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write 2 trans best friends coming out to each other! it can be whoever you want; otabek and yuri, or phichit and yuuri, or anyone whose friendship you like! Either one character is out and the other one isn't, or they're both closeted and its a moment of "im trans" "me too!" (bonus if you have them diff. genders and they end up helping each other with stuff like lending clothes)

Alright here you go, genderfluid Yuuri and trans guy Phichit:

“Yuuuurrriii,” Phichit stretched the two syllables as far as he could. “We should do something fun tonight.”

“Phailin-chan, get your feet off my poster,” Yuuri said in response.

Phichit winced slightly at the name but said nothing, he was used to hearing it. “I am comfortable.” He was lying on Yuuri’s bed with his feet up against the wall and his head dangling over the edge while Yuuri sat at his desk.

“You could do this in your own room you know, you don’t have to ruin my poster,” Yuuri commented.

“Yes but you don’t have a roommate, I do,” Phichit said. “And I don’t think you’ll be at a loss if one of your precious Victor Nikiforov posters gets a little crumpled.”

“There was an uneven number of males when the dorms were assigned,” Yuuri shrugged. “Otherwise I would have a roommate too. And no, there were only 1000 prints made of that one,” he pointed at the poster Phichit’s feet were almost resting on. “It’s special.”

“You think Victor is prettier than me, don’t you?” Phichit pouted. “I’m sorry I’m not good enough for you Yuuri, I’ll leave so you never have to see my ugly face again.”

Yuuri laughed and turned to face him. “You’re the second prettiest girl I know Phailin-chan, don’t be jealous,” he teased. “I thought you were trying to convince me to do something fun.”

Phichit sighed at the compliment, he wanted to correct Yuuri but he never did. “Yes, you need to get out more. Let’s go to a party.”

“Not this again,” Yuuri groaned. “Haven’t you taken me to enough of those, why don’t we doing something more subdued. We could go grocery shopping,” he suggested.

“Absolutely not,” Phichit shook his head. “That does not count as fun.”

“We could make Thai food,” Yuuri smiled hopefully.

“Not happening,” Phichit said. “I already picked a party out, I was invited by someone in my photography class. It’s somewhat fancy and there will be a dance floor, show of your moves man!”

“Fine,” Yuuri relented. He almost always did though Phichit never forced him when he could tell it was something that would make him super uncomfortable.

“Yay!” Phichit swung himself into an upright position and grinned. “It’ll be so much fun.”

Yuuri seemed much less enthusiastic than he was. “You always say that, but as long as this doesn’t result in a hamster, a child, or pole dancing then fine.”

“I’m gonna have to dress you up for this, you can’t go looking like that,” Phichit trotted over to Yuuri’s closet and gestured at the exercise clothes Yuuri was wearing.

“I happen to be comfortable like this,” Yuuri said.

“Nope, not happening,” Phichit shook his head and pulled open the closet, quickly narrowing down what was acceptable. He eyed some of the garments with longing and sighed, Yuuri might not have the greatest sense of style but he had some nice clothes. “You need something fancier. What do you want to wear?”

“This,” Yuuri deadpanned. “It’s what I want to wear,” he glanced down. “It’s not like I can wear what I’d prefer today so this,” he muttered under his breath.

“Well what would you prefer to wear,” Phichit turned to him with his arms crossed over his chest. “You can tell me.”

Yuuri looked nervous, granted he always did to some extent, but this was more than his typical look. “Er, well,” he scratched the back of his neck, still staring at the floor. His expression was the one he wore every time he had something important to say.

Phichit walked over to Yuuri and knelt down to be in his line of sight. “If there’s anything you want to tell me you can,” he said.

Yuuri seemed to think about that for a minute. “You’re going to think I’m so weird Phailin-chan,” he covered his face with his hands.

“I won’t judge you,” Phichit promised. “You can tell me.”

Yuuri slowly uncovered his face. “I’m a girl today, yesterday I was boy, somedays I’m neither, somedays I’m both,” Yuuri refused to meet Phichit’s gaze. “I told you it’s weird. But I’m a girl today, so I’d like to wear a dress but it doesn’t matter because I don’t have one.”

