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Harry Potter and Chill?

Drabble request by anon: Can you write a Charlie x female reader where they’ve been best friends since childhood but Charlie confesses feelings? 😄 I love your writing so much btw! You’re amazing!

Word Count: 665

Warnings: None

“What about her?” A jerk of your head towards the blonde chatting with the bartender down the bar indicated your next target.

Charlie took her time turning to check her out. “She’s probably only seen the first Harry Potter movie and thinks she’s a Gryffindor just because Harry’s a Gryffindor. Pass.”

“C'mon, C. She’s cute and who knows? Maybe you could show her the rest of the movies? Harry Potter and Chill?”

At that, Charlie couldn’t help but laugh. “Harry Potter and Chill with someone who’s never read the books? C'mon, Y/N. You know me way better than that. The only way I’d be able to chill with someone while watching Harry Potter is if they knew it inside and out like me and wouldn’t miss anything.”

“Not everyone is as nerdy as we are. I mean, I know I’m pretty amazing and can quote the entire first book practically by memory, but I’m one of a kind, sweetie.”

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So this was a request and I wanted to wait until it was officially February to do it…but I’m impatient and thirsty so here you go dear… 

Valentines Day With BTS… 

1.Jin….This little tootsie roll would be very much into hearts and flowers… you would come from work to a candle lit dinner made by Jin…. He would go all out and even wear a nice suit…. Then before moving the part to the bedroom he gives you your present…. well part one…. you open it to find very sheer and sexy Lingerie… THAT’S WHEN DADDY JIN COMES OUT TO PLAY… He would start off by dressing you in the lingerie only to tare them off of you seconds afterwards…. Your night would be full of teasing and moaning…..and your morning full of sore muscle and noise complaints from the neighbors…. 

2.JHOPE…Hobi would be so sweet and attentive from the moment he woke up he would call you and tell you about how excited he is to have a romantic night with you…however as the day went on he would start to tell you about everything he’a gonna do to you when he sees you tonight….. you would get off of the phone all hot and bothered…. impatient as ever you would try to busy yourself with getting ready but to no avail… When the time finally came for him to pick you up you wouldn’t even be able to get a word out before his mouth was on yours… the next morning would be just as magical with morning sex and coffee….

3.Jimin…. Jimin would very romantic… putting aside his teasing and focusing on you…  he would take you out on a very romantic date… holding your hand and telling you how beautiful you are the whole night…. on your way back home you guys would kiss and he pounce on you… pressing the emergency brake on the elevator making it stop between your floor and the one below… jimin would take you right then and there not it would be a new high for you both… the part would continue in your apartment until the early hours of the morning… the next morning would be sore and blissful ….

4.Jungkook…  Kookie would be in control of the whole situation , from what you were wearing to what you were eating it would be perfect down to a T… He would rent a very expensive hotel room for you two and make sure you were wined and dined… all the while teasing you with light touches whether it be lightly brushing his fingers over your skin when he poured your wine… or looking at you through hooded eyes… he would make sure you were as needy as he was before he even kissed you….Once he got his hands on you however Daddy Jungkook had no time for games..he would have you squirming under him; being  very rough with you for once  and you would enjoy every second of it… the morning after would be straight out of a romantic comedy… breakfast in bed and I love you’s…. 

5. Suga… All Yoongi needs for a steamy valentines day would be you him a bed and a bottle of whupped cream… He would carefully place the whipped cream on all over your body and remove it only with his tongue making sure to pay extra close attention to your core… he would eat you like an ice cream Sunday… making you wish you’d bought more whipped cream ….once you came like a freight train …. the real fun would begin he would give you so much pleasure you thought you were gonna pass out…. there would be moans and sighs and your headboard would brake at some point from all the fun …. let’s just say you wouldn’t be walking anywhere the next morning….

6. Tae….This little pineapple would show up 20 minuets late to your date… you would hurry to answer the door mad as hell….when you saw Tae with a puppy in his arms all of your anger would melt away ….“sorry I’m late jagiya” he would chime “ I couldn’t figure out how to sneak him past your doorman”….the rest of your date would be filled with excitement and laughter at Tae trying to imitate the puppy…. after the puppy fell asleep beside you two on the couch Tae would look up at you from his spot on your lap and ask “What should we name him??” biting his lip…  his eyes would scan your face and your breath would catch in your throat …. both of your faces flushed as you crashed your lips to his and leaving captain (the puppy) on the couch Tae would carry you to your bedroom… you would be a mess under him all night… The next morning you’d wake up to a puppy licking your face and love bites all over your body…. TAE!!!!

