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Okay are you guys ready for this I’m gonna do some in depth analysis of Gaston’s character and what I think about him, introducing my own headcanons, so this isn’t 10/10 the only reading of Gaston’s character of course. I want to believe in a Gaston redemption arc, so if you hate Gaston (and rightfully so!) you might not be super interested or agree with much of what I’m gonna say. (well, maybe this post you’ll agree with, it’s pretty much all Gaston bashing lol)

Midway through writing this I realized I have SO much more to say than I realized so I’m actually going to make three separate posts. 

  1. Gaston and how/why he’s a villain
  2. Gaston and Lefou’s Relationship
  3. Gaston and The Beast: Why Gaston should get a redemption arc

This one is:

Gaston and how/why he’s a villain

Originally posted by talesasoldastime29

Gaston headcanons include, he isn’t narcissistic as much as he is simply confident. He’s headstrong, in it for his own purposes and gains, and is sort of an anti-hero. By no means is he the “good guy” of anything. I just think he’s a really interesting and complex character, a lot of fun to analyse, watch, and write about!

Alright so I’m going to break this up into Pre-movie, movie (three parts in this one)


So for this part, I’m going to be referencing Luke Evan’s comments on Gaston’s backstory! So Luke Evan’s said that Gaston is ex-army captain, and saved the village from some Portuguese mauraders, which is why everyone respects him so much, and Lefou fought alongside with him which explains his loyalty. 


So! Gaston is a pretty okay dude so far, right? Saved the town from some bad guys. I like to think there are three turning points in Gaston’s character, sort of like three 60 degree turns until he goes 180. 

  • 1. He sees Belle.

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

Gaston is obsessed with Belle for one reason: her beauty. To him, nothing else matters. Up until this point he was working in military standards, helping further society in that way, contributing to the town as he may, and he was as likable as anyone else in the town. He’s not a bad guy right now. (This is starkly contrast with the 1991 version where Gaston is just an awful dude all the way around and has zero redeemable qualities.) 

But suddenly, he sees a girl, and his goals change from contributing to society to taking her as his wife. 

  • 2. Belle refuses him

Originally posted by iamobsessedwiththings

Gaston has likely never encountered this, not being able to have what he wants. Everywhere he goes, he’s glorified, and now when he finally wants a girl to like him, she doesn’t? This is where he starts to go sour. 

You can see he wasn’t already a bad person because he doesn’t immediately get upset when she says no. He just goes, “Busy?” and then goes whoops oh well I’ll try again. This doesn’t exactly scream “villain” imo. 

The thing that does start to hint villain is when he approaches her again, and again, is turned down. This time he grabs her dress and tries to follow her into her home- this is creepy just gotta say. 

And after this, everything he does is centered around her and his obsession with taking her- this isn’t good guys, like this is creepy and bad and just not okay. You shouldn’t want a girl to the point where you want to own her. That’s what Gaston wants. That’s why he’s bad. 

  • 3. Maurice refuses him

And finally the serious turning point is Maurice refusing him. He tells Gaston he will never marry Belle, and this is important because in the time period, you couldn’t marry a girl without her father’s say-so. It’s not just a silly “oh well father doesn’t want it but i’ll do it anyway” nah son it just can’t be done

At this point, Gaston doesn’t know how to deal with rejection (having never been rejected to such an extent before) he relapses to the last thing he does remember dealing with: war. 

Now Gaston is pretty delusional at this point, they’ve been traveling through the forest probably for days, Maurice has been ranting about the castle and magic and all this stuff Gaston doesn’t give a shit about- he’s already short-tempered. And on top of it all, Maurice poses a threat to the one thing he wants: possession of Belle. And so, he seeks to eliminate the threat.

Even Lefou notices it at this point (and we’ll talk about that in the next post I make) and tries to talk Gaston out of it. This is when Gaston sets himself apart from everyone else. It’s the final point in his character arc where he’s full-out villain.

And the rest just goes downhill from there.

From there he betrays his dearest and oldest friend, turns the entire village against someone that isn’t a threat, and tries to commit murder and for what? A blind grasp for a woman that explicitly doesn’t want him. This is why he’s a villain, he doesn’t listen to what other people have to say, doesn’t value their opinions, has no sense of loyalty, and acts impulsively for his own wants and desires. 

