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Better For Me (Part 8)

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Natasha (Reader sometimes calls her Natalia), Sam Wilson, let’s just say everyone in the fuckin compound lmao
Warnings: Swearing, cocky!Bucky, sexual tension, eventual smut, it’s a slow buuuurn
Summary: You meet one of New York’s richest Bachelor’s. He’s hot, he’s rich, and he’s an absolute fucking asshole. Luckily for you, you’re an asshole too and you could take a challenge any day. Within the first 24 hours of knowing each other, you’ve already pushed each other over breaking point. But when something comes up, you’re both forced to try and get along. Can it be possible?
Word Count: 2.9k+
Chapter Summary:
Bucky has had to come home after a freak accident while on duty. He feels insecure and begins to push you away but you show him that you’re not leaving and you will love him no matter what.
Chapter Warnings:
SMUT, angst, characteristics of PTSD


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I need advice. If you had to pick a player's name on the LGBT soccer jersey which name would you pick? I have a Lloyd jersey already but idk if I should do another one or if I should pick like Morgan or something next


I mean I personally might get this one just to fuck with people:

OR this one:

So that people would have to stop and ask why I had Press’ name on a shirt with Heath’s number and I could respond ‘because Christen is on top of course’

What I buy at thrift stores - Disney classics VHS tapes.

Lucifer Rising - Part 3

Word Count: 2397

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN style violence, Major character death ( TRIGGER WARNING: check the tags. I can’t put the warning here because spoilers.) 

A/N: Feedback always appreciated

Series Rewrite Masterlist


Chuck paced the kitchen on his phone, clearly with an escort service. He hadn’t noticed the three of you popped into his living room out of thin air just yet but you were intrigued by his call. “Oh, yeah? Really? At the same time? Really? Wow.” He said. “T-that sounds…moist.”

“Well it can be.” A female voice chuckled from the phone. “We can get you one girl, one hour, $1000.”

“Ok then I’ll take 20 girls for the whole night.” Chuck said. Your eyes widened and Dean’s mouth was slightly agape. You moved your hand to his chin, shutting his mouth for him.

“I’m not sure you can afford that.” The woman laughed.

“Lady, sometimes you gotta live like there’s no tomorrow!” Chuck yelled angrily into the phone and turned around, shocked to see the three of you staring back at him. “Wait. This isn’t…this isn’t supposed to happen.”

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pt. 1  |  pt. 2  |  pt. 3  |  pt. 4  |  pt. 5

Stiles’ face is legitimately starting to hurt, like he’s been strength-training in just his cheeks.  But he just can’t—stop—smiling.  Grinning.  Beaming.


His future husband’s name is Derek.

That’s going to make the marriage license so much easier to fill out.

Derek.  Derek.  Daireck.  Derick.  God, it’s perfect.  Even if it is threatening to become ‘dalek’ the more he mentally repeats it.  You can’t put that on Derek (Derrrrick, Derekkk) though, that responsibility falls solely on the blight that is Stiles’ own nerdetry.

Derek.  God.  It’s just so him.

It’s unassuming, exactly like his dirty rocker knitting model hummingbird husband is.  It isn’t overtly exotic like Stiles had guessed in some of his wilder imaginings, like Angelo or Fabio or Christefanne.

Derek.  It’s just Derek.

And that’s good, that’s better, that’s him.  It’s simple and clean and without frills, but still strong and upstanding, and undeniably sexy as fuck.  Just like the rest of him, with the stubble and the jaw line and the breadth of his shoulders and the flex of his thighs when he’s kicking out his obstacle of boots and feet and—

Stiles walks straight into a bus shelter with his whole face.

Which couldn’t be helped really, and doesn’t dim his megawatt smile in the slightest.  He found out his future husband’s name today; everything is the best it’s ever been.  Including the ringing in his ears and the ache in his nose.  All of that is only serving to remind him that he’s alive and, holy hell, is he alive today.

It’s more than that he got a name though honestly, it’s the confirmation that he didn’t imagine this.  They actually do have a connection, that they both feel.  He didn’t sad-imagine this in his lonely-loserdom.  Derek’s right there with him.

Derek is there with him.

