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deaf/HoH or blind sterek?

I see you, Nonny, sneaking multiple asks into one  :P  I do like these types of fics tho.  :P


anonymous said: Hii! Do you know any sterek fics where one of them or both are deaf, blind, or can’t speak? If you could put a mix of them in there that would be great (: thank you so much your amazing !         

This list fills your ask too, but also check out our mute!Stiles tag for those fics (cause this post is already kinda crazy long, lol).

Enjoy the fics!  -Emmy

First up:  Deaf

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(Ooooooh…he gives me Derek vibes :D )


You Don’t Have to Hear Your Heartbeat to Feel It by redhoodedwolf

(1,186 I General I Complete)  *sterek, college au, TA!derek, college student!stiles

It took Stiles longer than he’d like to admit for him to discover his TA for Mythological Studies was deaf.

Little Gestures by Stereksale7

(1,976 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, driver!derek

Derek is a deaf Uber driver.

He’s hardly thanked by his passengers, and when he is, it’s seldom genuine.

In comes Stiles Stilinski, who changes it all.

Give Me a Sign by WhichWolfWins

(2,215 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek, loss of virginity

Stiles decides to learn sign language so he can communicate better with Derek and he ends up using it to communicate his feelings for him.

Laughter is the Best Medicine by literaryoblivion

(4,432 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, human au, doctor!stiles

He hasn’t always been deaf.

Although, sometimes, he wishes he was. Mainly because he knows what he’s missing. He remembers what the rustle of the wind in the trees sounds like, remembers what kids playing in the playground sounded like, what laughter sounded like.

He misses it. A lot.

Speak to Me by Ember

(9,168 I Teen I Complete)

Derek became deaf from the fire that took his family long ago, and has refused to speak since. But when he is forced to speak in the court case of the woman who betrayed him long ago, he begrudgingly accepts the help of a newly graduated speech pathologist. Stiles, however, is about to teach a whole lot more.

Bones Straining Under the Weight by weathervaanes

(15,645 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, au, food blogger!derek

One of Stiles’ favorite things about life is Derek Hale’s food blog. He never expects to meet the man in person.


“Derek,” he says again, and the name feels very strange on his tongue. “You don’t mean Derek Hale.”

His professor’s eyebrows reach up, eyes widening. “You read his blog?”

“Uh. Worship. Would be a better more descriptive word. That is Derek Hale?”

Jimmy chuckles. “Good-looking guy, huh?”

“You mean to tell me the Food Network hasn’t snatched him up to dethrone everyone else from daytime TV.”

Jimmy smiles a small private smile. “I don’t think TV is his medium.”

Stiles raises an eyebrow. “Shy?”

The man laughs heartily at that. “No, I wouldn’t say that. He just has particular forms of expression, like eyebrows and chili powder.”

Counting to Infinity by artenon

(15,763 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

When Derek goes deaf, he finds himself going to Stiles for help. Stiles does.

Want You To Shut Up (Even Though I Cannot Hear You) by ChairmanChurch

(19,487 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek, college au, roommates, alive hale family

“Wait, wait,” Scott scrutinized him suspiciously, “is all of this about the killer thing or just that you want to ogle at your roommate’s body?”

“No way, dude. I have my standards. Not the guy with eery green grey eyes, perfectly trimmed stubble and stupid bunny teeth.”

(Or the one in which Derek is deaf and Stiles doesn’t stop talking, and Isaac’s finally being helpful)


The Music Of your Body by GameCake

(2,389 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, dancer!stiles

Derek inspected the paper with curiosity. It was a poster that seemed to be advertising a dancing event. There was a dancer in the middle, dressed in ballet clothes, body toned and hard, but the movement that was captured screamed smooth and melodic even from the picture.

I don’t understand. He signed with a frown.

It’s an invitation. I am one of the dancers in the group and I would like it if you came. Stiles replied nervously.

Hush by gryvon

(5,101 I General I Complete)  *scott/stiles, alive hale family

Scott becomes infatuated with Derek’s friend Stiles.

Heartbeats by lizleminem

(5,441 I Mature I Complete)  *scott/stiles

When they’re sixteen they steal some of Stiles’ dad’s alcohol. They’re a little tipsy when Stiles starts whining about how he’s still never kissed anyone. He makes a face and signs, “I’m sixteen, Scott. This is ridiculous. I’m gonna wither up and die before I ever kiss anyone.” His signing is a little loose and sloppy from the alcohol, and when he finishes he collapses backward on the bed, sighing like the world is crumbling around him.

Scott leans over him, rolls his eyes, and signs, “I’ll kiss you if it means you’ll shut up about it.”

Savagely Wicked by KrAuEd

(6,241 I Mature I Complete)   *sterek, model!stiles, nerd!derek, alive hale family

Stiles Stilinski, also known as the most famous model any underwear company has. He’s on billboards, magazines, covers of packaging. Anything and all. Most people say he’s popular just because he’s gay, others say it’s because he’s hot, or because he’s deaf. His life is busy and he works a lot, but it all changes when he meets Derek, a local man who treats him like a normal person.

(Previously known as ‘Really? That’s how you want to play?’)

Communication (And Lack Thereof) by impalagirl, wilddragonflying

(7,761 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek, proposals, weddings

Sheriff Stilinski has been waiting for this day for a long time. As he watches his visitor walking up the path, he thinks about everything that’s happened in the past year and his fingers twitch for his gun. But he can’t do that; he can’t shoot this man, as much as he might like to sometimes. Maybe he can go one worse, though.

Wild Tonic by officerstilinskihale

(11,010 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek

Stiles nodded and smiled again, his teeth flashing brightly and he signed something again, before looking frustrated with himself.

“You’re welcome,” Derek told him, feeling a wave of relief when Stiles’ face brightened. That would’ve been awkward if Stiles hadn’t been trying to say thank you.

“I had a really good time, so yeah. I’m glad you came with me,” he said, feeling his face grow hot. Derek wasn’t usually like this. He wasn’t confident. Sure, he had the looks and he could flirt shamelessly when he got hit on, but he always got shy around the people he genuinely liked, not that there was too many of those.

But Stiles didn’t let him dwell on that. He gripped Derek’s arm, grinned cheekily and pointed at himself before lifting two fingers. It took a while for Derek to get it but when he did, he couldn’t stop a smile from spreading across his face.

Me too.

And the Rest Was Silence by Reaping

(13,417 I Explicit I Complete)

April 16th: Noise

“Still can’t hear, go away.” He forms the words carefully, not sure how loud they are, but sure the wolves will get it.

Passing Notes to Say I Love You by AceLotti

(18,618 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek, college au

Love is Deaf. You can’t just tell someone you love them. You have to show them.

Silent by Handsofred

(28,313 I General I Complete)   *sterek, mates, kidnapped stiles

Alone, Stiles could feel the tiredness start to run through his body, the cuts on his body aching and other places hurting which made him wonder how they were hurting before he blinked a few times, eyes lifting towards the windows and the grey sky, Stiles hoped that the pack would find him. Slumping down in to the bonds, Stiles dropped his chin to his chest as tears gathered in his eyes, he felt scared for the first time since the car accident and he hated the fact that he couldn’t hear for anything which could creep up on him, hated that he couldn’t protect himself, squeezing his eyes shut tightly, Stiles tried to keep the tears away as he finally let the tiredness wash over him.

Silence is Loudest by codarra

(132,553 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, human au, sick!stiles, hurt!stiles, first time

Monday dawned fresh and cool and with a lack of Stilinski.

The buzz in the school changed over the week, once Derek started paying attention to it. No longer was the student body talking about where the students were going on vacation, or lack thereof for the more middle-class populace. They were bandying about a different series of words instead.


“Car crash.”

“Hit and run.”

“Sick. Really sick.”


“Brain damage.”

“Brain dead.”





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Blind Guy Walking Here by foodunderstandsme

(1,141 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek

Stiles could remeber the last thing he saw, it wasn’t the car that was about to hit him it was Derek Hale. Stiles is now Legally blind hiding his secret from his friends for Three years now their back and his life is turned upside down and all he can think about is Derek.

It’s Just Like You To Come And Go (series) by wednesdays

(2,469 I Teen I Series WIP)

Stiles is blind. Derek may or may not like him a little lot.

Blind Trust by FairyNiamh

(3,255 I General I Complete)  *sterek, high school au, human au

Derek hates his life, hates moving, and hates that some kid keeps staring at him.