But as I’ll talk about in a different post, I think he can learn to be better.

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Reborn and elDLIVE is NOT The Same!

ya know people probably won’t even compare eldlive with khr so much if it wasn’t made by the same person and some stupid khr fans just thought that hating on eldlive means they support khr which is a very dumb and completely ignorant act, and is not gonna do amano or any of us any good  because the series are nothing alike

In fact, here are some of your favourite comparisons debunked

1. Chuuta is a carbon copy of Tsuna

Yes people keep saying they’re literally the same character, well, they’re not.
First, the fact that they have no friends. No one wants to be friends with Tsuna because he’s dame, whereas Chuuta chose not to have friends (even though he really wants to) because he was deeply traumatized after the Taketori incident. We can see this when he always reject others’ offer of friendship, heck, he even wanted to decline joining eldlive at first. One was friendless by an unfortunate fate, the other friendless by choice.

And then there’s the fact that Tsuna is useless, while Chuuta is average. There’s a difference there, Tsuna’s school records are always below average while Chuuta’s score are that of your usual middle school kid; not too high, not too low. I remembered someone saying that people thought Chuuta was also dame due to a mistranslation in the first chapter where Misuzu said something about Chuuta’s score being “below and average” but was translated to “below average” in some translations, thus causing the misconception. I don’t remember who said it though so I can’t be too sure.

When people praise Tsuna (this happens in the daily life arc so it’s normal if you guys don’t remember, I try not to remember that arc too) what happened to him? He got a bighead and wants to show off more by using the drying will bullet again. We can see that he wanted more appreciation, which is understandable, I’d do the same if I lived my whole life being called useless. When Chuuta was praised, what happened to him? Well he was shocked, he was touched, he was deeply moved he was just

poor cinnamon roll must be protected

He didn’t get a bighead. He was grateful enough being acknowledged, referring to it as “a nostalgic feeling”. He thought of himself “undeserving” of such things, because he still thought of himself as the person who made everything go wrong. 

Tsuna is a boy wanting to find a place, and people, where he belongs, Chuuta is a boy not daring enough to even want friends, but slowly tries to overcome his trauma. Not fucking carbon copies. Do you even read the first chapter???

2. Dolugh to Chuuta is like Reborn to Tsuna

Reborn is dumbledore is all-knowing and is obviously a mentor character, while Dolugh is just as clueless as Chuuta (other than that he can sense SPH, which is an ability all aliens have) he’s more like Chuuta’s partner. Reborn encourages Tsuna so that he can become stronger, Dolugh encourages Chuuta because he was curious. 

“Chuuta, join eldlive! (and risk your life every single day capturing these weirdo outer space criminals even though you’re underage and has schoolwork and all but we can deal with that later)” 


“It seems interesting!!”

This is because Dolugh is a monitalien, whose job is to gather information and curiosity is in their nature. Reborn is curious in things that can cause Tsuna to grow stronger, and encourage him to do it for that reason. Dolugh is more like that annoying kid who told you to do stuff because they want to know what would happen if you do it. 

Dolugh is also considerably more selfish than Reborn, as seen in the first episode where he told Chuuta to escape (and save their own lives) and leave Tateyan.

3. Gucchi looks like Yamamoto!! EVERY ELDLIVE CHARACTER LOOKS LIKE A KHR CHARACTER!!1!!111

I just want to defend Amano a bit here, but everyone has that spiky haired sidekick/friend/rival like, always. All the time. To name a few:




Wait they all start with “Ka” I smell a conspiracy

Anyway, just cut Amano some slack. Most of the eldlive characters that look like a khr character looks like so probably because Amano have a very specific art style. I’m shocked people aren’t actually comparing Bnha’s Kacchan and Deku with Gucchi and Chuuta when I can see a lot of similarity appearance and personality wise (well gucchi is more like proto!katsuki tho) plus they’re each other’s childhood friends.

Hm, I wonder why no one compares Gucchi to other spiky haired characters? Was it because some people are just searching for reasons to compare eldlive and khr? Nah, no way.