His future hus—Derek knows him.  They can definitely get married now, or maybe start with falafel, whatever.  Stiles can casually mention locations for the ceremony over the dessert course of some kind of powdered sugar.  It’ll be subtle as fuck.  He’s a master of verbal intricacies, and Derek is, admittedly… not.  So, Stiles can pull one over on him, easy.

He’ll have him agreeing to the Star Wars-themed wedding before the first date is up.  All Stiles has to do is—

“Oh.  My.  God.”

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Colouring tutorial

I was requested by @clarkesbaellamy​ to make a tutorial for this gifset’s colouring. I picked my favourite one, cause the colour on this is just bae. So from this

to this

Like/reblog if this tutorial helps you

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LISTEN, i'm on an cheesy roll so i'm gonna say it, jj you are EXTRAORDINARY at writing pennywise. and i do mean this with every fiber of my bitter being, you set a MOOD like nobody else. i think you and antialibi are, in my dumbo opinion, like top dogs at setting a scene and creating an enviornment? idk i just think you're extremely talented and understand your character really well i've said this before but being able to love something without trying to redeem its' flaws o i ran out of characte

( ^ cont’d ) AS I WAS SAYING being able to like something without having to apologize for its’ flaws is something i value very dearly and i think you do such an extraordinary job at playing and comprehending this merciless horrible otherworldly creature that i can’t help but think “how is this cluss even writing with me”. even before i watched it i was dumbfounded by your writing, you get me to see things thaT OUGHT TO BE IN THE MOVIE, #jwritesit2script, i love your writing. & u’re pretty kool 2 i guess

@antialibi since u are the real top dog but COFFEE HOLY SHIT this is too much for your bitter heart….is there something wrong ??   oghowioeir.  honestly this j.j. cluss has always loved writing with you, sincerely,  your starters alone are some of the most inspiring pieces of writing i’ve seen on here.  i remember when we first started writing on your mina….we played up the atmosphere and gothic horror   (  which i don’t get to explore enough w anyone else, especially then !   it was such a fun thread.   there’s so much chemistry there and that’s why i’ll take all the threads any threads with you  (  much like ivy !  ).  coffee you don’t give yourself enough credit,  you’re immensely talented both as a writer and a graphics wiz.  i’ll always feel like i scored big time with a friend and writing partner like you.  i know that’s sappy as shit but it’s true !   thank you so much for putting up w me and le clune.  papa bless.

Preference No. 4- Disney Quote

Steve- “A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.”- Zeus (Hercules)

Tony- "I don’t want to survive. I want to live.”- The Captain (Wall-E)

Bruce- "It’s better to use your head than break your back.”- Ernst Robinson (Swiss Family Robinson)

Thor- “You’re mad, bonkers, off your head! But I’ll tell you a secret: all the best people are.”- Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Natasha- "I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.”- Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Clint- "Giving up is for rookies.”- Philoctetes (Hercules)

Pietro- "Life’s not a spectator sport. If watchin’ is all you’re gonna do, then you’re gonna watch your life go by without ya.”- Gargoyle (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Wanda- "Don’t just fly, soar.”- Dumbo (Dumbo)

Bucky- "Oh yes, the past can hurt. But, the way I see it, you can either run from it… or learn from it.”- Rafiki (The Lion King)

You're Gonna Regret That - Matt Espinosa Smut

Guys this my first smut and I got really embarrassed writing it omfg. I not a good smut writer. But I hope you guys enjoy!

“Ok y/n , pull yourself together.” I told myself for like the 100th time today. I struggled to find. Reason not to go to the Bieber Roast with my long time boyfriend Matt Espinosa. But the thing is that we weren’t very public about our relationship for the shear thought of being torn apart by the fans. I didn’t want to see Matt hurt and I knew that keeping our relationship on the down low was the better thing we could have done.

But I wanted to show Matt off, I really did, but when we got out into public is would be too risky.

But what most people don’t know is that Matt is insanely freaky. The worst part is he freaky at all the wrong times…well not that that is that bad. Sometimes it’s fun. The fear of getting caught. But when Matt is in the mood, he’s in the mood. And he goes in. Hard.

As I finished straightening my hair and put in my fanciest earrings I owned, curtesy of Matt, I was ready to go. I walked down the steps of our house and saw Matt stood facing the front door on his phone.

“You ready, babe?” I asked while walking down the steps.