I see You Better by theroguesgambit

(4,686 I Teen I Complete)

He dreams, sometimes, of his last moments of seeing.

At the church in Mexico, Stiles is blinded by a Berserker. Derek uses his new wolf status to act as a guide dog, while Stiles adjusts to his new reality.

In the Darkness by Boy On Strings

(7,817 I Mature I Complete) *sterek

Stiles is blinded in the final showdown with the Alpha, Derek tries to comfort him after realizing he almost lost something forever.

Can’t Stay Away by mommymuffin

(10,689 I Not Rated I Complete)  *sterek, magic!stiles, mutilation

“It’s really quite simple, Derek,” Deucalion drawls. “You pick one to kill tonight, you kill the rest later, you become part of my pack.”

“And if I refuse?” Derek growls.

“We’ll kill one of them anyway.”

Heretics and Bastards by JusticeBanana

(13,229 I Mature I WIP)  *steter, historical au, medieval au, nobleman!peter, magic!stiles

Peter is sick of court and the drama it entails. His sister is creating a life for her and her children in a new and promising land that Peter finds cold and horrid. Soon he is dragged into something much bigger than himself and the usual royal court happenings. This boy he thinks he failed to keep from harm may not be safe but he is alive.

Love is Blind by super_queer

(14,238 I Not Rated I Complete)  *major character death, sterek, werewolf!stiles, alpha!stiles

Stiles loses his sight in a terrible accident, but Derek is determined to give him a good life regardless.

Sinking Like a Stone by iamnightbird

(20,012 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek

Derek Hale is convinced he can protect his pack from anything. Kanimas, other packs, even the supernatural that remain myths (like demons and the such), but an event hits him like a punch to the gut to remind him that the things he can’t protect his pack from are the everyday horrors in which life makes us her bitch. [Blind!Stiles]

What Big Eyes You Have (Series) by A_Lesbian_With_Pink_Hair

(20,978 I G-E I Complete)  *sterek, mates

An AU ‘verse in which Stiles is born blind and is Derek’s mate. The rest of the world is just going to have to adjust accordingly because if you think that’s going to stop the boy who runs with wolves, you are horrendously mistaken.

Serendipity by mynamjo

(45,141 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek, artist!derek, magic!stiles, florist!stiles

Derek moves back to Beacon Hills to open up his new art gallery when he meets a blind boy who won’t leave him alone.

Cornerstone by Vendelin

(83,738 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, marine!derek, ptsd!derek, human au

Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s blind, he’s able to read Derek like no one else.

He Sees Me For Me by Karlarado

(23,999 I Not Rated I WIP)  *sterek, dad!derek

Derek and his adopted daughter move to Beacon Hills to try and start up a normal life. They meet Stiles in a park with his service/seeing-eye dog and while Malia bonds with the dog, Derek ends up bonding with Stiles.

Windows by dr_girlfriend

(83,015 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek

Derek has a new neighbor who won’t stop looking.


Definitely Actually a Love Story by saltyavocado (rainglazed) 

(2,057 I General I Complete)  *sterek, Scott and Derek are brothers

Second and final part to the Bigbro!Derek verse.

The Colors of the Rainbow by MagnusBanewood 

(3,425 I Not Rated I Complete)  *sterek

When Derek arrives at his new high school he is afraid that people will make fun of him again. But then he meets Stiles and slowly falls in love with his voice.

Feeling You by secretfanboy 

(6,158 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek,

When Derek loses his sight and hearing saving Scott from an attack, the Stilinski’s take him in.  As nurse and patient Stiles and Derek grow closer, but what will happen when Derek gets better?  Will Stiles be left with a broken heart?

This one’s based loosely LOOSELY (sorry @sparcck​ XD) on this follower milestone prompt.

“Hey Kenny- good series eh? Your guys played hard……………….Listen. We should talk. I’ll text you?”

(and then they exchange numbers and Jack texts to ask if he can call and he does and idk maybe it goes something like this:)

(WOW THIS GOT LONG SORRY THIS TURNED INTO LIKE. A  giant hypothetical STREAM OF CONSCIOUS THING. UNDER THE CUT. Idk don’t look at me. I’m just guessing.)
(also on AO3)

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Hey Guys! :D So literally two days ago I posted and shared this painting, which is,,, now Thomas’ twitter header??? aaaand I am stiiill recovery like???


W o a h h h h

Aaanyways at the time I was working on another screenshot redraw because, before I decided to do a full painting, I wanted to do about 3 or 4 drawings with the sides, and thaat didn’t happen. (I blame the backgrounds, it got me carried away) So I decided to post the art with Thomas and Patton by itself because… it was going to forever bother me if I posted two digital paintings on the same post rather than three. Yeaaah if it’s not in 3s or 4s then what the point yknow?

So I figured that I would post this another time and yeah it’s kind of pretty soon? but I just finished this in the past few hours and Im anxious to get it out of the way(lol)

Also… the first piece didn’t show up under the tags I tagged it under. I was suuper bummed about it, but then… Thomas saw it and retweeted my art and PUT IT ON HIS FREAKING HEADER AND IM NOT OVER OMYGOD AHH

OK I got that out of my system sorry. Anyways I think im probably gonna stop here with the in a heartbeat au. Its uh. Getting pretty hectic cuz Ive been sort of overworking myself. I hope you guys guys dont mind :) This is getting too long. Love you bye! <3


Unwanted sleepover with Jungkook takes a surprising turn of events.


Genre/Warnings: Smut, Mutual Masturbation

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1,6k

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This is not how you pictured your night ending.

“Seriously move over! You’re taking up the whole goddamn bed!” You whispered screamed at the overgrown baby that laid next to you. Just earning grunt from him.

“Seriously Jeon!”

“Fine.” He grumbled as he shifted maybe one inch further away from you.

Yes, this was definitely not how you pictured your night ending.

When Jin invited you to a party you figured it was a date. You had waited months for Jin to actually ask you out. You had a crush on him since the beginning of the semester when Somin first introduced you two. 

You hit it off straight away. You always hung out in a group setting and never alone. And finally, you thought he mustered up the courage to ask you out.

Sure it was kind of strange that your date would be at a party. That should’ve been the first red flag. But hey he asked you and that’s all that mattered to you.You spent two hours doing your hair and makeup. Even changing your outfit 10 times until you found the perfect one.

Everything was going smoothly so far. You picked up Jin from his dorm. And the car ride was going well. A little small talk here and there. Jin was on a roll with his dad jokes. Jokes that the rest of your friends found lame but you liked a lot.

The problem was when you arrived at the party. The second you got there Jin completely abanded you and you didn’t see him for the rest of the night. And just as you were about to leave one of his friends came looking for you. You thought, of course he didn’t forget about you. He couldn’t have.

And you were right he didn’t because he thought you were his designated driver. That’s right he didn’t ask you out to the party as a date. He asked you out you so you could be his designated driver!

You were only invited under the pretenses that you would be the designated driver for him and his friends. Also, might I add his very, very drunk friends.

No one was sober enough to tell you where they lived. And apparently, they didn’t live on campus like Jin did. So you had no choice but to take them back to your off-campus apartment.

You knew them, of course, you wouldn’t have taken complete strangers back to your apartment. You didn’t want to but you couldn’t let these three drunken morons fend for themselves.

That’s how you ended up with Jeon Jungkook in your bed and not Jin.

You hated this little brat. You only tolerated him because he was one of Jin’s best friends. But still, you hated this punk.

“Seriously noona I barely have any space left.” he whined.

“Seriously Jungkook you shouldn’t even be in my bed! You should be on the fucking floor or outside for all I care!” You yelled at him this time not caring if you woke the others anymore. You gave him a good kick in the leg hoping he’d finally just out of your bed.

“Ow! You should think about joining the soccer team noona.” He said as he rubbed his leg while not so subtly moving closer to you. 

You sighed in defeat. You gave up the sooner you fell asleep the sooner these morons would be out of your apartment.

It’s probably been a good 30 minutes since you closed your eyes and attempted to let sleep overcome you. You were almost there 10 minutes ago. But it’s as if Jungkook knew you were about to fall asleep. And decided he wanted to move around just to spite you.

You couldn’t take it anymore you opened your eyes and started yelling at Jungkook. “Seriously Jungkook what are you–” Your words quickly caught in your throat. Your mouth hung open at the sight. 

