i was gonna add more but its already too long as it is

AU where the Justice League forms like usual, except Batman maintained his “totally a myth” status and has in fact been active for years before the JL forms. He’s very cautious about trusting them, but still joins, and the others sort of accepts that as long as they trust that Batman has a really hard time with trust, it will all work out in its own weird way

Then, one day, in the middle of a JL mission, the League gets in a tight spot. Out of nowhere, this blue and black blur swoops in and saves everyone’s ass. Maybe breaking some shackles that were proving very difficult, maybe disarm a bomb that the League was just a hair’s breadth too slow to reach without help, but whatever happens, the shadowy figure pauses just long enough to say, “Hey, Batman, you know you there are these things called cellphones now and you can just call sometimes, it doesn’t have to be this dramatic?” and bounds away after shouting ‘let’s do brunch! Bring your new friends!’

Batman is mortified.

No one lets it go.

The entire rest of the mission, the whole League is asking so many questions. Who was that? Do you know him? How do you know him? What’s going on? I didn’t know there was a vigilante in this area?? They don’t let up until he talks.

“That was Nightwing.” Batman is mumbling. The JL forces him to bring them to the Brunch. Brunch happens to be in a run-down apartment on the edge of a bad neighborhood, at five in the morning, in costume. Nightwing introduces himself as Batman’s lovechild with justice.

“I did not realize Batman had a child,” Martian Manhunter says, calmly enough that no one’s sure if he’s accidentally plucking a really loud thought out of the air or if he’s trying to make a joke.

Nightwing stares for a moment falling over laughing. He doesn’t get up. Batman starts trying to apply anti-Joker venom but Nightwing just kicks him and laughs until he cries. He keeps trying to wipe his eyes and his mask keeps getting in the way, so he asks everyone to leave so he can please get a hold of himself

He is still laughing when they leave. Everyone is confused. Batman is furious.  Nightwing manages to breathe long enough to say, “We’re just so glad you’re socializing now, Batman.”

Superman turns to look at Batman very slowly. “…’we’?”

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Digital Painting: tips for beginners

Heyo! I got asked if I could make a tutorial on digital painting so I’m gonna throw together some advice meant for people who are starting out and want to figure out exactly how this stuff all works. Because it’s hard! What I hope to accomplish here is to make painting more approachable for you.

Firstly, I have put together something like this before, so for archival purposes here it is: http://holy-quinity.tumblr.com/post/89594801811/i-dont-know-how-much-of-this-kind-of-thing-you

For those of you who don’t wanna bother reading that, here are the main points:

1. Learn your program and its tools, from brush properties to layer styles. And I mean learn them. Make a cheatsheet that shows you exactly what each button and scale does, both in isolation and in conjunction with other buttons and scales. Refer to this as much as possible until it is intuitive. The end goal is to know exactly what to do to your brush’s settings to achieve a given effect.

2. It’s perfectly okay to use your sketches, linearts, and other forms of line in your paintings. They can help guide the form and there’s no need to make something fully “lineless”! I never make things “lineless.”

3. Study other people’s art and try to think how they could have possibly achieved the effects they did. You can learn a lot just by observing and mentally recreating the process stroke by stroke—muscle memory is a powerful tool at your disposal. This becomes easier to do once you’ve started doing item 1 above.


So where the heck do you even begin?

What I’m gonna do is try to make digital painting as approachable as possible for someone who’s never really done it. The main idea here is that digital painting is just like real painting. So if you’ve ever done real painting, you already kinda know what’s coming.

I’m gonna assume you know the basics of digital art: you can sketch, line those sketches using layers and opacity changes, and fill the lines with color, maybe even opting to add some shading…and you’ll get something like this:

You know, cell-shaded, or maybe the shading’s blended, but you’ve still obviously a line drawing with color put down on layers beneath the lines.

The next intuitive step is to try going “lineless”…but when you remove the lines you get this:

idk about you but I’m laughing at how stupid this looks

When I was first teaching myself to paint digitally, I didn’t really know how to deal with this. Without lines, the form of the subject vanished or became a mess like the above. Even if I was meticulous and careful about placing down the color such that without the lines layer turned on, the shapes fit together, it didn’t look quite right. There’d be gaps, I wouldn’t know how to incorporate the subject into a background, the contrast wouldn’t be high enough, or it’d just in general look too much like a screenshot from Super Mario 64.

Painting requires a different process than the above. You’ll have to let go of some of your habits and conventions. Such as staying in the lines. Such as fully relying on the lines. Like, I love my lines, I love my sketches—but in painting, they are guides for form, and are not the form itself. So let me go through how I approach a given painting:

My painting process starts with a sketch (here a boring portrait for demonstrative purposes). I make the opacity of the sketch layer something like 30%, and then throw down my base colors on a new layer underneath. I’m not being meticulous about the sketch itself, because again it’s just meant to guide my placement of color. I’m also not meticulous about my placement of the color.

We’re essentially sketching with color. Because ultimately what we want is for the color to take on the form and shapes conveyed by the sketch.

There’s a lot going into this about how to use value, how to shade, how to use color, etc. that I’m kinda skipping over because it takes a lot of time to explain…but there are hundreds of tutorials out there on those topics so please, google around! I found some helpful tuts that way when I was starting out.

Something I find v useful is to keep selecting colors that already exist in your image for shading and hue adjustment. This is why I start with really blendy, low-opacity brushes when throwing down color on top of the background. I can then select colors within there that are a mix of the two.

For instance, I’ll select the color of the lines here:

…and use that to shade:

And maybe I’ll select one of the darker shades around his eye, but not the darkest, to make the shading a smoother gradient…and so on.

What I do in general at this point is go over the shapes and lines of the sketch. Such that I can turn off the sketch layer and see this:

I’m replacing the lines with shading and value. I’ll continue to do this as I keep adding color.

This is all super loose. I am not dedicated to any particular stroke. I just want the colors and shading and light source to be right. I’ll use overlay layers to boost contrast or add a hue.

Here are other examples where I used this process:

I am constantly changing brushes and brush settings as I paint. It really depends on what effect I want where. I am also constantly selecting new colors and applying or blending those in. I don’t believe in having some uniformly applied base color and then shading with only one or two…that’s what I’d do if I was cell-shading like the first drawing I showed you here, but painting should be about messing with color and opacity and blending to make millions of hues!

Good rule of thumb: Hard, opaque brushes for applying color. Soft, dilute brushes for blending colors. Sometimes hard, dilute brushes can make some cool blending effects! I personally prefer harder edges on my shading so that’s a brush I use often.

This is getting a bit long so I’m gonna split it up into multiple parts, but really what I want you to get from this is:

1. learn the tools at your disposal until they are intuitive

2. sketch and line are guides for form, not the form itself

3. rather, hue and value will produce the form

And of course, practice makes perfect!!! Every drawing you make, every painting you make, will bring you one step closer to the artist you want to be, and thus every drawing and every painting, no matter what, is a success.

