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Professor Kwon: Chapter II

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Genre: Teacher AU, Smut, Fluff, Angst.

Word Count: 1,942

Chapter: 2/?

Pairing: G-Dragon x Reader

Warnings: None. There won’t be any until like the 4th chapter ;))

A/N: Sorry for such a long wait, school has been hectic. However, the third chapter is almost complete so the wait for the next chapter definitely won’t be as long!

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Take That Back by xxDustNight88

One-Shot inspired by @hpconversations post here.

Tap-tap. Tap. Tap Tap.

Tap-tap. Tap. Tap-tap.

Tap-tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.


“I swear to Merlin, if you don’t stop that incessant tapping, Malfoy, I am going to break your quill overtop your platinum head,” Hermione grumbled, gripping her own quill most severely as she tried to remain focused on the page she was reading. Why Professor Slughorn insisted the pair work together on this potions project, she would never know.

“Easy there, Granger,” Malfoy drawled, shifting in the chair across from her in the library so that he was no longer slouching. “Those curls of yours might just turn into Medusa’s snakes.”

“Honestly,” she began, giving up reading, for the moment, to stare daggers at her unwilling partner. “Do you even think before you attempt to insult people? Medusa. Pft.”

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future | v college au smut

word count: 7.2k

warnings: smut [paragraphs are in bold italic incase anyone doesnt want to read it, also its not just v smut theres another member - separate though], swearing

genre: fluff, angst, smut, everything

a/n: this took about 4 days to write so feedback would mean a lot! it’s a college!au imagine and idk it’s my first one so it’s terrible and im sorry

masterlist | request

You sat with your head in the palm of your hand as you gently tapped your pencil against the cup of coffee that had long gone cold. An exasperated sigh passes your lips as you slam your head on the table, finally admitting defeat that the essay due in 3 hours from now was not going to be done.

“Do you want another coffee?” a voice booms from the entrance of the kitchen.

“No,” you mumble not lifting your head off the table.

“Do you want me to write your essay for you?”


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Kourtney’s submission

I love the latest meditating picture(1) she shared, the caption was perfect as well. I’m all for promoting what you love and whatnot but she comes off as a phony, ya know? I don’t care if celebrities share their gym experiences or like when Le@ Michele shares 900 green juice photos (gross!) because it’s just them sharing what they love. But with G it always seems like she’s sharing the picture to show off how much better she is than anyone else but in a subtle way. I’m always thankful, meditating keeps me sane, I use a 600$ blender because it gets my kids to eat their vegetables. It’s never just a simple “I mediate because I like too” or “We put vegetables in smoothies so the kids will actually eat right”. There’s always some underlining meaning to her captions and it’s mind boggling that people can’t see that. Or they see it and they’re choosing to ignore it for the sake of a peaceful Tumblr experience.(2)

Her need to share Girl Power and Girls Run The World is getting old. I’m all for unity and bringing each other up rather than tearing each other down but she’s going about it the wrong way. Your daughter needs to know the sky is the limit and she shouldn’t be held back just because she’s female but she doesn’t need to know that she’s better than another person because she’s female. Her two boys don’t need to grow up thinking they need to step aside so there sister can shine and she doesn’t need to grow up thinking they should step aside for her because she’s female. G is teaching her that she’s entitled all because she was born with a vagina. Again, I’m all for being a feminist and teaching girls AND boys that we’re all equal but I’m not about to get behind someone that wants her daughter to feel better than her own siblings just because she’s a girl. It’s wrong.(3)

Not even going to lie but when I saw the picture she shared of her and T with the caption “This was snapped right before a 🐝 headed right in our direction…. 🙃 thanks to ___ and ___ we have an apiary. Who wants some P@dalecki honey? 🍯” (4) my knee jerk response was to roll my eyes. I’m all for doing our part to bring back the bees but getting an apiary in your backyard seems a tad extreme. I just imagine these kids going to school and being asked what they did over the weekend and them talking about the pictures being taken.(5) Kids don’t have a filter so I can’t imagine what T has to tell his teacher after a weekend at home or whatever. The funniest part of the photos is that she couldn’t even be bothered to change her top or anything. It’s obvious that certain pictures were taken on the same day and others on another.(6) But generally speaking they were taken all around the same time because the bump is pretty much the same size. I will say that with T she gained weight throughout her body. She wasn’t fat by any stretch of the imagination! But her cheeks were fuller, she looked a little more tired and honestly pulled off the being pregnant look better with him than she did with the other two.(7) If you look at the pictures of her doing yoga you can see the outline of the photographer being reflected in the window. And then if you look at the picture of them in bed with S being held over her head you can again see the photographers shadow!(8) We all knew the photos were done by a professional but that just made my a little nauseous because it just seems so wrong to put your kids in their pajamas and create a wonderful family moment like that just for a blog or whatever. Jessica @lba owns her own company, has a website and an Instagram for said company but never once has she used her kids to promote her things. Yeah over Halloween she did her daughters makeup using her product but that was it. Promote your project and perfect life all you want but why add your kids in it like they’re props? It’s just wrong.(9)

