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Try to rip people off with shady flipped houses? Watch me flip your bank account.

So I don’t think this is entirely pro, but this just happened and I’m quite pleased with myself. Sorry for how long it is, I’m a wordy person.

Background: my girlfriend and I have been trying to buy a house for a month or two. Housing market where we live is tough, we don’t have a huge income, most houses sell within 24 hours, etc so it’s been a struggle. About a month and a half ago we found a house that was PERFECT. In the neighborhood we wanted, 2 bed 2 bath, at the very top of our price range but still doable, etc etc. Best part is that it’s beautifully renovated, new roof, everything is new and gorgeous! We put in an offer, but get outbid by someone else (which is crushing, if you have yet to experience that).

We mourn and then continue searching for other houses….until we get a call from our agent saying that the other buyers backed out and the seller is offering it to us first before putting it back on the market.

A quick important note here: the seller is the owner, but is also acting as his own real estate agent, and he runs his own business buying foreclosures and flipping them. This is important later.

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Cookies (M)

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Wonho x Reader

Warnings: SMUT. Face riding, slight spanking, dirty talk,

Word Count: 3,035

Summary:  You’re new in the neighbourhood, and decide to be a good person and go introduce yourself to your neighbours. Turns out that was a bad idea.

A/N: This is my fic. I’m re-posting onto my sideblog.

Being the new girl was tough. It was tough in high school, it was tough at a new job, and it’s still tough on moving day. You had just moved downtown into a cute apartment on the 10th floor of a pretty nice building. You loved being so close to everything, and the view you had made the hassle of moving up here worth it. You were still unfamiliar with your neighbours and neighbourhood, having only moved in a week ago. You took the opportunity a rare day off gave you to walk around and explore, as well as introduce yourself (finally). Baking wasn’t your strongest skill, but you tried, and made some cookies to take to your neighbours. You were glad you had taken this chance to introduce yourself, as everyone you met seemed friendly and kind.

Until you met 10A.

10A was the guy that resided in the apartment next to yours; he was relatively quiet, so you didn’t know what to expect. You knocked on the door and waited for the owner to open it, and when he did, you regretted doing this ‘introducing-yourself-to-your-neighbours-to-be-nice’ bullshit in the first place.

He was beautiful, and he was in nothing but a towel. His milky white skin still glistening with water even in the harsh lighting of the hallway, his damp bleach blond hair that begged to be touched, wide brown eyes that made him look both cute and sexy, and plump, pouty pink lips that made you want to bite them until they bruised, his toned chest and stomach that made you want a peek under that towel, he was too much at once and you were quickly becoming a flustered mess. Your eyes travelled back up only to see him staring back at you, eyebrow raised, head cocked to the side, and a smirk plastered on his face.

“You gonna tell me what you’re here for or are you gonna just keep staring, baby?” he smirked. You rolled your eyes, your earlier lust filled thoughts were shattered by the conceited remark.

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gayfactor  asked:

Hey, yeah. So about that au with '7 reasons why' could we get a continuation of the story in perspective of the other members? Their reactions perhaps?? Thank you!

Yes! I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot tbh! 

I recommend you read the original before you read this! 


(The credit goes to them) 

Everyone was still attempting to recover from what happened. It happened out of the blue (like his color! hah *cries*) as far as everyone was concerned Lance has no reason to do it. None at all. 


Shiro was the first one to receive the tapes. He was on his way to his room after a long day of training. He nearly tripped on the box as he entered the room. He hesitantly picked the box up and entered his room.  He slightly laughed when he opened the box and saw..tapes? Where did these come from? He hasn’t seen a tape in years. 

Shiro carefully picked up the tape that said 1A on it, written in blue handwriting. Shiro glanced around his room, looking for something to play the tapes on when he noticed the tape player in the box. 

Shiro pulled it out and decided he would listen to one then clean up and go to dinner.

He soon realized that he would not stick to that plan. 

Shiro placed the headphones on his head and pressed play on the first tape. He was greeted with static then Lances voice crackling through the headphones ‘ Hello space pals and gals. Lance McClain here. Live and in stereo…’

Shiro’s eyes widened at what he heard. He was paralyzed, and listened to the rules that Lance put in place. 

How would he e- Shiro’s thoughts were cut off by Lance saying “First and foremost, our mighty and heroic leader, Shiro.”

Shiro knew he had to listen. 

Shiro sat on his bed shaking. He felt sick to his stomach. He couldn’t move from his spot on the bed. He knew that he could be hard on Lance, he just didn’t consider the negative effect on the poor boy. He had listened to all the tapes. Everyone one of them. He now knew why. Shiro shakily took the head phones off and put everything back in the box. 

He fought back tear and barely register when Keith called him for dinner. As he walked out of the room he placed the box back in front of his door. He was grateful when he found the box gone when he returned. 


Keith was the next one to receive the box. He found it on his bed when he was walking back from the pool. Swimming was the only thing he could do to feel close Lance. 

He noticed the box but decided to open it after his shower. 

One he was all cleaned up he put the box on his desk and opened it. He carefully examined all the tapes one by one. Keith picked up the headphones and pressed play on the first one. He was also greeted with static and Lances voice breaking through “ Hello space pals and gals. Lance McClain here. Live and in stereo…”

Keith nearly through the headphones across the room but he listened to the rules instead. 

He wasn’t sure what emotion was stronger during Shiros tape. Empathy or anger. So Shiro killed Lance, he wanted to make Shiro pay until he switched the tape and heard what he didn’t want to hear. 

“Can you guess our number two?? Well, I’ll give you a hint. It’s not me this time. *laughs* First time being number two, our excellent number one paladin, Keith!”

Keith was frozen I killed Lance too?


Keith was crying by the time Hunk’s tape was over. He was crying for his lost friends and a relationship that would never happen. He never intended to hurt Lance, yet he did. Keith put the tapes away, placed the box on his bed and sat inside Lance’s room trying to feel any part of Lance. Slightly relived when he found the box gone the next day. 


Pidge was next on the list, she found the box when she walked into Green’s hanger. 

“What’s this?” Pidge received a growl in response, like Green was upset with her. “Why are you mad?”

Pidge sat down in front of Green and opened the box. She dumped out the tapes and sorted them by order. She knew immediately that they were Lance’s, she was there when he bought them at the space mall a few months back. She also picked on him for that and called him stupid, but hey she was tired that day and wanted to go play her new game, not wait for Lance buy tapes. 

Pidge put in the first tape and listened to Lances voice break through and the rules he put in place. 

She could already tell where this was going ‘fuck’ 

Pidge started at nothing as she let the headphones fall into her lap. She knew that this was her fault as much as the others but she hurt Lance where it really did hurt. Family. Lance was a family person and just wanted to feel some connection to Earth. She couldn’t be bothered to help him with it, even though he only wanted to help her. 

Pidge unconsciously put the tapes back in the box and sat inside Green while she cried for a brother she lost.


 Hunk received the tapes in the kitchen. He pulled the tapes out and decided he would listen to them as he cooked, he wouldn’t get far. 

Hunk had all of the supplies out on the counter, he had the first tape ready. However as soon as he pressed play, he broke down in a wet sob. It was Lance, It was his voice. After listening to the rules, Hunk didn’t want to hear what Lance had to say.

