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day 4 | back to school challenge | 🎶jung sewoon - just u 

i’m that type of person that sticks to stuff she’s used for years and know it’s good and got accustomed to, so new additions to my essentials for studying, at least physical ones, are rare. i’m always trying out new sites and tools and apps, but as for irl stuff, i have a set list of essentials. 


  1. flashcards - can be used in a wide variety of ways to study, are portable and cheap
  2. mech pencil - i prefer pentel mech pencils; they’re comfortable and last the longest
  3. pilot g2/juice .38 black pen - most comfortable and fluid pens
  4. pilot g2 .7 black pen - thicker point to use for other things
  5. pink and dark blue inkjoy pens - for notes
  6. a notebook - i prefer to write rather than type when brainstorming or doing assignments, so a lot of blank space comes in handy
  7. post-its - the most useful things ever. i forget if it’s not written down somewhere, so what better way to remember than to write it and put it where i can see?


i do a lot of my homework online, so i use these sites and tools

  1. taskade - chrome extension that has a nice, minimal to-do list in a new tab
  2. google scholar - to find reliable sources 
  3. google docs - easy to collaborate with ppl, and you can even edit ur homework on ur phone if u use this! google tools are a blessing tbh
  4. noodletools - easy place to make citations, store them, and it has many various tools to help with project
  5. google - you already know
  6. forest - helps in staying off my phone
  7. quizlet - study guides and flashcards made by others that can really help. there’s many ap study guides too. u can also make ur own! 
  8. noisli - background noise app! you can adjust the types of sounds (night, fire crackling, rain, thunder, etc.). v helpful for when music tends to distract you from homework
  9. genius scan - i use this to scan documents for class or for scholarships. easy to use, and much easier than our printer’s scanner 

this is it for now, but i may add more later on! i hope this can help you find stuff that can work for you! 





Hey, everyone! I’m sick of waiting for job interviewers to call me back with WorldWideWords 2017 in literally 2 weeks! I’d really like to not perish quietly in Japan so I’ve decided enough waiting, I’m gonna do something about this. I’m gonna do all I CAN do. I’m gonna draw! FOR 12-HOURS STRAIGHT. FOR YOU!

For this stream, I’m going ALL-OUT. Face cam, dope music, mic on, overlay with how close I am to my goal, the whole thing! Even if you can’t commission me, if you wanna come hang out, please do! I could use the company, and I wanna make it fun! If you can’t drop in, a signal boost is just as appreciated!

Thanks a million, everyone. It seems I’m nothing without y’all! UPDATE: LIVE ON JULY 16TH ON MY YOUTUBE!!! We’re streaming from YouTube because it’s just easier so that’s where is gonna be! I’ll reblog this post at stream time with the proper link!

Day6; call me, beep me (if you wanna reach me) Ch. II

Read Ch. I here on tumblr or here on ao3 (for better formatting) or you probably won’t understand anything.

sweg squad


bbyxD: hyung

daddykang: yeah?

bbyxD: other hyung

jaethebae: wats up

bbyxD: other other hyung

daddykang: dowoonie please
daddykang: you gotta be more specific next time

jaethebae: yeah like
jaethebae: how can u call wonpil hyung of all things

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How We Live Now

Steggy Positivity Week | Day 4: Modern Day

Some of what Peggy has to learn about the twenty-first century is not the nicest of surprises.

The sight of his apartment door is a welcome one, and Steve feels a rush of relief as he fishes out the keys from his pocket. It’s a curious effect of the super soldier serum that, despite healing faster, and being able to walk away from what would seriously injure or even kill a normal man, he still feels the aches and pains for days. In fact, his whole body at this moment feels rather like one giant bruise. 

He’s looking forward to collapsing on top of his bed (or maybe the couch, if he doesn’t make it that far), but not before he says hello to the new roommate that he has recently acquired.

When Peggy turned up in the middle of New York, apparently catapulted through time by one of Howard Stark’s experiments, Steve was only able to spend a couple of days with her before he had to fly out on a mission. For the couple of days he’s been away, he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about the fact that she would be there when he got home.  

He still can’t quite believe that she is here, seemingly permanently, and when he sees her familiar figure in the middle of the room he feels a burst of joy spiral through him. He stops in the doorway to look at her for a moment. She was still in her forties skirt and blouse when he last saw her, but since then she’s changed into a pair of jeans and a knitted sweater, her hair loose around her shoulders. Somehow that modern attire makes it that much more real.

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Summary: Aviophobia (the fear of flying in an aeroplane) had plagued you for as long as you could remember. Then one day on a flight from Las Vegas to Washington, you end up seated next to Dr Spencer Reid, and suddenly air travel doesn’t seem so bad anymore. 