(Also Amano actually confirmed that Laine is based on Dino so your suspicion for that one is actually legit)

4. The story is exactly the same

Proof that you hate on eldlive without even giving it a try. I’m not even going to bother with this one.

5. elDLIVE’s art style copies KHR!

Look, guys, this is pretty saddening but I saw this kind of post/comment/shit twice already. I… I don’t even know. My faith in humanity is nearing zero.

Yeah eldlive is such a copy cat, Amano should file a lawsuit against herself.


Well those are some of it. Note that I’m about 99% supportive of people who compares the two for fun, this post is directed to those who compares them to make eldlive as some sort of “shittier version of khr”, which it is not.

To KHR fans, you can dislike eldlive, but you can’t hate it because it’s not KHR.
elDLIVE is made by the person who brought you your beloved series, and just hating on it is not gonna bring KHR back. It’s just going to hurt Amano’s reputation and lowers the chance of any studio ever giving KHR a reboot/continuation. Plus it drives khr fans who also like eldlive away. You’re actually making the fandom smaller by hating on eldlive.

If you support KHR, support the person behind it. Give eldlive a try, and if it’s not your cup of tea, you know what? it’s okay. At least you’ve supported Amano by reading it, and that’s awesome.

Don’t be a dick!

SPIDER-MAN 2 w/Tom Holland and YOU! (Part V)

Short info at first: DM me that you want to subscribe to the story and never miss an update. Thanks for showing support, it really motivates me to write more :) Any requests are welcome, as always!

“Since I’ve had the idea I can also start the game right?” Harrison laughs and spins the bottle and it stops… right between Zendaya and me. “Truth!” says Zendaya immediately. I agree, so Harrison gives us the task to talk about what our first kiss was like. Zendaya responds first: “Wet. That’s all I have to say.” Even after some convincing her she doesn’t want to talk more about it, so it’s my turn now. “My first kiss was … interesting. I was probably one of the late ones, most others have already kissed someone else and had their first “very-serious” relationships, but one day we played Truth or Dare at a birthday party and I had to kiss a boy I didn’t like because he was so arrogant, but a friend of mine found it funny to do this to me, so I had to… And it turned out he almost wouldn’t want to let go off me. As I said… interesting… But maybe not the best memory I have” I really just told that embarrassing story? I have sworn to myself I would just ignore it and live as if it never happened. Harrison is the first to break the silence “I think it’s okay with everyone that (Y/N) can give the next one a task, because sorry Zendaya, but (Y/N) beat you with her story!” I spin the bottle and it stops exactly in front of Zendaya. “And it’s you again, what should it be, Truth or Dare?” I say. “A Dare this time, but please be nice to me” “Okay. I’m nice to you when you are… Make a short poem of appreciation to me” After a short while to think about good rhymes Zendaya performs her poem in front of us. She stands up and starts:

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I’m Right Here

Member : Baekhyun

Genre : A bit of angst / Fluff

A/N : For @rwby-brought-me-baek-to-life =D Thank you for sending in this request, I really enjoyed writing it and I do hope it’s what you wanted.
Sorry I took so long though. Let me know what you think. :)

“Y/N are you sure you don’t wanna come with us?” your friend asked with a pleading tone as she spoke through the phone with loud ruffling noises in the background that indicated she was already getting dressed.

“Yeah I’m sure, I have things to do anyways…” you told her as you looked around the kitchen cabinets for the last bag of popcorn.

The ruffling sounds came to a stop and you heard her sigh before she spoke again “don’t tell me you’re ditching us to…”

“A- I’m not ditching you, B- I’m just being a good girlfriend what’s so wrong with that?” your eyes were wide open and your tone sounded defensive and arguing. “Besides, it’s a good drama you should really watch it”.

“Nah, spare me the historical ones” no matter how much you tried to convince her, she would never watch historical dramas with you, she was just too stubborn for one and she always preferred the overly fluffy light ones, a historical drama would be too much for her.

You shrugged your shoulders “It’s your call, now buzz off it’s gonna start in any minute”

You shoved the popcorn in the microwave after you miraculously found it and soon the popping noises started and the buttery delicious aroma filled your entire apartment. 