Speaking of websites, I’m not sure if you know this but G actually had a website before!(10) It was a fan dedicated website that this one girl ran and G approached her about it. They met up a few times and the girl made sure that all content on the website was completely true and even got G to do a Q and A video. G ended up co-running the website with her until it was taken down because the girl just didn’t want to run it anymore and I’m assuming G realized how odd it would be for her to run her own fan dedicated website. But yeah one day the girl asked G if she could do a meetup and maybe meets some fans, G agreed and they went to lunch. Wanna know who made a surprise visit during lunch? J did!(11) It was such a surprise too, I mean it’s not like G asked him to come or anything. Yeah, I don’t believe that either. That’s why I was surprised that she was creating another website because I didn’t think she had enough of a life outside of J to actually have one just as her own. That sounds really harsh and I apologize for that but if you look at her life she has nothing that’s just her own. It always comes back to J.(12) I did see her new website before it became password protected and I truly hope people take what she posts with a grain of salt. There were sections for parenting, recipes, fashion, lifestyle and a couple others. I’m all for giving advice but I don’t want a first time mom going into her blog and taking everything she says for fact. She talks a lot about things (home birthing, organic living) like she’s an expert and that’s not good.(13) G does have people that look to her for advice and take her word as gospel so I hope she keeps that in mind and puts somewhere in her blog how she’s not an expert on these topics.

I forgot last post but I wanted to say I agree whole heartedly about J and D sharing photos of the kids lately! What is up with that? J actually told the paparazzi in Vancouver he did not want little J photographed.(14) They could photos of him and D all they wanted but his daughter was off limits. They very rarely shared pictures of her and when they did it always came from them, not a family member or friend because they didn’t want it to be stolen. Fine, I get it, you want her to be shielded from the media and the crazy side of the fandom. But now it’s like here’s a picture of the twins, here’s a picture of J, here’s a picture of us being happy together, here’s a video where you can actually hear little J’s voice. Which, again, wouldn’t be weird had they not been so protective of her. That situation has honestly thrown me for a loop and I can’t think of a reason for the sudden love of sharing pictures of their kids.(15)

I’ll tell you about my theory as to why she remained silent on the A_F campaign in another submission so you don’t have to read an essay because I didn’t realize how long this was until I started writing this! Hahaha, sorry!

I hope you have a nice weekend!

Yo Kourtney, happy to see you again! Sorry for the wait, I should’ve post this earlier. Always with something bumped in when I was going through your “essay” ;) And I don’t quite follow G so it took me some time to run through her things *ouch*

Here’s my little side notes (according to the numbers I added above) :

  1. Yoga class?
  2. Peaceful internet platform behaviour. I agree with “phony” but it’s like a basic foundation for business accounts, so I won’t be easily brainwashed by… WAIT. THIS IS THE POINT. I don’t care how fake her IG is because I never consider myself looking at a real life journal wtf! Holy shit! How should I tell her fans about this, Kourtney?! My mixed feelings all the time is explainable? Her business heavy IG with heavy charity promoting? Is she taking my money or is she helping me to donate my money? How about Jay’s part? Why is he there?
  3. I’ve talked about this with my professor IRL on ppl’s misunderstanding and media’s misleading portraying to feminism. Tricky topic.
  4. Cute muffin T is scared of bees aww
  5. Only when kids involved I’m a little mad
  6. Stocked photoshoots I’ve no problem with that *proud*
  7. Asking for science, any mamas out there gained weight with some babies and none with others?
  8. Wait! Some fans say the photos are taken by Jay! ;)
  9. Imagine if these was done by non-celebrities. Normalizing everything is THE TREND in 21st century, sadly
  10. I know! Now we have a similar /dress-like-g______/ *insert eyeroll here*
  11. Oh wow this is new to me omg
  12. Who would pay attention to her if she’s not his “wife” honestly sorry
  13. Life-related reminder alert. Although I’m not a mom, I can sense how ridiculous her advices are
  15. Can someone write a meta for this? jk lol

Thanks for this informative submission again, sweetie! It’s really long, I survived lol. Please don’t hold back to talk why she isn’t supportive in A/_/F, and please don’t hold back to write it long! You become an important role here you know? I can’t make quality posts on my own! Have a nice day and hope to see you soon, XXOO

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you got this or if Tumblr ated it but do you have any tips or something with writing fanfiction for Vanderwood I've been trying but I can't help feel it's slightly ooc,anyways thanks for your greatness in general!

✿ SORRY THIS TOOK AWHILE, I had a lot I wanted to say but wasn’t certain how to phrase it.

We really don’t know a lot about Vanderwood. We see them in a few circumstances, but there’s a lot of room for extrapolation regarding their personality. We mostly see them interacting with 707, so that’s where I started. How does Vanderwood treat 707, and why do they treat him that way?

1.) They take care of 707, often citing their obligations to the agency as the reason why.