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What's your favorite recipe?

not combat rations, thats for sure. ive had enough of those for a lifetime. 

but my latest food hit has been pretzel bites. pretzels are an awesome food but rarely available fresh when i want to eat them, which is usually when i’ve woken up in the middle of the night. they’re relatively labor-intensive to make, which is good once the insomnia sets in. keeps me busy. plus, pretzels are sweet on the inside, salty on the outside, just like me. except im also salty on the inside. dont listen to steve.

when i make pretzels, it’s by the metric ton, so the recipe i have makes approximately a million of them.probably you will not want this many, because you don’t have thor or steve to help you eat them. or clint. probably you could just shove some into a vaccum cleaner instead, thatd be about the same. so divide the recipe in half or quarters for normal human consumption. take 11 cups of flour, 1 cup of brown sugar, ½ cup of oil and mix. 4 cups of warm water gets 11 teaspoons of yeast and sits for a bit, then goes in the flour mix. then mix it and let it rise for about an hour. the dough should be sticky to the touch and absolutely awful to get out of your metal fingers. while you wait, wander your living area for some poor sucker to rope into helping you, because stage 2 is easier with help. or you can sit down and wonder why you talk yourself into doing things like this. consider your choices. it’s already too late to go back to sleep; youve got dough rising.

get a deep fry pan or sauce pan and fill with about two inches of water. bring it to a rolling boil on the stove and add in three or so tablespoons of baking soda. you really can’t do too much of that, as long as the water’s not getting super cloudy. preheat the oven to 400 degrees. wake steve up and tell him he has to help. 

get a couple egg yolks in a bowl with a basting brush, and find some kosher salt or sea salt. grease up a few pans. 

flour a surface and roll the dough out until it’s between ½ and ¼ in thick. get your poor unsuspecting minion to cut out bite sized bits. i use an inch and a half circle cookie cutter, but you can use whatever you want, really. tony used a laser cutter last time i let him help, which was…not ideal.

drop the cut outs into the boiling soda water, and let them sit for a few seconds, then fish them out. you can use your robot hand for that, but again, you’ll be getting dough out of it for days. i let them drip dry on a cookie drying sheet, but you could also drop them on a clean dishtowel i guess. you just dont want them to be wet when you put them on the cookie sheet. 

they’re not gonna expand a ton, so just stuff em up close to each other on the sheet. paint the tops with egg yolks and sprinkle with salt. pop em in the oven for 10-15 min or until golden brown. 

repeat the boiling-and-baking until you want to die, then keep going until you run out of dough. while the last batch is baking, take a half a stick of butter, a quarter cup of flour and make a roux in a saucepan. add two cups of milk and two cups of cheddar cheese, some salt and pepper to taste, and a quarter cup of mustard, give or take. im showing you how much to use with my hands but you cant see it. sorry, i dont really measure stuff most of the time. heat and stir till it’s melty and amazing, and dip pretzels on in there. 

by the time you have completed this process and eaten as many pretzel bites as you want–and there will be enough. it’s a dang big recipe–you will want to enter a food coma and sleep forever. or for 70 years or so.

there. insomnia fixed.

  • hi, it’s me, back at it again w/ the (mostly) non-sexual intimacy
  • I would very much like to discuss soft baths and andreil today bc i had a fucking fantastic bubble bath and i think everyone should have more of them so buckle up my dudes
  • (also we’re operating in a little au in which college dorms have baths bc i do what the fuck i want) 
  • it starts mostly just bc andrew likes to have baths, he likes to sit there for ages in the soapy water and let it relax his muscles after tough training for stupid sports and adds hot water when it gets cold and he is short enough that his whole body can be under water (lucky bastard) 
    • he likes to hold his breath under water and enjoy how everything feels muffled and distant and separate and like nothing else matters for a minute so he usually has baths when he’s having a bad day, with a locked door and soft pyjamas and hot chocolate waiting for when he comes out
  • it also happens in part bc Allison likes two things a lot 
    • 1 - buying things for her friends
    • 2 - lush bath bombs 
  • so she combines this and decides that neil Needs some bath bombs bc we all know this boy is shit at self-care so allison is trying to get him to take actual care of himself bc she is an Excellent friend 
  • one day she comes to visit armed with a bag of lovely smelling stuff, shoves it at neil and tells him to take a fucking bath 
  • neil is sorta stunned (poor boy still isn’t great at accepting gifts but between andrew’s eden’s outfits and allison’s enthusiasm for gift-giving he’s been getting better) and he just sort of mumbles out a thank you and allison gives his cheek a soft pat
  • neil takes them all back to his dorm and lays them all out and smells them all and some are too strong but most of them are so nice and he actually likes the idea of them a lot and makes plans to take an actual bath this weekend for the first time in years 

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Making out with... Yuta


Anon: Make out with yuta too 😊

Anon: First make out session with yuta too 😊😀😍

Anon: Hope you’ll do a making out with Yuta soon! ^_^

Anon: making out with yuta please:)) (the thirst is real)

ok i just want to say that i think yuta is like a sex god okay #sorrynotsorry and i’ve just added some nice gifs of him at the end :-) also this is fucking long and kinda sexual so enjoy ;-)

  • so yuta the japanese fuck boy womaniser god woman killer prince
  • im listening to jay park while writing this so i might get a little excited writing this YAY
  • Yuta would love making out with you
  • It’d be his favourite past time with you
  • Well
  • It would be sex but making out is more practical and safe lmao
  • Already quite touchy in the relationship, but if he wanted to make out with you, expect his hands to wander EVERYWHERE
  • He especially likes your thighs and your neck
  • Wraps his hands around your thighs and slides them up and down teasingly
  • Likes to have a hand at the back of your neck so he can dominant the kiss and control you a bit
  • A session would start off at the most random times
  • It might start in the kitchen
  • He’ll walk over to you, where you’re frame is hunched over the sink doing the dishes
  • Snakes his arms around your waist and pull you into your chest, you stumbling clumsily into him
  • He’ll start rubbing his hands over your bare waist and stomach, slowly moving them down so they grab your hips
  • And he’ll surprise you by grounded your hips into his, earning a quick gasp from you
  • Or sometimes they might start as soon as you enter the apartment
  • You’ve had an average day, nothing’s really happened - but that’ll change soon
  • Within a second of you shutting the door, and throwing your bag and coat on the sofa,
  • You spot Yuta practically run out of the bedroom, a dark look in his eyes and a smirk on his face
  • He immediately pushes you back, edging you forcefully towards the door, and quickly you feel the front door come in contact with your back
  • He forcefully takes your wrists and bunches them in one palm, putting them above your head so you have no control
  • The type to grind a lot during making out
  • He cannot help it okay
  • He will literally dry hump you, but you’re not complaining lmao
  • His hips are rough and fast and fuck im sweating already and we havent even got to the kissing part okay lmao
  • Starts by tracing the outline of your lips with his thumb whispering to you
  • Can range from “you have the prettiest lips Y/N” to “hmm want to show me what these lips can do?”
  • Then he’ll press light, butterfly kisses on the corners of your mouth slowly
  • He enjoys having you squirm and whine for him to kiss you
  • Does that stupid smirk !!!
  • Goes in to kisses but stops when he’s only a centimeter away from your lips
  • You can practically feel the heat radiating off him
  • And his breath on your face
  • Finally, finally, he’ll kiss you for real
  • Starts very slow and deep, with a lot of brief pauses and using his jaw to add more force into the kiss
  • His lips would be so soft - like out of all the members, he would have the softest lips omg
  • You could probably taste the unscented lip balm he was wearing
  • (probably a sign he was preparing for this too)
  • His kisses will start to get sloppier and faster and deeper too (somehow, if that was even possible)
  • God, uses so much fucking tongue
  • His tongue darting in and out your mouth, swirling with yours and things get very damp
  • Will moan and groan, and probably grind into you roughly and suddenly, if you force your tongue into his mouth and not the other way round
  • He finds it so hot and god, you really are not helping the situation right now
  • His hands are now grabbing your thighs and squeezing them, making you squeal and squirm with excitement
  • Your hands, which Yuta are no longer holding up above your head, are kneading his head
  • You pull on his hair, threading your fingers through his silky hair, then moving your hands down to the nape of his neck and rubbing it slightly
  • He absolutely loves it and will break the kiss momentarily to throw his head back in pleasure and moan, before returning to the kiss
  • Sometimes, if you want things to go further eg sexual you might be a bit daring and slowly slide your hand down his chest and grab his crotch before quickly returning you hand to its place in his hair
  • He knows what you wants and will pick you up, your legs wrapped around his waist, and take you to the bedroom lmao
  • If not, then the making out will just continue yup
  • His kisses would be so deep and passionate and rough and you know that your lips will be bruised by the end of it
  • Even though his kisses are kind of alluring and sexual, he’s putting so much emotion into them
  • He just loves you so much
  • And he wants you to know that you’re the only one for him and please, don’t leave him
  • They’re rough because that’s the amount of emotion he puts into them
  • OFC you know this, and put a lot of passion into them too
  • You know the session is over when he breaks the kiss and starts kissing your neck
  • Its like a cool down or something
  • But not really because you’re both panting and whimpering at the sensitivity of your lips and skin
  • He loves hickeys
  • Especially across your chest and collar bones
  • They’re always dark and huge and they’re are many of them, scattered across your skin
  • You’ll give him them too, when he’s sucking at your chest
  • You’ll give them behind his ear and upper neck
  • But really, he prefers giving them to you rather than you giivng them to him
  • But ya know, they’re never turned down lol
  • Eventually, you’ll both get tired and slump onto one another lazily, your heart rate starting to go down
  • And then you probably start having a laughing fit for like an hour
  • Because you look at each other, and both of your lips are just bruised
  • Like hella bruised, red and sensitive
  • And it looks fucking hilarious
  • You’ll probably end up napping after too because boy, these making out sessions take up a lot of your energy lmao
  • …..okay
  • that is all
  • i hope you liked this
  • it’s fucking long too jfc
  • sorrynotsorry
  • hmmm i think some people are gonna be having some nice dreams tonight lmao
  • have some gifs of yuta too ;-)

