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PSA to the inconsiderate assholes in this fandom. If you’re going to post grainy screen caps from the printshop, at least have the decency to tag your spoilers so those of us who are casually scrolling through our dash/timelines aren’t bombarded with it. I don’t want to see anything. I don’t even want to see one look or one touch until I have the full episode ready to play. It airs in 12 hours. Surely you can wait until then? Please be fucking respectful.

A Night of Joy (J/C)

Quiet hours spent in a certain brothel in Edinburgh.

[…] For just a second, he drank in the sight before him. His wife, returned to him. His to serve, his to worship, his to pleasure. He vowed to never forget a single thing about the way she looked right in this moment, and then there were only her sweet, soft lips. […]

Author’s notes:
I’m so sorry, everyone. I had planned to post this a week ago, to tide us over the wait for print shop. Alas, I’m just an incredibly slow writer? Anyway, here you go! The night at Madame Jeanne’s, as told from Jamie’s point of view. A big thank you to the lovely @bonnie-wee-swordsman, who helped and encouraged me and is just the sweetest person ever. Enjoy!

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I want to share a story with y'all, I will be posting it also on my other blogs, bc I really want this story to reach those who’ve had participated in the reason why I’m writing this.

My son has aspergers, he is a adult now, it’s true these children can live a normal life, as he has to date.

When Ty was in 2nd grade something as simple as not being invited to a kids birthday party.

Tyler was eager and waiting for his as the birthday boy was passing them out to the students personally. the boy passed Tyler up, then returned to seat.

Tyler came home quiet that day, his aspergers is the kind that his speech is limited so he is extremely quiet.

Tyler asked the little boy, where was his he then replied, “why would I invite you”

You see, you don’t know what a person is going through, you just never know, assuming, and judging people by what they post is just a small part of who they are.

Posting “be kind” is worthless wasted words if you can’t live being kind.

End of story.

Today, Tyler has blossomed into a wonderful man. Still living life the best way he can with aspergers.

So folks,

When I see other blogs personally post a favorite list of bloggers, a list with ALOT names, I think that it’s just wrong.

Maybe it’s the mother hen protecting her chicks, but I felt I needed to share my opinion.

Have a wonderful weekend friends



For sale

Storytime:  So I sketched this in class yesterday (this is the digital version) and then i posted it to facebook in a group! Somebody then messaged me saying if I try to sell it they will take action. All because this cockatiel…..wait for it……..looks like their cockatiel!

Oh my god! A bird likes another bird of the same species??? How is that possible, scientists explain! I explained to them that I drew this from scratch in a lesson and they were having none of it. So if you see this go down, it’s because some crackhead has problems.

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okay but you're sitting at home wait for tom to pick you up for dinner when he stumbles in a half hour late and wipes the blood from his face with his bloodier hand and just looks over at you "we've got to hide another body love" you get up and walk over to him, draping your arms around his next "third time this week babe"

i’m fucking screaming

((btw i’m going out to dinner so i’m only going to be posting the asks that don’t require me typing head canons or writing but i’ll get to those in a few hours 💘))

Hey guys. I normally don’t post personal crap like this (and I’m on mobile so I can’t use a read more), but I’m kinda freaked out and just need to ramble. So uh, warning: personal medical stuff below.

I’ve been in the ER all day with my sister. She was experiencing severe abdominal pain and could barely walk. She’s been undergoing tests and scans all day, and they’ve finally figured out that she has a large ovarian cyst. Now the doctors want to transfer her by ambulance to a bigger hospital in another city so their gynecologist can examine her and decide if she needs surgery.

She’s been in a shit ton of pain, which they’ve barely been able to manage with morphine and other pain meds. It’s been hard to see her like this, and I’m scared that she’ll need surgery, and we’ll probably be in the hospital overnight, and just. God, this day sucks.

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Juiced TV said on this Instagram post that the full episode with Tom and Chris will be out on Oct 26, so keep an eye out for the potential dancing waiting to be giffed! - DA instagram*com/p/BaebUaIBAp3

YAAAY! I hope I can get it on time. I’m never home lately. When I am I check what’s new, make one or two gifsets, and go to sleep. I haven’t scrolled down my dash in ages.

