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100 ways to say ‘I love you’, Skins edition
  1. ‘Wake up (name), you twat.’
  2. ‘Do you want a coke or something?’
  3. ‘Can I carry your books?’
  4. ‘Yeah, wow, lovely… No. But I like that you’re funny Iooking.’
  5. ‘Oh thank you, you’re so nice.’
  6. ‘You fancy me?’
  7. ‘I think that could have gone a lot worse, don’t you?’
  8. ‘We’ll miss you, won’t we?’
  9. [ text ] : EAT
  10. ‘Have you always had that mole?’
  11. ‘I’m respecting. Believe me, I’m respecting.’
  12. ‘You alright? Do you want to dance?’
  13. ‘Do you want me to walk you home?’
  14. ‘We’ll make ourselves comfy, yeah?’
  15. ‘Shall I give you head?’
  16. ‘I’m gonna get an early night. Coming to bed?’
  17. ‘I’ll give you head - that’s friendship.’
  18. ‘But what about you? You’ve got bigger problems than me.’
  19. ‘I like your hair.’
  20. ‘And I’m really, really sorry for being a slut, okay?’
  21. ‘I realised something. I’ve been an idiot.’
  22. ‘And I was hoping maybe you’d give me another chance?’
  23. ‘You’re clever, funny, and… very, very pretty.’
  24. ‘So I’ll see you around.’
  25. ‘(name), you came! I mean, cool, I mean… I wasn’t sure you would.’
  26. ‘Do you think they’ll give us a joint cell?’
  27. ‘I don’t want this to be difficult.’
  28. ‘Did you get beaten up?’
  29. ‘I want to speak to you, and I think you want to speak to me.’
  30. ‘Kiss me again.’
  31. ‘Come on, I’m taking you for breakfast.’
  32. ‘Happy birthday, mate.’
  33. ‘There’s something I have to get off my chest and if I don’t, I’m afraid everything might just totally go to shit.’
  34. ‘Come to bed with me. Please.’
  35. ‘You’re my best friend, but I really don’t know what the fuck you’re on about most of the time.’
  36. ‘See? I remembered your favourite.’
  37. ‘Look, sorry, (name). But your mum says we gotta take you home.’
  38. ‘Come out. I’ll get you dancing.’
  39. ‘Do I have to gay you now?’
  40. ‘Right, I know it might seem a bit fast, but, well, I think we’re ready, so, er, (name) … I want you to move in with me.’
  41. ‘Let’s talk. Fill me in with everything. Every little detail.’
  42. ‘We can carry on pretending, if it makes you feel any better.’
  43. ‘And I fucking love you.’
  44. ‘Wow! You’ve got a wacker lot of doughnuts.’
  45. ‘Cheeky.’
  46. ‘Thanks for keeping schtum.’
  47. ‘Hi, I made tea.’
  48. ‘I’ve never been to a pyjama party before, so I brought Vodka. Was that right?’
  49. ‘I’ll show you how to do a blowjob.’
  50. ‘I missed you… I missed you too much.’
  51. ‘I think you can do anything.’
  52. ‘It’s also nice just being with you, when you’re not being a prick, that is.’
  53. ‘You alright?’
  54. ‘I know you, (name). I know you’re lonely. I think you need someone to want you. Well, I do want you. So be brave. And want me back!’
  55. ‘Fuck you.’
  56. ‘Can’t we just sit like this … for a bit?’
  57. ‘This is a once-only charity event, you understand?’
  58. ‘I bought a fucking gateaux.’
  59. ‘Please. Can we start again?’
  60. ‘Facebook really needs to hear about this.’
  61. ‘You’re very stalkable.’
  62. ‘I was scared!’
  63. ‘I am so proud of you.’
  64. ‘Don’t you think you’ve had enough?’
  65. ‘She’s lovely, isn’t she?’
  66. ‘You look nice in that dress.’
  67. ‘You are doing so well, sweetheart.’
  68. ‘So you’re mental, and I’m useless.’
  69. ‘So, what are we doing next, mystery girl?’
  70. ‘I’ll never forget you.’
  71. ‘Hi. I got eggs. We can have eggs, yeah? And Red Bulls and pain au chocolat.’
  72. ‘I’d die for you. I love you. I love you so much and it’s killing me.’
  73. ‘Don’t take any crap this time.’
  74. ‘Badass.’
  75. ‘You’ve totally got, like, “fuck me” eyes, girl. Totally “fuck me sideways” eyes.’
  76. ‘Maybe we can go together.’
  77. ‘Don’t be an ass hat and people will like you more.’
  78. ‘I’m trying to understand your way, but you won’t let me.’
  79. ‘You’ve got quite a rep, but you’re actually pretty sound.’
  80. ‘You’ve got to stick it to the man, bruv.’
  81. ‘You need to sort yourself out.’
  82. ‘Remember when we were kids and we used to talk about just… just fucking it, running away and becoming roadies?’
  83. ‘Everything is going to be fine, I promise you.’
  84. ‘Hi, you look nice.’
  85. ‘You may live your life as you want.’
  86. ‘We’ll do a girls’ night in.’
  87. ‘You’re a shape-shifter of happiness.’
  88. ‘It’s not like we’re getting married! It was one dinner!’
  89. ‘Thank you, my henna-handed honcho.’
  90. ‘I’m sorry. I was just looking for somewhere a bit quiet.’
  91. ‘It’s heavenly.’
  92. ‘Why aren’t you here?’
  93. ‘I tried to ring you.’
  94. ‘Everything’s better. Here you are again.’
  95. ‘I’ll dance with you.’
  96. ‘What’s happened to you, (name)?’
  97. ‘I didn’t wanna tell you this when you were all smitten and shit but you can do better.’
  98. ‘Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I’m so glad you came!’
  99. ‘I promise. Everything’s going to be alright.’
  100. ‘ I love you.’