You could take this at face-value and say “Vanderwood doesn’t care about Seven and is just trying to do their work for a very frightening organization as effectively as possible”, but the efforts Vanderwood goes to really don’t match that. They’ve clearly been cleaning his apartment for a long time, and during Seven’s route, they bring him coffee and are concerned about his inability to work. Again, they say it’s because it is in the agency’s best interests that he work and that, if he doesn’t work, everyone will get punished…

But if that’s the case, why doesn’t Vanderwood, in the interests of preserving their own wellbeing, tell Seven’s boss he’s being useless and punish the kid?

Because Vanderwood does care. That’s a pretty easy conclusion to make, but it’s important to establish that Vanderwood cares a lot about Seven and is unable to express their feelings about him. Vanderwood mentions that they haven’t told Seven’s boss about the RFA, meaning they’re willing to put their neck on the line for him, and the secret endings mention how Vanderwood and Seven have both saved each other’s lives. Vanderwood wants to get Seven medical attention when he’s shot, scolds him for making his injury worse, and visits him repeatedly in the hospital. Yet they don’t really have a close relationship, as exemplified by Seven verbally pushing them away, and Vanderwood being unable to overtly express emotion. Now, why is that?

One conclusion can be drawn is that Vanderwood, in general, has trouble talking about emotions. This is supported by how much of a little shit they are. Their sense of humor is more acerbic than Seven’s ‘wacky randomness’ (their infamous “I don’t understand what’s going on, is this some kind of couple’s fight?” line and their fake laughter in Seven’s route) but they deal with things in a pretty similar way to Seven. Instead of having real, emotional moments, they use mockery to conceal their ~*delicate emotional side*~ and they’d much rather push someone away than express real affection.

So, when I write Vanderwood, I write them as having difficulties expressing themselves, and feeling uncomfortable in emotional moments when they have to be “real”. They often say things that just sound terrible, or aren’t really… sensitive things to say, because they’re bad at being nice. Even when they’re trying, they just mess up.

2.) Vanderwood believes their status as a secret agent means they can’t form relationships,

In one of the VN modes, Vanderwood cautions Seven away from having a relationship with the MC, because they’re both secret agents. There’s also an implication that Vanderwood isn’t entirely happy with their choice of career, which also makes me think it’s something they did out of desperation.

(i mean. like. duh. it sounds like an awful place to work who would want to do that.)

This gives further proof that Vanderwood isn’t the sort of person who’s easy to get close to. They like shoving people away, and believes it’s in their best interests not to let anyone in. That probably contributes to the distance between them and Seven, and also why they’re so bad at dealing with emotions. It also means that they probably have some of Seven’s self-hate going on - but they’re also not the kind of person who gets really… sappy.

They’re embarrassed by sappy stuff. They don’t know how to deal with it. Their form of self-depreciation would be way more bitter, more “god I’m a piece of shit lmao” than “wahhhhh my life sucks and i’m awful”

3.) Even though Vanderwood likes Seven and wants to protect him, they put up relatively little fuss when they have to take Seven back to the agency.

This implies that, above all, Vanderwood is loyal to the agency, and will put their own emotions aside for their work. I personally interpret it also as Vanderwood thinking that Seven brought it on himself for being an idiot, and it’s not something that they can change. They just need to sit down, shut up, and do their job.

In my backstory for Vanderwood, they grew up in a filthy household where they had little agency (explaining their need to have things clean and their obedience) and they’re terrified that, if they disobey the agency, they’ll lose any of the “freedoms” that they’ve gained for themselves. You don’t have to go with that, but when writing Vanderwood, it’s good to at least think about why they are the way they are. Why aren’t they good with emotional stuff? Why are they with the agency? Why is their natural reaction to danger to sass everyone around them?

Vanderwood is interesting to me because they obey authority unquestioningly and care quite a bit about doing their job, and yet they’re incredibly sassy and snarky. So that’s a pretty important trait to keep in mind when writing them.

4.) They’re a total loser

Just listen to their scream when the robo-dog attacks them. Just look at them. Purple shirt? Leopard print lining on their jacket? THEY WEAR IT ON THEIR SHOULDERS. Vanderwood is not cool. They are, at the very least, somewhat embarrassing. (And they definitely are given the run-around by Seven.)

And that’s what makes them endearing, I think. They’re an emotionally repressed, snarky idiot who likes cleaning and is continually bullied by Seven but still likes the idiot.

I… hope that helps, at least a little bit! I have trouble writing long-form character essays like this without it coming out like incoherent babbling. Feel free to send another ask if you’d like me to go into more detail about stuff! A good place to start when learning to write a character is think of actions they make in the story, then ask yourself, ‘Why did this character say that/do that/feel that way”? Once you understand a character’s thought process, writing them gets way more natural.

im probably going to take the FCE exam so that i can have like. a certificate of Not Sucking at english, bc that’ll help me get a job, esp as an english tutor for elementary school kids but yall…

the sample exams are kinda freaking me out bc there’s a long ass part that’s about listening (my autistic ass is going to die) and another long ass part about writing 180 word essays (my autistic ass doesnt mind that but my general human ass does because they are…… super fucking annoying)

anonymous asked:

I think people who moved on were being smart. I still like ATLA but I don't really partake in the fandom if that makes any sense. I feel there isn't much to do and yet the rabid z///tara shippers stick around writing long essays on why Kataang is toxic. It's pointless to argue with stupid my father always tells me.