With quick steps, you went to the living room, and plopped yourself on the couch. With a nervous thumping heart and ready to cry eyes, you watched as the new episode started.

You weren’t usually like this, you watched all the other episodes normally, but not this one…not episode 16.

The thing is, you missed the original airing time, and as you were browsing through random stuff online, you came across some of the reviews for episode 16. People were upset, they were sad and they kept posting comments saying how much they cried themselves to sleep, how much their hearts ached.

So when you decided to watch the re-run, you were fully prepared.

Or so you thought.

At this point the drama was so intense, a lot of people died, [Hae Soo] had only just gotten over her trust issues despite the visions she got from the future, the most evil person of all had taken over the throne, and was threatening to kill everyone who was a threat.

It was intense and a mess, a mess that was going to play with your heart.

Your attention was fully given to the screen when Baekhyun appeared, the character he played was small, afraid and defenseless against all these armed men. You watched as he picked up his sword with absolutely no idea as to how to use it and [Soon Deok] fought trying to save both of their lives.

The king was evil and merciless. Now matter how much [Eun] begged to have their lives spared, the cold king won’t budge or even give it a thought.

You were starting to feel the effects of the situation, the tension, the fear, the desperation. 

Your eyes were becoming watery but you promised yourself you wouldn’t cry, but then you saw that scene and your heard that line.

That line when [Soon Deok] fell to the ground wounded and [Eun] said “My wife”.

It hit you.

Your heart sank, your throat became dry and clogged up, your eyes were full of tears and they soon ran down your cheeks.

The way he said it sounded so sweet, so loving, and so caring. He said it after being a stubborn child who threw a fit whenever he didn’t get his way.

It sounded so precious.

You watched as he cupped her unconscious face in his hands with tears in his eyes that matched yours, and when she passed away leaving him helpless, you found yourself sobbing even more. 

Right then, without mercy and without a single flinch or a blink of an eye, you saw how the king shot an arrow at [Eun]. At this point, all of it felt real, [Eun] looked more like Baekhyun.

Your Baekhyun.

And he was crying, and injured. You couldn’t stand when he cried, his eyes along with his nose and cheeks would always turn bright red and his words would always come out in chokes. It was unbearable to you.

All of what was happening didn’t matter anymore, not when you saw how Baekhyun fell to the ground, eyes closed and with his hand covered in his own blood.

It looked so real and you felt yourself crying even more as you continued to watch what you were able to.

Your heart ached and you felt sad, you didn’t even finish the episode, all of what you could think of was (what would happen if you actually lost Baekhyun). Your knees touched your chest as you curled up around yourself and cried, the popcorn and the rest of the drama long forgotten.

You perked your head up when you heard the click of the door and you knew he was back.

He was back from his busy demanding schedule, to you. You quickly got up and ran to him, and when you saw him, you saw that cheerful smile on his face that made his eyes turn into half moons, and he extended his arms towards you for the hug that you always gave him when he got up.

You crashed between his arms and sobbed into his chest.

“Hey hey! What’s wrong?” he asked with that sweet loving, worried tone of his.

“Are you okay? Why are you upset?” you couldn’t say anything, you just hugged him tighter and cried harder as you crumpled his navy blue shirt into your hands.

You felt his arms move from your waist and his face came closer to you. He leaned his face downwards to meet your level and his hands moved to brush the gushing tears off of your face.

“What’s wrong baby?” his voice was low, personal, concerned, and just for you.

You shook your head and opened your mouth as you tried to speak.

“Come here” he took your hand and laced your fingers with his own slender warm ones and guided you to the couch. He softly sat you down before he crouched in front of you on the floor and took off his red cap.

“Tell oppa what’s wrong? Who made my angel cry?” he asked as he slowly  rubbed soothing circles over the back of your hands with his thumbs.

You bit your lip before you looked into his puppy like eyes and with a trembling voice and said “You”

He couldn’t hide his shocked expression, his eyes widened and he blinked a few times before he softened his eyes again. You heard the unmistakable sound of him clearing his throat before he opened his pretty lips to speak “what did I do hun?”

“Y..you died! You can’t die oppa, you can’t leave me” you spoke with a pouting tone and one of your hands was lazily hitting his shoulder.