Making out with… series

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“Writing a book is so easy” - Volume 3

Read the original viral sensation: Writing a book is so easy
The somewhat sensational sequel: Writing a book is so easy - the Sequel

Now, prepare for the third volume, the most in-depth behind-the-scenes of writing books yet…

Every book that you read has a story to tell. Not just the one in the pages, but so too the behind-the-scenes hell.

I documented what writing a book looks like from Day 1 to Release Day. The work never ends. You write wherever and whenever you can.

And when I say write, I mean, you have to WRITE


Here’s a secret: the more you write, the longer the book gets!

Sometimes you’re gonna be absolutely STUMPED. Like the entire universe is just being petty and conspiring against you.

When all else fails, drink coffee. Worship coffee. Sacrifice your first-born child to coffee.

Sometimes you’ll show up at your regular writing spot AND SOMEONE WILL HAVE STOLEN YOUR SEAT, THE STUPID, FAT HOBBITSEES

So you’re forced to write out of your element, totally distracted as you figure out ways to make it look like an accident…

And remember how your teachers always said you’d need to use math everywhere in life? Well, they weren’t wrong…

Every day, you persist. Inching closer. And closer. Every word pushing the story toward its close.

It might take a week, or a month or two or three, but every time you add another 10k, you can’t help but feel a swell of pride.

There will always be the days you miss writing, but that’s absolutely okay! Don’t beat yourself up! You can make time for it. Writing is art, and art takes time, and shouldn’t be rushed.

And one day you’ll sit down and stare at your screen and realize….the end is near. You can feel you’re closing in on those final words, those last sentences with the characters you’ve spent the past year with.

When you write those last words, a wave of relief will slam into you. You might shed some tears, because writing a book is difficult, and finishing the first draft is an incredible feat to achieve. Treat yo self. You deserve it.

Then…..take a break. Take as long a break as you need. Some people might need a month, some a year. Whatever your rhythm is, find it, stick to it, and never give it up.

No matter if you edit by hand or by computer, print out that first draft. Hold it in your hands, feel the weight of the words you wrote. The words that were stuck in your head for months, even years. Flip through those pages and look at what YOU created.

Then, when the time is right, edit that book.

Maybe you’ll finish editing a chapter in a day. Maybe it’ll take a week. For me, it’s usually an hour per page! Edit at your own pace. It’s not a race!

And then…..voila. You’ve edited the first draft!…….

If you have other books out, don’t let them fall to the wayside! Keep marketing, keep telling people about them (and showing them your work on the newest one!!), and get book signings and events whenever you can! Bookstores are ALWAYS looking for authors to feature. Just ask!

And of course, make it fun for yourself, too! Book flare and merchandise? Um, YES PLEASE.

Aaaaaaaaaaand now you need to focus again, and, you know, actually put all those edits in. Which usually turns into an entirely new round of editing in-and-of itself.

Keep putting those edits in….

And more, and more, and more edits…

Did I mention sometimes you’ll need to go to extreme lengths to fit in writing days?

Although art itself is so, so, so rewarding, we’re all still human. Some days will be more difficult than others. Some days, your mind will weigh you down. These can be the hardest days, but push through. Find an anchor and hold tight and take care of yourself.

Other times, you’ll be traveling! Take your writing with you. I find that when I’m on vacation, I’m a much more productive writer! The atmosphere is usually more relaxed. You’re not in a familiar place, so it gets your creative juices flowing stronger!

When you’ve edited your book a few times, FIND BETA READERS. These can be friends, followers on social media, or someone random you meet in your coffee/tea shop! Get fresh sets of eyes looking at your work! They will make suggestions, edits, and faun over your book.

Sometimes they’ll make corny jokes.

You will get a TON of feedback, and you will have to compile them all together, chapter by chapter, reading and considering every single comment and comma.

Your beta readers will love you forever when they finish reading your book. Guaranteed. Always. So in love. Yes.

Eventually, your beta readers will finish, and the countdown to publication will begin…

As you near the end, the Universe might have some surprises in store for you. Me? It took me back to the exact seat and window where I wrote the entire first draft of the first book in the series….a very poetic twist of fate.

Finally, the day will come when every major edit is done. When you’ve skimmed and scanned and combed and proofed. When you have a cover design and formatted all the pages to books, it’s time to order those first copies.

And then….the day comes….when your book finally arrives. You see the mail truck pull up and you see the boxes, and you just KNOW it’s for you.

And then you open them and look inside….

And you get to hold it in your hands for the first time ever…..

And you get to put it next to the other books that come before it….

And then you get to ship some of them out to ARC readers who will be reviewing your book before it’s released!!!!

And then you get order an entire shipment for upcoming book signings, and copies to send out to people who pre-ordered, and seeing them all stacked together will ALWAYS be a beautiful sight. Cherish it. Take a picture to show off to potential readers, that image of YOUR books all stacked together.

This is what writing is like. This is what goes into all those thousands of hours of sitting behind a computer. This is how books come into existence. It’s not the same steps for everyone, but the process for all of us is similar. It’s not easy. You won’t see a dime for your work for years, unless you already have books being sold.

But it’s worth it. Pouring your soul into writing a book, or making music, or graphic art… This is the beauty, the struggle, the dedication, the pain, the hours of lost sleep, the gallons of caffeine, the barista friends you make along the way….

Even though they might catch you in your candid element…..

But you will form a bond with them. They will learn your favorite order, have it ready the moment you walk in the door. And if you ever leave, it will be a heart-wrenching day…

They might give you a keepsake, too, to remember them by….

Stay humble, and remember every moment. Every experience. Appreciate everyone who helped you along the way, from giving you free drinks and food, to all the support and encouragement, to the avid fans who rave about your books. They’re all here for you, following your journey as you write.

For this particular book, the journey was 23 months, from December 2015 to October 2017. It takes a long time, even when you work every single day, and stick to a strict schedule. Some days you won’t want to write at all. Some days you won’t want to stop. That’s okay. Just hold true to your passion, and celebrate your accomplishments.