“Yeah ba-” Matt turned around and looked up at me. He stood there mouth opened. “Damn babe, you look amazing.”

I blushed and looked down at my dress, fiddling with the hem of it. “Thanks.” I said laughing.

“Babe, I really mean it. You look fucking incredible.” Matt said taking my hand, pulling me into him. He spun me around so my back was towards him.

“This dress is gorgeous, but I’d look more amazing on the ground.” Matt said in my ear.

I shivered a bit. You see what I mean?

“Well we’re gonna be late babe.” You said walking away and grabbing my clutch.

Two can play at this game.

Matt walked is outside where we were greeted by a long, sleek limo.

“I figured a princess needed to ride in style.” Matt said grabbing my waist from behind, kissing me cheek. I didn’t even realize how hard I was smiling.

“Matt… I’m speechless. You didn’t have to do all this. Thank you so much.” I said kissing him.

“Well, I know how much courage it took you to come to this roast. I know how you feel about the fans and all. But, I didn’t want to be 3rd wheeling with Gilinsky so I thought I’d ask you to come. So thank YOU.” Matt said opening the limo door for me to step in.

It was almost like time stood still. I took a minute to admire my perfect boyfriend, standing there in his black tuxedo and shining black leather shoes. I wondered to myself how such a ravishing human being was MY boyfriend & only MINE.

I stepped into the car and Matt came in after me, closing the door behind him. The ride there was quite and calm. Matt & I enjoying each other’s company in privacy while we could. When we were almost to the destination, Matt was letting his friskiness get a hold of him. He put he hand on my upper thigh, inching it closer and closer to an area that was growing painfully uncomfortable by the minute. I crossed my legs to prevent him from making the next move he wanted to make. I looked up at him as if though nothing has just happened, smiling.

“You’ve got another thing coming to you babe.” Matt said in my ear. I got the goosebumps, thinking about all the things he could be planning to do.

Once we got to the destination, Matt got out and held the door for me. We walked the red carpet, where we saw Gilinsky and his “friend” Madison Beer who is a friend of Justin. I wasn’t to fond of Madison. Not because she wasn’t talented but she always made sly comments about me , or the way I looked, or the way I did anything for the matter. She always used to hit on Matt’s Bestfriend Nash when we all first became friends with her.

Matt held me close while cameras flashed and people yelled Matt’s name. We took some pictures but me being the camera shy one, tried to hide my face in Matt’s tux.

“Babe, c'mon. Show them that beautiful face.” Matt said. I lifted my head up and faced the cameras, watching all the lights flash here and there.

Matt and I walked inside, and sat in our directed seats. We were sitting at a table with Gilinsky & Madison. Madison was behaving herself tonight for once. I tried to bite me tongue and not say another when it came to her , it just wasn’t worth it.

About halfway through the roast, which was hilarious might I add, I decided it was time to switch the roles. It was time to give Matt a taste of his own medicine. I put my hand on his upper thigh, moving it slightly ever couple seconds. The feeling of my hand on his thigh was typical for him. I do this almost every time we’re together, but he was in for a huge surprise.

I moved my hand up to his crouch area, rubbing back and forth slightly. He tensed up underneath me taking in the new sensation he haven’t experienced with me ever. He didn’t dare to look at me , probably with the fear he’d pounce on me if he did. I bit my lip slightly, rubbing back and forth harder as he fidgeted in his seat.

“Y/n if you don’t stop when we get home your going to get punished.” Matt said in my ear harshly. Hearing those words gave me even more confidence to tease him more, growing wetter thinking about his plans.

I then unbuttoned his pants , slipping my hand halfway in before he swiftly grasped my hand, pausing it away.

“Your going to be so sorry for that.” Matt said through gritted teeth clearly annoyed.

“Sorry daddy.” I said in his ear. He quickly turned his head looking at me. He loves it when I call him that.

“Babe, you better stop.” Matt said looking very serious now. “We need to get out of here.” He says desperately.

“Your telling me.” I said under my breathe.

The roast seemed to go on forever , Matt and I both growing more needy for each other by the minute. Once the roast finally came to a close , Matt and I wasted no time in saying our quick goodbyes go Gilinsky & Madison. We rushed out of the guiding the roast was held in faster then a rocket it seemed.