“I..I died?” he looked legit confused as he titled his head to the side and closely examined your face trying to figure out what you meant by that.

You saw his head moving and he was looking around for something, anything that would tell him why you told him he was dead when he was right in front of you very well and alive.

His eyes landed on the TV and he saw the last part of the episode where they show the preview for the next episode.

He chuckled.

His head hung low and he chuckled. You definitely saw how his shoulders shook as he lowly laughed.

“You watched it?” he sounded unnecessarily amused right now and his lips curved into a smirk that he tried so hard to conceal.

“Why are you laughing at me?” you whined at him and you saw how he tried harder to hide his laughter.

“I’m..I’m not laughing baby, but this is just too cute” he was standing up now and you automatically made space for him next to you on the couch.

He wrapped his arm around you and hugged you lovingly as you pouted and listened to his heart beat and sniffed.

“I’m honestly flattered” you could tell he was trying to cheer you up by using his playful words and tone. “That means I did well, no?”

You nodded into his chest and he held you closer as he locked you in his embrace.

He moved again and you felt his warm hands cupping your face, he leaned close and his lips came in contact with your tears stained ones and he placed a sweet searing kiss on them. He locked gazes with you and slowly stroked your hair.

His eyes were soft and sparkly and loving, and his face was illuminated with a sweet smile.

“Promise you won’t leave me oppa” you spoke softly as you took his hand in yours and held it tight.

“I’m right here baby, I’m not going any where” he said before he smiled showing his pearly white teeth.

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hi! i just got into haikyuu recently and i ship kurotsuki alooottttt (i love your krtk fan arts btw) but i've heard about the growing hate of this ship? could you explain what was going on? why do people dislike this ship? thanks :))) have a nice day~

Hello, hello ;w; Thank you for enjoying my arts!

As for the hate, it has always been there.

This is gonna be long so under the cut it is. Warning, ramblings about ship hate.

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Sorry, big rant but thought you and your followers will appreciate it


Shwo, there are problems in a certain community that need to be fucking addressed because im tired of this. Now, this is from my experience so take this with a grain of salt.


I love you guys. We’re all in this together, but sometimes you fucking suck.

I swear nobody talks about this but we see it everyday. Homophobia is a biiig issue in the black community. Especially around gay/bisexual men. It happens to women too but not as often. They say everything is gay. You cannot be a guy and even remotely look/touch another guy without being called gay or a faggot. And you have to greatly defend yourself by being like “nah nigga I aint no faggot fuck that” Like really????? I cant believe a ton of guys thinks this is okay. And girls do it too. To both girls (not as much) and guys. You know you can hug another guy without being gay right?? Looking at another man or saying he’s not ugly dosent automatically make you gay. Its not cute or funny. You sound like a bigoted asshole.

Now I know this happens in every community but theres a specific type that I’ve seen in the black community. If you dont “act back” or like things that “black people like”, you’re white or not black. Can you stop???? Not every black person has to like the same exact thing. And what does “acting black” even mean? How do you act black?? I know I joke around saying “haha im so white. Im basically a white girl” but thats because thats all I hear. Now to some people, I “act black” or act like a combo of the two, but in my experience, (not all) black people have called me “white. White girl. Oreo. Etc.) It really needs to stop because then you make people hate themselves for liking certain things and thats never right.


OHHHH SHIT we’re getting into the good stuff. This is my favorite topic to rant about. My closer friends have heard me rant about this many times so I apologize. Mental Illness. Two small words that bring big reactions out of people. “Just get over it. Thats for crazy white kids. Black people dont get mental illnesses. Cant you just be normal. I cant deal/be with a crazy person” I’ve heard it all. THAT IS NOT OKAY TO SAY. Everyone can get mental illnesses and it affects different people on many different levels. Some may be severe while some may be minor. No they’re not crazy. Yes, they may need a littlr extra care but that doesnt mean you should be rude to them. No, you cannot fix them. Professional help can do that. And leaving someone just because they have a mental illness is a shitty thing to do. Now, if it is too much for you then fine, but if you just dont want to deal “with that” then you’re a big asshole. And I’ve heard multiple times “no thats only for white kids” No its not. And it doesnt make you “weak” either. Nobody asked for your shitty fucking opinion


Wow, 🐳, I’m done. This was a bad idea from the start but its alright (its really not)

(Remember, this is my opinion/experience. Do not take this as fact. )


“I love you guys. We’re all in this together, but sometimes you fucking suck.”