Hunk was on the floor crying. He knew that something was bothering Lance, but he didn’t think that it was this major. One check in could’ve have saved his best friend but Hunk couldn’t be bothered. Hunk feel asleep curled up on the floor, when he woke the tapes where gone. 


Allura was the next person to receive the box. They were placed on the control panel. Allura (thinking that it was music) decided to listen to it when she took a relaxing bath. She had to adjust the headphones multiple times to make sure she was actually hearing Lance. 

How did he do this?

Allura decided figure out what this was about. 


The water was cold around Allura. She never knew how much she stressed Lance out. She didn’t know how much he struggled with trying to be perfect. She couldn’t even defend herself, everything Lance said was true. 

After she dried herself off she put the box back in the control room and walked away. 


This was Lance’s tape so the box immediately went to the next person.


Coran the last person to  receive the tapes. He found them when he was cleaning the healing pods for the 10th time. He already cleaned the entire castle 4 times but he needed to stay distracted. 

Coran wiped his brow and sat down in front of one of the pods. He examined the tapes carefully, and slowly put the headphones on. Coran started crying as soon as Lance’s cheerful voice came through. He missed that boy so much. 


Coran wiped his eyes for the 5th time. He knew something was off last time Lance came to him about his problems. He was aware that he over talked Lance, he just never thought about the consequences. Coran put the tapes back and put his face in his hands. He listen to the mice drag the box out of the room, removing the only piece of Lance the team had left. 


Thank you so much for this! It’s just past 1am right now and I’m crying. 

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anonymous asked:

describe how each high school year by semester went for you

9th grade: We don’t call it a play date anymore, it is hanging out, hanging by our toes like wet lipped fruit bats, like jungle gym monkey kids. Young and swollen. Blood, immature blood, pink blood, fresh meat blood pepto bismol up the wazoo, and spit under my bed. Code names aren’t for spies, they’re for 14 year old girls with googley eyes, not that we needed them. Kevin and Grace, Ellie and Joshua, Paloma and Matt which is weird because I’m hot for him, and they kinda look like siblings. Pink shorts, black tights, Jimmy Eat World, pizza bagels and lucky charms under a fresh white linen morning like detergent sealed crust between my eyelids, you tore them open. I mean, not yet. But soon. I discover neon sex scenes, Sky Ferreira, and Skins and this is where the final hopscotch box stops; at the end of the subway platform. This is where I’m supposed to jump. Monkey balls fall on our heads as we walk home, and autumn leaves crunch like drum line snare beats. All godless girls with snakes and cherry lollipops and 9 millimeters pointed at our clits, Bend it Like Beckham under your itchy wool blankets, Alice’s mom thinks I’m cool, and I stay for dinner and crack some risky jokes like a fox among wolves. (I think he looks at me when I look away). Me and Hana FaceTime I take screenshots of her dancing with her cat. The girls who play soft ball in short shorts, the girls who call them sluts, the boys who watch. We dance through rainbows in the sprinklers on the way to the Homecoming dance and pretend we don’t care we don’t have dates. We’re floating in the cytoplasm, floating on the cotton candy overdose cause our parents drop us off at the bowling alley but we are too loyal to sneak out the back. We pool our money every Friday after school for the spring break road trip we’re going on when Hana gets a car, and one of us has lost our virginity, and none of us are scared of the dark.

Miss Budd yelled at me for not standing for the pledge of allegiance, and I was 4 years old again. My English teacher held me back, and held my hand, and gave me a safety pin for my missing button, and told me it would be. Okay.

10th grade: We were on the news that year. Cristo’s curls on KTLA, solemn, and not the boy cross eyed and high with his pants around his ankles. Suddenly we’re all standing up straight, suddenly we’re being told we can’t wear leggings because somebody posted a video of Penelope having sex with Max on Facebook. Suddenly we’re underground in the girls locker room (red varsity knee socks, Dina drowning the spider nests with Victoria’s Secret rose perfume, humid with shame and lesbian suspicion) holding our arms in front of our naked breasts, single file like ants for the syphilis test. The boys who drew penises in fire and salt on the soccer field grass, like druid frat boys, but not the boys who put gorilla glue in the classroom locks, and not the boys who wrote their hit list in the red pen on the back of Mr. Chan’s syllabus and ended up in court, who called in a bomb threat, just to get the test pushed back. We all took turns getting our ghosts exorcized in the principals office. It was pompeii and pandemonium, and nobody was safe, not even us girls sleeping wrapped in the dust of library encyclopedias. You moved away from me like I was illiciting the restless black dreams on your grandmas shitty air mattress. The sheets are clean enough, but this attic is haunted, you keep waking up in the middle of the night to your body sinking like a pirate ship caught by the Kraken, the floor gnawing at your bones again so you just. Got up. And slept somewhere else. My English teacher held me back, and told me I was a good writer but don’t be so angry, and I cried right there, and she gave me a kleenex from her Shakespeare tissue holder and I blew this stupid pain head first out of my nose. I never told you about that. Maybe if I had you would’ve felt bad for me and stayed a little longer. But you hung out with those buckwild kids under the spot by the willow tree, and it was easy. it was just snuffing out an annoyance. A mosquito licking the ruby of your earrings that you shooed away. Our birthstones were both rubies, you know, we were twin cancers with balmy skin and busted appendixes, the aliens took you once and the only explanation was a scar on your spine, and I reckon I should’ve known they’d come back for you.

(You are gonna tell your kids about these cherry cola years of golden suburbia, and midnight blue debauchery snapping teenage knees, and furrow your brow forgetting the name of the girl you spent the first two calling your best friend.) You cheered at football games. You got drunk with them at night, and you were bursting and missing teeth like a watermelon smile, you rubbed up against each other like cats they touched you in all the right places and you didn’t text me anymore. You went to sleepovers and posted photos on Instagram, I wasn’t invited, I thought this bullshit was supposed to stop happening in elementary school. All the things we thought would never happen, lockdown drills, fire drills, earthquake drills and we still weren’t prepared. It was. Pandemonium. It was. Chemical fires in Mr. Dow’s science class. And me and my plans were just. so fucking boring standing next to your cherry blossom hurricane. You didn’t wait for me after class anymore and I just. Looked so stupid trying to catch up. Blood, mature blood, cows blood in the manure for the roses to eat. Black blood, like storm sky, I dish out this milkshake I pick the scab and I lick the blood away. Thomas comes out and dubs himself the gay cliche, we walk home together on the yellow brick road, and we pray a tornado will land the school library on our corpses so we can die with those sparkly shoes on. Those ruby shoes on. The Fates gagged me with a pack of jolly ranchers. I got straight A’s while Rome was falling. Nobody has ever made me feel so small.

11th grade: New school. The kids talk different here. Depression in California is like getting a cold in mid-July. So ironic it’s almost insulting. I’m pretty sure it was raining all year, but don’t count on it, I lived sub-terrestrialy with my mothers tulip bulbs. Today’s Wednesday? I thought it was Friday? I thought yesterday was Sunday? Depression in California is like running after a rabbit in the woods. It doesn’t matter how sunny it is, you will suddenly look up and it’s night, and the trees are not your friends, even when they are as skinny and shaky as you. You will get stuck in the swamp, leave your shoes behind, and not even remember why you were out here in the first place.

