i was gonna do smth else but nah

when ej pwned every1 else

Everyone else: Heard there’s this kid who wants to join our grown up and manly secret society

“Yeah shouldn’t he be in school?”

“I know, right? Wonder what made his folks allow him to do this

“He’s Jose Dizon’s nephew”

“yah sure”

*enter 18 year old Emilio Jacinto*

EJ: I thought I’d be late. I had an exam 

Everyone else: Hmph

*everyone’s sizing up the kid including Andres Bonifacio… who wouldn’t be supremo until perhaps a year later*

*intiates EJ*

*EJ passes*

Everyone else: he wouldn’t last a month, he’s gonna quit or be inactive

*EJ quits school instead (after much debate with mum and uncle) to remain in the Katipunan*

Everyone else: Errr. Well he doesn’t even speak a full sentence in Tagalog. Only Tagalog in meetings, right? he gonna get kicked out of meetings

*EJ masters the tagalog language and then some in less than 6 months*

Everyone else: oh yah well beginner’s luck 

Andres: Hmmmmmm this kid is something else, Imma take him under my wing yas

*EJ proceeds to write the Kartilla and some awesome stuff for the Katipuneros to read*

EJ: I wrote a thing, it’s not much but

Andres: This is gold, Imma make this our official guidelines, they’re way better than mine omfg you’re something else, kid

EJ: Oh um ok thank you very much you’re very kind *very modest etc*

Andres: let’s see, imma try giving him more responsibilities coz he gets stuff done he really does (Andres already supremo at this point)

*EJ becomes fiscal and then secretary and then he becomes part of a lot of very grown-up stuff wowe he’s hardcore adulting yas*

Andres: what is it that this kid can’t do

*EJ helps create the Kalayaan newspaper and writes about 50% of all its articles so the membership of the Katipunan went from 3k to 30k or smth, best networking tactic ever*

Andres: i found my soulmate

Oryang: hey

Andres: eeep

Andres (to EJ): you gonna advise me with stuff, imma make you my top adviser, that good?

EJ: Ok sure but pls listen to me okay coz imma give 100% in all my advice

Andres: yah np

Everyone else: well f*ck kid beat us at everything, let’s all go home

EJ: Nah ya’ll come back here

Everyone else: YESSIR!!111