Don’t let anyone tell you not to write. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re doing it wrong. We all live through the same process, from the great artists to the starving artists. If you want to write a book, this is what it looks like. Though writing a book isn’t easy, the reward of holding it in your hands is worth the days, the months, the years. You will have created something beautiful. You will have created art.

soft, steady, saccharine — p.p.

summary → he’s never been one for the stolen kisses between two people that weren’t in love, and so peter parker’s never been kissed. 

word count → 1.5k

author’s note → yeah uh sorry this is all lowercase i didn’t even notice until i was finished aaaaand i’m lazy enjoy tell me what ya think :)

   maybe it’s embarrassing. he’s not sure, he’s never found it to be that way. peter has always been perfectly content with the minuscule fact that he’s never been kissed, not on the lips, not in that way,  by anyone. it’s never been something to really bother him, but he knows that for some reason it bothers plenty of other people his age; he’s heard the jokes in the hallways and silent classrooms where they talk about him and his loveless love life. apparently by the age of fifteen you were meant to have had plenty of flings and go-arounds with every willing person in queens. peter can’t help but disagree with such a statement- if he hasn’t kissed anyone yet, it’s for a reason, the reason being that he hasn’t wanted to. maybe he wanted to kiss liz allan, for that split second at homecoming right before he had slipped out of the dance to fight her father, but that second had passed. now, he had different feelings. 

   feelings that involved you, you, and, yes, you. oh, how in love he was with you. how smitten, how ridiculously enthralled. it wasn’t to be helped, controlled, stopped, it was just how it was. his utter adoration for you had been returned tenfold; you had wasted no time in telling him how fondly you regarded him, how long you had thought of him in a way that crossed the border of just friends and left you in crush territory. yet, despite the three month period of the two of you being exclusively together, so in love with each other it made others sick with jealousy and longing, not one kiss had been exchanged other than the ones you insisted upon pressing to his smooth cheek each day after you left him when school ended, or after a date. 

  you knew, understood, the nerves that shook peter whenever you seemed like you were going to kiss him that way. so you didn’t. you would never pressure him into anything, never in a million years. it was no secret that you had a bit more experience than he did, seeing as you had been in a relationship with someone else that peter was inclined to despise since you were in the eighth grade- only having broken up with the other boy after seeing him agree with flash’s crude depiction of peter early in sophomore year. that was where it had started. 

   “y/n, is it okay if- if i haven’t kissed anyone yet?” such an innocent statement from him after a month of dating, whispered quietly and hesitantly as if he hadn’t wanted to reveal it in the first place and felt like an idiot for doing so. “i know you have. with that ass- i mean, um, with him. i don’t wanna disappoint you. i’m very inexperienced.” he had let out an awkward laugh, ruffling his hair a bit. nervous. nothing new, not really. you had just slipped your hand inside his, squeezed, smiled. 

  “of course it’s okay, peter. stop acting like i’m ages older than you when your birthday is before mine and we’re in the same grade.” you nudged his shoulder playfully as he blushed just a little, just enough. “anyways, seriously, pete, it’s fine. whenever you’re ready, i’ll be, too. there’s no rush. i like being with you without the kissing.” 

   “great,” he had breathed, gathering up enough courage to kiss your cheek, pulling away after his lips had just barely brushed the skin on the side of your face. “had to make sure, ‘cause i’m definitely falling in love with you, and i don’t want you hating me if i can’t kiss right.” you had shoved peter again, practically overing your faec with your hands to hide the embarrassed grin that had so much happiness laced in it that you had to downplay it. “what? what’d i say?” 

   “you can tell me you love me but you can’t kiss me?” you teased. he didn’t saying anything, blushing again, a deeper color than before, as he swat your hands away from messing up his hair. 

  it was weird. he had no problem with words around you, surprisingly enough. it was actions that he was hesitant with. he had to ask to hold your hand- “i wanna hold your hand is that cool?” “yeah, of course, pete!” “oh man that’s great okay so here i’ll hold it.”-  to give you a hug- “hey later after our date i can hug you goodbye, right?” “i mean were you gonna give me a handshake or something, babe?” “oh, right, shut up! don’t laugh!”- to do anything, really. he was always seeking permission, not wanting to overstep any boundaries that you hadn’t spoken but still had in your mind. you insisted, however, that if there was something you were never going to be comfortable doing, you would’ve mentioned it already. 

   “hey, y/n?” peter rolls toward you on his bed, propping his head up by his elbow. he nearly knocks you off the bed by doing so, but tugs you back into place by locking his hand around your wrist and pulling. “sorry,” he grins sheepishly, still gazing up at you, your back against his headboard as you scroll through instagram on your phone, he ran his fingers over the back of your hand, subtly capturing your attention without pestering too much. he always afraid of being too much. “i had a question,” he says when you lock your phone and place it on his bedside table. 

   “what’s up, baby?” you give him a playful smile or smirk because you know how much he secretly loves it when you call him baby; it makes him blush and grow quiet and flustered within seconds, but he doesn’t want it to deter him this time. 

   “shut up,” he pushes your knee to the side as you laugh. “seriously, though. i need to ask you something.” you nod in wait, folding your hands in your lap. peter takes a deep breath, sitting up and crossing his legs and patting them against his knees. he’s jittery when he’s nervous. “i- i just maybe wanted to know if it was- if I could, maybe, like, kiss you? today? now? maybe? if you want. up to you, obviously, i just want to ‘cause i’m ready but if you’re not-” he rushes to add the last bit, unsure of whether you want this in first place, but you roll your eyes at him in that fake exasperated way as you turn your body to face him, legs crossed in the same position as him now.

   he looks anywhere but at you, so you cup his face with both hands and direct him back. “you know i’ve wanted to kiss you since the moment you said you were in love with me, right?” 

   peter melts underneath your touch, placing his hand over yours as he smiles brightly, casts his eyes down then back up again, passes his gaze over the nicely shaped curve of your mouth. he’s yearning to feel those lips on his, because he knows his first kiss is going to be everything if it’s with you, and he’s waited long enough. “i- i know. i just wanna make sure. you know how i am.” 

  “i do.” you finger trails across his bottom lip for a second. soft. you see him breathe in sharply, his eyes watching your every movement with his bottom lip still jutting out from where you touched him. “slowly, yeah? slow and steady. it’s just me and you, peter. if you hate kissing me we can stop.” you crack a grin as he shakes his head adamantly. 

  “that’s not possible,” he murmurs. he knows you have no problem with dragging this lighthearted, flirtatious banter out for hours, and he’s been dying to kiss you for so long now that he just does it. but he still goes slowly, steadily, the way you told him to. he places a hand behind your neck to pull you closer against him, barely moving his lips because he’s afraid to bite the pout of your lips that he loves so much. he’s had so many ridiculous fears pertaining to kissing you, but now that he’s doing it, it’s not as scary as he should have found it. when he pulls away, he leans his forehead against yours, breathing heavily through his nose and feeling like his heart was going to burst from its prison behind his ribcage. “how’d i do?” he asks, now shy as you open your eyes. 

   “perfectly, peter,” you kiss his lips again gently, a chaste kiss that ends as soon as it begins. “are you sure you haven’t been practicing on someone else? you’re an expert already, just gotta move that cute mouth a little more.” 

  peter laughs, shakes his head. “no. only you. i’ve only ever wanted to kiss you. and it was a great first kiss, by the way. and second.” so sweet it practically suffocates you in sugar, peter dips his head to capture your lips for a third time that night, thrilled with the knowledge that he’s not a failure when it comes to being your boyfriend, thrilled with the fact that he can kiss you without worrying about a thousand little things that you probably weren’t thinking twice on. there was only three things in life that mattered in this moment: a soft boy, steady heartbeats that forged into one, and the saccharine kisses he continued to bestow upon you in his quiet, peter way. 

tags : @parkerroos @hufflepuffholland @spideyyss @iusethistoreadfanfics @captainswriting @nedandpeter @pbpz @skymoonandstardust @lunastarwatcher @warcriminalrogers @brittyblogs @emmaaolsen @tiny-friggin-human @heartfrost @gentlethunderstorm @kawaiianime03 @xwinterromanxff @ravenclaws-say-caw @buckysmaingirl @spookeyspidey @idioticnerd24 @pillow223 @quacksontommy @fluffyavengers @tomarvelicious @wavy-ley @handsomeholland @radicalstars @partytrickparker @spideytattoo @nedslaptop @itsssmichelleee @stephie-senpai @fullwizardstrawberry @peterplanet @yoinkpeter @linnssweatpants @leahwhat @


Summary: “Ohana means family. And family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Everyone knows that Dan is a Lester and belongs on the family holiday–well, everyone except Dan himself. However, a beautiful seaside walk and a special surprise from Martyn and Cornelia may be just the ammunition he needs to change his mind.

Genre: Pure fluff

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Like 2 swear words but that’s it

A/N: Because we all know there was some soppy convincing needed to get Dan to stay in Florida. Inspired by this ask over @nihilist-toothpaste.
I hope you enjoy!!