SO guys i have over 4,000 followers!! (yikes) And I was like, I want to celebrate but Idk what the hell to do. Remember when I said I was gonna do a Duke contest? Well I’m doing a Jason one instead cause my Jason design is my signature thing(and what got me to my first 1000) Details under the cut!!!-

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer meme

Willow Rosenberg edition ( part one )

  • “Well, did you try looking inside the sofa in hell?”
  • “Yeah, great, there’s a sexy nickname.”
  • “I’m so evil, and skanky… and I think I’m kinda gay.”
  • “I’m storming off. It doesn’t really work if you come with me.”
  • “Say, you all didn’t happen to do a bunch of drugs, did ya?”
  • “Don’t worry. I won’t do anything that could be interpreted as brave.”
  • “You’re not gonna jokey-rhyme your way out of this one.”
  • “Hey, I eat danger for breakfast.”
  • “And now we’re supposed to decide what we want to do with our lives. And I just realized that’s what I want to do. Help people.”
  • “I have my own fun.”
  • “Are we hoping to find a body, or no body?”
  • “Usually I use that time to copy over my class notes with a system of different colored pens. But it’s been pointed out to me that that’s, you know, insane.”
  • “I’m not stealing. I-I-I’m just taking things without paying for them. In what twisted dictionary is that stealing?”
  • “Come on. Everybody loves fetal pigs!”
  • “Well, you know, I have a choice. I can spend my life waiting for _______ to go out with every other person in the world until he notices me, or I can just get on with my life.”
  • “You just don’t like him ‘cause of that time he beat you up every day for five years.”
  • “I hope this story ends with, 'And she lived happily ever after.'”
  • “When I’m with a boy I like, it’s hard for me to say anything cool, or-or witty - or at all. I-I can usually make a few vowel sounds, and then I have to go away.”
  • “She’s sad because her lover gave her twelve gold coins. But then the wizard cut open the bag of salt, and now the dancing minions have nowhere to put their big maple… fish thing.”
  • “Was it one of those vivid dreams where you could feel their lips and smell their hair?”
  • “You’re being too hard on yourself. Why don’t we wait a half an hour and try again?”
  • “I’ve seen honest faces. They usually come attached to liars.”
  • “Irony’s kind of ironic that way.”
  • “There are men, better men, wherein the mind is stronger than the penis.”
  • “I don’t care if it is an orgy of death. There’s still such a thing as a napkin.”
  • “That way leads to madness and sweaty palms.”
  • “Eat a cookie, ease my pain.”
  • “He said he wasn’t coming back until he’d driven to all fifty states.”
  • “No. It just means that you’d rather be with someone you hate than be with me.”
  • “I knew it. I knew it. Well, not 'knew it’ in the sense of having the slightest idea, but I knew there was something I didn’t know.”
  • “Well, there’s something you don’t see everyday.”
  • “Now that I know there’s something to know, I can’t *not* know, just because I’m afraid somebody’ll know I know, you know?”
  • “When did morning happen?”
  • “We had kind of a pajama party sleepover with weapons thing.”

hi guys!! so the wonderful Kat messaged me asking if i wanted to do a Harry Potter Femslash Feburary challenge and of course my answer was yes (cause both kat & femslash r wonderful) anyway we thought YOU might wanna join in so we decided to do a basic outline of how we’re gonna run this thing… (and what to do if u want in)

each week we have a (vaugue) theme so we can still be creative (and u can make as many edits as you want each week)(so u don’t have to limit your self to one pair)
-WEEK 1 (from the 6th) favourite f/f paring(s)
-WEEK 2 (from the 13th) f/f power couple(s)
-WEEK 4 (from the 20th) fluffy f/f
-WEEK 4 (from the 26th to give u more days)(also go into march if needed) f/f of your choice!

how to join in:
-maybe check out kat’s & kate’s blogs (that was third person but kat & kate sounds freaking cool)
-reblog this to spread the word and get femslash feburary rolling!
-tag us in all your creations ( @deanthomasfinnigan and @aliciavspinnet)
-please mention that it’s part of the femslash feburary challenge
-have fun & enjoy overloading people’s dashing with femslash (not that there is such thing as too much femslash)

The First Waltz - Young!Sirius Black x reader

I edited this little thing together (I DON’T OWN THESE) to give you a little idea of the waltz and I based it off this piece (once upon a December from Anastasia on piano and violin). I quite like this, maybe gonna do a little extension of this - what do you guys think?

“The Yule Ball, my friends. That’s how I will do it.” James exclaimed, throwing tickets down onto the table. "

“Do what?” you laughed reaching for one of the tickets after the others had scrambled for one.

“Make Lily fall in love with me,” he smirked as Lily just laughed from next to you 

“You wish Potter” she smirked. Everyone knew she already loved him but she liked to tease.

“Are you guys kidding? How are we supposed to pick one girl?” Sirius exclaimed with a little smirk. 

You rolled your eyes, smacking Sirius round the back of the head. “You’re so obnoxious, Sirius,” you muttered. Remus chuckled earning a swift kick to the shin from him.

 “You are just jealous.” Sirius said shrugging his shoulders, rubbing it a little where you had hit him.

 “I hate you.” you chuckled, shaking your head at him half-heartedly. 

You were certainly one of them, from the very beginning , Lily had pulled you into social activities and she had introduced you to her best friends, and since then you had remained together. 

“Who do you want to go with, (y/n)?” James inquires, looking over at you. 

Quite honestly, you didn’t have a clue. You spent all of your time with these idiots and Lily so you didn’t really know anyone outside of your little comfort bubble.
“I don’t really know. I don’t know many boys outside of you guys” you laughed a little awkwardly.

“We’ll all go platonically then” Lily smiled and James did a double take a little,

“fineeeee” he moaned

“And then Sirius won’t have to pick over the many girls I am sure will be fighting over a place on his arm” Remus laughed once again earning a swift kick but not caring.


