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[[ okay obviously this has been coming for a long time, i guess??? i haven’t made one since i hit 100 on my old blog like eons ago and now that i’ve moved-!!! time for a new one!!! this isn’t really prompted by anything since i’ve been stuck at 150 followers for months but really it’s just because??? 

anyways special shout out to everyone who’s stuck with me through the bs and shit and everything else!!! you guys are the real baes!!!! ♥♥♥ bless 👏👏 ]]

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The Ghost Of You: Wonwoo CH4

“ Minhee, are you going to be coming with me to class or not?” Wonwoo calls.

“ I’m coming!” I reply before taking one last bite of a donut he gave me earlier. Now that we know my identity, Wonwoo is using my name as much as he can. When I was there with my physical body, nothing happened, I didn’t regain any new memories or go back into my body.

“ Heyy, don’t be so slow.” Wonwoo complains.

“ Says the sloth who takes forever to get ready.” I reply. He rolls his eyes before giving me a grin. We go the long way to the collage and as I follow him I feel someone stare at me. Turning around I spot one of the older souls, I call her grandma and she doesn’t mind it at all, I smile slightly before waving at her.

“ Hey Woo, I’ll catch up to you later.” I scurry away before I could hear him reply. “ Hi grandma.” I said. She gives me a smile, embracing me.

“ It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. Been following that boy hmm?” She asks with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“ Yes… But the weirdest thing has happened! He can see me now! And so I’ve been with him for the past couple of weeks.” I reply. Grandma’s face suddenly turns grim, I raise my eye brows. “ What is it?”

“ You say he can see you now?”

“ Yes. We’ve grown kinda close, it makes me so happy.” I smile but Grandma looks sad. Her gray eyes drop to the ground, I can feel she’s not telling me something. “ What is it?”

“…Honey…it is known the the ghosts,souls and spirits..That when a human can see you, they are to die soon.”

Shorter chapter but I’ll write the fifth one as soon as I can! school is kicking my ass right now.. send help :’(


anonymous asked:

Holly! I would like to say that I love your writing style as well as your fics. It seems like your a natural born writer, that you were able to put words flawlessly into paper. You are able to do justice in writing the characters, events and dialogues. The best part of your writing it that you are able to give us readers that "emotional truth" on your writing, whether its writing a fic or answering asks which I wish all the best and we will forever follow your blog. ✌🏻🙌🏻🤗

Sweetest Anon, thank you for that. You don’t know how much I needed to hear those words, especially today.

I wasn’t expecting your note which makes it even more special. I’ve taken a screenshot of it and have kept it in my phone just so you know. I’ll keep going back to it when faced with a writing block or when I need that extra boost.

Thank you so much for the very specific feedback.

You filled my heart.



delena forever appreciation week

day seven: favorite romantic moment ♡ 6.07 Do You Remember the First Time?

It was going to be something beautiful and epic, so the rain was a way of us [honoring] this group of fans who spent five years begging for this one thing. … I think it’s because of The Notebook … oh, and Spider-Man. Basically, there’s something about people coming together in the rain that’s the ultimate expression of love in the minds of most audiences. 

—Julie Plec

alright, here it is! i wanted to make a ff for christmas but i’ve been so busy i haven’t even had the time to do anything :(

2017 is here and i can’t help but make a little bullshit conclusion about last year. 2016 was a bittersweet year in general and particular for me, i went through some really bad shit and some amazing stuff like meeting dan and phil, feeling better about myself, prioritizing my health and experiencing new things! all i can hope for is that this year is better for all of us <3

last year was also very good for this blog, i’m now really close to 18k, have wonderful followers and dan and phil continue to be huge inspiration for me.

so, since i fucking love every single person i follow, here is my new year’s follow forever, brought to you by pokemon go and the cherry coke i have with me lmao alright dudes let’s go.


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I’m in shock that I’ve reached 17K followers and honestly I wasn’t going to do anything for it cause it’s not a major milestone but how could I not use Alec Lightwood saying 17 thousand. haha. Thanks so much to everyone who’s followed me, you are all incredible and I have so much love for you all (not you porn bots). I thought I’d do a follow forever for all the lovely people I follow <3


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2016 is almost over so here’s a follow forever!! i made this blog almost two years ago & it’s honestly been really fun cause of you all. since this is my first follow forever i decided to only include mutuals to say thanks for being gr8. anyway here we go !