I feel ya.

Since there’s not new material coming out (I don’t count the comics because I don’t like them and think they’re badly written) and all the blogs I used to follow either moved on or went inactive it’s much more of a casual fandom for me now.  I’ll reblog cute fanart or good meta here and there but that’s about it.  And even that I don’t do much of since Tumblr’s absolutely asinine design ensures that any time I go looking for it I run into Zuts with their damn wallo’text essays.

I finally started just blocking blogs like a few weeks ago (since re-watching the show with the hubby has re-ignited some of the love and I just want cute gifsets dammit) but it’s a never-ending task good grief.

i would say that writing this fic* gave me a lot of feelings about the Mysterious Coach Bittle, but frankly i’ve had them for a while, so i thought i’d put down some Big, Hot Takes™ on why a complex coach is infinitely more interesting to me than the coach that i see for the majority of fanon** and how i think that specifically affects my interpretation of bitty as unreliable (yet lovable) narrator. 

(actually, i have lots of those, but those probably could go into an essay of their own.)

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anonymous asked:

I'm an English major in my second year, and while I've always been able to write really elegant, intricate essays, I've lately been noticing that the better my work, the worse my conclusion gets.... So, basically, I was wondering if you had any helpful advice on how to construct a strong conclusion?

In spite of working as a writing tutor, I always have a bit of an awkward time trying to explain my conclusion-writing advice, but the advice itself is pretty solid. Just bear with any awkwardness I’m about to spew out.

One trick that I tell students to use is to make the final sentence of their conclusions sound nice and complete by writing a sentence that lists three things or has three clauses (similar to the idea of the tricolon and the rule of three). A more basic example of this would be something like, “In following English Major Humor’s advice, Anonymous can hope to improve her conclusions, receive better grades, and come away from the writing process with a greater degree of satisfaction.” (However, if this were your thesis, you’ve already restated a paraphrased version of it at the beginning of your conclusion. Do not say it again at the end of your conclusion.) This isn’t necessarily something you should do for every paper; it’s just a cool trick to have in your back pocket in case it becomes useful.

Here’s some more general advice, adapted from my writing center’s handout on conclusions:

Conclusions can do the following:

-Summarize the arguments you’ve made
-Restate the thesis (but never word-for-word from how you wrote it in your introduction) and possibly expand upon this thesis.
-Explain why the argument presented is important/why the argument presented enhances our understanding of the topic.
-Add something new to the overall argument without adding another point of contention. This means that the conclusion can include new info, but not necessarily another point to be argued. (I presented the last two points in this section word-for-word from how they appeared on my writing center’s handouts.)

If you’re having trouble starting a conclusion:

-Restate your thesis by rewording it. Use that as a foundation and see where you go from there.
-Look at what you’ve already written in your essays and see what you haven’t said yet. Are there any loose ends you need to tie up?

Other things to remember:

-Your conclusion really doesn’t need to be long. You’re finishing the essay, not starting a new one.
-Your conclusion doesn’t need to be complex either. Your thesis/argument should be the complex parts.
-Think BIG PICTURE. Focus on your argument as a whole, not the finer points of your argument.

To me, a conclusion can be about the big picture in another way. For example, you might find something really interesting about Waiting for Godot and you can mention in your conclusion how this is/might be relevant to 20th century plays as a whole. Again, it’s thinking about why your argument is relevant/important. It’s basically about asking yourself that ever-annoying “so what?” question.

I highly recommend that you use this information to supplement a trip to your college’s writing center. Even if you think your writing is good (which it probably is), the writing center is still a great place to go to work on fine-tuning and to learn about new things (like how to write conclusions). There’s nothing wrong with going to the writing center no matter how good your writing is, and writing centers can help you at any stage of the writing process. Going is a truly great way to show yourself that you care about your writing.

what fucks me up is the fact that laurent had never, even in his most indulgent dreams, believed that he would be king. read the scene where herode kneels to him and come back. that scene probably was the first time anyone with power had recognized him as a rightful heir to the throne. had told laurent he was a king and legitimately believed that as a fact. even as a child, auguste had been the pride of vere and laurent would have been in his shadows. not reluctantly, i think laurent would have been fine without the throne. his brother was everything to him and he probably believed whole heartedly that auguste was the perfect candidate for the king and that he would serve him in any of his ventures. but then auguste dies at marlas and then hes thrown in this position he never thought belonged to him. and then hes subject to the regents treachery. laurents black and white world comes to a halt when auguste leaves it and hes forced to grow up too fast for a boy his age. whenever we see the regent with the council, he gives laurent this false persona of someone he is not and i wonder what thats done to laurent emotionally and psychologically. weve only seen two chapters of his pov and being told that he was not suitable for the throne, that he would never live up to his brother constantly for years has got to do something to his head.