Pairing: Spencer Reid x reader

Warnings: none!! Just our favourite federal agent being a big sweetheart.

Check out some of my other work over at my Masterlist !

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What it’s Like to Be Aromantic

About the flag

The original flag was made of four stripes: green, yellow, orange, and black. However, due to some cultural and sensitivity issues, it was changed to the current flag. Green is the opposite of red, which is traditionally a romantic color and is represented as such on the flag. The two shades of green show that being aromantic is a spectrum. The white stripe represents platonic relationships. The grey and black also represent a spectrum, but for sexuality.

What does aromantic mean?

  • Aromanticism is feeling little to no romantic attraction to someone. Romantic attraction is the desire to be in a romantic relationship. “Aromantic” can be used as both a specific identity (someone who experiences no romantic attraction) or as an umbrella term for someone who identifies as being on the aromantic spectrum. The aromantic spectrum includes a number of identities that fall between “experiences no romantic attraction” (aromantic) and “experiences romantic attraction” (alloromantic), such as people who experience varying, little, or infrequent romantic attraction. Those people can identify as “aro-spec” or simply as aromantic in addition to a more specific label.

Myths and Misconceptions:

  • People often think/confuse us for robots, being repressed, being scared of everything, being sad and lonely, needing to be fixed.
  • One myth is that aros are still straight.  Aros are not straight. I am not straight. At all. In any way, shape, or form. Heterosexual Aros are not straight. Anyone on the aromantic spectrum is not straight.
  • A lot of people think being aromantic is the same thing as being asexual, but it’s not at all! Many people are aromantic without being asexual, and many people who are asexual without being aromantic.
  • There are a number of misconceptions about aromantic people. Apart from mixing up asexuality and aromanticism, people often think that we have no emotional attachments or feelings at all, since we don’t feel romantic attachments. That isn’t true! A person’s romantic orientation is simply one part of their identity and aros are no more inclined to be loners or unfeeling than anyone else.
  • Aros who aren’t asexual are often called predatory or manipulative for having sexual attraction towards people without romantic attraction towards them. That is untrue. Aromanticism is not a character flaw, and a person who experiences sexual attraction without romantic attraction accompanying it is no more likely to be manipulative or hurtful than anyone else.

What is it like to be aromantic?

  • For me, being aro is looking at your friends and thinking and feeling that is the end. There’s nothing stronger for me than what I feel for my friends. Thinking of trying to give more is overwhelming or even frightening. When I am expected to feel anything more than that, I feel sick, mostly because I know that I can’t reciprocate that for them. Genuinely, the deepest bonds I’ve ever had have been the ones of pure friendship.
  • Personally, I don’t feel the need or want to date, kiss, or do conventionally romantic things with others. I do not desire a partner, and I’m told that alloromantics get butterflies in their stomachs? That sounds uncomfortable. This is by no means a universal experience. Aromanticism is always having your orientation autocorrect to its exact opposite. When people flirt with me, I shut them down. Hard. I can usually tell when people are flirting with me, but I also usually interpret flirting as aggression. I don’t flirt with other people. Note: Aromanticism can be influenced by past experiences or neurodivergence, as well as not. They are still valid. At any rate, it’s none of your business unless the individual in question feels you should know. The first time I came out, it was to my mom. She told me I was too young to know, and that I should wait until I turned 21 to decide. She tried to be supportive otherwise, thought, by replacing “when you get married” with “if you get married” when talking about relationships. Coming out got easier as I did it more. I’m out to most of my friends, but not all of my family or church. If I wanted romance, I’d get it. I’m just not remotely interested and honestly kind of bored by the whole idea. My aromanticism and my asexuality are not linked to each other. They are two separate identities which coexist. I don’t like romance music/shows, however, I do ship fictional characters. A lot. When you come out, you’re gonna have to give people vocabulary lessons, so prepare yourself for that. You don’t have to come out of course. I’m lucky enough to have friends who understand and care enough to learn stuff about me.

