. Not that they really were anymore. I mean, the library occurrence, exchanged numbers so they could keep track of the book about Saturn, some glances here and there in economics; they weren’t strangers, right?

Well maybe to Harry they weren’t because he didn’t know too many people but to Y/N they basically were because she did know a lot of people but even then does Y/N feel slightly misguided by that realization - that her and Harry were still perfect strangers if you looked at it - and she disliked that very much.

Harry was different than the other boys. He was kind, opened up doors for her, smiled at her when they passed by, and one time he even leant her a pen in economics when she came unprepared. The other boys would call her hot and make bad pickup lines that never worked. Mostly stuck up assholes and she was finally understanding that love was a myth - in these kinds of boys. Because Harry was far from those kinds and she really liked what kind of boy he was.

“Harry!” she shouts a little too loudly as she remembers something, Harry flinching at the loud noise that she pays no mind to, “My friend is having a party this Friday and, like, I don’t know if you would wanna go but it’s really cool - not like those typical frat parties and I feel like you’d really enjoy it?”

Harry loves when she rambles. A lot. But he’s also never been invited to a party. And that that nerves him. A lot.

“I don’t know, love. I was supposed to study on Friday…”

“Live a little, Styles!” She sets the book in his hands along with the address she jotted down real quick, “Be there, okay?”

And with that, she makes her way out of Harry’s dorm building, heading off to whatever class she took this early in the morning, leaving Harry smiling like the lovesick boy he is.

If only he knew she felt the same way.


Harry was not one to enjoy social gatherings very much. He preferred to be alone for the most part.

Not that he didn’t have any sense of personality, because, he was actually a very cool lad.

Given, it took a lot for him to be able to let out his true character. A lot.

Because Harry thinks only about 10 people had ever seen him for the real and true Harry before.

But he didn’t trust people easily.

So, when he walks into the front door of a frat party he wouldn’t have ever gone to if he were not madly in love with the girl who invited him - well, he thinks he’s gone insane.

There’s a paper due in his social sciences class on Monday and he can’t remember why in the hell he’s at a party instead of studying.

Of course, that is until the one girl that he would do anything for walks down the stairs with a red cup in her hand.

She’s the only one who could’ve ever convinced him to come to a fucking frat party.

“Harry! Oh my God, I thought you wouldn’t show,” she’s brought out of her thought train as she eyes him up and down, his outfit choice of the night much different than what he normally wears. “No glasses?”

And Harry was barely able to choke out a quick “Contacts.” because she’s dressed in a black bodycon dress that hugs every beautiful delight of her body and he really can’t believe a girl could be this sexy.

“You look nice.” Harry blurts out before he can stop himself and she looks up at him with a smirk daring to dance across her pink, plump lips that have Harry thinking everything that shouldn’t be spoken of in Church.

“Why, thank you, Styles. I would say the same for you too.” Because, yeah, he looks very good. A t-shirt with some jeans and it seems his hair is a bit more messy and the no-glasses look is really working for him, she decided. Isn’t there a movie about this? Ahhh, Can’t Buy Me Love 1987. Classic. 

Harry really hated whatever voice she just said that in because on what world was a girl this hot and sexy seductive with a guy like him. He’s glad he wore tight jeans tonight.

He’s barely aware of her hand intertwining with his as she leads him to a room where it appears to be a truth or dare game going on.

Truth or dare games never end well.

“Who’s the new kid? He looks like a freshman.” Y/N’s friend, Liam, questions with an intimidating glare as Harry sits down next to Y/N.

What the hell is he doing here?

“His name is Harry for your information, and he’s really cool.” Y/N always has his back and Harry is internally grateful.

“Fuck, Harry Styles? Man, I feel for you I’d hate to still be a virgin.” Liam pats Harry’s back with a mock sincerity and Harry really wants to go run and hide.

“Like bro! Have you even kissed a girl??”

Yep. Harry really wants to run and hide.

Y/N glares at them which seems to scare them somewhat into quietness and Harry really doesn’t know what he would do without her.

“It’s truth or dare, right? You can ask him when it’s legal if you wish.”

So the game begins and Louis asks the question that makes everyone in the circle chuckle, except for Y/N and Harry of course.

