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Do you think Bendy's horns change shape a little on certain occasions? Like they fold down like a cat's ears when he gets angry or they shoot up all pointy like needles when he's startled? Might add to his cartoony expressiveness.

I feel like they’re absolutely subject to changing shape, just like any other part of him – after all, he is a cartoon!  But I’m not sure I understand the inclination to treat Bendy’s horns as though they’re kittycat ears.  After all, they’re… not.  They’re horns.  Horns are made of bone, so they’re gonna be relatively rigid – about as rigid as the rest of him.

Basically, the way I see it, since they’re horns, they’d be as rigid as his skull.  They’ll do whatever the rest of him is doing.  He might be able to treat his set of horns as a hat, or perhaps move them individually with his hands…

…but while he may be able to interact with them separately from the rest of his head, well.  Unless he’s involved in a gag that is rather literally comparing him to a cat or something, I can’t see his horns moving independently from the rest of his head as though they’re ears.  Horns don’t have muscles in them, after all.

Basically, he functions on the same kind of toon logic as any other cartoon – his body probably follows certain rules pretty strictly unless specifically required to do otherwise for a gag.

That’s just my take on it, though.

Since I pointed out that similarity between Rocket and Yondu once again, I do wonder… at any point, will the others notice, too? Peter probably already did, but Kraglin hasn’t yet, for example.

(Spoilers for GotG 2 again, guys!)

Like… Rocket tinkering with one of the new set of spacesuits (“You all are gonna wear those, ya hear me?!”) and starting to cuss when it doesn’t go his way. Or Rocket laughing like a delighted maniac in the middle of a fight, as if it’s the best thing ever. Even the insults (nicknames?) spoken with more warmth then venom, are simila

And one day, Kraglin just taps Peter on the shoulder when the other tries to walk past him and points at Rocket. “Uh, Pete? Is it just me or does Rocket remind you a bit… of… um. Of Capt’n?”

He trails of, hesitating, as he reaches unconsciously for the new fin on his head. Perhaps it’s silly. Perhaps he’s just looking for things familiar to him because he misses Yondu and the others.

But Peter, bless him, takes one look at Rocket and at Kraglin’s little gesture and understands, teeth glinting as he laughs aloud. “Oh thank the stars, I thought I’m the only one who noticed!”

Kraglin smiles crookedly, chuckling a bit. It’s a relief and amusing at the same time.

Rocket looks up from the bomb he is building, looking at them with narrowed eyes, sensitive ears twitching. “You guys got a problem over there?”

“Nah,” the two men answer simultaneously, Kraglin a bit wary (that’s a bomb there, after all) and Peter more than a bit mischievous.

“Hmmm,” Rocket isn’t convinced, not at all. He goes back to work while shaking his head, muttering something about “all Ravagers being crazy”.

Peter leans over to Kraglin, whispering not too quietly, “And here I thought he would threaten to eat me now.”

The snort breaks out of Kraglin before he can stop it and he’s laughing aloud in a matter of seconds, the way Peter grins at him mixed with the certain familiarity the sentence brings – how often has Yondu said that empty threat, just how often – makes it funnier than it probably should be.

Peter starts laughing himself when he sees Kraglin lose control like that, reaching out to steady the other as he himself shakes with laughter.

Rocket shoots the two men a sideway glance as they both almost keel over laughing, tears of mirth in their eyes.

“Something ain’t right in those heads,” the former thug mutters, but he’s grinning himself as he watches them from the corner of his eye, work all but forgotten.

Sorry I haven’t been around much this week, y’all. This week has been A WEEK™. Work, where I normally answer my asks, has been INSANE this week because we’re short staffed and trying to get all the ads done for our staff before they leave for the summer, so it’s a bit much. I’ve been then spending my evenings trying to finish my pic for pride month (SERIOUSLY HOW DO YOU PEOPLE FINISH ART IN 5 HOURS??!?!) so I’ve been only answering “quick” asks in the mornings and starting long ones and drafting them to finish at work but because it’s been busy I just HAVEN’T had the time AT ALL. 

And I’m gonna be busy most of this weekend because I need to prep for Canada Day next weekend for my friends coming down. AND I’ve got 3 dental appointments upcoming (one of them being having a wisdom tooth pulled UGH) and I just… UGH TOO MUCH. PLUS I really need to set up my contest / giveaway. I want that to run thru July.

I’m still around, y’all, just slow A F at getting back to y’all. I love you all and thanks for your patience with me <3

I love you guys so much. Cheers.



So I’ve decided to start doing commissions again (or well trying to) and I’ll set up a little thing to sell prints on so I’ll set up prices with whatever I choose to do said prints on Otherwise I’ll try to work out prices so it’s reasonable Anyways, I’ll pretty much do anything from portraits to odd paintings and then maybe I’ll sell some things I’ve already done

Even if you can’t buy something, please reblog because I am but a small college arts major and I need cash and if you’re interested, message me here via tumblr or at my email ethanisafish@gmail.com

(If someone deletes this caption or takes the pictures or some shit there will be a lot of regret I swear)

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6 with Poe please

6. Making an amateur sex tape.

Ah I was wondering if any of you were gonna ask for this. hahaha!