Headache. Stomach ache. Lots of those, those are easy to fake. Menstrual cramps, vomiting, gut wrenching, kinda vomiting. A personal favorite. I got to get my hands dirty for that one, I got to reach for the gag reflex like a remote control and press fast forward and feel my arc capsizing, until the static buzzed and I was pale like southern gothic tragedy, I’m not bulimic I just don’t wanna go to school. Depression in California is like an abandoned zoo. Everything echoing animal shrieks. They set them free but the cages were empty long before that. I make some friends, nice ones who laugh at my jokes, and I feel like I should get a sticker for it, but I do more nervous shaking than laughing.

Depression in California is like a badly maintenanced carnival. We’ve gone around the ferris wheel 8 times now and nobody seems to notice. The cotton candy polluting my blood, running slow and globby while the kids below spin, the kids drop, the kids could die, but they just giggle hand in hand with smiling clowns who pump them full of teeth rotting sweets, the winking lights are blurry this far away, and it feels like eons before we’ll get back to the bottom. I’m out of tokens. I think I’m just gonna jump.  

12th grade: Trump won. I think I might like girls. My dad jokes about his own death so I know what it means to be angry now, like femurs forged from the goddamn ring of Isildur. Is this what’s normal now? Fucking boys who are oil slick and easy living, and lose my socks in their dorm rooms? Meet them for diner food and xans on the weekend, and everything just temporary? Is that just what everybody wants now? My brother got a green card marriage, but I guess he loves her for real now. We watch the Walking Dead until the streetlights glaze over our eyes, he asks me if I have a boyfriend, no. If I’ve had any since I last saw him, no. If no is my favorite word, yes. Thing is I’ve never been anyone’s girl cause I’ve got a volcano where I should have a stomach. I know what it is to live on the red planet. But I ignore all that and go to concerts that bleed beer and swoon for boys who drink the blood. I guess we’re used to falling off of things so we do it on purpose now. It’s not over but I know how it’s gonna end. Cracked skull, and police lights. And to the break of dawn on Brandon’s roof, boxers stained with mayonnaise, and Deadpool is probably his favorite movie or some dumb white boy shit like that. I’m not gonna cry when I leave for college, I’m gonna cry at the car rental watching the sun bleed out on the trees. I’m gonna cry in the knothole of an oak tree, hiding from the freshman mixer party in the woods I knew I shouldn’t have come to once the social anxiety starts clawing up soaked in the gallon of strawberry Crush I downed to calm myself down. You know, in some other parallel universe, my parents never divorced and we dispute where the sugar pantry should be at inopportune times, and I don’t straight jacket myself with the echoplex sound of my mother screaming over my dead body just to not inhale the chlorox under the sink. I was so bloody, I just wanted to be clean.

I thought it was like the 80’s, the rusty exhaust pipe of Matt’s car turning the snow black while he’s wasting time daydreaming of my piston pumping sloppy hips, and rumored things that happen in the backseat, and kicking cans in no particular direction, and first love sticky and first love stabbed into your kidney and you never really recover. I thought it was sixteen candles, and say anything, but it’s getting bloodshot squirrelly smoking hash in the disabled bathroom stall. It’s a personality disorder grown up from the ground like a mushroom that is poison to the touch, and thrown away birthday presents, and valentines day balloons stuck in the trees. It’s dropping the last slice of college acceptance celebration cake on the floor for your dogs breakfast, and cartoon rain puddles for eyes talking about how scary it is to drive on the freeway. Karina and Maddie rough housing like pit bulls in fifth period cause we don’t do shit in that class and pretending that we are not all gonna be strangers in 6 weeks before we. Before we. Please don’t make me say it out loud.

My English teacher held me back, and told me to make up the quiz I missed, and that was the only time I will ever be happy that some strangers just stay that way. And Daddy, I will miss you when you leave me, and Daddy I will meet you in the next life you just gotta wait for me ok?

I am not the kind of girl people have crushes on. I am the kind of girl who can survive 18 stealing food from parties, couch surfing, living like a lightning bolt. There one minute, and gone the next.

“Stop being a dick!!“ you shriek to tumblr user Pokemon-Stim-boards through the screen. You’re upset. You can feel the anger bubbling in your chest, you feel yourself losing control. “I can’t believe he said that” you think to yourself. “I can’t believe he called cishets wild. How could he.”

You feel your anger turn in to confusion. “What have straight people even done to lgbt people?? Why would anyone ever have any anger towards any cis gender or heterosexual person? We have done nothing!” You just sit there pondering what to do. “How dare a random person on the internet indirectly offend me like that!” You say out loud your anger returning.

What should you do to make this all feel better? What could possibly rectify this situation? “I know!” You proclaim.

You go to pokemon-stim-boards’ blog. You click the message icon. You start typing your message. You edit yourself several times. Eventually you finish it. You read the screen a couple times. “I’m unfollowing. I really liked your blog until you turned out to be an asshole.” It reads. Perfect.

But wait. You hesitate. You feel a little flare of nervousness come into your chest. “What if he confronts me? What if he is mean to me?” Suddenly you remember there’s a solution. You see that small little square. You click it breathing a sigh of relief. Your icon changes, your URL disappears, suddenly you are saved. No one could possibly know it is you. No one will no that it’s you unfollowing this blog.

A couple minutes pass. You check his blog every minute desperate for a reply. You need to know what it says.

You check his blog for the 10th time. He finally replied!! What did he say?
You read the response.
You read it again.
And again.

“Lmao okay you didn’t really have to tell me that lol” it reads.

Your heart drops.
He doesn’t care.
He’s not hurt.
This is not at all what you wanted.

You take a few deep breaths. You start typing a response. You’re less careful, less precise with this one.

“I’ll call somebody out on what they are, I don’t really care what you think. Stop being a dick to people for no reason. It’s not cool or ~~trendy~~.”
There. That’s perfect.

You press send.

Pokemon-stim-boards replies. You take a few more deep breaths preparing to read the answer.

"Aw, the anon is angry”

He still doesn’t care.
“I will make him care.”
You open the message box.

“You know what just KILL YOUSELF you’re being a DICK for no reason”

You wait.
You check his blog.
He’s posting. He’s active. But he’s not answering your ask.

Did it not send? Does he still not care? “Why isn’t he answering” you cry.

You decide to unfollow him. “That’ll show him” you think. “Especially since I told him I was going to unfollow him a long time ago.”

You go to his blog.
You see that button.
“Unfollow” it says
You take a deep breath.
Your hand trembles. “Goodbye forever” and you click unfollow and leave his blog forever.

Top 10 Must Read Ichihime Fanfics

Multi-chapter edition! These are in particular the fanfics I believe are a must, perhaps even a requirement, for any true Ichihime fan to read! Fics are mostly rated T - M, with varying language and violence, as well as sexual content.

All fanfics are complete, apart from one.

Fanfictions listed here are found on FF.net, and are in no particular order.

La Belle et la Bete by Enelya87 - 19th century France. An AU Ichihime story based on Beauty and the Beast. “He lifted his hand and dragged a single claw down her cheek and throat, careful not to break the delicate skin.” Language and Lemons.
This is one of the first Ichihime fanfics I ever found, and I remember staying up a full day for the first time in my life when I first read this. Written back in 2009, with 15 chapters and a total of 131,138 words, its a very capturing read!