“So, Harry, you get truth,” Harry’s sure the rules don’t work like that, “have you ever kissed a girl? That’d be pretty sad if you hadn’t-”

“Yes.” Harry cuts him off because the more Louis talks the more Harry’s cheeks seemed to burn and he didn’t understand how a girl as nice as Y/N could ever hang out with these kinds of people.

“My first kiss was when I was 14 and it was at school.” Harry only lies a little bit because he was actually 17 and it was with the captain of the science club and that wasn’t just his first kiss it was his only kiss but Harry felt like that information wasn’t exactly needed.

“Ah, look at that, Tommo! The nerd beat you to it.” Liam laughs as Louis rolls his eyes.

“Whatever, Li. I was 15, big fucking difference.”

Y/N is thinking about what she did to end up friends with this lot. Because, really, they weren’t so bad once you got to know them and Y/N might even go as far as saying they were pretty cool lads but Harry looks embarrassed and Y/N thinks anything that brings discomfort to Harry would result in hatred. Y/N doesn’t particularly know why she’s so protective over him. Isn’t that usually the guy’s job?

But in the instance of the saying, Y/N hates societal roles anyway, so why not say fuck you to gender roles too? (Because she can be protective over Harry if she fucking wants - even if that was only because she liked him a little too much.)


“Can we get you a drink, man?” Someone says to Harry as Y/N leads him to an unknown area of the mystery frat house and Y/N is nodding for him before he can process that they mean an alcoholic drink.

Y/N has a drink in her hand as well, still the same red solo cup and before Harry knows it, he gets accompanied with the same thing.

“Go ahead, drink up.”

And Harry doesn’t know why it’s scaring him so much but he’s never been proper drunk before - like blackout drunk, can’t see straight till the next morning drunk - he’s only been a little tipsy at his aunt’s wedding a while back when he was 15 and that was the craziest he’s ever gotten.

But he’s faced with one of those red solo cups and poor Harry has no idea of what concoction is in the red plastic but he likes Y/N a lot and all he knows is that she’s waiting for him to drink out of the damn red cup.

So he takes a sip and hopes for the best.


Y/N would admit to expanding her social skills at parties (in the most casual way of saying the phrase). Because she’s very nice to people who want to have a good time and she gives all her love towards the people who truly want to let loose and go wild at something like a party.

She was a party animal, even if she wouldn’t admit to it. She loved parties with all her heart and if she wasn’t so committed to her studies she would be going to a lot more.

Yet, she can’t recall a time where the situation before her has ever occurred.

Yes, she’s woken up in bed with a random boy before, not knowing what happened the last night.

But it’s not just a random boy in the bed next to her.

She’s wearing the boy’s shirt and he’s shirtless but she doesn’t realize it’s Harry of all fucking people until he rolls over as he lets out a sigh of sleepiness.

And Y/N wouldn’t usually call a boy pretty but Harry is laying there in his most natural form and she’s never seen a boy so restful and content in all her life.

But she’s in bed with him. And he’s shirtless.  And she’s not wearing any pants.

“Harry!” She startles him awake and Harry shoots up and nearly falls from the bed until Y/N pulls him back.

“Oh my God,” Harry grumbles and clutches his forehead in pain (he thought being drink was an act of spontaneity last night but now he’s disagreeing with that), “what the hell happened last night?”

And, oh man, if only Harry and Y/N did know what happened last night.

The life of the party, they were.

If Y/N wanted to dance on a table to 90s R&B Harry would get up there with her, not tell her to get down.

If Harry wanted to start the Macarena (like the dork he is), Y/N would be the second in line.

It was a night filled with splendid adventure and delighted craze.

Harry was sure it was the best night of his life because he was finally spontaneous rather than boring and Y/N thinks last night was the best night of her life simply because she found someone who would be just as crazy as her.

And two peas in a pod they were, because everyone loved them. It was like a show, free entertainment for all partygoers. 

But Y/N was always like that. And Harry was the new element of surprise. What kind of nerd goes to frat parties? Harry, apparently

Yet, as it may go, the conclusion of that night was a kind frat boy (thank God that boy was Y/N’s friend or something very different would have probably happened) told them crashing in their “guest room”, which was just an extra room for fucking random people at parties, but Y/N and Harry were thankful for that bed even if it was probably toxic with how many people have used it for it’s actual reason and not just because the life of the party were both tired and it was 4 in the morning and they just ended up there. 