Once we got into the limo, we both fought the urge to jump into each other knowing we both were in a someone secluded area.

But once we got home , it like a light switch went off. As soon as we stepped foot the house , I was pinned up against the now closed front door. Matt’s kisses attacking my neck quickly and needy. I melted under his touch as he slowed down more and more.

“Better be prepared babe. This isn’t about to be quick.” Matt said kissing my sweet spot. I was holding in so many moans trying to win this sort of game he had set up for us.

“Don’t hold back those moans babe. Let daddy hear them.” I let out a long string of moans that were so needy. Matt moaned into my neck. He stopped attacking my neck for a minute to pick me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he Carrie dis both up the steps. He laid us down on our bed once we got home.

He quickly discarded his suit jacket and was in the middle of loosing his tie when he leaned down leading us into another make out session.

Matt started kissing down my chest fiddling with my boobs thorough my dress.

“This needs to come off. Now.” Matt said demanding.

“Yes daddy.” You said.

“God y/n.” Matt said moaning.

Once my dress was discarded onto the ground , Matt went back to fiddling with my bra. He used is free hand to wrap around and undo the bra. With one hand. He started kissing , sucking, & nipping at my breasts leaving hickeys here and there. Once he got down the to place I needed him the most, he stopped.

“So beautiful.” Matt whispered against my clothed ‘area’ . I squirmed, but Matt placed both his large hands on either side of my hips , pinning them down. Looking up at me, I saw I Matt I hadn’t seen before. But it excited me. Matt pulled my panties, leaving me completely exposed. He ran a finger up my folds, making me squirm even more. He finally lowered his head kitten licking the area gently. He did this a few more times, but it wasn’t enough. He pulled away leaving me just wanting something more. He stepped away undressing the rest of himself, leaving himself completely exposed.

“I want you to beg for it.” Matt said.

“W-what?” I said shocked.

“You fucking heard me. You want it so bad? Beg for it.” Matt said. I moaned getting excited.

“Please Matt. I need you.” You said moaning.

“What’s my name?” He said raising an eyebrow growing angry. Shit.

“Ma- daddyyy.” You said. “Daddy I need you now. Fucking please daddy.” You said playing with your boobs.

“Don’t touch yourself like that.” Matt said sternly.

“Oh, and what are you gonna do it about it?” You said seductively. Before you knew it , you were being pinned it the bed. Matt placed him member between your legs and started thrusting into you.

“Matttt.” You moaned. You felt each other’s need.

“Baby, I’m gonna-” Matt said. “Come on babe.”

“Matt me too.”

You both released together , letting all your need and passion let loose. Matt collapsed on you kissing your neck one final time before laying next you.

“I love you babe.” Matt said.

“I love you dumbo.” You squad kissing his cheek.

Internet Witch Tip

I know probably many people do this already but I’m mostly just stating it so baby witches or even witches who just haven’t thought of it but I’m gonna say this anyways because I was a dumbo that didn’t do it.

When you see a spell (or any good information, really) online you think would be good for the future or just catches your eye, take a picture/screenshot of it. Trust me, you’ll have less probabilities of losing it that way. If I see something from my phone, I screenshot it, and when I’m on my computer, I take a picture of the screen with my phone so I can then analyze the spell better later and see if I should change anything from it for my intentions or liking. Don’t be lazy. It really beats searching the entire internet for it later.

Also, for a better way to know where they are, make a folder keeping all the pictures so less to search through.

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heyyy can I request a scenario w/Jimin going to Disneyland together :3 love your writing btw <3

