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Do you think the DD he signed gives him the creative license to do whatever the fuck he wants with the songs and videos because why else would Sony give the go ahead to a lyric video that includes clips of their legal battle with George Michael?

Not whatever the fuck he wants. I am sure there were people that had to approve all of it first. Maybe he just submitted it as an idea, and asked to be a part of the team that drew up the concept. It ultimately had to have final approval from someone higher than him, but those execs weren’t gonna do what we did and take it apart. Louis knows that. 

these things happen. (Jerome Valeska x reader)

request: can you please write a imagine -idk if I need to stay it’s for Jerome bc i’m pretty sure that’s all you kind of write- where there’s like an age gap?? not a huge one because he’s only 18, but like a two or three year one if that’s not too weird for you.? idk what the plot would be I’ll leave that up to you, but yes this would be super cool if you did write it!! love your blog it gives me so much life ❤️❤️💕

words: 1900

warnings: violence, swearing, age gap??? do i need to warn y’all about that it’s not even really relevant right now lmao

first of all that anon was such a sweetheart omg :’) but basically this is gonna be a mini fic??? kind of??? whatever there’s gonna be multiple parts to it, and all the lyrics included in it are from the song marilyn by g eazy (in no specific order) so check that out. cool? cool.


-i swear my intentions aren’t as evil as you think.

The sound of sirens was nothing new. Living in Gotham city had endless downsides, one of which being the constant, overbearing sound of police sirens. Usually, it didn’t bother you, simply because you had gotten used to hearing them all the time. This time, however, you were in the library studying, so the sound was everything but background noise. You groaned to yourself and covered your face, shoulders slumping in defeat as the sound didn’t pass.

You were startled by the sound of the doors bursting open, and laughter filling the room. You furrowed your brows and leaned forward slightly, attempting to see who just disrupted the entire library. The librarian made it her duty to shush the stranger in a very demanding way, making them spin around to face the occupants of the room. You were sure your jaw had fallen to the table as you took in the scene in front of you. Jerome Valeska stood in the front of the library, signature grin gracing his features. The whole room was quiet, including the librarian, who stood stoic by her desk, most likely too terrified to even move.

The boy had already put up a fight. It was evident by the large, still bleeding cut across his forehead, and the split in his lip. Blood stained his chin and his teeth, but it didn’t phase him the slightest bit. He slowly ventured forward, a curious look in his eyes, and examined the room.

“Well well, what do we have here?” His voice was cool, collected and taunting. His brows jumped slightly and he grinned, lifting his hand to reveal a pistol. It caused gasps to ring throughout the room, and the librarian to scream. Jerome rolled his eyes and waved the gun over-dramatically, before scratching his head with it and dropping his arm.

You could hear the sirens outside the building, and Jerome obviously did too. He made his way over to the librarian and leaned in close to her, making her lean back over her desk. His finger pressed against his still grinning lips, and he chuckled lightly.


You could have sworn she was about to pass out from fear. You would have laughed if you weren’t also scared for your life. You knew how dangerous he was, how unpredictable he could be. Secretly, you were fascinated with him. Ever since he made headlines in the city, you had found yourself unhealthily infatuated with the boy. He was just so damn complicated and interesting, and having him stood in the same room as you was both terrifying and exhilarating all at once.

In the distance you could hear car doors opening and shutting, and the sound of rapid footsteps. Jerome turned his head in the direction of the door, before looking back to you and the rest of the crowd. “Looks like we’ve got some company…”

For the second time in about 5 minutes, the doors were thrown open, except this time a group of police officers were storming in, guns raised. Jerome was smiling again, and a laugh slipped past his lips as they focused their attention on him.

“Ya found me!” He raised his hands, feigning surrender, and dangled the gun loosely from his finger.

You could feel your heart pounding in you chest as he slowly stepped backwards, moving closer to the tables scattered throughout the room. He paused near yours, still in the same pose he was, and one of the officers glanced at the crowd.

“Get on the ground.” He ordered, and no one protested.