on a side note: laurent probably never even wanted the throne. he probably believed that auguste would be crowned, marry a patran princess and procure a heir. so when auguste died of old age his son would succeed him. laurent would have wanted to sneak out of the castle to go to his own adventures that probably got his brother and king so distressed because laurent for gods sake you are royalty, you have got to be more cautious. laurent would hear this but the very next day take off to another unexplored part of the country.

on another side note: imagine laurent unexpectedly meeting this charming, barbarian of a man on one of his escapes from the palace and they fall hopelessly in love with each other :’)

Stolen Kisses in the Library

TITLE: Stolen Kisses in the Library


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE:  romance / fluff / angst

FIC SUMMARY: OC is forced to share a library book with none other than the man she hates. 


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: An update for the night. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense. I just had my first day at work and I’m super tired. Regardless, feedback is much appreciated!

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anonymous asked:

Curious about something and I thought maybe you'd have some insight: I've noticed that there seem to be a lot of lesbians on tumblr who enjoy m/m slash. I'm a heterosexual woman and I enjoy it, but as a general rule I'm not personally attracted to the actors/ characters (i.e. I wouldn't fantasize about myself with them, but for unknown reasons, it's hot to fantasize about them together). Is there something similar going on with lesbians who like it? Or is the appeal for them something else?

Oh friend, this is one of the Great Recurring Questions. Many explanations have developed over the years; you can find one of the first in the landmark essay “Normal Female Interest in Men Bonking,” and I collated a long and wonderful Tumblr discussion about it, “On Enjoying Queer Erotica,” a while back. Nowadays many people say that women write m/m sex because of internalized misogyny. I don’t buy that argument completely; I think there are other things going on. But there’s another long Tumblr thread here which articulates that point of view, and the damage internalized misogyny can do in fandom, and includes some very useful remarks from a couple of self-identified lesbians.

I’ve put together a “Very Select Bibliography on Slash,” which gives more scholarly background on the issue. I’d also recommend saathi1013’s marvelous meta page, which talks about similar issues in fandom more generally. Thanks for the question, and I hope this helps!

030. Misunderstandings



It wasn’t the reaction he had been expecting, but he also knew you probably weren’t expecting to see Zayn wearing, nothing but a police cap on your junk. Closing the door behind you, you turned back with a horrified expression over your face as he walked closer and closer to you. He had practiced walking around the kitchen with nothing, but the hat on to make sure it wouldn’t fall off. It was easier to stay hard now that he was face to face with you and not just picturing your body in his mind. It was difficult, but you were trying hard not to laugh. You had been warned by one of your best friends that laughing at a guy while he is naked could lead to serious psychological damage for him.

“Why so dressed up?” You asked, biting on your bottom lip as your back collided with the door, Zayn just an inch away from your chest, your work uniform still on and complete with nametag. “Zayn, are you drunk?” He didn’t look it, but it wasn’t typical of sober Zayn to be wearing nothing, but a hat on his dick either.

With his eyes narrowing in on you tightly, how they usually did when he was in the mood, Zayn gave you a nod with his scruffy chin and went in to kiss you. You weren’t expecting him to be so rough, his hairs scratching at your cheeks as his mouth opened yours. His hands took yours and slid them over your head as he groaned into your mouth, “I’m going to have to frisk you, ma’am.”

It was sort of sexy, you could give him that, but without your consent, you burst into a fit of laughter, pushing his chest away from your body as you tried to compose yourself. Thirteen shades of red, that’s how colorful your face became as you threw your hands over your cackling mouth like that would happen.

“I’m sorry.” You tried to say. “I can’t take you seriously with a hat on your penis.”

Zayn was embarrassed now and when he was embarrassed, he became angry. With one motion, he tossed the plastic cap across the room and stalked into the bedroom, muttering inaudible curses under his breath.

“I feel like I missed something very important.” Once you had stopped laughing, you followed after him and leaned against the door, watching him step into boxers, his dick hurting as he moved into a semi. It wasn’t nearly as in as much pain as his ego though.

“I thought you fucking wanted something weird and fucking…I don’t know…” He ripped open the top drawer of the night stand on your side of the bed and then hurled a small paperback book at you, nearly smacking you in the face. “Fucking spicy.” Zayn stormed right by you, his feet stomping loudly on the ground, as you bent over and picked up the book from the floor.

“Zayn!” You called after him before going to the living room, finding him on the couch, looking between pillows for the remote control. “It’s a sex book. I don’t have anything highlighted. I have barely even read it.”

“Am I boring to you? The first page is about when sex gets boring.” He grunted. “Not that I fucking read it. I just saw it.” He was throwing the pillows to the ground, searching avidly.

You put the book down on the coffee table and reached underneath it, taking the remote and then handing it to him.

“Thanks.” Not wanting to say anything, he ripped it from your loose grip.