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UNOFFICIAL “Quick Overview” Haylor Timeline

I thought it might be useful to write a quick basic overview without specific proofs or dates that roughly show the evolution of haylor’s relationship. (and even if it’s not useful, i want it on my blog) I also separated music I personally deem relevant to each section. (RELEVANT MUSIC SUBJECT TO INTERPRETATION)

So here we go:

  • KCA’s 2012 - a few weeks later: haylor-ish. Talking, hanging out, flirting, maybe going somewhere but Harry got scared. Relevant Music: How You Get the Girl, Come Back… Be Here
  • Late September?/Early October? 2012 - Jan 2013: The Relationship. Dating. Meet the friends and family, go on vacation, dating. Relevant Music: All of It
  • Jan 2013 - August 2013: The Aftermath. This is “The relationship is over but not really.” Relevant Music: Wonderland, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, This Love, Out of the Woods
  • August - 2013: Are we friends? I count this as awkward “I wanna be friends but -” time….. Some people count it as a part of the next phase… But I think it’s separate Relevant Music: Just a Little Bit of Your Heart, I Wish You Would, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Style
  • 2014 - Jan 2015: Friends/FWB. Friends and probs (def) hooking up on the dl Relevant Music: Style, Wildest Dreams, This Love, Perfect, Two Ghosts
  • Post Jan 2015 - Present: The Aftermath 2: Revenge of The Aftermath. This is the part of their relationship where they’re done. Taylor probs had an easier time with the aftermath because she jumped into another relationship not long after FWB ended (and Harry’s told us through music he was terrible at it)… But yep! Relevant Music: Harry’s MITAM and HS1

And that’s the years of haylor!

e petersmark

All the words I couldn’t say to you
Fill up the spaces in my chest
Like spare coins poised on the tip of my tongue
I make a wish and hold my breath

Send me anywhere
Take me out
I’m the well they’re gonna drag you down

All the words I couldn’t say to you
Oh the damage I’d have wrought
That old house, those rotting memories
Burned easier than I’d have thought.

Send me anywhere
Take me out
I’m the well they’re gonna drag you down

All the words I couldn’t say to you
A ready army in my throat
I taste blood, I’m sick of swallowing stones
So I’ll wave the flag, tell the boys to go home

Send me anywhere
Take me out
I’m the well they’re gonna drag you down



I love Wintergatan and Martin is the most brilliant person I’ve ever seen. I’ve been a fan for about a year now and only now do I draw some fanart, GG self lol. I was gonna draw the Marble Machine but… Christ, have you seen that thing?? It’d take me a month to draw it :’3 So instead here’s Martin with the music box, which wasn’t easy to draw (even when I simplified it a little) but it was easier than the Marble Machine at least.

Go check out Wintergatan if you haven’t yet!! (x) (x) (x)

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comic edit tutorial

i thought i’d make a tutorial on my method of making comic edits. the thing with making comic edits it that it takes patience! so if you want to start making comic edits best to have some background music or something cause it will take a while at first but once you start getting used to it, it will be a breeze.

for me it usually takes around 5-10 minutes to do a one edit, it really depends on the panel itself. for this edit i thought i do one that is both easy on some parts but hard on other parts. 



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I don’t remember a lot of ramadans, but in my 22 years of living, this past ramadan was probably the best. There was something extra special about it. Before ramadan I wrote down some goals that I wished to achieve throughout the month and the things I wanted to accomplish by the time ramadan is over. I didn’t want to be too ambitious setting unreasonable goals that I know I’m not going to keep up to. I also didn’t want to share them with you guys, not until ramadan is over. 

  1. Blog daily for 30 days - This was probably the hardest & I really doubted myself in the beginning, but alhamdulillah I managed (alright to be fair i skipped 4/5 days due to travelling etc). Of course to share something, one must first be equipped with knowledge. So I tried to study the Quran and listen to islamic lectures for the whole month, and took notes while I was at it. When I was done, I would share them all here on my blog. Although ramadan is up, i’m just gonna leave all the posts here, hopefully it would continue to benefit us all

  2. Remember a surah - I challenged myself to memorize at least one surah from the quran. After going through the quran, I picked Surah Al-Jumu’ah. Since it has been such a long time since I actually got myself to memorize a full surah, starting over was very tricky. But praise be to Allah, it got easier in time and by His mercy, i eventually managed to have the surah by heart

  3. Give up music and movies - Ok this has nothing to do with some fatwas saying music is haraam or anything. Refraining from it was a personal choice. I gave myself an alternative though, say I really wanted to listen to music- they should remind me of Allah. It felt nice taking a break from my depressingly satisfying playlist for a while. I learnt a thing or two from this as well, inshaAllah will share them here soon.

These resolutions might seem small to some of you, I mean, bet you guys had bigger aims. However this helped me a lot to improve myself. I learnt so so much this ramadan i wish it never ended, at least not that quickly. Also, for those who has been supporting me from the start, thank you so much. I have been getting so much love in my Tumblr inbox, mashaAllah. Hope you guys had a wonderful ramadan. May Allah be pleased with our ibadahs inshaAllah.