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Decipiat, Aequum Ludere

Bucky x reader (Sharon x Steve) 

(Sequel to: Decipiat )

Summary: When you found out Steve was cheating on you with Sharon Carter, Bucky was there to help you through it; inevitably, it seems, you and him developed feelings for each other. Now, in a relationship with him for a while, you’re invited to Sharon’s birthday party. Shit goes down. 

A/N: I love Steve, I do. And Sharon is probably great. But in this little thing, they both suck. 

Originally posted by coporolight

“Hey Sugar, you sure you’re up for this?” Bucky comes walking into your room, fumbling with his tie and giving the piece a fabric an annoyed look.

“No” you answer honestly as you sweep some wrinkles from your dress that aren’t there, “but I have to face him sometime”

Bucky looks up at that, his tie -hilariously- half tied and shakes his head. “No, you don’t”

He sets his jaw stubbornly, he’s gonna fight you on this.

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NurseyWeek Prompt #1 - Silence/Mistake. Um, kind of. Got a bit off track.          ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dex tromps into the Haus, slamming the door shut and tossing his bag haphazardly on the floor, kicking it out of the way as he passes. He’s scowling, which, frankly, isn’t that unusual, but his expression has an edge of something that tugs at Derek. Dex doesn’t even spare him a glance as he flops down at the other end of the couch with an exasperated growl, tipping his head back and squeezing his eyes shut. Silence fills the space between them for a moment.

“So, how was your day?” Derek asks.

“Fuck off.”

“Yeah, mine was good, too.”

“Fuck. Off.”

Derek scans the defeated slope of Dex’s body as it’s sprawled over the couch, frowning to himself. Huh. He drops the fake cheer from his voice and puts his notebook down on the end table behind him.

“Dex, hey. What happened?” he asks, voice softer now, quiet even in the relative silence of the Haus mid-day. Dex cracks one amber eye open and gives him a look, squinting semi-suspiciously at him. Derek waits him out, tilting his head and trying to look open for conversation.

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shy!jungkook + the birthday list

“I don’t want to do this.” Jungkook breathes.

“You don’t have to.” You reply and wince because he’s gripping your hand too tightly and his palm is big, covering the expanse of yours and clammy with sweat.

“But you’ll be disappointed.” He replies.

“I won’t.”

“Fine. Then I’ll be disappointed.” He mutters and barely comprehends the way your small hand tightens around his own. “I don’t have to do this but I want to. I want to prove you wrong.”

“Then let’s do it.” You giggle, grinning up at him. You tug your hand out of his long enough to begin stripping and Jungkook trains his gaze on the bare expanse of your back, because you’ve forgone a bra tonight even though you’d dragged him out to a party.

Your friendship had been a shocking revelation—and not just to the entire campus, but to you two as well. There was something about you and something about him that worked, you complimented each other well. He was sweet where you were crass, and his nervousness egged on your need for adrenaline. Being with him felt good, like a balm for your battered soul.

Jungkook strolls next to you, glaring when you try to glance down where his hand is cupped over his naked crotch, you only grin teasingly.

The forest was quiet, peacefully so and in such major contrast the raging party that was occurring but a few feet away. You had dragged Jungkook out, after one too many shots of tequila, giggling with him the entire way about your plans. But now that he was here and naked it had almost a sobering effect on his brain and he back tracks trying to remember how he got here.

1 week prior…

“Happy Birthday!” You grin and Jungkook flushes because you’re at his work—a small cafe about a block from your university that he barista’d at part time.

He was honestly surprised you remembered, even if it was a little early. It wasn’t like you were exactly the sentimental type and while you didn’t keep Jungkook at an arm’s length you also weren’t dying to have him near you twenty-four seven. A feeling of indifference he wished he could mirror when it came to you because as far as your friendship went Jungkook was almost positive he cared more than you did.

“Thank you,” he says shyly before coming around the counter to sit with you, “but it’s not for another day.”

You shrug impishly, before handing him an envelope, “I’m on my way to Yoongi’s. I only came here to give you this.”

Jungkook accepts the pink letter, schooling his features at the mention of your on again off again friends with benefits. If Yoongi could even be called a friend because Jungkook was almost positive you two hated each other. Then again maybe that was the appeal, you had once told him about how good angry sex was… but in small doses, it wasn’t good to get that worked up that often. But it sure seemed like didn’t mind these days, with how often you frequented the boys dormitory and not just to visit Jungkook.

“What is this,” he murmurs, tearing open the envelope to find a poorly drawn heart with his name in it. He bit his lip to mask a smile because it wasn’t often that you could be cute. Sexy, yes. Cute? Not so much.

You wait with baited breath and attempt to swallow a giggle as he tears through it almost childishly. The card is held upright when he opens it, dropping its contents on the floor and making Jungkook frown when he bends to pick it up. And when he does…

“What the hell is this?” He flushes, scrambling to grab the remainder of the Polaroids off the floor, checking over his shoulder to make sure no one sees when he steals a peek.

They’re nudes.

Five or sex of them, zoomed in to focus on pert breasts and a rotund ass—there are some that are less incriminating a landscape styled photo of a throat, long and elegant with the hint of the muses lower lip caught between their teeth. The last is of a neatly trimmed, and spread pussy. 

He has a sneaking suspicion but doesn’t ask, instead just levels you with a heated look.

“Surprise,” you grin cheekily, “it’s your birthday gift.”

“Who’s are these?” He whispers harshly, grabbing you by the wrist.

“They’re yours silly.” You roll your eyes before backing him against the counter, your hands go to grip the sides of his white button up, tucked neatly into his apron.

“I’m at work.” Jungkook closes his eyes when you move to press yourself firmly against his crotch. He only opens them so he can grab you and keep you a safe distance from himself, “And I meant who’s … pictures are these.”

You bite your lip before chancing a glance over your shoulder. Jungkook’s eyes widen when you begin unbuttoning your top, “Did you want to see them in real life too?”

“___.” He grits out, yanking the two sides of your shirt together and making you grin, “Are you high?”

You pout and Jungkook lets go of your top, nodding at you to begin buttoning it back up with a frown. “I liked it better when you were nervous around me.”

“You fuck around too much.” He groans, and you grin at him when he hesitantly takes another peek at the pictures you’ve gifted him. Jungkook sends you a wary look, “Why did you… why… I mean, thanks but what’s up with the pictures?”

“I’ve been far too patient with you, Kook.” You sigh before leaning against the counter he’d just wiped down. “We’ve been friends how long now?”

“I wasn’t counting.” He lied.

“Six months,” you seethe, “We’ve been friends for six months and we never do things I want to do—”

“Because everything you want to do is illegal, immoral or unaffordable.” He adds dryly.

“But,” you glare, “now it’s your 21st birthday and I refuse to let you pick what we’re gonna do this year.”

“It’s my birthday.” He argues.

“Yes, but if I have to sit through one more Iron Man marathon I’m going to strangle you, you big nerd.” You scoff before placing hands on his broad shoulders, “Open the rest of your present.”

“I’m scared.” He says honestly but obliges anyway when you pin him with a look.

Jungkook opens it slowly, lest you have anymore surprised waiting for him, but all that’s inside is a pink paper with a list on it. He frowns at you.

“What is this?” He asks slowly, eyes scanning the items listed warily.

“A bucket list,” you say before scrunching your nose and shaking your head, “Actually it’s more like a scavenger hunt list, I guess. You have until midnight tomorrow to complete it.”

“Why,” he lifts the list in his hand, “would I ever want to do this? One of the items on the list is masturbate in public. You expect me to do that?”

“Get creative. And as for incentive to complete it in a timely manner I’ll….” You smile before leaning over the counter, to whisper in his ear.

Jungkook’s eyes widen before pulling back.

“You’re s-serious?” He stammers, “you can’t take it back once you’ve already agreed to it.”

You roll your eyes at him before nodding, “I won’t.”