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every time I see you post selfies, I think "oh fuck, here we go, the anons are gonna go crazy again..." but then I'm like "wait.. you know what? no. NO. LET THEM PRAISE HER. SHE FUCKING DESERVES IT. (even is my dash is flooded with the compliments). YOU DO YOU BABE! BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY BEAUTIFUL AND LOVED! <3


Positive, Promise

Okay, so I just sort of wrote this all out but Imma post it not because I haven’t posted an actual story in ages and I feel a bit bad posting random things and no filled requests. Plus I’ve got a lot to do for such a short time the next couple days (most of which is just going to school normally) and I don’t want you guys to wait. So, long story short, if it sucks, sorry.


71: “You’re the best!”

72: “They’re going to love you, don’t worry!”

154: “There’s only one bed…”

With Eleven. This features the Paternoster Gang because why not? They’re great.

Word count: 2209 (dear lord)

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“So where are we going again?” You asked as you strolled into the console room, playing with the ends of your hair in one hand as you leaned on the console beside the Doctor. He looked up at you with a smile.

“Visiting a friend of mine” He told you, not seeming fazed in the slightest that it was probably the third time he told you this.

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Refering to your tags on the winwin gif: if you find a list of books sicheng mentioned would you post it here on tumblr too? I'm really curious what genre of books he reads :) thank you in advance :D 🐤💖🐦

Hello anon sorry for the late response~ I was waiting for a user to get back to me about the book list because they said they’ll post it but it’s taking a while so I decided to do some digging on my own.

Most of them are chinese books (will write briefly about the chinese books, the rest can be found on google haha~), there goes the list:

1. 171014澳门《皮囊》蔡崇达 
    171014 Macau《Pí Náng》Cai Chong Da

Genre: Short story/Realistic fiction/Fiction narrative(?)

This book is a series of 14 prose put together with an ambiguous genre/style.

This generally talks about life and the relationship/how one approaches problems surrounding their family, friends and religion/god while exploring the answers to life. Writing style and tone is said to be a bit harsh, depending on your preference. Recommended by quite a number of famous celebrities.

**Mostly known for its touching plot but also criticised for it’s lacking writing style.

2. 170712签售 《白夜行》东野圭吾 
    170712 Fansign 《Journey Under The Midnight Sun》Keigo Higashino 

Genre: Mystery 

3. 170622直播 《浮生六记》沈复 
    170622 Live 《Six Records of a Floating Life》Shen Fu

Genre: Autobiography with a touch of historical elements/Literature

Title is a direct reference to one of Li Bai’s poems《春夜宴从弟桃李园序》“夫天地者,万物之逆旅也;光阴者,百代之过客也。而浮生若梦,为欢几何?” Which basically means that everyone/everything in this world is fleeting. Only 4 of the 6 records were published, the other 2 were found but were claimed to be fraudulent (lol).

**This book has an english version (and also in a couple of other languages if im not wrong). Its a really good book so do search it if you want to! 

Winwin finished the book in 3 hours and he was so touched by it that he cried 3 times reading this on the plane~ 

4. 170220签售 《摆渡人》克莱尔•麦克福尔 
    170220 Fansign《Ferryman》Claire Mcfall

Genre: Fiction/Young adult fiction

5. 170209无限的房 《手捧空花盆的孩子》赵华昌 
    170209 Limitless Room 《The Empty Pot》Demi

Genre: Fable

**This one is a classic haha im sure most people will know this story.

6. 时间不明:《活着》余华
  《To Live》Yu Hua

Genre: Fiction novel, Historical

A life story through countless of war, the Great Leap Forward, cultural revolution and other social changes.

The novel explored the countless of deaths and the attitude towards the possibility of death. Known for it’s craft and artistry. Death in the narrative plot takes on a symbolic meaning of life.

7. 时间不明:《白水煮一切》大张伟 
  《Bái Shūi Zhǔ Yí Qiè》Da Zhang Wei / Wowkie Zhang
    * Direct translation means ‘water boils everything’

Genre: Short stories, Autobiography, Comedy

The books covers a wide range of events/stories that happened to himself/his friends, sharing his life experiences and thoughts. A book with a very uplifting mood.