can I request going to Disneyland with Jimin?? :D btw I love your writing <3<3

Disney with Jimin

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  • this has been in my inbox for like seven years so im sorry about this
  • i went to disney once and it was after my dad got home from afghanistan ahh so we stayed in the cool army hotel and my hair was short and aidan was there and im gonna make myself cry nOW
  • regardless i was young and i only remember two rides so please forgive me if my descriptions aren’t accurate!!
  • jimin has secretly always been obsessed with disney. not like the crappy current disney stuff but like the old VHS movies and the quality shows like That’s So Raven!! like he just loved that kind of stuff, but especially the old VHs movies
  • he collects them in the house and sometimes you’ll find one lying around and you’re do they even make VHS players anymore jimin seriously they have discs for this reason babe,,,
  • once a month he makes it a must that you two sit down and marathon the movies
  • his favorites include: Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmatians, The Aristocats, Sword in the Stone, and Robin Hood
  • we won’t even talk about the best animated princess movie though because it isn’t disney and it’s just on another level but uh
  • anyway you two will sit down on saturday mornings in your pajamas and he’ll make some pancakes and granted they’re always burnt around the edges but man they taste just fine to you and you guys will snuggle on the couch and watch like five movies in a row and put your phones in another room so nobody can disturb the tradition
  • he has some little plushies too you always get him one every time he goes away on tour so he has a bunch at this point that he can cuddle when he’s missing you, his favorite one is the Dumbo one!!
  • okay so im gonna talk about the disney in florida cause that’s all i know just a heads up
  • he’s been thinking about disney for a while
  • you two have never had the time to take a vacation down there because he’s been slammed with comeback schedules and he is always practicing or recording and legit you guys have to watch less and less movies because he is just so busy
  • but they give him a break!! they actually give him a break and jimin knows just what you guys are gonna do to celebrate and have some quality time together!!
  • but alas taehyung gets jealous so jin is like oh let’s all go on vacation to disney world but that’s a different story
  • anyway you’re chilling at home one day, waiting for jimin to come home from practice!! you bought some carry out and you have the VHS up and running (god knows how it still works) and you have Beauty and the Beast in ready to go
  • Jimin comes through the door and he’s holding a large-ish box, probably big enough for oh, idk, a hat maybe? and he has another little bag in his hand with a cute bow on it!!
  • you’re kinda like !! because while jimin is definitely the type to spoil you, you’re not aware of anything special coming up or anything you had been dying to have lately or anything like that?
  • but he just giggles when you point at the box and he puts his fingers to his lips to shush you and you’re like babe wth i dont play these kind of games
  • also important to mention that this boy bELTS out his disney songs i mean goes out like hardcore hitting the high notes and singing both parts and he has the time of his life like he could be in a live action
  • anyway he plops down on the couch beside you and you’re like lmao what’s this about jimin why you acting so sweet don’t you accidentally mix my favorite shirt with the red sock again
  • and he just shrugs “idk your highness maybe you should learn to accept surprises”
  • “okay first of all ruDE and secondly, what’s up with the princess thing, isn’t that kinda jin’s little thing? that whole royalty… “
  • he keeps silent throughout the movie but honestly he’s giggling to himself and holding the bag and box to his chest while you two sing along to be our guest and you try to steal the said items and he always pulls them away just in the nick of time and you’re kinda like how does he do it??
  • okay but jimin gets too excited for the surprise so half way through the movie he pauses it and is like well this can’t wait any longer and you kinda!!!
  • he opens the box first and pulls out this plastic tiara like little girls wear on their birthdays and it has all the fake gems and it’s silvery and he places it on the crown (lmao get it) of your head and he’s like “i don’t have enough money for a real one, I’m sorry”
  • you don’t know where this is going, like the mystery and surprise aspect definitely screams jimin but usually it’s more “hey i found a puppy on the street and he’s ours now”, never like wow i might steal the crown jewels for you
  • he hands you the bag and you peer inside, and there’s a pretty royal blue envelope and you’re like what is this?? and he nudges you a bit and tells you to open it
  • and you do with shaking fingers and you pull some paper out of the envelope and you scan it over and your eyes go wide and you kinda “jimin!!!”
  • behold, a digital receipt for your tickets to disney!!
  • you scream and tackle him to the couch and he’s laughing and smiling so wide and it’s the squeaky cute laugh btw
  • he tells you that hey our trip is in a week and you’re like babe wtf i need to plan all of this like what am i gonna wear it’s like hot down there??
  • but nah he just really wants to go so before you know it the movie is ditched and you’re rushing upstairs to throw everything in a suitcase
  • i think jimin would be one of those people that wants to explore everything and not really have a set plan?? like some people plan every single hour of the trip and make an itinerary like that is no fun and jimin would be like we’ll hit whatever we hit!!
  • okay so you leave and it’s a flight and it’s uneventful because jimin won’t shut up about meeting all the characters and hoseok won’t stop kicking your chair so you eventually crash tbh
  • but once you get there you get to the hotel and you set up everything and it’s late at night when you arrive so you guys go straight to bed but jimin can’t see and has a karaoke battle with himself tbh
  • but the next morning ooh buddy
  • he’s screaming in your ear and you’re like hoseok is here what?? (ily baby) and he’s jumping around and he flops on top of you and he’s like hello wake up this is the most important day of our life !!
  • he’s in a muscle tee or tank like a shirt without sleeves okay and he some shorts on and wow he looks poppin you can’t help but stare at those dancer muscles mm hmm