Your nerves were not something you had anticipated. You were going with friends who had seen you at your worst and sill didn’t care so why were your worried - you had no one to impress.

“(y/n), I am going to head down okay? Unless you want me to stay?” Lily had been sat with you on the bedroom floor, the two of you all dolled up as she calmed you down a little after the other girls had left your dorm.

“No I am okay I will be down in a little bit, I promise” you smiled a thank you and she stood, smoothing her dress down and leaving her heels clicking on the stone steps. You could hear the boy’s wolf whistling at her and her shouting profanities at them laughing.

“Where’s (y/n), James’ voice drifted up

"She’ll be down in a little while. Finishing touches and fashionably late and all that.” You were thankful she didn’t really explain why you were a little late. “Come on, she’ll join us at the doors.” you heard their noise die down and you stood, moving to the mirror and looking yourself over. The red ball gown you wore poofed out quite a bit making you giggle like a little girl as you twirled a little. You looked so elegant, your hair pulled up to look a little shorter and your make up done perfectly as if done by a professional. Taking five deep breaths you left your own heels clicking over the cold stone now. Feigning confidence, you turned to go down the stairs, looking down at your feet with a small smile. You looked up as you reached the bottom to find most people’s eyes on you.

“my god…” Remus breathed looking you up and down with a smirk.

James actually tore his eyes away from Lily for a moment and smiled and Sirius just looked at you. No smile, no snarky comment. It was shock. He was dressed beautifully in a long gray jacket, waistcoat and lose tie but he still looked so refined. He looked wonderful. You all kind of stayed stuck there, you and Sirius not taking your eyes off each others.

“We should go in the first waltz will be starting in a moment, I want to see who starts it all off” Lily interrupted the others silence and dragged them in, sensing the tension between you and the debonair Black. Sirius looked away a little as they left and you closed the gap so you were standing before him.

“Can you dance?” he asked quickly, turning back to look down at you again, “I was taught when I was younger.”

“I know the basics” you replied, “Why do you ask?”

He reached for your hand pulling it softly into his and encouraged you to walk slowly beside him, hand in his into the hall. People cleared you way making a pathway through, everyone’s eyes fixed on you and Sirius as he led you forward not taking his eyes off you. A waltz began to play. The first waltz. He guided you to the center of the floor and placed his hand carefully on your waist, the other help your hand up as you rested your hand on his shoulder.  His eyes still never left yours and you became completely unaware of the hundreds of students and teachers watching you. He spun you in his arms, turning you elegantly and carefully. You never imagined Sirius to be so graceful as he turned you and spun you out, still paying all his attention to you. The two of you danced as if it had been rehearsed millions of times before. Just as the music was about to climax, Sirius mumbled so only you could hear,

“I picked my one girl”

The music flowed more powerfully, allowing you to rise and fall easily together, twirling, your legs entwining gracefully pulling you across the floor. You teased, getting so close you could feel his breath fan your cheeks, you could easily kiss him but you were too caught up in the dance, gliding as he turned you lifting you slightly. His strong arms held you perfectly as you stepped away slightly but he pulled you back in as the music drew to a close.

You stayed looking at each other for a few moments, silence filled the room. Slow claps came from Dumbledore and the entire hall erupted but still you stayed just as close, eyes locked. Sirius leaned a tiny bit forward as if to kiss you but pulled away a cheeky smile forming on his face holding your hand out and bowing, making you curtsey. As you rose your eyes found your friends all of them with smug but surprised smiles on their faces, all of them cheering loudest. You were about to walk from the floor when another dance started, Sirius began to lead and you were rather relieved that the teachers and other students had joined in because the realisation that you had just been swept off your feet in front of the entire school and guests by Sirius Black had set in and your legs were shaking a little. You had looked at Sirius every day of every week but never had the two of you looked at each other like you had now.

“You dance well” they were his firsts words since outside the hall.

“I had a good lead” you tried to be normal but even you could tell he heard a slight falter in your voice.

“Come, let’s get you a drink,” he effortlessly danced his way through the crowd and lead you off the floor, no one even noticing the two of you had slipped off. Even away from the crowd you felt enclosed suddenly, hot and not really breathing right,

“(y/n)? What’s wrong?” Sirius handed you a drink and reached for your arm to support you,

“I just need a little air” you murmured and walked away from him and straight out the door onto the balcony, your silhouette hidden by the curtain. Nothing hurt, in fact, everything seemed to be buzzing; your head, your hands, your waist where he had held you and your heart - all buzzing at once. Not once could you get the imprinted image of his beautiful passionate eyes out of your head, the eyes you had looked at so many times before seemed different but the same and his hands; you had touched hands so many times passing each other things but never had a subtle spark as exciting as that ever crossed between you.

The sound of music suddenly became muffled and you turned to find the very eyes that enchanted you once again. Sirius had closed the balcony doors behind him, giving the two of you privacy for the first time in a very long time, even as friends the marauders were normally not far away. There was a tension between you that was different than before.

“I have a feeling we both have similar feelings right now” he speculated,

“What do you mean?” surely he didn’t feel this too.

“The buzzing feeling everywhere we touched. The way I so desperately wanted to lean down and close that tiny gap that seemed too big, how I wanted to never let that dance end” Sirius suddenly wasn’t as calm as he had appeared while dancing he was gradually getting quieter and the pleading in his eyes for reassurance on these things grew with every word.

“Yes.” That was the only word you could manage. Sirius stepped forward as if he was about to begin the waltz all over again, his hands finding your hips but this time, he closed that gap. His lips found yours as he pulled you against him firmly as if every part of his body had to be touching yours just to breathe. Your hands rested on his face feeling the very slight stubble never wanting to pull away. Sirius’ lips were gentle and moved so softly but the need to breath became overwhelming, and you both seemed to move away.