Phichit’s eyes widened and he smiled to himself. “You’re genderfluid!” He was happy to hear that. “Should I change the pronouns I use for you?”

Yuuri seemed surprised by the question. “That would be kind of you Phailin-chan. I would prefer you use they when you aren’t sure. Today I would like you to use she,” she bowed.

“Of course Yuuri!” Phichit hugged her. “You’re the prettiest girl I know. I bet I have a dress that will fit you, there’s this sundress in blue that doesn’t fit me too well, you can have it.”

“Thank you so much,” Yuuri smiled. “I’m sure it looks better on you though, you’re much prettier than me,” she looked away again.

Phichit took a deep breath, if Yuuri could say it then he could too. “Actually no. I’m not prettier than you and I’m not the second prettiest girl you know,” he said.

“Of course you are,” Yuuri said. “You’re very pretty.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Phichit raked his hand through his hair. It was a lot harder to say than he thought. “I don’t think it’s weird that you’re genderfluid because um…” he trailed off. Normally he didn’t struggle with words but this was hard to say. “I’m a boy,” he finally got the words out.

“Another reason we get along so well,” Yuuri smiled at him. “I guess we both had something to admit. Is there something you would like me to call you?”

“He pronouns,” Phichit said. “And my name is Phichit not Phailin, please don’t use that anymore.”

“Okay Phichit-kun,” Yuuri repeated the name. Phichit grinned at hearing someone else use it other than himself. “Looks like you’ll be needing to borrow something of mine for tonight, we can have a little trade.”

“You’re the best Yuuri,” Phichit hugged her again. “Seriously the best. I’ll go grab you that dress and then we can try stuff on together.”

Yuuri agreed and Phichit ran back to his room quickly, grabbing a few dresses out of his closet before returning. When he got back he found that Yuuri had pulled out some clothes from her closet as well. “Here you go,” Phichit held out the dresses.

Yuuri’s face lit up as she looked at them. “I love these colors,” she smiled.

“I know,” Phichit grinned right back.

“I’m a bit taller than you, so I’m not sure how well all of this will fit you, but these all seemed like something you would wear,” she offered him the pile of clothes she had selected.

“I’m sure it will be fine,” he said. “And this just means a shopping trip is in order.”

Yuuri nodded and the two of them went about changing into the clothes laid out before them, a feat that was no longer awkward after years of changing in front of others during competitions.

Phichit pulled on a pair of nice jeans that were a little large on him but would fit with a belt, he topped it off with a sweater that gave him a bit of a professor vibe. Yuuri changed into the blue sundress and it looked great on her.

“You know what Yuuri?” Phichit threw an arm around her shoulder once they were both dressed. “I think we’re pretty darn cute.”

“You know what Phichit?” Yuuri echoed his tone. “You’re the second prettiest boy in the world.”

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“I will be fine!” the willowy Gothitelle brushed off Destine once again.

“Whatever you say then, Quill.” Destine wasn’t going to argue.

Quill, as he was called, shrugged and made his way over to the others to converse. As he left, Flavian moved himself towards Destine.

“So, shall we talk about this collaboration more?” he asked. Destine turned to him and simply smiled. “Of course.”

Joachim didn’t really feel like conversing with Quill and left him with the other two, instead he opted to hit up Destine and Flavian, and join them in their conversation.

And so Destine motioned for Joachim and Flavian to lean down closer to him so they could hear better and maintain eye contact.

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: Reader x Bucky, when she and Steve’re helping him adjusting to modern world and they’re best friends and she knows that Bucky hates his metal arm so she goes to SHIELD facility and asks Fitz to make a hand for Bucky like he did for Coulson (because everyone on the team knows that Coulson is alive, seriously, that choice not to tell them is stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it) so Bruce gives her Bucky’s DNA and Fitz makes this new hand for Buck? It may stay platonic or become romantic

Hello! Here’s the Anon who asked about Reader & Bucky when the reader asks Fitz for help? Could you write it to be a surprise and no one knows except Bruce who gave the reader Bucky’s DNA so Fitz could make a hand that would for for Buck?