  • and you get changed and he’s rushing you the entire time while also managing to sing i can show you the world (s/o to birthday squad) at the top of his lungs
  • the other boys have decided they will be their own group (tbh yoongi, hoseok and namjoon leave seokjin and jeongguk and tae to their own devices #raplinelives) cause they want you guys to have some quality time together
  • the first thing you do when you enter the gates is buy some disney hats!! bcuz that’s all i remember from disney save my doll i got so like important!!
  • you get one with the mickey ears and jimin gets one with a goofy face like his mouth/snout thing is the brim of sorts and it has the face as the top part of the hat this is bad rip but you get the idea and the ears are the lil flaps on the side!!
  • okay so jimin is like the big rides are overrated we need to go on the quality rides
  • and so he drags you over to a small world
  • that ride never has a line
  • he’s bouncing because he’s so excited to see all the cute dolls of the world especially to see if he can find one in traditional korean clothes!!!
  • like you get in the boat and he’s singing along to himself and you’re holding hands and you go through and he’s swaying to the music and then he sees one of the dolls in a hanbok and he shrieks and you have to shush him because you don’t want them to stop the ride or something smh
  • he makes you go on eh the ride five more times and every single time he sees the one in hanbok he loses his shit and he takes like twenty pics to send back to his mother to show her how cute disney is!!
  • he swings your arms back and forth as you two walk and he hums along and he’s literally skipping
  • you guys head to the tea cups next!
  • when the lines are super long you teach him to play this game called gorilla, man, gun, it’s like the advanced version of rock paper scissors
  • and you guys also play chopsticks and he always asks the random people in line if they want to play any games with you too because they might be bored he’s such a sweetheart!!!
  • all the moms look so confused and suspicious but then he teaches the kids how to play and he’s so sweet and gentle they all fall in love with him and soon jimin becomes like seven five-year olds best friends!
  • so you get on the teacups and he’s like i wonder how fast you can spin these and you’re like lmao probably not fa-
  • but boy has some guns and he’s spinning the center circle thing so fast and you two are spinning faster than any other teacup on the entire room and gravity is so strong you can’t even keep your head up
  • jimin isn’t even dizzy when you get off
  • you are though and he offers to carry you on his back until you feel better ahh what a precious bean
  • idk what other rides there are sAVE THE BEST ONE IN THE ENTIRE PARK AKA TOM SAWYER’S ISLAND
  • you two kinda stumble across it by chance you’re like is this a ride??
  • so basically what happens you take a boat over to this island and you just explore there are like a million different ways to go and there are new paths at every single turn and you don’t know where to go and that’s what fun because you and jimin bicker and argue whether you should go left or right, should you go into the mines, or should you head to the fort??
  • you two wander around for what seems like hours because you guys are determinded to travel every path and explore the entire island
  • tbh it takes longer because when you guys get to the fort and stare out and the park he gets a little overwhelmed and kisses your face all over and then pulls you in a for a real kiss but then some bitter mom cusses you out and he gets embarrassed and hides himself in the crook of your neck
  • after that you go to the pirate’s of the caribbean ride cause that’s fun
  • until you tell jimin there’s apparently a real skull at the end of the ride and that causes him to cross his arms over his chest and he pouts and whines and says you’re ruining all his fun and that he should’ve brought hoseok on the ride and not you
  • but he loves you anyway and squeezes your hand super tight “just in case the ride scares you a lot”
  • if you couldn’t tell he’s the scared one
  • you guys are trying to meet up with the other boys for lunch when you happen to run into some of the characters like peter pan and the princesses and his eyes light up and he gasps and he gets so excited that he just bounces around and he yanks some napkins and a pen from his pocket and you’re like wtf where did you get those from there buddy?
  • and he waits in line behind all the small little children and you can see the anticipation on his face and he’s bouncing literally bouncing again and you hear him rehearsing what he’s gonna say to them ahh what a cutie
  • when he gets up there he makes you take like seven million pictures and he hugs mickey and minnie and goofy and you have never seen his smile so bright in your entire life
  • tbh some of the princesses are lining up to get a pic with him (same with peter pan though) and you guys end up being late for lunch because of the little photoshoot
  • namjoon warned everyone to NOT eat in the park because the food is so expensive but then jimin sees ice cream that is shaped like mickey mouse and he’s like well screw that idea
  • he gets all cheesy and gross and you guys share the same ice cream cone and he licks the ice cream off your nose because greasy like that
  • if your feet hurt again he makes sure to carry you everywhere
  • you guys get someone to take cute couple pictures of you two in front of the cinderella castle and you guys are kissing and it’s super cute because some rude ass kids don’t photobomb you (s/o to eric)
  • and he immediately makes the picture his screensaver and he sends it to all the boys because he’s like wow we are the cutest couple ever!!
  • you guys also go on the tower of terror and he promises you that if any ghost attacks you that he will punch the ghost, unless it’s a sad ghost because then he’ll try to befriend it and you wonder how you ended up with the most pure boyfriend on the face of the planet like is he real??
  • when you guys finally get home he lays on top of you and thanks you for making his day the most memorable thing in the entire world and he says that he loves you so much and he’s so happy
  • you two look through all the pictures that he took or you took and you sit there and laugh and smile and you know that you’ll never forget this moment for the rest of your life
  • and the best part is that you get to wake up and do it all over again with the love of your life!!