Anywhooo, if it’s not too late. Happy Eid Mubarak


I really wanted to participate something for mazume week…. but  i couldn’t reall decide wich prompt so i did all of them and made a super short comic (「´ー`)「 ( under the cut) 

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all you negative muthafuckas should look at me as inspiration. im 23 fucking years old and built a fucking monster and im not ever gonna fucking land. stop being scary and neagtive and start believing in yourself and stop living for all these other fucking idiots. some of yall should put that fucking blunt down and go do what the fuck you know you need to do. do it for yourself, i believe in everyone because i believe in myself. fuck reaching for the stars, thats setting a limit, fuck those. some of you dont like yourself. some of you arent comfortable with yourself. thats so fucking sad. stop that shit. but some of you cant. thats why yall ask for likes on instagram and shit, cause yall self esteem so fucking low. cut that shit out and start liking yourself. when that happens, you will start trusting yourself, then you trust your ideas, then you fucking become that person you really want to be. if you dont have any confidence let me be your fucking confidence. im gonna be a fucking great years from now and i fully believe that and fully do not care about ANYONES opinion on why im not because i KNOW. start smiling more and start hanging around people that makes you feel good or make you want to be better. stop associating with LOSERS. if a nigga only hits you up to smoke or drink or turn up and have nothing else to offer to get you where ever you think about being when you are alone daydreaming THEN GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM THEM. time is going by soooo fast and before you know it you;re gonna be on your deathbed telling stories about how much you sucked and how you regret not living the life you wanted to live, loving the people you wanted to love, taking the chances you wanted to take. THERE ARE NO RULES, FUCK THE RULES. GO. FIND YOUR WINGS. I FOUND MY WINGS AND IM STILL FLYING AND I WILL NEVER EVER LAND. but some of you have to find yourself ya know. i knew the who i was at like age 10. i knew the music i loved the colors i knew what i was into. most of you listen to what ever is hot or what your friends like, yall dress how everyone else dress, yall do what everyone else do. FUCKING STOP BEING A FUCKING FOLLOWER. read the comments, the weak ass follower that will never make a difference ever cause they fucking SUCK are gonna say some shit like “ easier said than done” or “ you are a hyporcrite” or “ you changed” or some stupid shit like that, cause they are most like the weak fuck im talking about and cant cope with it, cause they are scared. DONT BE SCARED. idk why im typing this. im on a lake on vacation just drawing and listening to music ( been playing CC The World for like 6 hours) and just realized oh wow, im on a vacation for no reason, this is crazy, ive dreamed of this, how did i get this far, oh yeah, by trusting myself and not following that path my mom wanted me to go, and surround myself with other people that wanted more outta like and trust my wild ideas, and i put my art out and people liked it and trusted me, and now im here. i guess what im trying to say is i want everyone to win. i want everyone to smile, i want everyone to be in a good mood and as annoying and always jumping around like me cause im so fucking happy and grateful, but i realize niggas is scared. or who knows, maybe im just a special one. i dont know anything. im in the woods and i really want to meet a moose in person if i see one im gonna get a photo hahahahahaha oh and RACISM IS FUCKING WEAK AS FUCK anti golf boys and oh this saturday another F/W drop from GOLF. love you, today i want you to find your wings.
—  Tyler, The Creator 
Shit My Theatre Professor Said (Part Eight):
  • "They're not moving very much."
  • "Annoyed yet?"
  • "The internet is for porn."
  • "I can't make a theater explode, cause then I wouldn't have a job."
  • "It's 9pm—I'm out—peace."
  • "I don't know what that means—it's not true but..."
  • "I'm behind, I got shit to do."
  • "I'll just let this play so it's drilled into your heads for the rest of the night."
  • "That'd be four and a half hours of suck."
  • "There's no dance breaks."
  • "That's just insanely painful."
  • "Here's the annoying part."
  • "It's 10pm, why am I still here?"
  • "Fuck off."
  • "The story is absolutely horseshit."
  • "I made them chase lights."
  • "I think it had to do with micropenises."
  • "It's cool, even if it's not real."
  • "What happened to the audio?"
  • "I happened to be watching The Simpson's."
  • "I got singing to do."
  • "I was expecting something totally different."
  • "It's really not that good of a musical according to me."
  • "You're not really super depressed."
  • "The internet is not for that."
  • "Somebody not legally recorded this."
  • "Damn you autoplay."
  • "I saw it just because; it was great."
  • "They use dance to express all their feelings."
  • "Sometimes it's easier just to power through it."
  • "If you're gonna bring treats you gotta bring enough for everybody."
  • "Would you wanna pay $17 to be somewhere for one hour?"
  • "That's where sports come in handy."
  • "There's ways to look this shit up."
  • "People died."
  • "This'll be cool even though he's dead."
  • "I finally saw Deadpool like two weeks ago."
  • "We can write a song to this."
  • "That's a lot of fucking money."
  • "Half the battle is figuring out what the hell is means."