7. Rapmonster…. Valentines day would start early for Namjoon and you… the day would be filled with flowers  , “I love You’s” and all kinds of teasing …he would take you shopping and make you try on everything in the store….when you came out in the outfit he chose for you he was gone… you brushed it off and decided to wait …..after about 20 minuets.. you called him… he didn’t pick up ….but you got a text saying meet me at the front of the store…. when you arrived he was standing there with two giant Teddy Bears… his mouth fell agape when he saw you in the dress he’d picked out… “Happy valentines day  jagiya” he said as he strode towards you and kissed you with hunger… You wasted no time in paying and getting out of there… Namjoon kept a firm hold on your waist the two bears in his other hand…. once you were in the parking lot he looked at you through hooded eyes and whispered “ fuck it* as he grabbed  you by the waist again and layed you guys into the back seat among the giant teddys…..






Ayyy ship Q/A

SHIPPING INFO //  answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog. REPOST.  don’t reblog.

WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO RP WHEN IT COMES TO SHIPPING? :  Dude, I’m down w whatever, like don’t even trip dawg just come at me

HOW LARGE DOES THE AGE GAP HAVE TO BE TO MAKE IT UNCOMFORTABLE? : I prefer it if your muse is at least 25 ot smth if ur gonna ship w an adult, and it’s still a bit young w Rick here who’s in his 60′s. W Birdperson I am a bit more chill, but not lower than 18.

ARE YOU SELECTIVE WHEN SHIPPING? : I mean yes and no? Sometimes you just know if shit is gonna work out, and most of the time it does. But if I really don’t feel like you and I click well then our muses won’t either

HOW FAR DO STEAMY MOMENTS HAVE TO GO BEFORE THEY’RE CONSIDERED NS.FW? : At the boner warning, that’s when we pull the curtains B)

WHO ARE OTHER MUSES YOU SHIP YOUR MUSE WITH? : Dude whoever. But most of all I ship Rick here with other Ricks who decide to give him the time of the day, and ofc Jerry. No need to explain that one. With Birdperson’s whose blog I’m going to reblog this to, I ship him w Ricks and ye I’d ship w a Tammy, ngl gimme that evil birdfucker I love her

DOES ONE HAVE TO ASK TO SHIP WITH YOU? : Most of the time yeah, but sometimes it’s p obvious we’re on the same page

HOW OFTEN DO YOU LIKE TO SHIP? : Um all the time? But I rly hate it when things are forced


ARE YOU SHIP OBSESSED OR SHIP MORE-OR-LESS? :  I mean it depends sometimes I go nuts over a ship sometimes I’m rly chill, I’m unpredictable.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SHIP IN YOUR CURRENT FANDOM? :  *snaps fingers* Doofus Rick/Jerry and Rick/Birdperson. I also rly want Morty to fucking hold Jessica’s hand get it together Morty what the fuck

FINALLY, HOW DOES ONE SHIP WITH YOU? :  dude let’s just make shit happen 

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pimmyprink  asked:

YES. I would like the nsfw ver. of my last submission, "GOM+kagami+takao+kiyoshi after their s/o revealed she is into yaoi and spend most of her time shipping them and reading fanfics involving them. (^w^ )b thank you!" Onegai shimasu! please! *bows with excitement* o(≧o≦)o

first of all i’m so sorry for being late 53484854 years but let me make it up to you darling ~

Kuroko: When you told him about you being a fan of yaoi, he was a bit confused, but didn’t mind it. But, when you told him about all the pairings in which he was involved with, you could see his eyes burning with passion.“__-chan, I don’t know why you reading that, but let me show you just how much I’m only yours and how seme I can be.”

Kise: He smirked and leaned in, only a thin layer of air separating the two of you.“You know __-cchi, instead of imagining me doing that with Aominecchi, why don’t the two of us try it out?”

Aomine: A dangerous aura appeared around him and you could feel him undressing you with his eyes. “If you were that horny, you could have just told me. What a dirty girl you are, __. I think I have to punish you a bit.”