Apparently I found a plot twist in Finding Nemo!

and also appears in Findind Dory

yes, I’m talking about Pearl that small pink octopus!! SHE IS LOST IN THE REEF!!!

That octupus is a dumbo octopus (Grimpoteuthis sp) because of the ear-like fin, there are around 14 species in the  genus Grimpoteuthis. ALL OF THEM FROM THE DEEP SEA!!! They are bathypelagic octopuses, ie they live close to the ocean floor.


I’m pretty sure that the next movie is gonna be about this lost baby!


How I Met My Boyfriend: a story by me

The whole concerts/meet&greet story is hella long, so I’m just gonna tell you guys about Mike.

First he came up to me, I gave him my presents and then I was asked to give him the Shinodollars we all prepared for the flashmob in Saint-Petesrburg during GATS performance (ICYMI, go to Linkin Park’s Instagram and watch the video of it). It would be weird if the band didn’t know what’s flying in the air, so I told Mike “Oh,and here’s a hundred for you.” Mike pretended he didn’t notice, I repeated, “Mike, here’s a hundred.” He stared at it, trying to understand what’s going on, he was so confused. Look at the first pic (the hair on the right bottom is mine lol), it basically says “but uhm im a rockstar i uh??? have these??” And then he finally saw his signature photoshopped on it and realized it wasn’t a real hundred bucks. He screamed OOOHHHHH and started laughing, then showing the “bill” to his guard, who said people in the line before us already  gave some to him, but Mike didn’t notice. He looked back at me and then the bill, smiling (2nd pic) and said “haha i thought you were like "and this is a hundred dollars for you”. I responded with “I mean, if you need that”, he laughed again, “I’m afraid if I pay with these, I’m gonna go to jail”, I said “no, don’t do that”, Mike said “I don’t wanna do that”. Then I had to give him the flag for him to put on his keyboard during the set. Mike looked at it and said “I don’t understand,should I sign it?”, to which I said “uhmmmm, nnno, it’s for your kEYboard” with a “wow you dumbo” intonation. He went OHHHHH and smiled, then asked Missy to unfold the flag and asked me, “What does it say?”. At that moment, Mark Fiore came with his camera, he was filming me saying “it says WE’LL MAKE YOU STRONGER. *missy unfolds the flag* or STRONG, rather. sorry.WE’LL MAKE YOU STRONG.” LOL. Mike stared at the flag for a couple seconds more and moved on along the line.

That was it. I didn’t shake his hand, I didn’t hug him and I didn’t take a pic with him. But still I got good memories. And I’m thankful for that.