“Wait, really?” Poe asked in surprise.

You rolled your eyes, “Don’t make me take back my answer, babe.”

“No no no no! That’s-I mean-okay. I’m just surprised that you said yes.”

You stood there in silence watching Poe have a stupid smug look on his face, “So we gonna do this?”

“Oh, now?”

“We’re not doing anything, so yes now!”

“Right!! I’ll get the camera!”

Poe set up the camera on a tripod right in front of the bed, “So…how should we do this?”

You stood there thinking and biting your lip. You were deep in thought until you heard Poe mutter, “Fuck.”

“You okay?” You asked him with concern.

“You’re biting your lip. Am I ever okay when you do that?” You smirked and pushed record on the camera. Poe looked at you with surprise, “What do you have planned?”

You walked over to Poe putting an extra sway in your hips, “Oh I got a loooot of plans for you, baby boy.”

Poe gulped knowing that when you called him that, you were going to be in control. And boy did he know that making this sex tape was gonna be one of the most thrilling things you two would do.

Muy Caliente: Nikolai’s special playlist

01. Burn - Ellie Goulding || 02. Eternal Flame - The Bangles || 03. Firework - Katy Perry || 04. Burnin Up - Jonas Brothers || 05. Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon || 06. St. Elmo’s Fire - John Parr || 07. World on Fire - Les Friction || 08. Great Balls of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis || 09. Set Fire to the Rain - Adele || 10. Disco Inferno - The Trammps || 11. Hot in Here - Nelly || 12. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Fall Out Boy || BONUS: Feeling Hot Hot Hot - The Merrymen


‘ello everyone, my name is LU, i’m in CST, and i’m 22 and i have a deep love for this baby boy i’m about to introduce you to! i’m super excited to plot with all of you and get to know both you and your characters! i’m going to be setting up a “stats” page for him some time later but i’m gonna be doing yard work after this so i’ll be around later.

tw: mentions of death, anxiety, and some internalized homophobia.

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For the sns url posting for bv2 we can use Facebook too right?

yes you can use facebook as long as that share post is set too public viewing ^_^

Anonymous said: Hello :) I was watching the sope broadcast again and there is something that confuses me. They showed off the sheet masks but they didn’t display Hobi’s skincare bag. So now I’m confused when are they allowed to show products and when not?

I actually have no idea really. Usually they’re not allowed to show other products if they’re currently endorsing a product in that same line. Maybe has something to do with a compact they’re gonna release? if the rumors are true but I’m not sure no one is talking about it.

Anonymous said: Do you think BV2 will be released eventually on YouTube (pirated not official) because I don’t really know if I want to spend 15? 

Someone might upload it, but it gets taken down fast by vlive. they already know how to monitor the reuploads.

Anonymous said: Do they use some random generator thingy or handpick winners for the raffle? ^^

hehe sorry anon I have no idea about how they’ll pick winners ^_^

Anonymous said:Dear do you have any idea why vlive+ says that my device is rooted when it isn’t It happened with bon voyage 1(i had bought the episodes on another phone that I lost and couldn’t play it on my new device tho it works on other people’s phones😭😭😭😭) I have a note 4 it that helps I hope you or one followers could help me😊😊😊

Sorry anon I’ve never been able to figure out the rooted error even before ;_;

whom else here gay and unstable

Your sexuality isn’t a fucking threat to minors, okay? Since staff is deciding to be a total asshole to the LGBTQIA+ community during pride month I’m gonna spit some facts to set things straight

- “gay” and “lesbian” are sexual identities, do not reduce their meaning to a fucking porn tag. It’s dehumanizing and fetishizing

- being anything other than straight does not automatically make things nsfw

- your existence is not “sensitive content” and is not inherently dangerous

- there is absolutely no reason Tumblr needs to worry about “protecting” minors from gays especially when a lot of the content they are censoring are helpful, supportive posts for LBGTQIA+ youth

I’m so sorry that staff is literally censoring our entire community out of existence. Your sexuality is real and valid and you deserve better than to be treated like this

songs to make you feel like the first + last scenes in a movie-

the beginning-  installs a feeling of determination. the sun is shining, the kid is skateboarding through the city, people are getting ready for their big day, the story is starting to paint over your screen, motivating you to get outside right after this hour and a half and do something.

the end-  the sun is setting. our hero has found happiness within themselves, as they scream out of the sunroof in a car leading to nowhere and everywhere. everything is right, and everything is warm, comforting your doubts and leaving you with a sense of hope in your ordinary life.