The younger boy laid next to you with his eyes screwed shut. His back slightly arched whilst his hand wrapped around his–his cock. Holy shit Jungkook was fucking jacking off in your bed!

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i owe it all to you.

Word Count: 927

Pairing(s): Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: mentions of death, slight swearing

Summary: Reader is an actress who is cast in the second Spiderman film and is being interviewed in preparation of the release of the film. SO! MUCH! FLUFF!

Notes: This is a (not so) tiny follow up to this one shot that I posted a few days ago. I’m really surprised that you guys liked it so I wrote this in like an hour instead of going to bed. I’m so excited to watch the film today ahhh I’m gonna explode. Again, I would really love some feedback if you wanna drop something in my inbox or whatever. Okay, I’ll stop talking. ENJOY!! 

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The Applebee's $100 marinara shower

Reposting this post of mine here by someone’s suggestions

Once a few years ago, at an applebees, my waitress was bussing a huge tower of dishes (not wanting to make two trips I guess?) which just visually was precarious at best. As she was walking towards me I thought to myself, there is no was she is gonna make it to the kitchen.

Sure enough, once I am in splashing range the tower goes down. Half full glasses of soda hit the floor and send splashes over my sandaled feet, and a full cup of marinara sauce hits the edge of our table and showers me with about a quarter of a cup of marinara sauce in a billion droplets from my hair to my chest. We hadn’t even been served drinks ourselves yet, this was just the start of our meal. So I’m sitting there with sauce literally dripping from my nose, hair, etc.

Waitress makes eye contact with me and sees what she has done, eyerolls and groans “fucking son of a bitch!” I am sitting there frozen like, uh someone help? Husband is saying loudly, can we get some help here? Waitress Walks less than three feet away, snatches up a rag and begins wiping her OWN hands! Deliberately TURNS HER BACK TO ME, another waiter sees this and come over now and is dabbing at my shoulder with a wad of paper napkins. I hear the waitress who dropped all the crap say, “why is this bitch looking at me, now I bet this bitch is gonna give me a problem. I’m not dealing with this shit.” And turns and walks into the back.

At this point I say to the waiter who is trying to dab away this sauce, she isn’t even going to say SORRY? He shrugs and is like, sorry ma'am. I said yeah, thanks, an apology should come from her though and I heard her refer to me as a bitch? I’m sitting here minding my own business and get pelted with sauce and soda head to toe, and I’m a bitch? At this point the anger rightfully built in me, and asked to see the manager.

Manager comes over. By now the spilling waitress has heard I am complaining. She comes over, and stands behind the manager as she and I talk. I explain what happened, and that accidents happens and I’m not even mad over the spill, but I’m mad over being treated like crap after it and being referred to as a bitch. Manager is gushing apologies, our dinner .. a two for twenty we were grabbing.. will be free. Okay, great. Still, I said, this is an area for retraining or something. There needs to be something said to the server, that is not how you treat people. She turns around and sees spilling waitress, and says I’m sure she was coming to apologize right now.

Waitress EYE ROLLS and says nastily, it was just an accident. No apology. Manager is now like oh crap, on her face. I said to waitress, and referring to me as THAT BITCH is an accident too? She says nothing, gives a smirk and crosses her arms. I looked between her and the manager, who is now silent and doesn’t know what to do with this. It ends in a stand off, of the waitress refusing to simply apologize and me seething.

So I think a moment, and said to the manager, so you said our ENTIRE meal tonight will be free? We want to change our order. And we want to keep our same server. No hard feelings, afterall, right? So we changed our two for twenty to the most expensive entrees we could find, with three appetizers and salads and soup first. Dessert after. Tab was well over a hundred bucks. We lingered for as long as we could stand. Needless to say, we stiffed that bitch, and I wrote no hard feelings on a napkin covered in marinara sauce at the table.

Only time I ever stiffed a server, and it was grand.

The Wish Spell

Summary:  You use a spell to make a wish come true with unexpected results.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Castiel, OFC Sal

Word Count: 5772

Warnings: smut, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex, language, fluff, wee bit of angst, mention of past abuse

A/N:  This one is close to my heart.  I hope you like it and I’d love to hear your feedback.  MAJOR shout out to the wonderful, lovely and helpful @wheresthekillswitch for being my beta on this.  There’s no way I would have achieved what I wanted without your help.  And thank you to the fantastic @arryn-nyxx for the beautiful aesthetic!​ Thank you!


You didn’t mean for it to happen, not really.  You’d hoped sure, but that didn’t mean you were actually expecting it to work.  You’d been out with your friends celebrating the long weekend but the pit of loneliness grew to a crater the moment you were home.  Since you’d had a few too many beers you started researching wishes.  That led you to spells and then before you knew it you were rummaging through your house for a candle and printing out a picture.  You wrote your name, birthday and wish on the picture then you folded it three times.  You lit a candle and held the paper over it till it caught fire and burned out.  You were tired of being alone, but you were also terrified to make a connection.  After the flame went out you curled up into bed and you dreamt of him, but that wasn’t out of the ordinary; you dreamt of him often.

The next morning you wake up and as you stretch your arms out you bump into something.  You shoot up and look over and there he is sitting on your bed his green eyes looking back at you.  Dean Winchester.  He’s leaning back on his hands with his long legs out in front of him.  He’s wearing a flannel shirt and jeans and he even has his boots on.  You sit staring at him unable to think or to speak.  He purses his full lips then smirks at you.

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anonymous asked:

okay so reece king aka real life nursery posted some pics on Instagram of him in nothing but tights and CAN YOU PLEASE JUST IMAGINE DEX GETTING SNAPCHATS OF DEREK IN JUST FISHNETS AND JUST DYING PLEASE

There are reasons that Nursey and Ransom aren’t allowed to get drunk together unsupervised.

Very good reasons.

Very logical reasons.

Reasons that they both forgot two hours ago, when Ransom walked into his dorm room with a handle of Jack Daniels and a liter of Coke.

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Look At Me (Requested)

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Request:  Hey can u do #4 from the embarrassing dialogue prompt list ? With peter maximoff ❤️ +  Number 7 from the embarrassing prompt list with peter maximoff pretty please  
Word Count: 1209
Warning: Fluff, lil angst, swearing, Peter being a dork, somewhat nudity?? 
A/N: I combined requests because efficiency (and I’m lazy) So enjoy!! 
Tagging: @notsoprettykitty, @stovehairington, @writing-rogue

Originally posted by despairingfever

((gif not mine, credit to owner)) 

“You think Y/n likes me?” Peter asked Jubilee as they laid on the lawn, music playing quietly through Peter’s speakers.

“I don’t know, I mean you act like a total idiot around them.” She stated propping herself up while Peter huffed.


“You totally do, you tripped over your feet when Y/n smiled at you, dropped a mug on the floor when they walked by and remember the time you walked into the lamp post.”

“Pfft no one saw that…did they?” Peter asked, somewhat desperately while she snorted.

“Yeah everyone saw you walk into a pole when they said hi. It was kind of hilarious.” Jubilee giggled while Peter groaned.

“Fuck, I can’t help it, when they’re around I just can’t think straight. Y/n just does something to me, I feel like I can’t breathe, but it’s exhilarating–I don’t know, never mind.” Peter shrugged it off while Jubilee ogled over his head over heels state.

“I’m pretty sure you’re past liking Y/n. You’re in looooove.” She chirped while heat rose to Peter’s face.

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Knots (Evan Hansen x Reader)

TW: SMUT, a lil bit of swearing, really fricken smutty

Words: 1,675          

Requested: anon:  Hi!!! Loooooove your fics so so so much! Like I know you’ve only posted a few fics but seriously you’re like the best DEH writer on here! Could I please request number 28 with Evan - maybe he gives the reader a massage and then it gets smutty because Evan gets turned on by the noises she makes?

Disclaimer: I’m sorry that I’ve been writing a lot of smut, lately. It’s just what is mostly requested! I will be writing fluff very soon. <3

 You’ve always been called an old soul. Whether it was when you were caught drinking tea, reading classic novels, or even giving wise advice; that was the first thing anyone said about you. Sometimes it seemed like your brain was 70 years older than the rest of your body. The only physical part of yourself that synced up with your thoughts was your back.

           Your back felt like it could have been old enough to have experienced the Cold War. Every twist, turn, and bend would send thousands of cracks down your spine. Sometimes kinks would appear out of the dust. The worst pain would come when you would sit with no support for a long period of time.