**Da Zhang Wei / Wowkie Zhang is a famous singer/actor/MC in China.

That’s it lol so you can see that Winwin reads books from a variety of genre TuT Truly our king of intellect!

Please let me know if there’s anything missing/inaccurate in the list.


fuck-the-council replied to your post “I don’t know anything about fenris but he looks really cool…(and the…”

Wait until you hear Fenris’ voice, it’s so good YOU HAVE NO IDEA


now you’re making me curious…but I’m not gonna listen to it now. I want to go into the series completely blind, so it will probably still take a while until I get to know him because I still have to play the first game..but I’m looking forward to it..

hollowpast replied to your post “I don’t know anything about fenris but he looks really cool…(and the…”

I love Fenris, I’m playing another da2 playthrough now and romancing him

he seems to be popular? well elves are always cool I guess..

Request Saturday

Alright guys, it’s that time of the week again. (Hehe) I am opening request (even though they’ve been open apparently).

Same as last time you can reply to this post, send an ask, or send me a private message.

I have 3 spots available still, so get yours in or you’ll have to wait till next Saturday! I have three coming up today already.

I’m ready to go so let’s do this!!!!

Guys I’m so anxious for the the new episodes, I can’t sleep, and they’re supposed to come out at nearly at 1 AM my time. I’m gonna scream.

That being said, I think I’m going to post spoilers (don’t worry I’ll tag them with ml spoilers and ml season 2.)

If you don’t like spoilers or are waiting for the release in your country or France or whatever, do get ready to blacklist tags or avoid social media (if you can.)

If you love spoilers, please respect others by tagging your spoilers. Please. Don’t ruin other people’s experience. It’s not hard and it just takes a few seconds.

T-minus 4 hours and a half until showtime, get ready everyone!

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When will the next update be? I don’t mean to be pushy I’m just hungry for content

i’m going to post it today! sorry for the wait, this week has been hectic! ❤️

About season 2

I’ve always posted spoilers as soon as the episodes came out, that won’t change with season 2. I’m going to tag the spoilers with #ml spoilers though, because I know some of you don’t want to see them for any reasons, please blacklist that tag.

Also, Spanish is my mother tongue and I’ll most likely live-translate the episode for a friend, so I might post a summary or something. I could even translate the whole episode if anyone records it and I get to rewatch it and pause as much as needed, I don’t mind.

Anyways, can’t wait!!

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I've seen people who sent in for an autograph from Tom and revived it in the mail. Any idea how this works or what address even to send to? Does it cost money?

The address is:

Tom Cavanagh
“The Flash - Season 4”
Central City Films
3500 Cornett Road
Building C
Vancouver, BC, V5M 2H5

I think people usually send a picture to sign and a return envelope (stamped in advance if possible, depending where you are in the world). Doesn’t cost money. I’ve seen posts by people who sent money for postage, and Tom sent it back. Bear in mind that you may have to wait a while for a response. I think the actors tend to go through big batches and respond to a lot all at once, but there may be months between those batches.

@feelingsinwinter replied to your post: ugh, i gotta find someone to go see thor with me,…

I feel you. On top of that I don’t even have theater around where I live, I have to wait ‘til I have the money to go to a nearest town, and enough for the cinema and food but at least I’ve friends who like superheros XD. They just see the movies before me. Waaaayy before me XD.

i miss the time where i worked at a theatre, i could watch movies on my breaks!! i had to quit when i moved (i also moved away from all my friends that was willing to see superhero movies with me, i made a bad choice clearly haha)

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Previous anon: no one is created gay by God. God creates all people, but we are all born into a world broken by sin... broken by sin by humans, mind you. Not God. If you have those feelings, then consider maybe your journey shouldn't be about becoming straight or living as a gay person either. But rather we are supposed submit in obedience to God because we were created for Him. Please trust me when I say we all have deep struggles. It's a part of living in this world (1 of 2)

I was waiting for the part 2 of this. If you sent it I haven’t gotten it :/ I like this though so I’ll just go ahead and post it. Well said @professorlogan81!!