@taylorswift hey taylor! I don’t usually do these things lol,,
I’ve loved you for so many years now and I’ve been with you from the beginning. I’m always gonna love and support you. You make my day a whole lot better when I listen to your music and not a day goes by without me listening to your albums, they speak to me in such a way that it’s hard to describe. Your music been there for me in my hardest times, it always makes every situation easier and I’m greatful for that. I want to say thank you for doing what you do, you’re such an amazing artist who I admire so so much. I love you.

- Lauren, 16, Ireland.

beep-beep-richie-trashmouth  asked:

Pass the happy along! :) When you get this, answer with five things that make you happy, and pass the happy along to ten nice people! 🌻☀️🌻☀️

Okay okay things that make me happy uhhh

-My friends
-the It cast (its sad I know)
-my family

I’m gonna tag people bc it’s easier but if you get tagged you don’t need to do it this is really open to anybody
@eyelinerspacedad @richiie-tozier @shutup-tozier @bistevesrogers @edsrich @problematicc-favs I can’t think of anyone else 🤷🏼‍♀️

Pablo: I-I don’t see why you all felt the need to set up a blog. D-do you really have nothing better to do?

Melody: Shush! If we’re gonna be here for about six hours a night, might as well make our time a little more enjoyable.

Pablo: Within those six hours, I’m supposed to be defending for my life against haunted animatronics, running this is not going to make my job any easier.

Melody: SHUSH!


Ask the Appliance Alliance is now open for asks and role-play! Have fun, go crazy…just hope you all make it past night four.

emilyplaysgames  asked:

Top 5 favorite locations in Eorzea + around?

there are so many beautiful places in eorzea, it’s really hard to decide! so I’m gonna do location = general map to make it a bit easier ;u; 

1. ishgard….otl…I’m a huge sucker for architecture in general and esp. the style they drew inspiration from. the jeweled crozier is my favorite market place ? all the churches and manors. the general atmosphere. the looore. the emotional investment I have when playing as the WoL. 
2. western coerthas highlands - the scars. it’s…tragically beautiful. the desolate feeling, the music, all the little details you find from the merciless climate change and terror that war brings. the abandoned farms!! HERETIC THINGS, THE CONVICTORS. there’s a lot of good stuff to find here.
3. the!! dravanian!!! forelands!!! I was in love with this map since the first time I laid eyes on it during the liveletter back in the days. If it wasn’t for the history of the western highlands, this would have been my second choice. I love the aesthetic, I love the MUSIC, gosh I love the music; I love the area around anyx trine and I definitely love the tailfeather hunters. 
4. the North Shroud. it’s so autumny! I have such adoration for autumn colors, and the sanctuary areas are so beautifully designed imo! yet the map always makes me go through terrible terrible emotions due to LNC 30 /bye 
5.the south shroud is by far the most interesting shroud area to me due to the tight situation at quarrymill reg. ala mhigans/duskwights/keepers and how it’s constructed. Also there’s buscarron’s druthers. such a good place.

I can’t really speak for the areas in SB since I still haven’t seen much of them. D: but I think I will grow really fond of the gyr abanian areas once I explored them thoroughly  <3 <3 I mean…as coerthan/shroud-ish as the answers turned out, I’m actually very much in love with the dry and hot landscapes. (ul’dah starter life) 


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Hmmm how about some niall smut? when you guys are in a hotel room for the night with nothing else to do?

The sigh that exited Niall’s mouth was deep and pronounced.

And annoying.

I wasn’t any more thrilled than he was about being stuck in this hotel but there was nothing either of us could do about it.  The fans outside were of the mob kind and they were only increasing in numbers as everyone called their friends to come and join them.  

One Direction was in town and that was definitely a reason to stake out the hotel for the night to see if you could find anyone.

Even if it meant that security nixed any plans for us to leave the hotel at all.  Harry seemed fine with it, retiring to his room to catch up on sleep and…yoga probably.  Liam decided to play around with some music with some of his friends that had shown up to say hello since they lived in town.  And Louis, well no one really knew what happened to him which meant he was definitely getting into trouble somewhere doing something he shouldn’t.

Niall seemed to be the only one supremely irritated by the turn of events. I rolled my eyes as I looked over at him,

“Sighing won’t make this any easier to get through.”

“I feel like I’m goin’ stir crazy in here…”  He mumbled as he thumbed through his phone, “If somethin’ doesn’t happen soon I’m gonna start posting pictures of you on Snapchat.”

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