Office Romance by Enelya87 - They are separated until Isshin pulls a fast one on Ichigo and brings the two together again. Except for one, slight obstacle.
Because we all need a sexy little fic involving Ichigo trying to keep his cool with Orihime strutting around in a pencil skirt. Jealousy, lace panties, and a not-so-tough “rival” for Orihime’s heart. Written in 2009, 5 chapters, 20,061 words.

Yakusoku Shitara byle.etoile - [If You Promise] Protect me if you want. Stay by my side if you wish. My only request is that you don’t cry for me when I’m gone. Instead, smile in memory of me. IchiHime Royal Realm fanfic.
 I have read this so many times in the past year alone, but never get tired of it. It flips between Orihime and Ichigo’s P.o.v. and is based around the idea “what if Orihime was the key”. le.etoile and Ichihime? Duh! Written in 2009, with 11 chapters and 51,212 words, you can almost taste their yearning for each other.

hardboiled strawberries, smiling halcyon by alice hattercandy“Twice, you almost lost her. Her brother. Aizen. Who do you need next to finally gather your balls— if you have any— and tell what you need to say to her? Don’t wait for the third time. Because bad things come in three.” Days later, it happened.
Do you wanna cry? This is one of those fics you will read over and over, forgetting the ending not because it is forgettable - it is the most memorable - but because it will pull you in just as hard as when you first read it. (Or, it might be because of the tearful trauma.) Alice Hattercandy pretty much wrote the book for Ichihime fanfiction in my opinion. Written in 2009, 24 chapters, 104,971 words.

that beautiful girl, she’s a beautiful girl by alice hattercandy- CRACK. But because he was Ichigo and she was Orihime, nothing seemed to get right in their love story.
I think about this fic literally every day(I whisper the title under my breath way too much) The angsty Ichigo is my favorite Ichigo aside from the protective one, and boy does Alice capture them both! Its cute, and Ichigo is clueless even when he knows. Written in 2010, 3 chapters, 6,472 words.

Long Way Down - by le.etoile- Two entirely different people somehow intertwined by similar pasts. With one boy disabled and the girl with a secret, how will these two not-so-strangers learn to trust and fight against an unknown force together?
An AU, where in Ichigo is disabled and is still more hot/sweet than my delicate heart can handle. I have never found another fic like it. Orihime is so sweet I could cry! Drama? Check! Written in 2010, 17 chapters, 52,375 words.

Tainting the Roses Red by Child of the Ashes - Ichigo knew he could be thick headed. He almost always learned things the hard way, but about this, he couldn’t be making mistakes. His hollow was playing a dangerous game, one that somehow involved Inoue.
You might scream. Why is entirely up to you. In which Hichigo starts to surface more frequently as his relationship grows stronger with Orihime, and new faces stir up trouble. Written in 2010, 25 chapters, 107,347 words.

The Pain of Remembrance by halfdemonfan- It was amazing how one memory could change a person’s perspective. Canon to volume 404.
(Or, episode 300) Featuring a somewhat different end to the Aizen fight. We get to see the soft progression of our favorite couples relationship with a twist of Ichigo angst. Written in 2011, 28 chapters, 154,461 words.

The Most Dangerous Things by Child of the Ashes - In which Orihime runs and Ichigo chases.
My smutty love! Child of the Ashes is another notable writer for the Ichihime community. In this, we experience a sex savvy Ichigo frustrated with the sex curious Orihime. Written in 2011, 9 chapters, 31,128 words.

Bakery Department 12 by CoffeeBooks - ABCookies meets it’s end and Orihime finds herself a new position. It’s still a bakery but different from what she’s used to. Will she be able to handle working with the new employee?
Its cute, its light, and Ichigo is only subtle enough for Orihime to not get. Go figure right? Pining Ichigo is the best. Written in 2012, 12 chapters, 22,245 words.


Hidden Screams - Star Slightly To The Right - “Kurosaki-san, right? I know you do not know me, but I was wondering if you could help me with something.”
AU. I mentioned this wasn’t in any order, but I suppose I lied. Because this is incomplete, it will be the 11th in this top 10.
This is my all time favorite fic, even if incomplete. Ichigo is so just… bad ass, and that sort of sexy-rough my heart cannot handle it maturely. And Orihime, precious Princess she is, good lord! There are a thousand things I could say for this story, but I’d have to make a separate post for it entirely. You MUST read this one! Written in 2012, currently 20 chapters, 101,428 words, last updated November 10th 2016.

Ruby Theory

Episode 20 of season 4 is scheduled to air on march 10th. The tittle of this episode is “Room for ruby”. The synopsis is “Steven’s gem family begins to grow”. This raises the question, what exactly is this episode going to be about?

Well in the episode “Adventures through light distortion” the gems talk about going back to get the Rubies that where floating around in space right?

Well what if the gems retrieve the Rubies from space, and that leads to them joining the crystal gems?

It dose seem a bit far fetched until you see this picture that was recently posted of the recording studio

Here we see Steven, Peridot, Lapis, and Ruby. Notice though that there is no Sapphire. This probably means that its not our Ruby. And if its not our Ruby then it only makes sense that its the Rubies that are floating around in space.

What would motivate them to want to join the Crystal Gems, I’m not sure about yet. But since they love Jasper so much it could be possible that they would be on board with helping figure out how to uncorrupt gems.

And Eye Ball and Steven did have an (admittedly short) bonding moment in the episode “Bubbled”.

I guess we will just have to wait until March 10th 2017 to find out.

Some Things About Leia Organa and Her Hair

So I’ve been considering doing a post about this for a while and since there’ve been a lot of discussions about Leia recently I figured ‘why not’?

So, some things about Leia and her hair from a person who is living with hair LONGER than Leia’s is depicted in ROTJ and has been for quite a long time.

Please bare with me while I learn to use this thing.

1. She is inevitably asked by someone if her hair is real every time she tries a new style.

2. As a child she would wear her hair down when she was at home but as she grows (along with her hair) it becomes a less common occurrence because her hair is to much to deal with down. (Exceptions are made for headaches. Sometimes.)

3. On the way to Bespin Han asked her to wear it down and she refused (5 times) until she finally un-braided it all for him to see how long it is. (Han stops asking.)

4. Breha taught Leia to do her hair and Leia keeps some of her pins to tuck into her hair, even once they’re worn out and no longer keep anything in place.

5. She never has enough bobby pins.

6. Or hair ties.

(She asks Chewie to buy her some while on a supply run. He brings back exactly what she asks for and refuses any payment.)
7.On the way to Bespin she teaches Han simple styles and techniques; how to divide hair for a braid, how and where to pin them, what styles are good for what, and, his personal favorite, how to find all of the pins.

8. Hair, on Alderaan is tradition and modesty and necessity. It takes Leia some time to learn this but it takes her even longer to realize that other places don’t share the same customs.

9. A particularly rude Ambassador once inquired as to why she wore her hair “like a common peasant.” She hit him. (She later discovers that the people on his planet only bind their hair if they must work. She never apologizes.)

10. Leia is distraught over Jaina’s refusal to have her hair done and she cries the night Jaina comes home with it chopped short. (She thought she was going to get the chance to pass on the things her mother taught her.)

