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Quite a few have been saying:”But what about laughing?”, in the comments of my ‘Weird Human Reactions to Fear: the Singing Edition’ post. My question is: do you know why humans laugh when shit gets real?

Laughter is our brain’s Blue Screen of Death.

Where a computer would throw up an error and possibly crash, our brains go:”well, shit”, and hit the big red button labelled: ‘LAUGHTER (and possibly applause, but probably not applause)’. Since we need our brains 24/7, we don’t have the luxury of error messages. So our brains buy some time to figure out what’s going on by making us laugh in the weirdest situations.

Imminent doom? Laugh.

Absolutely livid? Laugh.

Distraught? Laugh.

Pretty sure you’re gonna die? Laugh.

I mean, we can’t be sure the aliens don’t have brains that work the same way, but seeing as other animals on Planet Earth don’t really have that either… that’d probably freak them the fuck out too.

Not only do the gangly bipeds sing when they’re scared, they could just as easily start laughing.

     My main is fine since it follows canon (though it needs some editing and expansion badly), but I really do need to set up a verse post death where Father uses another philosophers stone to create another Lust. I mean there’s really two ways I could set that up, one where she’s restored to the form she had previously sans memories and with slight personality differences. Then there’s the pain in my ass route where she could be shoved into a living host, though figuring out the dynamics of how that would play out given who I want to use would make that…difficult to say the least. 

Thorns and Needles (Ch4)

Okay, so I’m not even gonna lie.  This is pretty much for you to get to know Jack, and it’s why it took so long for me to finish.  Had to do a bit of research and figure out my timeline and whatnot.  I hope you guys like it!!

Also, it might have a tiny bit of flustered cuteness in it

Chapter 4: Irish Coffee

So Jack had seen him on his weekly visits to Lil Biscuits? When Jack looked at Mark, did he see something artistic and beautiful?  Did he see a moment worth capturing and freezing in time?

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