(Ehh I’d rather not say that though; there are some things I dislike, there a lot of other things that I like. You could easily say that for any community.)

I can vouch for the first and last ones (and a little bit of the second); so I’m gonna add in my two cents:

Homophobia is a huge issue within African families too. It was thinly veiled within my family growing up; when I was little I thought gay marriage was gross and wrong. I remember saying it on here, but during the 2004 reelection of Bush I really didn’t want John Kerry to win because I was told he would try legalizing it nationwide. And I’m pretty sure some relatives outside of my immediate family thought (and maybe still think) the same about homosexuality in general. Nowadays my parents are a lot better about it; they still don’t **believe** in gay marriage but they would attend a gay wedding if it was a friend getting married.

I never really got “bullied” at school; if I did it was nothing too severe and it was only to the point of teasing. I got the “you act/talk like a white person” comments a couple of times or so during middle school. It was annoying, but the teasing was never anything past that. It didn’t help that I grew up in majority white neighborhoods and the elementary schools and middle school (albeit a bit more diverse) I went to were mostly white. Most of my black friends when I was little were either (my many) cousins or family friends too. That changed in hs and college though. I was lucky I didn’t get relentlessly bullied or anything; this whole “acting the correct way” in terms of your race can be pretty damaging. And you play yourself by reinforcing stereotypes you want to get rid of.

And for body issues. That was probably the thing I was most insecure about growing up; I got teased within and outside of my family for being skinny and not being able to put on weight. I’ve noticed it’s a lot more acceptable to be curvier than super skinny within black communities, even back then before curvy bodies became popular again.

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Kent Parson and Snowy hcs! How did they get together!!!!! Please you've dragged me deep into this hell......

aaaaaah yes!! i love them i could talk about them for ages

ok so.