11. There is a crisis (because there is always a crisis) on some midrim world they happen to be on and a law is passed saying that to leave any hair must be shaved to the skull. Han promises to stay with her until the decree is lifted and he teaches her how to wrap her hair in scarves the way he remembers his mother doing.

12. The Rogues tell her mood by her hair. Han tells the political climate. Luke tells the weather.

13. One time, trying to be helpful, Luke brings her images of various hairstyles from the holonet. Leia is forced to tell him that anything that is pictured with hair shorter than hers will never work like the pictures but agrees to try some anyway.

14. Her hairstyle on Bespin is not something she’s ever seen done before but Han created the beginnings of it one night when she allowed him to braid her hair.

15. The style becomes one of her favorite elegant styles. She wears it on their wedding day.

16. She’s not one for overly adorning her hair but she has a handful of decorative clips, two hair sticks in different styles, a circlet and a diadem, all of which are very simple.

17. Her circlet was created for her when she was born, elegant gold twisting and coiling with one small sapphire set in it. After the war it was thought to be lost. That is, until it turned up, along with jewelry that had been in an exhibit about the designer. They found the diadem there too. It had been her mother’s, and it was quite simple, silver with small diamonds. (Her mother always said it was a day diadem, for formal events before sundown.)

18. After the event with Jaina’s hair Leia says nothing. She sits at her dressing table and does her own hair, leaving the door open for her daughter just in case.

19. Han built her a stool for the ‘fresher on the Falcon so that she can sit in front of the mirror and be at just the right height to do her hair.

20. The Rogues timed her once on doing her hair. She took out two braided buns and turned them into four braids coiling around her head. It took her 20 minutes to do the whole thing. They were impressed.

21. Jaina eventually begins allowing her mother to style her hair again for formal events. It’s quite short but Leia is quite skilled. After Jaina turns 18 Leia allows her to wear the circlet but Jaina rarely agrees, saying she’s not the real Princess.

22. There’s a rumor that Leia can do her hair faster than Han can tear apart, clean and reload his blaster. This is untrue. They tried it once. Han was 11 seconds faster.

23. When her friends get married Leia does their hair. For Winter it was a traditional coronet that looks like a tiara with the right pins. For Mara it was a waterfall of braids that she has only ever replicated for Mara on she and Luke’s 10th anniversary. The list goes on.

24. When Jag proposed Jaina began growing her hair out while trying not to make it seem obvious. The morning of the wedding she waits at her mother’s dressing table until Leia emerges from the ‘fresher. With tears in her eyes, Leia braids the diadem into her daughter’s hair and realizes how much she wished her mother had been there to do this for her.

25. After Bespin Leia allows her hair to become a mess. Finally a kind Alderaani survivor comes and washes and braids Leia’s hair, saying that it won’t do them any good to find Captain Solo if he has no one to come back for.

26. Leia would never cut her hair. She won’t even consider it.

27. Han establishes a rule that if he takes her hair out at night he either has to rebraid it before they go to sleep or he has to help her brush it in the morning. He figures this is a fair rule since he’s usually responsible for the mess it is. 

28. She teaches Jacen how to do hair and he’s always excited when his daughter tells her friends that her dad made the elaborate twists and coils.

29. Breha used time together doing hair as a way to teach her daughter about the galaxy but Leia stopped dreaming of a daughter of her own during the war.

30. Jaina is stubborn and “far to like Han” but she learned far more from her mother than Leia ever thought she did. She always tells her friends that beauty is often seen as a softness and lack of strength but she’s never seen anyone look more beautiful, and still kick butt, than her mother. Being focused on ones hair or make up or clothes isn’t something to be frowned upon, because you never see it coming when they can win a fight in an alley.

(Hoping this makes sense, I have a major headache. (: )


Author: b0blegum

Pairing: Lim Changkyun x Reader

Genre: Fluff 


Part: One-Shot

Words: 2247

Summary: 10 times are more than enough to drive him crazy.

A/N this is just a side writing (i literally wrote this at 3am in the morning, fml) before i posted the last chapter of RAHASIA. Hope you guys enjoy the first fluff i’ve ever written ♡

Your dorm was as quiet as usual. Only the dimmed sound of a running tv show accompanied you cooking your dinner. You stole a glance over the tv that you set parallel to your mini kitchen every time you had the chance.

As you began to put the chicken that you had marinated for an hour before to the crippling hot pan, you heard someone knocking on your door. After turning down the heat two levels lower, you made your way down the hall to the door.

“How many times i have told you to ring the bell, Changkyun. It is there for a reason.” You mumbled as soon as you met the familiar face. “Oh and anyway, i don’t think i invited anyone for dinner tonight.” You were about to close the door but he was fast enough to slip his foot between the door and its frame.

“You owe me an explanation.” He let himself in. You rolled your eyes in annoyance. You knew what was this all about; your blind date that he set up.

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Code Red part 3

Hey guys- here’s part 3 of ‘Code Red’. Enjoy or something! ;)

 Thanks Fran @francescabuccino and Sandra @omeliashipper for helping to proofread this chapter! You girls are the best <3

The previous chapters can be found here:




 Amelia’s heart skipped a beat as she watched Owen’s body go limp once the excavator removed the last piece of rubble from his body.

‘Oh no…no….no…..please no…. universe, please don’t take away another man that I love. I cannot afford to lose another loved one.’ she pleaded silently.

‘ Someone go get one of our ambulances!’ she heard April order, as she rushed over to Owen’s side and felt for a pulse. He still had a pulse, but it was weak and thready. He was in shock and needed to be resuscitated immediately.

‘ Owen!’ she pleaded, tears rolling down her cheeks… ‘ Owen, please don’t leave me and our baby….please….stay awake for our sake…’

‘ Owen’ a primal groan of anguish escaped from her throat when Owen’s body remained limp.

‘ We have to transfer him to Seattle Presybetarian as soon as possible.’ April, stepping up to take charge of the situation, instructed the group of residents and interns gathered around her.

‘ Amelia- he’ll be fine ok?’ she gave her downcast looking colleague a big hug.

Amelia could only nod in reply, she really wished she could believe the statement.

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I’ll Be Good - Part 4

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 3  -  Part 5

Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter - Bucky goes behind Steve’s back to release you, and you use your new freedom to finally relax.

Warnings: Swearing. Wow that’s it!

Word Count: 1542

Author’s Note: Okaaay I don’t know about this one, guys. I’m in agony right now. Parts 1-3 were all one fell swoop of inspiration but this feels like jumping off a cliff. A new side to reader because let’s be honest, nobody’s on their A game all the time. But don’t worry, you’ll be back to fucking shit up in no time.

Bucky walked in front of you, silent and swift, leading the way through endless corridors. The technology around you was impressive. Nat must love it here, you thought with a wistful smile, technology was always her thing. We could really do some damage together with resources like this… The smile faded as quickly as it had come. Maybe once. A long time ago.

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Forgive Me - Part 3

Summery: The reader goes back home

Triggers: angstyness

Word Count: 2000+

A/N: sorry its been so long since I last posted. I have 3 exams and 1 essay due this week so I might be late with the next part too. Sorry. (*not my gif)

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“Forgive Me” Masterlist | Masterlist

Originally posted by fymarveluniverse

Maria and her team took you to a large ship. It was all black and metal and cold. Seats lined the walls shoulder to shoulder and they all had their own belts, fastening you to the side. Honestly, you were terrified of who these people really were. It was full of soldiers patching each other up with small medical kits, other hostages dressed in clothes like yours, and a few body bags that seemed to have something in them. You could only assume.