Midorima: When you told him, he blushed like mad.“Such a disgrace. As I would ever be intimate with Takao, nanodayo.” It was pretty difficult to control himself, especially since you were laughing so sweet and innocently. “I actually ship the two of you, You could have hot steamy-” “I don’t want to hear it! The only one I ship myself with is you.” Now it was your turn to blush. “I’m gonna show you what real intimacy is, __.”

Murasakibara: He didn’t mind that he and Himuro were shipped, what got on his nerves was that you were paying attention to those stories more than him. “__-chin, I don’t wanna do those things with Murochin. I wanna do them with you, right now.” His jealousy got the better of him, and he would make sure that you never read about him and someone else again.

Akashi: You could see his eye twich in annoyance, but despite that, you could also see his interest rising. “I see there’s a lot of bondage and s&m when I’m involved. Do you like that?” “Yeah! It totally matches your character. And-” Your words were swallowed by his lips. He pulled you in a fierce kiss, you thought it’s a battle for dominance again, but, his only objective was to dull your senses. You understood when you saw his smirk and the lustful glint in his eyes. “I always wanted to try this out, __. After I’m done with you, you will never be satisfied with only reading.”

Kagami: Truth be told, he got aroused from the sole thought of you reading something like that. “Let’s go.” “Huh? Where?” “To bed. I’m gonna show you how better it is to have sex with me than reading about two guys doing it.” You couldn’t even protest because he already had you thrown on his shoulder.

Takao: “Oh __-chan, I didn’t know you were into this kind of stuff. Not that I mind, but I think you don’t need those stories beside a boyfriend who will read every wish from your lips. Or, do you think otherwise?” His eyes were instantly filled with lust and he licked his lips hungrily.

Kiyoshi: Your bluntness took him by surprise. “I’m glad you trust me so much __-chan.” He started off innocently. “But, wouldn’t it be more fun if I pleased you, and not some stories about me and Hanamiya?” He pushed you gently on the bed and hovered over you. “Let’s have some fun by ourselves, __-chan.”

anonymous asked:

Chocobros revealing their crush to their first male love interest, and maybe the first kiss with a male s/o! That'd be sweet! c:

Sorry if it’s a bit shitty I find it hard to write confession-type stuff ^^;

Noctis – This shy baby! He would have so many doubts, like he would literally be far too afraid to confess! Noct would have so many thoughts running through his head like what if his crush didn’t return his feelings? What if his crush was actually straight and Noct was just getting ahead of himself and imagining all the flirty signals he’d thought they’d been sending him? I think in the end it would take a lot of convincing from the chocobro’s to get Noct to even consider confessing. So, after being pretty much forced into confessing by the chocobro’s, this loser would sheepishly approach his crush and deliver the most awkward confession ever. He’d be stuttering and blushing so hard, it’d be almost painful to watch tbh. In the end, he’d somehow manage to splutter his confession out but it would be rushed and incoherent that’d he’d have to repeat himself like 5 times before his crush could understand what he was trying to say. Afterwards, assuming his crush feels the same way, Noct would let out a shaky laugh, a relieved smile working its way onto his still-blushing face.

In regards to their first kiss…well, we’ve already established multiple times how fucking shy Noct is. I honestly think his s/o would be the one to initiate it. Like they’d notice Noct staring at their lips a lot and blushing like a fucking maniac and then it’d suddenly dawn on them what the Prince wanted. His reaction as his s/o captured his lips with their own would be priceless, like he’d almost fall backwards in shock! He’d slowly loosen up and get into it, though. His reaction afterwards would be adorable like he would just be staring down at the ground, rubbing the back of his neck all like ‘Well…that just happened…’. It’d only take a little while before he’d feel brave enough to initiate skinship with his s/o. He’s shy at first, but he only needs just a tinsy bit of coaxing out of his shell.

Prompto – Now this loser confessing to his crush would be a complete accident. Like, this kid literally never seems to stop talking, he has no filter, so I can imagine he’d be babbling about something one day and then suddenly it would just slip out. It would take him a while to realize what he’s just said and he’d keep rambling, but once it’s dawned on him he would just freeze. Prompto would probably try to laugh it off at first and act like it was a joke but upon seeing that his crush is buying none of his shit he’d just sigh and be like ‘…Yeah…it actually wasn’t a joke at all…’ and then he’d just let out this awkward kind of giggle. After his crush reveals they return his feelings Prompto wouldn’t even think about trying to act cool or casual, like his smile would be so big and he’d practically be bouncing about all ecstatic and shit.