He bites his lip nervously before eyeing you up and down. He offers you his pinky.

“Pinky swear.”

“You’re so immature,” You groan but give him your pinky anyway, “Fine. I swear, okay? Now what’s the first thing on the list?”


“God,” Jungkook groans, “how are you so calm about this?”

You shrug, “Years of going along with all of Taehyung’s weird shit just makes you kind of immune to things after a while. Besides this isn’t even the craziest thing on the list.”

Jungkook nods at the mention of your equally crazy best friend. 

“This wouldn’t be half as bad if I wasn’t soft,” Jungkook chances a look at where his hands are covering, “it’s kind of an confidence killer.”

“Do you want me to—”

No.” Jungkook glares, knowing you’re being entirely serious about your offer.

“Come on Jungkook it’s not like you have an ugly body.” You sigh before sending him a kind smile, “I’ll even go before you so it’s less scary.”

“Wait,” he says, hand shooting out to grip your wrist, “Seriously, I’m scared shitless, right now. Just give me a sec, okay?”

You wait patiently, wordlessly watching him fidget with his eyes closed. It’s silent for a full minute before he’s letting out a long exhale and shooting you a pained look.

“Okay fuck it’s not working I don’t think I can do—”

You grip both his cheeks in small palms, and Jungkook tries to avert his gaze from your naked breast. They were fucking magnificent so it was a feat.

“You’re gonna be okay,” you say with a small smile, a shiver racks his body when you soothe your thumbs over his cheekbones. “Just picture everybody naked.”

“You’re not funny.” Jungkook shoots you a dry look at your joke and you lean up on your toes to press a kiss to his cheek.

“You’ll be fine, babe.” You grin before.


Jungkook leans into your hold at the term of endearment, all too willing for your praise and approval. He wasn’t exactly proud of the fact that he would bend over backwards just for you touch him like this.  

You cock a brow at him, “We don’t have to streak you know. We could just skip to the last part of the list if y—”

Jungkook shakes your hands off with a glare, “You fuck around too much.”

“As I’ve been told.” You sigh, before reaching down and pulling Jungkook’s hands away—a feat considering he was dead set on shielding himself from you. “On the count of three… one, two…”

The tail end of your sentence was lost somewhere in the shrubbery as you took off in a sprint. You didn’t even look behind you to check whether or not Jungkook was trailing behind you because you didn’t need to. If there was one thing you could count on in the fickle nature of your life, it was your unlikely friendship with Jungkook. As much as he protested, Jeon Jungkook would always be a constant in your life—at least you hoped so.

And now with your chest heaving with the added combination of adrenaline and just plain old physical exertion, things felt right. Because Jungkook could give you a lot of things—stability, comfort, dare you say love (even platonic love was more than you were used to), but you couldn’t always reciprocate that. So if there was one thing you would gift the younger boy with in his nine to five cut and dried life it was fun.

“I hate you,” Jungkook curses as you change directions last minute to avoid the crowd of drunk on lookers cheering you on.

“I didn’t have to do it with you!” You laugh, tugging him back towards the confines of the woods. “You should be thanking me.”

It was a different direction from where you left your clothes, but Jungkook was grateful for the shelter anyway, a small reprieve from the prying eyes of his peers who were granted, dead drunk, but he swore he saw the few tell tale flashes of cellphones in the crowd.

“Thanking you is the last thing I want to do.” He sighs, carding a hand through his hair. He doesn’t bother trying to cover himself this time around.

In your bubbly, drunken stupor, the gesture is greatly appreciated. You tell him this with your arms lacing around his neck.

Jungkook stills beneath your hold, trying to fight off a blush when your naked body molds to his, all of your erogenous zones lined up perfectly. He gulps when he fills your nipples graze his bare chest.

“___,” he murmurs quietly, trying to extract himself from your hold. But your drunk and giggling, and opt to press your face to his neck, “What are yo—Jesus d-don’t… don’t put your hand there.”

“Friends do this sometimes.” You sigh.

“Hug naked?” He scoffs, but gives up trying to pull away from you. If you feel him hardening against your belly it’s your own fault. “I don’t know what kind of friends you’re hanging out with—actually scratch that I do know, but I don’t do things like that with my friends.”

Jungkook is a gentleman, a good kid. So he pries you off him with a gentle grip. He goes to cup your cheeks when your lower lip juts out.

“Sometimes it feels like I’m the older one between the two of us.” He sighs and you send him a chagrin grin, “Are you that drunk you’d consider hooking up with me?”

You wrinkle your nose at him, “I’m drunk but that’s irrelevant. I’d hook up with you if I was dead sober.”

He stills under the weight of your revelation.

“___,” he begins slowly and you brace yourself for rejection, “I don’t… I don’t do friends with benefits. It’s old school, I know, but I’m a relationship kind of guy.”

You send him a small if a little bit sad smile, “I know. I think that’s why I like you so much.”

Your words are weighted, tinged with a tone he wasn’t familiar with and he wants to ask you to clarify. But you don’t. Instead you walk past him, purposely stumbling too close and making him groan when you brush your hand against him.

You make it halfway to across before you notice there’s no tell tale signs of him following you.

“Are you coming?” you implore.

Jungkook clears his throat and you note he’s covering himself again.

“I… Ugh, I’ll catch up with you.” Jungkook says and you shrug impishly.

At least now he can cross masturbating in public off your long list of things for him to do before his birthday.

a/n: this is a fic for @bxebxee because i love her i wanted to surprise her but alas i still had to ask for help lmao. also the next few drabbles are going to be crossing off jungkook’s to do list! dont ask for updates for this though lol

sing one you know — p.p.

summary : peter isn’t one to sing for the masses, but for you, he might be able to make an exception. 

word count : 1.6k

author’s note : i don’t like this that much but i tried lol love you guys

  Every time you ask, he’ll insist that he doesn’t sing. It doesn’t matter that you’ve heard him hum a tune drastically similar to Ed Sheeran’s Perfect in the middle of Chemistry class, or that May has informed you of his singing habits when he takes a shower after school, or that sometimes if he thinks you’re asleep he’ll start singing very quietly. None of that means a thing, because the stubborn little shit that goes by the name of Peter Parker insists, swears, emphasizes the fact that he doesn’t, will never, could never, sing.

  He’ll never admit that he’s embarrassed to sing in front of you in particular. His regular voice, the way he talks, is already squeaky enough. It still cracks despite him having gone through puberty and it wavers and it isn’t the deepest, manliest of voice one would ever hear. He’s surprised, though he always is with you, that you’ve stuck around this long. He may call himself Spider-Man, but more often than not he feels anything other than that. Sometimes he thinks that he may as well just sing for you and get it over with, because in his anxiety ridden mind he’s sure that if he doesn’t, you’ll start separating yourself from him until it’s over. You’re reassuring every time he lets this worry slip out, and you tell him that it’s no big deal and he can show you that hidden talent of his when he’s good and ready.

   Still, you have to ask. If you’re lying on the couch with him, head slumped on his shoulder while you’re half asleep, you’ll mumble it groggily and your hands will twist the hem of his shirt around. “Sing me to sleep,” you’ll sigh, not really meaning it because you know exactly what he’ll say in response, but it doesn’t hurt to try, not at all. ‘Cause one day he will. Peter just shakes his head a bit, looks down at you with a shy grin and kisses the top of your head as you readjust yourself in a way that allows you to wrap your arms around his waist. “Y/N, I absolutely adore you, but not today, okay?” You never push it, so you nod off to sleep with his arms secured around you and a hand playing with your hair gently. He wishes he wasn’t as nervous to sing for you. He knows that you want him to more than anything, and that he’d be making you incredibly happy if he did, but Peter is too filled with nerves and too shy and too squeaky-voiced to trust himself to sing for you in the proper way that he wants to.