One moment everyone was rushing around. The next, calmness had settled in. You felt the force on your body as the vehicle was lifted into the air and propelled forwards. It was then you decided to find someone to speak to.

‘Excuse me?’ You moved the free section of your body forward. A young woman turned her head to look at you. It was the woman from before. Maria. ‘What has happened since they took us?’ She moved to sit in the empty seat next to yours.

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Starting November 10, 2016 you can read all main stories, epilogues, sequels, and substories from games SIMILAR to these pictured above for FREE!!!

OK let me explain a bit about what I mean.

Voltage inc has made a series of game adaptions intended for overseas users VERY similar to these. Everything from the plots, to the characters resemble the original. Yes, there are some differences but considering that you will be able to soon play them for free I think that it’s a small sacrifice to make.


Voltage will soon be removing these selected game adaptions from their database on December 31, 2016 and they decided to make all the content from these selected games free to those that have the games already installed on their mobile devices. (They are going to remove them from the Google play store and itunes (I think that’s what it’s called) on November 7, 2016 so you have to hurry and download them now).

Here is a list of the voltage games above and their Voltage Entertainment USA adaptions;

-Office Secrets -> Intimate Business

-Seduced in the Sleepless City -> Glass Stilettos in Manhattan

-10 Days with my Devil -> My Killer Romance

- A Knight’s Devotion -> Knight of my Heart

-Love Letter from Theif X -> My Lover’s a Theif

-My Sweet Bodyguard -> To Love and Protect

- My Forged Wedding -> White Lies and Sweet Nothings

Now remember, if you want to play these classics all you have to do is

1) Download the apk’s from your mobile device’s app market now before they disappear on November 7th

2) Wait until November 10th

3) Play all the title’s content for free in these select games until December 31st


Voltage policies STILL apply to these titles which means that even though it’s 100℅ free, you are not allowed to record the stories or share them with other people. I know it’s tempting to want to keep these stories forever when they are going to be shut down so soon but please refrain from doing so. Instead, support the game by buying the original story from the original title where you can read it again and again.

The last thing I want to say is that I have all the android APKs files saved and because I know I made this post so late I will be happy to share them with you until the 10th. So if they are gone from Google play store you can just shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to send them to you in an email.

Have fun playing! :)

*NOTE* ONLY VOLTAGE ENTERTAINMENT USA GAMES ARE GOING BE FREE AND ARE GOING TO HAVE THEIR PLUGS PULLED. THE ORIGINAL TITLES ARE STILL HERE TO STAY AND WILL NOT HAVE A FREE CONTENT PERIOD http://voltage-graphicnovelromance.tumblr.com/post/152651627048/it-is-with-a-heavy-heart-that-we-announce-the-time
Just another theory about Kaistal

Ok, so as everyone else I have been debating whether to post this and blahblahblah because people will jump on me.
If you think this will be a deluded analysis in terms of ‘I want oppa to be gay’ 'My OTP is real and yours isn’t’ or 'I want oppa for me’ this isn’t going to be it. Sorry folks.
I would also like to say this are MY OWN THEORIES, I’m not forcing anyone to believe them because I have nothing to do with SM. I’m just another fan, but I like to think I’m an objective one. If Kaistal and Baekyeon are/were real good for them, I have nothing against each individual.
First I would like to remind everyone how the Kpop industry is: This isn’t the west fellas. Idols basically almost don’t even own their own lives, if y'all think the companies don’t think about everything (their roles, how they have to act etc) before even debuting y'all have to think again.
Since I’m a lazy ass I’m just going to paste this link which I think explains the Kpop industry and SM very clearly. Credit to the person who wrote it, you did a good job:
Now, after seeing how the industry is I will also direct you to a link from a post FROM 2012. The original post was apparently found which indicates that the apparent screenshots are not made up. This is SUPPOSEDLY written by someone whose aunt’s husband (or something like that) works in SM. I must say, I wouldn’t have believed in this post if the original post wasn’t written in 2012 but socks it’s from 2012 and they got most of the stuff they 'predicted’ correct I must give it a bit of credit (once again, my opinion):
Now, let’s start with my 'delulu’ theories:
Let’s take into account the possibility of Baekyeon and Kaistal being fake (not saying they are because I don’t work for SM or have anything relationship with it. This is a mere possibility).
SM is a business, they care about money and earnings. Seeing how they overwork their idols I doubt that they care much about their happiness.
Let’s start with Kaistal (although I will probably include Baekyeon as well)
1. Luhan’s and Kris’ final plea is scheduled for the 8th of April (EXO’S anniversary)
2. NCT’S debut is scheduled for the 9th and 10th of April
3. There is a rumour that a same sex couple will be revealed
4. There have been rumours of another EXO member dating
5. Kaistal was supposed to be released in July (it didn’t specify whether this year or last year so I will take into account both possibilities)