Jerome giggled, and suddenly a shot was fired. “Hey, not fair!” He whined, as the bullet whizzed past him, making you gasp slightly. Jerome glared at the officer and his hand tightened on his own gun. Out of nowhere, his glare turned neutral and he was smiling again, as he carefully lined up his aim with the officer who had shot at him.

“Bang!” He exclaimed as he pulled the trigger, and you stared in awe as he successfully hit them in the chest. However, his action had caused bullets to fly from the remaining officer’s guns, and you didn’t see how he could possibly dodge them all.

“Woo!” He ducked, avoiding the first shower, before popping back up and securing his balance. The whole ordeal was very entertaining to watch, and you found yourself smiling at his cartoon-like expressions and actions. He had successfully taken down another officer within a few more seconds, and the others were ruthless at this point. They realized he wasn’t playing around (despite his actions) and were suddenly twice as accurate as before.

Your eyes followed Jerome as he ducked and dodged, and your hand flew up to cover your mouth as his gun flew out of his hand and clattered to the floor where you were crouched. Jerome’s hand was now clutching at his shoulder, his teeth gritted in pain. The officers held their fire for a moment, as Jerome stumbled forward a few steps. You could see the blood that was quickly coating his fingertips and soaking his jacket. He let go of the wound to reach into his coat pocket, and suddenly brandished a blade. With a laugh, he threw it, and with unbelievable precision, hit an officer in the upper chest.

The remaining officer shot at him again, and came so close that Jerome ended up falling to the ground, going back to clutching at his injured shoulder. He rolled onto his side and came face to face with you. You saw relief wash over him, and between heavy breaths he got out a request.

“Hey Kid, pass the gun.”

You sat in shock, eyes flicking from the gun, to Jerome, and then to the officer slowly and cautiously approaching. Jerome’s expression turned nasty and his face contorted in pain, a groan slipping past his lips.

“Pass the fucking gun!”

Without thinking, you slid the gun in his direction and watched as he grabbed it, turned over, and shot the officer without warning. He laughed halfheartedly, dropped the gun, and took a moment to catch his breath. He took his bottom lip between his teeth and reached up for a table to hoist himself to his feet. His eyes scanned the room quickly, before he spied a back door.

His feet traveled quickly in that direction, but paused when he was about to pass you. His hand still held onto his shoulder and he leaned down to look at you. With a nod of his head, he said, “Let’s go.”

You parted your lips slightly, eyes widening to an impossible size. This could not be happening. “What?” You gasped, being so close to him causing your voice to be gone. He looked impatient, and every few seconds you could see pain wash over his expression.

“You wanna get arrested?” He spoke through gritted teeth, and it only then dawned on you exactly what you had gotten yourself into. By simply tossing him that gun, you had made yourself an accomplice. Everybody in the room had seen you do it.

You shook your head quickly and he nodded towards the door again, growing more uncomfortable by the second. “Then lets go!”

You didn’t think twice as you scrambled to your feet, nodding rapidly at Jerome. You were afraid to speak in front of him, so you just trailed behind him as he staggered to the door. He shoved open the back door and ushered you out, his face looking paler than it did before. You were fast in getting out of the library, and were hoping to pause for a moment and ask him a question, such as ‘now what?’ However he was moving again, and you had to jog to catch up to him.

“Where are we going?” You fell into step next to him and dared to look up at him. He kept his gaze hard and focused ahead of him, making you drop your eyes back to your feet.

“Don’t ask fucking questions.” He spat, leading you through the alleyway, his movements getting slower and slower.

“Are you alright?”

“Just peachy.” He spoke through clenched teeth and sucked in a sharp breath, letting it out in a grunt. He was very clearly, not alright.

He finally came to a halt and you stumbled to a stop beside him, staring at the paint chipped door in front of you. You didn’t ask any more questions, just watched as he banged on it, leaning against the frame heavily and shutting his eyes lightly.

“Fuckin’ hurts.” You heard him whisper, and you anxiously bounced from foot to foot.

The door opened to reveal a bored looking woman, who peered around the corner to see Jerome. She looked from him, to you, and raised one of her brows.

“Who the hell is this?” Her voice was as flat as her expression, and you just stood there, staring at her.