  • after kent hangs out at that falcs optional skate w/ jack and asks snowy to get a drink with him they do & they go to this hole-in-the-wall garbage pub snowy hangs out at in providence and kent’s like “why do u come here” and snowy’s like “it matches my aesthetic” (kent: ur ridiculous and i cant believe u just said aesthetic out loud in a sentence) (also kent: me too tho)
  • they’re both hella busy so they dont see each other for a little while after the first date (kent: was it a date? i asked him out. kind of. was it casual? does snowy actually like me??? am i being a fool?????) but they text a lot and snowy makes kent laugh all the time- he’d never tell him that tho it’d boost his already huge ego- and he can’t remember the last time he laughed or smiled his much and his teammates start to notice too 
  • and i imagine he’s out to like two or three of them but not the whole team so someone makes a comment (kinda like tater to jack “your girl?”) about how he’s been texting someone a lot and grinning and he should just ask her out and he’s like “hahahahahhahhaha i am straight yes.” but then thinks about it and is like “ok i should tho. like we should be boyfriends that would be cool i would like a boyfriend”
  • so one time he and snowy are talking on the phone late at night and he’s sleepy and happy and is like “you should come to vegas. like to visit or whatever. that’d be nice” and he doesn’t really expect snowy to take him seriously but the next day snowy’s like “im buying my ticket is next weekend cool we have a few days off” and kent’s like “YEAH MAN THATS GREAT” //internally panicking bc snowy’s gonna Be Here and he’s gotta be Cool And Charming
  • but of course when snowy visits all of kent’s cool & chill exterior falls to pieces bc snowy just manages to do that to him, makes it so he’s completely himself and he doesn’t know how but it’s nice, he’s constantly changing himself and how he acts to accommodate people around him and how they want him to be but with snowy he’s just. himself.
  • kent’s trying to be sneaky and romantic so he says they should go out to eat one of the nights and takes snowy to this really nice restaurant and snowy’s a little shit so he’s just acting like “oh yeah, this place is nice, cool, w/e” as kent is Screaming bc he doesn’t know if snowy gets that it’s supposed to be romantic but of course snowy knows he’s not an idiot he just is an asshole and wants kent to actually say the words
  • so eventually kent does because he gets frustrated and is like “OH MY GOD THIS IS A DATE WE’RE ON A DATE I’M TRYING TO BE ROMANTIC DO U WANNA BE MY BOYFRIEND” and snowy’s like “lol yea” (kent: [SCREECHING IN SIMULTANEOUS ANGER AND HAPPINESS])
  • and they have a very happy and lovely weekend and christen every room in kent’s apartment and cuddle and watch reality tv and attempt to make cookies (kent: i dont think the batter’s supposed to be this thin snowy: nah its fine they’ll just be pancakes instead of cookies kent: >:c)
  • kent also tries to get kit used to snowy and he’s worried she’s gonna hate him bc she hates literally everyone he brings home but the opposite happens and she likes snowy more than kent and keeps sleeping on his tummy and purring; snowy thinks this is rly fucking funny and points it out all the time
    • snowy: i cant believe ur cat loves me more than u lol
    • kent: >:(
    • snowy: i should just take her back with me seeing as she hates u now
    • kent: >:((((((((((((((((
  • so they’re boyfriends and they do the thing where they bicker at each other all the time when they’re alone but in public & around friends they’re fucking obnoxious and gross and only have eyes for each other
  • they dont wait a super long time to come out bc snowy’s like “yo. if we came out together as bfs then neither one of us would be the first openly queer nhl player like it’d be both of us at the same time” kent: “ur a genius and i love u”
  • because they’re both assholes they come out by posting a picture of them kissing and flipping off the camera at the exact same time on both their twitters and the press goes wild and both jack and bad bob tell kent they’re proud of him and pr for the aces & the falcs are freaking out and meanwhile kent and snowy are enjoying a quiet night in with take out and call of duty
    • pr makes them do an official statement but of course they dont take it seriously at all
    • reporter: kent, when did you know you were gay? kent: im not reporter: i’m confused kent: thats cuz ur an idiot
    • reporter: why did you decide to both come out now? snowy: so i could go down in history for being the gayest and best goalie this sport has ever seen
    • reporter: are you worried about how this will affect your careers? kent: full offense the aces literally cant afford to lose me good luck winning another cup without me fellas lmao
  • snowy starts bringing kent to the bbqs the falcs vets hold sometimes and everyone Hates This because they’re really fucking annoying like snowy’s annoying by himself but kent and snowy’s combined asshole power is the most irritating thing in the world
    • also, bitty and jack go to these things so while jack and kent are friends again now, bitty is still Bitter and Petty and doesnt like having kent around that much bc he literally cant let go of shit even if it’s been years he still holds a grudge
    • bitty: hey snowy!! how’ve you been? i heard you’re up for the vezina, that’s amazing, congrats!!!! oh hello kent.
  • anyway snowy and kent are very happy together and they’re both busy but they make it work by texting and calling and skyping and snapchatting constantly and kent spends breaks and off seasons in providence and brings kit with him and the falcs get to know kent more as a person and snowy’s bf not just kent parson hockey star 
  • last thing but just imagine them going to providence pride every year after they come out and it’s even better when jack and bitty come out bc the falconers get a float and all the guys come and snowy and kent and jack and bitty are all wearing rainbow stuff and have their faces painted and are laughing and dancing and kent doesn’t think he’s ever felt so happy in his life
Snapchat Adventures (Laurinah)

Stumbling into the room, Dinah glanced at her girlfriend who was seated on the long sectional couch of their current location. They were stationed in a large hotel suite that had managed to fit all five of them along with the managers.

“Oh, Lauren! Let me get that cookie.” Dinah called, pointing to the chocolate chip cookie placed in one of the many small compartments in the tray the held Lauren’s lunch.

Lauren wordlessly handed her girlfriend the cookie, earning a kiss on the forehead before turning back to her food. This had been the first meal she had had all day, and it was too good not to be consumed.

Dinah threw herself onto the couch before taking a bite the baked goodie. Pulling out her iPhone, she opened her snapchat app. “Hey, did ya’ll know that Ariana is in Italy right now?” Dinah called out as she watched the small Italian girl’s snapchat story.