           It was Friday night, and you were at your boyfriend’s house. His mom wasn’t home, and was not going to be until the end of the night. Your boyfriend, Evan, was trying to help you study for your philosophy test. After the first or second hour of sitting on his bed, you felt a familiar pain in your lower back. After the twelfth question answered from your textbook, you felt your shoulders begin to lock. As Evan read another question, you tried to twist your joints in order to feel some relief.

           Evan didn’t notice until he looked at you. Your face was cursed with discomfort. He looked at you with sympathy.

           “A-Are you alright?”

           “Yeah… it’s just my back,” you sighed, still attempting to crack something for a quick relief.

           Evan nodded softly, thinking to himself. He watched you as you squirmed around, placing your hands all over your own back; pressing and massaging it yourself.

           “When I was little, I-I had really bad growing pains. So, uh, my mom would massage my legs with cream. W-Would that help?” he asked nervously, biting onto his bottom lip.

           Your eyes grew wide, “wait are you offering me a massage?”

           “W-Well, yeah, I-I have had a lot of practice?”

           “Evan, you are my HERO!” you exclaimed, throwing your head back. “I don’t remember a time where my spine wasn’t in pain.”

           “I’ll go get some cream, and uh, you can, uh, get yourself ready?” he spoke nervously, walking quickly out of the room, biting his nails.

           You set your books on the floor, tucking your loose papers into your bookbag. Laying on Evan’s bed, you put your head on his pillow. Evan soon came back into his room, shutting the door.

           “Oh, um, you’re gonna need to take your shirt off. Only if you want to- it’s ok if you don’t-“

           You laughed, shaking your head. “Evan, it’s okay.” You sat up, taking off the sweater you had been wearing. Well, really, it was Evan’s sweater. You had stolen it months ago. You had been meaning to give it back, as it didn’t hold the scent that it used to.

           Evan turned around to give you privacy as you stripped down. While you were at it, you took your bra off so it wouldn’t be in the way. You laid back down on his bed, burying your face into the mattress.

           “Ok, Ev, I’m ready,” you spoke, muffled into the pillow.

           You heard Evan’s sock feet patter over to you. He climbed onto his double bed and straddled your bum. He was a bit shaky, but focused. He put a dollop of body cream onto his hands, and started to work on your shoulders. He gasped when he could feel the intense knots.

           “D-Doesn’t this hurt?” he asked, in disbelief.

           “Yeah,” you groaned out. “But, like, the good hurt.”

           “T-Tell me if it hurts too much, okay?”

           You nodded, focusing on the feeling of his hands working on your back. You tried to picture it in your head. His long, bony fingers applying pressure to your soft skin as he straddled you. You giggled at the thought. Just last month, you two had sex for the first time. No matter what the circumstance was, Evan always made sure that you were at maximum comfort.

           Evan’s fingers dug into the painful areas of your spine. You winced, biting the insides of your cheek. As his fingertips continued the same motion, it started to feel the slightest bit better. His fingertip pushed into the knot in a circular motion. After he had gotten it out, he would palm the area to soothe it. Every time he would, a small sigh or whimper would escape from your lips.

           After Evan got the biggest knot out, he palmed it with the flats of his hands. The feeling was so relieving that you let out a moan.

           Evan gulped, staring down at you. You were bare, moaning, and underneath him. The last time that happened was a month ago. Your string of moans were like a symphony to him.

Whenever you couldn’t make it over to his house, to relieve his stress, Evan would have to do it on his own. He was never comfortable with touching himself until you taught him how. On his nights alone, he thought of your moans to bring him to the edge. Of course, he never told you that. 

You continued to whither underneath his touch. Every sigh and sound that escaped your body, made it harder for Evan to focus. He felt the tent in his khakis begin to form. He tried to lift his torso off of you in an attempt to hide it. But it didn’t do anything, when he watched as the silhouette of your naked body lifted to follow his touch. 

He jumped off of you, grabbing your sweatshirt from his bedroom floor. He held it in front of his crotch. 

You looked up from your pillow, pouting in confusion. When you looked at your boyfriend, his cheeks were red and blotchy. His fists clenching the sweater as if his life depended on it

“D-Did you hear the phone ring? I, uh, I think I heard the phone ring,” he stammered, about to run out of the room. You sat up, stopping him.

“Ev, are you…” you began to catch on.

“I, um, yeah,” he gritted his teeth in embarrassment. His eyes darted down to your breasts, that were now on full display. He swallowed hard. 

You stood up, crossing your arms over your chest to cover yourself. 

“Do you want some…help?” you looked up into his eyes, searching for any sign of interest. 

“I, uh, um,” he stammered, getting even more embarrassed. 

“It’s ok, Ev,” you smiled softly, and reassuringly. “This isn’t a new thing to us. And it’s okay that you feel this way. It’s normal,” you tried to comfort him, placing one of your hands on his arm. 

Evan nodded, slowly lowering the sweater that he held to the ground. You removed your arms from your chest, placing your hands on his face, pulling him in for a sweet kiss. You pulled his body against yours, feeling his excitement press against your stomach.

Taking an initiative, you lowered your hand down to his crotch. You set your hand down where he needed you the most, applying pressure. You watched his face as you palmed him through the material of his pants. His eyes fluttered closed. His mouth opened agape as if he was going to say something. He let out a throaty moan. You felt his hands get tangled into your hair, pulling from the new sensation. 

Slowly, you removed your hand from his length. You began to take off his shirt, then removed the khaki coloured pant than caged him. He did the same, removing your leggings, staring at you in wonder. 

“What?” you smiled, looking into his eyes. 

“It’s just that- I don’t know, I-I never thought that I would ever get a girlfriend… let alone being doing this,” he giggled softly, his face turning a soft shade of pink. 

“Me neither,” you admitted, letting out a tiny laugh. 

You guided Evan back to his bed, laying him down. You straddled him, placing his hands gingerly on your waist. He watched you through hooded eyelids, taking in every second of your presence. Reaching down to his chest, your trailed your fingertips all the way down to the hem of his underwear. He was beautiful. You loved his physique. The tiny outlines of his ribs, the small freckles on his biceps, and the tiny bit of pudge beneath his belly button. 

Using your right hand, you pulled down his boxers, revealing the rest of your boyfriend. He sucked in a deep breath, watching you intently. With your left hand, you stretched to the drawer of his bedside table. Opening it, you grabbed a condom. 

“Take them off,” you whispered to your boyfriend, referring to the last bit of material you were wearing. 

He nodded quickly, lowering the silk article, mesmerized by the parts of you that only he would see. You opened the condom, rolling it on to his length. 

“A-Are you sure you want to do it like this?” Evan asked, referring to you being on top. 

“I-I want to try it out,” you admitted sheepishly. Evan smiled shyly, giving you a nod to go further. 

You sunk onto him, letting out a gasp. Evan’s eyes rolled back, his mouth falling wide open. 

“Oh my god,” he spoke loudly. 

You started to move in rhythm. Gliding your hips in a circle, you placed your hands on his chest to stabilize yourself. Evan bucked his hips to meet yours. Sweat collected on his forehead, as he watched you. 

“I love you, I love you, I love you,” he chanted over and over, clearly making his way to his orgasm.

You felt a familiar feeling at the bottom of your stomach. You began to move faster, watching Evan barely holding it together. You told him to wait for a few seconds more. Your moans matched his, your final breaths only lasting seconds. You both reached and came down from your high in unison. 

Climbing off of him, you smiled, out of breath. 

“I think my back feels better.”

The Waiting Game

Based on that Tumblr prompt found here. I’m sorry. This is essentially crack. Please don’t hate me.

Tommie Oliver once thought they were a patient person. They’ve dealt with enough bullshit in their life to know when to just take a few deep breaths and bite their tongue, and only seldom do they lay they’re foot down to swing a few punches. You’ve still got to stand up for yourself some of the time, otherwise who will?

“Billy, dude, you’re cheating! Where did you learn all those combos?”

“I figured them out by myself. This one is double jump, left punch, right punch, squat, circle, circle, jump, roll, left, roll, double backflip.”

“…Okay. What comes after ‘left punch’?”

Tommie smiles at the two boys relaxing on their couch, all of their focus dedicated to the game they’re playing on Jason’s Xbox.

Well maybe they can think of a few people who would stand up for them.