“I don’t know, but she probably saved me from getting arrested.” Jerome snapped, growing impatient again. “Can we just go inside maybe?”

She nodded and moved out of the way, allowing both of you to step in. You cautiously entered, and took a chance to look around as Jerome was lead into another room by the woman. You stood in the center of the surprisingly pleasant room, unsure on what to do next. You had to admit, you were terrified.

“So, who are you?” The same voice repeated their question, making your head snap in the direction it came from.

“M-my name’s Y/N…” You stuttered out, nervous under her stare. Everything was slowly building up and you felt your hands trembling. “I was just studying and he-he came in the library to hide and got in a shootout with the police but he got shot…” You paused to hastily wipe at your eyes, embarrassed to be on the brink of tears in front of this stranger. “And I passed him his gun. Then he told me to come with him or I’d get arrested so I did. He’s not gonna kill me is he?”

The woman’s face softened and she stepped closer, motioning to the couch. You nodded quickly and sat down, wiping your eyes with the back of your hand again. She sat next to you and reached forward, picking up a half finished drink from the table.

“You’re just a kid…” She said after a sip, making you nod again. “How old are you?”


“God…” She shook her head slowly, her expression full of disappointment. “You shouldn’t have gotten yourself all mixed up in this shit.”

Your brows met and you glared at her, hands shaking now. “I didn’t want to!” You were confused, scared and angry. From what you knew about Jerome, he would never take somebody with him to protect them.

You just wanted to go home, but you couldn’t.

“We’ve got a bed in the next room you can sleep in. If you want.” The woman told you, averting her eyes from you and taking a long sip from her drink.

You swallowed hard and nodded, trying to pull yourself together. Without another glance at the woman, you found your way to the room she pointed out and locked yourself in it. You didn’t sleep, you were too scared to.

You sat and waited.

I'm not gonna stand in your way, but I loved her first

For my lovely Elisa, who wanted a fic where Charming and Snow find out about Killian and Emma and welcome Killian into the family.

This is a 3,028 word fluff fest (not including the lyrics at the beginning) with Captain Swan (obviously), Captain Charming (of course), a bit of whatever you call Killian and Snow (mama charming needs some Killy love, too), Charming family feelings (my heart), and even a little Captain Cobra (I had to). I hope you like it, love!

Side note: I can’t tell you how many “parents giving daughter away at wedding”-esque songs I listened to for titling and the lyrics below. The struggle to pick one two was real.


and he is good, so good
he treats your little girl like a real man should
and he is good, so good
he makes promises he keeps
no he’s never gonna leave
so don’t you worry about me

In most circumstances, two heads are better than one. It’s an age old fact that many agree with wholeheartedly. However, as David watches Killian try to figure out how to get Neal to stop crying while he attempts to make the upset infant a bottle, he swears that someone, somewhere did not add that up quite right.

Snow leaves him with the baby for a day to spend time with Emma, and surprisingly enough (or maybe not surprisingly enough, if he lets himself think about it too long), the one handed pirate was the only person willing enough to help.

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Separate Lives, Ch 30 (30/?)

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Fic tag: It will also include notes on the fic and music and lyrics inspiration :)

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Summary: Set after 3x20 “Kansas”. After saving the town one more time, Emma decided to return to New York, leaving her past behind. Three years later, she realizes that might be not have been the best decision.

I want to thank jessbecauseiam for reviewing this and laschatzi for encouraging me to write this idea!

30 – The Fairytale
I’m so glad I found you
I’m not gonna lose you
Whatever it takes I will stay here with you
Take it to the good times
See it through the bad times
Whatever it takes is what I’m gonna do

Nothing is going to stop us now, Starship

Emma was sitting on the kitchen, enjoying her coffee and going through the file of her new case when she heard the doorbell ring. She opened the door to find Vinnie smiling at her from under a massive arrangement of orchids. “Good morning, Emma.” He said.

“Vinnie, hi!” She said. “This has to stop…”She sighed as she took the orchids from him. She had to admit they were beautiful.

“Tell Killian, sweetheart. I only follow orders and I’m pretty sure he’ll lock me up if I refuse to bring you the flowers.”

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