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BTS GANG!AU : Kim Taehyung aka The Slayer

Kim Taehyung, called V, was a fucking psycho to say the least. He never touched a gun or a knife, no, he preferred doing the job with bare hands, sometimes with a knuckle duster, and when he was in the mood, he’ll use his favorite aluminium bat out of the dresser. He is really strong and likes to show off a lot. He also finds himself asking for a dose to Suga, because it made his mind go crazy, even more than when he’s in his “normal” state, which increase his strength. He is known for his psycho laugh whenever he’s about to make a massacre, and his famous quote before interrogating people “I’m not gonna kill you.. I’m just gonna hurt you really really bad”

V always had troubles trusting people, except for one, Park Jimin. Since these two met, they automatically had a strong connection between them, which caused their strong friendship. They are like the sub unit of the gang called the “95z” they have matching leather jacket, and complete each other jobs, one kidnaps, the other questions/tortures, and they always both come back with answers. Individually, V is a really strong person, but with Jimin, he is even stronger