Trick of fate? Maybe. But Harry and Y/N knew better. 


It’s late in the afternoon on a Sunday and Harry is sitting in his dorm, trying to get a bit of studying in. Up until he falls asleep because, let’s be real, economics homework could bore anyone. 

A good nap won’t hurt, what’s the harm in it? 

An innocent, fulfilling rest is just what he needs. 

But he soon comes to realize after he’s far into a deep sleep, the innocent factor would be missing. 

Didn’t J. Cole write a song about this? No, maybe not, but Harry remembers Y/N playing a song called Wet Dreamz in the car when they were going to pick up dinner together one night (not a date, however, they were very much still in the friend zone) and apparently it wasn’t even about the title. Whatever, Harry hates rap anyway. 

But the title was accurate to Harry’s current situation. 

Because in this dirty dream it’s a sweaty mess of desperation and lust and moans and fuck if Harry wishes it were all real. He’s gripping her waist as she swivels her hips down onto him and her moans would have a porn star blushing.  

It’s pure fifth and unadulterated smut, everything that Harry longs for. 

Because in another world, Harry wouldn’t be so damn shy and he wouldn’t be so lame and he wouldn’t be so nerdy. 

He’d be confident and daring and everything Y/N wanted in a man. 

But it seems the world decided to catch up with reality and Harry’s startled awake with a text from the one and only, and after having a damn wet dream about her, he decides he’s undoubtedly and royally fucked. And definitely not the good kind. 

Can you let me into your building? It’s past 9 so it’s all locked up and there’s no one in sight !! HELP MEEEEE

And, God, could Harry evaporate into thin air in a hot second if he could. She of all people has to be here now? And he slept for how long? 

The display on his bedside clock reads 9:13 PM and Harry groans with that realization. Not only had he slept for 4 hours, prohibiting him from doing any of his studies, his distraction was because of the girl waiting outside his dorm building for him. A girl he just had a bloody fuckin’ wet dream over and he has to invite her into his dorm as if he didn’t just dream of her riding him into the sunset. 

That’s what he gets for staring at pretty girls in class. The world is surely playing some sick joke on him. 

Harry hops off his bed in a haze of lust as he has to shake his head because he has to see Y/N after he just witnessed that? He throws on a beanie to tame the birds nest on top of his head and grabs at his glasses while somehow someway (and desperately failing) trying to hide the massive boner straining against the material of his sweats. Dicks are annoying. 

Be right there!

His text sends out and there’s immediately a read receipts underneath his blue bubble, followed by three typing dots. 

Hurry the hell up, it’s proper fucking freezing out here!!!!!!

And as if she remembers her manors, she sends out a “please” to go along. 

If Harry wasn’t so out of it he would’ve chuckled because she’s really damn cute. 

“So, uh, snacks are in that cabinet if you’re hungry,” Harry speaks with a deep breath because nope his hard on is still very much prominent and it’s not helping that he’s staring right at her ass. 

After letting her in to his dorm building, her with a beaming grin and him with a pained and strained smile (because what the hell is he doing anymore) she skipped right up to his dorm. 

“S’Niall not here?” She asks in a confused tone and Harry shakes his head, remembering him saying something about him and Celine “chilling”. 

“Went out with his girlfriend,” His words come out a bit too high pitched when she sits on his bed, him already leaning against his headboard, (or rather lack of because what kind of dorm has a bloody headboard?) her hand resting on his thigh that’s much too close to his bits pleading to be released. 

Harry really would cry if he was allowed. 

Her eyes flicker up to his in a confused and bewildered gaze when he lets a involuntary sigh (but it sounded a lot like a moan) after she moved to cuddle with him. 

Friend zone was a real thing but both Harry and Y/N loved cuddles so who was the one keeping them from snuggling each other? Because, yeah they cuddle all the time (even when Niall groans and calls them gross to which they both give him innocent grins). 

But Harry’s never been fuckin’ hard when he cuddles her and he’s sure she’ll be able to detect the piece of damn rock in his pants. 