“I will never need to choose between girls again” he breathed, “Honestly though I never wanted to pick anyone but you”

“I love you, Sirius Black.” He looked down to you, retracting to his full height a little and took both of your small hands in his larger ones and turned them, slipping his fingers between yours.

“And I indeed, (y/n) (l/n), love you too”


“Ever since the beginning of fucking time, nobody thinks I know what I’m doing – I know what I’m doing! ‘If you don’t do your homework, you’re gonna fail, d’you know that?’ What do you think? What do you fucking think? ‘If you don’t go to college, you’re not gonna get a good job, you’re not gonna be able, you’re not gonna get a great education, no one’s gonna hire you.’ No shit, I know this. I. Know. What goes on. And I’ve made my choices. And it’s frustrating to look at this world and say, ‘Hey look, you fucking assholes, I’m just being me, motherfucker, and I gotta tell you how I am.’”

Frisky Dingo sentence starters

Overwatchified & Bowdlerized Edition

(change gender, insert your team’s name where relevant, etc.)
  • “Can’t we just blah blah re-route them?”
  • “Great, there goes my pen.”
  • “Not a thing dry erase about that.”
  • “When did you freeze my sperm?”
  • “You’re welcome, city.”
  • “No, don’t stop.”
  • “We went to college together– no we didn’t.”
  • “Go time.”
  • “We don’t kill good guys, we kill bad guys. It’s in our charter.”
  • “How’s that for snack time?”
  • “If I ever go back to Overwatch, I’ll be smothered to death. That’s in our charter.”
  • “Do you think I’m selfish?”
  • “That’s exactly what it is, business.”
  • “Oh, I always do that.”
  • “You don’t have any loved ones.”
  • “I knew you were gonna trick me into doing this.”
  • “It was a half-and-half…for the record.”
  • “Well, why in the hell were you pointing those damn guns at me?”
  • “Yeah, take a knee, gang.”
  • “What, the little GI Joe dolls?”
  • “Hey! Tone of voice!”
  • “I’m more ‘low tech, high concept’, I guess.”
  • “Yeah, that thing’s chock full of … reform. No, I didn’t read it.”
  • “You are like a bad penny.”
  • “I don’t care what ‘Boys from Brazil’ thing you’ve got going on out there, but I’m still the boss in here.”
  • “Uh, apparently it’s been here the whole time.”
  • “I can’t believe that bitch shot me!”
  • “Is your ass ready to be rocked, I ask you?”
  • “I look like a push-up.”
  • “I almost shot your face off!”
  • “Will you turn six already.”
  • “Do you want to argue over it until we both die of hypothermia?”
  • “No, but I’m prepared to!”
  • “What do i think? I think, why are you calling me on Sunday?”
  • “Is that a new Scion?”
  • “Yeah, and I bet that’s JUST how they’d say it, too.”
  • “It’s too complicated to explain. I know, that’s how great it is!”
  • “We can’t ever go back to Arizona?”
  • “Name your reward.”
  • “If he always throws his food on the floor, how is he so fat?”
  • “Is this some sort of ironic doom? Is the wink implied?”
  • “Sorry, I was jonesing for a chick parm.”
  • “Mention that paperwork again and just see what happens.”
  • “I’d like for you to let me go.”
  • “You know, I used to be pretty good at the jump rope.”
  • “I’m married, but I ain’t that married.”
  • “What, is the applause sign broken?”
  • “Dude, save it for group.”
  • “I wish I had someone like her growing up.”
  • “Please, stop talking.”
  • “I want you to stop talking.”
  • “I defy this day to get any worse.”
  • “I’m doing the best I can.”
  • “You’re really, really, really, really, really smart … and pretty.”
  • “Screw it, shoot him.”
  • “I’ve been doing that a lot lately. What if it’s a tumor?”
  • “Hey, grope-free zone right here, buddy. At least until I get a few drinks in me – I’m kidding.”
  • “We’re going broke, that’s what we’re doing.”
  • “You get shot at, like, all the time “
  • “I wish we could have a thought bubble over that guy’s head.”
  • “7:30 in the morning. This is what I have instead of coffee.”
  • “Why’s it always got to be my ass? There’s a person in this ass.”
  • “Well, your blood’s way too thin for a stroke so let’s hear it.”
  • “There was a lot less boy/girl than the box art would’ve led you to believe.”
  • “If you still have a problem with that, there’s the big-ass door.”
  • “Operation: Bad Habit is a go.”
  • “Not with that attitude.”
  • “I think it’s funny that you question me any time there’s a thing.”
  • “It hurts really bad. Like bees in my mouth.”
  • “Thanks for coming out, everybody. I gotta go bang this waitress.”
  • “Oh shut the fuck up! Waste of everybody’s effing time.”
  • “Pride is a fool’s fortress. Now, who’s for Denny’s?”
  • “How is this, possibly, any of it my fault?”
  • “Got a lot of dogs in the fire.”
  • “We can’t ever go back to Vegas!”
  • “It’s so important your boyfriend will actually learn your name?”
  • “Dude, this won’t even cover my mortgage.”
  • “This whole kidnapping is just ruined.”
  • “Shut up, some idiot just ran a red light.”
  • “Hey, a news van! I love news!”
  • “Well, you know, go big or go home.”
  • “No, you big sloppy man.”
  • “Oh, please fall.”
  • “You don’t need to say it every time.”
  • “I know, nothing hurts like a scrape, but you’re being so brave.”
  • “Where did you even get these?”
  • “Look, I seriously need some watermelon.”
  • “Ech, not with those dirty fingers.”
  • “Not in my handsome face!”
  • “I’m trying to maintain a positive environment for child-rearing.”
  • “The one person in the world I want to kidnap, and now he’s missing.”
  • “Eager to know why you’re here.”
  • “It’s all here in the lawsuit.”
  • “Stop! Just stop and listen, and listen like crazy.”
  • “My god, the stones on you.”
  • “Maybe you should go back to the doctor.”
  • “Well, my foot hurts, so we’re even.”
  • “Okay, once again, the mall is my Waterloo.”
  • “Aren’t you tenacious? I find that very attractive in a man.”
  • “I was just saying ‘don’t,’ and you did!”
  • “If you don’t hang up that telephone I will bleed you dry.”
  • “Where the hell is your friend, and where are your pants?”
  • “I’m still gonna have to sue you.”
  • “Any nuts will kill him, even his boyfriend’s.”
  • “And what does the manual say about hostile prisoner control? Right up there in section one.”
  • “Do you remember when I blackmailed you?”
  • “Come live with me.”
  • “Don’t use my real name!”
  • “Hey, we should go find your kid.”
  • “And for your information managing a workforce the size of Overwatch is…like, that takes management skills.”
  • “He’s dead, and you’ll join him in … being dead!”
  • “Hit and they ran. Hit and run.”
  • “Let’s go to my house, and I will take a nap.”
  • “Tell him his dad was an American hero.”
  • “Yes, you better gasp collectively.”
  • “Well where were you at contract time?”
  • “We got a whole hour.”
  • “I don’t know how else you’d like me to put that.”
  • “How do you know his name?”
  • “Well then, I’ll see you both in hell.”
  • “They steal it?”
  • “Do you smell that? It’s called piss and garbage.”
  • “Hang on, Trusty Rusty.”
  • “Okay, they are the bus.”
  • “I cannot believe you shot my eyes out.”
  • “I’ll just do it tonight, while I’m missing another recital.”
  • “Now with power ‘stache and fighting paunch.”
  • “Time’s a bit of a factor.”
  • “Walk don’t to the post office and mail yourself a congratulations letter, say ‘congratulations you’re not getting cornholed in the state pen.”
  • “What’s the plan here, biggun?”
  • “What is Plan B? I don’t actually have one.”
WIP Tag Game