A/N: All righty, so I did some research in an attempt to write Fitz okay, as I’ve not yet watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  I hope I did okay.  In all honesty, I’ve been trying to finish this fic for probably more than a month now.  I don’t know what was so difficult, but I finally got it to a place where I think it’s decent.  I hope it’s not terrible and I hope that the original requester likes it!  Sorry this one took so long…

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“I hate it.”

“Don’t say that.”

“It’s true.”

“Your arm’s done a lot of good, Bucky.”

“It’s done more harm than good.”

“Last mission, you used it to lift rubble off of some Hydra prisoners.”

“Two years ago, I used it to kill a man in front of his family.”

Your eyes meet and you see the pain in Bucky’s eyes.  You sigh and fight the urge to reach for his metal arm.  You know he hates it when you do that.

“I hear Tony’s working on a new prototype for you,” you say, trying to shift the conversation.  “Maybe you’ll finally like this one.”

“Maybe,” he says in a way that assures you that he will not.  “Let’s just keep sparring.”  As the two of you fight, you watch his technique and you suddenly realize that he intentionally fights with just his right arm, his real arm.  The metal one hangs limp at his side, occasionally twitching forward instinctually, but always jerked backwards at the last moment.  Bucky avoids touching you with it, even if it means taking a hit instead of blocking it.

It’s at that moment that you decide that you hate the arm too.  Not because of its past, but because of what it means to Bucky and how it makes him feel.  And it’s at that moment that you decide to do everything in your power to get Bucky a new arm.


“Where is this kid?  He’s late.”

“He’s seven minutes late.  Cut him some slack.”

“Most people I know aren’t seven minutes late to a meeting with the Hulk.”

“You’re so dramatic, Bruce.  The Tower’s huge, he probably got lost.”

“Well you certainly got that right.”  You crane your neck to try and post the source of the awed Scottish voice just as the speaker rounds the corner.

“Hi,” you smile, walking forward and extending your hand.  “Fitz, right?”  He nods and shakes your hand, his eyes darting around he lab as if he’s a kid in a candy shop.  “I’m (Y/N).  And this is Dr. Bruce Banner.  I asked him to sit in because he’s better with the science.”

“Dr. Banner,” Fitz says, his eyes growing even wider.  “My Simmons…well, she’s not my Simmons, she’s Jemma…anyway, she’s a biochemist and I’m sure she would love to meet you.”  Bruce nods and the three of you stand in awkward silence for a bit.

“So,” Fitz finally says.  “Um…thank you for inviting me here.”

“Right,” you say.  “Well, I had something to ask-”

“I’m sorry, I’m gonna have to turn down the job offer,” Fitz says.  “I’m flattered, but the work I’m doing at S.H.I.E.L.D. is very important and-”

“Oh, it’s not…” you trail off, looking to Bruce for help.  He shrugs and shakes his head.

“I mean, you have a very nice lab and everything here,” Fitz continues, oblivious to the silent conversation between you and Bruce.  “Much fancier than what we’ve got at S.H.I.E.L.D., actually, but-”


“I mean, I’d be foolish not to consider it, but I really can’t be convinced.  What type of job are we talking about here, exactly?”  You sigh and allow him to maintain his dignity.

“Well, since we know that’s completely off the table for you,” you say tactfully.  “Perhaps you’d consider a small, freelance project?  A favor, of sorts?”

“Well, that wouldn’t be out of the question,” Fitz replies.  “What sort of favor?”

“The work you did,” Bruce says.  "Crafting the prosthetic hand for Agent Coulson, really well done.  We’d like you to do it again, but this time, it’d be a whole arm.”

“A whole arm?” Fitz says.  He goes quiet, and you can practically hear the gears turning in his head.  “I suppose I could do it.  What type of socket would I be fitting it for?”