Jason reaches over Billy to grab a handful of popcorn, stuffing half of it in his mouth and throwing the other half at Tommie lounging in the recliner. “Dude will you text Kimberly? She was supposed to be here like an hour ago.”

“Didn’t she say she was stopping by Krispy Kreme for a coffee? Maybe it’s busy.”

“It doesn’t take that long to get a coffee Billy.”

“Relax Jase,” Tommie says, pulling their phone out of their pocket and clicking on Kim’s contact. “I’ll text her now. No need to get your jockstrap in a twist.” This earns Tommie another shower of popcorn.

“Yo dude where ya at? Guys are gettin antsy and Jasons being momish again”

“Also if youre still at krispy kreme get me a donut”

“Billy too”

“HEY YOU GUYS!” Billy and Jason groan as Zack throws himself over the back of the couch, kicking Jason’s stomach and elbowing Billy in the thigh. Surprisingly he doesn’t spill a single drop of his soda, which is good because Tommie’s certain their mother would murder them if anyone got a stain on the couch. “What level are you guys on?” He asks, taking a sip of his drink, still casually sprawled out on both the boys’ laps. Jason shoves him off and Zack manages to hold the can upright, even as his face kisses the floor. A scuffle ensues between the two (after Zack puts his drink down) and Jason’s controller gets lost in the cushions.

Billy pauses the game and turns to Tommie. “Has you’re cousin texted you yet?”

Tommie shakes their head. “Not yet.”

“Wait, cousin?” Zack gasps from Jason’s headlock, grinning. “Is this the hot one that lives in Texas?”

“Yes, my hot, very gay, cousin from Texas,” Tommie clarifies, rolling their eyes as Zack shrugs and twists out of Jason’s hold. They settle back into the couch, Zack picking at the popcorn while Jason steals a sip from his soda. “She’s been having troubles with her family since she came out to them, but her parents finally agreed to let her come up to Angel Grove to live with me and my parents for a while. She texted me yesterday when she was at the airport but I think her flight got delayed or something. She’s supposed to text me when she lands in Arcata.”

Just then Tommie’s phone beeps.

Zack laughs. “Speak of the Devil and he shall appear.”

Tommie shakes their head. “Nah it’s just Kim.”

KimPossible: “Sorry, got caught up in somethin”

Tommie frowns a little but before they have a chance to ask where Kim actually is another message comes through from their best friend.

KimPossible: “So I think I’m bi”

Tommie’s eyes widen and their jaw drops a little. “Holy fuck!”

“What? Is it Kim?”

“Uh… yeah. Dudes, she just texted me saying she’s bi.”

Jason jumps up cheering, punching the air a few times before holding out his hand to Zack who grumbles and digs into his wallet, forking over a twenty. Tommie ignores the boys as they start to argue who technically called Kim’s sexuality first and types a message back to Kim.

“DUDE! Fur realzzz?”

“Just like all the sudden right this moment? hell yeah do it!”

“I said I thought she was a lesbian and since lesbians are into women, I was half right so technically I only owe you ten bucks.”

“Zack that’s not how this works.”

“It’s kind of how it works.”

“Actually Zack, bisexuality is being sexually attracted to both genders, female and male, while homosexuality is strictly being sexually attracted to the same sex.”

“Thank-you Billy.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Tommie’s phone beeps and everyone goes quite, leaning towards Tommie expectantly.

KimPossible: “like as in I was just with a girl and iiii”


“Zack! Language!”


Tommie shushes them and types back, “like WITH a girl or like with a girl and you looked at her and realized wow lets have sex and get married”

It takes a minute. A long, excruciating, bickering-boys filled minute, before Tommie’s phone beeps once more.

KimPossible: “like as in I PRETTY much just had sex with a girl”

For a long minute, no one says anything. They all just stare at one another with their mouths open and catching flies. And suddenly they’re all talking at once.


“She blew us off-”


“Jesus Zack, chill.”

“No! You know what, gimme the phone!”

“Wha- Zack! Hey! No stop!”






“Sorry Kimberly that was Zack. This is Billy. Tommie currently has Zack pinned to the ground.”

“Ouch. That looked painful.”

“Yo Kim its Jazon. Thank you for coming out cuz I won twenty bucks from Za”

“PLe asE”




“Fucking Zack keeps stealing my phone and running away”

“But seriously??? Dude like what!!”




“Hi Kim. It’s Billy again. Jason’s holding Zack hostage in the bathroom. Tommie’s nose is bleeding which is why I’m texting you. Just wondering where you are.”

“Uh oh”

“Zack broke down the door. Tommie’s pissed.”




“Kimberly its Jase. Dude please text back zacks gone nutzo”

“and wed all like details ;)”

“Okay it’s me again. so like whatisgoing on!! please just answere”

“dude don’t make us come over there”

“*sighs* we’ll wait”


“Alrigt done waiting what is the deal whats goinf on I s2g Kimberly”

“why are you doing this to us??”

“Did you fuck your phone into nonexistence”

“did you tumble headfirst into a black hole of bisexuality”

“and if you did can me and Zack join i”


“Well technically Zack’s pan so I gue”



“Fucking zack”


“Oh My God for Fuckks sake KIM”

“Okay you bitch its been almost an hour and we’re all dying what the hell”


“Jason 1 moree, seriously holy shit where did you GO”

“You cant just sAy that and then disappear????”

“Kim these boys are killing me pppuuuleeaseeee!!”

An hour later and they’re all lying on the living room floor. Jason’s got a bag of peas pressed against his left eye and Tommie’s got a wad of toilet paper shoved up their nose. Zack has too many battle wounds to count. He might also be unconscious but the excitement from Kim’s first message has waned and left all of them too drained to check.

“When was the last time you texted her?” Jason whines. Billy walks into the room carrying two zip-lock baggies filled with ice; one he switches out for the peas and the other he lays across Zack’s back. Both boys grumble their thanks.

“Fifteen minutes ago.” They all groan in unison but it’s cut short when Tommie’s pocket dings.

KimPossible: “46 TEXTS”

“Finally! The pillow princess has arisen!”

Tommie rolls their eyes and frantically asks said ‘princess’ where she’s been. “Zack don’t make me pin you again.”

Zack snickers. “You know I don’t think that’s as punishing as you’re hoping for m’lady.”

Another ding. Tommie reads the message before bursting into laughter. Billy asks what she said and Tommie merely holds their phone out for the others to read.

KimPossible: “I was… SHE WAS STILL HERE”

Jason groans again as Zack holds up a finger, face pressed into the carpet, huffing out something that sounds similar to “called it, that bitch”.

“Laughing now cause I was right you were still banging her omg”

KimPossible: “a black hole of bisexuality?! haha”

KimPossible: “yes”

Jason groans again, tossing his ice bag on the coffee table. “Tell her to cart her glowing arse over here so we can tell her how much we hate her right now.”

Tommie salutes him but just as they finish relaying the message, another one comes through.

Baby T: “Hey Cuz! How surprised would you be if I suddenly showed up at your doorstep in the next, say, five seconds?”

Tommie gasps. “No way!” The boys look up at them just as the doorbell rings and Tommie’s sprinting for the front door. And when they open it they squeal. “Trini!”

“Hey!” Trini drops her bag as Tommie pulls her in for a hug, rocking back and forth in place and giggling.

“What the hell dude, I thought you were gonna text me when you got in? And I thought your flight got delayed? Bitch how are you?!”

Trini scoffs, pushing Tommie away to glare at them with mock anger. “Ay, hermana, give me a second to breathe. Geez you’re almost as bad as my mother.”

Tommie winces and tries for an endearing smile. “Sorry. How did that go anyways?”

Trini shrugs, picking imaginary lint off the leather jacket that seems oddly familiar but Tommie doesn’t know why because they’ve never seen Trini wearing it before. But then Trini sighs and says, “Eh, you know how my parents are. Angry they don’t get to control me anymore, but glad I’m out of their life,” and then Tommie’s too focused on wrapping their cousin up in a tight hug.

“Well you’re here now, that’s what matters.”

Someone coughs behind them and Tommie smiles before pulling back. “Oh yeah, my friends are here. They’ve been dying to meet you.” Trini picks up her suitcase and follows Tommie through the doorway into the living room. “Trin, these are the boys: Jason, Zack, and Billy. Boys, this is my cousin Trini.”

Zack jumps up from the floor with newfound energy and vaults over the couch again, bowing before the two of them. “Enchanté mademoiselle Trini,” he says, looking up at her and winking.

