i was gonna draw grimdark rose

“So what do you think, Aibou? Pretty cool looking, right?”

“I’m not speaking to you, Other Me.”

“You’re just jealous that mine is felt, so soft that I could sleep in this. Made of the finest plush rumps of a the finest smuppets.”

“Please stop talking, that’s not even what you made it from!”

“The base is made from it, so it counts. Felt is better than velvet.”

“When I go grimdark, I’m burning that.”

I said I was gonna draw Yami in Dave’s green felt suit, and I did. With a bonus Rose!Yugi (based on this awesome drawing) who is not putting up with his other half right now.

also rip my inking pens, why did you start dying while I was working on this…

tata-evans :

Hello again Sunny uvu im that anon who asked one picture of Grimdark Rose, you probably dont remeber but i wanted to thank you cuz that helped me! 

(oh, and I heard youre accepting birthday art submissions?? Is there anything you’d like to receive? ;w; thanks for the attention^^)

ohh yes I remember! and glad it could be helpful omg she turned out really nice!! <3

(well only if you want! uvu honestly I’m gonna appreciate whatever you want to draw 8’) I think you already know my fav pairings eheh and my fav characters in HS would be p much most of the kids and also Karkat, Terezi, Meenah and some more but I don’t want to make this too long sdfjs)


The first is too pale because the scanner still hates yellows.

The second is… well, not too dark, but it looks right-heavy which is bad.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I drew anything Homestuck- or Dark Souls-related. So I started to match up miracles, sorceries and even items with people (in different situations, because Rose is also a Seek Guidance person when being a Seer of Light like she’s supposed to, she also has Soul Arrows for strifes and something like Dark Hail and/or Darkstorm when grimdark), and this is how far I got for the time being. Maybe I should just make a list bc I’m never gonna draw them all.