  You can hear him humming one day when you’re studying and you put your music library on shuffle. He taps his foot along with the rhythm, he sings under his breath so low you can’t hear it, his pen hitting the side of his notebook. “Might as well just sing, if you’re gonna hum and stuff…” you suggest quietly, innocently jotting down another note on the French Revolution before you can meet Peter’s eyes. You know he’s rolled them at you by now, annoyed even though he won’t show it because he’s far too sweet on you to risk anything, even a small comment to show his irritation, ruining your relationship. “’M sorry, babe. I won’t bring it up again.” You reach over, ruffle his hair playfully. You watch his eyes crinkle up at the corners as he smiles down at his book.

  “I just don’t want anyone hearing me sing yet, especially you. It’s not gonna be as great as you’re expecting,” he adds, craning his neck to give you that sweet smile of his. You push forward a bit to kiss him, your hand cupping his cheek and then threading through his hair. “I love you,” he hums, leaning his face against where you’re holding him. “One day. I promise. You’ll hear me sing one day, and if you don’t then you don’t have to marry me.”

  You raise your eyebrows at him, amused. “I’m marrying you now?”

  Peter just shrugs, secretive grin on his face as he goes in to kiss you again with rose bud colored cheeks and lips all too ready, too eager, to be placed upon your own. He’d go to the ends of the earth for you and marry you in a heartbeat if he were old enough, he thinks to himself as you hug him goodbye on the train platform after you get off your stop, but he can’t sing for you? He huffs once you’re out of sight. Bullshit. He can’t believe the way he thinks sometimes. Absolute bullshit. He shoves his earbuds in his ears and tries to sleep the rest of the train ride back home. Next time, he’d do it.

   There’s no better time than next time. In fact, sometimes he’s glad he waited so long, because it made the moment all the more special. He’s out patrolling, his suit is on and he’s sweating through it and when he gets your text that you need him to come pick you up, he’s ever so thankful that he can get off early for the night. Usually, he loves being the hero of Queens, but sometimes he needs a break. He never feels okay with leaving early unless it’s for a good reason, and there’s no better reason than the love of his life being in trouble or in need. The text reads, “Come get me at my house? Need to get away,” so that’s exactly where he heads. Swings onto the second story window of your bedroom, knocks with a feather light hand in case your parents are in the general vicinity, and then makes sure you’re secure in his grip before he swings back to May’s place. He doesn’t even need to ask what’s wrong.

   It’s the same as it usually is. The constant bickering of your parents is overwhelming, anxiety inducing, deafening, You don’t know what to do with yourself when it starts, because it never finishes it until one of them storms out for the night and you’re left sitting quietly in your room with your head between your knees trying not to throw up. Peter manages to get you out of the house almost all of the time, and if he can’t then you can bet he calls your phone and doesn’t stop until you answer. Once you’re through his window, he closes the door softly so May won’t hear, and he grabs a spare blanket from the corner of his bed where its balled up and sets it over you when you sit down.

  He practically wraps himself around you, pushing his nose down into the space between your collarbones and leaving a kiss on your shoulder even though you’re wearing a heavy sweatshirt and can’t feel it all that well. “You can sleep here, I’ll keep the door locked so May won’t see and yell at us. Not that she would,” he tells you quickly when he sees your eyes widen, “she knows you situation. She might be opposed to us sleeping in the same bed, though. No worries, babe.” You rest your head in Peter’s lap, your hand on his knee. You curl up in a ball with the blanket still over you and Peter gazes down at your shaking figure and closes his eyes. “What do you want me to sing?”  

   You stare up at him with your mouth slightly agape, before you murmur, “Just sing one you know. I don’t care.”

  “Put this in,” he shoves an earbud at you. He puts the other one in his ear and turns to Sparks by Coldplay, a song on his playlist dedicated to his infinite love for you and you alone. “I’m gonna sing. And I’m really sorry in advance ‘cause I suck. I want you to sleep, though. I know singing helps you sleep. If I can’t help you, what am I good for, right?” He smiles down at you a little bit before he presses the play button. He waited a little bit before he started, waited for the right lyrics to convey his feelings for you properly, because if he was going to sing, he was going to do it right, damn it. “My heart is yours, it’s you that I hold on to. He pauses, but you reach for his hand under the covers and hold it. This sweet boy of yours, he was everything you needed, wanted, and more. “I won’t let you down, oh yeah.” It wasn’t a long song, it was more soft music rather than lyrics, but the tiny little moments where Peter sang along with Chris Martin in his own low, nervous way where he was so focused on trying to avoid any voice cracks.

  When the song came to its end, and Yellow started playing, Peter lifted one of your hands to his lips. You know he’d never do this, the singing thing, even with a short song, for anyone else. Your gaze locks with his in that loving sort of way he does his best to hold and convey, intense in the fact that just one look makes your cheeks flush and your heart long for more contact despite him being so close to you already.  “Just ‘cause I adore you,” he says, switching to he next song. This was one of those moments, ones you want to take a picture of and live in forever. You grin, shut your eyes, and let him sing. Everything about your boyfriend was lovely, but his voice?

  That was something else entirely.

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Knuckles : Boxer!Ashton (Part 5)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven  | Part Eight

[Following anyone/everyone who leaves some form of thoughtful feedback x]

- Knuckles Playlist

“Calum!” you call after walking into the kitchen, spraying cleaner on the counter and drying it down with a rag. “It’s your turn to take the garbage out.”

“One second,” he says back, followed shortly with an unrelated, “Oh, shit.”

A moment later you glance up to see him emerge from his bedroom, shirtless, and holding in his hand a toothbrush with bristles coated in white paste.

Your arm continues to circle the counter with the rag, using slightly less elbow grease now that you’ve been distracted. “What?”

“Water’s out in my room,” he answers casually, as if it’s a reoccurring inconvenience that he’s come to expect over time. He reaches across the counter to dampen his toothbrush with the kitchen’s faucet, then proceeds to scrub his morning breath away.

“How does it just go out in one room?” you question, turning to use the same cleaner on the front of the refrigerator.

“Dunno,” Calum mutters with a mouth full of foam. Your ears catch the sound of him spitting into the sink.

“I just cleaned that.”

“And you did a great job.”

You cast an annoyed glare over your shoulder.

“Anyway, cool if I use your shower?” Calum asks, smiling at the silent threat.

The ownership you have over anything in the apartment still sounds odd to you when put into words, almost always forcing you to pause with the need to correct Calum before remembering he’s making sense. You guess you haven’t quite settled in to your newest living arangment yet, still in the habit of referring to it as Calum and Ashton’s place. You only unpacked your last box a few weeks ago, a short while after Ashton left for Las Vegas to pursue the boxing training Dennis Serrant had to offer.

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“So, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day, loverboy?” Stiles asks, glaring at his overstuffed burger, trying to figure out the best way to take a bite out of it without making all its contents fall out.

“You know, nothing much. Kira’s coming over. We’ll have dinner with my mom and then we’ll hang out. Nothing too wild. We’re staying in,” Scott replies, licking his lips after having magically figured out how to angle his jaw for maximum burger enjoyment.

“Yeah, ‘staying in’ is code for ‘marathon sex’.”

Stiles picks two french fries from his plate, stalling for time before trying the giant monstrosity of a burger.

“What?” Scott shakes his head, leaning back in his seat. “Nah, man. It’s a full moon tonight, I don’t want to risk it. I know my control is good, but… I just want to be safe.”

Stiles twists his face in an incredulous pout. “You’re scared of turning furry in bed? But you told me she liked it. In great detail, should I add. Seriously dude, I know a lot about your dick, we should be worried.”

Scott face turns an interesting shade of pink, pursing his lips in a way that means he’s trying not to smile. He fiddles with the straw of his drink nervously.

“She does like it,” he admits, his eyes going a little hazy, before he shakes himself. He snaps his attention back to Stiles and adds, in a lower voice, “But it doesn’t mean I want to lose control tonight. All the other times it happened, I wanted it and she wanted it. I don’t want to accidentally bite her butt or worse. I want to be myself.”

“Fair enough,” Stiles says, shrugging, trying real hard not to look guilty about momentarily picturing Kira’s butt in his mind.