Now, when it comes to his first kiss with his s/o, it’s going to be very spontaneous, totally unplanned, and completely fucking adorable! Like he’d obviously be nervous but it wouldn’t show, and he’d have to hype himself up before he’d actually be brave enough to initiate a kiss, but after taking a deep breath he’d probably just walk up to his s/o and just capture their lips. It would be a very sweet kiss, nothing too steamy as Prompto would be testing their boundaries, he’d want to make sure they were comfortable and that he wasn’t overstepping the line. After, his s/o would just give him a questioning look, and he’d just shrug and grin that big cheesy grin, like ‘What? You just look really cute!’ From then on expect to be bombarded by kisses all the time.

Gladiolus – This confident little shit. He’s one of those people where if they like someone they’ll just straight out tell them. He’s very confident in himself and although rejection never feels good he’d just see it as a minor setback, so I feel he’d have no problem confessing. Within the game he’s often referenced to as a ladies man, so imagine the hilariously shocked faces of the chocobro’s when he mentions he’s thinking of asking his male crush on a date. They’d definitely encourage him ofc. It’d be quite random aswell, like his crush would be going about their day as normal and he’d just stroll up all cool and shit and be like ‘Look, I’m not gonna lie I like you…I was hoping you’d meet me for some drinks later’ and that would be that. He’d be straight to the point, no stuttering, no awkwardness, no long-winded speeches, he’d just keep it short and sweet like Prompto.

The first kiss would probably be on the first date. Ofc he would walk his crush home because it’s Gladio and as gruff as he tries to act he’s really a total sweetheart. It’d be really typical tho, like when they’re  about to say goodbye he’d just gently place his hands  on the back of his crush’s neck, tilt their head back (he’s tall he’s gotta make things a bit easier somehow or he’s gonna hurt his neck constantly craning down you ungrateful noodle) and just kiss them. It would probably be quite intense, and steamy and just perfect. He wouldn’t stay long after that though he’d just be like ‘We should do this again…soon. I’ll see ya around!’, leaving his crush to just melt into the ground because jfhojdpifhghi-

Ignis – Okay so like Gladio, Iggy is confident in himself and would definitely confess at some point, however, he’s also more reserved and calculating, so I think he’d study the situation, like watching for little signs and hints that his crush likes him back. It’d be more planned as well, like he wouldn’t make a big scene out of it ofc. Like I can imagine him purposefully bringing up the topic of cooking to his crush and if his crush mentions food that they like he’d be like ‘How about I take you out for a bite to eat tomorrow?’ and once his crush agrees he’d just be all casual like, ‘Ah, good. It’s a date then,’. And BOOM how fucking smooth, Iggy.

It’d probably take Ignis the longest to initiate the first kiss. Not because he’s shy or anything, but just because it’s Iggy, and he’s not a massive fan of skinship. It’d get to the point where his s/o would probably start to feel a bit insecure about it and wonder why Iggy hadn’t kissed them yet, and they’d probably wonder if he even wanted to. Ignis would notice that his s/o was feeling insecure right away since he’s very observant, and he’d just straight up ask ‘Something the matter?’, to which his s/o would end up spilling the beans and telling him. I can see him smiling a bit once his s/o is finished, like a faint, amused smile. He’d probably kiss them on the forehead first, before planting his lips upon theirs. It wouldn’t be as intense as Gladio’s but it’d be much less innocent than Prompto’s. Afterwards, he’d tell his s/o if they ever wanted a kiss they need only ask.

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U should do the blurb bout shower sex w/Justin, I didn't ask u originally, but I like the idea 💞💞 u r amazing💐🌹🌷