He has to do something… anything! She’s about to cuddle into him till her bum is pressed perfectly against him and Harry’s sure he will combust right then and there. God, what had he gotten himself into. 

“L-Love, uhm, ya think we might just talk for a little without laying down jus’ yet?” He stuttering and she’s looking at him to make sure he’s not ill and Harry decided he very well might be. Being this hard for this long is surely not good for you. 

“Somethin’ wrong?” She places a delicate hand to his face and holds him in the embrace to feel if he was running a temperature but he felt fine. Harry almost leans into it, it’s such a sweet gesture but then her other hand rests at his hip and he nearly bucks up into her arm as it drags by his crotch area. 

He’s breathing hard and his eyes are swimming in lust and she has no fucking clue, does she? 

“I’m a bit…” he doesn’t know how to word it, he’s never had to admit having a damn boner before without sounding like either a hormonal teenage boy (which he was) or a creepy pedophile.

“I, uh, wasn’t expecting your company, and like,” she nods for him to continue and he concludes with a big fuck you to the world for putting him in this situation, “m’hard.” 

Her eyes dart down to the bulge in his sweats, thinking how it was possible for her not to have noticed that before. 

She’s biting her lip as her eyes trail back to his once jade now turned forest green eyes and he has no idea what she’s thinking but he hopes it’s nothing like “Ugh, you fuckboy!” or something in that regard. Harry reckons she might not even know it was caused by her and maybe she wouldn’t be so appalled if she knew that. 

So he lies for the sake of his sanity, “Kinda random actually, one of those spontaneous ‘hey buddy, where’d ya come from?’ type.” 

Harry was cringing at his word choice. Did he just call a boner buddy? God, help him

And through getting to know Y/N, he learned that she usually laughed things off. Say something like ‘you’re such a dork, Harry’ or along those lines and that would be that. 

But there’s not even so much as a tug at her lips. Rather, a smirk plumps her full lips daring him to think of other places they could be. 

“I, uh,” she starts but looks into his eyes again, “I could help?” 

Harry thinks he heard that wrong. 

“You what?!” 

She’s a little startled by his outburst, even though it’s anything from mad, it’s more stunned. She smiles and Harry whimpers when her hand brushes over the bulge. 

“S’what friends are for, right? Helping each other out in tough situations.” Harry’s sure typical friends don’t help the other get off. 

But she’s smirking down at him like he’s some sex toy or something and it’s like his whole dream is coming true and maybe, just maybe, wishing upon a star worked for once. 

“You wanna help?” He confirms and she nods, eyes sparkling in mockery.

“I mean, you could do it yourself but I’m here, aren’t I?” 

He nods before he can stop himself and this is absolutely fucking mental. She’s about to give him a handjob? He nearly shudders at the word because how dirty of a word it was, why did it have to sound so raunchy but Harry thinks he wouldn’t have it any other way. 

And once her hand slips past the waistband of his sweats, Harry’s sure he won’t last long. What, given he’s been hard for quite a while and he’s never had any sort of help from anyone - always just been himself - and out of all people it’s Y/N, the girl he just had a fucking wet dream about not even 10 minutes ago. 

He makes a choked sound when she finally wraps her soft delicate hand around him and his eyes go wide at the contact, his fingers digging into the sheets underneath him. 

“Wow, that feels..” his own comment is cut off when she runs her hand up and down against him and he chokes on the last syllable. 

Harry was so used to his own rough, big hand he wasn’t expecting the soft and small hand of Y/N’s to feel so different. But it’s as if velvet is the roughest thing ever in comparison to her hand and Harry would be fine if he were to die right now - at least he would be dying a happy death. 

His eyes are squeezed shut as bites on his lip to keep in a bloody shout when she runs her finger across his tip and he shudders as he puts a hand on her thigh, “So good! But… but not.. there. W-wanna last,” his words are chopped and stuttered. 

Y/N doesn’t really understand why he would want to last. Wouldn’t he want to get this over with and quickly at that? She doesn’t question it further as she resumes his ‘supposed death’. 

“I could, uhm,” she promised help, and help was what he was going to get. She almost feels bad, it’s very obvious he hasn’t had any help in a while - or ever, at that - but Y/N doesn’t ask in fear he would get embarrassed which is exactly the opposite of what she wants. The quiet moans and whimpers are only getting her more turned on and this was all supposed to be a simple friendly hand job. As if this was the most casual thing.

