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People were interested in me doing a thing like this, so here we go! I figured I’d do a short little blurb about each writer, including one or two of my favorite works by them. So, in no real order (like, I literally randomized the list) here are some of the most talented people* whose art I’ve had the pleasure of reading:

*Please note that some of these people haven’t written for bellarke in a while! That doesn’t mean you should pester them about it! Appreciate the heck out of what they have written instead. Cool? Cool.

1. Maria @rebelprincebell AO3

Maria’s written a good variety of longer and shorter fics, and each of them is excellent. (She’s also an amazing human/friend, but that’s more of a side perk.) She’s currently writing Things We Shouldn’t Do which is what everyone wants out of a multi-chap, fake-dating, actors AU. Or for something shorter, check out T.O.P. S.E.C.R.E.T. for some friends-with-benefits/feelings-reveal goodness. And maybe if she loves me she’ll finish Let’s Go to the Mall but it’s nbd.

2. Steph @ofhobbitsandwomen AO3

I read The Squire (multi-chap, medieval AU) when I was pretty new to the fandom, and I’m still completely in awe of it. Steph’s also written a million other amazing bellarke fics, like this fluffy-af youtubers AU (and, recently, some fucking amazing Jyn/Cassian stuff, if you’re into that) so make sure to check out all of her incredible writing.

3. M @ahmren AO3

M’s writing is magical. At the risk of sounding cliche, it wraps you up and carries you to another world. I could survive on nothing but her collection of soulmate AUs for years to come. 

4. Chash @ponyregrets AO3

Chash has written a million and one amazing fics, so obvs read everything she’s written, but one of my particular faves is Some Cheese With That Whine. It gives me all the best-friends-to-lovers feelings. Amazing. Plus she likes all my posts when I’m flailing about ffx <3

5. Katelyn @nathenmiller AO3

Secrets is the only arranged marriage fic you ever need to read. Period. I also love this fluffy lil childhood-friends-meet-up-ten-years-later AU. Plus, on top of all the fantastic writing, K’s one of the incredibly hardworking ladies behind bff. What a girl??

6. Lana @marauders-groupie AO3

Lana’s another one of those writers where I know I’ll like everything she publishes. She’s like, the queen a soulmate AU’s. Her most recent one is here–a cool iteration where you feel whatever pain your soulmate feels. As with all the other authors here, don’t forget to check out all her other stories!

7. Kacka @katchyalater AO3

I discovered Kacka this summer, and her stories saved me from boredom on the countless train rides I was taking across Europe. By which I mean you should just read through everything on her AO3 page, like I did. Everyone loves a good coffee-shop AU, right? Check out Got to Find Those Extra Cups to Fill. She’s a fantastic, inspiring writer and an even lovelier human being.

8. Emily @prosciuttoe AO3

Emily had the nerve to make me cry by posting a canonverse fic, Hold This Heart Steady, today. So do yourself a favor and read that. Other Emily faves include: Your Heart Is Your Own (So Build Me A Home) and Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (for all your Hogwarts AU needs).

9. Brianna @jvnscass AO3

Bri’s another one of the authors I first read when I joined the fandom! She doesn’t write much bellarke anymore, but it’s all still up on her AO3 along with a ton of quality Jyn/Cassian fics, if that’s your jam!

10. Nai @hiddenpolkadots AO3

Want canon-verse smut? Nai’s got u covered: Mouth Like Heaven, Kisses Like Stars. Or for something on the fluffier/hurtcomfort side, try the light that sits at the bottom of your chest. You literally can’t go wrong. She writes Jily too!

11. Kayla @kay-emm-gee AO3

Kayla’s the first person I ever considered my “favorite fanfic author” and the title still fits, even if I do have about a million “favorite” authors now. Full Circle is an older, post s2, fic of hers, but it’s undeniably still one of my faves. A more recent fave is: this is your heart (can you feel it). These are both canonverse, but she writes amazing modern AUs as well. <3

12. Meghan @bellamyfrecklefaceblake AO3

I feel like Meghan writes the best epic-feelings-reveal scenes?? Some faves are: A Drunk Mind Speaks A Sober Heart and You Won’t Get Rid of Me Without a Fight. I want to live in the feelings at the end of these fics pls and thx. (Also, hope your hand is doing better!!)