well okay, just bc you gave me flowers and that’s rly sweet of ya c: so you’d be in the shower after a long day of work, just savoring the hot water, but then a pair of cold hands are holding your waist and you jump a little cause wtf some creep is in the shower with you?? but when you turn around you find it’s only justin and he’s got a little grin on his lips from watching your small spasm, and after you scold him about scaring you, he kisses the crease between your eyebrows and apologizes then starts to help you get all washed up. he’d shampoo your hair and you would return the favor, and then he’d lather his hands with body wash and move on to washing your body and it’d be really cute and romantic until he squats down to clean your lower-half cause then he’d travel his hands up your legs and in between your thighs and he’d stop for a second to kiss your hip then when you looked down at him, you’d notice how dark his eyes were and now you just know you’re in for it cause then he’s cupping his hand over that place between your thighs and soon enough you’re kissing him as if you need his lips to help you breathe and your hands are in his hair and things would get rly steamy get it? cause ur in a shower lol and i feel like it wouldn’t be rough, like you’d both be really gentle and passionate with each other to make up for a long day of working and missing each other and you both just want to make the other person feel good nd you give your all even tho you’re both a lil lazy and i’m gonna ruin myself if i go any further so bye

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You seem to have so many screen shots of the book.. If not too hard to share, can you post more of the pages where Jamie and Claire make love? Feeling a bit naughty and nostalgic of season 1 intimate scenes that we don't get this season. I think I'm just gonna have to resort to reading your screen shots for now haha! Please and thanks in advanced! And to whoever that reads this once it's answered, kindly reblogged and post some JamieClaire hot hot hot gifs too! Share the steamy love! 🔥💥💫😍💕❣

I don’t keep folders of screenshots, I just kind of grab them as I need them and then delete them. I couldn’t think of any actual sex scenes off the top of my head that I haven’t posted yet (but I’m sure there are a bunch) so instead here’s one of my all time favorite passages out of any of the books.

anonymous asked:

go figure you had sex!!! how many does that make now.. 15?

Aw. I am so sorry that your sex life is so boring that you feel the need to make mine your business! Actually no, I’m not sorry at all….more embarrassed for you if anything. With that being said, I’m gonna continue having as much sex as I want because that’s MY choice making it NONE of your business. Please excuse me while I take no offense from an over used anonymous insult, I’d much rather be a whore than someone who is clearly so bored and insecure that they have to abuse people anonymously in attempt to feel good about themselves. I choose to have sex, however you have a disgusting character flaw that’s much more shameful than fucking someone (which is actually normal, unlike being an anonymous dickhead). So how about we both go do what we supposedly do best, I’m gonna go have dirty raunchy hot steamy sex and have several orgasms with a good looking guy, and you can sit around and hide behind an anonymous button. In the mean time, you can take your slut shaming and shove it up your ass. But I’d assume you’re probably not into anal :)

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Kagami-chan again... If you ever have the time and wants to... Could I request a first time with Kagami, where the girl is insecure because she isn't exactly small or skinny but more curvy maybe? .... I kinda want to see what he would be like. OMG! Im dying just by writing this. *dies from nosebleed*

I’m just gonna say, body type doesn’t matter but here goes nothing.

It definitely wasn’t like the movies. Just trying to instigate your first time led to a lot of steamy make-outs ending with cuddles. Eventually, you both decided to do it. The night of was tense, much like the first date.

You found yourself too embarrassed to sit close to Kagami. Your place at the edge of the bed felt small under the pressure. You had thought wearing lacy underwear would make you more confident, but it didn’t. You thought back to the magazines that gave you tips, surely the slender beauties never had this problem.

“W-we can’t do anything with you over there” Kagami fumbled his words as he tried to be smooth. He coughed into his hand as he looked away. “You know, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to be…” he trailed of sliding closer to you. You gave a small smile before sliding over to him too. “I know,” you said quietly. “You want to be here with me right?” Kagami asked turning in your direction but avoiding your eyes. “I do” you answered a bit louder, mimicking his actions.

“So, what are we waiting for?” his face was close enough to kiss you with just a dip in the mattress. Your fingers were touching his just slightly, aching to interlock with his. “This” you leant closer, allowing your lips to press to his. Kagami pressed back, bringing his other hand to your face to keep you close.

Amidst your hot make-out, your hand fisted the front of his shirt. This brought you practically into his lap. Kagami brought his hands to your shoulders as he let them run down your body. He slipped his hands under your shirt, sliding the material upward and over your chest. You broke the kiss to breathe and allow him to pull your shirt over your head.

Your arms tried to cover your torso on reflex. “You don’t have to do that,” Kagami said softly as his hand came down on your arms, ushering them apart. You felt tears prick at the edge of your eyes as you revealed yourself to him. Kagami placed kisses on your cheeks as the tears came down. “Don’t cry” “I don’t mind” “I like you this way” his words pushed away the dark clouds in your mind.