“Yeah, she said something about wanting to meet the rest of her family over her there or something.” Camila shrugged, turning back to her phone as well.

“Well, why the hell didn’t she take me?” Dinah questioned.

“Because if you would have gone to Italy without me, I would have been pissed.” Lauren stated with a shrug.

Dinah smacked her lips. “Shoo, that’s a trip to Italy right there. I don’t even care.”

“You’re such an asshole.” Lauren rolled her eyes. It was fitting because she found Dinah annoying literally 80% of the time.

“You love me.” Dinah snickered.

Normani walked into the room with a large smile on her face. “Guys, Masi is gonna come and visit us when we get to Houston!” she cheered, bouncing up and down with her phone clutched in her fist.

“Omg! We’re all going to be coupled up! Troy and I, Lauren and Dinah, and you and Masi.” Ally stated with a nod.

“And I’m forever single…” Camila pouted.

“Hey, that’s your fault for letting Austin keep your relationship undefined.” Lauren pointed out with a hand over her mouth to prevent her food from flying out.

“It’s not my fault! He’s the one that says we’re just friends even though we kiss and go on dates and stuff.”

“Drop his ass!” Dinah cheered. “There are plenty of other boys that would love a shot at that Cuban booty, girl.”

Camila sighed. “I don’t want to. He’s a really great guy.”

“A ‘great’ guy that keeps calling you a friend.” Normani pointed out.

Oh, baby, you! You got what I need! But you say he’s just a friend. But you say he’s just a friend! Oh, baby, yo-”

“Ally!” Camila and Lauren called at the same time.

Camila looked back to her phone. “It’s whatever. The tour is over, so it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Normani squealed again suddenly. “He’s calling me!” she then ran from the room with an excited smile.

“She’s so lame.” Ally rolled her eyes. Her phone then rang too, and she blushed. “It’s Troy.”

Lauren rolled her eyes with a chuckle. “Go answer it.”

Ally ran from the room as well, leaving the three girls lounging around the area.

Dinah held up her phone and turned on her front-facing camera. “Lauren!” she took another bite of her cookie. “Come cuddle with me.”

“I’m eating!” Lauren called back, swallowing another bite. Dinah reached over and gently grabbed her girlfriend’s arm.

“Cuddle with me.”

“I’m eating!”

Dinah quickly posted the snap before holding the camera up again. “This chick won’t cuddle with me…I’M EATING TOO! YOU SEE ME, I’M STILL TRYNA CUDDLE.”

“Fuck you.” Lauren giggled.

Dinah posted the snap to her story. “You’re lucky my snap was ended, Boo.”

Lauren watched out of the corner of her eye as Dinah grabbed the pillow near her back and brought it up to her face. “Ya’ll look! I look so mysterious! Like the Pink Panther or something.”

“You’re such a loser, CheeChee.”

Dinah ignored her comment and began another video. This time she began singing the Pink Panther theme song, moving over to Lauren who finished the song while falling back on top of her. “Okay, now get off.”

Lauren giggled and moved to close the tray that once held all her food. Tossing it into its designated bin, she moved to climb onto her tall girlfriend. “Oh, now you wanna cuddle?! Nah, trick. I gave you like how long ago?!” She pushed at Lauren’s head jokingly as the older girl continued to hug her tightly. “Back the hell up. Fall back. Fall back.”

Posting the video to her story, turned her had only to be met with Lauren’s beautiful green eyes. Unable to help herself, she leaned forward and captured the girl’s lips between her own for a short kiss. It was when Lauren moved to deepen the kiss that Dinah pulled away and went to stand from the couch. “No, Dinah!”

Giggling, Dinah started another snap story, pushing Lauren so that she was laying on the couch with her arms wrapped around Dinah’s waist, trying to prevent her from moving. “Dinah!” she called. “Dinah!”

Laughing out loud, Dinah stood from the couch. “I have to go.”

“Fine.” Lauren giggled, letting go of Dinah’s waist. “But don’t come to me later when you want some of this.”

Dinah thought about her choices for a second before pouncing back on Lauren. “Fine. You win.”