“You are not boring, Zayn, you know that.” Seriously, when One Direction decided to quit, he could have a very promising career as a male escort, this much you knew to be true. He was probably the most exciting you had ever slept with.

“Yeah, I know.” He mumbled, turning on the television and then wandering around the room to collect the pillows he had thrown about.

“I got it for me. I want to be able to do things that are exciting to you.” You explained, sitting down on the loveseat away from him. Zayn’s attention was all yours now. He just stared blankly at your face for a moment, trying to make sure you were being honest and not just trying to kiss his ego better. “But don’t think you’re going to come home to me in nothing, but a cop hat, buddy.” Trying to make him laugh, you joked. “Actually, that’s kind of hot.” You shrugged.

“You don’t need a book. You’re great.” Still a little uneasy, he mumbled. “Are you going to join me on the couch or not?” He nodded at you and patted down the empty leather cushion beside him. Smiling coyly, you got up and moved, joining him as close as you could without being right on top of his lap. You two watched EastEnders in silence, his arm over your shoulder, before he started to talk over the show. “So, was there, like, a position in the book you want to try? I mean, I’m open…” He wondered aloud.

NIALL – Your mouth was full as you chewed on your dinner across the table from Niall, but you smiled brightly at him anyway with your lips sealed together.

“You know, I’m totally supportive of what you decide, right?” After washing down his last bite with a sip of ice cold water, he told you out of the blue. You had both been so focused on your meals, take out chicken and pasta from your favorite eatery in the neighborhood, that you hadn’t really been engaged in any conversation.

Sitting up straighter, your eyes shifted from side to side as if to search for what he was talking about. You were truly the definition of confused.

“Am I pregnant?” You asked out loud, thinking that was a question you would never have to pose to anyone, but yourself or a doctor.

“I heard you last night on the phone with your Mum.” He explained, sounding as casual as he would if he was telling you about going through a car wash or an early morning jog. “I wasn’t eavesdropping, I just heard…and if you want to drop out of school, I support you.” Niall never went to University or college. He couldn’t empathize with the stress and pressure, but he did know about stress and pressure from his line of work and he was trying to understand.

“Um…I don’t remember saying I was thinking about that.” Putting down your fork, you scratched at your head and moved some hair behind your ears, trying to remember.

“You were just saying it was really difficult right now and you were having a hard time…you’re taking so many courses this term…”

“Oh yeah.” You didn’t complain to Niall about school since you didn’t think he would really be very interested in it, but clearly he was. “I’m stressed and I have a ton of work to do, like, I should be writing two essays right now, but I’m not going to drop out.” Shaking your head at the idea, you told him with a soft chuckle. “I’m going to get through it and get that degree.” Even if you had a long way to go.

“Oh good.” Niall lit up at the sound of that. He really wanted to see you up on stage with a diploma in your hand. He was so impressed by how hard you worked and he was proud of you already. “I’m glad.”

“But thank you for being supportive.” You winked, bringing another piece of chicken dipped in pasta sauce towards your mouth. “You’re bomb.”  

LOUIS – “Look what I got! Look what I got!” He had just walked in through the door, but you could hear Louis shouting as he kicked off his shoes and headed throughout your condo, looking for you to, apparently, show you what he had.

“I’m in the bedroom!” You called out and instantly heard him start moving in the right direction. On your tip toes, you were standing in the closet, putting away a box of yours and his winter coats.

“Oy, babe, don’t do that.” He scolded you, dropping his shopping bag onto the floor and rushing over to take the plastic box from over your head. Louis scooted in front of you and shoved it on the shelf above your shared wall of shoes. “You shouldn’t be lifting heavy things.” He turned around to tell you, kissing your lips quickly and then heading back to where he left his shopping bag.

“It wasn’t…that…heavy.” Slowly, you told him, thinking about all the times you had lugged heavy bags of groceries up the stairs of your apartment building without any help from anyone.

“Ta-da!” Out of the yellow tissue paper pieces in the bag, Louis pulled out a small soft looking yellow blanket and then draped it over his arm and began to sway from side to side. “It’s a swaddle blanket!” He shouted merrily while still dancing in place. “It’s for swaddling.” He explained, concerned by your lack of reaction. “Swaddling a baby…” He continued, not sure why you weren’t clued in or running over to thank him with kisses. “The lady at the store said they were important for newborns…even though I don’t know what on Earth swaddling actually is. I think this is the motion though.” As soon as he acknowledged how he was sliding his hips from left and right, he stopped and then walked over to you with the blanket over one arm. “Why aren’t you smiling? I’m trying to tell you that I’m okay with all this…” Louis took your shoulders in each of his hands and cocked his head to the side, trying to figure out what you were thinking and feeling. “When I spotted the test in the bin, I thought, maybe, you were worried I wouldn’t be supportive, but it’s okay…”

“OH!” Right in his face, you shouted, finally piecing together the puzzle that you had been struggling to form in your mind. “That wasn’t my test.” Shaking your head, you told him happily…as happily as he had been dancing around with the swaddle blanket. “It was the girl down the hall. She didn’t want her parents to know so I picked it up and let her take it here.”

