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author’s note// this makes me so happY!! this one is so cute and i like it cause i relate and AHHH happi!!!!


  • OKAY so like, i know dating a girl who is bisexual is just about the same as dating a girl who is straight, pan, whATever!
  • so we gonna talk abt something a titty tad bit differenT!
  • okay so, obviously shawn is rather big in the public eye, so when you become public about the fact that you are dating, you also become rather?? well known??
  • and you are bisexual, and people find out simply because you were previously dating a girl, and you still had the photos up on instagram
  • and everyone like freaked the fuck out, because shawn has a rather young fanbase and there’s literally like ten photos of you being all lovey dovey with a female???
  • they think it’s weird
  • they always comment saying like “wtf you’re a lesbian?”
  • you aren’t a lesbian
  • shawn literally does not FUCKING CARE
  • you told him early on when you are bisexual, and open about it, and you have dated a girl
  • he was like “ok cool, wanna go get sushi?” 
  • the man does not care what your sexual preference is as long as it involves him because it’d be awkward if you were dating but you weren’t attracted to him?
  • a lot of the times at the question and answer people would ask him like, “hey shawn, did you know your girlfriend has a photo kissing a girl deep in her instagram?” or “shawn, your girlfriend had a girlfriend?” 
  • and he’s just like “yup” and moves on
  • he doesn’t waste time on shit like that
  • he doesn’t even respond to rude questions
  • cause like who fucking cares if you like girls and boys?
  • shawn is just glad you like him
  • he doesn’t care who you previously liked, or even who you may like in the future
  • he loves you, for you
  • honestly this is hard bc dating a bi girl is the same as dating every other girl like idk how its so different BUT YEAH
  • he also calls you “my bi goddess” 
  • that’s what my boyfriend called me once 
  • goodnight

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anonymous asked:

I'm practicing colorful gifsets (you know, like the ones you've done with one side being gifs of one color and the other side another one) and as i don't follow many people who make gifs like that i'm gonna ask u... do u have any tips to make all the gifs end up being the exact same tone? because i find it so hard


Okay, so I’m guessing you’re referring to these types of edits right? :


In order to make sure all my gifs end up with the same colour, I focus primarily on using the selective colour and hue/saturation adjustments. I normally have all my gifs open (I use Photoshop CC 2015 but any edition should do) so that I’m able to compare how well the colours match across the gifset. 

It’s also really important to pick scenes which don’t have too much movement and are not too busy (i.e pick scenes which are well-lit and have nice, solid/clear backgrounds). I also wanna add that when it comes to colouring gifs, I don’t have a set technique and will literally just play around until I get the result I want - that sometimes means having lots of layers.

So for example, say you want to make another gif that matches this one:

Here’s how to do it under the cut…

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