“I could use my.. my mouth?” 

Harry almost combusts right there. 

“Yeah! Fuck - I mean, if you.. if you w-want. Christ, sure, of course.” He’s pleading with her in a way that is all a little too submissive. Because Y/N was not dominate but she decides maybe she could be with Harry. 

“C’mon then,” she breathes soothingly, pulling down his sweats. “Let’s get you out of these.”

Y/N wonders if she’s dissociating a bit to cover up how absurd it is that her hand is on Harry’s fucking dick. 

Harry for the matter, is seemingly given up caring and has embraced his desperation and the sensation of a hand other than his on his dick. 

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” he chants through tightly clenched teeth when she moves down between his legs. This can’t be fucking happening. 

She licks her red lips from biting on them so hard as she’s now bending at the waist and giving the wet head of him a swift lick. Harry’s eyes blow wide as he watches her in a stunned disbelief as the soft, warm, wet tongue of her laps him and his mouth falls open. That burning in his tummy returns tenfold and he mouths choice words.

Y/N hadn’t expected out of this is to like the full, heady taste of him spreading over her tongue. She keeps kitten licking the tip, teasing him to no end it seems, before closing her lips just lightly on top of the head of him and sucking before opening them a bit wider to engulf him. Harry tenses when her tounge comes back into action - the feeling foreign - yet he seems to be spiraling down a staircase of “Why the hell didn’t I ever do this sooner?” 

He tastes good – a bit tangy but with a certain sweetness that has Y/N making goggly eyes (it’s obvious he takes care of himself). She really does not understand what’s possessed her to find this out but she’s glad she did. She’s already helping him times 10, so why not go above and beyond?

She keeps the one hand wrapped around the base of him while the other grips his thigh to keep him steady as she works her mouth and hand together to give him the best sensation. His hands drop down to tuck in her hair, a bit harder than she was used to but Y/N would be lying if she said the slight sting wasn’t a turn on.

Meanwhile, Harry lays (near death, according to him) and stares at her completely mesmerized by the way she’s moving and twisting her mouth and tightening and relaxing the pull of her lips on him. Her mouth pops off him for a second and the image of pre-cum dribbling from her lips is almost enough to finish him off. 

“Feels good?” she ask asks, her hand still working on him making it hard for him to answer in a coherent sentence. 

“Yeah,” he pants, eyes cloudy with lust as she goes back down on him. 

He wants to hear her moan, and watch her bob faster with more desperation seeking his goal with a hungry tongue – but he’s just waited so damn long (for anyone, really, but the fact that it’s Y/N is driving him balmy) and she’s helping to a point of no return that his own fantasies are sending him over the edge, and he feels a tight, coiling sensation deep in him that he’s only ever felt when it’s his own hand was tugging and pulling like a pre-teen boy. 

Yet, here he is with Y/N, casting him into a spiral of sure destruction because she’s literally gagging on his bloody dick and he can’t even proclaim those three words when he feels as though he might just die in her arms. 

“M’gonna….” Harry swallows hard, vision blurry. “M’gonna cum.” 

When her mouth stays around him and coaxes him to a relaxed state he bucks up into her mouth with growing alarm. “M’serious!” He’s warning her with every last restriction he has because not every girl likes to swallow, right? Sure, it’d be hot as fucking hell - the hottest thing he’s ever seen - but he respects her too much to not even let Y/N decide. He’s resorted to pulling her off, yet he sincerely doesn’t want her to go anywhere. His head crashes against the pillow underneath him as a long, almost animalistic groan follows. 

“Fuck! Y/N, God… please!” His abdomen is clenching tightly and he’s breathing hard. He’s so damn close just a little…. 

When she reaches her hand down and squeezes his balls lightly he’s done for. With a low groan of pleading his release fills her mouth and it seems like it just won’t fucking stop. She milks him all the way and when she pops off with a last kiss to his tip he almost thinks he could combust again, if that were possible. 

“Holy shit.” He mutters under his breath as he tries to steady his breathing and Y/N wipes her mouth off before joining him again at the top of his bed. 