He and Bruce enthusiastically begin talking about cybernetic ports.  Normally, you’d jump right in with your opinion on artificial nervous systems, but you’re so excited you have a hard time focusing on the conversation.  It’s then that you hear your name being called.

“Earth to (Y/N),” Bruce says.  He smiles, and you know he’s thinking the exact same thing as you.  “We were talking about the timeline for the project.  Fitz says he can have it done in a few weeks.”

“That sounds great,” you smile, aware of how dazed you sound.  “Bruce has a DNA sample to give you, along with measurements and such.  He understands the science much better than I do.”

“(Y/N), I do have to warn you,” Fitz says and you feel your stomach flip over.  Not the words you want to hear.  “The prosthetic, it takes a while to get used to.  And even once the wearer does get used to it…it’s not the same.”  You take a deep breath and nod.

“I think it’ll be fine,” you say, more confident than you feel.

“And do you want there to be any special features?” Fitz asks, pulling out a pad of paper and jotting down a few things.  “For Coulson’s I did some strength enhancement, scanning capabilities, signal interruption, energy shield-”

“No,” you cut him off.  “A completely normal hand, nothing special.  As close to the real thing as you can get it.”


Three and a half weeks later, you tell Bucky to meet you in Bruce’s lab.  He smiles when he sees you, though you can see the apprehension in his eyes as he scans his surroundings.

“What’s up?” he asks.

“So…” you trail off, not quite sure where to begin.  Your mind is racing so fast, your thoughts scattered by nervousness.  “I know Tony’s been working on prototypes for your arm and you haven’t really liked any of them.”

“It’s not-”

“It’s okay,” you say quickly.  “It’s your arm, you have a right to an opinion.  So anyway, since Tony’s stuff hasn’t been working, I wanted to try something else.”  You reach for the box that Fitz dropped off only hours before, pulling it across the table towards you.

You unlatch the locks and lift up the cover.  Even though you’ve already seen it, you’re struck by how life-like the arm looks.  Your eyes dart up quickly to Bucky, whose face is blank.

“It’s kind of weird looking, sitting in the box like that,” you say, trying to add some humor.  “I, uh, yeah.  One of the guy’s from Coulson’s team, Fitz, he designed it.  He made a hand for Coulson, a while back and-”

“What does it do?” he asks quietly.

“What do you mean?”

“The arms Tony does, they have all these special features,” he says.  “Extra strength, built-in weapons…”

“Oh,” you say.  “It doesn’t have anything.”

“Nothing?”  Bucky’s face is still completely devoid of emotion, but you think you detect a note of…something in his voice.

“I mean, apart from the fact that it’s all robotics and metal and wiring on the inside,” you explain.  “It’s a perfectly normal arm.”  Bucky stares at it for a while longer and you let him.  You glance around the lab, wondering what Bucky’s thinking, but leaving him to his thoughts.

“How soon can I try it out?”

Your eyes widen as you realize what Bucky just said.  He’s allowed his lips to curve up into a tentative smile.  It’s different from the other smiles you’ve seen Bucky give, more relaxed and less forced.  You feel your stomach flip as you realize just how beautiful Bucky is when he’s truly happy.

“We can have Bruce do it right now, if you want,” you offer and Bucky nods quickly.  You shoot Bruce a quick text and turn back to Bucky with a smile.  “I hope this one works out.”

“I think it will,” Bucky says quietly.

You can’t help but smile at this.  You had expected Bucky to hate the new arm, like he had all the others.  Or at the very least, be hesitant about trying it out.  

Bruce peeks his head through the door and you wave him in.  He approaches slowly and starts pulling out some tools.

“In order for this arm to work,” Bruce explains.  “I’m gonna have to replace the socket that you have.”

“Okay,” Bucky says.  Bruce looks at him and sighs.

“The socket you have is wired to your nerve endings,” Bruce says.  “Even with the anesthetics I can administer, it’s gonna hurt.”

“I’ll be fine,” Bucky says and Bruce nods, going back to his prep.  You hover next to Bucky, unsure of where you fit into all of this.  You move closer to him, watching as Bruce assembles a collection of tools on the counter.  