Trini’s brow raises. “Yeah that ain’t gonna work on me homeboy.”

“Yes, he knows that but he’s also an idiot so you’ll have to excuse him,” Tommie sighs, shoving past Zack and nearly knocking the lanky boy off balance. “We can throw your stuff upstairs in your new room later. Right now, I wanna know how you’re doing. Why didn’t you text me when you got to Cali?”

“Well you know my flight got delayed yesterday afternoon and we didn’t board until practically three a.m. this morning, so I basically slept the entire plane ride to Arcata. And then I wanted to surprise you so I grabbed a cab and got a ride up to Angel Grove and here I am.”

“So where have you been?” Trini freezes and everyone looks over at Billy who blushes sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be nosy.”

Tommie smiles. “That’s okay B. Did you want to ask something?”

Billy fidgets a little in his seat before starting one of his long winded spiels. “Well a flight from Dallas, Texas to Arcata, California, is approximately 1,590 miles—or 2560 kilometers if you prefer metric—and depending on airline, departure time, and air turbulence, the flight time should have been six hours and eighteen minutes—twenty-two to twenty-five if you include actually getting off the plane. And then the ride from Arcata to Angel Grove is approximately seventy miles—one-hundred and twelve in kilometers—and then depending on traffic and the speed of the vehicle you traveled in, it would have been another hour and twenty-nine minutes to Angel Grove from Arcata airport. So combining all those times and estimating your plane left Dallas at four this morning, you should have arrived at Tommie’s house,” Billy pauses to look at his watch and mumbles a few numbers, “three hours, forty-six minutes, and thirteen seconds ago.”

Tommie glances at their cousin, confused yet intrigued. Trini laughs, an awkward sound that comes out pitchy and painful. “Smart one, isn’t he?” She clears her throat and wipes her hands on her jeans. “Well I did get here a few hours ago but I stopped downtown for some food annnd…” she drags out, peeking over at Tommie, “may have shared a coffee with someone.”

Tommie gasps. “Nuh uh! Dude you’re not here a full day and you’re already hooking up with some chick?! Fucking hell dude! Do I know her? Please tell me I don’t know her. What was her name? Ah! It better not have been Samantha Brow, that girl is super trashy. Or was it Eliza Fitzwilliam… wait is she gay? She’s gay right? Oh hell, If you say ‘Amanda Clark’ I might cut a mother-”

There’s a knock before the sound of the front door opening. “Guys?”

It’s Kim.

Tommie’s brow furrows for a second as Jason calls to Kim, watching as Trini’s face tinges red, fiddling with the leather jacket she’s wearing that Tommie knows they’ve seen before but on someone else, someone taller, with shorter hair…

The alarm bells begin to ring along with the sound of Kimberly making her way into the living room, saying, “Okay before anyone says anything, I just want to say-” And it’s like the oxygen gets sucked out of the room and everyone’s holding their breath as Kim notices the girl sitting beside Tommie. The girl currently wearing her leather jacket.

“Hi,” Trini says with a gentle smile.

And Kim laughs a little breathlessly. “H-hi.”

The moment lies on a tipping point, silence encompassing the room as everyone suddenly connects all the dots, and then…


From the Ruins, We shall Rise: Chapter 2
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Just gonna secretly update this at nearly 3 am, nbd, hahaha

Welp, here it is guys, in its 9.5k glorious addition, Ruins has been updated!!! I blame Caro for getting my butt in gear and making me finally finish the chapter by posting that gorgeous Lance from a couple days ago. Like how could I not update after that???

Anywhoodles, here’s an excerpt~


Lance lowered his collar. “Shay, you in here?”

He heard someone gasp, and before he knew it was engulfed in a bone crushing hug.

“Lance! It’s been too long! Why has it taken you so long to come visit?” Shay shook him about, his feet leaving the ground.

“Shay – can’t breathe – missed… you too –”

“Oh! Sorry, sorry!” she put him down gently and Lance leaned this way and that to realign his back.

“Yeah sorry about not visiting, been a little busy.”

Shay crossed her arms, her foot and half height difference over Lance would have made it intimidating if it weren’t for how well Lance actually knew her. She was sweet, sweeter than she should be for a black market dealer. Could still bash your head in, but sweet.

“Uh-huh, one of my runners told me you went and joined the princess. Didn’t think you were interested in that.”

Lance shrugged. “She pays well, and my family can use every aruan they can get their hands on. You know how I operate.”

“Mm. You always put them first, when are you going to take care of yourself, Lance?” she chided. She turned and started heading to the front of the shop. “So, what are you here for this time? Information? Weapons – and you know I can’t do much about that. You have these weird arrows that no one else uses.”

Lance motioned for Shiro to follow him. “Keep your hood up, Shay isn’t all that friendly with Galra, past or present,” he whispered.

“Got it,” Shiro responded.

They followed her to the main part of her shop. No one was inside, if someone wanted Shay for something, they entered in through the back. Anyone who came in through the front was guaranteed outrageous prices for anything she had.

“You got any of that Glacier wood? Broke my old bow hunting.”

Shay looked over at him, an eyebrow raised high, nearly to her hairline. “You finally broke that old thing? You’ve had that for years, ever since the war, yeah?”

“The same guy who supplies me arrows made it for me. I’ve tracked him down again and he and another friend have agreed to make me a new one. Just need the wood for it.” He glanced around, looking for any sign of it. Shay was his only consistent informant and provider for just about anything. She even made him his cloak, one of a kind as thanks for saving her shop from bandits.

She pointed over to the opposite side of the shop. “There should be some in that corner. Don’t know how good the quality is, but it’s better than cutting down your own tree.”

Lance grinned and made his way over to said corner. True enough there was some there, long links that were about five feet in length. Some of them were warped, way beyond any use, and he picked up ones that were as straight as possible. They weren’t as thick as he would have liked, but maybe Hunk could make something out of them.

He handed them off to Shiro and dug out his purse. Shiro looked a little affronted at being designated as the pack mule, but thankfully he didn’t say anything. Lance had the feeling that as soon as they were out of this place, he was going either get the lecture of a lifetime or get stuck doing some gods’ awful duty around the castle for a month. There went his free time.

He tossed Shay a few gold aruan, ignoring her squawk about him overpaying her. It was all pretense, but what he was about to ask her was really going to make the money worth it.

“Say, you haven’t heard from my old crew have you? Rin, Geoff, and all them?”

Shay froze up for a second before moving about the shop again, appearing normal, but she couldn’t hide the shake in her hands as she straightened things. Rin had been his second in command, a little ruthless in the way she took down targets, but he hadn’t been able to deny her talent when he recruited her during the war. It was safe to assume that Rin has been the pack leader since he left.

“Geoff is dead,” she said quietly after a minute.

igottab-bbc  asked:

Ok so we know how in the post credit scene with Peter and Groot that Peter says he finally knows how Yondu felt when Groot says he's boring/uncool. So, this got me thinking about how Peter went to thinking that Yondu and the Ravagers were the coolest things in the galaxy to just boring old farts as he got older. ヽ(;▽;) think of the broken self esteem!

Oh, that surely happened. I think most teenagers or children in general reach that one point in life where they think of their parents as boring or embarrassing, and be it just for a minute.

Looking at Peter and Yondu, that probably was a lot more than just a minute.

I mean, let’s think about Yondu’s favorite dad joke aka “I will let ma boys eat’cha”. How many times did Peter get to hear that in the 26 years he more or less spent very closely with the Ravagers? A whole lot.

And one day, Yondu is explaining what their next mission is, Kraglin carefully makes Yondu aware of the fact that Peter, once again, isn’t really listening. The boy – man – lounges sideways in his seat, feet thrown over the armrest, and is listening to his music, head nodding in tune with the song, fingers thrumming on the Walkman.

Yondu, very gracefully, kicks him in the side. “QUILL!”

Peter twitches, grimaces, and reaches up to pull his headphones off. He has the nerve to scowl at Yondu when he asks, “What?!”

“What?” Yondu echoes, snarling as he leans back once again to raise one foot and kick after Peter, who scoots back in his seat to escape. “What, the boy asks me. I was talkin’, ya brat, and ya better listen when your Capt’n does that!”

“Why?” Peter looks around the room, noting that it’s still only the three of them plus Tullk. And none of them would say something if Yondu’s charge misbehaved a bit. “Kraglin and Tullk were listening! And it was boring, anyway!”  