You allowed your arms to relax to your sides. Begging for him to kiss you again. Kagami complied and began another heated make-out. This time, your hands moved to his shirt and ran over his toned chest. Your fingers grazed his nipples, causing him to shiver mid-make-out. You pulled back and released a small giggle as his face heated up. “I’m kinda sensitive there…” he mumbled grabbing your wrists. “Kinda?” you teased, he shot you a quick glare before releasing you.

You lifted his shirt over his head and through his arms. You couldn’t tear your eyes away from him. “H-hey, are you okay?” Kagami began, it was his turn to feel embarrassed by your gaze. “Yeah…” you sighed out as you leant forward onto him. Your head rested on his chest, allowing you to hear his erratic heart beats. “I’m here for you” Kagami ran his hand down your slightly bear back as you rested on him.

You stayed that way for a few minutes before he pushed you back. “Can I remove that?” he indicated to your lacy bra. You nodded and stayed still while he fumbled with the hooks. When the bra unlatched, you didn’t feel the urge to cover up again. This made Kagami smile as he let the material slide off your shoulders. Your nipples felt hard against the new cold air.

“Can I?” Kagami asked raising a hand over your chest. You gave a small nod and he pressed his hand to one of your breasts. You released a small moan and leant into his touch. “They are so soft…” Kagami said in amazement. You hummed in agreement before bringing his other hand up to your other breast. He massaged your chest slowly, enjoying how soft your skin felt.

His hands travelled down to your curves and squeezed the flesh there. “Your soft down here too…” he said in a breathy voice. You flushed as he continued lower, edging closer to your warmth. “Your thighs are so soft” he squeezed the inner part of your thighs, ushering them apart. You found yourself lying back on the bed and Kagami positioning himself between your legs.

“Can I keep going?” he whispered as his eyes locked onto yours.


You’re delirious

Characters: Wanda x Reader, Pietro x Reader

After a long training session with Steve, you were completely pooped. You dragged your aching body to the locker room and turned the shower up to the hottest setting. Wincing as you peeled your clothes off, you caught sight of a nasty bruise snaking across your ribs. That’s not gonna be pretty in the morning.

Stepping into the shower, you closed your eyes and leaned your forehead against the cool tiled wall. Just get clean and get out and then you could take the longest nap of your life. Friday’s voice interrupted your thoughts. “Miss Y/N, the team coming back from Wakanda is fifteen minutes away.” “Thanks, Friday.” You rolled your shoulders, groaning as your muscles protested. At least your boyfriend would be home soon.

When you finally emerged from the steamy locker room, you shivered at the cold air, making you even more sore. Slowly making your way to the hangar, you felt the call of your bed growing louder and louder. Each step you took was more of a challenge than the last. “I’m gonna take it that you’re not ready for round two?” you heard Steve ask from behind you. “I may be tired but I can still kick your ass, grandpa.” He laughed, easily passing you on the stairs. “Sure you can, dollface.”

Just a little farther and then you’d be in the hangar. “Miss, the quinjet is circling the building to come in for landing. You’ve got about a minute.” “Yeah, yeah,” you grumbled. Pulling yourself towards the chaotic scene in front of you, you were surprised how fast you actually managed to get there. Last time you trained with Steve, it took you an hour to get to your room, despite taking the elevator.

You leaned against one of the walls as you watched the quinjet pull in, resting your arms on your thighs and bending over slightly. “Y/N” Vision said, standing beside you. There was a bit of an unspoken pact between the two of you, since you were dating siblings. When the twins fought, the two of you worked together to help fix things. Vision was even teaching you Russian so they would stop switching languages when arguing. “Vision.” You nodded, straightening up despite your wobbly knees. “I understand you managed to take Steve down, congratulations.” Vision patted you on the back, jumping when you winced. You put a hand up, “He did a number on me, but I’m good.”

The back of the quinjet opened slowly, squashing the rest of your conversation. Vision helped you move away from the wall, the two of you slowly approaching the team that was now filling the room. “Med team isn’t here, that’s a plus. Doesn’t look like the twins are arguing, also a plus,” Vision assessed. “They actually look pretty excited. Looks like no nap for me today.” Vision laughed, putting a hand on your shoulder.