Tagged by a couple of my faves @envydean and @adoringjensen

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

Hopefully organizing all my projects will help focus me to get shit done, lol. I’m gonna borrow Naomi’s format and separate the categories :))

Challenges for March:

TFW Graphics Challenge - This is the challenge I’m struggling with the most this month rip me.

DeanCasGC - Still need to pick my song, but I have a couple in mind! It’s so hard to decide which song to go with.

SPNSongCC - I think I’ve decided to do a deancas graphic for this one. So that’s progress?


It’s not an official series or anything, but I do like making screencap edits of random episodes/characters when I’m procrastinating other things. I usually do these pretty quick but got distracted with the one that’s currently unfinished, which is for the episode 9x21 with Castiel and Gadreel. 


Alright, this is the category with the most things that require the most amount of dedicated time. Let’s dive in!

Fandom Writing Challenge - I’m actually done writing this and just need to send it off to my lovely beta ( @adoringjensen). However, I got carried away as usual with the prompt, so I’m working on a second part to complete the story. I wanna finish writing the majority of the second part before I post the actual fic for the challenge because if I don’t, I’m worried it’ll get pushed down the list of fics I’m working on and it’ll be hard to finish it (as was the case with another WIP I have).

Borrowing Sugar - Chapter 5 is underway! I have 2k written as of right now, but I also spent a good amount of time figuring out some story lines since things are gonna start to emerge. Gotta figure that shit out lol.

Imperfect Proposals - Some of you might’ve read an ask I answered explaining the epilogue and I assure you, there’s an epilogue partially written lol. I won’t ramble on too about it here, but if you wanna see what I said previously, you can read it here. Essentially, it’s back in the forefront of my mind. I have more clarity of what I want to write and I’m ready to dive back in to the verse. I’m looking forward to finally providing some closure :)

Mute!Dean/Kid Fic - This one, man. This has been a WIP for many months now (since October I think??). I originally intended to write it for the SPN Prompt Challenge but then it got to 5k words and I still wanted to do so much more with the story, so I wrote another fic in it’s place instead. I really do like this fic, but life got crazy busy and other monthly challenges became a priority. I intend to finish it, but there’s no real urgency to do so right now.

So that’s all of my WIPs I can think of at the moment. Not too bad, but I’m looking forward to Easter break just so I can have more time to write :))

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well guys! the story of me busting it on the tile floor brought enough people 😂

i’m not really sure what i’m gonna do? i’m officially on spring break except for a spanish composition that’s due tomorrow so i’m open to ideas if you have them. the last time i did something was for 700 and well those prompts are sitting in my ask box still. i’m always taking more though! i just can’t promise how long it will take me though but i will eventually do them all!

i’m still doing moodboards! um if you search the name aesthetic tag or the my edit tag you can see some of those. it’s like the prompts, i’ll do them all, just not sure when.

i’m still adding my birthday page (don’t @ me @exybee i haven’t been on my laptop but i’ll add you don’t worry) i’ll try to do something for everyone’s, not sure yet though?

mm, then like for an honorable mention, i’m adding members to my trc blog. i know the fandom is sort of waning? there but i can’t bring myself to delete it: @auntjimi so lmk if that’s something you’d be interested in

uh, i’m always down to give song recs (or receive them @queerneiljostcn recently gave me some top notch suggestions)

this is just me putting something up cause i wanted to say thanks for being here? you should hit up my ask box whenever, for awhile when my blog first got an influx of followers one or two people would stop by to tell me about tests or speeches or meetings they were worried about. sometimes it’s nice to let someone know. i’ll give a kiss to the sky for you guys, always.