Ok so 1. Kaistal was 'revealed’ one week before KrisHan’s final plea, there is the possibility of SM wanting to derive attention from the issue. Since it’s on EXO’s 4th anniversary SM knows that EXO Ls will definitely be FOCUSING on EXO that day. However, releasing a dating scandal will divert the attention since many people have either left the fandom (probably temporarily since SM most likely think they will come back during their summer comeback) or are on hiatus so they will not be paying as much attention to EXO, let alone the drama that the final plea could bring. Who knows if KrisHan’s could reveal some juicy details about the company?
2. SM might want to divert from those EXO Ls and the rest of the people to their new group NCT. I don’t hate NCT. They have all the right to debut and their debut must’ve been planned since months ago, however: Even if it was planned doesn’t it seem rushed? With EXO if I am not wrong they released teasers since months before their debut and if they wanted a lot of hype they could have kept people waiting for a bit more especially if this is SM’s last boy group as some say. This strangely reminds me of when Red Velvet suddenly debuted around one month after the Baekyeon scandal. Could SM be wanting to divert attention from EXO with new groups just to hype people for them or is there something bigger and darker behind it? Up to you to believe. Is there an scandal big enough to make SM take drastic measurements?
Now let’s start with 3. The same sex couple rumour. Apparently a media outlet is threatening to put a same sex couple within the same 'trending group’. This could be a fake rumour but let’s consider it true for this point. Knowing how the majority of Korea is towards the LGBTQ community a same sex couple could destroy a group. If this was a rookie group I guess it wouldn’t catch as much attention and it could be revealed easily. However, what if it’s a BIG group? Surely a company wouldn’t want the money they spent on a group for years to go to waste (especially if it’s a big source of money for them) and the issue itself could make destroy the company.
SM have enough money to make an outlet shut up, if the rumour was true and about a couple in the company wouldn’t SM be trying to keep the media outlet shut? And wouldn’t they be wanting to shut down any gay/lesbian rumours within the group involved just in case the issue is exposed? Quite coincidental how now so many members of EXO are going to be exposed dating (but I repeat again, these are my theories)
This perfectly links with 4 and I don’t think I have much to say about it since I explained it pretty in this paragraph as well.
Now onto 5, if Kaistal was supposed to be released last year why did SM wait until now? And if they were supposed to release it this July why did they move it forward knowing that a new group would debut and that it’s EXO’S anniversary? Since another dating scandal is supposed to be released in the second quarter wouldn’t it be better to address both scandals at the same time? Is SM trying to cover up something by releasing it now? Also let’s remember that SM has ties with Dispatch.
When Baekyeon happened it wasn’t long after Kris’ departure had been announced which is a good point to consider. SM could’ve easily paid Dispatch to move the date forward since the fandom was quite weak. Did they mean to divert the attraction from Kris’ departure with this scandal? Or was it something else?
I also want to address something written in the article about the details in their relationship. It says that they avoid crowded places. However they went to a restaurant frequented by the Jung sisters without any disguise? And the restaurant seemed quite full due to the number of cars parked around. Didn’t anyone snap a picture of them eating?
In addition to this, Suho said something that also caught my attention. “When I told my manager that I was meeting Ji Soo separately, he was worried and asked me if I have told the vice president yet. He thought 'Ji Soo’ was a woman after hearing just his name” according to this it could be said that the company is strict about them going out with women. Then how were Kai and Krystal allowed to go out so freely and without disguise?
I don’t want this to drag for too long so I will go through Baekyeon really quickly:
The pictures seem off. They were in a car, with a roof open and kissing. Considering it was the middle of the night it wouldn’t have been difficult to spot them. And then Baekhyun flashing his phone in front of his face?
Apparently at that time many people were also giving SM hate for the way they treat their artists so could this have been done to divert attention from this? And Kris’ issue?
I would also like to say, considering that Kai got such a huge amount of support regarding the news about him dating Krystal (and she must have seen it on her Instagram) then why did he look like he was about to cry during the Lotte Concert secret night? I think it’s easy to see that’s how Kai doesn’t usually behave. After seeing all the support from fans why didn’t he look happy? He can now flaunt his GF everywhere, he should be happy.
Also, if there are insiders giving information whose identities are known by the company, how can you be sure they’re not only saying what the company wants you to know? They could get in trouble if they released anything SM didn’t want you to know so it might be easier to lie and follow orders than expose what truly happens in there. You know, it’s better not to mess with the biggest entertainment company in SK.
The only reason why I trust the 2012 post is because it’s from 2012. If it was from this year I wouldn’t trust it at all because they could be saying bs but how can someone get so many things right with it only being coincidence?
Anyway I think this is the end of my 'theories’. All I am going to say is believe in what you want to believe :) I would’ve included pictures but I’m writing this from my phone and I’m too lazy to find them orz
Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes

“For Estonia until Death” - Estonian Forest Brothers

The Forest Brothers (Estonian: metsavennad) were partisans who waged a guerrilla war against Soviet rule during the Soviet invasion and occupation of the Baltic states during and after World War II. Proportionally, the partisan movement in the post-war Baltic states was of a similar size as the Viet Cong movement in South Vietnam.

Last Estonian Forest Brother, Johannes Lillenurm, died in 1980.

Forest Brothers of Northern Estonia

Estimates for the number of fighters in each country vary. It isestimated that figures reached 30,000 in Lithuania, between 10,000 and 15,000 in Latvia and 10,000 in Estonia. 

Famous Estonian partisan fighter Ants “Ants the Terrible” Kaljurand

Estonians fled to forests massively after first wave of deportations in June 1941. First conflicts between Estonian forest brothers and the Red army began on 22nd June 1941. On 10th July 1941, they began uprising in Tartu.

At it’s peak in 1947, Estonian forest brothers controlled many villages and towns, and Soviet supply transports required significant armed escort.

Forest Brothers activity took a huge hit in 1949 and by 1953 main conflict was pretty much over, with few men continuing the fight.

Last Estonian Forest Brothers who were captured alive in 1967 were Hugo and Aksel Mõttus.

August Sabbe, one of the last surviving Forest Brothers in Estonia, was discovered in 1978 by KGB agents posing as fellow fishermen. Instead of surrendering, he leaped into the Võhandu stream and hooked himself to a log, drowning. The KGB insisted that the 69-year-old Sabbe drowned while trying to escape, a theory difficult to credit given the shallow water.

August Sabbe’s death place monument, near river Võhandu, Estonia.

Here on 28 September 1978
fell the last* Estonian soldier of Forest Brothers
August Sabb

* actually one of the last

The Forest Brother activity was most active in Southern Estonia, more specifically Võru County.

There were numerous attempts to hunt down relatives of the Forest Brothers. One of the Estonians who managed to escape the deportation was Taimi Kreitsberg. She recalled that the Red deportation officials “…took me to Võru, I was not beaten there, but for three days and nights I was given neither food nor drink. They told me they were not going to kill me, but torture me [until] I betrayed all the bandits. For about a month they dragged me through woods and took me to farms that were owned by the relatives of Forest Brothers, and they sent me in as an instigator to ask for food and shelter while the Chekists themselves waited outside. I told people to drive me away, as I had been sent by the security organs.

Southern Estonian Forest Brothers

The main conflict between the Soviet armed forces and the Forest Brothers lasted over a decade and cost at least 50,000 lives.

A Little Light: A Miraculous Charity Zine

On the night of October 3rd, Category-4 Hurricane Matthew made fatal landfall on the coast of Haiti, barreling across the country without mercy. 

Since then, thousands have lost their homes, loved ones, and even access to food and water. According to the BBC nearly 900 people have been killed, up to 90% of some areas have been totally destroyed, and some 350,000 people need immediate aid.

As awful as this catastrophe has been, the hardest part is just beginning. While we cannot undo the tragedy that has befallen the people of Haiti, we can help those who now face the enormous task of rebuilding their cities and their lives.

A Little Light is a Miraculous Ladybug charity zine whose profits will go to help those affected by this disaster. Please tag any relevant posts or reblogs with #ALittleLightZine .

For more info, please see below:

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Nursey, Dex, and Chowder are lounging in the Haus one day when they get the “craziest idea” to leave comments on each other’s oldest and silliest Facebook pictures. Those nerds. Anyways, they are having a grand old time until Dex stops scrolling on Chowder’s timeline. 

“Chowder there’s something weird going on with your profile”


“I can’t see any posts between your Sophomore year and 7th grade. What gives?”

“Aw, maybe it’s a glitch!” Chowder says. Nursey and Dex look at each other. Yup, this kid is lying through his braced teeth. 

Nursey immediately shoots Farmer a text :

“Yo cait do you have any photos of Chowder from 7th to 10th grade?”

two hours pass and Nursey gets a text

it’s an unnamed audio file. 
“Play this when Chowder is distracted and you’ll see”

Nursey and Dex wait until Chowder is watching highlights after a Sharks game. Nursey sets up his speakers and lets the file play.

The piano starts with a G. Followed by an F# and a B. The rest of the notes don’t matter because Chowder’s head whips around and there is a look of recognition and shock. 

“Dude what’s with this?” Nursey asks

“What do you think you’re doing?” Chowder says. Crap. Goalie mode is kicking in. 

“We…don’t know what you’re talking about. We just wanted to put on some sweet tunes”

Chowder bolted up.  “God. This is worse than touching…4 pucks.”

He scrambles up the stairs, screaming something about being unclean. In the background, some dude wails about joining a Black Parade.