She giggles at his astonishment of the situation that just happened. As if she wasn’t the one that just gave him a fuckin’ blow job….

“S’what friends are for, right?” 


It’s when Y/N is sitting all alone in her apartment and Harry is surrounded by countless amounts of notes in his dorm, when they both realize how deeply in love they are with each other. 

Harry always thought he was in love with her. But it’s when he’s sitting there thinking about the way she sticks her tongue out in concentration, when she yawns because the coffee just isn’t helping anymore, the way she giggles when he tickles that one ticklish spot when he wants to see her smile - that’s when he knows he’s in love with her. 

Because when there’s an exam tomorrow and he’d rather think about her smile than any math equations when he knows he cannot fail this fucking test - Harry knows he is irrevocably and madly in love with Y/N. 

Y/N didn’t know he would have as big of an impact in her life as he does now. She thought he was cute, all innocent and everything, and maybe she could teach him a thing or two. 

What she didn’t know is she would be staring blankly at her ceiling fan as it went round and round thinking about his dimples and his cute awkwardness and his overall view on the world at 11 at night. 

They didn’t know falling in love was ever going to be a possible because they come from two different worlds and in Harry’s world there’s no way Y/N would ever fall in love with someone like himself but through some type of fortunate events, they did

So when Harry gets a call from her, he has no idea what to say. 

That is, until she says it for him. 

“I’m not good at this sappy shit - you know that - and I don’t think a boy has ever meant so much to me but you do and,” she pauses to collect her thoughts while Harry tries to understand what is happening, “I love you.” 

“More than a friend?” He asks as if they’re in middle school and he hears her laugh on the other line. 

“Yes, Harry. More than a friend.” 

And maybe Harry was finally getting everything he wished for after all. 

“Well then Y/N, I’m pretty sure I love you too.” 




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Maud girl, I love you, but you’ll hate me for this ramble😅

A - Ships that you currently like a lot. (They don’t have to be OTPs because not everyone has OTPs.) Friendships, pairings, threesomes, etc. are allowed.

Well, I’ll go with all of them. For OTP, my biggest are EdWin and Royai (from FMA), Karmanami from Assassination Classroom and NaLu from FT.
Friendships… I love GrayLu platonically and RoyxMaes is the best brotp😍 and of course I freaking loooove all friendships from Haikyuu and Akatsuki no Yona… And I love Zen and Mitsuhide’s relationship in Akagami no shirayuki-hime and Al and Ed are best bros and the freaking platinocial relationship between Handa and Naru gets me everytime and I should probably gp to the next ask before I ramble more than necessary.

B - A pairing–platonic, romantic or sexual–that you initially didn’t consider, but someone changed your mind.

Asano x Nakamura… I never even imagined them as a couple… Until I read a perfect fanfiction… And now I ship⛵️⛵️

C - A ship you have never liked and probably never will.

I’ll be hated…. But EdxRoy (just no, okay?! Mustang’s like a dad to Ed!!) and Shirayuki x Obi because Zen😍😍 (I love their friendship tho)

D - A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t.

Yamaguchi x Yachi because I wnat Yams to be happy… But HinaYachi is love, HinaYachi is life!!

E - Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom? If so, what?

Not yet, but I joined FMABigBang so I’ll add Ed being an overprotective drama queen (or rather, king) dad, so stay tuned!

F - What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom?

Hmm… Almost a year in the FT fanfom!!! Happy birthday, I guess?

G - Have you ever had an OTP? If so, do you remember your first one? Who was in it?

I live for my OTPs! (Which just proved why I’m still single… I have my whole life aheeeaaaad~~) I think one of my first conscious OTPs (in that I knew what that was) was Harry x Hermione and it was shattered to pieces… Damn you, JK Rowling! (I still love you).

H - What is your favorite source text for fandom stuff (e.g., TV shows, movies, books, anime, Western animation, etc.)?

Hmm… Anime. Because it’s lively and you can actually picture the characters miving when reading a fanfic! I agree with manga too… And sometimes books. Movies feel just too real to be placed in cartoons, though.

I - Has Tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why?

No, but the haters were closed to it. Tho I did stop liking the small Usagi Drop fandom because of the manga spoilers that ruined my experience… To those who want to watch it, take my friendly advice, PLEASE don’t read the manga. The anime is the fluffiest thing, so please just watch that.