i’ll make an actual pretty post later. right now i’m a pantsless gremlin who is too lazy to get out her laptop. but that’s what happens when spring break hits

this was information dense. i’ll post a lighthearted photo


Negan in every episode - Last Day on Earth

Pissin’ our pants yet? Boy, do I have a feeling we’re gettin’ close. Yep. It’s gonna be pee-pee pants city here real soon. Which one of you pricks is the leader? Hi. You’re Rick, right? I’m Negan. And I do not appreciate you killin’ my men. Also, when I sent my people to kill your people for killin’ my people, you killed more of my people. Not cool. Not cool. You have no idea how not cool that shit is. But I think you’re gonna be up to speed shortly. Yeah. You are so gonna regret crossin’ me in a few minutes. Yes, you are. You see, Rick, whatever you do, no matter what, you don’t mess with the new world order. And the new world order is this, and it’s really very simple. So, even if you’re stupid, which you very may well be, you can understand it. You ready? Here goes. Pay attention. Give me your shit or I will kill you. Today was career day. We invested a lot so you would know who I am and what I can do. You work for me now. You have shit, you give it to me. That’s your job. Now, I know that is a mighty big, nasty pill to swallow, but swallow it you most certainly will. You ruled the roost. You built something. You thought you were safe. I get it. But the word is out. You are not safe. Not even close. In fact, you are pegged, more pegged if you don’t do what I want. And what I want is half your shit. And if that’s too much, you can make, find, or steal more, and it’ll even out sooner or later. This is your way of life now. The more you fight back, the harder it will be. So, if someone knocks on your door, you let us in. We own that door. You try to stop us and we will knock it down. You understand? What, no answer? You don’t really think that you were gonna get through this without bein’ punished, now, did you? I don’t want to kill you people. Just want to make that clear from the get-go. I want you to work for me. You can’t do that if you’re dead, now, can you? I’m not growin’ a garden. But you killed my people, a whole damn lot of them. More than I’m comfortable with. And for that, for that you’re gonna pay. So, now… I’m gonna beat the holy hell outta one of you. This– this is Lucille, and she is awesome. All this, all this is just so we can pick out which one of you gets the honor. Huh. Ugh, I gotta shave this shit. You got one of our guns. Whoa. Yeah. You got a lot of our guns. Shit, kid, lighten up. At least cry a little. Jesus. You look shitty. I should just put you out of your misery right now. Nope. Nope, get him back in line. All right, listen. Don’t any of you do that again. I will shut that shit down, no exceptions. First one’s free. It’s an emotional moment, I get it. Sucks, don’t it? The moment you realize you don’t know shit. This is your kid, right? This is definitely your kid. Hey! Do not make me kill the little future serial killer. Don’t make it easy on me. I gotta pick somebody. Everybody’s at the table waitin’ for me to order. I simply cannot decide. I got an idea. Eeny… meeny… miney… moe… catch… a tiger… by… his toe. If… he hollers… let him go. My mother… told me… to pick… the very.. best… one… and you… are… it. Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father and then we’ll start. You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry. Hell, you’re all gonna be doin’ that. Ho! Ho! Look at that. Takin’ it like a champ! Damn!


“There’s still a little bit of time left this year. The present that I really want, is for JaeJoong hyung to recover quickly. I don’t really wish for anything else this year. I just wish that JaeJoong hyung will recover quickly, so that the 5 of us will be able to stand infront of the fans together." – Changmin

11 Questions Tag

So @shaelinwrites tagged me to do this at the perfect time, so here we go! Gonna answer these with as many puns from The Strokes as possible, GO GO GO.

1. How many works in progress do you currently have?

At this current moment in time, I’ve got one that I’m drafting, one that I’m outlining, one that I’m planning, one that I’m editing and one that I’m trying to brainstorm… So 5 total. Though I work more on the drafting/outlining/editing projects.

Fab-tastic amirite?

I can’t believe I just said that.

Oh my god.

Oh well, You Only Live Once.

2. Do you/Would you write fanfiction?

No. Fanfiction’s really not my thing! I’m not against writers who do write fanfiction, I just prefer creating my own original characters, which fanfiction doesn’t (usually) allow. That’s just The Way It Is for me, but if fanfic works for you, what a Happy Ending for you!

3. Do you prefer real books or ebooks?

I prefer books of the audio kind.


Of these two, I prefer ebooks for sheer convenience and reading at night since I share a bedroom, and the sister sleeps like 4 hours before I do, and holding up a flashlight while lying down and trying to hold up a book isn’t fun… Sorry for the bad description of that, it’s just a little Hard To Explain. Reading hard copy books Under Cover Of Darkness is a little difficult.

I do however love real books because they’re very pretty, and I prefer physical copies over digital copies.


(If you spend 4+ hours a day staring at Photoshop, Audiobooks are the BEST.)

Audiobooks aren’t even Between Love and Hate for me, they’re just hanging with pure love.

4. When did you start writing?

The summer of 2014, which means I was 12!


Man I remember writing when I was 12 like it happened Last Nite.

We was young, amirite?

5. Do you have someone you trust that you would share your work with?

@sarahkelsiwrites is my go to gal. I mean, we hung out in the womb together–there’s only so much trust one person can gain. Also, my best friend @imdisappointed because 1) she created a tumblr with my book title and 2) she’s the best. :)) We’re all basically Partners In Crime. The Chances that we’re all so supportive of one another is great. Call It Fate, Call it Karma, whatever floats your boat. ;)

6. Where is your favourite place to write?

I used to love writing in bed, but sometimes I just think… What Ever Happened to that? (She says, as she writes this blog post in bed…) I feel unproductive as hell, and am more inclined to go on social media or relax. So I have a couple spots: lately it’s been at my kitchen table where there’s a nice loud CD player and lots of light, but in the summer, it’s usually this huge couch by my piano. (Anything with TONS of light is great.) Anything that’s On The Other Side of the house is cool with me, since that side gets most of the light (minus the kitchen, which I love).

7. Favourite childhood book?

The Faraway Tree. My mom used to read this to my sister and I every night before bed, and to be honest, is probably the number one book I read during childhood that pushed my love for storytelling. Used to read that book All The Time.