“Are you fucking kidding?” Louis shouted before shaking his head at himself. “What am I going to do with this fucking swaddle blanket?” Holding it up in front of your face, he asked you.

“Well, if she keeps it now we have something to give her at the shower.” Shrugging, you swiped it from his hands and leaned in to kiss his cheek. “Trust me, if I was pregnant, you would know.” You whispered right in his face before walking away.

LIAM – He had told you that he was going to be swamped for the next week, running around the UK like some kind of wild banshee with nothing, but assigned tasks and places to be. While it would have been nice to go for breakfast or, even, just have a quick text chat back and forth, you were understanding and went about things as you would otherwise. In fact, you had had two girls’ nights in a row and it was pure bliss. So, you were surprised when you came home from dinner with your parents that Liam texted you that he was going to stop by.

“This is a pleasant surprise.” Your voice chimed out like the strings of a harpiscord being plucked all together as you put a plate of leftovers from dinner in the microwave. Liam was a very big and public fan of your mom’s cooking.

“Stop.” Staring at his shoes while leaning against the fridge, he sighed. “Stop being nice to me.”

As the microwave began to work, you looked back at Liam a little bit confused by his attitude and sadness.

“Okay…” You moved closer to him until your side was against the fridge. “Get the fuck out.” Gruffly, you spoke in what you considered to be a manly voice, pretending to be mean to him. “What’s going on? What happened today?” You assumed something must have caused his mood to be so foul.

“This morning…I came in to pick up some of my stuff….you were out, I don’t know where…”

“I went to a Zumba class.” Proudly, you announced. It was nice that Liam was using the key you gave him though, you were wondering if he ever would.

“Your iPad was on the bed and, I guess, your texts come through and I read some of the messages.” He knew he was guilty, so Liam kept his brown eyes on the floor as he confessed.

Out of reflex, you crossed your arms over your chest and let the benevolence drain from your face promptly while waiting for him to continue.

“If you really want to break up, I won’t stop you….but you should know that I’m in this…I don’t think I could ever get over you.” Finally, his eyes were off the tiles of your small kitchen area and staring up at you, they were full of grief and bled into yours with their anxiety.

Instantly, your eyebrows fell down tightly over your eyes. You reached into the pocket of your long cardigan and took out your cell phone, pulling it out and scrolling through your last conversation, a group chat with your girlfriends.

“Clearly, you are a terrible spy.” Smiling to yourself, you looked up at him and handed him the phone. “Read it all this time, you dirty snoop. I said ‘I’m going to dump him’, but it’s directed at [YourFriend’sName]. I was saying I would dump her boyfriend for her because she’s too chicken to.”

That was all it took. Liam lit up like the sky on the fourth of July as the worry fled his body. He put the phone down on the counter and pulled you into a hug as quick as he could, breathing in the scent of jasmine on your neck as the microwave began to chirp behind you.

“Thank God. I was in pieces all day.” He confessed.

“Don’t quit your day job. You’d be a shit Sherlock.” Pushing his shoulder back, you laughed and then went to get his plate out.

HARRY – “[Y/N]! [Y/N]!” Harry rushed out of his bedroom of the Malibu house he was renting with the boys and their friends while recording the last of their latest album. He was carrying your tablet carefully in his hands as he took on the stairs quickly, rushing down them like they were made of lava that was eating away at his bare feet.

“What? What? What?” It sounded like an emergency, so you rushed away from the kitchen island where you had been slicing up peppers for the huge stir fry you were making for everybody with Eleanor. Your mind was already imagining the worst: He had sliced his face open while shaving, Zayn had inhaled too much spray paint, Niall had fallen off the bed and now his skull was cracked open like a piñata, your imagination was well in motion.

“What’s going on? Are you okay?” Harry demanded to know as you two met in the empty, but very messy living room. With one hand off of the tablet, he reached forward and checked your temperature through your forehead, then stepped back and examined you, before reaching forward and giving one of your boobs an aggressive squeeze.

You winced in pain before backing up yourself and frowning at him.

“What is the matter with you!?” You shot back.

“I was checking for a lump!” Defensively, he squealed before holding up your tablet. “I went to look something up and you’ve got three windows about breast cancer up. You got to tell me, are you okay? What is going on?” The questions sounded like one as he asked in a rush. “Should we go to the hospital? What happens now?”

“Harry, you’ve gone and lost it.” Scolding him, you shook your head. The living room was full now, Eleanor standing in the doorway with an empty frying pan held at her side, Louis and Liam right behind her, Niall and a few of his Irish friends crowding around on the stairs. Everybody was looking at the two of you, concerned and confused. “I really just googled it because I was curious…” In your mind, you could not have been the only one. “If you check my history, I also looked up Ninja Turtles and Heinz Ketchup. I couldn’t sleep last night…”

Harry’s arms fell with relief. He stepped in and kissed your forehead as everyone began to thin out, most of them laughing at Harry as they did.