13. Mel @caramelkru AO3

Is it getting old for me to keep saying I like everything insert-name-here writes?? I’d stop, except that it’s TRUE. Mel is fantastic. Her last installment in Good Times Gonna Come is so cute I can’t actually stand it. Something In The Air (That Night) is also super good. (She also writes Sethkate and Jyn/Cassian!)

(Okay I’m running out of time for these last few–gotta get to class–so I’ll just do one fic rec from each writer, BUT they’re all such fucking talented authors. Everything they write is amazing.)

14. Katie @dreamingundone AO3

take a running start

15. Jazz @hooksandheroics  AO3

Out of All the Gin Joints

16. S @kinetic-elaboration  AO3

Since There’s No Place To Go

17. Amber @bilexualclarke  AO3

asleep in the bathtub (also, like… her blog title doesn’t lie)

18. Emily @kieraknighted  AO3

Walk With Me

19. Annie @clarkescrusade  AO3

those broken and delicate things

20. Julia @enoughtotemptme  AO3

Aurora Borealis

21. @queenofchildren  AO3

But We Fight For Roses Too

I also asked for some lesser known fic recs, so check these out!

Lay It All On Me by @peetaspikelets

The Thing About Pre-Med by theprincessandtheking

In My Dreams We Are Always Together by andsowemeetagain

OKAY PHEW. I think that’s everything. As a last note, don’t forget to appreciate your favorite authors! A comment or reblog here and there goes a long way. Kudos and likes are lovely, but not quite as tangible as comments and tags.

Happy Reading!

birdflashd  asked:

(feel free to post public idc) hi I don't even know if you're up right now or on tumblr bc your queue is going so idk and this isn't going to be a very nice message to read so I hope I didn't get your hopes up but you're my favorite blogger/writer/stucky shipper and I'm not expecting an essay from you but I just got into a fight with a toxic friend and he keeps insulting me and it's making me cry a lot and it hurts so I was wondering if you have any tips on how to make it stop hurting


First of all you shouldn’t take anything he says to heart because you’re a beautiful, wonderful person, and anybody would be lucky to have you in their lives. Clearly he just doesn’t appreciate how lucky he was to have you as a friend, so he’s the only one who’s lost out here. 

Secondly here is a list of things I do when I’m feeling crappy so hopefully some of them will make you (and any of my other followers) feel a little better:

- Put on some clean pyjamas and snuggle up in bed/a huge pile of blankets 

- Listening to some quiet music while snuggling can also be nice, or just listening to music in general

- Idk if you have a pet but if you do you should play with them

- Watch some youtube videos to distract yourself (cat videos are always great, or some interviews of your fave celebrities. The Summer Soldier interview is always my go to xD)

- On a similar note, watch a movie. Watch tws, arguably the greatest movie to ever bless this earth with it’s existence

- Take a long bath/shower with some nice smelling soap and make yourself smell awesome (then spend ages sniffing yourself probably)


Thirdly here’s some random things that might cheer you up: 


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I really hope you feel better soon, under the cut there’s an extract of the new Schrodinger’s chapter for you too.

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The Art of Spin

fobbed!TwelveRose Tyler

Malcolm goes to war, as only he can.

beta’d by the marvelous and gorgeous thedoctordanceswithrose

“How the fuck did this happen?” Malcolm demands, walking quickly through the halls and holding up the paper.

“Dunno yet,” Jamie says.  “All the papers have it, but no one seems to know where it started.”

“Oh that’s just fucking fantastic.”

There’s a picture of the him and Rose in grainy technicolor below the headline.  It’s not even a particularly good shot, or very damning, but it’s enough that they’re recognizable.  He skims over the story, his fury rising with each quote from “reliable sources”.  He vowed to root out every fucking one of them, and tear them limb from fucking limb.

“This isn’t even good,” he says after a moment.  “They’re all over the fucking place.  Is she a power hungry whore, or am I a borderline fucking rapist?”

“I don’t think it matters,” Jamie notes.  “I think the point is that you’re both fucking awful people who have no business handling the affairs of our great government.”


He roughly bins the paper as they turn toward the lifts, glaring at Jamie when he holds out another publication with a similar headline.  Jamie just grins as the lift bell dings and the doors open, and Malcolm makes an irritated noise as he steps inside.

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