He hands you a syringe and turns back to work.  You look to Bucky for permission and he nods.  Gently, your fingertips feather-light on his skin, you slide the needle in and push the contents into his veins.  You realize then that this is the longest period of time Bucky’s ever let you touch him for.  

You take a half step back as Bruce steps forward with his crazy soldering tools.  You look at Bucky, who’s doing his best to keep his face composed.  But even he can’t hide the tiny flash of fear, and you know that he’s thinking back to all the times Hydra did work on his arm.  Mechanical arm checkups have always been difficult for him, have always made memories resurface.  Memories you wish Bucky didn’t have to live with.

Without even thinking, you reach for Bucky’s hand, his right one and squeeze it.  He whips his head to look at you, his eyes wide.  You do your best to smile, masking the panic you feel inside.  

You hold Bucky’s gaze as you hear Bruce’s tools whirring to life.  Bucky’s eyes slowly start to droop as the anesthesia kicks in.  His lips move silently, as if he’s trying to speak.  Your brow furrows as you strain to hear, eventually leaning forward so that his lips are mere inches from your ear.

“Bucky, what is it?” you ask quietly.

“Stay with me?” he says, his voice barely a whisper.  “Please.”

You squeeze his hand again and smile.  


elena fisher could have had a much more interesting role than “wife being lief to” (“she wouldn’t get it” boi do u remember how u met it was on fuckin boat u blew up ft. a woman who ran around in the jungle and ruins hosting her own adventure show and she’s more than capable of holding her own and did u miss the fact that she’s not one to back down from a challenge and she knows what she’s doing and what she’s getting into so miss me with that “she wouldn’t get it” slander like did u marry her or did i bc who) and this is an insult to her as a character but doing her this injustice and she could have gotten all decked out in a fancy dress sipping on expensive champagne with some fancier heels that leave her eye level with her husband and could have been part of something and respected and instead you’re gonna sideline her for the sake of adding some drama and manpain and pull some “he couldn’t tell her abt sam” bs like have you no eyes have you not seen the last few games like yeah she may be upset that it took so long for him to say something but if the fact that she took him back after u3 is any indication she’s not above forigveness and it’s not like she’s gonna turn her nose up at sam and you can’t lie and say they wouldn’t get along like they may butt heads but u gotta know that if he gives her shit she’s gonna give it right back and catch wine mom stealing his drink at the auction and getting to dance with her husband and “it’s kind of like our wedding” “yeah, only with more criminals and you aren’t stepping on my feet as much” and you know elena’s ready to throw down if need be so hold her wine and watch this and how dare you come into my mouse with this libel and slander on this the day and insult elena fisher in such a manner i have never in my life meet me at the bike racks after school

Q & A with Matsumoto

As requested by bleachfan-hitsuhina-rangin. :)

Matsumoto will now answer some of the questions you all sent in!  

[And hey - there’s only a few weeks left in this series, so if you want more, you should request some on Monday! After seeing what’s already been done, of course!]

1. bleachfan-hitsuhina-rangin said: Why’d you cut your hair?

Matsumoto: I saw a bunch of people going to the salon - Renji, Hinamori, Yumichika, Kira….even Ikkaku for some reason.

Matsumoto: I decided that it seemed like fun, so I went with them!

2. suzuya-dono said: Matsumoto-san, what hair products do you use? / thelittlelotusgoddess said: Matsumoto-san, how do you get your hair so fabulous? I love it!~

Matsumoto: Aww, thank you!

Matsumoto: I actually don’t use any products!

Matsumoto: It looks like this naturally!

Matsumoto: Yeah, I know.

3. lanithanai said: Who has drunk you under the table?

Matsumoto: Only Kyoraku has that ability.

Matsumoto: Although it’s cute when other people try!

4. candy-sweet-ashes said: Matsumoto, do you ever miss visiting the human world?

Matsumoto: Oh, all the time!

Matsumoto: The world of the living has the best shops, and great food, and of course Orihime and Ichigo are wonderful!