J - Name a fandom you didn’t think about until you saw it all over Tumblr. (You don’t have to care about it or follow it; it just has to be something that Tumblr made you aware of.)

Bnha, which is why I started reading it. And Voltron…. I’ll watch that soon, too.

K - What character has your favorite development arc/the best development arc?

Uhm… Well that’s a hard one. I absolutely love the subtle and endearing development in Oreki (hyouka) and Haruhi in Ouran, but my favourite has to go to Tsukki for how well-built it was!! Furudate-sensei, I bow im front of you. Also, honrable mention to Karma in Assassination Clasroom.

L - Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves. (Characters you’re neutral about are fair game, as are characters you merely dislike. Characters that you absolutely loathe with the fire of ten thousand suns are exempt, as there is no point in giving yourself an aneurysm over a character that you hate.)

I don’t especially love oikawa. I admire him a tone, and I have a lot of his quotes forever saved in my phone, and I think he’s the best setter of them all (I’m sorry, he has more experience and tehnique than Kags or Asaaahi, tho I agree that they’ll become better than him in one year’s time). So there: I aknowledge his amazingness altough he isn’t my fave.

M - Name a character that you’d like to have for a friend.

Edward. I want to spend a full day with him and learn how alchemy works (and we’d complain together about how short we are).
Also, Haruhi: I feel like she’d give the best advice when I’d need it.

N - Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice).

My faveourite fandom is FMA: everyone gets love and attention, and there’s little to no hate. What I’d like for it is to make it alive again! I mean, there are events and the such, but the manga finished almost 10 years ago, guys! I hope the new live action will bring us back alive.

O - Choose a song at random. Which ship or character does it remind you of?

Hmm… Well On my Own by Ashes Remain was the first one that popped into my head and it kind of reminds me pf Natsu. He’s that character that would always smile, but he’s always surpressing his feeling (‘I’ve been stuck in a cage with my doubt/I tried forever getting out on my own’)

P - Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas).

Random AU…? Honestly, I’m not the biggest AU fan, but if I had to, I’d choose 'we’ve been stuck in a traffic jam for two hours and we’re bored, let’s play cards; hey wait Gray, you’re cheeting; no way I’m not!; mira, doing cutesy things won’t help you win… Laxus don’t give in!!; if Laxus is allied with Mira so is the thunder legion! Then I’m starting one on my own! Erza, I’ll join… Great, now we have Wendy on Erza’s side… All dragon slayers together! And exceeds! Wait lucy, starting a female club isn’t gonna help ya!
…guys? That’s not how you play pocker!’ AU. Okay, I may like this one in particular. Maybe I’ll write it:)

Q - A fandom you’ve abandoned and why.

I’ve abandoned the HP fandom. I still like the books, but I kinda grew out of it…? (And into anime😇)

R - Which friendship/platonic relationship is your favorite in fandom?

Uhm… In which one? If I’m going with FT, my favourite friendship is GrayLu. In FMA, it’s a tie… I love Roy/Hughes brotp and Al/Ed brotp. In Haikyuu… Damn they’re too many to choose! But I’d say the Karasuno third years: they have such a tight-knit bond!! And in AssClass it would be Karma/Okuda (it’s canon in my mind but friendship in the manga). I just love how easygoing they are. Also, I love Karma/Nagisa in the second half.

S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon (prompts optional but encouraged)

Hmm… There are many. My fetish is seeing people sleep: I think you can tell alot about their inner selfes from the position they use when sleeping and from their habits, because they can’t control or put up a façade when it comes to that.
So my headcanon is that despite being loud and obnoxious, Natsu actually occupies less space than Lucy when sleeping: he takes a baby-posture, while she lashes all over the bed, sometimes punching him im sleep unintentionately. Natsu learnt to deal with it: he actually likes holding Lucy close to make sure she’s safe while sleeping. She doesn’t mind, especially not during winter.
Oh and they also cuddle with a cup of hot coffee in their hands during the morning. Just an after-thought~~

T - Do you have any hard and fast headcanons that you will die defending?