(if we’re mutuals & i forgot to put u on here lmk)

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Big thank you to all my followers and all the people in my fandoms who have given me love, supported my posts, contributed content for all of us to enjoy and for just being awesome in general!! You all rock and I hope you have an amazing 2017 year! If you don’t mind, I humbly request if you could spread my wishes further to your fans, followers and fandoms by reblogging this post and tagging your fandoms. Let’s all celebrate NYE 2017 as one big party! You’re not alone, we’re in this together!

I did this in hurry because I wanted to post it before it’s officially new year for me and I couldn’t include all my fandoms, character I love, OTPs on banner or it will go on forever, but my wishes remain the same. Fullview for best quality. YES you can use this as banner for your blog/twitter etc if you don’t mind my credit being there on it >> please don’t edit it. 

I am in absolute shock that this account now has over 1,000 followers. How did that happen? I AM ABSOLUTE TRASH. I DO NOT DESERVE SUCH KINDNESS. When I first joined the indie world, I had about four muses from Shameless (US). LOOK AT ME NOW. This blog would never have developed as much as it has without the help of ALL MY WONDERFUL FRIENDS AND WRITERS, so. Without further ado have a much-needed, full of cheese follow forever.

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She says my head hurts because bad days come in waves, these feelings still kissing onto shorelines– she says my heart hurts without actually saying much, bad days aren’t permanent, but they certainly feel like it. She says my soul aches, a day tainted by regrets still trying to understand the situation, we were designed to feel this pain– figuring it out is just survival and darling, you’ve been surviving. This isn’t another you’re going to be okay. This isn’t another I love you, so smile. This isn’t another always and forever. This isn’t another broken heart without much to follow but more pinkies that refuse to give way to a promise. These words do something to us. These words create where we’ve been destroyed. These words give flowers another reason to grow. These words– they are chaotic. These words– they are self-destructive. These words– they are self-torture. But these words, they’re the only ones I know.

“This too shall pass,
the road less taken,
roses are red,
violets are blue,
to be or not to be,
I love you too,
& you only live once–

it’s all just another means.

They give the same meaning,
but worded differently–
we’re all in need of poison
when being sober is not okay.”

I won’t lie, this shit’s going to hurt…
but at least you know…
—  that you’re alive

Hi y’all beautiful people!!! Its officially 2017 & the new shadowhunters season is out!! let’s all have cheers to that. Firstly i want to apologize for the bad quality of banner used because I'm too lazy and untalented to make a good quality one!! 

Secondly, Thank you to the following blogs for keeping my dash full and lively whilst shadowhunters was on hiatus! i understand that some blogs were also on hiatus but now that shadowhunters is back im pretty sure they’ll be back too. I follow some pretty talented people on here so please teach me your ways and come talk to me!! Okay enough of me going on, Here is my 2017′s first follow forever! :) i hope it works


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This took forever to save the photos as a draft, so here’s the short version of yesterday’s birthday hike.

After years of following one another, I finally met up with @katehikerun and it made me so happy! My roommate joined along as well, but it was just the three of us since nobody else could come. We only hiked a 5k at North Table Mountain, but seriously it was such a great day. This was only about 30 minutes from my apartment, so I will definitely be going back. It is also super close to a great brewery (with food trucks) and downtown Golden! 

Tomorrow I will post the other photos from after hiking. Sorry I stink at posting in a timely fashion lately. 

Hello! I cannot believe that this wretched year will soon be over. I’ve had this blog for over 4 years now and I’ve never done a follow forever, so I thought that in honour of 2017 being upon us, I’d celebrate and do my first ever. Thank you all for being on my dashboard, and thank you for making my days brighter.My mutuals will be bolded and my faves italicized

I’m going to start with my favourites, you all are amazing, and I don’t know what I would do without you.

@lydiamartain Kylie my love, you always make me smile when I see your messages in the group chat, and you’re so pretty. I’m so lucky to have you as a friend ily

@lyidiastiles Erin, darling Erin, thank you for making the network, and thank you for letting me be a part of it, I always feel so happy when I see you in my notifications. ily

@lydiasilinski Anna, cutie, I love you and I’m really glad we’re friends because you’re a pretty great person. Thanks for being you, ily

@coramalia Megara my danish love, you are so kind and such a good person that I always feel happier when I see you on my dash, ily

@lydias-martin Giulia, my Italian beauty, when I see you on insta you always make me smile, and I’m so happy we’re friends, ily

@shhadowhunter Alex! I love you, you are so great, and so helpful, and I’m really happy to have you as a friend, because you’re pretty amazing, ily

@inabroomcloset Ruth, we dont talk much, but that’s okay because you still manage to make me smile when we do, ily

@royalblakes Elisabeth, I always forget that we are mutuals, and then when i remember i’m always so shocked, because you’re so perfect, and it makes me really happy, ily


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I’m sorry this is so long, oh my god. If I forgot you, I’m terribly sorry, just let me know and I’ll try to remember for next time.