“Boring? Bullshit, Quill, boring as it is, it’s yer job, and ya will do it right, else the boys can really eat ya for all I care!”

Once upon a time, that would have been enough to make the boy scramble to do as he was told. Not too long ago, it would have still been enough to at least shut him up.

Now, Peter snarls, rolls his eyes, and goes back to fiddling with his Walkman. “Yeah, yeah.”

Yondu blinks, perplexed, before he gets the little show of emotion under control again. “Ya got a deathwish or somethin’, boy?”

“Naaaah,” Peter barely looks up. “It’s just… you need a new line, or something. It’s really getting old.”


“Yeah, man, I mean – come on, Yondu!” Peter throws up his hands, swinging his legs down from the armrest and standing up as he stuffs his Walkman into his pocket. “Year after year, every day – you’re gonna get eaten, you’re gonna get eaten! I’m still here, so, uh, no? Not being eaten? The threat is getting super boring after the first three thousand times. Almost as boring as this meeting.”


“You know what? I’m out of here. Give me the important details later in short version.“

And with that the young man turns, already pushing his headphones back into place as he stomps towards the exit.

Yondu opens his mouth to bellow something after him, but no words will come. He doesn’t want to admit it, but he’s speechless, caught between confusion, anger and a strange tad of pride to the sheer stubbornness the boy shows.

But still, had anyone other than Kraglin and Tullk been with them, Yondu would have had to think about serious consequences for such a behavior. Probably should even now.

Speaking about that…

He turns, slowly and with his teeth still clenched, to look at Kraglin and Tullk.

Tullk is smart enough not to meet his gaze, pretending to not have heard anything and being occupied with the files opened on the holo screen in front of him.

Kraglin glances back at Yondu, just a sideway glance, and offers, “We could think up new threats, sir.”

Something about the off-handed joke, meant half-serious, manages to dissolve most of the leftover tension in Yondu, and he grunts as he stomps back to his place in between the many screens. “Ain’t like that will make ‘im behave. More like the opposite.”

“Hmmm,” Kraglin’s hum is never agreement nor disagreement, light frown marring his features, but he doesn’t speak up, and Yondu doesn’t ask. He knows that his first mate is not okay with how easily Peter got away once again.

“Boys will start to think yer getting’ soft, sir.”

He doesn’t want to think about how truthful that probably is.

Yondu catches his faint reflection in one of the holo screens – a mixture of tired frown and half-smirk still tilting his lips upwards – his feelings torn like they are so often when Peter is involved.

Shaking his head, he goes back to work, but not before huffing silently.

Boring, he says. Of all the things…

Fight me?

soo this is based off of this post !! lance is op and keith is the nurse! this is my first fic on here so i hope u guys enjoy! :3

Lance sighed for what seemed the billionth time that day. He only had another day in the hospital, and after being there for two weeks, what was one more day, really?

A lot. It was a lot. He was so bored. Not only was he bored, but he was too tired to get up and look for something to do. He thought about taking a walk to the cafeteria downstairs for a coffee or hot chocolate or something, but the last time he left his room for just two minutes, he had collapsed. He wasn’t exactly down for that to happen again.

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Never Let a Wound Ruin Me

this was a request but the ask posted weird so i’m posting it here but anyway this is a fluffly jamilton oneshot based on @midnigtartist battle buddies au in which Alex and Thomas discuss Alex’s scars

word count: 1.5k 

“Are you ever gonna tell me how you got all those scars?”

Alex paused buttoning up his shirt to look at Thomas in consideration. He was used to his lovers asking about his scars. Generally during a one night stand there is a moment in which his shirt comes off and whoever he’s with sees the scars and it’s a second in which they take it in and decide to comment on it. Some people ignore it. Some people are into it.

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Spilled Milkshakes

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Summary: Reader works at a drive-thru of a fairly popular fast-food restaurant, and one night, she spills a large strawberry milkshake on the lap and car of one person (or two) she reeeeeally didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of.  

Warnings: good milkshake being spilled!!! Richard Speight Jr being Richard Speight Jr!!! 

A/N: Hi. You must be wondering why I am, once again, posting a random one instead of…say…your request, or the first part to that Chuck series, or the next part to the Billy series…well. I’m procrastinating. Again. 

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Built To Fall.

A/n: You wanna know how long it took me to get this out? Ask God. But, there will also be future chapters of this because I love a good plot build up. Especially for Franky boy. This is for you @atari-writes, get ready for the next chapter, cus I’ve lost all control.

Summary: (Au. Set post season 2) A glimpse into “domestic life” with Frank. He’s still feeling the after shocks of losing his family, and that’s gonna make anyone a bit…reluctant. Or maybe reckless is a better word? OR How Frank Castle let go of the past.

Based on this song!

Word Count: 2.5k

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader

Rating: M

Warnings: Cursing, talk of sex, Frank is his own warning, blood. (Smut, ANGST in future chapters…like next chapter lmao)

Originally posted by unchartedghoul


And if the world don’t break

I’ll be shaking it,

Cause’ I’m a young man after all!

And when the seasons change

will you stand by me? 

Cause’ I’m young man built to fall!

When you and Frank first had sex he cried. He’d had one of your legs thrown over his shoulder, and you had finished five, six, seven thrust ago, but he was still there. Going through the motions, chasing his own, and God just has a thing for flipping the switch, because the next thing you know Franks kissing your leg and moaning a name that’s definitely not yours.

I want you to tell me, right now, what the hell you’re supposed to do when you’ve got your fucking legs over a guy’s shoulders, and he’s still inside you, when he says another woman’s name, opens his eyes, sees who you are, and cries.

Here’s what you did. “Did you cum?”

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haircuts - tom holland

word count: 1474
prompt: semi relevant, tom gets a new haircut and is super anxious to get your opinion of it so he keeps finding increadingly extra ways to hide it from you?xo via: @peterparkerrtrash
notes: the time frame is off but ya’ll get where this came from, ok!!! and to the requester, I hope this was okay :)

not edited

you were just as surprised as everybody else when tom tweeted, very ambiguously, bye bye hair.

it didn’t help that it was nearly nine o'clock for you, which meant for tom it was a solid two am. did that boy every actually sleep?

the second his tweet notification popped up your thumbs quickly tapped over to his contact and pressed the little circle for facetime. it took longer than usual, but soon enough you saw your smiling boyfriend and- were those boxers on his head?

“tom, what are you wear-” you started, only to have him cut you off midway.

“hello, darling!” he calls, and you can read the nervousness oozing off him even through the phone.

your brow raises slightly as you prop your phone up in front of you. “why are you hiding the new do, holland?” you ask in loo of a proper response, folding your arms over your chest.

tom, bless his heart, smiles lopsidedly and momentarily makes you lose your train of thought. being his girlfriend for a year and a half put no damper on the way he effected you. “what do you mean, love?”

“i hate you,” you mumbled, growing too tired to argue. it was hardly pushing on nine thirty but you felt exhausted. “i love you, goodnight.” you suddenly add and tom laughs softly on the other end of the phone.

“that’s contradictory-” before he can finish you hang up the phone and drop it onto your night stand, curling up on your side of the large bed.
tom texts you a very nice i love you daring to wake up to.

fast forward two days and tom is finally coming back home for a few days, hopefully a week.

you’re currently, with a fast vigor, rushing around your apartment to gather up all the take away boxes and bowls. tom didn’t like leaving you alone because you literally never took the time to cook for yourself. you lived off take away and cup noodles.

when the familiar sound of the lock clicking tipped off your senses, you threw the rest of the boxes and bowls into an empty cabinet and casually leaned against the counter, crossing your legs.

after a few seconds, and some rustling, tom appeared around the corner with a beanie and a hood covering his head. his face lights up when he spots you and he shuffles over to wrap his arms around your middle, peppering your face with quick little kisses. “hello, darling.”

you jokingly roll your eyes, a grin quirking up the corners of your lips as you move your head quickly to catch his lips. there’s a long moment of soft kissing before tom pulls away and you frown briefly. “let me see the hair.” it’s this moment you let your brows lift, humming. “shaved the stache?”

tom nervously nods and keeps his arms around you, smiling. “is it okay?” he asks.