Matsumoto: I think the captain and I should go after all this is over - I’m sure he wants to see his girlfriend again!

5. marshal-law-galloway said: if you could dress ichigo in anything what would it be?

Matsumoto: Something manly and well-fitted! 

Matsumoto: Like a nice, sharp suit….or maybe some tight jeans and a button down shirt!

Matsumoto: Oh man, we totally need to do a photo shoot with him!

Matsumoto: I bet Rukia could bully him into it!

6. hyoshiro said: What were your first thoughts when Toshiro ascended to captaincy? / evelyn2707 said: Does it bother you that Hitsugaya went from 3rd seat to Captain while you’re still the vice-captain? / dryedplum said: Didn’t you want to become captain when Issin left? / magicmilkbone said: How did you feel when you found out Hitsugaya was promoted to captain before you? / secretninja312 said: How did you feel when Toshiro got promoted to Captain over you?

Matsumoto: I was a mixture of offended that they skipped over me, and relieved that I wouldn’t have to take on the role of captain, which would have been a whole lot of work!

Mastumoto: But, I mean, Hitsugaya is a wonderful captain.

Matsumoto: I am proud to be working with him!

Matsumoto: And……….he does care a lot more about paperwork than I ever will.  

7. elinkamag said: If you could tell Gin one thing what would it be?

Matsumoto: I would tell him, “I don’t need you to take revenge for me, Gin, I just need you to stop leaving!”

8. angryfourthsquadcaptain said: Do you have a problem fighting and or have back pains with your …..uhhh….different center of gravity

Matsumoto: My giant boobs, you mean?

Matsumoto: Back pain sometimes, but I manage!

Matsumoto: Just so long as I don’t fall asleep on my stomach! Or back.

9. spikeface said: What has been your proudest moment?

Matsumoto: Mmmmm….

Matsumoto: Getting Kira and Hisagi down to their underwear and taking pictures was pretty sweet.

10. lologreenevines said: Do you think you’ll ever see the return of that piece of your soul Aizen took to create his hougyoku, and if so, do you think the fact that it has since effectively been blended up with a load of others (including Quincy souls) will have any effect?

Matsumoto: I don’t like to think about it at all, to be honest.

Matsumoto: It was - a long time ago.

11. can-kill-this-dragon said: Do you ever switch that necklace out for anything fancier?

Matsumoto: Nah, something fancier would be wasted, since it would end up smooshed between my boobs anyway!

Mastumoto: Besides, I like this one!

12. primtheamazing said: How do you feel about your Zanpaktou— like, your actual power. Ash.

Matsumoto: Not gonna lie. Was I a little bummed out when I first got my shikai and it was an ugly cloud of ash? Yeah, a little. 

Matsumoto: I’m still not 100% sure that Haineko isn’t just messing with me.

Mastumoto: But hey. At least it’s effective.

Matsumoto: And sometimes it’s fun to slide close to Byakuya and mention that our power is basically the same.

Matsumoto: You can almost see steam shoot out of his ears!

13. ggiofon said: do you ever wish your zanpakuto had a different type of animal motif?

Matsumoto: Well, if Haineko wasn’t a cat, maybe she wouldn’t be so stubborn and hard to manage!!!

Matsumoto: But then…..I guess I am a little cat-like myself…

14. rythik78 said: How do you haggle with the human shopkeepers to lower price and how was that experience ?

Matsumoto: I find that feminine wiles are the best bargaining tactic in any situation!

Matsumoto: Except with Ichigo for some reason.

15. littlenekosfan said:
Did you ever notice that Ichigo is the son of your capitan Isshin ?

Matsumoto: Huh, what are you talking about?

Matsumoto: Our captain…..he’s gone.

Matsumoto: And he certainly didn’t have bright orange hair!

Matsumoto: Anyway, if Captain Shiba were somehow Ichigo’s father, I’m pretty sure he would have said something when we were in his house!

Matsumoto: It’s not like he’s a little shit who….never….tells…Hitsugaya…and….I….anything………


Matsumoto: Holy shit.