IG Post : Family IG ( Neymar , Zlatan , David Luiz , Thiago silva , Rafinha , Thiago Alcantara

Neymar :

neymarjr: My Baby’s Going For A Dance Lesson Sorry I Cant Be There ! @y/n

Zlatan :

iamzlatanibrahimovic: My Loves :)

David Luiz :

Davidluiz_4 : Hacked By Your Fav Girls ! follow us @y/n

Thiago Silva :

External image

 thiagosilva_33: Love Touching The Belly :)

Rafinha :

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Rafinhaaa93: Always Loved Never Forgotten , Rocking Forever !

Thiago Alcantara:


thiago6: Always Have Them with Me @y/n


I just found out that more of my artwork has been stolen and made into fabric which people are selling to people who make and sell clothing and accessories. If you’ve followed me for awhile then you already know about this whole fiasco that has been going on and I thought it had slowed down for a bit, but unfortunately it seems to have picked back up and in full speed. 

The images posted above are the ones that I’m seeing over and over again, although there have been about five more that I’ve seen from one or two people. Those have been stopped, but there is probably more that I can’t find. These pieces were made for blog backgrounds, they were never intended to be sold or used to make a profit for anyone. They were taken from my blog and used completely without my permission and my knowledge.

Please don’t take my designs and use them to make money. Please don’t take my designs without my permission. Please don’t take other peoples artwork and use it without their permission and make money from it. That is art theft. That means you’re a jerk. 

Don’t be a jerk.

Please reblog this and if you see ANYTHING made with these images, or something similar because it may be mine since I’ve made and posted a ton of disney doodle patterns, please let me know so I can ask them to stop using the fabric. If you have seen these prints being sold as fabric, please let me know so I can try to put a stop to it. This has been going on for years and I don’t even think I’ve made a dent.

Stronger Than You (Music Box)
Original: Rebecca Sugar and Estelle; Edit: wan4life
Stronger Than You (Music Box)

Stronger Than You

This is Garnet.
Back together.
And I’m never goin’ down at the hands of the likes of you, because I’m so much better.
And every part of me is saying “Go get her.”
The two of us ain’t gonna follow your rules.
Come at me without any of your fancy tools.
Let’s go, just me and you.
Let’s go, just one on two.
Go ahead and try and hit me if you’re able.
Can’t you see that my relationship is stable?
I can see you hate the way we intermingle,
But I think you’re just mad ‘cause you’re single,
And you’re not gonna stop what we made together.
We are gonna stay like this forever.
If you break us apart, we’ll just come back newer.
And we’ll always be twice the gem that you are.
I am made


Dearest, My all acnl friends ♡ㅂ♡)/ Hello All my acnl friends!♡ Finally I have Dream Address! Maybe I’ll be realy busy so I desided make my dream to all my friends! Not perfect dream, But I did my best! I hope you have beautiful dream in there♡ Also I made ‘Dream map’,too! I hoped help your dream, So made this for all dreamer.hehe You can trip to my dream through follow road in map. And Butterflys are little road of village :*) You will be able to find presents,too. I hope you use that and hope you have fun time in my dream. Maybe I’ll not playing acnl & writing postings much..:’) I’ll post letters to all my acnl friends today maybe…hehe But not end! I’ll do my best to go to good design university. I hope you will cheer to me! I’m always happy to meet you! Hope your happiness forever and I always love you, My dearestestestttt acnl friends!!!♡ sorry long message :$ Hope your good dream~♡ ♡ DA: 8800 5644 5519


A/N: As you know, I accidentally deleted my blog (wweoneshotsbycharlie), so I’m reposting all of my stories for you guys. Also, you can follow me on Wattpad (heyitsmecharlie), you can find my stories there as well. I hope you enjoy!
Pairings: Dean Ambrose x Reader (with Nikki Bella & Becky Lynch)
Warnings: ———
Summary: (Y/N) is in a relationship with Dean. But, when Dean goes to an interview, everything changes. Forever.

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