“So, no cancer?” He checked, his free hand holding yours which you much preferred to random boob grabs.

“Not that I know of.” You replied, smiling. You still couldn’t believe he had freaked out like that.

“Just say no.” Whispering, Harry’s worried face begged you, so you obliged happily.

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stgjr said to gifsandfusings:

So.  What did you think of “Mr. Greg”?

I have seen it, yes. I loved it, though if we’re only day 2 into this SU a-bomb and I’m this emotional, it’s going to be quite the rough month. I need to find time to sound out the songs; Pearl’s was just so amazing, and I really love the way Rebecca Sugar hightlights the piano as “her” instrument in a way. So damn good.

Anonymous said to gifsandfusings:

So Mr. Greg was a pretty heavy and pretty amazing episode. Do you have any of your really cool essay things to write about Pearl and Rose or Greg? I love those.

I definitely have a lot I want to write about it, though finding the time, that’s another thing. Off the bat, here’s my “musings” (more like random word vomit):

  • I’m really glad we got clarification on how Greg’s songs earned him any money, lol. The commercial thing was kind of genius. Though I was cringing when he waved around the check. DEPOSIT IT.
  • Polyamorous Rose confirmed? Definitely the implication of Pearl’s mention of men coming and going (meaning she’s the long-term gf)
  • On this vein, words are so deliberate in such a short cartoon, so Pearl’s gendering of the “men” that could come and go was marked. We know Pearl discounted human relationships with Rose already (or at least it was implied), but adding the gender component is interesting. It’s kind of like she didn’t “count it” with men (low-key bierasure,but this is the kind of shit we run into every day), until, you know. It was serious. I’m glad the show “went there” if you will, given how damaging that whole “it’s not real” mentality is.
  • Pearl and Greg both blushing at Steven at one point was a good touch. His existence is complicated for them. Their love for him is never in question, but at the same time, he’s the physical manifestation of their grief, you know? Pearl’s line about “care for your son” or w/e it was (I watched this once and before bed, so forgive) really hammers this.
  • Praise Pearl in a tux.
  • I love Steven wanting to bring them together like this, because it’s one of those things where Greg and Pearl do have a shared tragedy but due to…pride? jealousy? hurt? they couldn’t ever reach out. But it’s one of those things where we the viewers have felt that potential for a while.
  • Greg blaming himself after Pearl’s song and running to wallow with cherries was awesome. He’s a good egg. There’s just so much guilt and blame and sadness bouncing around with this dynamic, it’s fraught and beautiful.
  • In a weird way this reminds me of the Amethyst/Greg-centric episode with the storage space and their own complicated history. I know Word of God is that they were 100% platonic, but idk…sometimes that Rose shape-shifting sticks out, you know? I think I spend too much time thinking about Amethyst, but this episode really reminded me just how big a deal it must have been for him to let Steven move in with the Gems.
  • There’s also Pearl’s coding, which I talked about in the podcast, that is the coding of pearls in general and their functions “serving.” Even though Pearl had an extensive arc about her fit in the world and where to draw her strength from in absence of Rose, it’s not like she’s a brand new person. Her reasons for not moving on are kind of tragic, really.
  • I hear there’s GregxPearl shippers now?

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may i ask why you wouldnt date a poet or writer? o:

Yes. I have a long essay/speech for this but I’m going to condense it.

I don’t want to date a writer because being a writer myself, I am able to turn something into nothing and nothing into something. I do not want to be written about and I don’t want to be someone’s 3AM thoughts (if you know what I mean). I am already filled with too many emotions. And I just don’t think my personality will match another writer/poet’s. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to be friends with male poets and writers but it would be one complicated relationship if I dated one. I just don’t want someone to write about my flaws as if I didn’t know them already. I already am self conscious, it would only make it worse.

As much as I’d like be a poem, I also enjoy being the one writing the poem. Idk maybe one day it’ll change but for now, that’s my personal preference.


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I think Ladybug true magic is that NO ONE recognizes her, even when it so obvious she is Marinette. When Adrien transform into Chat Noir at least his eyes and hair change a little bit, but whit Marinette there’s nothing different; same eyes, same hair. That mask is really powerful!


people have suggested the kids have some sort of glamour when they’re transformed, so they can look familiar but not enough to be recogniseable, and i think for the sake of my own sanity i’m going to have to go with that.

someone in my inbox was asking for a proper critique on the writing (which i’ve been putting off so far because i’m in the middle of a coursework essay and don’t have time for another essay on top of it), and this - IF IT’S NOT EVER GOING TO BE EXPLAINED, WHICH IT STILL MIGHT BE - is an example of the poor writing i was narked at earlier. there’s a chance it will be explained, since there’s a lot more of this series still to come, but since it hasn’t even been highlighted as a curiosity within the show i heavily doubt it’ll be addressed.

(i’ll put this under a cut since it gets pretty long, but here’s some input from someone who’s studying literature at degree level and is pretty much being trained to deeply analyse this stuff. REMEMBER, CRITIQUE =/= DISLIKE.)

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