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First Crush (part 3)

Originally posted by tom-is-bae

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader, Tony Stark (dad) x Reader

Summary: After being home schooled your whole life, it’s finally your first day in high school. You are so excited to finally have a chance to live a normal teenage life. Well as normal as you could get.

Word count: 1000

A/N: This is the first thing that I have ever written so please go easy on me. I have written five parts to this story and I’m going to post a new part everyday. I would really appreciate constructive criticism. So, if you think of something that I could do better let me know! So here we go. I hope you guys like it!

PS You can send me requests if you want! I can write about almost any MCU character and actor. By sending me requests you can help me improve myself. Send your requests here!

Part 1   Part 2   Part 4   Part 5

Peter’s point of view:

Y/N and I had been friends for a few weeks now. She had become one of my best friends and the biggest crush I have ever had. Every time I saw her smile and heard her laugh I fell in love with her even more. Ned figured out my crush almost instantly and has been teasing me about it since then. He has been dropping hints at Y/N, not so subtly may I add. But Y/N seems to be completely oblivious about it and she hasn’t (luckily) figured it out yet.

“Peteeer!” I heard a familiar voice yell and felt her hugging me from behind. God, she smelled amazing. Her signature perfume had become my favorite smell in the world. “H-heeey Y/N” I replied and cursed myself for stuttering. I mean seriously I had known her for weeks and I still couldn’t control my stutters. “I just ran into Ned and he told me about your movie night tonight and invited me to join you guys. I don’t know if he told you about it yet but I’ll be there. Hope you don’t mind” Y/N said with the biggest smile on her face. God that smile makes never fails to make my heart beat out of my chest. And those soft-looking pink lips, the most perfect set of lips I have ever seen. I wonder what it would feel like to kiss those lips and- “Peter you don’t mind do you?” she continued now with a slightly worried expression. I jumped out of my thoughts and shook the image of kissing her out of my head “N-no no of course not! I would love for you to join us.” I told her emphasizing the word ‘love’ way too much. “Great I can’t wait!” she cheered “walk with me to math?” she asked. I nodded and shut my locker.

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Hide and Seek

Tony wasn’t too sure how they managed to get on to the topic. 

Actually- scratch that- yes he was. It was Clint. All bad things in the world happened because of Clint. 


Anyway- Clint had been talking about his years in the circus, and how they’d taught him all sorts of weird ways to contort your body for the extra showmanship. “Made for some pretty awesome games of hide and seek, though,” he’d said, nodding serenely to himself as he’d sipped from his coffee.

“I bet I’d still find you in under an hour,” Natasha had challenged, raising a daring eyebrow up at him before turning back to the morning paper.

Clint scoffed, turning to Steve, who was stood cooking eggs on the stove. “Cap, you can vouch for me here, right? I am the master at hide and seek. No one beats me at hide and seek.”

And Steve had laughed- a lovely throaty thing that made Tony smile just from hearing it. “Uhhh, I don’t know? It depends on a lot of variables. If it were in a park, maybe- but here? Tony would beat you hands-down. He knows every nook and cranny of this tower, you wouldn’t stand a chance.”

And then- here had come Tony’s fatal mistake of the day. Later, he’d pin it on lack of caffeine in his system and the early hour at which he was conscious- but really, he was just an idiot who’d forgotten how offended his teammates could (and did) get on his behalf.

“Actually, I’ve never played. Although I could still probably beat Barton.”

(Read more, mobile users! Finish it on your laptop or PC if you can’t on mobile!)

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andreil happy fics! ♥

basically, I’ve spent the previous week going through the AFTG tag (yes, I went through all the 1250 works) on ao3, because I needed more content, official or not. and since it was so freaking hard to find some quality happy content™ (bc apparently y'all like to suffer that much —which, to be fair, I should have expected and I can #relate), I thought I could make it easier for anyone else seeking it and share it here! 🎉

so this is a recommendation list with my favorites ones so far; they’re all from ao3, and if you find any of your works there and want me to remove them from this list, just message me and I’ll remove it. if you have any recommendations for me to add here, message me too! ♥ I haven’t read anything from ff.net or tumblr just yet, but I plan on doing that later this week.

they’re not all entirely happy and they’re not that happy either, but then again that’d be hard considering the amount of trauma and tragedy the authors have to work with (thanks nora). but!!! they’re happy enough to make it to this post, so yeah! you’ll probably gonna enjoy them.

right now there are more oneshots, canon-ish, mostly set right after TKM or a few years in the future. I might add an AU and multi-chapter category later, so keep checking for updates! and don’t forget to show appreciation for the authors by leaving comments and kudos! ♥

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TLJ trailer and Cinematography Continued!

Wow, I didn’t expect for that meta to get as popular as it did. So I thought I would grace you guys with some more examples.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please go here. I talk about the framing of a shot, the lighting, color, and context of a scene. There were too many examples of this, and my post was already long enough. Down below are just examples of what I was talking about to further drive the point home, just cause I felt like it. 




Close up shots typically contain just the face and shoulders of a subject, with a little headroom above. This prevents ‘floating head syndrome’ as the shoulders suggest to the brain that there is a body below! These shots are the most common of all as they can convey a real sense of emotion and help the audience to connect with the subject.


They are both in a warm fiery glow.

You can judge the quality of light in a film scene through the hardness or softness of its shadows. Hard quality light has dark shadows with sharp edges and often feels more raw than soft quality light. Soft lighting, commonly used in older films, has lighter, diffused shadows and tends to feel more sentimental.


Color temperature is one of the first things to note when studying the lighting in a romantic scene. Is it orange? Bluish? White? Most often, warm colors add to an inviting, romantic atmosphere. For example, the warm light in the sunset scene in Titanic draws the audience in, unlike the cold, blue lighting later in the movie, after things get dire.

I went into context in my previous post. I’m not gonna duplicate that here. 

However what I did not mention is the slowing down of a scene for dramatic effect of a special moment. Kylo has fire behind him that seems to slow slightly. In several romantic action movies, we have the same visual. 

Watch the embers of fire in the back slow down 

Will and Elizabeth are in battle, so the color is bluish. It doesn’t end well either (spoiler). However, my focus is on the destruction around them, but they are the only two people in the world at that moment. Kylo has explosions behind him that seems to slow like he and Rey are the only two people around in their scene (whatever and where ever it is).

Just a good Star Wars image of the lighting warm glow soft shadows– a confession of Love. 

Here we have the glowing lights in the back and the up close shots. 

Finally this one. Where everything slows down again. It’s just the two of them. The frame again is close-up, the color is blue – it is bleak– Steve is going to sacrifice himself -it’s sad– but its slowed down for dramatic effect. As if they are the only two that matter at that moment. Notice when he looks back to the other people in the shot. They are regular speed. 

In movies, you see a slowing down effect when tragedy is about to strike. Think Cliff Hanger where you watch the woman fall to her death or a car crash in say Fast and Furious. You see it also when two lovers kiss amid chaos, or someone saves someone else just in time. It adds drama. 

Kylo Ren is not moving to hurt someone or to save someone. He is not falling or diving out of the way of some explosion. 

This signifies to me that at this moment he and whoever is in front of him are having a moment where they are the only two people in the world chaos and explosions be damned. 

anonymous asked:

dont know if you take requests but what if this scenario in which harry tells you like "we should live together" and you agree and then you get into sort of a fight cause you ask when he's moving in and he was like well won't you move in with me? (i mean his place bigger anyway) and she was "well im not gonna move out of my place that's next to my job/friends and move in to yours when you're gone all the time" it's angsty/fluff thingy

Ah I hope you like it! Thanks for sending in a request, have a lovely week x

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Why Vmin are called the “Soulmate Couple”

Long post

Before I get into this, I’d like to say, that this will provide examples as to how amazingly close vmin are to being considered real life soulmates. It’ll also help anyone who wants to know about vmin’s relationship and how close the two actually are. But overall, it’ll definitely explain why some of the fandom refers to them as already soulmates. Whether it’s viewed platonically or romantically:)

Okay here we go. Pray for me to be able to get all of this in one post.

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