You saw your boyfriend’s messy, silver hair among the crowd of the tactical team submitting reports and slowly made your way towards him. Moving past yet another agent in full gear, you were disappointed to realize you had lost sight of him. “Wanda!” you called, your mood shifting for the better when your best friend turned around. “Y/N! I missed you!” Seconds later, the redhead was in your arms, squeezing you tightly into a hug. You squeaked, the bruise on your ribs aching painfully. Wanda held you at arm’s length, scanning over your body. “Rogers?” “Rogers.” She smiled, “Not the worst you’ve looked.”

“Sister, she’s the most beautiful woman in the world,” Pietro said from behind you. You rolled your eyes, failing to hide back a smile. “And you’re the biggest flirt in the world,” you said, leaning into him as he put an arm around you. You had missed him for the three weeks he had been gone so you didn’t want him to ever let go. Too bad your ribs were screaming otherwise. Shifting slightly, you cringed when Pietro looked down at you. “Bruised ribs.” Pietro moved his arm, holding you around the shoulders. “I’ll get him back.” He winked at you, making your heart beat faster. It had been over a year and you were still totally smitten. “So how’d it go? Looks like you two had it pretty easy,” you teased. Wanda and Pietro shared a look. “We tailed a couple ex agents and some cold leads to that lost vibranium deposit, pretty easy work,” Wanda said, motioning for you to follow as she left the flurry of activity around the quinjet. “Yeah, should’ve come with us.”

You walked slowly, your legs protesting. An agent bumped into you, elbowing you in the ribs. Sucking in a sharp breath, you groaned. Your eyes darted back up to the young agent who obviously was terrified to see your reaction. Glaring at him, you took another breath, calming your face. “Don’t worry about it,” you said, pushing past. “What? Y/N didn’t take the opportunity to scare the hell out of a cadet? You must be really tired,” Wanda teased, coming back to see what was taking you so long. “You have no clue.”

Wanda looked over her shoulder, unspoken conversations running between her and her brother. Pietro gave you that halfsmile you loved so much before walking over to you and picking you up in his arms. “I will be having a word with Steve,” he said before taking off.

Squeezing your eyes shut, you tried to ignore the weird sensation that came with Pietro carrying you while running full speed. After seconds, it was over. “I’ll get used to that eventually, I’m sure.” You steadied yourself against the couch, rubbing your head. “You’ve got the rest of your life to,” Pietro said, kissing your forehead before lifting your chin. “I’ve missed you,” he smiled, pecking your lips. You leaned in, kissing him deeper, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Disgusting,” you heard Wanda mutter. Pietro pulled away, his face flushing. You giggled, leaning against him. “How’d you get here so fast?” Wanda walked past you and settled on the couch. “My boyfriend is fast, too,” she teased. Vision smiled and you were sure he was blushing – if you could just see past his already vibrant skin color. Taking the seat beside Wanda, you leaned against her, the fatigue of your training session setting in full force. Pietro sat on the armrest of the couch beside you, mock pouting that you wanted to sit by Wanda and not him. She pulled a face at him. “If you lean over, I’ll scratch your back,” she offered. Man, did she know you well. You laid your head in her lap, closing her eyes as she gently ran her nails under your shirt, soothing your back.

“Wanda, you’re gonna put me to sleep,” you mumbled. Pietro put a warm hand on your knee, his thumb caressing you lightly. You cracked an eye open to look at him. “Wanda, why won’t you date me?” you teased. It was a joke that the four of you had shared for months because of some cheap tabloid story that had reported you had settled for Pietro since Wanda was taken. The truth was, Wanda was your best friend, but Pietro was your soulmate.

Pietro scrunched his face up at you, squeezing your knee a little, as well. “Because you sleep with my brother,” Wanda replied, still scratching your back. You groaned, totally relaxed. “And I’d do it again, too. He’s really cute.” Wanda snorted, “Go to sleep, Y/N. You’re delirious.”

Bleedin' creepy. A 3x18 recap.

You know it’s funny, and sad, that I find myself wishing that there were no longer any good scenes in this show. The reason is simple - then I could just stop watching. But alas, they keep walking this thin line where the show simultaneously gives me everything I’ve ever wanted, and is a torturous shitfest.

The problem is that increasingly we are getting these lovely moments which make me squeal and my face go smushy, and yet the episodes inevitably leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. Or in this weeks case, just plain old vomitting. Because seriously, ew.

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