“please,” you snort, pulling away to grab your bottle of water, taking a long slip. “you could shave your head and grow a full beard and it’d be fine. you don’t need my approval.” you softly laugh and tom seems to perk up a little at your words.

you then notice that one of the takeaway boxes hadn’t quite made it into the cabinet and the was sitting smushed between the bottom and the floor, and tom followed your gaze only to mockingly gasp. “y/n! you’ve been eating chinese?”

your face flushed as you snatch the box and go to open the cabinet to shove it in, only for the rest of the take away and the few bowls to fall at your feet. “i, uh-” you pause, scrambling to gather them up but you drop the large pile. “i have no idea how these got here.”

tom laughs but bends down to reach your height. “im gonna shower,” he presses a quick kiss to your temple before trotting off towards the steps.

“hey, let me see your hair!”

“join me in the shower?”

you look between the cabinet and the stairs a few times before sighing. “no, have fun.”

it’s the next morning when you wake up in your and tom’s bed alone.
your brain momentarily wonders if the previous night had been a dream, but when you notice tom’s suit case and backpack on the floor you grin and stretch out your tired limbs. “toooooooom,” you call out softly towards the bathroom, only to no avail. silence.

you breath out deeply and shift around in tom’s shirt, climbing out of bed to throw on a pair of sleep shorts. padding over to the steps, you lazily rub your eyes and walk to the first floor, hearing a loud commotion from the kitchen.
worried, you grab an umbrella from the front door and hold it in a baseball bat manner, moving quickly over to the kitchen, ready to strike.

then you see tom standing with a pot covering his head.

“tom,” you breathe out sharply. “what are you doing?” you drop the umbrella and walk closer to him, but he takes a step back.

“hey, woah!” he holds out his arms, pressing into the back wall of the kitchen with the pot still covering his head. “i don’t have my beanie on, shoo.” he snickers and you wrinkle your brow.

“i can’t see your hair either?”


“tom, i’m your-”

“we’re dating, love, yeah, but nooooooo.”

“do you not like it?”

“i like it a lot!”

“lemme seeeeee!”

you didn’t get to see it.

tom had snuck past you and into the living room to retrieve his beanie before you could catch a glimpse at his haircut.

maybe he was bald?

it’s later that night around midnight when you’re stumbling towards the bathroom to use the toilet when you open the door and hear a loud shriek.
tom could be very loud when startled.

you lift your tired gaze only to see tom with a wig poorly thrown over his head and the empty maniquin head rolling across the floor.

“tom, is that-”

“your halloween wig? why yes, my love, it is.”

you look between the mannequin head and your boyfriend’s flushed cheeks, shaking your head. “im using the downstairs bathroom.

the next morning he nearly broke his nose diving behind the counter when you unexpectedly came down the steps.



and things went on like that for about four more days.

the list of things tom had used to cover his hair escalated from a beanie and a pot to your cat sam and tin foil.

“why is sam on your head?”


but last night tom had posted some teasing on his instagram story when he was out with haz and he’d informed you via text that today was the day he’d show you, and his 3.9 million followers, his hair.

that text was four hours ago and, in the middle of chopping potatoes, your phone lit up with a notification from tom’s instagram. without thinking you drop the knife and grab the phone, successfully flinging the phone into your face and against your lips.

with a whine you scramble to grab the phone, pressing your fingers to your lips as your other thumb navigated through your phone.

you’d successfully given yourself a fat lip. wonderful!

you opened up instagram and swore that if tom posted another throwback picture you’d break up with him, you really would. but when you clicked to his page you saw the new post and eagerly clicked it to see the change and your heart rabbited in your chest.

fuck, you thought, he looked so damn good.

“oh my god” you vocalize, scrolling quickly to find tom’s contact.

to: luvr

it took only a few seconds to get a reply.

from: luvr
u think so?

to: luvr
how many times have i told you to stop using that emoji

from: luvr
seven 😂

to: luvr

from: luvr
none of that was spelled correctly
but soon
on my way

after an hour or so tom had come home and you’d absolutely attacked him with kisses and love, running your fingers through his shortened hair any chance you got.

“why did you hide this for days, you look so good.” you mumble into his hair as the two of you lay o the couch, his head nuzzled up under your chin.

“mm, i liked the way it looked. i just like teasing you.”

“you ass,”

“your ass”

“i hate you,”

“hey! where are you going?”

“away from this nonsense.”

and if tom was annoyed by the way you held his head to your chest and played with his hair for two hours before falling asleep, he certainly didn’t vocalize it.

Long Live - Chapter 8

Ahhh chapter 8 is finally here! I’m so excited for this one! Thank you to @mylasagnaisraw, @gaysonofjafar and @ilovemyspoopydad for beta-ing this chapter for me! You’re all amazing!  

Pairing: Prinxiety

Words: 1662

Tag List: @eternal-sanders @eternalsavvyskies @generalofthefangirlarmy @ireblogstuff-andineedalife @isnt-that-wizard @de-is-me @fander-berb @deadprinxietywalking @datonerougecookeh  @aaliyahadams1738 @hetaliagurl5 @ilovemyspoopydad @ai-logical @thegreatdot @protecterofalltheaus @fandomsandanythingelse @cutie5780 @bleebtheweeb @justanotherpurplebutterfly @wizxrdscorbus @imnotcrazy-i-swaer @thekwhale @worthless-dude @averaillisa @soulydyingalone @alright-cupid @gaysonofjafar @breckein-blog @kuwata-kun @waste-disposal-unit @swiggtyswag19 @lostgirlgwen @squashymoon-wink  @fandomsandnonsense7 @cutecatwhiskers @sandersandthesides @cleopolitian @mewsicalmiss @musicphanpie-b @wrendoesstuff @breeziegem @alyrie @novagalaxy4real @prompty-writer @jordisama @broadwaytheanimatedseries @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @lizziepopanime @satisfied-sanders-sides @piko-blaster @save-the-spiral @dusk-lunari @heartsthetics @la-fandom-freak @irrelevantbutfabulous @cochroachkappa-blog @thestoryoferissur @abstractedthinking @kasylikescookies @awesomelissawho @demonickittykat @not-lonely-but-alone @moonibinbon @everlalvenia @casmyth @r4v3npuff @hanramz-the-fander  @pointless-blog-name @mazalittlesadist @queer-ax @wentzdayz @kitsuneprideleader @just-a-living-mistake @abbyaj22 @thebaagelboy @the-baddest-bitch-in-slytherin @pete–the–emu @walrus-flail @imteamdanosaur @just-fic-me-up @softbludemon @notquitewitches 

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❧ sorry not sorry / yoongi ☙

Originally posted by jeonbase

❧  summary: you and yoongi used to date and he was your world your everything. until he started getting more famous, he broke up with you and promised you that you two will talk and text each other but the promise was never kept. since you are a signer as well you decided to write a song about him, after he does something unexpectedly. but will it be worth it at the end?

❧  word count: 4,422

‘‘and now for a special treat as promised… please welcome our special guests BTS!’‘ the announcer said with a huge smile on her face but your smile turned into an angry expression. you were about to see your beloved ex boyfriend min yoongi. 

‘‘ugh..why out of all the tv shows they have to be on this one?!’‘ you threw your hands in frustration and threw the tv remote across the living room almost landing into your friends head.

‘‘wow okay honey don’t hit me then hit the tv’‘ she said and picked up the remote from the floor, sitting beside on the couch. 

‘‘sorry…i’m just…’‘ you started while watching the tv, your friend noticed that you wandered off and she finished your sentence.

‘‘angry i know…but what are you gonna do about it y/n. life goes on right?’‘ 

but you weren’t listening to her words for one bit. your ears were focused on the sound coming from the television. the tune was very familiar to you and so were the words. as soon as yoongi started singing his line you jumped up from the seat and screamed.

‘‘heeeeeeey ! what is wrong with you !?’‘ 

you turned to her then back at the tv, then again at her and at the tv you couldn’t even process what you had just heard. you started pacing around the room, looking for your mobile phone but before you could dial someone’s number or better yet just search for them in your contacts your friend snatched your phone out of your hands.

‘‘hey give it back!’‘ you screamed and tried getting your phone but she refused.

‘‘not until you tell me what the heck is going on?’‘

you sighed and sat down back on the couch this time your face changed. it wasn’t angry anymore but just sad. pure sadness hit you like a train. and it was all because of your ex boyfriend.

‘‘when me and him were dating we wrote a song together. and we promised each other that one day we would sing it together on stage but of course that never happened. so the lyrics you just heard are…’‘


‘‘not all of them but the part he sang was mine yeah…’‘

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