Almost like clockwork, Dex gets a text from Farmer. It’s a picture of little 14 year old Chowder, covered head to toe in black with a long fringe covering his eyes. 

“He was pretty hardcore for a really long time,” the text reads, “But now he refuses to deal with it at all because he broke his leg the day after a concert.”

Nursey then gets a text from her, continuing the conversation. “He was out for nearly half a season, so yeah. Anything like that is really bad luck for him”

They hear Chowder’s shower start and decide that it’s not worth the chirp to mess with a goalie’s mojo. So they wait until the day after their last game to basically make a 2009 emo playlist and blast it in his room at ass o clock in the morning. 

SasuSaku timeline (+NaruHina extras)

So we have a lot of information about Sarada and Boruto. This post will be mostly about SasuSaku. There will be Basic information at first. At the end there will be NaruHina topics. So please read the part you would like to know more abou and skip the part you’re not interested in. 

At the end of the Manga, Naruto turns 17 on 10th of October.

I will call the year of the war year 0!

Sasuke leaves Konoha shortly after the war (maybe 1-2 weeks after Naruto’s birthday)

From the Sakura Hiden Novel we know, that 6 months after the war, Sakura had the idea for the children’s hospital. (April/01)                                    
[Approximately two years ago, the Fourth Great Shinobi World War had ended. When about half a year had elapsed (since the end of the war, she then submitted her suggestion)] Sakura Hiden page 7/8

Naruto the Last took place two years after the war in winter (Winter/02)
Sakura Hiden is BEFORE NaruHina wedding, but shortly AFTER the Last. Sakura sees them dating and is invited to their wedding. 
 [The two of them were about to be recognized as an official couple in the village, (since they had been together for) several months […]  The event (that had brought them closer together) occurred this past winter. […]  The other day, (Sakura) had received a written invitation. It was soon to be the wedding ceremony for the two of them] Sakura Hiden page 15/16]

NaruHina wedding is during spring time, because we see cherry blossoms at the the wedding scene. Cherry Blossoms bloom in March, April and even May. (I will decide it to be March) NaruHina wedding (March/03)

Sasuke Shinden, is shortly after the wedding of NaruHina. It’s indicated that it is not too long ago. 
 [These days, Hinata was also Naruto’s wife.] Sasuke Shinen, chapter 1, part 3

SasuSaku part + Sarada

Naruto Gaiden takes place 15 years after the war. We know that Sarada is 11 years old during the storyline of Naruto Gaiden. So Sarada must be born in March/04. This means she was “made” in June/July 03. This is three months after Narutos wedding. We don’t see Sasuke at the wedding. So he returned to Konoha after the wedding. We don’t know if he stayed just for the night, or for some days or maybe even longer. We also don’t know if Sakura was already pregnant when he left, or if she became pregnant during their journey. But what we know, Sarada is definetly born in March/04. The time Gaiden took place could be between 03/15 and 03/16. But to make it easier to understand i have stated it to be the year 15 (It could also be the year 16, so this means Sarada is 11, Boruto 12 and it’s just a little bit until her 12th birthday and Naruto and Sasuke both are 32)

If Sarada was born one year later in March/05, her age in Gaiden would be 10 (Actually 9, becoming 10) which is waaaay to young. And she can’t be born earlier in March/03 during Naruhina wedding, because Sakura was obviously not pregnant with a child. By the way, the age comes. Sarada was 11, when Gaiden took place. Sasuke was sitting under a cherry blossom tree. He decided to go back to Konoha during spring time

So what happened is this: When Naruto got married, Sasuke at the same time decided to go back to Konoha and meets Sakura. He leaves for a journey (or maybe mission that Kakashi gave him) in which Sakura also joins. They have a Baby together. This means Sasuke came back after 2,5 years.

NaruHina part + Boruto

So Naruto and Hinata married in 03/03, this is 9 months before Boruto’s birthday. Now the question is, was Boruto made in the wedding night, or the 1st year anniversary. 

We know, Boruto is 12 when Boruto the movie takes place. The Boruto movie, MUST have taken place one year after Gaiden, in the 16th year. Because Sarada spends all the 15th year being 11 years old. She has her 12th birthday in March 16. I already said Sarada can’t be born earlier or later. So Boruto movie is after March 16. -> Boruto Movie takes place in the year 16 after war

We don’t know Boruto’s age during Gaiden. But we know, the Boruto movie is in year 16. If we count the years and keep in our mind that Boruto’s birthday is in December, we know: Boruto is born in December, year 03! When his birth is in 12/03, he is 11 in Naruto Gaiden (he spends the 15th year being 11, and in December he turns 12) And in Boruto the Movie he is 12, and will be 13 at the end of the year.  If Boruto was born in 12/04 (if he was made during the 1st anniversary) he would be 10 during Naruto Gaiden (waiting to be 11) and 11 during the movie (waiting to be 12 at the end of the year) Also when Boruto turns 12, Sarada is still 11. 


Boruto is 3 months older than Sarada

Boruto was born 9 months after NaruHina wedding

a weird yandere simulator glitch

i posted this on a kubz scouts video but i want y’all to see it too

this happened to me just now, so I don’t know if it was a one-time thing or not, and i don’t know what exactly caused this glitch, so i included everything that i did. 

1.) make sure you’re using the April 10th 2017 build 

2.) fill the bucket near the track with dumbbells and teleport to the roof. leave the bucket there as if you were going to dump it on kokona. 

3.) go to the courtyard and have a teacher’s pet follow you. 

 4.) wait in front of where kokona takes her phone call and pass time on your phone until 7:45 

5.) as soon as kokona takes the call, turn on bad time mode and gaster blast her. make sure the teacher’s pet sees and goes to get the teacher. 

6.) kokona’s body should be slightly inside the hallway. drag her back outside to where you could dump the dumbbells on her. 

7.) you might hear a teacher say “what have you done?”. ignore it and teleport to the roof. grab the dumbbells and teleport back to the front of the school. 

8.) if it worked, kokona’s body should be gone, but students will still act like they can see a corpse!

Hey there, guys! Welcome to Gencio Week! Since this isn’t a particularly large ship, I figured it would be nice to put together an event so it could get some love! This is a place where Gencio fans can share their works and have fun celebrating the ship!

This event is open to any and all fanworks for Gencio; art, fics, playlists, edits*, headcanons? Any creative medium is welcome! The prompts are merely guidelines as well; any interpretations are welcome, and you can do what you wish with them!

*If you are going to be making a playlist/edit and plan on using another artist’s work as part of your submission, make sure you get their permission first!

The way this is going to be structured is mostly inspiration I’ve drawn from the @mcgenjiweek blog; I hope you guys are alright with me adopting your format for this!


Day 1: 6th- First Date/Meeting
Day 2: 7th- Pets/Family
Day 3: 8th- Music/Relaxing
Day 4: 9th- Alternate Universe
Day 5: 10th- Comfort
Day 6: 11th- Autumn/Cold Weather
Day 7: 12th- Christmas/Winter Holidays

Tag your posts with #gencioweek so I can share them to this blog for everyone!

You’re welcome to start the prompts any time you want, but I’d appreciate it if everyone waited until the actual event to start posting things. That way it’s easier to keep track of prompts! And if for some reason you’re busy during the week, no worries! Late submissions are totally welcome, even after the event is over!