8. Writing for fun or for publication?

Both! I kind of like writing/working on a book for publication, and another for personal use because it takes the pressure off for me. Currently, I’m writing the FOSTERED series for fun (rip past me thinking she was going to publish this…), and am editing my YA contemporary, I’M DISAPPOINTED for publication. Hoping that Someday the book’s picked up!

9. Pen and paper or computer?

Both, again. I don’t *like* using pen and paper, but it’s all I have when I’m in class (and I mean IN class, when a lesson is going on LOL), so I take it. Take It Or Leave It, amirite? And you know, this is The Modern Age, so computers are totally the way to go when I have access to ‘em. (So basically most of the time, though this can sometimes be a little 50/50 if you know what I mean?)

10. Have you ever taken any writing classes?

I haven’t taken any technical writing classes, but I have taken an online query-writing class with a couple literary agents from New Leaf which was fun. Fun story: I totally had forgotten to log on When It Started, so I missed a solid 15 Minutes of the class. My bad. I had it all Under Control by the end though.

11. What inspires you to write?

Music. You know, especially this band called The Strokes. A couple favourites from them are: You Only Live Once, The Way It Is, Happy Ending, Hard To Explain, Under Cover of Darkness, Between Love & Hate, Last Nite, Partners In Crime, Chances, Call It Fate, Call It Karma, What Ever Happened, On The Other Side, All The Time, Someday, Take It Or Leave It, The Modern Age, 50/50, When It Started, 15 Minutes, and Under Control.

You’re great if you noticed all of those.

Pretty proud of the puns.

I used 20 song titles from The Strokes in that. That’s, like, Barely Legal.

(21 now)

Man these bad puns need to come to an Automatic Stop.

(22 now)

Meh, maybe I’ll stop at 12:51.

(23 now)

I know what you’re thinking right now: Rachel, You Talk Way Too Much.


And to that I say I Can’t Win at everything.


Sorry I guess I’m Trying Your Luck now.


We can talk about it in the Evening Sun at another time, maybe?


Oh also, don’t forget, you’re always free to Ask Me Anything!


Thanks for reading. I’m dying of laughter.


comic edit tutorial

i thought i’d make a tutorial on my method of making comic edits. the thing with making comic edits it that it takes patience! so if you want to start making comic edits best to have some background music or something cause it will take a while at first but once you start getting used to it, it will be a breeze.

for me it usually takes around 5-10 minutes to do a one edit, it really depends on the panel itself. for this edit i thought i do one that is both easy on some parts but hard on other parts. 



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The Story-Part 7

Once again nothing was spoken about what happened. It just…was. I decided to do what I always do when something bothers me, ignore it. If they weren’t going to mention or bring it up, neither was I.

The next morning, I headed downstairs with every intention of starting breakfast for everyone when I caught the sounds of Jared and Shannon going over the last bits of editing.

“Yeah, I like that one too.” I heard Jared softly. “So how are you gonna tell her?”

Against my better judgement, I listened.

“We’re not even a hundred percent sure how she feels.”

“We’ll talk to her soon”

I scurried quickly back up the stairs as quietly as I could.

Making my way in to the master bathroom, I shut myself in. Talk to me about what? And what do they mean they don’t know how I feel? About what?

I turned on the shower. Extra hot today. I stepped in and let the water rush over me. It enveloped me and made me close my eyes recalling my night with Jared.

I mimicked the way that his fingers traced down my body as we laid there in bed, and I explored myself now, replaying the memories of him inside me.

My fingers now circled my clit as I recalled the dancing from last night… Jared behind me. Shannon in front. The man I loved and the man I couldn’t get out of my head.

I wanted to feel Shannon the way I felt Jared. I wanted to care for him the way I cared for Jared.

My moans picked up, louder now as I moaned and pined for both of them. Each name escaped my lips as I plunged my fingers deeper in to myself.

I ended my ride of pleasure crying out the older Leto’s name.

This time there was no guilt. Perhaps I’d gotten it out of my system. No more awkward thoughts. No more tension.

It all washed down the drain. Right?

KISEKI -Instrumental-

Hey, Everyone! It’s time for a new project!

I’ve wanted to do this ever since I heard Kiseki at the end of Pokémon X and Y Versions, but I think it would be a great idea, so now I’m gonna do it!

What I want to do is to have as many people in the Pokémon Fandom to sing along with Kiseki, the ending theme to Pokémon X and Y  and we can have local music wizkid poli-swirl edit everyone’s versions together into one song that has the fandom singing together in harmony.

The Lyrics are great, too! Take a look!

You and I were born
right here in the same world.
For this one brief life,
we’re beneath the same sky.
The great flow of time.
The wide expanse of space.
We are lucky enough
to share this lifetime we get.
We can gain more if we give.
By taking, we only lose.
Let us make this a new age
where we show our gratitude.
There’s a fragile bud of hope,
blooming in each of our hearts.
Don’t you take that away.
Our dreams are meant to be shared.
Let it grow. Let it live.
Let us see what it will bring.
When we share in our love,
we make a beautiful world.
Search it out, and find the way:
the point where we can all meet.
The point where we’re all the same.
There it lies: the future we seek.
Start from there, and then we’ll forge
a world where all can be free.
Free to dream, and free to smile.
Free to be who we will be.
Let’s make sure we create…
A world of our hopes and dreams.
In our brief lives,
we’ve managed to meet.
Treasure this gift,
this precious time that we have.
In our brief lives,
we’ve managed to meet.
Treasure this gift,
this precious time that we have.

You’re going to have to have some type of microphone on your computer. If not, you can use your phone‏‎.

You should use headphones and sing the song WITHOUT the music in the background, and then send it to kisekiprojectxy@gmail.com so that Poli can take your voice clip and mash it with the others, and then put it all over the Kiseki audio clip‏.

Thanks in advance! We’ll be taking submissions through the end of April, so that’s plenty of time to lend your voice to this project! Please send any questions my way, okay?


girls that can hold their own [2/??]: AELIN ASHRYVER GALATHYNIUS (CELAENA SARDOTHIEN)

She was Aelin Ashryver Galathynius - and she would not be afraid.

-Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (sjmaas)

“When I was younger, I would just sit in my room and write songs because I really didn’t have anything better to do and thats kind of the explanation of why I wrote songs and how that started, and when I was younger I used to write songs about feeling left out and kind of feeling picked on at school and I used to daydream about growing up ‘cause I thought when I grew up there were no more mean kids or people who picked on you, I thought that was something we grew out of, as people. But when I grew up, I learned that it has nothing to do with how old you are, or where you live or what your circumstances are, at one point or another in your life there’s gonna be someone who’s mean to you, or makes you feel small or makes you feel like you don’t deserve what you want or makes you feel like you’re weird because you’re different.”

Advent Calendar: SVT Edition ⛄

I love winter and the holiday season is coming up in a month so I thought it’d be fun to do a small challenge thing (I guess you can call it a challenge). I was originally gonna do this on my own, but I thought why not spread this idea to everyone else.

For those of you who don’t know what an advent calendar is, it’s a special calendar used to countdown the days to Christmas. Each day, usually starting from December 1st, you open a window or a pouch, and it reveals a little gift, a quote, a picture, etc. The calendar goes up until the 24th, Christmas Eve.

So for those who want to do this with me, basically you’ll make one post a day about Seventeen that is winter/holiday related, starting from December 1st up until December 24th, hence the whole advent calendar concept. Edits, gifs, fics/drabbles, scenarios, fanart, you can post pretty much anything. I thought this would be a good motivator for me to make edits and gifs daily and also for me to get myself into the holiday spirit lol. There’s really no other rules for this. Just make sure to tag your posts with #svtadventcalendar so everyone can easily find all of your beautiful stuff!

It’s okay if you don’t think you make quality posts. I want this to be for everyone so don’t be pressured into making something spectacular for everyday of this challenge. This also goes for those who don’t think they can post something everyday. I want this to be a fun thing for everyone in the fandom to enjoy :)

High School!Mike being in your photography class and him being assigned as your partner on the final project. After 2 days of arguing on what to do and how, you both finally figure out what you’re going to do. Deciding to go to your house after school that Friday to take the final few pictures and edit them. Not knowing what to expect from the loud, annoying girl that put up with no ones shit, Michael was a little frightened. After arriving at your house, you both started to set up the cameras.
“Hold on, I hate a quiet house.” You said before leaving him alone in your kitchen as you go to grab some old CDs. He had finished setting up yours and his camera by the time you returned with the stack of 6 CDs.
“Do you think it’s gonna take up 6 albums to get this done?” He asked, thinking you were doubting his photography skills.
“No, but I’m assuming I’m going to end up feeding you at one point and who knows how long that’ll take. You could be here all night for all I know.” You laugh as you put the first CD in the stereo system. You saw a small smile rise on his face as the first song played.
“Bowling for Soup. Nice”
“Well, a loud child needs loud music.” You say while patting his cheek before grabbing your camera and slipping out the backdoor to start. He laughs before following suit.
“MIKE, HURRY! THIS IS REALLY GOOD LIGHTING!” You yell before snapping a picture of the old, semi falling apart fence that separated your backyard and the neighbors. He smiled a big toothy grin before getting a very detailed picture of the half dead plants that seem to haven’t been watered in two weeks. He looked up to see your frame strutting across the yard then proceeding to take a picture of the squirrel who had stopped halfway up a tree. He couldn’t help himself. He had to snap a picture of you. “Clifford? Our project is about nature. Not me.” You said, kinda confused on why your partner was talking a picture of you.
“Sorry I just umm- uhh-…”
“I get it, I looked good as always. Now would you please focus.” You say before walking to the front side of the house.
“Damn.” He said before taking laying down to take a picture of mushrooms surrounded by grass. 30/40 pictures later, you had both gotten more than enough. “Hey we should get these download on the the computers.” He said as he met you halfway through your house. You agreed and plugged your camera in. After both had completely downloaded you had a suggestion.
“You know how earlier I said I’d pry be feeding you?”
“Yeah, why?”
“You have a better eye at this than I do, plus you’re WAY better at editing than I am. So you should do that and I’ll make supper?” You glanced at the clock to know that if it was actually about supper time. ‘6 pm. Ok that makes me feel better.’ You thought to yourself.
“Fine with me.” He said, shrugging slightly before turning back to the computer. You let out a small huff before rummaging through the freezer.
“We’re having pizza.” You say, knowing the blonde boys love it.
“YES! YOU ARE A GODDESS!” He exclaimed while throwing his hands up in the air. You laugh before turning the oven on, allowing it to preheat. You noticed the quietness of your home before slipping another cd in. You hear the roar of laughter come from the living room as he figures out what CD he was being forced to listen to. “High School Musical? Seriously?”
“HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL IS THE GREATEST MOVIE OF OUR GENERATION AND IF YOU DONT THINK SO, THEN FIGHT ME!” You yell across the house, half joking, half serious. He took a break from sorting and editing the pictures to come eat. And dance of course. You alternated between Troy and Gabriella, in an almost perfect duet. At the end of “Just Wanna be With You”, he had is arms wrapped around his waist and yours around his neck, noses slightly touching.
“You cheesy mother fucker.” You say before leaving his grasp as well as him in stitches. By the time he could compose himself, you’d already eating half a slice of pizza. You set the slice down on your plate as he moved toward you. He wrapped his arms around your waist again as you placed yours on his neck, the two of you in the same position as before.
“This is gonna be cheesy as fuck and I don’t even care.” Michael says before gently placing his lips on yours. “I think I agree with you.” He says after pulling away, leaving you confused. “The hell are you talking about Clifford?” “High School Musical is definitely the greatest movie of our generation.” You let out a loud laugh before placing your lips back on his.