I do! I don’t care if you agree or not, but Karma can be sweet, okay? Like he can actually be a good boyfriend (tho maybe a bit possessive). He’s the best at telling what’s on Okuda’s mind and he always buys her toffee when she’s feeling down.
Oh and also, Riza is a very good mother, always putting her family first. Just letting you know.

U - Three favorite characters from three different fandoms, and why they’re your favorites.

1)Karma-assassination classroom. He’s that one character that believes he’s the best, only to get proven that he can be wrong. What’s evenbegter is how he has room to develop and grow to be a better person… Plus, it seems I have a thing for evil goofballs.
2)This is a hard one, but Ed/Roy-Fullmetal Alchemist. I abso-freaking-lutely love all the characters in FMA, but these two attracted my attention. Ed because of how he thinks, how he wants to do good deeds in spite of his thorny exterior and how he miserably fails. I love the way he admits his failures and the way he deals with them can be childish (he’s 14, for God’s sake!) but he learns from them. Also, Roy because even though he went through Ishval, he still dreams of making the world a better place. I can respect a man who doesn’t step over the ethics just to achieve that dream and who always bends and avoides hurting others, while never giving up. Maybe it’s a dream, but I very much resonate with it.
3) Lucy from FT. She’s the one character in Fairy Tail that has enough of a backstory and is weak enough to evolve. Moreover, she’s not your typical girl: yes, she cares about how she looks, because she IS an woman, but she also cares about what’s on the inside. She cares about her friends more than anything and even without being the strongest mage, still puts herself in danger for them. I love her resolve and her cute side, too.

V - Which character do you relate to most?

Hmm… Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran Highschool Host Club. Haruhi is the type to do things on her own and she repells the help of others to do her thing, which I also tend to do. Also, she shoulders a lot of her worries by herself. Plus, she never judges people on appearance and doesn’t care about her own (being a girl, that’s rare and helps me relate all the more). I just love her😍 (and sometimes am compared to her by my friends).

W - A trope which you are virtually certain to hate in any fandom.

Whiny female protagonist. I’m not a feminist or anything, but I’ve had enough of that! Yes, we all want a prince charming, but we can carry ourselves, thank you very much.

X - A trope which you are almost certain to love in any fandom.

Someone pursuing their dreams. Also, I love genre deconstructions (browny points if it’s comedic).

Y - What are your secondhand fandoms (i.e., fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)?

Voltron and Yuri on Ice (I feel like I’ve watched this shows even though I haven’t).

Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go! (Prompts optional but encouraged.)

Don’t tempt me, I will! ( I kinda have this whole post tho)
Okay so I’ll rant about FMA because I feel it doesn’t get all he love it deserves!!! (And because I refrained from fangirling on it up to now) And since we’re talking FMA, let’s talk Roy Mustang (you knew this would come).
Roy is just one of those very strong people that are actually just goofballs on the interior and need love. Seriously, let’s take a look at what this guy went through, ok? He’s an orphan, but he never complains and learnt to love his cousins (sisters) and aunt (mom). He was taught by a pretty crazy (very talented, but Hawkeye did have a screw loose for inscripting a tatoo on Riza’s back and you can’t convince me otherwise) alchemist, and yet he managed to become the next flame alchemy. Despite being told not to, he joined the military with a childish dream and even after learning of the harsh reality in the Ishval war, he still went on believing that he can make the country a better place.
Yet he’s not perfect: he can lose his temper when it comes to those he loves (Mustang being killed) and he doesn’t want any more people to die. He cheerisbes his team and wants to keep them all safe. He can be a cheapskate and also a bit of an annoying guy with Ed, and he can be obnoxious, yet funny as hell (tiny miniskirts!!!)
Above all, Mustang feels HUMAN! Yes, he puts up a great act, but it’s an *act*. He has a more sensitive side and you better not mess with it, or he’ll burn you to ashes.
This concludes the short version of my Roy Mustang appeciation post. Also, I have some headcanons about him being best dad (and his child being a daddy’s girl/boy because of it) and of being a pretty intimidating Führer.

This concludes my post. @bookstvseriesandanimes and @paperrabbit13 know what I’m talking about😅
And I tag @bookstvseriesandanimes @paperrabbit13 @shoujoinsights @candyforever123 @funnyshoujomoments and whoever else feels up to it:)