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Summary and notes for a fic that i’m working on. With everything going on in fandom (the rampant, disgusting Kale Rubbage apologism, and the ongoing erasure of Finn) i have a feeling of vicious glee right now :) I’m gonna kill Kyle so dead and it’s gonna be glorious. 

Anyway! If a multi-chap, plot-centric Finnrey fic sounds interesting, like this post or message me, and i’ll tag you when it’s up! (Many thanks to @jakkus-storyteller for being brilliant and having great ideas and finally getting me to write again!) 

Lumen (part 11/ ): Secret intentions

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Previously: part 10

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary of part 11: Some action, a naughty Bucky and a sketchy Fury.

Warnings: maybe 1 little swear word?

Word count: 1.703 (without background information).

A/N: I absolutely loved writing this part! Lumen is going on hiatus after the mid-season finale (part 12) because I’m currently in the middle of a very demanding and time-consuming science project. Meanwhile, I still have a couple parts to “Aurum et chaos” lined up for you as well as the sequel to “Love me like you used to”.

This is my first fan fic series, so bear with me. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on this one, constructive criticism is appreciated! Also, since this is an ongoing series, the tag list is open as we speak, so feel free to send me a message!

Background: Iona Cole is a perky, gifted and ambitious assistant to a critically acclaimed professor at a renowned university. That is, until she snaps in the middle of class, the auditorium packed with students on introduction day. Having a long family history of psychiatric diseases, her mother sends her to a private clinic to receive the best treatment. In reality, this institute for people with “special needs” is a smokescreen for the underground operation Hydra is running there.

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genre: chaptered (ongoing),slow burn, friends to lovers, au

warnings: mentions of alcohol

ongoing word count: 56k

summary: based on a prompt 

dan and phil are both contestants on ‘the bachelorette’, but fall in love with each other instead of the girl.

a/n: i update sidetracked every sunday with (hopefully) 5k. you can check out my twitter @phanimist for more regular updates on when exactly chapters will be going up :) the more heckling, the more inspiration i get to write, so please feel free to drop me a tweet or an ask lettin me know what you think !!

extra tags: ongoing, slow burn, friends to lovers :)